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Full text of "A dictionary of English names of plants applied in England and among English-speaking people to cultivated and wild plants, trees, and shrubs"

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By WI 









No one who has had experience of the progress of Botany as a science 
can doubt that it has been more impeded in this country by the repulsive 
appearance of the names which it employs than by any other cause whatever, 
and that, in fact, this has proved an invincible obstacle to its becoming the 
serious occupation of those who are unacquainted with the learned languages, 
or wlio, being acquainted with them, are fastidious about euphony and Greek 
or Latin purity. — Dr. Lindley. 

Botany has this great practical advantage over all other sciences as a 
means of i^niversal culture, that the materials are the most generally accessible 

of any scientific material in the world What is needed is that its 

terminology should be popularised Historicallj' almost the first of 

sciences, botany is naturally and eductionally first in order to the enquiring 
mind. Its objects are near our homes, awakening to our minds, and inviting 
to our touch. Botany is adapted to be the universal preparatory science, the 
science to infuse the scientific sense. "WTiy should we allow a pile of hetero- 
geneous names to stand as a barrier between our people and the fairest gate of 
knowledge ? These strange names are all but barren of interest in themselves ; 
what interest they possess springs wholly out of the objects thej- represent. 
The objects and their mutual relations might be learnt quite as effectually 
through congenial names, if only one-thousandth part of the labour that has 
been expended on those were bestowed on these. — Prof. Eaele, " English 
Plant Kames," p. cix. 


PEEFACE. »^'^" 

The compilation of this Dictionary was undertaken at the request of 
Mr. W. Robinson, of The Garden newspaper, at whose expense the work 
is pubhshed, he having advocated in his journal a more general use 
of English names for the plants, trees, and shrubs which are commonly 
grown in our gardens and pleasure-grounds, and who wished the 
horticultural public to have at command a list of all such names now 
appUed to these as well as to all other cultivated and useful plants in- 
cluding our native flora and the native plants and trees of America and 
the colonies. 

It is an undeniable fact that the vast majority of people of all 
classes who take an interest in horticultural pursuits consists of those 
who, never having received any classical or botanical training, find it 
difficult to learn and remember, and impossible to understand, the Latin 
or scientific names by which plants are spoken of and described by 
botanists. These names, however useful and even necessary they may be 
as technical terms to the systematic botanist, become a senseless jargon in 
the vain attempt to fix them amongst our " household words," and most 
of us are keenly alive to the inconsistency of employing words from a 
foreign and even dead language to name such familiar everyday objects 
as the flowers and shrubs which are grown in our gardens and woods. 
' Notwithstanding the copious use of Latin, it would be a grievous mistake 
to suppose that Enghsh names do not exist for most of our cultivated 
plants, the fact being that such names do exist, and abundantly, many of 
them dating back to the days of Spenser, Shakespeare, Gerard, and 
Parkinson — nearly 800 years ago — although they have now fallen into 
disuse, and are only to be met with in books, in consequence of what the 
Rev. John Earle, in his excellent little volume on "English Plant Names," 
terms " the gratuitous rejection of good native names in favour of some 
Latin name, through mere contempt for homely things and affectation of 
novelty." No farther back, mdeed, than the commencement of the present 
century, it would appear that, even amongst gardeners, it was the ordinary 


custom to Speak of plants by their English names, as we find the poet 

Crabbe thus describing an exceptional case : — 

Higli-sounding words our worthy gardener gets, 
And at Ills club to wondering swains repeats ; 
He there of Jthus and Rhododendron speaks, 
And Allium calls his Onions and his Leeks. 

There Arums, there Leontodons we view, 
And Artemisia grows where Wormwood grew. 

(Crabbe's " Parish Register," Part I., Baptisms.) 

and there can be little doubt that many good old English plant-names 
which, happily, are still preserved to us in books, have been gradually 
ousted from popular use and sacrificed for Latin terms, not from any 
conviction that these were better or more appropriate, but simply 
through the spread of the craze for " high-sounding words." To quote 
Mr. Earle further, " The adoption of classical words Avas in deference to 
the prestige of the classical languages at first, then it became a piece of 
scholastic j)edantry which, spreading ever wider and wider, became at 
length a fashion because it was a flag of social pretension." 

A botanist writes in The Garden (vol. xxiii., p. 403) : — " But what 
do we see in popular naming ? . . . . The whole business 
breeds nothing but confusion, as if there was not enough already in the 
same direction." Such a remark comes with a peculiarly bad grace from 
a scientific botanist, and may be regarded as a stone thrown by one who 
lives in a glass house of rather extensive dimensions, when Ave consider the 
deplorable condition of his own pet nomenclature in this respect. There 
is, in fact, no greater stumbling-block and no more torturing embarrass- 
ment in the way of the botanical student than the swarms of synonyms 
which beset him at almost every step and, like the aliases of a culprit 
who is "wanted," serve rather to conceal than to point out the subjects 
to which they are aj^plied. The whole family of the Conifeiae, for in- 
stance, is almost smothered in this way, as anyone may see who chooses 
to look into the last edition of Gordon's " Pinetum," Avhere he will find 
that nearly all the trees there described have a greater or less number 
of synonyms applied to them, several of them as many as half-a-dozen or 
more apiece ! The practical results of this extreme plurality of scientific 
synonyms are Avell exemplified by an instance which occurred last year, 
when a correspondent of The Garden wrote to the effect that "The 
Bluebell of Scotland is Agraphis nutans," and that " the English Blue- 
bell is Hyacinthus non-scriptus " (The Garden for June 9, 1888, p. 523), 
in evident ignorance that the two names are synonymous for the same 
plant, Avhich lias yet the tAvo other synonyms of Scilla nutans and 
Hyacinthus anglicus. 

Many of the ncAv names Avhich have appeared in The Garden 
were absolutely needed for pjlants Avhich previously had no popular 


English names, and others are decided improvements on older names. 
As an instance in which it is a clear gain to " ring in the new, ring out 
the old," I may mention " Torch Lily," which I should think few would 
hesitate to adopt instead of " Eed-hot-poker Plant." In giving the 
popular and the scientific names of plants together, there is little left 
for the scientists to complain of. 

" One very simple view of the subject has been apparently overlooked, perhaps 
from its very simplicity. Why should plants and flowers be the only things that we 
are to have no means of speaking of in our own language ? The utility and necessity 
of the botanical names no one denies — a noble and simple invention, a " lingua franca " 
for the learned of all nations, though grievously overburdened with synonyms and 
masses of cumbersome " uncrystallised " matter. But why must ])eople who love 
flowers know them by these names only — names that to many of them convey no sort 
of meaning — for all people who cultivate or enjoy flowers have not such a knowledge 
of the dead languages as to make the names intelligible ? And why in any case speak 
in a dead language only of things so essentially living and affecting our daily use and 
happiness ? Why should a piece of pedantic tyranny be imposed on us in this matter, 
and this only ? Animals, birds, and insects also have their necessary scientific names, 
but no one reproves us for talking of a horse, or a sparrow, or a dragon-fly. Diseases 
have their universal names derived from Latin and Greek, used in scientific treatises and 
among members of the medical profession, and yet we commonly talk of gout, and small- 
pox, and scarlet fever. The bones and muscles of our bodies are all known in anatomy by 
such technical names, and yet in our every-day talk we may speak of rib, thigh-bone, 
and shoulder-blade. Why, then, should flowers only, of all tlie subjects that need a 
common language for purposes of classification and scientific research, have their 
purely technical appellations imposed on us, to the exclusion of such simple words in 
our own language as we use in other absolutely analogous cases ? . . . . 
Does it not come to this, that both kinds of names are necessary, each for 
its proper purpose ; the scientific name for classification, for study, for international 
research and correspondence, for business, for all rather dry and hard purposes ; but 
for daily life among flowers, in poetry and popular books, for common use among the 
many people whose enjoyment of flowers does not approach any scientific purpose, the 
familiar names in our own tongue? Let me ask our learned men, who possess 
the dead languages, and therefore do not feel the need of the simpler means of 
expression, to descend in imagination to the level of those to whom Day Lily has 
a distinct meaning, while Hemerocallis is a jumble of senseless syllables. Let them 
think how absurd it would be if some arbitrary tyranny obliged us to call other 
things of common utility or enjoyment by long Latin names. .... 
Why are plants, and plants only, to be banished to this philological limbo, a 
place of weariness and lifelessness, that those who love flowers for their beauty's 
sake do not care to have to explore in order to find names by which to know 
their treasures ? Will not our kindly savants rather help us to the supply of the 
living want and give us well-made English names in place of the perhaps ill-constructed 
ones that we should find for ourselves ? " (The Garden, vol. xxiv., p. 59.) 

The above from a lady correspondent of The Garden puts the case 
fau'ly for English names, and I shall conclude my quotations with Mr. 
Kuskin's remarks (in " Proserpina") on botany as now taught: — 

" Yesterday evening I was looking over the first book in which I studied botany — 
"Curtis's Magazine," pubhshed in 1795 at No. 3, St. George's Crescent, Blackfriars 
Road, and sold by the principal booksellers in Great Britain and Ireland. Its plates 
are excellent, so that I am always glad to find in it the picture of a flower I know. 
And I came yesterday upon what I suppose to be a variety of a favourite flower of mine. 


called, in Curtis, ' the St. Bruno's Lily.' I am obliged to say " what I suppose to be 
a variety," because my pet Lily is branched,* while this is drawn as unbranched, and 
especially stated to be so. And the page of text in wliicli this statement is made 
is so characteristic of botanical books and botanical science, not to say all science 
as hitlierto taught for the blessing of mankind, and of the difficulties thereby 
accomj)anying its communication, tliat I extract the i)age entire, printing it as 
nearly as possible in facsimile. 


Antiiericum Liliasteum. Savoy ANTHERicuir, 
or St. Bruno's Lily. 

Class and Order. 
Hexandria Monogynia. 
Generic Character. 
Cor. 6-petala, patens. Cups, ovata. 

Specific Character and Synonyms. 
ANTHERICUM LiUastrum foliis planis, scapo sim])licissimo, 
corollis campanulatis, staminibus declinatis. 
Linn. Syst. Vegetah. ed. 14. Mnrr. p. 330. 
Jit. Keiv. V. 1. p. 449. 

HEMEROCALLIS floribus jjatulis fecundis. Hall. Hist. n. 

PHALANGIUM magno flore. Banh. Pin. 29. 

PHALANGIUM AUobrogicum majus. Clus. ctir. app. alt. 

PHALANGIUM AUobrogicum. The Savoye Spider-wort. Park. 
Parad. p. 150. tab. 151./. 1. 

Botanists are divided in their opinions respecting the genus of 
this plant ; Linnaeus considers it as an Anthericum, Haller and Miller 
make it an Hemerocallis. 

It is a native of Switzerland, where, Haller informs us, it grows 
abundantlj- in the Alpine meadows, and even on the summits of the 
mountains ; with us it flowers in May and June. 

It is a plant of great elegance, producing on an unbranched stem, 
about a foot and a half high, numerous llowers of a delicate white 
colour, much smaller than, but resembling in form, those of the common 
white lily, possessing a considerable degree of fragrance. Their beauty 
is heightened by the rich orange colour of their anthera; ; unfortunately 
they are but of short duration. 

Jliller describes two varieties of it differing merely in size. 

A loamy soil, a situation moderately moist, with an eastern or 
western exposure, suits this plant best ; so situated, it will increase by 
its roots, though not very fast, and by jjarting these in the autumn 
it is usually propagated. 

Parkinson describes and figures it in his Parad. Tcrrcst., observing 
that " divers allured by the beauty of its flowers, l)ad brought it into 
these parts." 

* At least, it throws off its flowers on each side in a bewilderiiigly pretty way ; a real 
Lily can't branch, I believe; but, if not, what is the use of tlie botanical books saying "oa 
an unbranched stem ? " 


Now you observe, in this instructive page, that you have in the first place eight 
names given you for one flower ; and that, among these eight names, you are not 
even at liberty to make your choice, because the united authority of Haller and 
Miller may be considered as an accurate balance to the single authority of Linnseus ; 
and you ought therefore for the present to remain, yourself, balanced between the 
sides. You may be farther embarrassed by finding that the Anthericum of Savoy is 
only described as growing in Switzerland. And farther still, by finding that Mr. 
Miller describes two varieties of it, which differ only in size, while you are left to 
conjecture whether the one here figured is the larger or smaller, and how great the 
diff"erence is. 

Farther, if you wish to know anything of the habits of tlie plant, as well as its 
eight names, you are informed that it grows both at the bottoms of the mountains and 
the tops ; and that, with us, it flowers in May and June, — but you are not told when 
in its native country. 

The four lines of the last clause but one may indeed be useful to gardeners ; but 
— although I know my good father and mother did the best they could for me in 
buying this beautiful book ; and though the admirable plates of it did their work and 
taught me much — I cannot wonder that neither my infantine nor boyish mind was 
irresistibly attracted by the text, of which this page is one of the most favourable speci- 
mens ; nor, in consequence, that my botanical studies were — when I had attained the 
age of fifty — no farther advanced than the reader will find them in the opening chapter 
of this book. 

Which said book was therefore undertaken to put, if it might be, some elements 
of the science of botany into a form more tenable by ordinary human and childish 
faculties ; or — for I can scarcely say I have yet any tenure of it myself — to make the 
paths of approach to it more pleasant. In fact, I only know of it the pleasant 
distant effects which it bears to simple eyes ; and some pretty mists and mysteries, 
which I invite my young readers to pierce, as they may, for themselves, — my power 
of guiding them being only for a little way. 

Pretty mysteries, I say, as opposed to the vulgar and ugly mysteries of the so-called 
science of botany, — exemplified sufficiently in this chosen page. Respecting which, please 
observe farther : Nobody — I can say this very boldly — loves Latin more dearly than 
I ; but, precisely because I do love it (as well as for other reasons), I have always 
insisted that books, whether scientific or not, ought to be written either in Latin or 
English, and not in a doggish mixture of the refuse of both." 

It may not be out of place to observe that our leading nurserymen 
might, if so disposed, render valuable assistance to the work of dissemi- 
nating a knowledge of the English names of plants, if, in their catalogues, 
they made it a practice to give the vernacular names along with the bota- 
nical ones. This is very largely done by American nurserymen, and,, 
although it may seem invidious to single out any one establishment, it 
may be useful to mention the catalogue of hardy perennial plants issued 
by Messrs. "Woolson & Co., Passaic, New Jersey, as suggestive in this 

With regard to the present volume, it has been carefully compiled 
from all available sources of information in our standard botanical works, 
British and Colonial Floras, the leading horticultural journals, and the 
catalogues of British, American, and Australian nurserymen. Being 
simply a dictionary of names (of which it contains over 15,000), it formed. 


no part of the plan to introduce any matter descriptive of the plants, trees, 
and shrubs which it enumerates, and this must be looked for in botanical 
Avorks devoted to the purpose. The Latin or botanical names given are 
those which are most commonly employed and best known, and synonjTus 
are rarely noted, the few that are mentioned being chiefly in those cases 
Avhere two botanical names are pretty equally in use for the same plant, 
as, Centaurea — Amberboa — moschata (Sweet Sultan), Calla — Richardia — 
a^thiopica (Lily-of-the-Nile), &c. Familiar generic names, like Azalea, 
Crocus, Fuchsia, Iris, Phlox, &c., which have, to all intents and purposes, 
become English names, are retained as such. In the case of our native 
British plants, I have purposely omitted trivial local names, such as " Dog- 
chowps " and " Cuddy's-lugs," which savour of a chaw-baconism verging 
«lose on barbarism, and I have also left unnoticed the coarse and often 
grossly indelicate names Avhich occur in some of the old writers on plants, 
as no useful purpose could be served by the reproduction of such names. 

The book is probably far from being exhaustive or complete, as new 
names will be constantly arising from time to time, and it must be 
regarded as only a first step in the direction which it takes, but it is hoped 
that it Avill prove a handy and useful volume of reference, and a means 
of making the study of plants less technical and difficult to English- 
-speaking people. 

September, 1884. W. M. 




Abbreviations— S>., species; var., variety ; fl.-pl.,flore-pleno. 

Aar. Alims ghitlnosa 

Aaron. Arum maculatum, 

Aaron's Beard. Hyperlcwm cahjcinum 

Aaron's Rod. Verbasoum TJiaj)sus 

Abbey. Pojmlus alba 

Abele Tree. Pojmlus alba 

Absinth. Artemisia Absinthium 

Abuta-root, or Butua-root. Cissampelos 

Aeaeia, Clammy. Robinia vlscosa 

Large-leafleted Rose. Robinia hisjjida ma- 

Parasol. Robinia umbraculifera 
Rice's. Acacia Riceana 
Rose. Robijiia hisjjida 
Siris. See Siris-Acacia 
Smooth Tree. Acacia Julibrissin 
Three-thorned. Gleditschia triacaiithos 
Two-spiked. Acacia lojihantha 
Weeping. Gleditschia Bugoti jjendrda 

Aeajou-"wood. The timber of Cedrela bra- 

Aeh.-root. Morinda tinetoria 

Ach-weed or Ash-Aweed. jEgo^podiwni 

Ache. Ajiium graveolens 

Aehocon Tree, of Peru. Leoniaglycycarpa 

Aconite. The genus Aconitum 
Common. Aconitum Naj)ellus 
Indian or Nepaul. Aconitum ferox 
Winter. Eranthis hyemalis 

Acorn, Sweet. The fruit of Qxicrcus Ballota 

Adam and Eve. Corallorrhiza odontor- 
rhiza. Applied also to the tubers of 
various native Orchises, and to the com- 
mon Arum 
N. American. Aplectrum hyemale 

Adam's Flannel. Verbascum T/iapsus 

Adam's Weedle. The genus Yucca ; also 
Scandix Pecten 
Aloe-leaved. Yucca aloifolia 
Channelled-leaved. Yucca canaliculata 
Common. Yucca gloriosa 
Conspicuous. Yiicca consj)icua 
Drooping-leaved. Yucca aloifolia var. pen- 

dula and Yticca draconis 
Flaccid. Yucca Jlaccida 
Glaucous. Yucca gloriosa var. glaucescetis 
Grass-leaved. Yucca graininifolia 

Adam's Weedle, Hollow-leaved. Yucca 
Narrow-leaved. Yucca atigustifoUa 
Oblique-leaved. Yucca obliqua 
Pointed-tlowered. Yucca acuminata 
Recm-ved-leaved. Yiicca recurva 
Reddish-edged. Yucca rtifo-cincta 
Scalloped-leaved. Yucca cremdata 
Silvery. Yucca nivea 
Slender-leaved. Yucca tenuifolia 
Superb. Yucca sujjerba 
Thready. Yucca jilamentosa 
Upright. Yucca stricta 
Wavy-leaved. Yucca undulata 
Adam's Needle and Thread. Yucca, 

Adder-spit. Pteris aquiUna 
Adder-wort. Polygonum Bistorta 
Adder's Fern. Polyjwdium rulgare 
Adder's Flower. Lychnis diurna 
Adder's Grass. Orchis mascv la 
Adder's Meat. Arum maculatum 
Adder's Spear. Oj)hioglossnm vxdgatum 
Adder's Tongue. Ojjhioglossum vulgatum 

Yellow. Erythronium americamcm 
Adder's Violet. See Violet 
Adonis Flower. Adonis axdumoialis 

Pyrenean. Adonis j)yrenaica 
Aflfadil. Narcissus Pseudo-Narcissus 
African Rubber Tree. See Rubber 
Agarics. A genus of Fungi 
Agila-wood. Aquilaria ovata and A. 

Ag-leaf. Verbascum Thnpsus 
Agnes's (St.) Flower. The genus ErinosTna 
Agrimony, Bastard. Ayeratum conyzoides 
Common. Agrimonia Eujjatoria 
Creeping. Agrimonia repens 
Hemp. Eujjatorlum cannabinum 
Sweet-scented. Agrimonia odorata 
Three-leaved. Agrimonia agrimonioides 
Water. Eupatorium cannabiyium 
Water Hemp. Bidens ccrnua and B. 
Ague-root. Aletris farinosa 
Ague Tree. Laurus Sassafras 
Ague-weed, Indian. Euj)atorium ])erfolia- 

Agworm Flower. Stellaria Holostea 

English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Aikraw. Stictina scrobiculata 
Ailanto. Ailantus glandulosa 
Ail-vvreed. Cuscuta Trifolii 
Air-flo'wer, or Air -plant. Aerantlies 

Fragrant. A'crides odorata 
Ajowan, Ajouan, or Javanee, plant. 

Pti/chotis Ajon-an 
Akaroa, or Cotton Tree of New Zealand 

Plaf/ianthus hctulina and P. urticina 
Aka Tree. Mctrosideros scandens 
Akee Tree. Bliglda (^Cv.pania) sajnda 
Alaternus, Blotched - leaved. Kha/mnus 
Alaterniis maculattis 

Broad-leaved. Rhamnus Alaternus latifoUus 

Common. Rkamntis Alaternus 

Hybrid. Rhammcs liybridus 

Narrow-leaved. Mhavmus Alaternus an- 

Silver-edged. Rhamnus Alaternus argenteus 
Alder, American Black. Alnus incana and 
Prinos verticillatus 

Berry-bearing. Rhamnus Frangula 

Black. Rhai/mns Frangula. 

Californian. Alnus rhomilfolia 

Californian Red. Ahms rubra 

Common. Alnus glutinosa 

Common White. Clethra alnifolia 

Fern-leaved. Alnus imjjerlalis asplenifolia 

Green or Mountain. Alnus viridis 

Heart-leaved. Alnus cordlfolla 

Hoary-leaved. Alnus i7ica7ia 

Michaux's White. Clethra JMiclMUxi 

Mountain. See Alder, Green 

Panicled White. Clethra yaniculata 

Pointed-leaved White. Clethra acuminata 

Eed. Cunonia capensls 

Sea-side. Alnus maritlma 

Smooth. Alnus serrulata 

S. African White. Platylophus trifoUatus 

Speckled. Ahms incana 

Spotted. Haviamelis virginicd 

Tag. Alnus rubra 

Turkey. Alnus oblongata 

Witch. Fothergilla alnifolia 

Woolly White. Clethra tomentosa 
Alder-Buckthorn. RJuinmus Frangula 
Aleeost, or Alccdast. TunacetumBalsamita 
Ale-hoof. At'pcta Glrchuma 
Aleppo Millet Grass. See Grass 
Alerse Tree. JAbocedrus tctragona 
Alexanders, or Alisandcrs. Smyrniwn 

Candy. Smgr?i!7/)ii apii folium 

Goldi'ii. Ziziii inlcijcrri iiKi 
Alexander's Foot. Anacgclus Pyrethrum 
Alfa, or Alpha, Gras.s. See Grass 
Alfalfa. Medicago sativa 
Alga marina. Chondrus (Fucus) crlsjms 
Algaroba. Prosopis julijtora 
Algoborillo. Ccesalpinia brevifolia 
Alisanders. See Alexanders 
All ways. AloVs 

Alk Gum Tree. Pistacia Terehinthus 
Alkanet. The i^exms A ncMisa 

American. Llthospermit/m canescens 

Bastard. Lithospermum arvense 

Cape. Anchusa capejisis 

Evergreen, or G reen. Anchusa sein2)ervirens 

Alkanet, Hybrid. Anchusa hybrida 
Italian. Anchusa italica 
Mountain. Arnica montana 
Alkanna. Lithospermu/in liirtum 
Alkekeng. Physalis Alkekengi 
All-bone. Stellar ia Holostea 
Alleluia. Oxalls Acetosella 
Aller Tree. Alnus glut ijiosa 
All-good. CIteudjiodium Bonus-Henricus 
All-heal. Pr^mella vulgaris and Valeriana 

Allicampane. See Elecampane 
AlUgator-w^ood. Ghiarea grandifoUa 
Alison. See Alysson 

All seed. Radiola Millegrana, Cheiiopo- 
dium polysjjermum, and the genus 
Poly carp on 
Four-leaved. Pohjcarpmi tetraphyllum 
Allspice, Carolina. Culycanthus Jloridus 
Jamaica. Eugenia Pimenta 
Japan. Chimonanthus fragrans {Caly- 

canthus pra^cox) 
Wild American. Lindera Benzoin (^Ben- 
zoin odoriferum) 
Alme. JJlmus cawpestris 
Almendor, or Almond of Brazil. Geoffroya 

Almond Tree, Afiican. Brabejwn stel- 
Brazil. See Almendor 
Bitter. Amygdalus cmnmunis var. amara 
Common. Amygdalus coiiinnniis 
Country. Terminalia Catappa 
Double - flowered Dwarf. Amygdalus 

Dwarf. Amygdalus nana 
Earth. Cyperus esculentus 
Java. Canarium commune 
Long-fruited. AmygdaUis communis var. 

Malabar. Terminalia Catappa 
Trostrate. Amygdalus prostrata 
Siberian. Amygdalus sibirica 
Silveiy-leaved. Amygdalus orlentalis 

(^A. argented) 
S. American. Geoffroya superba 
Weeping. Amygdalus communis vai, 

W. Indian wild. Hippocratea coniosa 
Wild, Cape of Good Hope. Brahejuvi 

Woolly. Amygdalus incana 
Aloe, American. Agave americana 
Cape. Aloeferox 
False. Agave virginica 
Fetid. Agave fatida 
Partridge-breast. Aloe variegata 
I'earl. Aloe maryaritifera 
Proliferous. Aloe proUfera 
Utah. Agave utahcnsis 
Vera Cruz. Agave lurida 
Water. See Water-Aloe 
Yellow-flowered. Aloij vulgaris 
Aloes. Tlic inspissated juice of the leaves 
of various species of Aloe 
P>arbadoes. From Aloe vulgaris 
Bombay. See Aloes, Socotrine 
Cape. From Aloe ferox, A. ^^erfoliatay 
and A. linguaj'ormis 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 

Aloes, Curasao. From Aloe vulgaris 
E. Indian. See Aloes, Socotrine 
Meka. 'PT:ov:iAloe socotrhia 
Socotrine, Bombay, B. Indian, or Zanzibar. 

From Alo'ii socotrhia 
Zanzibar. See Aloes, Socotrine 
Aloes-wood. Aloexylon Agallochum 
Alpara Root, of Malabar. The root of 

Braganfiii WalUohl 
Alphabet Plant. Sjnlanthes Acmella 
Alpine (a corruption of " Orpine "). Sedum 

Alsike. Tfi folium hyhrldum 
Alstonia Bark Tree. Alstonia (Echitcs) 

Altliaea-Frutex, Common. Hibiscus syriacus 
Double. Hibiscxis syriacus elegantissUjms 
Painted Lady. Hibiscus syriacus oculatus 
Purple. Hibiscus syriacus jmrj)ureus 
Alum. Symphytum ojUchiale 
Alum Root. Heuchera americana ; also 
the root of Geranium inaculatum 
Currant-leaved. Heuchera riblfolia 
Downy. Heuchera inibescens 
Small-flowered. Heuchera micrantha 
Smooth. Heuchera glabra 
Alysson, Purple. Aubrietia purpurea 
Small Yellow. Alyssum calyclnum 
Sweet. Alyssum marltlmum 
White. Arabls alplna 
Amadou, Punk, Spunk, Touchwood, Ger- 
man or Vegetable Tinder. Polyporus 
(^Boletus') fomentarius and Polyporus 
Hard. Polyporus igniarius 
S. American. The wood of Hernandla 
Amaranth, Edible. Aniarantus oleraceus 
Globe. Gomphrena globosa 
Golden. Amarantxis salicifolius 
Showy. Aniarantus speciosus 
Thorny. Amarantus splnosus 
Three-coloured. Amarantus tricolor 
Amaranth Feathers. Humea elegans 
Amber. Hypericuvi perforatum 

Sweet. Hypericum Androscetmim 
Amber Tree. Anthospermum cBthiopicuni 
Amboyna - wood. Pterospermum indi- 

Amel Corn. Trlticum aviyleuni 
Amelanehier, Common. Amelanchier vul- 
Flowery. A melanch ler Jtorida 
Oval-leaved. Amela7ichier ovalis 
Red-branched. Amela^whier sanguinea 
Ameos. An old name for Animi majus 
Am.erican Cress. Barbarea prcecox 
Plants. A garden term, applied to Rho- 
dodendrons, Andromedas, Azaleas, and 
some other plants which require to be 
grown in moist peaty soil 
Water Weed. Anacharls Alslnastrum 
Ammoniacum Gum Plant. Borema 

ammonia cum 
Amole, or Indian Soap Plant. ChlorogaVum 

Ananbeam. Eiwnymus europceus 
Andrew's (St.) Cross. Ascyrum Crux- 
Andre ce 

Andromeda, Acute - leaved. Andromeda 
Box-leaved. Andromeda buxifolia 
Branching. Andromeda racemosa 
Bundle-flowered. Andromeda fasciculata 
Cluster-flowered. Andromeda racemosa 
Free-flowering. Andromeda fiorlbunda 
Himalayan. Andromeda {Cassiojye) fastl- 

Jamaica. Andromeda jamalcensis 
Japanese. Andromeda japonica 
Large-flowered. Andromeda speciosa 
Mossy. Andromeda (Casslope) liypnoides 
Oval-leaved. Andromeda ovalifolla 
Spike-flowered. Andromeda splcata 
Spiny-leaved. Andromeda Catesbcei 
Square-stemmed. Andromeda {Cassloiye') 

Thick-leaved. Andromeda corlacea 
Andurion. Eupatorlum cannablnxbm 
Anemone. (See also Wind-flower) 
Cyclamen-leaved. Anemone palmata 
Garden varieties of. Anemone coronarla 
Poppy. Anemone coronaria 
Rue. Thalictrum anemotioides 
Snowdrop. Anemone sijlvestrls 
Water. Ranunculus aquatiUs 
Wood. Anemone nemorosa 
Yellow Wood. Anemone ranunculoides 
Anet. Anethwn graveolens 
Angelica, Garden. Archangellca o_fficinahs 
Great. Archangellca atrop^irpurea 
Wild. Angelica sylvestrls 
Angelica Tree. Various species of Fraxinus 

Virginian. Aralla spuiosa 
Angelico. Llgustlcum actceifoUum 
Angelim. Tipuana heteroptera and several 

species of Andlra 
Angel's Eyes. Veronica Chamcedrys 
Angel's Trumpets. The flowers of Brug- 

mansla suaveolens 
Angle Berries. Lafhyrus j'ratensis 
Angle Pod. The genus GonoloMis 
Angola - weed. Roccella fuclformis and 

Ramullna furfuracea 
Angostura Bark, Carony Bark, or Cusparia 

Bark Tree. Galipea Cusparia 
Anise, or Aniseed. Plmplnella Anisum 
and Myrrhis odorata 
Orinoco. Ocotea cymbarum 
Star. Illiciu7n anlsatwn 
Aniseed Plant, of commerce. Plmpi7iella 

Aniseed Tree, Red-flowered Florida. Illi- 
clum Floridanwn 
Star. Illioium aiiisatum 
Anny. Plmplnella Anistim 
Anthony Nut . Stap h y lea p innata 
Antidote Cocoon. Feuilhea cordlfolla 
Ant-hill G-rass. Fcstuca sylvatica 
Ant Tree. Trlplarls Bonplandlana 
Apache Plume. Fallucla ptaradoxa 
Apes-on-horseback. Bellls hortensls pro- 

Apple, Adam's. Citrus Llmetta 
Alligator. Atwna palustrls 
Argyle. Eucalyptus pulver^denta 
Astrachan. Pyrus JMalus astracanlca 
Australian. Angophora lanceolata 

English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Apple, Australian Brush or Bush. Achras 

Balsam. Mamord'ica Balsamina 
Beef. Sapota ruyosa 
Bitter. Cucumis {Citrullus) Coloajnthis 
Cane. Arbutus Unedo 
Carthaginian. Punica G'fanatum 
Cheny. Pi/rus haccata 
Chinese. Pyrus (JIalus) spectabllls 
Common Cultivated. Vars. of Pyrus Malus 
Coral-flowered. Pyrus Mahis var. Jiori- 

Deadsea, or " of Sodom." The fruit of 

Solaimm sodonieum ; also applied to 

the galls of Quercxis infectoria 
Devil's. Mandrayora qfficlnaUs 
Dioecious. Pyrus Malus dioica 
Double-flowered Chinese. Pyrus specta- 

hilis jl.-pl. 
Elephant's. Feronia elephantum 
Fir. The cones of Pinus Ahles 
Free-flowering Chinese. Pyrus spectahilis 

Golden. JEyle Marvielos and Spimdias lutea 
Hen. Pyrus Aria 
Jew's. Solammn Melonyena 
Kai, Kau, or Kei. Aherla Caffra 
Kangaroo. Solanum lacinlatum 
Kau. See Apple, Kai 
Kei. See Apple, Kai 
Love. Solamim Lycoperslcxim 
Mad. Solanuvi Melongewi 
Malay. Jamhosa (^Eugenia) vialaccensis 
Mammee. Mammca amerlcana 
Marvellous. See Marvellous Apples 
Mess. Karstenia qmnquenervia 
Mexican. Caslmlroa edulis 
Monkey. C'lusia J/ava 
Monkey, of Sierra Leone. AnisojfJiyllion. 

Monkey, of the West Indies. Anona 

New S. Wales. Anyopliora suhrelutina 
N. American Crab. Pyrus coroimria 
N. American Narrow-leaved Crab. Pyrus 

Oak. A gall produced by insects, on the 

leaves and twigs of the Oak 
Of Jerusalem. Moniordlca lialsaviina 
Of Peru. Nicandra pliysaloidi's 
Of Scripture. Probably the Apricot 

{Pruims armeniaca) or the Quince 

(Pyrus Cydcmia) 
Of Sodom. See Apple, Dead Sea 
Of the Earth. An old name for Ar'isfn- 

lochia rotunda and the genus Cyclamoi 
Oregon Crab. Pyrus rlvularis 
Otaheite. Spondlas {Poupartia) dulcis 
Paradise. Pyrus 3Ialus prcccox 
Prairie. Psoralca esculcnta 
Rose. Eugcniawalaccc7isisa.n(\ other species 
Sea. Manicaria Plultcneti 
Star. Chrysophyllum Cainifo 
Sugar. Anfl)ias(iuam()saax\({ Ilollinia Sieheri 
Thorn. Datura Stramonium and other 

Victoria. Anyopliora lanccolata 
Wild P.alsara. Echiiwcystis lohata 
Wild Star. CJirysophyllum oUvceforme 

Apple, Wood. Feronia clepliantum 
Apple-berry, Australian. The genus Bil- 
Climbing. Billardiera scandens 
Colour-changing. Billardiera imitabilis 
Long-flowered. Billardiera lonyijiora 
Oval-leaved. Billardiera oralis 
Apple Haw. CVatccyus cestiralis 
Apple Mint. Mentha rotimdifolia 
Apple Moss. See Moss 
Apple-peru. Batnra Stravionlti/ni 
Apple Pie. Epilohixim Mrsutum 
Apples, Cedar. See Cedar Apples 
Apricock. An old name for Apricot 
Apricot Tree, lhian(;on. Amieniaca hrigan- 
Common. Armeniaca rulyaris {Prunus 

Oval-leaved. Armeniaea rulyaris var. 

Siberian. Armeniaca sihirica 
Thick-fraited. Armeniaca dasycarpa 
Variegated-leaved. Armeniaca vulgaris 

foliis varieyatis 
Wild. Maimnea americana 
Aps (Aspen). Populus treviula 
Apron, Tanner's. Primula Auricula 
Arbor- vitae, American. Th uja occldentalis 
American Tom Thumb. Thuja occidcntalis 

var. cricoides 
Bagshot Park. Thuja occidentalis var. 

densa or compacta 
Belgian Variegated. Thuja occidentalis 

var. Yervaeneana 
Broad-leaved. The genus Thiijopsis 
Bush. Thuja dumosa 
Chilian. Lihocedrus chilensis 
Chinese. Biota {Thuja) oriejitalis 
Dwarf Chinese. Biota orientalis elegantis 

Ever-golden. Thuja semper-axLrea 
Giant. Thuja yiyaniea 
Golden. Tltuja aurea 
Golden Chinese. Jliota orientalis aurea 
Hatcliet-leaved. 77ntjopsi.< dolalirata 
Japanese. Biota orientalis Sieholdl (Thuja 

Jointed. Callitris qundrirnlvis 
New Zealand. Lihocedrus Boniana 
Nootka Sound. Thuja pli eat a 
Pyramidal Chinese. Biota orientalis jryra- 

Sickle-spine-concd Chinese. Biota falcata 
Silvery-leaved. Thuja occidentalis argentea 
Western. Thuja gigantea 
Arbute Tree. Arbutus Unedo 

Andraclme or Oriental. Arbutus Andrachne 
Densely-flowered. Arbutus densi^ftora 
Oriental. See Arbute Tree, Andrachne 
Tall. Arbutus procera 
Trailing. Fpiyrra rejyens 
Woolly-branched. Arbutus tomentosa 
Archall or Orchil. Boccella tinctoria 
Archangel. Archangelicaojliciualis, Stachys 
sylratiea, and various species of Lamium 
White. Lamium album 
"i'cllow. Lamium (ialeobdolon 
Archer, Water. Sagittaria sagittafolia 
Argan Tree. Argania Sidcroxylon 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, mid Shriihs. 

Argel, or Argliel. Solenostemma Argel 
Argemone. Potentilla anscrina 
Argentine, or Argentina. Onopordum Acan- 

th'nim and PatcntUla anserina 
Arghel. See Argel 
Armstrong. Polygonum aviculnre 
Arnotta, or Anotta. Blxa orellana 
Arn Berries. The fruit of Ruhus Idanis 
Arn Tree. Samhucus nigra 
Ar-Wut. Buniuiii Jiexuoswn 
Aronia, Arbutus-leaved. Pyrus arhutifoUa 

Black-fruited. Pyrus melanocarpa 

Downy-branched. Pyrxts inibescens 

Large-leaved. Pyrus gr audi folia. 

Many-flowered. Pyrus fiorihimda, 
Arracacha. Arraoacia esculenta (^Conium 

Arm each a) 
Arrow Grass. Triglocldn palustre 
Arrow-Head, or Arrow Leaf, Chinese. Sagit- 
taria c/iinensis 

Chilian. Sagittaria montevidensis 

Common. Sagittaria sagittcpfolia 

Double. Sagittaria sagittcefoUa Jl.-pl. 

Various-leaved. Sagittaria variabilis 

Yellow-flowered. Sagittaria simjjlex 
Arrow-Leaf. 8ee Arrow-Head 
Arrow-Poison, Gaboon. See Arrow Poison, 
Tropical African 

Guiana, Curari, orOurali. Stryeli7ios toxifera 

Javanese. Stryclinos Tlente 

Malay. Antiaris toxicaria 

Tropical African, or Gaboon. Stroplianthus 
Komhe, (S. /lispldus) 
Arrow-root Plant, Bermuda. Maranta 

Chinese. Nelumhmm spedosum 

E. Indian. Curcuvia angiistifoli a and other 

English. Solamivi tuherosum 

Mexican. Pion edule 

Oswego. Indian Corn (^Zea Mays) 

Portland. Arum maculatum 

South Sea and Sandwich Islands. Tacca 
])iwiatlfida {Tacca oceanica') 
Arrow- wood, Californian. Vlhurmim cllip- 

Downy. Mburnum jnibescens 

Maple-leaved. Mburmivi acerifollum 

N. American. Viburnum dentatum 
Artichoke, French or Globe. Cynara Scoly- 

Jerusalem. Hellanthus tuberosus 

Prickly. Cynara Cardunculus 
Artichoke Gall. See Gall 
Artillery Plant. Pilea serpylUfolia and 

Pllea herniaricefoUa 
Arum, Arrow. Peltandra vlrginica 

Bog. Calla ])alustris 

Dragon. Arum Pracuncuhts 

Giant. ConophalMs Titanwvi 

Italian. Arum italicum 

Water. Callajmhistris 
Arum Lily, Common. Calla {Ricliardia) 

Spotted-leaved. Richardia maculata 

Yellow. Ricliardia liastata 
Asafoetida Plant. Nartliex Asafcetlda 
and Scorodosnia fwtidum 

Persian. Ferula perslca 

Asarabacca. Asarum europaum 

Sweet-scented. Asarum rirginicum. 
Ash, American Black or Water. Iraxiiius 

American Flowering. Ornus americana 
Aucuba-leaved. Fraximis americana var. 

Bitter. Picrceiia (^Simaruba) excelsa 
Black Mountain. JSucalyp>tus Leucoxylon 
Blue. Fraxinus quadrangulata 
Bosc's. Fraxinus americana var. Bosci 
Brown-branched. Fraximis americana var. 

Cape. Ekebergia capensis 
Cai-olina Water. Fraxinus platycarpa 
Chinese. Fraxinus chinensis 
Cloth-leaved. Fraxkms americana var. 

Common. Fraxinus excelsior 
Dwarf. Fraxinus excelsior var. Tiana 

{Fraxinus excelsior Jiumilis) 
Elliptic-leaved. Fraxmus americana var. 

Flowering. Fraxinus Ornus 
Fungous-barked. Fraxinus excelsior var. 

Golden-barked. Fraxinus excelsior var. 

Gray. Fraxinus americana var. cinerea 
Green. Fraxinus vlridis 
Ground. JEgopodium Podagraria and An- 
gelica sylrestris 
Hoop. Celtis crassifoUa 
Horizontal-branched. Fraxinus excelsior 

var. liorizontaUs 
Jerusalem. Isatis ti^ictoria, or Reseda 

Kincairney. Fraxinus excelsior var. Kin- 

Lentiscus-leaved. Fraxinus lentiscifolia 
Long-leaved. Fraxinus americana var. 

Manna. Fraxinus Ornus var. rotundifolia 
Many-flowered Flowering. Fraxinus Ornus 

var. Jloribunda 
Mixed. Fraxinus americana var. mixta 
Mountain, or Wild. Pyrus Aucuparia 
Mountain, of Australia. Panax de/ulroides 
Mountain, of New South Wales. Eucalyptxis 

licemastoma and Eucalyptus virgata 
Mountain, of N. America. Pyrus americana 
Narrow-leaved. FraR,inus excelsior var. 

Nepaul. Fraxinus Jloribunda 
Northern Prickly. Xantlwxylon ameri- 

Oregon. Fraxinus oregana 
Ovate-leaved. Fraximis americana var. 

Pale-barked. Fraxinus excelsior var. pallida 
Poison. Chio7ianthus virginica and Rhus 

Polemonium-leaved. Fraxinus americana, 

var. polemonifolia 
Powdery. Fraxinus americana var. pul- 

Prickly. Xanthoxylon fraxineum 
Purple-barked. Fraxinus excelsior var. 



English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Ash, Red. Alphitonia exceha 

Red American. Fraxhms pubescens 
Eeddish-veined. Fraxinns americana rar. 

Eichard's. Fraxhms americana rar. 

Eim. Ccltis oecidentalls 
Eound - leafleted Flowering. Fraxinus 

Ornns var. rotundifuUa 
Schiede's. Fraxinus Schiedlana 
Sharp-fruited. Fraxinus excelsior rar.par- 

vlfolia oxi/carjm 
Silver-striped-lcaved. Fraxinus excelsior 

rar. arr/entea 
Small-lea%ed. Fraxinus excelsior rar. 

Southern Prickly. Xantlioxylon caroli- 

nianum (Xantlioxylon Clara-I/erculis) 
Striped-barked. Fraximis excelsior var. 

Strij^ed-barked Flowering. FraxinusOrnus 

rar. striata 
Variegated Weeping. Fraxinus aureapen- 

Various-leaved. Fraxinus heterophylla 
Wafer. Ptelea trifoliata 
Warted-barked. Fraxinus excelsior var. 

Water. Fraxinus samlmcifolia 
Weeping. Fraxinus excelsior var. jjendula 
Weeping Mountain. Pyrus Aucuparia 

Western Mountain. Pyrus sambucifolia 
White. Fraxinus americana var. alba 
Whorled-leaved. Fraximis excelsior rar. 

Yellow-edged-leafleted. Fraxinus excelsior 

var. hitca 
Ash-Barberry. The genus Malwnia 
Ash Keys, or Ash Candles. The fruit of 

Fraxinus excelsior 
Ash-weed, or Ach-weed. JEgopodium Po- 

Asparagus, Bath or French. Ornithoyalum 

Common. Asparayus officinalis 
Decumbent. Asparayus decumbens 
Ethiopian. Asparayus cctliiopicus 
Feathery. Asparayus j}lumosus 
French. See A.sparagus, Bath 
Garden Hedge, of Madeira. Asparayus albus 
Giant. Asparayus Krmissoneti 
Eacemose. Asparayus racemosus 
Sickle-branched. Asparayus falcatus 
Slender-leaved. Asparayus tr/nii/olius 
S. African. Asparayus laricinus 
S. European. Asparayus acut if olius 
Asp, or Aspen. I'oj)uliis tremula 

American (Quaking. Populus trevmloidcs 

White. I'(pulus alba, 

American Large-toothed. Populus yraiidi- 

Soft. See Poplar, Soft 
Weeping. Populus tremula rar. pendula 
Asphodel, l'>og or Lancashire. Nartheoiuvi 

P>og, American. Narthccium americanum 
Branching. Asphodelus ramosns 

Asphodel, False. The genus Tofieldia 
Lancashire. See Asphodel, Bog 
Onion. AspJiodelusJistulosus 
Scotch. 2'ojieldia palustris 
Sub-alpine. Aspliodclus svb-alpinus 
White-flowered. Asphodelus albus 
Yellow-flowered. Aspbodflus luteus 

Assagay, Assegay, or Hassagay Tree. Cur- 
tisia fayinea 

Ass's Foot. Tussilayo Farfara 

Aster. (See also Star-wort) 
Cape. Ayatha-a amelloides 
China. Callistemma hortense (Callistephus 

Double-bristled. The genus Piplopajjpus 
Dwarf Amellus. Aster bc.ssarabicus 
Golden. The genus Ckrysopsis 
New Zealand. Various species of Celmisia 
Purple Mexican. Cosmos bipi7i7iatus 
Stokes's. Stohesia cyanea 
■White-topped. The genus Seriocarpus 

Asthma Plant. Xonatelia officinalis 
Weed. Lobelia injUita 

Atlee Gall. A Gall found on Tamarix 

Augers. Salix viminaUs 

Aul. Alnus ylutinosa 

Aum Tree. Ulmus campestris 

Auricula, Common. Primula Auric^ila 
Yellow Alpine. Auricula alpinu 

Autumn Bell-flower. Geutiana Pne^ivio- 
Crocus. Colchicum autumnale 

Ava, or K ava, Shrub. Ma crop iper m eth yst icu m 

Ave Grace. Rut a yraveoleus 

Avellano Nut. See Nut 

Avens, Chiloe. Geuni chiloense 
Common. Geum urbamim 
Creeping. Geum reptans 
Double Scarlet. Geum coccineuvifl.-pl. 
Drooping. Geum rivale 
Drummond's. Pryas Prummondl 
Golden. Geum aureum 
Labrador Mountain. Pryas tenella 
Large-flowered Scarlet. Geum coccineiim 

Mountain. Pryas octopetala 
Pyrenean. Geum pyrenaicum 
Three-flowered. Geum triftorum 
Scarlet-flowered. Geum coccinemn 
Water or Drooping. Geum rivale 
White. Geum viryinianum 
Wood. Geum sylraticum 
YcUnw-flowcrcd Jlountnin. Geum montanum 

Averill. 7\7//v/,w«.s' P.teudo-Xarrissus 

Avignon Berries, Ihvhwvw^oi Phamnus 

Awl Tree. Morinda citn/olia 

Awl- wort. Subularia aquatica 

Axe, Flower of tlie. Lobelia urens 

Ax-weed. ^Fyopodium Podayraria 

Ax-wort, or A.x-sitch. Srruriyrra Coronilla 

Ayapana. Fupatoriuni tripli/ierve 

Azalea, Alpine. Loiseleuria (Azalea) pro- 
Blunt-leaved. Azalea obtusa 
Bright-flowered. Azalea antn-na 
Chinese. Azalea sinensis 
Clanmiy. Azalea viscosa 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 

Azalea, Common Yellow. Azalea pontiea 

Crisp-flowered. Azalea crisjnfiora 

Daniels's. Azalea Danielsiana 

Dwarf Glaucous. Azalea glauca 

Fine Golden. Azalea calendulacea var. 

Flame-coloured. Azalea calendulacea 

Hoary. Azalea canescens 

Indian. Azalea indica 

Ledum-leaved. Azalea ledifolia 

Marigold. Azalea calendulacea 

Naked-flowered. Azalea nudijlora 

Ovate-leaved. Azalea ovata 

Pontic. Azalea jjontlca 

Proliferous. Azalea imidlfiora var. prolifera 

Scaly. Azalea squaviata 

Shining-leaved. Azalea nitida 

Showy. Azalea sjjeciosa 

Smooth. Azalea arborescens 

Soft-leaved. Azalea viollis 

Sweet-scented. Azalea viscosa var. odorata 

Tall Glaucous. Azalea liispida 

Tree. Azalea arborescens 

Two-coloured. Azalea bicolor 

White-flowered. Azalea ovata var. alba 
Azaleas, Ghent. Varieties of A. calendulacea, 
A. nudlflora, A. speoiosa, and A. viscosa 
Azarole Thorn. Cratcegus Azarolus 
Azzy Tree. Cratcegus Oxyacantha 

Babington's Curse. Anacliaris Alsina- 

strum {Elodea canadensis') 
Bacaba Palm. See Palm 
Baceobolts. Typha latifolia 
Bachelor's Buttons. A name applied to 

various button-shaped flowers 
Back-wort. Symphytum officinale 
Bacon-weed. Chenojjodium allnim 
Badderlocks. Alaria escule7ita 
Badger's-Bane. Aconitum 3Ieloctonmn 
Bad-jong. Acacia microiotrya 
Badraoney or Baldmoney. Meum athaman- 

ticum and various species of Gentiana 
Bael, or Bhel, Fruit. The fruit of ^gle 

Bag Nut. Another name for Bladder Nut 
Bairn-wort. A northern name for the Daisy 
Bajree Millet. See Millet 
Baldmoney. See Badmoney 
Baldwein. An old name for Gentian 
Bale-worth. Papaver somniferum 
Ballata Tree. Bumelia retusa 
Ball Thistle. Another name for Globe Thistle 
Balm, Bastard. Melittis MelissopTiyllum 

Common. Melissa officinalis 

Bee. Monurda didyma 

Field. Calamintha Nepeta 

Heart-leaved. Cedronella cordata 

Indian. Trillium pendulum 

Moldavian. Bracocephalum moldavicimi 

Molucca. The genus Moluccclla 

Ox. Collinsonia canadensis 
Balm of Gilead. Cedronella triphylla 
(JDracocephalum canariense) 

Hoary. Cedronella cana 

S. American. Idea CaraTia 
Balm of Gilead Tree. Balsamodendron 
(Amyris) G-ileadense and Pojndu^ bal- 
samifera var. candicans 

Balm of Heaven. Oreodaplme californica 

Balmony. Chelone glabra 

Balsam, Broad-leaved. Sciadopliylluni capi- 


Common Yellow. ImpatiensNoli-me-tangere 

Common Garden. Varieties of Impatiens 

Hardy Indian. Impatiens glanduligera 
Kentish. ^lercurialis perennis 
Orange-flowered. Impatiens fulva ' 
Seaside. Croton balsamiferum 
Sonsonate. An American name for the 

Balsam of Peru 
Water. Hydrocera {Tytonia') oiatans 
W. Indian Garden. Justicia pectoralis 
White. Gnaplialitmn polycephalum 
Yellow. Croton flavens 
Zanzibar. Impatiens Stdtani 
Balsam Apple. Momordica Balsamina 
Balsam. Bog. Azorella {Bolax) glebaria 
Balsam Herb. Biantliera repens 

Jamaica. Justicia coniata 
Balsam of Peru Plant. Myrospermuni 

Balsam of Tolu Plant. Myrospermwn 

Balsam. Poplar. Pojmlus balsamifera 
Balsam. Root, Calif ornian. The genus Bal- 

Balsam Tree, Acouchi. Idea Aracouchini 
Bayee. Balsamodendron pubescens 
Carpathian. Pinus Cembra 
Canada. Pinus (Abies) balsamea and 

Pinus Fraseri 
Copalm. Liquidambar styracifliia 
Florida. Amyris Floridana 
Gogul. Balsamodendron Roxburghi 
Hungarian. Piiius Pumilio 
Jamaica. Clusia Jlava 
Maria. Verticillaria acuminata 
Mecca or Roghen. Balsamodendron Gilead- 

Old Field. GnapTialium polyceplial%i/ni 
Quinquino or White. Myrosper mum pubes- 
Roghen. See Balsam, Mecca 
St. Thomas. Sorindda trimera 
Tamacoari. Carapa fasdculata 
Umiri. Humirium Jloribundum 
W. Indian. The genus Clusia 
White. See Balsam, Quinquino 
Bamboo. The genus Bambusa 
Australian. Poa r ami g era 
Berry-bearing. 3Ielocanna bambusoides 
Blow-pipe. Arthrostylidium ScJiombu/rgJii 
Common. Bambusa arundinacea 
Dark-stemmed. Bambusa nigra 
Fortune's. Bainbusa Fortunei 
Grayish. Bambusa viridi-glaucescens 
Hardy. Bambusa falcata 
Male. Dendrocalamus strictus 
Metake. BamTmsa japonica {B. Metdke) 
Netted-veined. Bambusa reticulata 
Ningala. Arundinaria falcata 
Orinoco. Bambusa latifolia 
Praong. Arundinaria HookeriatM 
Sacred. Nandina domestlea 
Simmonds's. Bambusa Simmondsl 
Slender. Bambusa gracilis 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Bamboo, Striped. Bamlnisa striata 
Yellow-stcnimed. liamlmsa aurea 
Baoiboo Briar. A species of Smilax 
Banana Tree. Musa sapieiitum 
Abyssinian. Musa Ensete 
Channelled-leaved. Miisa vittata 
Dwarf Chinese. Musa Cavendishi 
Livingstone's. Mum TJvingstoniaiia 
Scarlot-bracted. Miisa coccinea 
Striped-leaved. Musa zchrlna 
yumatran. Musa Su)natrana 
Band Plant. Ylnca major 
Bandolier Fruit. The berries of Zanonia 

Bane-berry, Common. Acta>a spicata 
Ked. Acaia spicata rar. riihra 
White. Acttca alha 
Bane-'wort. Atropa Belladojina and some 

species of Jiammculus 
Bank Cress. Barharea precox and Sisym- 

hriuiii officinale 
Banner Plant. The genus A7ithurium 
Ban-nut. The fruit of Jvglans regia 
Ban-Avort, or Ban-wood. BelUs pereiuiis 
Banyan Tree. Ficus indica 

Lord Howe's Island. Ficvs columnar is 
Baobab Tree. AdansoJiia digitata 
Barbadoes Pride. Adenanthcra pavonina 

and Poinciana jndcherrima 
Barbara's (St.) Herb. Barlarea vul- 
Barbary Buttons. Medicago scutellata 
Barber's Brushes. Bipsacus sylvestris 
Barberry, or Berberry. The genus Bcrheris 
Ash-leaved. The genus Malwnia 
Asiatic. Berheris asiatica 
Awned-leaved. Bcrheris aristata 
Beale's. Berheris Bealci 
Box-leaved. Berheris fascicularis 
Bundle-flowered. Berheridopsis corallina 
Coral. Berl)eridopsts corallina 
Cratffigus-like. Berheris cratcegina 
Creeping-rooted. Berheris {Mahonia) re- 
Crowded-racemed. Berheris (Malwnia) 

Darwin's. Berheris Barnnni 
Edging. Malionia repens 
Edible-fruited. Berheris dulcis 
Fuegian. Berheris empetrifolia 
Golden. Bcrheris stenophylla 
Holl5'-leaved. Berheris {Mahonia') Aqui- 

Hooker's. Berheris IToolierl 
Japanese. Berheris Japonica 
Many-flowered. Jierheris Jforihmda 
Narrow-leaved. Berheris str?ioj)Jiglla 
N. American. Berheris caiutdrnsis 
Notch-pctallcd. Berheris emarginata 
Eibbcd-leaved. Berheris (Malionia) ner- 
Siberian. Berheris sihirica 
Various-leaved. Berheris hcteroplnjlla 
Wallich's. Berheris WaUichi 
Wliitish -leaved. Berheris dealbata (B. 
Barberry Fungus. JEcidivm Bcrheridis 
Bargeman's Cabbage. Brassica cam- 

Barilla Plant. Salsola Kali and Salsola 

Bark Plant, Alcornoco or Alcomoque. 

^'arious species of Byrso7ii7na, also Bow- 

dich ia rirgiUoides 
Babul or Balour. Acacia arahica 
Barberry. Berheris aristata, B. asiatica, 

and B. Lyciwti 
Bastard Cabbage. Andira inermis 
Bonaco or Burn-nose. Baphne tinifolia 
Bur. Triumfefta semitriloha 
Canella or White Wood. Cu7iella alha 
Calisaya. Cinchona Calisaya and C. 

Calisaya, of Santa Fe. Cinchona latlfolia, 
Caribbean. Exostemma carihlxeum 
Cascarilla, or Sweet Wood. Croton Cascarilla 
Cliina. Buena hexandra 
Clove. Bicypellium caryophyllatum 
Conessi. Wrightia antidyscnf erica 
Culilawan. Cinnamonium CuUUwan 
Dita. Alsto7iia scholaris 
False Angostura, titrychnos Nux-vomiGO, 
French Guiana. Portlandia hexandra 
Gray. Cinchona peruriana . 
Jesuit's. Various species of Cinchona 
Kunro. Rhizophora mucrmmta 
Lodh. Symplocos racemosa 
Loxa Crown. Cinchona officinalis (C. 

condam inea) 
]Malambo or Matius. Croton Malaviha 
Matius. See Bark, Malambo 
]\Ionesia. Chrysophylhim Buranheim 
Morinda. Morinda citrifolia, M. tinctoria, 

and M. umhellata 
Miiruxi. Byrsonima spicata 
Kiepa. Samadera indica 
Ordeal,, or Saucy. Erythrophlenm 

Panococco. Sivartzia tomentosa 
Peruvian. Various sjKcies of Cinchona 
Philadelphia. Quercus tinctoria 
Pitayo. Cinchona Pitayensis 
Pottery. Various species of Licania 
Quercitron. Qvercits tinctoria 
Quillai. Qidllaia saponaria 
Bed. Cinchona sueciruhra 
Californian. J)a ph ni dostaphylis glauca 
Pvohun. Soymida fefjrifuga 
Sassafras. Atherosperma moschnta 
Shag. Pithecolohium micradenium 
Sassy. See Bark, Ordeal 
Saucy. See Bark, Ordeal 
Soft Columbian. Cinchona latifolia 
Sweet Wood. See I'ark Plant, Cascarilla 
Tanekaha. I'hylloehidus trirliomanoides 
Tawai. Weinmannia racemosa 
W. Indian. Exostemma carii/hfcum 
Wliite Wood. See Bark Plant. Canella 
Winter's. Sec Cinnamon, Winter's 
Worm. Andira inermis 
Bark Tree, Stringy, of Australia. Various* 

s]i('('irs of Evcalyptus 
Tasmaiiian Stringy. Evcalyptus gigantea 
Barley, Battledore or Sprat. ILrrdeum Zeo- 

Bear. Ifordnim rulgarc rar. hexasticlivvt 
Common. J/ordntm distichum 
Fan. Ilordeum Zeocriton 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Barley, Mouse, Wall, or Wild. Ilordeum 
Nepaul. Crltlw ceglceras {Hordemn nepal- 

eiise, H. trifurcatioii) 
Pearl or Pot. The grain of common Barley 

from which the skin has been removed 
Pot. See Barley, Pearl 
Putney. Hordcum Zeocriton 
Ked Sea. Hordcum dcficiens 
Sea-side. Hordcuin viarltimmm 
Six-rowed. Ilordeum hexastlchv/ni 
Sprat. See Barley, Battledore 
Two-rowed. Hordeum distlclmm 
Wall. See Barley, Mouse 
Wild. See Barley, Mouse 
Barm Fungus. See Fungus, Yeast 
Barm-leaf. Melissa ojh'cmalis 
Barfoot. Hellehorns fwtidus 
Barnabas, or St. Barnaby's, Thistle. Cen- 

taurea solsfitialis 
Baron's Mercury. Male plant of Mercu- 

rlaUs annim 
Barrel Tree. Sterculia {Belabechea) ru- 

Barren Ivy. The small-leaved form of 

Hedera Helix 
Barren Strawberry. Potentilla Fraga- 

Barren-wort, American. Vancouveria liex- 
Common. Epimediwni alpinum 
Large-flowered. Epimediwni macrantlmm 

{E. grandiJioTvm') 
Large Yellow-flowered. Epimedium pin- 

Muschi's. Epimedium Muscliianum 
Purple-flowered. Epimedium piirpureum 
Two-leaved. Epimedium dixihyllwrn (Ace- 

ranthvs diplujUus') 
Violet-flowered. Epimediwni violaceum 
Barricari-seed Plant. Adenantliera pavo- 

Barrigon Tree. Carolinia {Pachira) Bar- 

Barrow Roses. Rosa spinosissima 
Bart'^'^'s Flower, Golden. Bartonia aurea 
Bar-v. 3od. Baphia nitida 
Basam, I'.asom, Bas.sam, Bisom, or Beesom. 
Sarotham-ims scojMrius and Callwia vul- 
Base Broom. Genista tinctoria 
Base Rocket. Beseda Luteola 
Basil, American Wild. The genus Pycnan- 
Bush. Ocymum minimtom 
Chinese. Pleetranthus nudifiorus 
Cow. Saponaria Yaccaria 
E. Indian. Ocymum gratissimum 
Field. Calamintha Cli7iopodi7i7ii and C. 

Holy, or Monk's. Ocymum sanctum 
Purple-stalked. Ocymum sanctum 
Stone. Calautintha Clinopodium 
Sweet. Ocymum Basilicum 
Wild. Calamintha Clinojwdimn 
Basil Barm. Calamintha Acinos 
Basil Thyme. Calamintha Acinos 
Basil Weed. Calamintha Clinopodirim 
Basket Fern. Xephrodium Fillx-mas 

Basket Wyth. Tournefortia hicolor 
Bass, or Bast. Scirpus lacustris and Tilia 

Bassinet. Applied to Geranium sylvaticum 

and some species of Banunculus 
Bass-wood, or White-wood. Tilia americana 

White. Tilia heierophylla 
Bast Palm. Attalea funifera and Lcopol- 

dinia Piassaba 
Bast Tree, Cuba. Paritium elatum 

Russian. Tilia europma 
Bastard Nigella. An old name for Agros- 

temma Githago 
Batter Dock, or Butter Dock. Petasites 

vulgaris and Bumex ohtusifoUus 
Baum-leaf. Melittis Melissophyllwm 
Bawchan, or Bawchee, Seeds. The seeds of 

Psoralea corylifolia 
Bawme, or Baum. Melissa officinalis 
Bay, Rose. Epilohium angustifoliumi 
Bay Tree, Common. Laurus noMlis 

Dwarf. Daphne Laureola and D. Mezerewn 
E. Indian. Per sea indica 
E. Indian Rose. Taherncemontana coronaria 
Loblolly. Gordonia lasianthus 
Madeira. Laurus foetens 
Poison. Illicium Moridanwni 
Red. Persea Carolinensis 
Rose. Nerium Oleander 
Sweet. Laurus nobilis 
White. Magnolia glauca 
Bay-berry. Myrica cerifera 
Californian. Myrica calif ornica 
W. Indian. Eugenia Pimenta 
Bay-berries. The fruit of Laurus nohilis 
Bay Laurel. Laurus nohilis 
Bay Oak. Quercus sessiliflora 
Bay Willow. Ejnlobium anyustifoVmm 
Bays, Willow. Salix pentandra 
Baziers. Primula Auricula 
Bdellium Tree, Indian, or Googul. Balsa- 

modendron Mukul 
Bead Tree. Melia Azedarach 
Beak Rush. See Rush 
Beak Sedge, Brown. Bhynchospora fusca 

White. Bhynchospora alba 
Beam Tree. Pyrus Aria 

Swedish. Pyrus intermedia 
Bean, Algaroba. Ceratonia Siliqua 

Algerian Wax. A variety of Phaseolus- 

Asparagus. Dolichos sesquipedalls 
Broad Windsor. Faba vulgaris var. macro- 

Butter. A tender-podded variety of Pha- 
seolus vulgaris 
Calabar. See Calabar Bean 
Cujumary. The seed of Aydendron Cugu- 

Diverse-leaved Kidney. Phaseolus diversi- 

Egyptian. The seed of JVehimbium sjyecio- 

Egyptian Kidney. Bolichos Lab-lab 
Field, Horse, or Tick. Faba vulgaris var 

French, or Kidney. Phaseolus vulgaris 
Frijol. Phaseolus Hernandezi 
Garden. Faba vulgaris var. Jwrtensis 


£ng^lish Natnes of Cultivated, Native, 

Bean, Goa. The seeds of Psojjhocarpu^ tctra- 
Green Windsor. Fala vulgaris var. chlo- 

Haricot. The seed of Phaseolus vulgaris 
Horse. See Bean, Field 
Horse, of the W. Indies. Canavalia 

Horse-eye. DoUchos {Mucuna) pruriens 
Indian. Catalpa hignonioides 
Lima Kidney. Phaseolus luruitii^ 
Long-pod. I'aba vulgaris var. ensiformis 
Malacca. The seed of Semecarpus Ana- 

Mazagan. Faia vulgaris var. pracox 
Mezquit. Prosopis glandulosa 
Molucca. The seed of Guilandina Bondu- 

Ordeal, of Old Calabar. Physostigma vene- 

Ox-eye. DoUchos (MucuTia) wens 
Pichurim. The seed of Nectandra Puchury 
Pigeon. A small-seeded variety of the Field 

Pythagorean. The seed of Nelwmiium 

spectosuDi (^Nelumio nuciferd) 
Eam's Horn. DoUchos bicontairtus 
Eed. Vigna %inguiculata 
Sacred. Nclumbium speciosum 
St. Ignatius's. Strych^ws Ignatii 
Scarlet Runner. Phaseolus multijlorus var. 

Seaside. Canorvalia obtusifoUa and Vigna 

Screw. Prosop is pubescens 
Soja, or Soy. S(]ja hispida 
Straight. Mcia Faba 
Sugar. Phaseolus saccharaius and P. Imiatus 
Sword. Canavalia gladiata and the genus 

Tick. See Bean, Field 
Tonquin. Dipterix odorata 
Tomillo. Prosopis pubescens 
Tree. See Bean Tree 
Underground. Arachishypogcsaaxid. Voand- 

zeia subterranea 
Yam. DoUchos tuberosus 
Year. Phaseolus vulgaris 
Yellow Sacred, or Yellow Water. Nelum- 

Mum luteum 
White Runner. Phaseolus multijtcrus var. 

Wild, of N. America. Apios tuberosa 
Bean Caper. The genus Zygophylhim 

Common. Zygophyllum Fabago 
Bean Tree, Australian. Dauhinia Hookeri 
and Cksfanosperniuin australe 
Deccan. Jiutca super ba 
lli'A. Eryfliriiui ikrraUodendron 
Bean Trefoil. An old name for Laburnum 
Bean Vine, Wild. Amphicarpaa moiwica 
Bear, Here, Beer, Bcir, I'.ig, or Bi^'g Barley. 

Hordeum vulgarc var. hexastichuin 
Bear-Bane. Aconitum arctophonuui 
Bear-berry, Alpine or Black. ArctostapJiylos 
(Arbutus) alpiiui 
Calif omian. Ithammis Purshianus 
Common. Arctostaphylos [/va-urgi 
N. W. American. Ilhamnus Purshianus 

Bear-bind. Ccmvolrulusarve?isis, C.sejnu/ni, 
Lonicera Perichjmenum, Pol ygonum Con- 
volvulus, and the genus Calystcgia 
Bear Grass. The genus Yucca 
Beard Grass. See Grass 
Beard-tongue. The genus Pentstenion 
Bear's Bed. Polytrichumjuniperinum 
Bear's-breeeh. The genus Acanthus 
Armed. Acanthus spinosissimus 
Common. Acanth us mollis 
Long-leaved. Acanthus longifolius 
Soft-leaved. Acanthus mollis 
Spiny. Acanthus spinosiis 
Stately. Acanthus lati/oUus 
Bear's-ear. Primula Auricula 
Bear's-ear Sanicle. Cortusa Matthioli 
Bear's-foot. Ilclleborusfwtidus, H. virldis, 
II. niger, Aconitum Napellus., and Alche- 
milla vulgaris 
Bear's GarUek. Allium ursimim 
Bear's Grass. Camassia esculenta 
Bear-wort. Meum athamanticum 
Beast's-Bane. Aco/iitum theriophonum 
Beaver Poison. Cicuta maculata 
Beaver Tree, or Beaver-wood. Magnolia 

Beck Bean. Menyanthes trifoliata 
Bedeguar, or Sweet Briar Sponge. A gall 
found on the Sweet Briar and other Roses 
Bede Sedge. Sparganitim ramosum 
Bede"wen, or Bedwen. Betula alba 
Bedlam Cowslip. The Faigle or larger 

Cowslip and Pulmoiuiria ojlicinalis 
Bedstraw. All the species of (Talium, ex- 
cept G. Aparine ; also applied to Des- 
modium Aparines 
Bloomer's. Galium Blooineri 
Corn. Galium tricornc 
Cross-wort. Galium Cruciata 
Great. Galium Mollugo 
Heath. Galium saxatile 
Hedge. Galiiim Mollugo 
Lady's. Galium verum 
Marsh. Galium palustre 
Northern. Galium boreale 
Bough. Galium asprellum 
Swamp. Galium uUgiiwsum 
Wall. Galium pari^iense 
Yellow. Galium verum 
BedAvind. Convobnilus sepiuvi 
'Beebeeree,ox'Rihixi,'Yree. yectaiidra Itoditei 
Bee-bread. Trifolium prateiu^e 
Bee-feed, Californian. Friogonum fasci^i- 

Bee Flower. Ophrys apifera 
Bee Larkspur. Delphinium grandijlorv/ni 

and other cultivated species 
Bee, Day, or Deye Nettle. Galeopsis Tetra- 

bit, G. versicolor, and Lamium album 
Bee Orchis. See Orchis 
Beech, American Purple. Fagus fcrr^tglnea 
Australian. Tectona australis 
Blue. Curpinus americniui 
Common. Fa^us sylvatica 
Copper-coloured. Fagussyhatica var.cnprea 
Crested. Fagus sylvatica var. cristata 
Cut-leaved. Fagus sylvatica var. incisa 
Dutch. Populvs alba 
Evergreen. Fagu,i betuloidrs 

and Forelsrn Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Beech, Fern-leaved. Fagus sylvatica var. 

Horn, Horse, Horst, or Hurst. Carj}inus 

N. S. Wales. Monotoca ellipUca 

New Zealand. Fagus fusca 

Oblique-leaved. Fagus obliqua 

Purple. Fagtis syli'atlca var. purpurea 

Seaside. Exostemma caribhanim 

Water. Carpinus americana and Platanus 

Weeping. Fagus sylvatica var. pendula 

"WTiite. Carpinus Betulus 
Beech-drops, False. Moiwtropa Hypopitys 

Virginian. Orohanclie virgitilca 
Beech-fern. PolyjJodiuni Pkegopterii 
Beech-fungus. Cyttaria Barmini 
Beech-wheat. Polygonum Fagopyrwn, 
Beef-wood. The genus Casuarina 

Australian. Casuarina stricta 

N. S. Wales. Stenocarpus saligna 

Eed. Ardlsia coriacea 

Queensland. Banksia compar 

Wliite. ScJicepfia cUrysophylloides 
Beef-steak Plant. Begonia Evansiana 
Beef-suet Tree. Shepherdia argentea 
Beer. See Bear 
Bee's Nest. Daucvs Carota 
Beesom. Sarothamnus scoparius 
Beet, Chard, Leaf, Seakale, or Spinach. Beta 
hrasiliensis and B. Cicla 

Red. Beta vulgaris 

Seakale. See Beet, Chard 

Sea-side or Wild. Beta maritima 

Sicilian. Beta Cicla 

Spinach. See Beet, Chard 

Sugar. Acnltivatedvanetj oi Beta7narltinia 

White. Beta Cicla 

Wild Marsh. Statice LimoJiium 
Beetle, March or Marish. Typlia latifolia 
Beggar's Basket. Pulmonaria officinalis 

Blanket. Verbascum Thapsus 

Buttons. The flower-heads olArctiwnLappa 

Lice. Cynoglossum Morisoni 

Needle. Scandlx Pecten 
Beggar Ticks, or Stick-tight. Bidensfron- 

Swamp B'ldens coniuita 
Beggar-. w^eed. Polygonum ariculare and 

various other troublesome weeds 
Begonia, Chestnut-leaved. Begonia castas 

Collared. Begonia mxinicata 

Coral-flowered. Begonia corallina 

Dwarf Scarlet. Begonia Bavlsl 

Eight-petalled. Begonia octopeiala 

Ever-blooming. Begonia semperJioreTis 

Froebel's. Begonia Frcebeli 

Fuchsia-like. Begonia fiichsloldes 

Geranium-leaved. Begoyila geranioldes 

King. Begonia Rex 

Many-flowered. Begonia multlflora 

Peruvian. Begonia peruviana 

Eoezl's. Begonia Roezli 

Shining. Begonia lucida 
Socotran. Begonia socotrana 

Sweet-scented. Begonia suaveolens 

Tuberous-rooted. Begonia tuberosa 

Two-coloured. Begonia discolor 

Begonia, Veitch's. Begonia Veltchl 
Whit e-and- Scarlet. Begonia alba cocclnea 

Begoon. See Bringal 

Beir. See Bear 

Belder Root. (Enanthe crocata 

Belladonna. Atropa Belladonna 

Belladonna Lily. See Lily 

Bell-bind. Convolmdus seplum 

Bell-bottle. Scllla nutans 

Belleisle Cress. Barbarea prcecox 

Bell-flower. The genus Campanula 
Alliaria-leaved. Campanula alllarla-folla 
Ailioni's. Campamda Allloni 
Alpine. Campanula alplna 
American. (Juamocllt rulgaris 
Attic. Campanula attlca 
Australian. Wahlenbergia cajnllarls 
Autumn. Camjyamilaauttimnalls {Platycodon 
autumnale) and Gentlana Pneumonanthe 
Barrelier's. Campanula Barrelleri 
Bearded. Campanula harbata 
Branching. Campanula dlvaricata 
Broad-leaved. Campanula latifolia 
Candelabrum. Campanula macrostyla 
Carpathian. Campanula carpatlca 
Chinese. Platycodon grandijlorum 
Clustered. Campanula glomerata 
Corn-field. Campanula hybrlda 
Creeping. Campanula rapunc^ihldes 
Crowded-flowered. Campamda aggregata 
Dark-coloured Dwarf. Campanula jmlla 
Diamond-leaved. Campanula rhomboldea 
Diminutive. Campanula pusllla 
Diminutive White. Campanula jmsl lla alba 
Dwarf. Campanula pumlla 
Elatine. Campanula Erlnus 
Elegant. Campanula elegans 
Equal-leaved. Campanula isophylla 
Flax-leaved. Campanula Unlfolia 
Forked. Campanula Erlnus 
Fragile. Campanula fragllis 
Gland. The genus Adenophora 
Great. Campanula grandls 
Gummy. Campanula sarmatlca (C. gum- 

Henderson's. Campamda Hendersonl 
Hohenhacker's. Campanula HoheidtacTieri 
Host's. Campanula Hosti 
Ivy-leaved. Campanula {Wahlenbergia) 

LangsdorfE's. Campanula LangsdurffiaTia 
Large-flowered. Campamda macrantha ■ 
Large-flowered White. Campanula ma- 
crantha alba 
Leutwein's. Campanula Leutnemi 
Ligurian. Campanula isophylla ((7. Jiorl- 

Long-flowered. Campanula nobllls 
Long-leaved. Campamda longlfolla 
Long-styled. Campanula macrostyla 
Lorey's. Campamda Loreyi 
Madeira. Wahlenbergia lobelloldes 
Marsh. Campamda aparlnoldes 
Michaux's. Mlchauxla campanuloides 
Milk-white. Campamda lactijiora 
Mont Cenis. Campamda cenisia 
Mount Gargano. Campamda garganlca 
Nettle-leaved. Campamda urtlccefolla, C. 
celtldlfolia, and C. Trachellum 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Bell-flo-wer, N. S. Wales. Wahleniergla 
Koblc. Cam]}anula (jrancl'ijlora {Platyco- 

don grandijlarnnt) 
Peach-leaved. Campanula perslclfol'm 
Pendulous. Campanula (^Sijmphyandra) 

Portensclilag's. Campanula Portensclda- 

Primrose-leaved. Campanula j)ri'nmlafolia 
Pyramidal. Campanula pyramldalis 
Eainer's. Campanula Itaineri 
Sage-leaved. Campanula collina 
Shining. Campanula nltida 
Showy. Campaimla spcelosa 
Sibthorp's. Ciunpamtla S'thtliorpl 
Silveiy-lcaved Dwarf. Hdralanthus Pumilio 

and other species 
Soldanella - flowered. Ccmipanula solda- 

Spear-leaved. Campanula lanceolata 
Spotted. Campanuhi punctaia 
Spreading. Canipinmhi paiula 
Swamp, of California, i'umpunula I'nmwifolla 
Tall American. Camptnuihi (ini'-ricitna 
Tasmanian. Waldenhrriiin litiornUs 
Thompson's. Campanula Thumpsojii 
Tufted. Campanula ccespitosa {C. pumila) 
Turban. Campanula turhinata 
Van Houtte's. Campanula Van Houttei 
Yase-flowered. Campanula turhinata 
Wall. Campanula muralis 
Wanner's. Campanula (Si/mj^Jiyandra) Wan- 

Woolly-leaved. Campamila petraa 
Zoy^^'s. Campanula. Zoyxi 
Bell Heather, or Hell Heath. Urica Tetralix 
Bell Rose. JVarchsua Puncdo-Narclssus 
Bell Ware. Zostcra marina 
Bell Woodbind. Conrolvulus sepiuni 
Bell-wort, Large-flowered. Uvularia gran- 
Sossile-lcaved. Uvularia sessilifolia 
Bell-weed (Ball-weed ?). Centaurea nigra 
Bells, Candlemas. Galanthu^s nivalis 

Canterbury. Campanula Medium and 

C. TrachcUum 
Coventiy. Campanula Medium and Ane- 

mone Pulsatilla 
Dead Men's. Digifalis purjju^ea 
Easter. Stellaria llolostea 
Hedge. Convolvuhis srpnon and Co7ivol- 

vulus arvensis 
Peach. Campanula, prrsicifolia 
Sea. Convo/rvlu.'! Sn/dnnrlla 
Steeple. Campanula pyramidalis 
Witch's. Campanula rotundifolia 
Wood. Scilla nutans 
Belly-ache Bush. Jatropha. gossypiifolia 
Belvedere. Korhia {Chenopodivm^ Scoparia 
Benibil. Kiirahipiiis iioinilifolia 
Ben, (ir White Hen. Silrne inftata 
Ben-dock. (Knanthe vrorata 
Bengal Quince, jl'lglr Marmelos 

l!iHit. 'J'hc root of Zingtlirr Casumunar 
Benjamin Bush. Lindera Jienzoin 
B 8 n n e 1 s . I'hragmitrs cii m m u v is 
Benner-gow^an. Jiellis perennis 
Bennet, Herb. Genm urlanum 

Bent. Psamma Arenaria ; also applied to 

the old stalks of various Grasses 
Bent Grass. Agrostis vulgaris, Aira ccespi- 
tosa, and A.Jlexxiosa 
Bent-w^ood. Iledera Helix 
Ben-w^eed. Senecio Jacohwa 
Benzoin Bush. See Benjamin 
False. 'ferminaUa mauritiana 
Berberry. See Barberry 
Bere. See Bear 
Bergamot. Mentha citrata 

American Wild. Monarda Jistulosa 
]\Iedicinal. Citrus JJergamia var. vulgaris 
Berries. The fruit of Jtihes Grossularia 
Yellow or Persian. The berries of Rham- 
nus iiifectarius 
Bertram. An old name for Aiiacyclus Pyre- 
Besom- weed. The genus Thlaspi 
Betel-nut. See Nut 
Betel-nut Palm. See Palm 
Beth Root, or Birth Koot. Trillium erec- 

Betle-leaf. See l?etle-pepper 
Betle-pepper or P.etle-leaf. See Pepper 
Betony, Brook or ^\'ater. Scrophularia aqua- 
Common. Stachys Betonica 
Field. Stachys arvensis 
Large-flowered. Betonica grandiflora Stachys palustris 
St. Paul's. Veronica serpyllifolia 
Wood. Stachys Betonica 
Wood, American. Pedicularis canadensis 
Bhang or Hashish. The dried leaves and 
small stalks of Cannabis saliva mixed 
with flour and various other additions 
Bhel Fruit. See Bael Fruit 
Bibiri Tree. See Beebeeree 
Bifoil. Ligtera ovata 
Big or Bigg. See Bear 
Bigold. An old name for Clirysanthemuvi 

Big Root or Bitter Root, Californian. Megar- 
rhiza californica {Echinocystis fahacea') 
Big Tree, Californian. Sequoia, gigantea 
Bikh, Bisk, I'.isli, or Bis, Poison, of Nepaul. 

Aconitum ferox 
Bilberry. Vaccinium Myrtillus 
Bear. Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi 
Bog. Vacciniuin uliginosum 
Jamaica. Vaccinium meridionals 
Kamtschatkan. Vaccinium preestans 
New Zealand. Gaultheria antipoda 
Wliortlc. Vaccinium Mijrtiiius 
Bilimbi Tree. Averrhoa Jlilimhi 
Bilsted. Liquidamhar styraciflua 
Bind-corn. Polygonum Convolvulus 
Bind-w^eed. Convolvulus arvensis and 
several other climbing ]ilants 
Blue-flowered. Ipomud cirrulea 
Blue Rock. Conrolvuhif. mauritanicus 
Blusliing. Convolvulus rruhesccns 
Bryony-leaved. Convolvulus Irryonicpfolius 
Cantabrian. Convolvulus cajitalrricus 
Daliurian. Calyste.gia dahurica (^Convol- 
vulus dahuricus) 
Double-blossomed. Culysteqia. pubesccns 

and Fnreiirn Plants, Trees, and S/inihs. 


Bind-weed, Dwarf. Calystegia sjiithamea 

Mallow. Convolvulus althceoides 

Pigmy. Convolvuhcs Unea:tus 

Eiviera. Convolvuhis aWiwoides 

Eosy-flowered. Convolvxdus sejnum var. 

Scarlet-flowered. Tpoincea coccinea 

Shrubby. Convolvulus Cneorum 

Silky. Convohnilus sericeus 

Silvery. Convolvtdus Cneorum 

White Star. Ipomcea lacuiwsa (^Co7ivolvu- 
lus micrantlius) 
Bindweed Wightshade. Clrccea Lutetiana 
Bindwith. Tlie genus Clematis, especially 

C. Vltdlba 
Bindw^ood. Hedera Helix 
Binweed. Senecio Jacohcca 
Biophytum. Blopliijium sensltivum {Oxalis 

Bine, or Bines. Convolvulus arvensls ; also 
the stalk of the Hop {^Humulus Lupuhis) 
Birch, American, White, Gray, or Old Field. 
Betula alba var. pojndifoUa 

Antarctic. See Birch, Fuegian 

Black. Betula le-ita 

Canoe, or Paper. Betxda papyracea 

Cherry. Betula lenta 

Common. Betula alba 

Common Weeping. Betida alba var.pendxda 

Cut-leaved. Betula populifolla var. laciniata 

Cut-leaved Weeping. Betula 'mcisa var. 

Dwarf. Bettda nana 

Dwarf American. Betida ylandulosa 

E. Indian. Betula Bhojpxdtra 

Fern-leaved. Betida laciniata 

Fern-leaved Weeping. Betida laciniata 
var. pendula 

Fuegian, or Antarctic. Betula antarctica 

Gray. See Birch, American White, and 
Birch, Yellow 

Hairy Dwarf. Betula pumila 

Jamaica. Bursera guimidfera, 

Kamtschatka Weeping. Betula tristis 

Low. Betida jnimila 

Mahogany. Betida lenta 

Old Field. See Birch, American White 

Otago. Fagus Menziesii 

Paper. See Birch, Canoe 

Ked, or River. Betida nigra 

Eiver. See Birch, Red 

Sweet. Betida lenta 

W. Indian. Bursera gummifera 

WTiite New Zealand. Fagus Solandri and 
F. cliffortioides 

Yellow, or Gray. Betida lutea 
Bird Briar. Rosa canina 
Bird Cherry. Prunus Padus 
Bird Eagles. The fruit of Cratcegus Oxya- 

Bird Grass. Poa trivialis 
Bird Plant, Mexican. Heterotoma lobelioides 
Bird Thistle. Cardvus la^iceolatus 
Bird's Bill. Trigonella ornitlwrrliynclms 
Birds'-head Orchid. See Orchid 
Bird's Eyes. Veronica Chamadrysandvaany 

other plants with small bright flowers 
Bird's Foot, or Bird's-foot Trefoil. Lotus 

Bird's Foot, Channel Islands. Ornltliopus 
ebracteatus {Arthrolobiuin ebracteatu/m) 

Common. Ornltliopus perpuslllus 

Hairy. Ornltliopus coinpressus 
Bird's Nest. Baucus Carota 

Yellow. Monotropa Jlypopitys 
Bird's-nest Fern. See Fern 
Bird's-nest Orchis. See Orchis 
Bird's Tongue. Senecio 2^^^^'^^osus, the 
genus Ornitlioglossum, Stellarla Holostea, 
and a few other plants, probably from 
the shape of the leaves 
Birk (Birch). Betula alba 
Birk Apples. Cones of Pinus sylvestris 
Birth-root. Trillium erectum 
Birth -wort. The genus Aristoloclda 

Broad-leaved. Aristolochia Sipko 

Sweet-scented. Aristolocli ia odoratissima 

Upright. Aristolochia Clematltis 

Woolly. Aristolochia toiuentosa 
Bis. See Bikh 
Bish. See Bikh 
Bishop's Cap. See Mitre-wort 
Bishop's Elder. yEgopodiuin Podagraria 
Bishop's Hat. Epiinediuvi alpinum 
Bishop's Leaves. Hcrophidaria aquatica 
Bishop's Weed. JEgopodlum Podagraria 

Common. Animi magus 

Mock. The genus Biscopleura 

Prickly-seeded. Ammi copticum 

Toothpick. Amvii Vlsnaga 

True. Ammi copticum 
Bishop's Wort. Stachys Betonica 
Bisk. See Bikh 
Bistort, Great. Polygonum Bistorta 

Small. Polygonum viviparum 
Bitch-wood. Piscidia carthaginensls 
Biting Clematis. Clematis Vitalba 
Biting Dragon. An old name for Tar- 
Bitter-bark Tree. Plnchneya pubens 
Bitter-blain. Yandellla diffusa 
Bitter Cress. The genus Cardamlne. (See 

also Cress.) 
Bitter King. Soidamea aviara 
Bitter Wut, N. American. Carya amara 
Bitter Root. Be/vlsla redivlva 

Californian. See Big Root 

Natal. Qerrardwnthus macrorrhlza 
Bittersgall. The fruit of Pyrus Malus 

var. acerba 
Bittersweet. Solanum Dulcamara and Spi- 
rcea JJlmarla 

Climbing. Celastrus scaiideiis 
Bitter Vetch. The genus Orobus 

Black-rooted. Orobus nlger 

Gmelin's. Orobus Gmellni 

Hoary. Orobus canescens 

Spring. Orobus vermis 

Yellow-flowered. Orobus aurantius 
Bitter Weed. Ambrosia artemisicefoUa 
Bitter-wood. The genera Plcramnla and 
Simaruba; also Xylojna glabra and other 

Guiana. Xylopiafrutesceiis 

Madagascar. Carissa Xylopicron 

N. American. Simaruba glauca 

W. Indian. Xylopia glabra 

White. Trichilia spondoides 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Bitter-wort. Various species of ffentiana 
Black Alder, llliamnutt Frangula 
Black Bead Shrub. Fithecolohium Unguls- 

Black-berry. Rulrus fruticosus, Vacclniwn 
Mi/rtllhis, and Ribes nigrum 

Common or High, American. Ruhus villosus 

High. See Blackberry, Common 

Low. Rubus canadensis 

Low Bush. Ruhus trivialis 

Oregon. Rubus ursinus 

Running Swamp. Rubus Msjndus 

Sand. Jiubus cuncifolius 
Black-boy Tree. The genus Xanthorrhaa 
Black Bryony. Taunts cammunis 
Black-butt. Eucahiptiis pihdaris 
Black-cap. Tijpha latifoUa 
Black DogMrood. Prunus Padus 
Black- drink Tree. Ilex Cassiiie 
Black Grass. Aloj)ecurus agrcstis and a 

few other Grasses 
Black-heads. Typlia latifolia 
Black-heart. Yacciimim Myrtillus; also 

a variety of Cherry 
Black Heath. Erica cinerea 
Black Hellebore. Astrantia major 
Black Horehound. Ballota nigra 
Blacking Plant. Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis 
Black-knot Fungus. See Fungus 
Black Maiden-hair. Adiantum Cajrillus- 

Black Maire, New Zealand. Olea Cunning- 

Black Pot-herb. See Pot-herb 
Black Root. Sym2>hytu'ni officinale and 
Leptandra virgijiica 

American. Pterocaulon jyycnostachyum 
Black Sampson. The genus Echinacea 
Black Top. Centaurea scabiosa 
Blackthorn. Prumis spinosa 

\\. Indian. Acacia Farncsiana 
Black-wood, Australian. Acacia Melari- 

E. Indian. Palbergia latifolia 

N. S. Wales. Acacia MelaTioxylon 

St. Helena. Melliaivia Melanoxylon 

W. Australian. Acacia pcnninrrvis 
Black-'wort. Symphytum ifficinale 
Bladder Campion. Silcne infata 
Bladder Fern. The genus Cystoj)tcris 
Bladder Herb. Physalis Allieltengi 
Bladder Ketmia. Hibiscus {Ketmia) 

Bladder Moss. See Moss 
Bladder Nut, African. Royena lucida 

Anu-rican. Staphylca trifoliata 

Com mon . Staphylea p imuiia 

Ivory-flowcrcd. Staphylea colchica 
Bladder Pod, American. Vcsicaria Shortii 
Bladder Seed. Physospermum cornubiense 

(J r( ciaii. I 'rsicaria grerca 

liillated. Vesicaria utriculafa 
Bladder Senna, Annual. Colutea hcrbacea 

Cap(;. Sutherhindiafrutescens 

Common. Colutea arboresccns 

Nepaul. Colutea ncpalensis 

Pocock's. Colutea jfaleppica (C. Pocochii) 

Red-flowcrcrl. (Jolutea cruenta 

Smaller. Colutea media 

Bladder-wort. The genus Utricularia 
Endres's. Utricularia Endresi 
Inflated. Utricularia injiata 
Small. Utricularia minor 
Blaeberry. Vaccinium Myrtillus 
Blanket Flow^er, Blunt-toothed. Gaillar- 
dia amhlyodon 
Bristly. Gaillardia aristata 
Lance-leaved. Gaillardia lanceolata 
Large-blossomed. Gaillardia grandijlora 
Loisel's. Gaillardia Loiseli 
Blanket Leaf. Verbascum Thapsits 
Blawort. Campanula rotundifolia and 

Centaurea Cyanus 
Blazing Star. Helonias dioica, Liatris 

squarrosa, and Chamcclirion luteum 
Bleeding Heart. Aristotelia peduncularis, 
Cheiranthus Cheiri, Colocasia esculcnta, 
and Bicentra formosa ; also a variety of 
Plumy. Dicentra eximia 
Bleeding Nun. Cyclamen europccum 
Bleeding Willow. Orchis Morio 
Blessed Thistle. Carduus benedictus and 

C. Mar i anus 
Blewart. Veronica Chanusdrys 
Blewits (Blue Hats). Agaricus jfersonatus 
Blimbing. Averrhoa Bilimbi 
Blind Ball. Lycoperdon Bovista and other 

Blind Eyes. Papaver Rhceas, or P. duHiim 
Blind Nettle. Lamium album and various 
other Labiate plants witli leaves re- 
sembling those of the Nettle 
Blinding Tree. Excacaria Agallocha 
Blinks. Montia fontana 
Blister Plant. Ranuncuhis acris and other 

Blite. Chcnopodium Bonus-Henricus and 
various species of Atriplex and other 
Chenopodiaceous plants 
Coast, or Sea. Blitum maritimum {Suceda, 

Shrubby Sea. Schoheria frttticosa 
Wild. Amarantus Blitum 
Blood Berry. Ririna humilis 
Blood Cups. Pe:i:a cocci nea 
Blood Flow^er. The genus Htemanthus 

W. Indian. Asclepias curassarica 
Blood Hilder (Blood Elder). Savihicug 

Blood Root. Potentilla Tormentilla and 

Sa ng u i/iaria can a denMs 
Bloodstrange. Jfyo.turus minimus 
Blood Tree. Croton gossypii folium 
Blood - wood, Australian. Eucalyj)tus 
corymbosa and E. eximia 
E. Indian. Lagerstrwmia Regiiuc 
Jamaica. Gordonia Hcrmatoxylon 
Norfolk Island. Jialoghia lucida. 
Queensland. Eucalyptus paniculata 
Victoria. Eucaly/>tus corymbosa 
Blood Vine. Epilobium a/u/usti/oliutn 
Blood-w^ort. Rumex sanguineits and a 

few other plants 
Bloody Dock. Rumex sanguineus 
Bloody Finger. Digitalis purpurea 
Bloody-man's Finger. Orchis mascula 
and Arum maculatum 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Bloody Warrior. Cheiranthus Clieiri 
Blooming Sally. Ej}iloMv/ni angustifolimti 

and E. Idrsutimi 
Blooming Spurge. See Spurge 
Blovsr Ball. Leontodon Taraxacum 
Blubber Grass. Br&mus mollis and other 

Blue Ball. Scabiosa succisa 
Blue Bell. Scllla nutans and Campanula 
Large. Scllla camjyanulata 
New Zealand. Various species of Wah- 

lenherrila, especially \V. saxicola 
Of Scotland. Cami)anula rotundlfolia 
• Spanish. Scllla campanulata 

Spreading. Scllla liotula 
Blue Berry, American Common or Swamp. 
Vaccinlum corymhosum 
British. Vacci9ilum Myrtlllus 
Canada. Vacclnlwii canadense 
Dwarf. Vaccinlum pennsylvanlcxhrn 
Low. Vaecmlum vacUlans 
Blue Bonnets, or Blue Caps. Scahlosa succisa. 
Centaur ea Cyanus, and a few other plants 
Blue Bottle. Scllla nutans, Centaurea 

Cyanus, and various other blue flowers 
Blue Bush, Mexican. Ceanotlms azureus 
Pimpled. Ceanotlms paplllosus 
Tooth-leaved. Ceanotlms dentatus 
Blue Buttons. Scabiosa succisa and 
various other plants with button-like 
blue flowers 
Blue Chamomile. Aster Tripoliwii 
Blue Cowslip. Fulmonaria anyustlfolia 
Blue Creeper, Tasmanian. Comesperma 

rolubilis (C gracilis) 
Blue Curls. Iris dlchotoma and Triclio- 

stenima diclwtoma 
Blue Daisy. Aster Tripollum and the 

genus Globularla 
Bluets. Houstonia cwrulea 
Blue Eyes. Veronica Cliamcedrys 
Blue-eyed Grass. See Grass 
Blue Grass. Various species of Carex 
Blue Hearts. Buclmera americana 
Blue Innocence. Houstonia cwrulea 
Blue John. Taxus strict a 
Blue EZiss. Scabiosa succisa 
Blue Legs. Agarlcus jiersonatris 
Blue Money. Anemone Pulsatilla 
Blue Mould of Cheese. See Mould 
Blue Rocket. Aconitum 2}yramidale and 

other species 
Blue Runner. Nepeta Glechoma 
Blue Seggin. Iris fcetidissima 
Blue Stars. Veronica Cliamcedrys 
Blue Tangles. Vaccinlum frondosum 
Blue Venus' Pride. Houstonia coerulea 
Blue Weed. Ecliium vulyare 
Blue-wood. Condalla oborata 
Blush-wort. The genus Erythrcea 
Bo Tree. Flcvs Indlca 
Boar Thistle. Carduus lanceolatus and C. 

Boar's Ears. Primula Auricula 
Boar's Foot. Helleborus vlridls 
Bobbin Joan. Arwm maculatum 
Bobbins. Aru/»i maculatum, Nymplia;aalba, 
and Nuphar lutea 

Bockw^heat (Buckwheat). Polygonum Fago- 

Bog Bean, or Buck Bean. Menyanthes tri- 

Bog Berry. Vaccinlimri Oxycoccos 
Bog Moss. See Moss 
Bog Myrtle. 3/yrlca Gale 
Bog Nut. Moiyanthes trlfoliata 
Bog Pimpernel. AnagalUs tenella 
Bog Rhubarb. Petasites vulgaris 
Bog Straw-berry. Comarum palustre 
Bog Trefoil. Menyanthes trlfoliata 
Bog Violet. Plnguicida vulgaris 
Bolbonac. An old name for Lunaria biennis 
Boldo, or Boldu, Tree. Boldoa fragrans 
Boliaun. Senecio Jacobcra 
BoUas, Bullas, or Bullace. The fruit of Prit,- 

nus insltltla and P. splnosa 
Bolts. An old name for TroUlus europceus 
Bombast. An old name for the genus 

Bonduc Seeds. See Nicker Seeds 
Bone Flower. Bellls perennis 
Bone Seed. The genus Osteospermwm 
Bone-set. Symjjhytum officinale 

American. Eupatorlum perfoliatxuni and 

E. hyssoplfollum 
Climbing. Mikania scandens 
Upland. Eupatorlum sesslllfoUum 
Bongrace Moss. Splaclmum rubrum 
Bonace, or Burn-nose, Tree. BaphnetinlfoUa 
Boodle, or Buddie. Chrysanthemum segetum 
Boon Tree, or Boor Tree. Sambucus nigra 
Boor's Mustard. Thlaspl arvense 
Bootes. An old name for Caltha palustris 
Borage. Borago officinalis 
Bell-flowered. Borago laxljiora 
Early-flowering. Borago orlentalls (B. 

Fairy. Eritrlchium namim 
Spotted Golden. Arnebia echioides 
Borecole. See Cabbage 
Boss Fern. Various species of iVe/;ArorZiMwi 
Bottle Brush. Equlsetwn sylvatlcum, E. 

arvense, and Hlpp%i,rls vulgaris 
Bottle-brush Flowers. The flowers of 
Beaufortla splejideiis, 3Ielaleuca hyperi- 
cifolia, Metrosideros Jlorlhu7ida, and some 
species of Callistemon 
Bottle-cod Root. Capparls cynophallophora 
Bottle Tree, Australian. Belabechea {Ster- 
culia) rupestrls 
Victorian. Belabechea {Sterculia') diver- 
Bouncing Bet. Saponarla officinalis 
Boutry Tree. Sambucus nigra 
Bower Plant, Fragrant. Marsdenia sioaveo- 

Bower, Virgin's. Clematis Vitalba 
Bowman's Root. Glllenia trlfoliata and 

Euphorbia corollata 
Box Berry. Gaultherla j)roc%imbens 
Box Elder, Acer Negundo {Negundo ace 
Californian. Negundo californicumi 
Curled-leaved. Acer Neg^indo crispvmi 
Maple-leaved. Acer Negundo 
Box Thorn. The genus Lyclmn 
Ash-coloured. Lyamm cinereum 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Box Thorn, Barbary. Lj/ciu/ii, barbaruni 
Carolina. LijcIudl carolUieiise 
Chinese. Lyciuni chineiise 
Chili. Vestla lycioldes 
European. Lyclum europceum 
Four-stamened. Lyciuni tetrandrum 
Fuchsia- like. Lycl un fwchsioldes 
Russian. Lyclum rutlienlcuni 
Shaw's. Lycium Shaivii 
Slender. Lyclum tenue 
Small-leaved. Lyclum mlcropliyllum 
Spear-leaved. Lyclum lanccolatum 
Stiff. Lyclum rlyldum 
Top-shape:l-fruited. Lyclum turhlnaUim 
Trew's. Lyclum Tremlanum 
Very Prickly. Lyclum horrldum 
Box Tree, American. Cornus Jiorlda 
Asses'. Tl\Q geiWL'A Lycmm 
Australian. Various species of Eucalyptus 
Bastard. Eucalyptus LeucoxyloJi 
Balearic. Buxus halearlca 
Chinese. Buxus cJilnensls and Murraya 

Common. Buxus sevipervlrens 
Dwarf, or Edging. Buxus senvpervlrens 

False. Scliccfferla frutescens 
Flowering. Vaccmlum Vltls-Idesa 
Fortune's Round-leaved. Buxios Fortunel 

Gold-edged. Buxus sempervlrens aurea 
Gray, Queensland. Lop/iostemon macro- 

Gray, Victoria. Eucalyptus dealhata 
Japanese. Euonymusjajionlcitsvar. radlcans 
Minorca. Buxus balearlca 
Myrtle-leaved. Buxus sempervlrejis myrtl- 

Is arrow -leaved. Buxus sempervlrens an- 

New Zealand. Veronica, Imxlfolia 
Prickly. Buscus aculeatus and the genus 

Pyramidal. Buxus sempervlrens jiyramldata 
Red, N. S. Wales. Lophostemon australls 
Red, S. E. Australian. Eucalyptus polyan- 

Rosemary - leaved. Buxus sempervlrens 

Round-leaved. Buxus sempervlrens rotun- 
Silvery-leaved. Buxusscmpervlrensargentea 
Tasmanian. Bursarla splnosa 
Tree. Buxus semperrirrns arhorcscens 
White, Australian. Eucalyptus alheus 
AVhite, N. S. Wales. Plttosporum undulatum 
Yellow, Australian. Eucalyptus melllodora 
Box-wood, American or False. Cornus ft or Ida 
W. Indian. Tecoma pentaphylla and Vltex 
Boys Love, or Lad's Love. Artemisia Ahro- 

til ii.nm 
Boys Mercury. MercuriaUs a7mua 
Brab Tree, liorassus Itahclllformls 
Bracelet-wood Tree. Jaequinla armillaris 
Bracken, or lirake. IHeris aquillna ; somc- 

tiinis applied to other large Ferns 
Brake, I'.uck-horn. Osmu7ida reyalls 
Brake-root. Polypodium vulyare 

Brakes, Rock. Allosorus crispus 
Bramble. Buhusfruticosus 
Ai'Ctic. Ruhus arcticus 
Blue. Bubus cceslus 
Canadian. Rubus cayiadensis 
Cut-leaved. Rubus /rut Icosusvar. laciniafus 
Dog. Rlbes Cynosbati 
Double-flowered. Rubus discolor Ji.-pl. and 

R. fruticosus fi.-pl. 
Dwarf Crimson-flowered. Ruhus arcticus 
Hawthorn-leaved. Rulms cratwylfollus 
Japanese Climbing. Ruhus phuinlcolasius 
Mountain. Rubus Chamaiinorus 
Nepaul. Rubus nejmlensis 
New Zealand. Rubus australis 
Nootka Sound. Ruhus XutJianus 
Purple-flowered. Rubus odoratus 
Rose-leaved. Rubus roscefollus 
Rosj'-fiowered. Rubus spectabilis 
Showy-flowered. Rubus spectabilis 
Showy White-flowered. Rubus delicios^is 
Stone. Rubus saxatills 
Sweet-scented. Rubus odoratus 
Branch Peas. An old name for Garden Peas 
Brancorn, or Brawn (the " Smut" in Wheat). 

Ustllayo seyetum 
Brandy Bottle. Nuphar lutea 
Brandy Mint. MentJia piperita 
Branke Ursine. Aia old name for Acanthus 
Brank, or Buck-wheat. Fayopyrum esculen- 

Brasiletto. See Braziletto 
Brassies, or Brassock. Slnapls arvensls 
Brauna-wood Tree. Mclaywxylon Brauna 
Brawlins. Arctostuphylos Uva-ursl and 

Vaccinium 1 Itis-Idoea 
Brawn. See Brancorn 
Braziletto-w^ood, or Brazil-wood of com- 
merce. Several species of Cfesalpi7iia 
Brazil. Pelfajjliorum. Voyellumum 
Bahama. Ca-salpinia Crista 
Jamaica. PiUophorum JJnn<ei (^Ccesal- 
pinia brasUi oasis') 
Brazil-nut Tree. Bertliolletla excelsa 
Bread, Cuckoo's. OxalisAcetosella and Car- 
da^/ime pratensis 
Australian Native. Mylitta, australls 
Tartar. The root of Crambr tatarlca 
Bread-and-milk. Cardamlne pratensis 
Bread-frmt Tree. Artocarpus iiwisa 
African. Treculla africana 
Nicobar. Pandanus odoraiissimus 
N. Australian. Gardrnin edulls 
Bread Mould. See IMould 
Bread-nut Tree. Brosimum AUcastnivi 

liastard. J'srudolmrdla spuria 
Bread Root, Missouri. I'soralea esculenta 
Break-axe. Sloanra jamalceyisis 
Break-bones. Stellaria Ifohstea 
Break-stone. The genus Saxlfraya 
Breeches Flower, or Dutchman's Breeches. 

1)1 elytra (Jlicrutra) Cucvllarla 
Briar, or Brier. A general name for Wild 
Roses and Brambles 
Austrian. Jlosa lutea rar. 2>U7iicea 
Cat. See Cat Briar 
Green. Smllax rotundifolia 
Sensitive. The g(^nus Sehraiikia 
Sweet. Rosa rublgiiwsa 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shruhs. 


Briar Root (a corruption of the French 
" Bruyere,") of which pipes are made. 
Erica arborea 
Briar Rose. Rosa canina 
Bride's Laces. Plialarls arundbiacea 
Bride-wort. Splrwa TJlmaria 
Bright Meadow. Caltlia palustris 
Brimstone, Vegetable. The spores of Iajco- 
ipodium and Selatjo, used in France and 
Germany in the manufacture of fire- 
Brimstone-wort. Peiicedammii palustre 
Bringal, Brinjal, or Begoon. The fruit of 

Sola/mill Melowjena 
Bristle Fern. Trleliomanes radieans and 

other species 
Bristle Moss. See Moss 
Broad Leaf, New Zealand. Griselinia lucida 
Broad Seed. The genus Ulosjpermuvi 
Broccoli. Brasslca oleracea var. Botrytis 

Bronze Leaf, Kodgers's. Rodgersia ]^odo- 

Brook Bean. MenyantJies trifoliata 
Brook Leek. An old name for Armn Bra- 

Brook Lime. Veronica Beccahunga 

American. Veronica americana 
Brook Mint. Mentha hirsuta 
Brook- weed. Common. Samolus Valerandl 

Tasmanian. Samolus Uttoralis 
Broom, African. The genus Asjialathus 
Amsanto. Genista amsantica ( G. anxan- 

Arrow-jointed. Genista sagittalis 
Black-rooted. Cytisus nigricans 
Butclier's. The genus Ruscns ; see also 

Butcher's Broom 
Close-branched. Genista congesta 
Common. Cytisus {Sarotliammis') sco;pa- 

Cypress. Taxodium capense 
Dyer's. Genista tinctoria 
Early-flowering. Genista prcecox 
Egyptian. Genista (egyptiaca 
Flax-leaved. Genista linifolia 
Flowery. Genista Jiorida 
German. Genista germanica 
Gibraltar. Genista gihraltarica 
Hairy. Genista pilosa 
He. Cytisus Lahurmviii 
Jamaica Mountain. Baccliaris Scoparia 
Jointed. Genista sagittalis 
Large- spined. Geiiista liorrida 
Leafless. Genista apMjlla 
Long-twigged. Genista virgata 
Milk- wort-leaved. Genista polygalcefolia 
Mt. Etna. Genista tetnensis 
Mountain. Baccliaris Scoparia 
New Zealand. Various species of Car- 

Pink-flowered. Notospartiicm Carmiclicelice 
Portugal. Genista lusitanica 
Procumbent. Genista procwnibens 
Prostrate. Genista prostrata 
Purging. Gemsta purgans 
Quadrangular-branched. Genista tetragona 
Eock. Genista tinctoria and other species 
Round-podded. Genista splicerocarpa 

Broom., Rush. The genus Ftwmjana ; also 
applied to Spartium junceum 

Scorpion. Genista Scorpitis 

Siberian. Genista sihirica 

Silky-leaved. Genista sericea 

SmaU-flowered. Genista parvijiora 

Spanish. Spartiiim junceum 

Spanish Dwarf Prickly. Genista liispanica 

Spreading. Genista patula 

Swan River. Comesperma Scoparia 

Sweet. Scoparia dulcis 

TenerifEe. Cytisus nuhigenus 

Thorn. Ulex e^iropceus 

Three-spined. Genista triacantlios 

Trailing. Genista humifusa 

Triangular-stemmed. . Genista triq\ietra 

Umbel-flowered. Genista umhellata 

W. Indian Prickly. Parkinsonia acnleata 

White-flowered. Genista monosperma 

White Portugal. Genista multifiora 

Whitish-leaved. Genista candicans 

Wood. Genista sylvestris 

Violet-flowered. Genista apliylla 
Broom Bush. Parthenium Hysteropliorus 
Broom Corn. Sorghum vulgare and S. sac- 
char atum 
Broom Goose-foot. Kochia Scoparia 
Broom Grass. Andropogon scoparius 
Broom-weed. Corchonts siUquosus 
Broom-rape. The genus Orohanche, espe- 
cially O. major 

American. Phelipcea Ludoviciana 

Blue-flowered. Orohanche coerulea 

Branched. Orohanche ramosa 

Clove-scented. Orohanche caryophyllacea 

Great. Orohanche major 

Naked. The genus Aphyllon 

Red. Orohanche rubra 

Small. Orohanche minor 

Tall. Orohanche elatior 

Virginian. Epiphegits virginiana 
Brother-wort. An old name for Thymus 

Brown Bugle. Ajuga reptans 
Brown Dragons. Arum atro-rubens 
Brown-wort. Scrophularia aquatiea 
Bruise-wort. Bellis perennis 
Bruliaun. Bromus secalinus 
Brunei. Prunella vulgaris 
Brush Bush. Eucryphia pinnata 
Brush Grass. See Grass 
Brussels Sprouts. Brassica oleracea gem- 

mi.fera {B. o. Indlata minor) 
Bryony. Bryonia dioica and Tamus com- 

Bastard. Cissus sieyoides 

Black. Tamus communis 

Red or White. Bryonia dioica 
Buaze-fibre-Plant. Securidaca longipe- 

dunculata (^Lophostylis pallida) 
Buechu. See Buchu 
Buceo. See Buchu 

Buck Bean, Common. Menyanthes tri- 

Fringed, or Round-leaved. Menyanthes 
( Villarsia) nympli(eoides 
Buchu, Buechu, Bucco, Bucha, or Buka, 
leaves. The leaves of Barosma betulina, 
B. crenulata, and B. serratifolia 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Buck - eye. Various species of Pavia 
Califomian. Pavia {JEsculus) californica 
Deep-toothed-leaved Red-Ilowered. Pavia 

(^^sculus) ruhra var. sublaciniata 
Dwarf, licd - flowered. Pavia {yEsculus) 

ruhra rar. liuniilis 
Dwarf Red -and -yellow -flowered. Pavia 

(^JEsculus) discolor 
Fetid, or Ohio. Pavia (yEsculus) glahra 
Long-fruited. Pavia (^JEsculus) macro- 

Long-spikcd-flowered. Pavia (yEsculus) 

Neglected. Pavia (yEsculus) neglecta 
Ohio. See Buck-eye, Fetid 
Red-flowered. Pavia (^Eseulus) carnca 
Sharp-toothed-leaved Red-flowered. Pavia 

{yEsctdus) rubra var.arg^ita 
Sweet, or Big. Pavia (yExculus) Jfava 
"Variegated - flowered. Pavia (uEscultis) 

Weeping Red - flowered Dwarf. Pavia 

(^Esculus) rubra rar. /mviilis pendula 
Yellow-flowered. Pavia {jEscuIus) Jtava 
Buck-grass. Lijcojjodium clavatum 
Buck-horn Moss. Lycopodium clavatwni 
Buckie-berries. The fruit of Rosa canina 
Buckler Fern. The genus Lastra-a 
Buckler Mustard, Ear-podded. Biscutella 

Buck-mast. An old name for the Beech 
Buckrams. Allium ursinum 
Buck's-horn. Sencbirra Coronopus 
Bucks-hornPlantain. Plantuyo Coronopus 
Buckthorn, Alder, lihamnus Frawjula 
Alpine. lUtamnus alpirius 
American. Er<t?if/)/lf/ Cardrniiana 
Azorean. Itltaiuinis IiiUfornis 
Box-leaved. PlunintuK b//.r//olius 
Broad-leaved. Mhamnus latifoVms 
Canadian Sea. Uippopha'c Canadensis 
Common, llhavmus catharticus and Prii- 

nus spiiwsa 
Dahurian. llhamwts daliuricus 
Downy. PlKnnniis piibc.tcens 
Dwarf. Phainaiin jiHinilus 
Dwarf Rock. lUtamnus rupestris 
Dyer's, lihamnus tinctorius 
Frangula-like. lihamnus fraiujuloidcs 
Long-leaved, lihamnus longifolius 
Lycium-like. lihamnus lycioides 
Olive-leaved, lihamnus olcoides 
Red-wooded. lUtamnus Erythroxylon 
Rock. Rhamnus saxatilis 
Sea. Ilippophaii rhamnoides 
Slender-branched, llhammis virgatus 
Small. lUtamnus pusillus 
Southern. Jiuinrlia lycioides 
Valencia. lUtamnus nilentintts 
Willow-leaved Sea. Hippophdi] salici/olia 
Wulfen's. Rhamnus Wiilfrnii 
Yellow-berried. Rhamnus infecforius 
Buckwheat, Climbing. Polygonum Convol- 
Common. Polygontim. Fagopyrum 
E. Indian. Polyyimtim emarginutum 
I'ercnnial. Fagopyrum cymosum 
W. Indian. Anredera scaiidens 

Buckwheat, Wild, Californian. Eriogonwni 

Buckwheat Tree. Mylocaryum li^ju^trinv/m 
Buddie. Chrysanthemum segetum 
Buffalo Berry, Missouri. Shepherdia a/rgen- 

Buffalo-grass. See Grass 
Buffalo - nut. Pyrularia (Hamiltonia') 

Bufflehorn-wood. The wood of Bv/rchellia 

Buffles-ball-w^ood. Tliewoodof Gardenia 

Bug Agaric. Agaricus muscarius 
Bug-bane. Acta-a raeemosa 

American. Cimtcifiiya americana 
False. Trauiveiteria palmata 
Fet id. Cimicifuga foctida 
Bug-seed. Corispermum hyssopifolivmi 
Bugle, Alpine. Ajuga alpina 
Common. Ajuga reptans 
Erect. Ajuga genevensis 
Musky. Ajuga Ira 
Pyramidal. Ajuga pyra m idalis 
Variegated-leaved. Ajuga reptans varie- 

Yellow. Ajuga, Chamcppifys 
Bugle-weed. Lycopus virgiwicus 
Bugloss, or Viper's Bugloss. Echium vulgare. 
Also applied to some other rough-leaved 
Purple. Echium violaccum 
Pj-renean. Ech ium ptirenaic^im 
Red-flowered. Echium ruhrwni 
Russian. Arncbia echioides 
Sea. 3/ertcnsia maritima 
Small. Anchusa {Lyetpsis) arvensis 
Bugloss Cowslip. Pulmonaria ojicitialis 
Buka. See Buchu 

Bukkum-w^ood. Ccesalpiiiia Sappan 
Bukul. Mimusops Ele,n{ji 
BuUaee. Prtmus insititia 

Double-blossomed. P?-unus insititia flore- 

Jamaica. Mclicocea bijuga 
Red-fruited, l^ri/ni/s insititia fruct A rubra 
Yellowish-wliite-fruited. Prunus insititia 
fructii luteo-albo 
Bull Berries. Tlie fruit of Vacciniwn Myr- 

Bull Daisy. Chrysanthemum Leu<;antJievivm 
Bullet Tree, or Bully Tree. Sapota Sideroxy- 
lon and Jfyrsiite Ireta 
Itastard. Rumelia reiusa 
Black. Rumelia ingens and R. ni^ra 
Guiana. A species of Mimusops 
Jamaica. Lucuma mammosa 
]\lountain. Rumelia luontaiia 
Wliilc. Dipholis salicifolia 
Bull Foot. An old name for Colt's-foot 

( Tussilago Farfara') 
Bullimong. An old name for Buckwheat 
Bullock's-eye. Sempervivum tectorwii 
Bullock's-heart. Anona reticulata 
Bull-grass. Rromus mollis 
Bull-hoof. Murucuja ocellata 
Bull-rush, or l?ul-rush. Scirpus lafficstris 
and Typha latifolia 
Great American. Scirpus validua 


and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Bull-rush, Lesser. Typha angustifoUa 
Nile. Papyrus antiquorum ( Cy perils Papy- 

River. Seirpus Jiuviatilis 

Bulls and Cows. Arum maoidatiim 

Bull Thistle. Carduus lanceolatios 

Bull-"weed.. Centaurea nigra 

Bull-"Wort. Amnd majus 

Bully Tree. See Bullet Tree 

Bul-rose. Narcissus Pseudo-Narcissus 

Bul-rush. See Bull-rush 

Bumbo, or Bungo, Tree. Daniellia tlmrifera 

Bum-wood. Rims Metopimri 

Bunch Berry. Cornus canadensis and the 
fruit of RuJnis saxatiUs 

Bunch Flower. 3Ielant1mtm Vlrginicum 

Bungo. See Bumbo - 

Bunkuss Grass. See Grass 

Bunt Fungus. See Fungus 

Bunya-Bunya Tree. Araucaria BidmiUii 

Bur, or Burr. Arctiumi Lappa and a few 
other prickly-fruited plants 
Bathurst. Xanthlum spinosxim 
Clot. Arctiu??i Lappa 
New Zealand. The genus Acana 
Paroquet. The genus Triumfetta 
Styptic, or Velvet. Prlva echinata 

Burdock. Arctium Lappa 
Edible. Lappa edulis 
Prairie. Silphium tereiintliinaceum 
Small. Xanthium strv/marinm 

Burgrass, West Indian. Cenchrus ecliinatus 

Bur Marigold. Bidens tripartita 

Buj?k Tree. Betula alba 

Burnet. Sangutsorba officinalis and Pote- 
rium Sa7iguisorba 
Canadian. Poterium canadense 
Great. Sanguisorba officinalis 
Salad. Poterium Sanguisorba 

Burnet Rose. Rosa sjnnosisslma 

Burnet Saxifrage. Plmpinella Saxifraga 

Burning Bush. Bictaninus Fraxinella 
American. Euonymus atropurpureus 

Burn-nose Tree. See Bonace 

Burnt-weed. Scolopendrium vidgare 

Burn- wood. Rhus Metopium 

Bur Parsley. Caucalis daucoides 

Bur Reed, Common. Sparganiuvi ravwsum 
Floating. Sparganlum natans 
Unbranched. Sparganlum simplex 

Burst-wort. Another name for Rupture- 

Bur Thistle. Carduus lanceolatus 

Bur Tree. Sambucus nigra 

Bur- weed. Galium Ajjarine 

Knotted. Caiicalls (Torills) owdosa 
W. Indian. The genus Triumfetta 

Bush Grass. Calamagrostls Bjjlgejos 

Bush Lawyer, of New Zealand. Rtibus 

Butcher's Broom, Broad-leaved. Ruscus 
LTypophyllum var. latlfollus 
Climbing. Ruscus androgynus 
Common. Rtiscus aculeatus 
Double-leaved. Ruscus Ihjpoglossum 

Butter-and-Eggs. Linarla vulgaris, vari- 
ous species of Narcissus, and a few other 
flowers which are of two shades of 

Butter-and-Tallow Tree. Pentadesma 

Butter Bean. See Bean 
Butter Bur. Petasites vulgaris 
Butter-cup. Various species of Ranunculus 
Chervil-leaved. Rammculus chmrojjliyllus 
Grass-leaved. Ranunculus gramlneus 
Gowan's. Ranunculus Gowani 
Mountain. Ramoncichis monta7ius 
Montpelier. Ranunculus monsjjellacics 
Spiked. Ranunciolus sjjlcatus 
Water. Caltlia paliistris 
White. Ranunculus amplexicaulls 
Butter Daisy. Various species of Ranun- 
Butter Dock. Rumex obtusifollus 
Buttered Haycocks. Linarla vulgaris 
Butter Flower. Another name for But- 
Butterfly Flower. The genus Scldzanthus 
Butterfly Orchis. See Orchis 
Butterfly Plant, E. Indian. Phalcenopsis 
S. American. 0?widlum Papilio 
W. Indian. Oncidium Papilio 
Butterfly- weed. Asclepias tuber osa and 
the genus Calochortus 
or Flag Flower, Virginian. Vexlllaria 
Butter Grass. See Grass 
Butter Leaves. The leaves of Atripleoe 

Butter-nut Tree, Common. Caryocar nuci- 
Guiana. Caryocar tomentosum 
N. American. Juglans clnerea 
Butter Root. Plngivicula vulgaris 
Butter Tree, African, or Park's. Bassia 
E. Indian, or Nepaul. Bassia hityracea 
Shea. Bassia Parlili 
Butter-weed. Erigeron canadensis and 

Seneclo lobatus 
Butter- w^ort. Common. Plngulcula vulgaris 
Irish, or Large-flowered. Plngulcula 

Long-leaved. Phigulcula longifolia 
Long-spurred. Pi7igulcula caudata 
Mountain. Plngulcula alplna 
Pale-flowered. Plngulcula lusltanlca 
VaUisneria-leaved. Plngulcula valllsnerice- 

White-flowered. Plngulcula alplna 
Yellow-flowered. Plngulcula lutea 
Button Bush. Ceplialanthus occldentalis 
Button Flower. The genus Gomplda 
African. Dais cotlnlfolla 
Glossy-leaved. Gomplda odtlda 
Button Gall. See Gall 
Button Grass. Avena elatlor 
Button-hole. Scolopeiidrlum tmlgare 
Button Snake-root, Dense-spiked. Liatris 
Hairy-cupped. Liatris elegans 
Long-spiked. Liatris splcata 
Button Tree. The genus Conocarpus 
Button-weed. The genus Borrerla (^Sper- 
macoce), Centaurea idgra, Blodia vir- 
ginica, and D. teres 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Button-wood. Platanus occidentalls 
White. Litiiun.culartti racemosa 

Buttons. Taiiacetwm vulgare 
Thorny. Mcdicayo muricata 

Cabaret. Asarum ev^ropceiitri 
Cabbage. Brasslca oleracea 

Arkansas. Streptliantlms obtusifoUus 
Borecole, or Kale. Brassica oleracea ace- 

Brussels Sprouts. Brasslca ohcracea hul- 

lata minor 
Chinese (Pak-choi and Pe-tsai). Brassica 

chine /I sis 
Couve Tronchuda. Brassica oleracea cos- 

Dog's. Thelygonuvi Cynocra7nT}e 
Drum-head. Brassica oleracea cajntata 
Kale. See Cabbage, Borecole 
Kerguelen's Land. Pringlea antiscorlu- 

Kohl-Eabi. Brassica Caulo-rapa 
Meadow. Symplocarims fcetidus 
St. Patrick's. Saxifraga umbrosa 
Savoy. Brassica oleracea hullata major 
Sea. Cramhe maritima 
Sea Otter's. Nereocystis Butlieana 
Skunk. Symplocarjms fcetidus 
Turnip. Brassica Najjo-hrassica 
Turnip-rooted. Brassica Caulo-rapa 
Wild Californian. Caulantlms crassicaulis 

and C. procerus 
Cabbage Palm Tree. Areca oleraceaand 

Clianucrops (Sabal) Palmetto 
Cabbage Tree, Australian. Corypha australis 
Bastard. A mlira inermis 
Bastard, or Black, of St. Helena. 3Iela7io- 

dendron inteyrifoliuni 
Bastard, of S. America. The genus Geoffroya 
Black. See Cabbage Tree, Bastard 
Canary Island. Cacalia Kleinia 
Small-um>)elled. Commidendron spuriwm 
W. Indian. Oreodoxa oleracea and An- 

dira inrrmis 
Cabbage-wood. Eriodondron anfractuosum 
Cacao Butter Tree. TJieobroma Cacao 
Cacoon, or Cocoon, W. Indian. Entada 

scandens and Fevillea (^Feuillcea) cor- 

Cactus, Cochineal. Opuntia cocldnillifera 

and 0. Tuiui 
Common Hardy. Opuntia vulgaris 
Elejihant's-tooth. Maimnillaria elephan- 

Erect. Mammillaria erecta 
Hardy Dwarf. Opuntia hwniUs 
Houllctt's Woolly. Piloccreus Iloidletti 

{P. fossulatus) 
Leaf-fiowering. The genus Epipliyllum 
Many-licadcd Hedgehog. Echinocactus 

Melon. Sec Melon Cactus 
Nipple. The genus Mammillaria 
Old Man. Piloccreus senilis 
I'in-pillow. Opuntia. curassarica 
Ilat"s-tail. Cactus flagrUi/nrniis 
Silvery. Echijwcacfus viyriostigma 
Sim pson's Hardy Hedgehog. Echinocactus 


Cactus, Turk's-Cap. The genus Melocactus 
White-spined Hardy. Opuntia mlssou- 

riensis var. leucospina 
Winter. The genus Epipliyllwni 
Cactus Dahlia. Dahlia Juarezi 
Cad-"weed. Ileracleum Sphondylium 
CafFre Bread. E7icej)halartos Cajf'er and 

several species of Zamia 
CafFre Butter. Comhretum hutT/rosu/m 
Cain-and-Abel. The tubers of Orchis lati- 

Cainito, of Australia. Niemeyera {Lucwma) 

Cairn Tangle. Laminaria digitata 
Cajeput, or Cajuput, Tree. Melaleuca Leuco- 
dendron and Oreodaphne (^Tetrantliera') 
Calaba Tree. Calophyllum Calaba 
Calabar Bean, or Chop Nut. Physostigma 

Calabash, Sweet. The fruit of Passiflora 

Calabash K"utnieg. Monodora Myristica 
Calabash Tree. Various species of Cres- 

Calabur Tree. Muntingia Calalnvra 
Calalu. A W. Indian name for Phytolacca 
and some other plants 
Branched. Solanu/m nodijlorv/ni 
Green. Euxolus viridis 
Prickly. Amarantus spinosus 
Small-leaved. Euxolus caudatus 
Spanish. Phytolacca octandra 
Calamander-wood, or Coromandel-wood. 
The wood of Diospyros ([ucesita and D. 
Calambac. Aloexylon AgallocMi/m 
Calamint, Alpine. Calamintha alpina 
Common. Ccdamintha otficiiuiUs 
Field. Calamintha Acinos and C. Kepeta 
Hedge. Calamintha Cruiopodium. 
Medicinal. Calamintha ojlicimdls 
Tom Thumb. Calamintha glahrlla 
Small-flowered. Calamintha Nepeta 
Wood. Calamintha sylvatica 
Calathian Violet. Geniiana Pnewinonantlie 
Calavanche. Cicer arictimim 
Cale, or Kale. See Cabbage 
Calf's Foot. Arum viaculatum. 
Calf Snovit. Antirrhinum Orontium 
Calico Bush. K(dmia lafi/olia 
Calisaya Bark Tree, or Yellow Cinchona 

Bark Tree. Cinchona Calisaya 
Callcedra-wood. The timber of Flindersia 

Callemundoo. See Cattcmandoo 
Calool Tree. Stcrculia rju/idrifida 
Calumba, or Colombo, Ivoot. Yateorrhiza 

palmata ( Cocculus j)almatus) 
Calvary Clover. See Clover 
Calverkeys. See Culvorkoys 
Caltrops. Centaurra Calcitrapa, Trdndus 
trrrrstris, and other species 
Water. Potamogrtnn densus, P. crisjms, 
Trapa nata7u<i, and otlicr species 
Camass, or Camash. See Quamash 
Camata, or Caraatcna. A term applied to the 
unripe acorns of Quereus yEgilops, which 
are used for tiinning and dyeing 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Camatena. See Camata 

Cambi Resin Plant. Gardenia lucida 

Cambie Leaf. Nymjihcea alba and Ntqjhar 

Cambric G-rass Plant. Urtica^BceTivieria) 

Cambridgeshire Oaks. Willows ; in allu- 
sion to the marshy soil of the county 
Cambuca, of Brazil. Marliera {Ruhachia') 

Camellia. Camellia japonica and other 
Anemone - flowered. Camellia anemoncc- 

Apple-flowered. Camellia ttialiflora 
Bright Crimson. Camellia Beallii and 

C. Mattlwtiana 
Bright Eose-coloured. Camellia Bride 
Bright rose, crimson-rayed. Camellia 

Captain Eawes's. Camellia reticulata 
Carmine-rose. Camellia imhricata 
Creamy-white. Camellia ochroleuca and 

C. candidissima 
Deep Eose, large-flowered. Camellia Bii- 

Double White. Camellia alba plena 
Fine Eosy-flowered. Camellia Valtevaredo 
Fine White. Camellia compacta alba 
Lady Banks's. Camellia Sasanqua 
Large Crimson. Camellia Triumplians 
Large White. Camellia Chrunelli 
Matthoti's. Camellia Mattliotiana 
Netted. Camellia reticulata 
Pure Wliite, Fringed. Camellia fimbriata 
Pure White, Imbricated. Camellia Mat- 
tlwtiana alba 
Eed, White-ribboned. CoAiiellia Queen 

Eosy-pink. Camellia Saccoi nova 
Small-flowered. Camellia euryoides 
Snow-white. Camellia Spioiii 
Superb Eosy-flowered. Camellia Lom- 

Three-coloured. Camellia tricolor iwva 

and C. tricolor imbricata plena 
Vermilion-red. Camellia commensa 
White, Crimson-striped. Camellia Mrs. 

Yellowish-white. Camellia sulcata 
Camel Tree, or Camelopard's Tree. Acacia 

Camel's Hay. Andropogon Sclicenantlms 
Camom.ile, or Chamomile. Antliemis nobilis 
Blue. Aster Tripolium 
Corn. Anthemis arvensis 
Cut-leaved. Anthemis chia 
Dog's. Antliemis Cotula 
False. Boltonia glastifolia 
German. Matricaria Chamomilla 
Purple. Aster Tripolium 
Purple-stalked. Anthemis valenti7ia 
Eed. Adonis autumnalis 
Eoman. Anthemis nobilis 
Scentless. A?ithemis inodora Jl,- jil. 
Scotch. Anthemis nobilis 
Silvery. Anthemis Aizoon 
Stinking. Anthemis Cotula 
Wild. Matricaria Cliamomilla 

Camom.ile, Yellow. Anthemis tinctoria 
Camooyne, or Camowyne. Anthemis nobilis 

and A. Cotula 
Campeacby-wood, or Log-wood. Hcema- 

Campernelle. Narcissus odorus 
Cam.phire. Crithmum maritimum 

Of Scripture. Supposed to be Lawsonia 
Camphor Tree. Lau/rus (^Cinnamomvmi) 
Camphora and Bryobalaiwps aromatica 
Camphor-wood. Callitris Yentenatii 
Campion. Various species of Lychnis and 
Berry-bearing. Cucubahis bacclferus 
Bunge's. Lychnis Bungeana 
Bladder. Silene inftata 
Double Eed. Lychnis dloica fl.-pl. 
Moss. Silene acaulls 
Constantinople. Lychnis Chalcedonica 
Eed. Lychnis dlurna 
Eose. Lychnis coronarla. (See also Eose 

Senno. Lychnis Senno 
Spanish. Silene Otltes 
Starr}^ Silene stellata 
Wlaite. Lychnis vesjiertina 
Cammoek, or Cammick. Ononis arvensis, 

0. sphwsa, and a few other plants 
Camwood. Baphla nltlda 
Canary Creeper. Tropceolum aduncum 
Canary Grass. Phalarls canarlensls 
Canary Seed. The seed of Phalarls cana- 
Canary- wood. Persea indica and P. cana- 
Cancer Root. Cmwpholls {Orobanche) 
amerlcana and Eplphegus vlrglnlana 
One-flowered. Aphyllon unlflorum 
Cancer- wort. Jjlnarla spuria and L. Ela- 
tine; also an old name for the genus 
Canehalagna, of California. The genus 

Candle-berry Myrtle. Myrica cerifera and 

M. Gale 
Candle-berry Tree. Aleurltes triloba 
Candlemas Bells. Galanthus nivalis 
Candle Nut. See Nut 
Candle Nut Tree. Virola seblfera 
Candle Plant. Cacalla coccinea 
Candle Rush. Juncus communis 
Candle Tree, Panama. Parmentlera cerifera 

Society Islands. Aleurltes moluccana 
Candle-wick. VerbascuAn Thapsxis 
Candle - wood, Californian. Fouquiera 
Jamaica. Gomphla guianensls 
S. American. Scladophyllum capltatwm 
White and Black. Amyris balsamlfera 
Can Dock. 'Nuphar lutea and NympluBa 

Candy Mustard. An old name for JEthio- 

nema saxatile 
Candytuft, Alpine. Iberis alpina and 
Iberis stylosa 
Bitter. See Candytuft, Wild 
Broad-leaved. Iberis semperjlorens 
Buban's. Iberis Bubani 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Candytuft, Common Annual. Iheris um- 
Coris-leaved. Iheris cor'ifoUa 
Dwai'f Alpine. Iheris petrcea 
Evergreen. Iheris sempervireiis 
Flax-leaved. Iheris Unifolia 
Garrex's. Iheris Garrexiana 
Gibraltar. Iheris gihraltarica 
Glaucous. Iheris jucu7ida (^^tliionema 

Late White. / her is correccfolia (I. coriacea) 
Lebanon. JEthioiicnia corldifoUum {Iheris 

Eock. Iheris saxatiUs 
Kosemarj'-leaved. Iheris rosniarinifolia 
Tenore's. Iheris Towreana 
Wild, or Bitter. Iheris amara 
Winged. Iheris pinnata 
Cane, Dumb. Caladluvi (^Dieffenhaoliia) 
Chair-bottom. Calamnvs Rotanrj, C. rudcTi- 

tum, C. verus, and C. viitmuilis 
Great Rattan. Calamus rudentum 
Ground Eattan. lllmpis fahelliformis 
Imphee. Sorghum sacclutrainm 
Large American. uWiindinaria macro- 

Malacca. Calamus Scipionum 
Eattan. Calavms Draco ( C. Rotawj) 
Small American. Arundinaria tecta 
Snake. Kunthia montana 
Sugar. Saccliarum ojjicinarum 
Sugar, Cliinese. Sorglmm saccharatum 
Tobago. Bactris minor 
Whangee, or Wanghee. PhyllostacUys 

Wild. Arundo occidentalis and A. sac- 
Cane Apple. Arlnctus Unedo 
Cane Killer. Alectra hrasiliensis 
Canella Bark Tree. Canella alha 
Canker, or Canker Rose. Rosa canina and 

Paparer llhceas 
Canker Berry. The fruit of Rosa ca7iina ; 

also Sol (I II urn haliamcnse 
Canker-Lettuce. See Lettuce 
Canker-weed. Snwcio .Tacohcea 
Canker-MTort. Lcontodoii Taraxaenm 
Canna-do"wn, or Cannach. Erioplwrum va- 

Cannon-ball Tree. Couroupita (Lecijthis) 

Canoe-wood. Liriodendron tulipiferum 
Canterbury Bells. Campanula Medimn 

and ('. TrdcJiclium 
Caoutchouc Tree. (See also India-rubber) 
Bornean. Urceula elastica 
E. Indian. Ficvs elastica 
Panama. Castilloa elastica and C. Mark- 

Para. Ilevea hrasiliensis, II. guianensis, 

and otlier species 
Madras. Euphorhia Cattlmandoo 
Cap, Friar's, Soldier's, or Turk's. Aconitum 

Cape Asparagus. Aponngeton distacligon 
Cape Gooseberry. Phgsalis peruviana 
Cape Gum Tree. Acacia horrida 
Cape Pond-w^eed. Apoiwgeton distacligon 

Cape Treasure Flower. Gazania pavonia 
Cape Weed. Poecella tinctoria 

Australian. Ilgpocluvris radicata and 

Cryptostemma calendulacea 
New Zealand. Ilgpochieris radicata 
Caper Bean. See Bean Caper 
Caper Bush, Common. Capparis spinosa 
Timbuctoo. Capparis sodada 
Wild. Euphorhia Lathyris 
Caper Spurge. Euphorhia Lathyris 
Caper Tree, N. S. Wales. liusbeckia arhorea 
Capillaire. Adiantum Capillus- Veneris 
Capivi. See Copaiba 
Caprifole. Lonicera Caprifolium 
Caps. Fungi of all kinds 
Capsicum, Winter Cherry. Solamim Psexido- 

Carageen, Carrageen, or Carrigeen, Moss. 

Cliondrus crispus 
Caramba, or Carambola, Tree. Averrhoa 

Carameile. Latliyrus viacrorrliizus 
Carandas. Carissa Carandas 
Caravaun-beg. Prunella vulgaris 
Caraway, or Carraway, Common. Carum 
Edible-rooted. Cartivi Gairdneri and C. 

Tuberous-rooted. Carum {Buniu/ni) Rul- 


Whorled-leaved. Carum {Sison) rertidllatumi 

Wild. Anthriscus sylvestris and Cacalia 


Carberry. Anotlier name for the Gooseberry 

Carbolic-acid Plant. Andromeda Leschen- 

Carcel Oil Plant. Brassica Kapus oleifera 
Cardamom Plant, Bastard. Aljrijua Car- 
Bastard, Siam. Amomum xanthoides 
Bengal. Amomum aromaticum 
Java. Amomum maximum 
Malabar, or Small. Elettaria {Alpinia') 

Round, or ClM&tcredi.Amaiuum Cardamomum 
Small. See Cardamom, Malabar 
Wild, of S. Africa. A'anf/ioxyloii- capense 
Carde Thistle. PipsacuK sylrrsfris 
Cardinal Flow^er. Lobelia cardinalis and 

Ch'ome ciirdinalis 
Card-leaf Tree. Various species of Chma 
Cardoon. Cynara Curdunculus 
Care. Pyrus Aucuparia 
Caribbean Bark Plant. Exostemma 

Jlori blind urn 
Caricatiire Plant. Graptophgllum hortcnse 
Carl Hemp. Cannabis sat ira 
Carlin Heather. Erica cinerra 
Carlin Spurs. Genista anglica 
Carline Thistle. Carlina rulgaris 

Acantlius-lcaved. Carlina acanthifolia 
Carlock. Sinapis arrensis 
Carnation, or Carnadinc. Diunthu^ Cargo- 
pliyUus and vars. 
Sjiaiiish. Poinciana jmlcJierrima 
Carnation Grass. Carex glaitca and C. 

Carnation Tree. Cacalia Klcinia {Kleinia 
nerii folia) 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Carnivorous Plants . A term lately applied 
to Bioncea muse'q)ula, DarUngtonhv call- 
fornica, the Droseras, and other insect- 
catching plants, on the supiDOsition that 
they feed on the insects which they entrap 
Carob Tree. Ccratonia S'dlqua 
Carolina Allspice, Glaucous-leaved. Caly- 
canth us glauea 
Smooth-leaved. Cahjcantlius Imvigata 
Carony Bark Plant. See Angostura Bark 

Carpenter-grass. Prunella vulgaris 
Carpenter's-herb. Rlvina himilUs 
Carpenter's-leaf. Galax apliylla 
Carpet-plant. lonopsklion acaule ; also a 
general term applied to plants of dwarf 
dense foliage, which are used to form an 
ornamental turf or " carpet " 
Carpet-weed. The genus Molhigo 
Carrageen. See Carageen 
Carraway. See Caraway 
Carrigeen. See Carageen 
Carrion Flower. Cojnosmanthus lierhaceus, 
Smilax herhacea, and the genus Stajjelia 
Carrot, Candy, or Cretan. Athamanta 
Common. Cultivated varieties of Daucus 

Cretan. See Carrot, Candy 
Deadty, or Stinking. The genus Thapsia 
Peruvian. Arracaclm escxdenta 
Shining-leaved. Daucus G-ingidiitm 
Spanish. Baucus Vlsnaga 
Stinking. See Carrot, Deadly 
Tasmanian. Geranium jjarviflonaii 
Wild. Dauctis Carota 
Carrot-tree. 3Ionizia edulis 
Caroy Seeds. The seeds of Carwn Carui 
Casearilla-bark Tree. Croton Eleuteria 
(6'. Ca.scarilla) 
False P>ahama. Croton lueidum 
Jamaica. Croton SloaJiel 
Cashaw Tree. Prosopis duleis and Prosopis 

Jul {flora 
Cashew-nut Tree. Anacardmm occidentals 

Wild. Anacurd'ium. BJtlnocarpus 
Casque-wort. The genus Galeandra 
Cassareep-plant. See Cassava 
Cassava, Cassareep, or Mandioc, plant. Ja- 
troplia (Janiplia) Manilwt {3Ianihot 
Bitter. Manilwt utilissima 
Sweet. Muni hot Aipi 
Cassava-wood. Turpi?iia occidentalis 
Cassena. Ilex Cassine 
Cassia, Clove. DicypelUum caryopliyllatum 
Horse. Catliartocarpus marginatus 
Maryland. Cassia marilandica 
Poet's. Osyris alha (Cassia poetica) 
Purging. Cassia Fistula 
Cassia-bark Tree. Several species of Cin- 

Cassioberry-busli. Vihumuni Itsvigatum 
Cassidony. Larandula Stcechas 

Golden. JTelickrysuin Stoschas 
Cast-me-down. A corruption of CassidoJiy 
Castor-bean. Ricinus communis 

Red. Ilicimis sanguineus 
Castor-oil-plant. Ricinus communis 

Castor- wood. Magnolia glauea 
Catamaran - wood Tree. Gyrocarpus 

Catananch, Blue. Catananche coerulea and 

Lobed-leaved. Cattindnclie lohata 
Cat-berries. Rihes ( 
Cat-briar. The geims Smilax 
Catch-fly. The genera Silene and Lychnis 

Alpine. Silene alpestrls 

Autumn. Silene Schafta 

Bolander's. Silene Bolanderi 

Caucasian. Silene caucasica (S. Zawadskii) 

Clammy. Lychnis viscosa 

Double-flowered Seaside. Silene mari- 
tlma fi.- pi. 

Dover. Silene paradoxa 

Drooping. Silene pendula 

Elizabeth's. Silene Elisabethce 

Four-cleft. Silene quadrifida 

Four-toothed. Silene quadrldentata 

German. Lychnis Viscaria 

Giant. Silene giga7itea 

Green-flowered. Silene vlrldljlora 

Greig's. Silene Grelgl 

Hooker's. Silene Hoolieri 

Italian. Silene jJendula 

Large Scarlet. Silene rotundifolia 

Lobel's. Silene Armerla 

Night-flowering. Silene noctijlora 

Nottingham. Silene nutans 

Orchis-flowered. Silene orchidea 

Pendulous. Silene pendula 

Pennsylvanian. Silene jJennsylvanica 

Pigmy. Silene Pumilio and Silene tenella 

Requien's. Silene Requieni 

Eound-leaved. Silene rotundifolia 

Eoyal. Silene regia 

Saxifrage. Silene Saxifraga 

Seaside. Silene maritima 

Sickle-leaved. Silene falcata 

Sleepy, or Snapdragon. Silene antlrrhina 

Small-flowered. Silene angllca 

Snapdragon. See Catchfly, Sleepy 

Striate»^. Silene co7iica 

Twisted-petalled. Silene saxattlis 

Umbel-flowered. Silene orlentalis 
Cat-chop. Mesem liryanth emumi felinvmi 
Catch-weed. Galium Aparine 
Catechu Tree, Black, Pegu, Cutch, or Terra 
japonica. Acacia (Mimosa) Catechu and 
A. Suma 

Gambler. See Gambler 

Pale. See Gambler 

Pegu. See Catechu Tree, Black 
Catechu Palm Tree. Areca Catechu 
Caterpillar Fungus. Various species of 

Caterpillar Plant. The genus Scor- 

Common. Scorpiwrvs rermiculatus 

Furrowed. Scorplurvs svlcatus 

Hairy. Scorjjlurus subvlllosus 

Prickly. Scorplurus murlcatus 
Cat-gut. Tephrosia Virginiana 
Cat-in-Clover. Lotus cornlcxdatus 
Catjang. Cajanus Indicus 
Cat-mint, Cat-nep, or Cat-nip. Nepeta Ca- 
taria and Calamlntha officinalis 


English Thames of Cultivated, Native, 

Cat-mint, Blue-fiowcred. JVejjeta easrulea 
Common. Nepeta Cutaria 
Large-flowered. Nepeta macrantha 
Malabar. Anisomeles malabarlca 
Scallop-leaved. Kcpeta Mn^sinl 
Small. Nepcia Nepetclla 
Cat-nip, or Cat-nep. See Cat-mint 
Cat-niit. Buniurn fcniomm 
Cat-o'-nine-tails. Ti/jtha latlfolia 
Cat-tree, or Cat-wood. Euomjmus exirropaus 
Cat-"wrhin. Genista anujlica, Rosa caniiui, 

lioxa sjyhwsissima, and Ulex namis 
Cat's-elaw. Bignimia Unf/vis-cati, Doli- 

cltoit /ili/ormis, and Inffa Uitguis-cati. 
Cat's-ear. Uiipoclueris radlcata and other 
species ; applied to GwipUalium 
dioiciti/i and the genus Aoitenriarla 
Cat's - foot. Nepi'ta Glechoma 

Mountain. Antennaria diolca rosea 
Cat's-milk. Euphorhla Ilelioscojna 
Cat's - paw Creeper. B'ujnonia Uiiguis- 

Cat's-tail. The catkin of the Hazel or 
Willow ; also applied to Uquisetwns, 
Ilippuris, and a few other plants 
Cat's-tail Grass. PJdeum pratense 
Cat's-tongue. Aparr/ia serotina 
Cattimandoo, Cattemundoo, or Callemun- 
doo, Gum riant. Exiphorhia antiquorum 
(E. Cattinuindoo') 
Catteridge Tree. Cormis sanr/umea 
Cattle-poison Plant, W. Australian. 6^«.?- 
tralohiuiu trlluhon, G. obovatum, and 
G. spi/Losum 
Cauliflower, or Broccoli. Brasslca oleracea 

var. Boiriiiis caxdlfiora 
Causeway Grass. Foa a7imia 
Cavan Tree. Acacia Caven'm 
Cavern Moss. See Moss 
Caviuna-wood. The wood of Balhergia 

Caxes. See Kexes 

Cebadilla, or Cevadilla, Seeds. The 
fruit of Asagrcca officinalis ( Veratrmn 
Cedar, Australian. Media australis 
Barbadoes. Juniperxis hariadensis 
Bastard, Barbadoes. Cedrela odorata 
Bastard, Guiana. Idea altissima 
Bastard, Jamaica. Guazuma tomentosa 
Bastard, N. S. Walts. Bysoivglon rnfwni 
Bastard, W. Indian. Guazuma tdnii folia 
Bermuda. Jvnipcrvs hermudiana 
Brazilian. Cedrela hrasilicnsis 
British ColumVjia. Thuja gigantea and 

Ju/iiperus Ilenrj/ana 
Bussaco. Cupresms hmtanica var. pcn- 

Californian. Thvja gigayitea 
Canary Islands. Juni perns CcdriLS 
Chinr'sc. I'edrcht sinensis 
Dominica. Jiignnnia Leucoxylon 
Dwarf l!ed. Juniperus virginiana var. 

E. Indian. Cedrela 'Toona and Cedrv^ 

False. Cedrela odorata 
Goa. Cupress^LS lusitnnica 
Honduras. Cedrela odorata 

Cedar, Incense. The genus Lihocedrus 

Jamaica or W. Indian. Cedrela odorata 

Lebanon. Cedrus Zihajii 

Mt. Atlas. Cedrvs atlantica 

Oregon WTiite. Cupressus {Chamacyparis) 

Pencil-wood. Juniperus hermudiana 

Prickly. Ju7iiperus Oxycedrus 

Van Dieman's Land. Cyathodcs Oxycedrus 

Port Orford. Cupressus (^ChaiucecTjparis) 

Queensland. Pentaceras atistralis 

Red Australian. Cedrela australis 

Bed Californian. Lihocedrus decurrens 

Russian. Pimi-s Cembra 

Sharp. Acacia Oxycedrus and Juniperus 

Silvery. Cedrus atlantica 

Silvery-leaved Red. Jmiipcrus virginia/tta 
var. argentea 

Singapore. Cedrela Toona 

Stinking. Torreya taxifoUa 

Virginia Red. Juniperus i-lrginiana 

Water. The genus Chama-cyparis 

Weeping Red. Juniperus virginiana va/r. 

W. Indian. See Cedar, Jamaica 

White. Cupressxis thyoides, Lihocedrus de- 
currens, and Thuja oeeidentaHs 

White-wood. Teconia Leucoxylon 

Yellow. Thujopsis borealis 
Cedar-apples. Gall-like tubercles, produced 
on the bark of Juniperus virginiana by 
the fungus Podisoma macropus 
Cedar-wood, Guiana. Idea altissima 
Cedron. The fruit of Simaha Cedron 
Ceiba Tree, or God Tree. Erioden&ron 

anfractuosum (^Bomhax Ceiha) 
Celandine, Greater. Chelidonium majiis 

Japanese. Chelidonium japonicum (C. 
gra ndiflormii) 

Small. RamnuntlusFicaria 

Tree. Bocconia frutescens 
Celeriae, or Turnip- rooted Celery. Apium 
grarcolcns rapaeeum 

Three-coloured. Apium grareolens rapa- 
eeum var. tricolor 
Celery, Australian. A2)ium jjrostratum 

Common. Apium grareolens 

New Zealand. Apium australe 

Turnip-rooted. See Celeriae 

Water. lianmieulus seeleratus 
Centaury, American. The genus Sahha- 

American Sweet. Cacalia siuiveolejis 

Australian. Centaurca australis 

Babjlonian. Centaurea habylonica 

Black. Centaurea nigra 

Californian. Centaurea chironoides 

C'ommon. Erythrrra Centaurium 

Corn. Centaurea Cyanus 

Erect. Centaurea strieta 

Greater. Ceivtaurea Scahiosa 

Guiana. E.racum guianense 

Jersey. Centaurea. aspera 

Large-headed. Centaurea macrocephala 

Mealj'. Centaurea dealbata 

Jlountain. Centaurea montana 

One-flowcrcd. Centaxtrca unijiora 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Centaury, Pliiygian. Cenicmrrca Phrygla 
Star Thistle. Centaur ca Calcltrapa 
Swiss, llhajjonilcum cynaroides 
Yellow-flowered. Centaurca solstltiaUs and 

Chlora perfoUata 
Century Plant. Agave amerlcana 

Queen Victoria's. Agave Victoricc-reglncc 
Cereus, Night-flowering. Cereus grandijiorus 
Cevadilla. See Cebadilla 
Chaca. See Choco 
Chafe-weed. ChiapliaVmm sijlvatlcum 
Chaff- flower. Altemanthera lichyrantka 
Chaflf-seed. Scliwalbea americaiia 
Chaff- weed. Centunculus minimus 
Chaliee-flower . Narcissus Pseudo-Narcissxis 
Chamseleon, Black. Cardopatium corym- 

White. Carllna gummifera 
Chamiso of California. The germs Adenostoma 
Champaca-tree. Michelia Champaca 
Champignon, Fairy-ring. See Mushroom, 

Champillion. Agaricus arvcnsis 
Champ - wood. The timber of Mielielia 

Champaca and M. excelsa 
Chandelier - flower. Brunsvigia (^Ama- 
ryllis) Josephina 
Chandelier - tree. Pandanus Candelabrum 
Chanar,or Chanal,tree. Gourlicea decorticans 
Chantarelle. CantJiarellus ciharius 
Chaplet - flower, Madagascar. Steplianotis 

Charas, or Churrus, plant. Cannabis sativa 
Chards. The blanched stalks of Artichokes, 

Leaf-Beet, &c. 
Charity. Polemonium coeruleum 
Charles's-sceptre, King. Pedicularis Scep- 

trum Carolinum 
Charlock. Sinapis arvensis and 8. alba 

Jointed, or White. RaphanusRaphanistrum 
Chaste-Tree. Yitex Agnus-castus 
Chats (Catkins). " Keys " of the Ash and 

Maple ; also cones of Fir-trees 
Chaulmugra-seed-plant. Chjnocardia 

Chaw- stick, St. Domingo. Gouania duviin- 

Chayota-plant. Secliium edule 
Chay-root, or Che-root. Oldenlandia {He- 

dyotis') umbellaia 
Cheat, Cheats, or Chess. Bromv,s secalinus 

and Loliimi termdentum 
American. Br&mus Kalmii 
Cheddar Pink. Dianthus ccesius 
Cheese-rennet. Galium rerum 
Cheese-room. Agaricus arvensis 
Cheeses, or Cheese-cakes. The fruit of 

Malva sylvestris 
Chequer - berry. Mitchella repens and 

Gaulilieria procumbens 
Chequered Daffodil, Chequered Lily, or 

Chequered Tulip. Frltlllaria 3Ieleagris 
Chequer-tree, Pyrtis torminalis 
Cherimoyer-fruit. The fruit of Anona 

Che-root. See Chay-root 
Cherries, Dog's. The fruit of the Woodbine 
Cherry. Prmius Cerasus 

American Bird. Prwms jJennsylvanlca 

Cherry, American Wild Black. Prunus 

American Wild Red. Prunus pennsylvanica 
Australian. Exocarpus cupressiformis 
Australian Brush. Troclwcarpa laurina 
Barbadoes. Malpigliia glabra, M. punici- 

folia, and Eugenia unljlora 
Bastard. Cerasus Pseudo- Cerasus 
Bastard, of the W. Indies. Ehretia tinifoUa 
Beech, or Brush. Trochocarpa laxwina 
Bigarreau. Cerasus dwracina var. cordigera 
Bird. Prunus Padus 
Black. Atropa Belladonna 
Black Choke. Cerasus liyemalis 
Black-fruited. Cerasus nigra 
Broad-leaved, of the W. Indies. Cordia 

Brush. See Cherry, Beech 
Californian Wild. Prwms demissa 
Canadian. Cerasus 2}umila 
CapoUin Bird. Cerasus Capollin 
Cayenne. Eugenia MlclieUi 
Choke. Pru7ms virglnlana 
Clammy. Cordia Collococca 
Common. Cerasus vulgaris {Prunus 

Cornelian. Cornus mascula 
Cow-itch. MalplgJtla uresis 
Cultivated. Varieties, pure and hybrid, 

raised from Cerasus capronlana, C. 

Juliana, and C. dxiraeina 
Double-flowered. Cerasus sylvestris fl.-])l. 

and C. vulgaris Jl.-pil. 
Downy. Cerasus 2}ubescens 
Dwarf. Cerasus (Prunus) pumila 
Ever-flowering. Cerasus semperfiorens 
Evergreen. Cerasus carolmiana 
False. Cerasus Pseudo- Cerasus 
Flemish. A variety of Cerasus vulgaris 
Gean. Cerasus Juliana 
Ground. Cerasus Chamcecerasus and the 

genus Physalls 
Hautbois. Cerasus capronlana 
Helmet - fruited. Cerasus Juliana var. 

Horned. Cerasus cornuta 
Hottentot. Casslne Maurocenla 
Jamaica. Ficus pedunculata 
Japan. Cerasus (^Prunus) japonica 
Jerusalem. Solanum Pseudo-capsicimn 
Kentish. A variety of Cerasus vulgaris 
Mahaleb. Cerasus Mahaleb 
May Duke. A variety of Cerasus vulgaris 
Native Australian. Exocarjms cupressiformis 
Naughty Man's. Atropa Belladonna 
Nepaul Bird. Cerasus nepalensls 
N. S. Wales. NeUtrls ingens 
Northern Choke. Cerasus borealls 
Peach-leaved. Cerasus perslca^folla 
Perfumed. Cerasus Mahaleb 
Pigmy. Cerasus pygmwa 
Bed Cornish. Cerasxis Padus rubra 
Red Winter. Physalls Allielicngi 
Round-fruited. Cerasus sphairocarpa 
St. Julian's. Cerasus Juliana 
Sand. Cerasiis (^Prunus) puinlla 
Saw-leaved. Cerasus serrulaia 
Somniferous Winter. Physalls somnlfera 
Surinam. A species of Eugenia 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Cherry, Sweet-scented Ground. Cerasus 
ClKinueccrasns friu/rantissima 
W. Indian. Cerasus occidoitaUs and vari- 
ous species of Malpighia and Bunclwsia 
White-heart. Cerasus duracuia 
Wild. Prunus Avium 
Willow-leaved. Ceras^is salichm 
Winter. Phrjsalls Alkekciuji and various 

species of Solatium 
Wooden. The genus Haliea 
Cherry-Bay. Another name for Portugal 
Teiu'ritfe. Cerasus Illxa 
Cherry-Crab. Pijms Malus haeeata 
Cherry-Pepper. Capsicum crrasifDrme 
Cherry-pie-flower. Heliotropium perxL- 

viatmm and Epilobium hirsutum 
Chervil. Atbthriseus Ccrrfolium 

Broad Tooth-pick. Tordijlium s)/riacum 

Bur. Anthriscus vulgaris 

Great. Myrrhis odorata 

Mock. Anthriscus sylvestris 

Paxsnip. Cheeropliyllum hulbosum {^An- 

thriscus bulhosus') 
Spanish Tooth-pick. Ammi Visnaga 
Tuberous-rooted, or Turnip-rooted. Cliwro- 

pliylluni Imlhosum 
Wild. Antkriscics sylvestris and Scandix 
Chess. See Cheat 

Chess-apple. The fruit of Pyrus Aria 
Chestnut, American. Castanea vesca var. 
Antilles. Cupania americana 
Cape. Brahcjum stellatifolium 
Double-flowered Horse. JEsciilus Hippo- 

castanum jl.-pl. 
Double-flowered Red Horse. JEsculus Hip- 

pocastamim rulrra fl.-pl. 
Eartli. liunium Jtexuosum and Conopo- 

dium demudatum 
Fern-leaved. Castanea vesca asjfleniifolia 
Fiji. Tnocarpus edulis 
Flesh-coloured-flowered Horse. yEsculus 

Golden-leaved. Castanea chrysophylla 
Guiana. Carolinra princrps 
Horse. yJ'J.^ri/h/s Hipjxicii.ttumim 
Kaffir. Jirabcjutit stellatifolium. 
Large-spiked Horse. Pavia macrostacliya 
Moreton Bay. Castanospermum australe 
Otaheite. Inocarpus edulis 
Pale-flowered Horse. yJCsculus j}allida 
Red-flowered Horse. yEsculus mbra or 

Sraootli-fruitcd Horse. The genus Pavia 
Spanish, or Sweet. Castanea vesca 
Variegated. Castanea vesca variegata 
Water. Trapa natans 
Yellow. Quercus Castanea 
Yellow-flowered Horse. yEscuhis (Pavia) 
Chestnut-plant, Seaside. Entada Giga- 

Chia-plant of California. Salvia colwn- 

Chicalote of California. Argnnone Idspida 
Chica-plant. liignonia Cliica 
Chicory, dehor iiim Intyhis 

Chicory, Large-rooted Brussels, or "Witloof." 

A variety of dehor ium Iiityhus 
Chicot, (r-ymiwcladus canadensis 
Chick-weed. Black Winter-green, Ameri- 
can. Trientalis americana, Stcllaria 
Chinese. Claytonia sibirlea 
Forked. Angchia (Queria) dichotoma 
Golden. Stellar ia graminea aureo-variegata 
Great American. Stellaria pubera 
Indian. Mollugo verticiUata 
Jagged. Holostriim umliellatum 
Mouse-ear. The genus Cerastium, especially 
C. triviale. (See also Mouse-ear-Chick- 
Purple. Arenaria rulrra 
Sea. Arenaria peploides 
Silver. Paron.gcltia arggrocoma 
Water. Montia foniana 
W. Indian. Drymaria cordata 
Winter-green. Trientalis europeea 
Chillies. See Pepper, Cayenne 
Chimney-plant. Campanula pyramidalis 
Chimney-sweeps. Plantago lanceolata 

and Luzula eampestris 
China-Aster. See Aster 
China-grass. Ihehmeria (Crtica) nivea 
China - root - plant. Smilax China (S. 
W. Indian. Cissus sicyoides 
Chinese-grass. See China-grass 
Chink-wort, or Scripture-wort. The genus 

Chinquapin. Castanea jmmila 
Water. Nelumbium luteum 
Western. Castajwpsis chrysophylla 
Chip-tree. Thrinax argentea 
Chirayta, or Cliiretta. Ophelia Cldrata 

( Gcntiana Chiragita') 
Chittagong-w^ood. The timber of Cedrela 
Toona, Chickrassia tabular is, and some 
other trees 
Chives. Allium Sch<nwj)rasxim 
Choco, Choko, or Chaca, plant. Sechium cdiile 
Chocolate, Indian. Geum rivale 
Chocolate-nut-tree. Thcohroma Cacao 
Chocolate-root. Geum. cdnadense 
Choke-berry. Aronia (Pgrus) arbutifolia 
Choke-dog. Gonolohus ohliquus 

False. Gonolohus carolinensis 
Choke-pear. Pgrus communis 
Choko-plant. See Choco 
Chola-plant. Cicer arietimtm 
Choop-tree. Posn canimi 
Chop-nut. See Calaliar P.ean 
Chowlee-plant. Mgna (IJoliehos) sinensis 
Chriseis of Californian. Eschscholtzia cali- 

Christmas. Tlrx Aquifolium 
Christmas Gambol. Ipomira sidcrfoVm 
Christmas Pride. Iluellia paniculata 
Christmas Rose, Common. Jlelleborus 
Great. Jfclleborus altifolius {IF. niger 

Green-flowered. Jfellrborus nbchasicus 
Large-flowered. lltUehorus altifolius (II. 

niger maximus) 
Madagascar. The genus Ilydnora 

and Foreig7i Plants, Trees, and Shinibs. 


Christmas Rose, NaiTow - leaved. Helle- 
horus a wf ut^t ifoUus 
Plum-coloured. Hellehortis colcliicus 
Purple. HcUeborus purpurascens 
PurplLsh - red - flowered. HeUeborus atro- 

Eose-coloured. HeUeborus orlentalis 
Syrian. Ilellelwrus veslcarlus 
Christmas Tree, Australian. Ceratopcta- 
lum gummiferum 
Tasmanian. Bursaria sjrinosa 
Christopher, Herb. Acttea spicata and 
Osmunda regalis 
Stinking. Scroplmlaria aquatica and S. 
Christ's-Eye. Inula cuius- Cliristi 
Chrisfs-Hair. Scolopendrimn vulgare 
Christ's Thorn. Cratcegihs Prjracantha and 

Pali urns aculeatus 
Christ's-'wort. HeUeborus niger 
Chrysanthemura, Alpine. Chrysantlievium 
Common Garden. Varieties of Chrysan- 
themum sinense 
Feverfew. Chrysanthemumi Parthenlmii 
Mountain. Clirysanthemum uiontanum 
Northern. Clirysanthemum arcticum 
Old Garden. Chrysanthemum coronarlumi, 

with its varieties aUmm and aurewm 
Scarlet. Chrysanthemum atro-coccineum 
Scentless. Chrysanthemum inodorumi 
Sicilian. ChrysantJiemum cormiarmm 
Tansy-leaved. C. mUlefoliatum 
Three - coloured. Chrysanthemum tricolor 

and C. carinatrt/m 
Yellow-and-crimson. Chrysanthemumi Bur- 
Chufa. Cyperus esculentus 
Chulan-tree. Chloranthus ineonspicuus 

and Aglala odor at a 
Chumpaka-tree. Michelia Champaca 
Chupa-Chupa-tree. See Sapote 
Church-brooms. Bipsacus sylvestris 
Church-wort. An old name for Penny- 
Churnstaff. Euphorbia Helioscopia 
Ciboul. AUium fistiilos7vm 

Perennial. AUium lusifaJiicum 
Cicely, Fool's. AWmsa Cynapiu/ni 
Sweet. Myrrhis odorata 
Sweet, of N. America. The genus Osmor- 

Wild. Anthriscus sylvestris 
Cieh, or Ciches. An old name for Chick-pea 
Ciderage. An old name for Polyyonmii 

Cider-tree, Tasmanian. Eucalyptus Ghmni 
Cigar-box-wood. The wood of Cedrela 

odorata and C. sinejisis 
Cinehona-bark-plant. See Bark-plant, 
Yellow. See Bark-plant. Calisaya 
Cineraria, Alpine. Cineraria alpi^ia 
Great-leaved. Cineraria {Liyularia) ma- 

Silvery-leaved. Cineraria acanthifolia (C. 
Cinnamon-tree. Cinnamomum Zeylanicum 
Bark, Winter's. Brimys Winteri 

Cinnamon-tree, Bastard. Baurus Cassia 

Black. Pimen.ta acris 

Chinese. Cinnamomum Cassia 

Isle of France. Oreodaphne c^ipularis 

Mountain. Cinnamodendron corticosum 

Santa Fe. Nectandra cinnamomoides 

Wild. Canella alba and Myrcia acris 
Cinnamon-root. Inula Conyza 
Cinnamon-Sedge. Acorus Calamus 
Cinquefoil, Alpine. Potentilla alpestris 

Brilliant. Potentilla splendens 

Calabrian. Potentilla calabrica 

Clusius's. Potentilla Clusia^ia 

Colorado Silvery. Potentilla Hippiana 

Common. PotentiUa rcptans 

Creeping. PotentiUa. reptans 

Dark Crimson. Potentilla atrosanguinea 

Dwarf. Potentilla nana 

Dwarfest. Potentilla minima 

Garden varieties of. Potentilla hybrida 

Goose-grass. Potentilla anserbia 

Hoary. Potentilla argentea 

Lady's Mantle. Potentilla alchemUloides 

Marsh. Comarum palustre 

Norwegian. Potentilla norvegica 

Pyrenean. Potentilla jyyrenaica 

Eock. Potentilla rupestris 

Shining. Potentilla nitida 

Showy. Potentilla sjjeciosa 

Shrubby. Potentilla fruticosa 

Silvery. Potentilla argentea 

Snowy. Potentilla nivalis 

Spring. Potentilla verna 

Three-toothed-leaved. Potentilla triden- 

Tormentil. Potentilla Tormentilla 

Tree. Potentilla frutescens 

Tufted. Potentilla ccespitosa 

White-flowered. Potentilla alba 
Cipper-nut. Bunium Jiexuosum 
Cistus, Bog. Cistus ladaniferus 

Common Gum. Cistus cyprius 

Ladanum Gum. Cistus ladaniferus 
Citron. Citrus medica var. Cedra ( C. acida) 

Fingered. Citrus sarcodactylis 
Citronella-Oil-plant. Andropogon Nardus 
City Avens. Gemm urbanum 
Clary. Salvia Selarea 

Meadow. Salvia pratensis 

Silvery. Salvia argentea 

Wild. Heliotropium indicum and Salvia 
Clay-weed. Tussilago Farfara 
Clematis, Alpine. Atragene {Clematis) 

American. Atragene {Clematis) ameri- 

Austrian. Clematis alpina {Atragene aus- 

Bell-flowered. Clematis campanulata 

Biting. Clematis Vitalha 

Chinese. Clematis chinensis 

Curled-sepaled. Clematis crispa 

Cylinflrical-flowered. Clematis cyUndrica 

David's. Clematis Bavidiana 

Entire-leaved. Clematis integrifolia 

Erect. Clematis erecta 

Evergreen. Clematis calycina {C. balea- 
rica) and C. cirrhosa 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Clematis, Fool's-Parsley-leaved. Clematis 
Glaucous-leaved. Clematis glauca 
Hardy Purple-flowered. Clematis Viticella 

var. venosa 
Jackman's. Clematis Jachmanni and vars. 
Large-flowered. Cletiudls florida 
Leatheiy-flowered. Clematis Viorna 
Minorca. Clematis halearica 
Mountain. Clematis montana 
Net-veined-leaved. Clematis reticulata 
New Zealand. Clematis indivisa lohata 
Ochotsk. Atragene (^Clematis) ockotensis 
Open-flowered. Clematis patens 
Oriental. Clematis orientalis 
Oval-leaved. Clematis ovuta 
Panicled. Clematis paiiiculata 
Scarlet-flowered. Clematis coecinea 
Siberian. Atragene {Clematis) sihirica 
Sims's. Clematis Simsii 
Sweet-scented. Clematis Flammula 
Tube-flowered. Clematis tubulosa 
Veined Vine-bower. Clematis Viticella 

Vine-bower. Clematis Viticella 
Virginian. Clematis virginianM 
Western. Atragene {Clematis) occiden- 

Winter-flowering. Clematis calycina {C. 

Woolly. Clematis lanugi7wsa 
Clear-weed. Pilea pumda 
Cleats. Petasites vulgaris and Tussilago 

Cleavers. Galium Aparine 
Small. Galium tinctorium 
Cliff-pink, or Cleve-pink. Dianthus ccssius 
Cliflf-rose. Armeria viaritima 
Mexican. Corvania mexicana 
Climber, Sportsman's. Cissus venatomm 
Cling-stone. A term applied to some va- 
rieties of Peaches and Nectarines, the 
flesh of which adheres to the stone. 
(See "Freestone") 
elite, or Clithe. An old name for the Bur- 
Cloak Fern. See Fern 
Clock, Shepherd's. A^iagallis arvensis and 

Tragopogon pratensts 
Clod-weed. Filago gcrmanica and Scahiosa 

Clog-weed. Ileracleum Spliondglium 
Close Sciences. An old name for Ilesperis 

Clot, or Clote. Nupliar lutea 
Clot-bur, or Clod-bur. Arctium Lappa 

Spiny. Xanthium spinosum 
Cloud-berry. Ruhus Cliamaimorus 
Cloud-grass. Sec Grass 
Clove Gillyflower, or Clove Pink. Dia7i- 

tli ns Cargajthgllus 
Clove-scented Creeper. Lettsomia Boiui- 

Clove-strip. Jussiaa rcpens 
Clove-tongue. An old name for llelle- 

horvs n'lger 
Clove-tree. Caryoplnjllvs aromaticus 

Wild. Eugenia {Pimenta) acris 
Clover. The genus TrifoUwn 

Clover, Alsike. Trifolium lujhridum 
American Bush. The genus Lcspedeza 
Bastard. Trifolium hghridum 
Bersin. Trifolium Alexandrinmti 
Bird's-foot. Lotus corniculatus 
Bladder-podded. Trifolium spumosit/ni 
Boccone's. Trifolium Pocco7ii 
Bokhara, or Cabul. Jlelilotns alba 
Brown. Trifolium sp(cdicei(m 
Buffalo. Trifolium rejlexum and T. 2)enn- 

Cabul. See Clover, Bokhara 
Canadian Bush. Hedgsariim canadense 
Calvary. 3Iedicago Echinus 
Carolina. Trifolium Ciiroliiiianiim 
Clustered. Trifolium glomcrafi/m 
Common. Trifolium pratcnse and T. 

rep ens 
Crimson. Trifoliwn incar7iatum 
Dutch. Trifolium repeiis 
Egyptian. Trifoliuvi Alexandrinum 
Golden. Trifolium agrarium 
Hare's-foot. Trifolium arvense 
Hart's, King's, or Plaster. Melilotus offi- 

Hop. Trifolimn procu7nhe7is 
Japanese. Lespedeza striata 
King's. See Clover, Hart's 
Knotted. Trifolium striatum 
Lesser. Trifolium procumhens 
Maltese. Jledgsarum. coronarium 
Mayad. Trifolium. suhrotundiim 
Oval-headed. Trifolium alpcstre 
Pin. See Pin-clover 
I'laster. See Clover, Hart's 
Prairie. The genus PetalostemoTi 
Puiple. Trifolium pratense 
Bed. Trifolium pratcnse 
lleversed. Trifolium resupinat^im 
PiOugh. TrifoVninn scah7-7im 
Running Buffalo. Trifolium stoloniferwni 
St. Mawe's. Medicago maculata 
Sand. Trifolium s7iffocatum 
Sea-egg. Medicago Echinus 
Sea-side. Trifolium. maritimum 
Slender. Trifolium, fliforme 
Snail. The genus Medicago 
Soola. Ilcdgsarum. coronarium 
Starry. Trifolium stclhttum 
Stone. I'rifolium arvense 
Strawberry-headed. Trifolium fragiferwn 
Striped-flowered. Trifolium. ifivolucratitm 
Subterranean. Trifolium suhterra7iett/)ti 
Sulphur. Trifolium orhroleucum 
Sweet. The genus Mel Hot us 
Treacle. Psoralca hituminosa 
Upright. I'rifolium strictum 
White. Trifolium repois 
Winter. Mitchella rcpens 
Yellow. Medicago lujndina, TrifoUv/m jjro- 

oumbe7i.s, and T. 7uim(s 
Yellow Suckling. Trifolium Jillforme 
Zig-zag. Trifolium medium 
Clovei'-Trefoil. Trifdium medium 
Clown's All-heal, or ^Vound-wort. Stachys 

Clown's Lungwort. 1 'erhascum TJiapstis 
Clown's Mustard. / Iicris amara 
Clown's Ti'eacle. Allium, sativum 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Club, Shepherd's. Verhasmtm Thapms 

Club-grass. The genus Scirjms 

Club-moss. The genera LycopocLium and 
Selag India 
Alpine. Lycopodmni alpmum 
American Dwarf. Selagiiiella apus and 8. 

Common. LycopoAiumi clavatum 
Creeping. Sclaginella apus 
Fir. Lycopod'mm 8elago 
Lesser. Jjycopodium selaginoides 
Marsh. Lycopodkom i)iu7ulatmti 
Savin-leaved. Lycopodlum alpmum 
Shining. Lycopodmni lucididum 
Tree. Selaginella casia arhorea 

Club-rush. The genus Seirjnis ; also applied 
to Typha latifolia 
Bristly. Scirjjus setaceus 
Clustered. Scirjjus Holosclimnus 
Creeping. Scirpus 2}alustris 
Few-flowered. Scirpus 2}auciJlorus 
Floating. Scirjnts Jluitans 
Many-stalked. Scirjms multicaulis 
Needle. Scirpus acicularis 
Or Bul-rush, Lake. Scirpus lacustris 
Savi's. Scirjms Savil 
Sea-side. Scirptcs maritinms 
Sharp. Scirpus pu7igens 
Triangular-stemmed. Scirjnis trlqueter 
Tufted. Sciipus ccespitosus 
Wood. Scijpus sylraticus 

Cnout-berry. Rulms Cliamwmorus 

Coakum. Phytolacca dccandra 

Cob-nut. Corylus Avellami var. grandis 
Jamaica. The genus Omplialea 

Coca, Mexican. Ricliardsonia scahra 

Coca - leaf - tree, Peruvian. ErytTiroxylon 

Coeculus - indieus - plant. A7iamirta 
(^Meii ispermuiii) Coeculus 

Cochineal Cactus. Opuntia cocldnillifera 

Cockle, or Corn Cockle. Lychnis Gfithago 

Cockle-bur, or Clot-bur. Agrhmonia Eupa- 
toria and the genus Xanthium 

Cock-grass. Bromus mollis and B. secalinus 

Cock-rose. Papaver Rhaas 

Cocks. Plantago lanoeolata 

Cock's-comb. Celosiacristata. Applied also 
to Rhiimnthus Crista-galU, and locally to 
a few other native plants in Scotland 

Cock's-foot. An old name for Chelidoniwn 
majus and also for Cohomhine 

Cock's-foot Grass. Dactylis glomerata 

Cock's-head. Onohrychis Capxut-galli 
W. Indies. Bcsmodium tortwmmi 

Cock's-spur, of the W. Indies. Pisonia 

Cock-spur Thorn. See Thorn 

Coco. Sec Cocoa-root 

Cocoa-wood. Inga vera 

Cocoa Nibs. The beans of Theobroma 
Cacao roasted and split or broken 

Cocoa-nut, Buddlia's. StercuUa alata 

Cocoa-nut Palm. Cocos niicifera 
Double, or Sea. Lodoicea Scychellarwni 
Small Prickly. Cocos gioiiieensis 

Cocoa-plum. Chrysohalanus Icaco 

Cocoa-root, or Coco. The root of Colocasia 

Cocoa-tree. Theoiroma Cacao 
Cocoon. See Cacoon 
Cocus-wood. Brya Ehenus 
Codlings-and-Cream. EpiloVimii liirsu- 

CofiTee, Date. Boasted Date-stones 

Swedish. The seeds of Astragalus hwticus 
CofFee-Blight-Fungus. See Fungus 
Coffee-Climber. Periploca Mauritiana 
Coffee-tree, Arabian. Coffea arahica 

Californian. Rhamnus californica 

Kentucky. Gymnocladus canadensis 

Liberian. Coffea liberiea 

Pemvian. Coff'ea racemosa 

Wild, of the W. Indies. Faramea odoratis- 
sima, Zuelania latioides, and Eugenia 
Coker-nut. See Nut 
Cogwood - tree. Hernandia^^ sonorn and 

Laurus Chloroxylon 
Cohosh. Actcea racemosa 

Black. Cimicifuga racemosa 

Blue. Ca^blophyllxim tliaUctroides 

Wliite. Actcea alba 
Cole. Brassica Najms 
Colesat. See Cole-seed 
Cole-seed, or Colesat. Brassica Napus olei- 

Cole-wort. Brassica oleracea 

Heart-leaved. Crambe cordifolia 

Rushy. Crambe juncea 

Sea. Crambe maritima 

Shrubby. Crambe fruticosa 
Colic-root. Aletris farinosa and Dioseorea 

Colic-weed. Corydalis glauca 

Climbing. Adlumia cirrhosa 
Collar Moss. See Moss 
Collins's-flower, Large-flowered. Collin- 
sia grandiftora 

Many-coloured. Collinsia multicolor 

Two-coloured. Collinsia bicolor 

Various-leaved. Collinsia lieterophylla 
Collinson's-flower. Collinsonia canadensis 
Colocynth. See Apple, Bitter 

Himalyan. Citrullus (Cucumis) Pseudo- 
Colombo Root. See Calumba Root 

American. Frasera verticillata 
Coloquintida. An old name for Colocynth 
Colpoon-tree. Cassine Colpoon 
Colt's-foot, Alpine. Tussilago alpina 

Arrow-leaved. Nardosma (^Tussilago) 

Common. Tussilago Farfara 

Fragrant. Tussilago {Nardosma) fragrans 

N. America. Nardosma palmata 

Spotted. Farfugium grande ' 

Variegated, lussilago Farfara variegata 

W. Indian. The genus Pothomorplia 
Colt's-tail. Erigeron canadensis 
Columbine, Alpine. Aquilegia alpina 

Altaian. Aquilegia glandulosa 

Burger's. Aquilegia Burgeriana 

Californian. Aquilegia californica 

Canadian. Aquilegia canadensis 

Common. Aquilegia vulgaris 

Feathered or Tufted. Thalictrum aqxdle- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Columbine, Golden - flowered. Aqullet/La 
Green-tlowered. Aqullegia vlrkUflora 
Large Orange. Atjuilcf/la triincata (^1. 

calif arnica, A. eximia) 
Long-bracted. Aquilcf/ia lonfi'ihractcata 
Longest-spuiTed. Aquihujin loiKjlmma 
Mauve-coloured. Aquilrijla grata 
Orange-and-yellow. Aquilrr/ia caTiadeiisis 
Pyrenean. Aqullegia pijrenalca 
Rocky Mountain. Aqullegia coertdea 
Scented. Aepillegla fragraris 
Skinner's. Aqullegia SJdnneri 
White-flowered. Aqullegia vulgaris alba 
Yellow Long-spurred. Aqullegia lej)to- 
ceras lutea 
Columbo, American. Tlie genus Frasera 
Colza, or Goltza. Brasslca Napus olelfera 
Comb, Lady's, Shepherd's, or Venus's. Scan- 

dix I'ecten- Veneris 
Comb-Fern. See Fern 
Comb Finger-grass. See Grass 
Comet-plant. Comcies alternifoUa 
Comfrey, Bohemian. Sgnqjhytum bohemicum 
Caucasian. Sgmphytum caucasicum 
Common. Sgmphytuni officinale 
Crimean. Symphytum taicricum 
Forage. See Comfrey, Prickly 
Iberian. Symphytum Iberlcum 
Prickly, or Forage. Symphytum asperri- 

mum {^S. peregriniuii) 
Tuberous-rooted. Symphytum tuberosum 
^Vild, American. Cynoglossiim vlrgijiicum 
Compass-plant. Sllj>hlum laclnlatum 
Cone-flo'wer, Californian. Rudbeckla cali- 
Drummond's. Rudbeclda Bnvmmondi (H. 

columnar Is, Ohrliscaria pulcherrima) 
Cut-leaved, lludhechia laclniata 
Glowing. li.ud/j/'ckla fulglda 
Hairy. Rudbechla hirta 
Large. Iliulbccltla maxima 
Newman's. Rudbeclda Neivmani 
Purple. The genus Echhuicea 
Shining. Rudheclda nltlda 
Showy. Rudhcrhid sjicciosa 
Three-lobed. Rudbeckla triloba 
Virginian. Rxidheclda rlrglniana 
Yellow. The genus Rudbeclda 
Cone-head. The genus Strobllantlies 
Conessi-bark-tree. Wrlghtla antldysen- 

t erica 
Connemon, of Japan. Cucuvds Conomon 
Consound, Comfre}^ Symphytmii officliialc 
King's. J)elj)hinlum Consollda 
I^Iiddle. Ajuga rej)tans 
Saracen's. Seneclo Saracejucus 
Contrayerva-root. The root of Dorstenia 

Convolvulus, Trellis. Ipomcca tuberosa. 

(See also Bind-wced) 
Cooch-grass. See Couch-grass 
Cool-tankard. Jiorago officiiuilis 
Cool-'weed. Urtica pumlla 
Cooper's - "wood. Alphltonia excelsa and 

Pomaderrls apctala 
Copaiba, or Copaiva, Balsam-i^lant. Several 

syiecies of Copaifera 
Cop ai-ye- wood. Vochysia gulanensls 

Copal-gum-tree, Brazilian. HymencBa ma/r- 

E . African. Trachylobiwm Hornemannianwm 

Sierra Leone. Copaifera Glbou/rtiana 
( Glbourtla copalllfera) 
Copalchi-bark-plant. Croton nlveum 

Brazilian. Strychnos I't<eudii-qul/ia 

Mexican. Croton Rseudo-chl/M 
Copra. The commercial name for Cocoa- 
Cop-rose, or Copper-rose. Papaver Rlueas 
Copse Laurel. Daphne Laureola 
Coptis Root. Coptls Teeta 
Coquilla Nuts. See Nuts 
Coral, Garden. Rochea (Cras.mla) coccinea 
Coral-bead-plant. Abrus precatorlus 
Coral-berry. Symphoricorputi vulgaris 
Coral Creeper. Kennedya j>rostrata 
Coral Pea-tree. Adenanthera 2>avo7iina 
Coral-plant. Jatropha multlfida 
Coral-root. Dentarla hulblfera and the 
genus Corallorrhlza 

Spurless. Corallorrhlza innata 
Coral-teeth. Corallorrhlza odontorrldza 
Coral-tree, East Indian. Erytlirina indica 

West Indian. Erytlirina Corallodcndron 
Cord-grass. Spartina stricta 
Cord-moss. See Moss 
Coriander, Common. Coriandrum satiwmi 
Cork. Lecanora tart area and Roccella tine- 

tor la 
Cork-tree, Common. Quercus Saber 

E. Indian. Adajisonla dlgltata and Big- 
nonia suberosa (Mlllmgtoda hortensis') 

New Zealand. Entelea arboresccns 

Siberian. Phellodendron amurense 
Cork-wood. Hibiscus tlllaceus 

Marsh. Aiwna palustrls 

N. S. Wales. Dubolsla myoporoides 

W. Indian. Ochroma Lagopus 
Corn, Amel. Triticum amyleum 

Chinese. Setaria Itallca 

Gero. Penlclllarla splcata 

Goose. Rromiis mollis 

Kaffir. Sorghum saccharatum 

Marsh. Potentllla anserlna 

Pharaoh's. Triticum composlfum 

Pop. A small-grained kind of Maize, used 
for parching 

St. Peters. J'rltleum monscocum 
Coi'n-bells. Aldularui campanulata 
Corn-berries. Vacclnlum Oxycoccos 
Corn-bind. Cmrolrulus arvensls and Poly- 

gonum ( hnvolrulus 
Corn-bottle. Centaur ea Cyanus 
Corn-Flag, African. Antholyza (^Gladioltis) 

European. Gladiohis segetum 
Corn-flower, Blue. Cento un-a. Cyanui 

Golden or Yellow. Chrysantlirinum segetum 

Red. Lychnis Glthogo and Papaver Rhaias 
Corn-leaves. ( otyledon Umbilicus 
Corn-Lily. Convolvulus arvensls and C. 

Corn-Marigold. Chrysanthemum, segetum 
Corn-Mint. Mentha arven.ils 
Corn-Mustard. Simijiis arvensls 
Corn-Pink. Lychnis (ilthago 
Corn-Poppy. Papaver Rhccas 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Corn-Rose. Pajjaver Rliceas 
Corn-salad. Yalerianella oUtoria 
Italian. Valcrlandla eriocarpa 
Keeled. Yalerianella carinata 
Narrow-fruited. Yalerianella de^itata 
Sharp-fruited. Yalerianella Auricula 
Corn-Thistle. Carduus arvensis 
Corn- Violet. Campanida hyhrida 
Corn-wood. The wood of iHerocarjms eri- 

iiaceus (P. echinatus) 
Cornel. Comvs sanguinea 

Dwarf. Cormcs suecica 
Cornish. Heath. Erica vaf/ans 
Cornish Monesrwort. SiUliorpia europcea 
Coromandel - wood. See Calamander- 

Coronation. Biantlms Carrjoplujllus 
Corpse-plant. Monoiropa unifiora 
Cosmos, Feathery. Cosmos hipinnaUis 
Cost, or Costmary. Tanacetum Balsamita 
Costus, of the Ancients. The roots of Aplo- 

taxis auriculata 
Cotoneaster, AUied. Cotoneaster affinis 
Black-fruited. Cotoneaster vulgaris mc- 

Box-leaved. Cotoneaster iuxifoUa 
Common. Cotoneaster vulgaris 
Loose-flowered. Cotoneaster laxiflora 
Money-wort-leaved. Cotoneaster Nuvmrn- 

Mountain. Cotoneaster frigida 
Pointed-leaved. Cotoneaster acwninafa 
Eed-fruited. Cotoneaster vulgaris crrjthro- 

Eound-leaved. Cotoneaster rotundifolia 
Small-leaved. Cotoneaster microphylla 
Woollj'. Cotoneaster tomejitosa 
Cotton, French. See French Cotton 
Cotton-plant, American. Gossypivmi lierha- 
Australian Wild. Gomplwcarjms frutlcosus 
Bahia. A variety of Gossypium harbadense 
Barbadoes. Gossypiu7)i barbadense 
Cape. Go'mj)hocarpus fruticosus 
Indian. Gossypium indicum 
Kidney. Gossypium peruvianum 
Nankin. Gossypium reUgiosum 
Natal Wild. Tpomwa Gerrardi 
New Zealand. Plagiantlms betulina (P. 

urticina) and the genus Cehnisia 
Otago. Various species of Astelia 
Peruvian. Gossypium peruviamim (a va- 
riety of G. barbadense) 
Silk. The genera Bombax, Calotropis, Erio- 
dendron, and some other cottony plants 
Tree. Gossypium arboreum 
Wild. The genus Erioplioruni 
Cottoner, The. Yiburmum Lantana 
Cotton-bush, Australian. Kochia villosa 
Cotton-grass, or Cotton-rush. The genus 
Hare's-tail. Erioplioruni vaginatvmi 
Tassel. Eriopliorum poly stachy on 
Cotton-nettle, Chinese. Urtica {Bcelime- 

rid) nivea 
Cotton-rose. The genus Filago 

Pigmy. Filago pygmcea 
Cotton-sedge, Common, Erioplwrumi poly- 

Cotton - sedge. Sheathed. Eriopliorvm 

Cotton-thistle. Onopordon Acantliium 
Cotton - tree. Populus heterojiliylla and 

Yihurmim Lantana 
Cotton-weed. Piotis maritima and the 
genus Gnaplialiuvi 
Purple Mountain. Antennaria dioica 
Cotton- wood, American. Popidus monilifera 
British Columbia. Various species of 

Pojmlus and Salix 
Californian. Populus Freriiontii 
Missouri. Populus angulata 
Couch, Couch-grass, or Couch-wheat. Tri- 

ticum rep ens 
Couch Onion. Arena clatior 
Cough-wort. Tussilago Furfara 
Countryman's Treacle. Ihita graveolens 
Country Pepper. Sedum acre 
Courtship - and - Matrimony. Spirwa 

Coven Tree. Yilmrnum Lantana 
Coventry-bells. Campanula Medium and 
C. Traclieliiam ; also Anemone Pidsatilla 
Coventry Rapes. Campanula Medium 
Cover Keys, or Covey Keys. See Culverkeys 
Cowage. See Cow-itch 
Cow-bane. Cictda virosa 
American. Archemora rigida 
Spotted. Cicuta maculata 
Cow-basil, or Cow-fat. Saponaria Yaccaria 
Cow-bell. Silene infiata 
Cow-berry. Vaccinium Vitis-Lda^a and 

Comarimti pialustre 
Cow-fat. See Cow-basil 
Cowhage. See Cow-itch 
Cow-herb. Saponaria Yaccaria 
Cow-itch, Cowage, or Cowhage. Mucuna 
pruriens, M. urens, and Acidoton urens 
New Zealand. Bideyis jfilosa 
Twining. Tragia voluMlis 
Cow-leaf of New Zealand. The genus 

Cow-parsley. Anthriscus sylvestris 
Cow-parsnip. The genus Heraclewn 
American. Heraclexim lanatum 
Blunt-lobed. Heracleum eminens 
Broad-leaved. Heracleum latifolium 
Common. Heracleum Spliondyliimn 
Downy. Heracleum jyubescens 
Fig-leaved. Heracleum Panaces 
Giant. Heracleum giganteum 
Persian. Heracleum persicum 
Eough-leaved. Heracleum elegans 
Wilhelms'. Heraclewn Wilhelmsii 
Yellowish. Heraclewn Jtavescens (^H, 
Cow-plant, Ceylon. Gymnevia lactiferwni 
Cow-poison, Californian. Delphinium trol- 

Cowslip, Bedlam. Pulmonaria officinalis 
Also the Paigle, or Larger Cowslip 
Blue. Pulmonaria, angustifolia 
Californian. Primula s^iffrutescens 
Cape. The genus Lachenalia 
Common. Primula veris 
Common American. Podecatlicon Meadia 
Deep - rose-coloured American. Bodeca- 
tlieon Meadia var. splendens 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Cowslip, Elegant-flowered American. Do- 
decatheon elegatis 
Entire-leaved American. Dodecatheon in- 

French. Pr'umila Auricula 
Giant American. Dodecatheon Jcffretja- 

Great. Primula elatior 
Jerusalem. Pulnimuiria officliMlis 
Mountain. Primula Auricula 
PjTenean. Pri inula intricata 
Sikkim. Primuhi Sikhimcusis 
Virginian. Mcrtetisia {Pidnioiiaria) vir- 
Cow-tree, or Palo de Vaca. Brosimum 
Par^. 3fimusoj)s elata 
Eio Negro. A species of Calloplwra 
Cow Vetch.. Vicia Cracca 
Cow-weed. Anthriscus sylvestris 
Cow-wheat. The genus Melamjnjrum 
Common. Melanipyrum pratense 
Crested. Mclampyrxuti cristatum 
Eye-bright. See Eye-bright-Cow-wheat 
Purple. Melam])yrum arvense 
Small-flowered. Melampyrum sylvaticum 
Crab, Crab-apple, or Crab-tree, Common. 
Pyrus jSIalus var. acerba 
Chinese. Pyrus spectabilis 
Garland. Pyrus coronaria 
MinsliuU. Mespilus germanica 
Oregon. Pyrxis rivularis 
Profuse-flowering Chinese. Pyrus Mahis 

Scarlet-flowered. Pyrus haccata 
Siberian. Pyrus iaccata and P.prunifolia 
Sweet-scented. Pyrus coronaria 
Crab-Cherry. Prunus Avium 
Crab-grass, or Crab-weed. Polyyonum avi- 

Crab-oil-tree. Carapa guianensis 
Crab-weed. Sec Crab-grass 
Crab-wood, Guiana. Carapa gxdancnsis 

W. Indian. Sclucffcria frutesccns 
Crab's-claw. Polygonum Persicarla and 

Straiioics aloldes 
Crab's-eyes. The seeds of Abrzis j^'recato- 

Crab's-eye Lichen. See Lichen 
Crack Willow. SalixfrayiUs 
Crake-berry. See Crow-berry 
Crake-feet. Orchis mascula and Scilla 

nut tins 
Cram-berries. See Cran-berry 
Crambling - rocket. Reseda lutea and 

Sisym hriuni ojliclnale 
Cran-berry, or Crane-berry, American, or 
Largo. Vaccifilum macrocarpon 
Australian. Astroloma huinifusum, and 

Lissaiithe sapida 
Common. Vacciniu/m Oxycoccos. Applied 

in Scotland to V. \1tis-Id(ea 
High. Vilnvrmtmi Oxi/coccos 
Cran-berry Tree, \llmr71um Opulus 
Crane's-bill, Anemone-leaved. Gcraniumi 
Backhouse's. Geranium Bachhousianwn 

( G. armcmmi) 
Broad-petalled. Geranium platypetalum 

Crane's-bill, Carolina. Geranium Carolin- 
Crested. Geraniv/m cristatum 
Dwarf. Geranium subcaulesccjis (G. 

Endres's. Gera7iium Endresi 
Fremont's. Geraniu,7n Fremontii 
Gray. Gera7iium ci7iereu77i 
Hill. Gera7iiuvi colUnum 
Iberian. Gera7mim iberie^im 
Lambert's. Gera7iium Lamherti 
Large Rosy-purple. Geranium ar7nenvm 
Long-rooted. Gera7vium macrorrhizuj/i 
Pinkish. Geranium sanguineum var. la/n- 

Silveiy. Gera7iium argent cum 
Striped. Gera7iium striat^im 
Tuberous-rooted. Geranium t7iberosu/>7i 
Walney. Geraniumi sa7ujui7ieu7n var. lan- 

White-flowered. Geranium sylvatievm 

Wild American. Geranium macxilatum 
Craiiberry. Empetrum nigrum and Vac- 

clnium Oxycoccos 
Crawley. Corallorrhiza odontorrhiza 
Cray-fish. I)oro7iic7i7n Pardalianches 
Crazy. Another name for the Buttercup 
Cream-cups. Platystemon califor7iicus 
Cream-fruit of Sierra Leone. The fruit of 

Roupellia grata 
Cream-of-Tartar-tree. Ada7iso7iia Gregorii 
Creashak. Arctostaphxjlos Uva-xirsi 
Creasote-plant. Larrea mi'xica7ia 
Creeper, Cayenne Red. Tetracera Ti^a/rea 
China. QuaviocUt vulgaris 
Tasmanian Blue. Comesperma volubile 
Virginian. Ampelopsis (lulnquefolia 
Virginian, Cut-leaved. Ampelopsis dissecta 
Virginian, Two-winged. Amj)elo2)sis bipi7i- 

West Coast. Pergularia odoratlssima 
Creeping-bur. Lyeopodi^tm clavatum 
Creeping Jack. Sedum acre 
Creeping Jenny. Lysimachia JVjimmularia 

Golden. Lysimachia Kummularia aurea 
Creeping Sailor. Saxifraga sar7nc7itosa 
Cress. The genus Lepidivm 
American. Barbarca pr<rcox 
Lake. Nasturtium lacustre 
Mountain Water. Cardamiiie rotundifolia 
Spring. Carda7ni7ie rhamboldea 
Bitter. Cardamine amara and other 

Broad-leaved. Lepidimn laiifoVnim 
Creeping Abater. Nasturtium sylvcstre 
Garden, or Town. Lrpidium sativum 
Great Water. Nasturtium amphibium 
Hairj- Bitter. Curdamiiif hirsuta 
Hoary. Lci)idiu7ii Draba 
Lamb's. Cardami7ic hirsuta 
Land. Barbarca j)r(PC0x 
Marsh Water. Nast^irtium palvstre 
Meadow, or Meadow Bitter. Carda/mine 

Narrow-leaved. Lepidium ruderale 
New Zealand. Lepidium oleraceum 
Normandy. Barbarca jtticcox 
Pari. Spilanthes oleracea 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrnbs. 


Cress, Penny. TJdaspl arvense 
Pepper. Teesdalia nudicaulis 
Peter's. Crithmwm maritbmmn 
Rock. The genus Arabls. (See also Rock- 
Sciatica. Tberis ainara 
Showy Bastard. Thlaspl latifoUum 
Spanish. Lepidium Cardamines and Yella 

Sun. HeliopTiila pectinata 
Swine's, or Wart. Senehiera Coronopus 
Thale. Arahls TJiallana 
Town. LepidluM sativum 
Tower. Arabls Turrlta 
Violet-flowered. loiwpsldlon acaule 
Waxt. See Cress, Swine's 
Water. Nasturtmm officinale 
Wild. Thlaspi arvense 
Winter. Barharea vulgaris 
Yellow. The genus Barbarea ; also Nas- 

tiurtlv/ni ampJilbium and N. palustre 
Cress-Rocket. Vella annua and V. Pseudo- 

Crestmarine. Critlmvu/m, maritimv/m 
Creyat, or Kariyat. AndrograpTiis (Justlcia') 

Crimson-berry-plant. Phytolacca decan- 

Cristaldre. An old name for Erythrcea 

Crocus, Adriatic. Crocus Hadriatlctis 
Aucher's. Crocus Aucheri ( C. Ollvleri) 
Autumn, Fog, Meadow, Michaelmas, or 

Purple. Colchicum autumnale 
Bottle-flowered. Crocus lagenceflorus 
Byzantine. Crocus Byzantinus 
Cape. The genus GethylUs 
Cartwright's. Crocus Cartwrlghtianus 
Chilian. TecopTiylcea cyanocrocus 
Cloth of Gold. Crocus retlculatus (C 

Clusius's. Crocus Clusli 
Common Yellow. Crocus luteus 
Cream-coloured. Crocus lacteus 
Cross-barred. Crocus cancellatus 
Dalmatian. Crocus dalmatlcus 
Damascus. Crocus Damascenus 
Dark-flowered. Crocus obscwru^ 
Dwarf. Crocus pusillus 
Elwes's. Crocus Elrvesi 
Fleischer's. Crocus Flelscheri 
Fog. See Crocus, Autumn 
Imperati's. Crocus Imperati 
Indian. The genus Plelone 
Intermediate. Crocus medius 
Kotschy's. Crocus Kotschyanus 
Large Autumn. Crocus speclosus 
Late-blooming. Crocus serotinus (C. au- 

Long-flowered. Crocus longlflorus 
Meadow. See Crocus, Autumn 
Michaelmas. See Crocus, Autumn 
Morean. Crocus pcloponneslacus 
Mount Athos. Crocus pulclielUbs 
Naked-flowered. Crocus nudlflorus (C. 

Orphanides'. Crocus Orj}7ianldesi 
Parti-coloured. Crocus versicolor 
Pigmy. Crocus minimus 

Crocus, Purple. See Crocus, Autumn 
SaflEron. Crocus satlvus 
Saltzmann's. Croctis Saltzniannianus 
Scented. Crocus odorus 
Scotch. Crocus bijiorus 
Sieber's. Croctis Sleberl ( C. nivalis') 
Spring. Crocus vermes 
Star-flowered. Croctis stellaris 
Straw-coloured. Crocus ochroleucus 
Sulphur-flowered. Crocus mlplmreus 
Tuscan. Croctis etrusctis 
Two-flowered. Varieties of Crocus hlflorus 
Various-coloured. Croctis versicolor 
Welden's. Croctis Weldenl 
White Autumn. Croctis Boryanus 
White Spring. Croctis vermis var. niveus 

Crone-berry. Vacclnlum Oxycoccos 

Crop-weed. Centatirea nigra 

Cross-flower. Polygala vulgaris 

Cross of Jerusalem. Lychnis chalce- 

Cross-spine. Statiracanthtis aphylhis 

Cross- wood. Jacqtilnia rtisclfolla 

Cross- wort. Any cruciferous plant; also 
applied to Etipatorltitn perfollatvAii, 
Oalitimi crticlatutn,a,nd the genus Oruda- 
Common. Galium crticiatwm 
Large-styled. Crucianella stylosa 
Sea. Crticlanella marltima 

Crotal. See Crottle 

Croton-oil-plant. Croton Tigliumi 

Crottle, Crotal, or Crottles. Parmelia Om- 
phalodes and various other Lichens 

Crottles, Hazel. Stlcta ptilmonacea 

Crow-bells. Scilla ntitans 

Yellow. Narcissus Pseudo-Narcissus 

Crow-berry, or Crake-berry, Empetrum 
Broom. Corema (JEmpetruni) Conradli 
Portugal. Corema lusitanicum 

Crow-eorn. Aletrls farlnosa 

Crow-flower. Zych?us Flos-cuculi ; also 
another name for Buttercup 

Crow-foot. The genus Rantinculus 
Alpine. Rantmctiltis alpestrls 
American. Geranltvm maculatvmi 
Anemone-flowered. Ranunculvs anemo- 

Blistered-leaved. Rantinculti^ bullattis 
Bulbous-rooted. Rantinculus hilbosus 
Celery-leaved. Ranunctiltis sceleratus 
Corn-field. Ranunculus arvensls 
Cortusa-leaved. Ranuncultis cortuscefolius 
Crane's-bill. Geranltim pratense 
Creeping. Rantinculus repens 
Glacier. Rantmcultis glaclalls 
Hairy. Rantmctiltis hlrstittis 
Ivy-leaved. Ranunculus Cymbalaria 
Kidney-leaved. Rantmcultis Thora 
Large Double-flowered. Ranunculus spe- 
ciosus (R. grandljtorus H.-pl., R. bullattis 
Madeira. Ranunctilus megaphyllus (^R. 

New Zealand. Ranuncultis Lyalli 
One-flowered. Rantinculus tmlfiorus 
Pamassia-leaved. Ranunculus parnassi- 



English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Crow-foot, riane-tree-leaved. Rununculus 
Portugal. Ramin(ndus InUlatus 
Profuse-flowering. Hammcrdus florilnm- 

Pyrenean. Itanuncuhis pyrenmis 
Eed, or Tripoli. Ranwiculus asiatmis var. 

Eue-leavcd. Bajmiiculus rutcefol'ms (^Cal- 

lla nthemum rutccfoUum) 
Sea-side. Raiiujiculus Cynibalaria 
Small-flowered. Ranunculus jfaTviflorus 
Snake-tongue. Rammculus ojj/iiot/Iossifolius 
Snowj'-flowered. Ranunculus amjdcxicauUs 
Steven's. Ra7m7i,c2ilus Stevenii 
Thousand-leaved. Rajiuuculvs millcfoUatus 
Tuberous. Adoxa Moschatelllna 
Turkey. An old name for Ranunc7dtis 

Upright. Ranunculus acrls 
Water. Ra7iU7i,c7d7is aquaticus 
Wind-flower. Ranunculus anemonoides 
Wood. Ranunculus auricomus 
Yellow - tinted Alpine. Ramunculus al- 

Yellow Water. Ranwiculus multifidus 
Crow-garlic. Allimn xineale 
Crow-leek. An old name for Scilla mdans 
Crow-silk. The Co^i/eriw and other delicate 

gi-een-spored Algce 
Crow-soap. Sajyoiuiria officinalis 
Crow-toe. Another name for Crow-foot 
Crown-beard. The genus Verhesina 
Crown Imperial. Fritillaria imperialis 
Crown-of-thorns. Medicago Echinus 
Crown-Vetch. The genus Coronilla 
Crow's-foot. Lotus corniculatus 
Crow's-foot Grass. See Grass 
Cubebs. Piper Cuheha 

African. Fipcr Cuheha Clusii 
Cuckle, or Cuckold. The fruit oi\Arctiiim 

Cuckold-tree. Acacia cornigera 
Cuckoo-bread, or Cuckoo-sorrel. Oxalis 

Cuckoo-bud. Cardaminc pratensis ; also 
an old name for either the Cowslip or 
the Buttercup 
Cuckoo-flower. Cardamine pratensis. Or- 
chis mascula, Scilla nuta7is, and some 
other early spring flowers 
Asanim-leaved. Cardamine asarifoUa 
Broad-leaved. Cardamine latifolia 
Double. Ca/rdamine pratensis jl.-pl. 
Large-leaved. Cardamine maerophgUa 
Eound-lcaved. Cardamine rot uiidi folia 
Three-leaved. Cardamine trifolia 
Cuckoo-grass. lAizula campestris 
Cuckoo-pint. Arum maculatii/m 
Cuckoo-sorrel. See Cuckoo-brcad 
Cuckoo-spit. Cardamine pratcnsi» 
Cucumber. The genus Ciccwnis 
Ap[)lo. Cucumis Budaini 
Climbing. Cyclanthera pedata 
Common. Cucumis satimis 
One-seeded Star. Sicyos angulattis 
Globe. Cucimdsjfrojfhetariim 
Hairy. Cucwnis Chate 
Prickly-fruited Gherkin. Cucumis Anguria 

Cucumber, Snake. Cucumis Jlexuosiis 
Spanisli Wild. Clematis cirrhosa 
Squirting. JScbaliu/m agreste (^Momordica 
Cucumber-root, Indian. Medeola virginica 
Cucumber-tree. Magnolia acu/minata 
Long-leaved. Magnolia, Frascri 
Yellow. Magnolia cordata 
Cudbear. Leeaiwra tartarea 
Cud-weed. The genus Gnaphalium 
American. Antennaria margaritacea 
Common. Gnaphali^vm germanicum 
Dwarf. Gnaphaliwm s^ipinwn 
Field. Gnaphalium arvcnse 
Golden. I^erocaulon virgatum 
Jersey. Gyuiphalium luteo-alhum 
Lion's-paw. Gnaphalium- Leontopodivmi 
Marsh. Gnaphaliwn uliginosxim 
Mountain. Antennaria dioica 
Narrow-leaved. Gnaphalium gallicwni 
Pearl. Antennaria margaritacea 
Purplish. Gnaphalium purpurevm 
Sea-side. Diotis maritima 
Silvery. Antennaria tomentosa 
Wood. Gnaphalium sylraticum 
Cuji-pods. The pods of Acacia macrantlia 
Culcit Fern. See Fern 
Cull-me-to-you. Viola tricolor 
Cullay-tree, or Quillai-tree, of Chili. Quil- 

laia Saponaria 
Culrage, or Curage. Polygonum Tfydropiper 
Culverkeys. Scilla nutans, the Oxlip 
{Primula variabilis), and the fruit of 
Fraxinus excelsior 
Culver's-root. Veronica virginica 
Culver-wort. An old name for Columbine 
Cumin, or Cummin. Cumiuum Cymi^ium 
Black. The seeds of Nigelhi sativa 
Sweet. Pimpinrlla Anisiim 
Wild. Jjagivcia cumimndes 
Cupidone, Blue. Catananche coendea 
Cupid's-flower. QuamocUt vidgaris 
Cup-Fern, Tasmanian. Cyathea arhorea 
Cup-flower, Cliili. Scyphanthus elegans 
Trailing White. Nieremhergia rivularis 
Cup- Goldilocks. Triehomancs radicans 
Cup-Lichen. Scyphophonis jiyxidatus 
Cup-Mint. Calamintha officinalis 
Cup-Moss. Lreanora tartarea aii6. Soypho- 

phorus pyxidatus 
Cup-Mushroom. The genus Peziza 
Cup-plant. Silphium perforatum 
Cup-seed, Lyon's. Calyrocaipum I/yoni 
Cups-and-saucers. Cohcca scandcns 
Curage. See Cuhage 
Curana-wood. The wood of Idea aUis- 

si ma 
Curra Tow. The fibre of Broinclia {Anan- 

assa) Karatas 
Curragong-bark, Moreton Bay. Plagian- 

thus sedioides 
Currant, Aljiinc Red. Rihes alpinwm 
Anu'rican Black. Rihes Jlo-ridum 
Australian. Leptomeria acerha and Leu- 

copogon Richci 
Buffalo, or Jlissouri. Rihes aureum 
Californian Black. Rihes hracteosum 
Carpathian lied. Rihes carpaticum 
Common Black. Rihes nigrwni 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Currant, Common Ked. Itlbes ruhrum 
Conmion White. Mibes ruhrum var. album 
Crimson-flowered. Rihes sangiuneum var. 

Dark-flowered, Black. Rlhes triste 
Dark-purple-flowered Black. Riies atro- 

Dotted-leaved Ked. Ribes xmnctatwm 
Double-flowered Bed. Ribes sanguinevm 

Fetid. Riies prostratumi 
Glanded-calysed Ked. Rihes glandulosum 
Golden-flowered. Rihes aurewm 
Guelder-rose-leaved Black. Rihes opuli- 

Hudson's Bay Black. Rihes Hudsoniamtm 
Indian. Sijmplwricarjjus vulgaris 
Intoxicating Black. Rihes inehrians 
Late-flowering Golden. Rihes aureiimi sero- 

Long-flowered Black. Rihes longiflorum 
Many-flowered Ked. Ril)es multijlorum 
Missouri. See Currant, BufEalo 
Mountain, or Wild. Rihes aljnmim 
New Zealand. Aristotelia fritticosa 
Native, Tasmanian. Some species of 

Native, Victoria. Lepiomeria Billa/rdieri 
Nepaul Black. Rihes glaciale 
Pemisylvanian Black. Rihes floridtim 
Procumbent Ked. Rihes jjrocumhens 
Eed-flowered. Rihes sang^iineit/ni 
Eesinous Ked. Rihes resiJiosum 
Eock Ked. Rihes petrcsum 
Slender-flowered Black. Rihes tenuiflorum 
Spiked-flowered Ked. Rihes s]}icatum 
StiEE-racemed Ked. Rihes rigens 
Tasteless Mountain. Rihes alpimim 
Very Clammy. Rihes viscosissirmmi 
Waxy-leaved Black. Rihes cerewm 
W. Indian. Jacqiunia armillaris, Beureria 

havanensis, and B. sxicciilenta 
White-flowered. Rihes sanguinemn var. 

White-fruited. Ribes rubrwm var. album 
White-ribbed-leaved Red. Ribes alhiner- 

YeUow-flowered. Ribes aurevmi 
Yellow-flowered Black. Rihes flavum 
Yellow-flowered Ked. Ribes tenellum 
Currant-bush, Indian, of Tropical America. 

The genera 3Rconia and Clidemia 
Currant-galls. Galls formed in the male 
flowers of the Oak by an insect named 
Spatliegaster haccarum 
Currants (grocers'). The fruit of the Black 
Corinth, or Zante, Grape-vine (a variety 
of Vitls vinifera') 
Curry-leaf-tree. Bergera Kbnigi 
Cusco-bark. A kind of Cinchona-bark 
Cus-eus, or Khus-khus, Grass. Andropogon 

Cushion, Lady's. Armeria maritima 
Cushion-pink. Armeria maritimM 
Cushion-plant, or Lion's-ear, of the Andes. 
Various species of Culcitium and Bspeletia 
Cusparia Bark. See Angostura Bark-plant 
Cusso, Abyssinian. Hagenia ahyssinica 
{Brayera antlielmintica') 

Custard-apple. The genus J.«.o?i«, especially 
A. squamosa 
Long-leaved. Anona Jiexapetala 
Netted. Anona reticulata 
Peruvian. Anona Cherimolia 
Prickly (Sour-sop). Anoiia muricata 
Scaly (Sweet-sop). Ano7ia squamosa 
Shining-leaved. Anona 2}alustris 
Custard-cups. E2)ilohium hirsutum 
Cutberdole, or Cutbertill. An old name 

for Acanthus 
Cuteh. See Catechu, Black 
Cut-finger. Valeriana 2Jgrenaica and Vinca 

Cut-grass. Leersia oryzoides 
Cut-heal. Valeriana officinalis 
Cuvy. Laminaria digitata 
Cyananth, Hoary-leaved. CyanantJms in- 
Lobed-leaved. Cyanantlms lobatiis 
Cyclamen, Atkins's. Cyclamen Atkinsii 
European. Cyclamen europcsum 
Iberian. Cyclamen ibericwii 
Ivy-leaved. Cyclamen liederafoliumi 
Large-leaved. Cyclamen africanum (C. 

algeriense macro2)Tiyllum') 
Neapolitan. Cyclamen nea2)olitanv/m 
Persian. Cyclamen 2Jersicum 
Kound-leaved. Cyclamen Ccninn 
Spring. Cyclamen vernum ( C. re2)andum~) 
Variegated Kound-leaved. Cyclamen Cotim 

vernum (6'. Coum zonale') 
White-flowered Kound-leaved. Cyclamen 
Coum albwm 
Cyphel. Cherleria sedoides 
Cypress, African. The genus Widdring- 
Bald, Black, or Deciduous. Taxodivmi dis- 

Bhotan. C^qiressus torulosa 
Black. See Cypress, Bald 
Blunt-leaved Japan. RetiTWspora obtusa 
Broom, or S umm er. Kochia ( Clieno2) odium) 

Chinese Deciduous. Taxodiumi slnense 
Common Pyramidal. Cupressus semper- 

Compact Japan. Retinospora obtusa var. 

Deciduous. See CjqDress, Bald 
Embossed. The genus Glyptostrobus 
Evergreen. See Cypress, Italian 
Fem-like Japan. Retinospora filieoides 
Field. Ajuga Cliamapiitys 
Fragrant. Cupressus fragrans 
Funereal. Cupressus funehris 
Garden. Artemisia maritima 
Golden Plume - like Japan. Retinospora 

jilumosa var. aurea 
Golden-variegated Japan. Retinospora ob- 
tusa var. aurea 
Gowen's Califomian. Cu2}ressus Goveniana 
Ground. Santolina Cliamcccyparissus 
Himalayan. Cu2}ress%is torulosa 
Horizontal. Cupressus sem2)ervirens var. 

Incense-bearing Mexican. Cupressus tJm- 

Italian, or Evergreen. Cupresms sempervi/rens 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Cypi'ess, Japan. Tlie genus Betijwspora, 

especially H. ohtusa 
Lawson's. Cujjressus ( Chamcscyparis) Lam- 

Monterey. Cupressus macrocarpa 
Montezuma. Taxodlum disticlnmn var, 

viexicanum (T. 7nvcro7iatu7)i) 
Nootka Sound. Cupressus nutkaensls 
Oregon. Chqjressns ( Chamacyparis) Lam- 

Pea-fruited Japan. ReUnospora inslfera 
Pigmy Japan. Retinospora ohtusa var. 

Plume-like Japan. Retbwspora plumosa 
Portugal. Cupressus pendula 
Silver-variegated Japan. Retinospora oh- 
tusa var. argentea 
Silvery Plume-like Japan. Retinospora 

plumosa var. argentea 
Standing. Tpomopsis elegans 
Strawberry-fruited Tasmanian. Microca- 

chrys tetragona 
Summer. See Cypress, Broom 
Swamp. The genus Cliamwcyparis 
Swan River. Actinostrohus acuvdnatus and 

A. pyrarnidalis 
Tall Guatemala. Cupressus excelsa 
Thread-leaved Japan. Retinospora filifera 
Upright. Cupressus sempervirens var. 

Upright Indian. Cupressus Wliitleyana 
Weeping. Cupressus funehris 
Weeping Deciduous. Taxodtwri distlchum 

var. penduhim 
Yellow. Thujipsis horealis {Cujjressus 

nuikaensis) and Thuja Lohbii (21 

Menzicsil, T. gigantea) 
Cypress-Broom. See Broom 
Cypress " knees." Tumours produced by 

disease on the roots of Taxoditcm dis- 
Cypress-Moss. Lycopodium alpinum 
Cypress-root, or Sweet Cypress. Cyperus 

Cypress-Spurge. Euphorhia Cyparissias 
Cypress-Vine. Qnamoclit vulgaris 
Carolina. Tpomwa carollnlana 
Ivy-leaved. Tpomcca hederacea coccinea 

Daffadowndilly. Narcissus Pseudo-nar- 
Daffodil, Ajax. Narcissus Ajax 

Bazelman major. Narcissus Tretvianws 
Bazelman minor. Narcissus crenulatiis 
Chequered. Fritillarla Melcagris 
Cliff. Narcissus rupicola 
Clusius's. Narcissus Clusii 
Common. Narcissus Pseudo-narcissus 
Cyclamen-flowered. Narcissus calathinus 
jmlchellus, N triandrus, and other species 
which have the perianth-segments re- 
Dwarf. Narcisstis minor 
Dwarfest. Narcissus 7ui7ii mus {N.pu/milus) 
Eastern. Narcissus orientalis 
French. Narcissus Tazetta 
Golden. Narcissus 7naxi7uus 
Graells's. Narcissus Graellsi 
Green-flowered. Narcissus viridijlor^is 

Daffodil, Hoop-petticoat. Narcissus BuU 

Horsfield's. Narcissiis Uorstieldi 
Incomparable. Narcissus i7icomparahilis 
Indian Autumn. Pa7icratmm i7idicum 
Jonquil. Narcissus Jo7iquilla 
Jonquil, Queen Anne's. Narcissus pusillu» 

Jonquil, Small. Narcissus pusilhts 
Larger Curled-cup. Narcissus interjectus 
Mountain. N'arcissus 7)io7ita7ms 
Musk-scented. Narcissus 7>wschatus 
Narrow-leaved. Narcissus a7igustifoUus 
One-leaved. Narcissus 77io7U)phylhis 
Pale-flowered. Narcissus 2)allidulus 
Paper- white. Narcissus papijraceus 
Peerless. Narcissus incomparahiUs 
Peruvian. Is77ic7ie A7na7icaes 
Pigmy. NarcissxLs 7ni7iiinus (^N.p'UTuilus') 
Polyanthus. Narcissus Tazetta 
Kush-leaved. Narcissus juncifolius and 

N. tria7idrus 
Sea-shore. Narcissus calathinus ; also ap- 
plied to Pa7icrati7ini 7)iariti»iu)?i 
Sibthorp's. Narcissus obvallaris 
Slender. Narcissus tenuior 
Smaller Curled-cup. Narcissus lie77iinaUs 
Telamon. Narcissiis Tela77io7mis 
Tenby Six-lobed. Narcissus lohularis 
Thick-bulbed. Narcissiis pachybulbos 
Three-stamened. Narcissus tria7idnis 
Twisted. Narcissus tortuosiis 
Two-coloured. Narcissus bicolor 
Two-flowered. Narciss7is bijioriis 
White Musk-scented. Narcisstis patulus 
Winter. Ster7ihergia lutea and S. lutea, 

Yellow Rush-leaved. Narcissus gracilis 
Dagger floAver. Machoera7ithera ta7iace 

tifolia (Aster tmiacetifoUus) 
Dagger-plant. Tlie genus Yiicca 
Dahlia, Black. Dahlia Zimapani (^Cosmos 

Cactus. Dahlia Yuarezi 
Common. Varieties of Dahlia ( Georgina") 

Florists'. Varieties of Dahlia mperflua 
Giant. Dahlia imprrialis 
Imperial. Dahlia imperialis 
Long-flower-stcmmed. Dahlia scapigera, 
Scarlet. Dahlia cocci7iea 
Slender. Dahlia gracilis 
Tree. Dahlia iniperialis 
Yuarcz's. Dahlia Yuarezi 
Daisy, African. Atha7iasiaanima 
American False. Eclipta brachypoda 
Annual. Bellis anium 
Arctic Ox-eye. Leticanthemwn (^CJirysan- 

thetinun) arcticu?)i 
Aucuba-lcavcd. Jiellis attcuhcefolia 
Big. Chrysanthemum Leucanthi'm7i77i 
Blue. Aster Tripollum and various species 

of Globularia 
Blue Alpine. Aster alpinus 
Blue Round-leaved. Bellis rotundifolia 

var. cwrulca 
Christmas. Aster gratidiflorus 
Chusan. The small, or Pomponc, variety of 

Clirysa)tthemum si7ieiisc 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Daisy, Common. Bellis pere7i7iis 
Common Small. Bellkom hellidloides 
Crown. Clirysanthenmm coronariv/ni and 

Dog, Horse, Moon, or Ox-eye. Clirysan- 

tli emwm Leucanth emum 
Double Ked. BelUs percnnis ruhra pleiM 
Double White. Bellis j)erenn\s alba plena 
Dwarf Small. Belliuni minutimti 
False. Bellium hellidloides 
Globe. The genus Globularia 
Hen-and- Chickens. Bellis pere7inis var. 

Horse. See Daisy, Dog 
Italian. Bellis hyirida 
Marsh. Armeria marltUna 
Marsh Ox-eye. ClvrysantliemUTii lacustre 
Mexican. EriyeroniLepiosielma') viaxlnmm 
Michaelmas. Aster TrlpolvK/ni and A. Tra- 

Moon. See Daisy, Dog 
New Holland. Vittadenia australis (F. 

New Zealand. The genus Lagenopliora 
Ox-eye. See Daisy, Dog 
Ox-eye, Tricoloured. Chrysanthemiim Bur- 

Paris. Chrysantliemmn frutescens 
Portugal Wood. Bellis sylvestrls 
Small. The genus Bellium 
Swan Eiver. Brachyconie iberidlfolla 
Texan. Bellis integrlfoUa 
Thick-leaved Small. Bellium crassifoUum 
Turfing. Pyrethrum Tcldhatcheivi 
Western. Bellis integrifolia 
Daisy Bush, New Zealand. Olearia Haastii 

and other species 
Daisy Star. The genus BelUdiastrum 
Daisy Tree, New Zealand. Various species 
of Olearia 
Tasmauian. Burybia lyrata 
Dalmatian Cap. An old name for the 

genus Tullpa 
Damasse. Another name for the Damson 
Dame's Violet. Hesperls matronalls 
Dam.mar Tree, Black. Canarium strictvmi 

White. Vaterla indica 
Dam.sel. Another name for the Damson 
Dam.son, or Damson-Plum. Primus com- 
munis var. damascena 
Bitter, or Mountain. Slmaruba amara 
W. Indian. Chrysopliyllwn oliviferum 
Wild. Primus insltltia 
Danchi, or Dhunchi-plant. Sesbania acideata 
Dancing Girls. See Opera Girls 
Dandelion. Leontodon Taraxacum 
Blue. Lactuca sonchifolia 
Dwarf American. Krlgia vlrgi7iica 
False. PyrrJiopjjus caroli7ila7ius 
Dane-ball, or Dane-wort. Sambucus Ebulus 
Danes'-blood. Sambucus Ehulus, A7iemo7ie 

PulsatiUa, and Vanipanula glomcrata 
Danes'-flower. A7iemone Pulsatilla 
Danes'-"wreed. Eryngium campestre and 

Sambuciis Ebidus 
Dane-wort. See Dane-ball 
Dangle-berry, or Blue Tangle. Gaylu- 

saccla frondosa 
Daphne, Alpine. Baphne alpina 

Daphne, Altaian. Baphne altalca 
Australian. Wlckstroemia i7idica 
Chinese. Bapluie cliinensis 
Downy. Baplwie pubesceTis 
Flax-leaved. Bapli7ie G7iidlum 
Fortune's. Bapli7ie Fortimei 
Green-flowered. Bapli7ie viridljlora 
Hill. Baph7ie collhia 
Indian. Bapli7ie %7idlca 
Japan. Bapline japonlca 
Lady Auckland's. Baphne Auchlandlce 
Neapolitan. Baphne collma 
Olive-leaved. Baph7ie oleoldes 
Paper. Baph7ie papyracea 
Pontic. Baphne pontica 
Ked-flowered Indian. Baphne l7idica var. 

Kock. Baphiie rupestris 
Silky. Baph7ie sericea 
Silvery-leaved. Baph7ie Tarto7iraira 
Smooth-leaved. Baph7ie Thymelcea 
Streaked-barked. I)aph7ie striata 
Sweet-scented. Baphne odora 
Tinus-leaved. Baphne tmlfolla 
Variegated. Baph7ie odora var. variegata 
Willow-leaved. Baph7ie salicifolia 
Darnel. Lollum temuleivtum 

Ked. Loliimi perenne 
Darning-needle, Devil's. Scandlx Pecten 
Darsham Fern. NephTodiiim crlstatimii 
Dart-Grass. Holcus 7uolUs and H. Ia7iatus 
Date, Chinese. The fruit of a species of 

Date-Coffee. See CofEee 
Date-Palm. Phoenix dactyUfera and other 

Date-Plnm, Virginian. Blospyros virginiana 
Virginian Downy - leaved. Blospiyros vir- 
gi7iia7ia var. jmbesceiis 
Dattoek. Betarmm se7iegalense 
David's-harp. Polygo7iatum 7n'ultiflorum 
David's-root. Chiococca race7nosa and 

Celastriis sca7ide7is 
Dawa. The fruit of NepJieliinn pi7i7iat707n 
Day-berry. The wild Gooseberry 
Day Nettle. See Dead Nettle 
Day -flower. The genus Coimnelma 
Day-lily. The genus Hemerocallis 
Dark Yellow. Hemerocallis lutea 
Dumortier's. IIe7nerocallis Bumortleri 
Grass-leaved. Hemerocallis gra7nl7iea 
Tawny. Hemerocallis ftilva 
Two-rowed. He7nerocallis dlsticha 
Variegated-leaved. Hemerocallis K7va7iso 

Yellow. Hemerocallis flava 
Dea Nettle, or Dee Nettle. See Dead Nettle 
Dead-Man's-Toe. Lanmiaria dlgltata 
Dead-Men's-Fingers. Orchis 7nascula, 0. 

7nac7data, and other species 
Dead Nettle, or Deaf Nettle. A general 
name for various species of Lamiuin 
Balm-leaved Red. Lamilum Orvala 
Gargano. Lainlum garga7ilcum 
Golden. Lamium aureu7n 
Long-flowered. Lamium loiiglfloriutn 
Pyrenean. Hormi7ium pyre7ialc7vm 
Eed. Lamlimn 2)urp7ireu7>i 
Spotted. Lammm maculatum 


EfigUsh Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Dead Nettle, ■\^niite. Lamium album 

Yellow. Lamium Galeohdolon 
Dead-tongue. (Enunthe crocata 
Dead- wort. Samhucus Elndus 
Deaf Nettle. See Dead Nettle 
Deal Trees. Various species of Pinus and 

Deberries. Another name for Gooseberries 
Deer Balls. Uhqihounjces 
Deer-berry. Mitclu-lla repens, and Vacci- 

ninm stamlncum 
Deer-food. Brasenla peltata 
Deer-grass. lihexia virginica 
Deer's-hair. Scirpus {Eleocliaris) ccBspi- 

Deer's-foot Grass. Agrostis setacea 
Deer's-weed. See Dyer's-weed 
Deil's-Meal. Anthriscus sylvestris 
Deil's-Oatmeal. Buniv/m flexuosum 
Deil's-Spoons. Potamogeton natans and 

Alisma Plantago 
Delt-Orache. Atrijjlexpatnla 
Demigod's-food. An old name for Am- 

brina amhrosioides 
Deptford Pink. Biantlms Armeria 
Deodar. Cednis Beodara 

Hca\y-branched. Cedrus Beodara rdbusta 
Silvery-leaved. Cedrus Beodara nivea 
Desert-Rod. The genus Eremostachys 
Devil-in-a-busli. Nigdla damascena 
Devil-tree. Alstonia scholaris 
Devil-wood. Osma7ithus americanus (^Olea 

Devil's-Apron. Laminaria saccTmrina 
Devil's-Bean. Capparis cynopliallopliora 
Devil's-Bit, or Devil's-Bit Scabious. Scailosa 
American. Helonias dioica (^CJiamcslirion 

lutewiii) and Liatris squarrosa 
Swamp. Ptelea irifoliata 
Devll's-Candlestiek. Nepeta Gleclwma 
Devil's-Cla^ws. Banunculus arvensis 
Devil's-Coacb-w^heel. Ranunculus arvensis 
Devil's-Curry-comb. Ranuncuhis arvensis 
Devil's-Darning-needle. Scandix Pecten 
Devil's-Flower. Lychnis diurna 
Devil's- Garter. Convolvulus sejnum 
Devil's-Herb, W.Indian. Plmnlago scan- 
Devil's-Horn. Pliallus impudicus 
Devil's-Leaf. TJrtica urentissima 
Devil's-Milk. Euphorbia Helioscojna and 

other species 
Devil's - Snuff-box. Various species of 

Devii's-Tree. Alstonia scholaris 
Devil's-Trumpet. BaUira Stramonium 
Dew-berry. Jhihus casins 

American. Buhus ca^iadensis 
Dew-Grass. Jtuctylis glomerata 
Dew-plant. Mi>^rmhryanthemxim glabrum 
Dewtry. Datura Htramonium 
Deye - Nettle. Galcopsis Tetrahit and 

Stachys sylvatica 
Dhak-tree. Jiutea frondosa 
Dhal, or Dhol. The seeds of Cajanus 

Dhourra, Dluina, Doura, or Durra. 
Sorghum vulgare 

Dhunehi. See Danchi 
Dhurra. See Dhourra 
Dika, or Udika, Bread-plant of W. Africa. 

Irviwjia Barteri 
Dikamali Eesin-plant. Gardenia Iticida 
Dill, or Dill-seed. Ancthum graveolens 
Dillisk. Ilhodymc7iia palmata 
Dilnote. An old name for Cyclamen 
Dirt-weed, or Dirty Dick. Chenopodivm 

Distaff Cane. Arundo Bonax 
Diss. Arundo {Ampelodesmos) tenax (A. 
Arab's. Festuca altissima 
Ditch-Bur. Xanfhium strumariwni 
Ditch-Fern. Oxmuuda regalis 
Ditch-Grass, American. B^tpjna maritiTna 
Ditch-Reed. Phraymites communis 
Dithering (Shivering) Grass. Briza media 
Dittander. Lepidium latifolium 
Dittany. Bictamnus Fraxinella 
American. Cunila Mariana 
Of Amorgos. Origanum TournefoHii 
Of Crete. Origanum Bictamnus 
Divi-Divi-tree. Ca'salpinia coriaria 
Dock, or Docken. Various species of Rv/mex 
Ben. (Enanthe crocata 
Bladder. Rwnex vesicarius 
Broad-leaved. Rumex obtusifolius 
Can. Nymphcpa alba and Nuphar lutea 
Clustered. Rumex conylomeratus 
Curled. Rumex crispus 
Fiddle. Rximex pulcher 
Flatter. Nxjmphwa alba and other aquatic 

plants with floating leaves 
Gentle. Polygonum Bistorta 
Golden. Rumex maritimus 
Grainless. Rumex aqunticus 
Grove. Rumex Xemolaqxithum 
New Zealand. Rumex Jtexuosus 
Pale, of N. America. Rtimex Britannica 
Patient, or Patience. Polygonum Bistorta 
Prairie. Silphium terebi7ithinaccwm 
Eed-veined. Rumex sangui'lieus 
Bound. Malva sylvestris 
Sea. An old name for Acanthus 
Sharp. See Dock, Sour 
Sorrel. Ruinex Acetosa 
Sour, or Sharp. Rumex Acetosa 
Swamp, of N. America. Rumex verticillatus 
Tuberous-rooted. Rumex tuherosus 
Velvet. Verbaseum Thapstis 
Water. Rumex llydrolapathum 
"Water, American. Rumex orhiculatut 
White, or Willow-leaved, Californian. JBtt- 
mex salicifolius 
Docken, Eldin. Rumex aqnaticus 

Flowerj'. Chenojiodium Bonus-IIenricus 
Water. Petasifrs vulgaris 
Dockmackie. Vihurnum acerifolivm 
Doctor's-gum-tree. Rhus Metopium 
Dod. 'J'ypha latifolia 
Dodder. The genus Cuscuta 
Bengal. Cuscuta capitata 
Flax. Cuscuta Epilinum 
Greater. Cuscuta europcea 
Small. Cuscuta Epithynwni 
Dodder-cake-plant. Camelina sativa 
Dodder-grass. Briza media 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Dog-berry, or Dog-cherry. The fruit of 

CoTiius sangulnea 
Dog-Daisy. See Daisy 
Dog-Eller. Vihnrnuni Opulus 
Dog-Fennel. Anthemis Cotula 
Dog-Gowan. Matricaria inodora 
Dog-Grass. Triticum repens 
Dog-Wettle. See Dead Nettle 
Dog-Oak. Acer campestre 
Dog-Rose. Itosa canina 
Dog-Rowan-tree. ViJmrnvmi Opulus 
Dog-Thistle. Carduus arvensis 
Dog-Tree. Cornus saiiguiiica 
Dog-Violet. Viola caniiia and V. sylvatica 
Dog-wood. Cornus sanguinea ; also applied 
to Euon>jmus europceus, Rhamnus Fran- 
gula, and Vihurnum. Opulus 
Alternate-leaved. Cornus alternifolia 
Black. Pisciclia carthagine7isis 
Blue-berried. Cornus sericea 
Flowering.- Cormis Jlorida 
Headed-flowered. Cornus capitata 
niawarra. Emnneiiosperma alpliitonioides 
Jamaica. Piscidia JSrythriJia 
Large-leaved. Cornus macropliylla 
Male. Cormis mas 
N. S. Wales. Jacksonia scoparia 
Oblong-leaved. Cornus oMonga 
Panicle-flowered. CornxLS paniculata 
Pond. See Pond-Dogwood 
Red Osier. Cornus stolonifera 
Eough-leaved. Cornus asperifolia 
Round-leaved. Cornus circinata 
Siberian Scarlet. Cornus siMrica 
Silky, or Kinnikinnik. Cornus sericea 
Stiff. Cormis stricta 
Striped. Acer pen7isi/lvanicu7n, 
Tall Mexican. Cornus grandis 
Upright-branched. Cornus stricta 
Tasmanian. Bedfordia salicina 
White-berried. Cornus alia 
White Jamaica. Piscidia Erytlirina 
Dog's-bane. The genus Apocynumi 
Climbing. Periploca grceca 
Spreading, or Tutsan-leaved. Apocynum 

androste )?i ifoli u m 
Venetian. Apocynum Yenetumi 
Dog's-Chanioniile. Matricaria CJia/mo- 

Dog's-ehop. Mesemlryantliemwm caninum 
Dog's Grass. See Dog's-tail Grass 
Dog's Leek. See Leek 
Dog's Mercury. Mereu/rialis perennis 
Dog's Parsley, ^tlmsa Cynapium 
Dog's-rib. See Eib-grass 
Dog's-tail Grass. Cyiiosihrus cristatus 
Dog's Tansy. Potentilla anserina 
Dog's-tongue. Cyiioglossum officinale 
Dog's-tooth Grass. Triticum caninum and 

Cynodon Dactylon 
DoUee-wood, Myristica surinamensis 
Dolphin-flower. Delptliinium, Consolida 
Donkey's-eye. The seed of Mxicuna 




Galeopsis Ladanvm 
Doon-tree. Doona zeylanica 
Doorda, or Doorwa, Grass. 




Door- weed. Polygonum aviculare 
Dorn-boom, of S. Africa. Acacia horrida 
Double-leaf. Listera ovata 
Double-tongue. Ptcscus Hypoglossum 
Doura. See Dhourra 
Dove-Doek. Tussilago Farfara 
Dove-flower, Waxen. Peristeria cerina 
Dove-Orchid. See Orchid 
Dove-plant. Peristeria elata 
Dove-wood. Alclwrnea latifoUa 
Dove's-foot. Geranium molle and G. niacu- 

Down-thistle. Onopordon Acanthium 
Down-tree. Ocliroma Lagopus 
Down- weed. Filago germanica 
Downy Ling. Eriopliorum polystacliyon 
Drake, Drawk, Dra\-ick, or Droke. Ap- 
plied to Darnel, Cockle, or weeds in 
Dragon, Green. Ariscema Bracontium 
Dragon-Arum. Arumi Bracunculus 
Dragon-bushes. Linaria vulgaris 
Dragon-claw. Pterospora Andromeda and 

Corallorrhiza odontorrhiza 
Dragon-plant. The genus Bracceiia 
Hardy. Braccena {Cordyline) indivisa 
New Zealand. Braccena (^Cordyline') aust- 

Oval-leaved. Braccena iorealis 
Zebra-striped. Braccena Goldieana 
Dragon-tree, Canary Islands. Braccena 

Dragon-root. Ariscsma Bracontium 
Dragon-wort. Polygonum Bistorta 
Dragon's Female. An old name for 

Arum Bracunculus 
Dragon's-blood-plant. Calamus {Bcsmo- 
norops) Braco ; also apphed to Gera- 
nium Rohertianum 
Dragon's-blood-tree. Braccena Braco 
Dragon's-eye. Nepheliwn Longanum 
Dragon's-head. The genus Bracocephalumi 
Argunsk. Bracoceplialum argunense 
Austrian. Bracoceplialum austriacum 
Betony-leaved. Bracoceplialum grandi- 

False. The genus Pliysostegia 
Hyssop-leaved. Bracoceplialum Ruyscliia- 

Lnbricated False. Pliysostegia imbricata 
Large-flowered. Bracoceplialum, grandi- 

Prickly -leaved. Bracoceplialurniperegrinu/m 
Tasmanian. Biuris sulpliurea 
Toothed False. Pliysostegia deiiticulata 
Twin-flowered. Bracoceplialwn perecjrinum 
Dragon's-mouth. Antirrhinum majus, 
Arimi crinitu/m, and Epidendru/m macro- 
Dragons' Water. Calla palustris 
Draper's Teasel. Bipsacus fullonum 
Drias-plant. Tliapsia garganica 
Drooping Avens. Geum rivale 
Drooping Tulip. Fritillaria Meleagris 
Drop-seed Grass. See Grass 
Drop-wort. Spircsa Filipendula 
False Water. Tiedemannia teretifoUa 
Double-flowered. Spiraa Filipendula plena 
Hemlock. (ETiantlie crocata 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Dropwort, Water. (E7ianthe fistulosa 

Western. G-iUcnia trifoliata 
Drum-stick-tree. Catliartocarpus coii- 

Drunken-wort. An old name for Tobacco 
Dryad, White-flowered. Dryas octopetala 

Yellow-flowered. Dryas DriDumomll 
Dry-rot Fungus. Mendlm lachryma7is 
Duck's-foot. Alchemllla vulgaris and 

Podoj)hyllnm peltatum 
Duck-weed, or Duck-meat. The genus 

Common. Lemna minor 

Coral-berried, or Fruiting. Nertera depressa 

Greater. Lemna polyrrMza 

Ivy-leaved. Lemna trisidca 

Lesser. Le7n7ia 7nl7wr 

Thick-leaved. Lem7ia yihba 

Tropical. Pistia Stratiotcs 
Duck-meat. See Duck-weed 
Duck-mud. Conferva rhndaris and other 

delicate green-spnrcd Algce 
Duffle. Vi'i'Jiasciiiii Tlt(q)i>tis 
Dulse, llhodyinenla 2'idmata and Iridcea 

Pepper. Laiirc7icia piTmatifida 
Dumb Cane. Caladhim seguiTiwm 
Dumpling, Greater. Mese7n'brya7it'hem'wni 

Small. Mesemhryanthenvu/ni 7}mdmum 
Dunga-runga-tree. Notelaa ovata 
Dunny Nettle. Another name for Dead 

Durgan Wheat. Bearded Wheat 
Durian, or Duryon, Tree. B^irio zlietJd7ms 
Durra. See Dhourra 
Dusty Miller. Primula Aiirimda and 

Senccio Cineraria 
Dutch Agrimony. I!7ipatorium canna- 

Dutch-Clover. Tri folium repcns 
Dutch-Mice. L,aihyrus t7d)erosus 
Dutch-Myrtle. Myrica Gale 
Dutch-Rush. F.tni',M'i7im hye7nale 
Dutchman's-breeches. Dice7itra cuc7d- 

Dutchman's-butter. Cassia yla7idulosa 
Dutchman's-pipe. Aristolochia Sipho 
Dutch-Pink-plant. Reseda Luteola 
Dwale. Atropa Ihdladomia 

Deadly. Acnidus urliorcscciis 
Dwarf Bay. See Bay 
Dwarf Cornel. See Cornel 
Dwarf Elder. See Elder 
Dway-berries. Airopa Belladonna 
Dyer's Broom. See Broom 
Dyer's-grapes. I'ltytolacca decandra 
Dyer's Green-w^eed. Gcjiista tinctoria 
Dyer's Rocket. J!e.vda lAdeola 
Dyer's-weed. L'rKida I^ideola 

Douljle. Geni.tfa linctoria Jl.-pl. 
Dyer's Yellow- w^eed. Iteseda iMteola 

Eagle-wood. Aqnilaria Agallochum and 

A . oral a 
Ear-cockle, or Tur])]? s. A disease inWieat, 
in wliicji the ^raiii is attacked by multi- 
tuflcs of very minute worms of the genus 

Ear-drops, Lady's. The garden Fuchsia 
Ear-wort. Jlhaeicallis rupestris 
Ear-ring Elow^er. The garden Fuchsia 
Earning-grass. Pinguicula vulgaris 
Earth-balls (Truffles). T^iier cibaHum 
Earth-gall. Frythrwa Ceidaurium and 
other plants of the Geivtia7h tribe 
Chinese. Picria Fel-terrce 
Of the Malays. OpMorrldza Mu7igos 
Earth-jelly. Trcmella A^iricula 
Earth-moss. The genus PJiascvm 
Earth-nut, or Earth-chestnut. Bvmvm 
Large. Pimirmn Btdlocastanum 
Earth- quakes. Briza inedia 
Earth-smoke. Fu7naria offici7ialis 
Earth-star. The genus Geaster 
Easter-flower, Mexican. Poi7isettia puU 

Easter Giant, Easter Ledges, Easter 
Magiants, or Easter Mangiants. Poly- 
gomvm Bistorta 
Eboe-tree. Blpterix ehoensis 
Ebony-tree, Ceylon. Biosj^yros Ehenvm 
Coromandel. Biospyros Mehuioxylon 
East Indian. Balbergia latifolia. Bios- 

j)yros Ebe7iaster, and B. Melajwxijlon 
False. Cytistis Lalnir7mm 
Green. Fxcwcaria gla7idulosa, Biynonia 

leucoxylo7i, and Jacara7ida ovalifolia 
Jamaica. Brya Ebe7ms 
Mauritius. Biospyros reticulata 
Mountain. Ba7t/n7da varieyata 
St. Helena. Melha7da Mela7wx7jlon 
Senegal. Balberyia Mela7wxylorb 
W. Indian. Brya Ebe7ms 
Edder-wort. An old name for Arwni 

Edelweiss. Gnaplialium L^eoniopodiwni 
New Zealand. GnapliaVmm. {Helichry- 
S7t)n) Colensoi and G. yrandiceps 
Edge-w^eed. (E7ia7dlie Pliellandriwn 
Eel-grass. See Grass 
Eel-ware, or Eel-beds. Ra7iuiuyid'us fluitam 

and various pond-weeds 
Egg-berry. Pr7nmts Padiis 
Egg-plant, or Bringall. Sola7iU7)i Melongena 
(S. ovigerv/ni) 
Eed-fruited. Sola7ium Mclongena fructu- 

Violet-fruited. Solaimm Melonyena fructu- 

White-fruited. Solanimn Mclo7igena fructu- 

Yellow- fruited. Solanv/m Melongenafructu- 
Eglantine. Bosa Eglanferia, Rosa rubi- 

yiniiKti, and llubus Eyhinteria 
Eggs-and-Bacon. Liiuiria ndgaris and 

LaiIus eiirnieiilatus 
Eggs-and-Butter. lAnaria vulgaris and 

tlie Buttercup 
Eileber. An old name for Erysimwn 

A lliaria 
Egyptian Rose. Scabiosa arre7isis and 

(S*. airopvrpiirea 
Egyptian Thorn. Craftryiis Pyraca7itlia 
Elder, or Elder-berry. iSiimbiieiis 7dgra 
American. Sa7nlnicus Ca7iadcnsis 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Elder, Autumn-flowering. Samhiicus Can- 
Bishop's. See Bishop's Elder 
Californian. Sambucus cflauca 
Chinese. Samhimis ekinensis 
Cut-leaved. Savihncus nigra var. laciniata 
Dwarf. Sambucus huniilis and Pilea 

Ground. Sambucus Elmlus 
Hart's. SambucJis racemosa 
Herbaceous. Sambucus Ebulus 
Horse. See Horse Elder 
Marsh, or Water. Viburnum Opulus 
N. American. The genus Iva 
Parsley-leaved. Sambucus nigra var. laci- 
Poison. Rhus venoiatum 
Eed-berried. Sambucus imbens and S. 

Eose. See Eose-Elder 
Eosy-flowered. Sambucus nigra var. rosce- 

Spanish. Artantlie adxhnca 
Variegated Cut-leaved. Sambucus laciniata 

Water. See Elder, Marsh 
Wild, of N. America. Aralia hispida 
Elecampane. Inula Heleniwn 
Elemi-Resin-plant, Brazilian. Several 
species of Idea 
Mauritius. Coloplwnia Matiritiaiia 
Mexican. Amyris elemifera 
Elephant's- Apple . Feronia elep li antwn 
Elephant's-ear. The genus Begonia and 

Siplionantlius hastatus 
Elephant's-foot. Testudinaria elepTiantijpes 
and the genus Elepliantopus 
Carolina. Elephantopus caroUnensis 
Eough. Elcphantoims scaber 
Elephant's-grass. See Grass 
Elephant's-trunk-plant. Martynia pro- 

boscidea and Adeniu/m namaqtiaiuim 
Elephant's Vine. Cissus latifolia 
Eleven-o'Clock-Lady. Ornithogalum um- 

Elf-Dock. Inula HeleJiium 
Elk-bark. Magnolia glauca 
Elk-tree, Sour-leaved. Andromeda arborea 
Elk's-horn Fern. See Fern 
Elm. The genus Ulmus 

Acute-leaved. Ulmus campestris var. 

American, or White. Ulmus americana 
American Cork. Ulmus racemosa 
American False. Celtis occidefitalis 
American Eock. Ulmus racemosa 
American Small-leaved. Ulmus alata 
Birch-leaved. Ulmus cajiipestris var. betula- 

Black Irish. Ulmus montana var. nigra 
Broad-leaved Common. Ulmus campestris 

var. latifolia 
Camperdown Weeping. Ulmus viontana 

var. pendula 
Canterbury Seedling. Ulmus glabra var. 

Cevennes. Ulmus montana var. ceben- 


Ulmus glabra var. vegeta 

Elm, Chinese. Ulmus campestris var. cMnensis 
Clammy. Ulmus campestris var. viscosa 
Common. Ulmus campestris 
Concave-leaved. Ulmus campestris var. con- 

Cork-barked. Ulmus suberosa 
Corky White. Ulmus racemosa 
Cornish. Ulmus campestris var. cornu- 

Curled-leaved. Ulmus montana var. crispa 
Declining-branched. Ulmus major 
Downton. Ulmus glabra var. pendula 
Dutch, or Sand. ZRmus suberosa 
Dwarf. Ulmus campestris var. 7iana 
Dwarf Siberian. TTlnnLS punnila 
E. Indian. Ulmus {Holoptelea) integrifolia 
English. Ulmus campestris 
Exeter. Ulmus montana var. fastigiata 
Feathered. Ulmus glabra 
Floetbeck. Ulmus glabra var. ramulosa 
Glanded-leaved. Ulmus glabra var. glan- 

Golden. Ulmus Bampieri aurea 
Golden-variegated. TTlmus campestris foliis 

Greater Wych. Ulmus montana var. major 
Hertfordshire. Ulmus suberosa vars. lati- 
folia and angustifolia 
Himalayan. Ulmus WalUcTiiaiia 
Hooded-leaved. Ulmus campestris va/r. 

Hornbeam-leaved. Ulmus carpinifolia 
Huntingdon. Ulmus glabra var. vegeta 
Japanese. Ulmus Kahi 
Jersey. Ulmus campestris var. saroiiensis 
Kidbrook. Ulmus campestris var. virens 
Moose. Ulmus fulva 
Monumental. Ulmus monumientalis 
Puq^le-leaved. Ulmus campestris var. pw- 

Eed, or Slippery. Ulmus fulva 
Eed English. Ulmus campestris var. 

Eough-leaved Wych. Ulmus montana var. 

Sand. See Elm, Dutch 
Scampston. A variety of Ulmus glabra 
Scotch. Ulmus montana 
Slippery. See Elm, Eed 
Slippery, of California. Fremontia cali- 

Smaller Wych. Ulmus montana var. minor 
Small-leaved Common. Ulmus campestris 

var. parvifolia 
Smooth-leaved. Ulmus glabra 
Smooth-leaved Wych. Ulmus montana 

var. glabra 
Spanish. Cordia GerascTiantlms {Geras- 

cliantlius vulgaris') 
Spreading-flowered. Ulmus effusa 
Twiggy. Ulmus campestris var. riminalis 
Twisted. Ulmus campestris var. tortuosa 
Upright-branched. Ulmus suberosa var. 

Variegated. Ulmus campestris var. vimi- 

nalis variegata 
Weeping. Ulmus glabra var. pendula 
Weeping Wych. Ulmus montana var. 



English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Elm, White. See Elm, American 

White-barked. Ulmiis suberosa var. alba 
White-variegated. Uimus caitipestris foUls 

Winged. Ulvius alata 
Witch or Wych. Ulmui montana 
Yoke. Carpinus Betnlus 
Else-Dock. An old name for ElccampaTie 
Eltrot, Ileracleum Sphoiuhjlhim 
Enietic--W"eed. Lobelia bijlata 
Emony. A corruption of "Anemone" 
Enchanter's Nightshade. Circcea lute- 

Endive. ClcTiorvumi Endivia 
Enemy. A corruption of " Anemone " 
English Maidenhair. Asjflenmm Tri- 

English Mercury. Clwiwjiodiwn Bonus- 

English Sea Grape. Salicornia Iwrbacea 
Ergot of Rye. See Eye 
Ensilage. Forage plants and grasses (chiefly 
Maize, Clover, Millet, and Alfalfa) pre- 
served in a green state through the winter 
by storing them in water-tight and air- 
tight pits (silos). Extensively used in 
the United States 
Eringo, or Eryngo. The genus Eryngiwm 
Ermine-chop. Mesemhryanthemwn ermi- 

Er-nut. See Earth-nut 
Ers. Ervunt Ervilia 

Ervalenta (Re\-alcnta) plant. Ervitmi Lens 
Eryngo, or Sea-Holly. The genus Eryncjiv/m 
Alpine. Erynylum aljiinwm 
Amethyst. Erynyiwn amethystirvwni 
Dwarf. Eryngium pusillwni 
Field. Eryngium camjyestre 
Flat-leaved. Eryngium planum 
Giant. Eryngium giganteum 
Ivory. Eryngiivrn eburneum 
Palm-leaved. Eryngi^im pandanifoUwm 
Pine-apple-leaved. Eryngiwm tromelicc- 

Sea. Eryngium maritimum 
White-spined. Eryngium sjnnd-albd and 
Eryngium Bourgati 
Esparto-grass. See Grass 
Espibawn. Chrysanthcmwm Lev,cant7iemum 
Euphorbium Gum-plant. Euphorbia 

Euphrasy, or Eye-bright. Euphrasia offici- 


Evening-Flower. The genus Ilesprrantha 
Grass-luavcd. llcsperantha graminifolia 

Evening-Primrose. The genus Qinothera 
Common. (Enothera biennis 
Dandelion-leaved. (Enothcra taraxacifolia 
Dwarf. (Enothera ]JU7)tila 
Glaucous. (Enothcra glauca 
Fraser's. (Enothcra Eraser i 
Hairy-calyxed. (Eiwthera trichocalyx 
James's. (Enothera Jam.esii 
Large-flowered. (Enothcra Jjamarcldana 
Large Rose-tinted. (Ejwthvra marginata 
Missouri. (Enotliera missowriensis (^(E. 

Mountain. (Enothera montana 
Narrow-leaved. (Encfthera linearis 

Evening - Primrose, Orange - flowered. 
(Enothcra bistorta Veitchi 
Scalloped-leaved. (Enothera sinuata 
Small-toothed-leaved. (Enothera semi' 

Swamp. (Enothera riparia 
Tail White. (Enothera speciosa 
Tufted. Oenothera ccespitosa 
Young's. (Enothera Youngi 
Ever Fern. Polypodium vulgar e 
Evergreen Oliver. Rubia peregrina 
Everlasting, or Everlasting-Flower. Vari- 
ous species of Helichryswm, Gnapludivm^ 
and Antennaria 
Annual. Xeranthcmum annuum 
Australian. Uclichrgsum h/ci/lum (H. brae- 

teatum) and Ilelipterum Ma/iglesii 
Bracted. HeUchrysum bractcatumi 
Bridal. Gnaphalium Lcontopodium 
Carpathian. Antennaria carpatica 
Common American. Chiaphaliwm poly- 

cephaUvm and G. decurrens 
Common Shrubby. Helichrysum Stoecha» 
Crimson. Gnaphalium sanguin&wm 
Crimson Cape. Helichrysv/m (Astelma) 

Dwarf. Helichryswm bracteatum nanwn 
Jamaica. Gnaphalium americanujm 
Large-flowered. Helichrysum macranthv/m 
Moor, or Mountain. Antennaria dioica 
Mouse-ear. Anteyinaria plant ayinifolia 
Pearly. Antemuiria margaritacea 
Pink-rosette. Rhodanthe Manglesii 
Plantain - leaved. Antennaria jjlantagini- 

Eed Globe. Gomjthrena globosa 
Rosy. Rhodanthe Manglesi maculata 
Rosy-flowered Mountain. A7iten7UiHa 

dioica minor 
Swan River. Rhodanthe Manglesii 
Sweet-scented. Gnaphalium polyccpJialvm 
Tasmanian. Helichrysum apiculatum 
Tree. Gnaphalium arboreum 
Winged. Ammobium alatum 
Yellow. HeUchrysum orientale and H, 
( G>uij}halium) arenarium 
Everlasting Pea. Lathyrus latifolius and 

other species 
Eve's-cushion. Saxifraga hypnoides 
Ewe-daisy. Potentilla Tormentilla 
Ew^e-gowan. Bellis perennis 
Extinguisher-Moss. See Moss 
Eye (The I'iiik). JJianthvs 
Eye-bright. Euphrasia officinalis 
lUue. An old name for Myosotis reperu 
Red. Bartsia Odontites 
W. Indian. Euphorbia, maculata 
Eye-bright-Cow-wheat. The genus .Bari- 
Alpine. Bartsia alpina 
Red. Bartsia Odontites 
Viscid. Bartsia riscosa 
Eye-seed. The seed of Salvia Verhenacea 

Fae-berry. See Fay-berry 

Fair Grass, or Fair Days. Potentilla 

Fair Maids of February. Galanthui 


and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Fair Maids of France. Ranunculus aconi- 
tifollus, Saxifraga granulata, and Achil- 
lea Ptarmica 
Fair Maids of Kent. Ranunculus aconi- 

Fairies' Butter, or Fairy Butter. Tremella 

albida and T. arhorea 
Fairy Fingers. Digitalis pwrpwea 
Fairy Flax. Linnm cathartlcuni 
Fairy-ring Champignon. See Champig- 
Paitour's Grass. Probably EujpliorUa 

Fallen Stars. JVostoc commune 
Fall-poison, American. Amiantldu/m mus- 

False-Asphodel, Downy. Tofieldia ^xCbens 
Marsh. Tofieldia palustris 
Small-cah'sed. Tofieldia calyculata 
False-Indigo, Downy. Amorjyha heriacea 
Dwarf. A7?wrjjha nana 
Fragrant. Amorplia fragrans 
Shrubby. Amorplia fruticosa 
Smooth. Amorplia glabra 
Yellow-woolled. Amorplia croceo-lanata 
False-Goat's-taeard, Japanese. Astilbe 
Red-flowered. Astilbe rubra 
River-side. Astilbe rivularis 
False-Mermaid. MoerUia proserpinacoides 
False-Oat. See Oat 
False-Parsley. JEtliusa Cynapiuni 
False-Rhubarb. Thalictrum jtavwm 
Fame-flower. Talinwni teretifoUv/m 
Fancy (Pansy). Viola tricolor 
Fan-flower, Tasmanian. Sccevola cv/nei- 

Fare-nut, or Vare-nut. Runium flexuastim 
Fare- well-Summer. Saponaria officinalis 

and some sxaecies of Aster 
Farkle-berry. Vacciniimi arborevm, 
Faselles. An old name for Kidney-beans. 
Fat Hen. Clienopiodium album and other 

species of Clieiwpodiumi and Atrijjlex 
Fat Pork. Clusiaflava 
Faverell. An old name "for Veronica 

Faverole. An old name for Arumi Rracun- 

Fay-berry, Fae-berry, or Fea-berry. Another 

name for the Goose-berry 
Fea-berry. . See Fay -berry 
Feather-beds. Cliara vulgaris 
Feather-crown. Ptilosteplmmn trifidwni 
Feather-few. Another name for Fever-few 
Feather-foil. Hottonia palustris 
Feather-grass. Stipapennata 
Feather-Moss. See Moss 
Feathered Columbine. Tlialictrum agui- 

legi folium 
Feather-top Grass. Calamagrostis Epigejos 
Feld-wood. Verbascum Tliajjsus ('?), or a 

species of Ge^itian (?) 
Fellon-grass. Imperatoria Ostrutliivm 
Fellon-herb. Artemisia vulgaris 
Fellon-weed. Senecio Jacobcea 
Fellon-wood, or Fellon-wort. Solanum Dul- 

Felt. Triticu/m repens 

Felt- wort. Verbascum Tliapsus 

Fel-wort. Gentiana Amarella and the 
genus Smertia 
Marsh. Smertia jicrennis 

Fen-berry. Vacciniumi Oxycoccos 

Fen-Orchis. See Orchis 

Fen-Rue. Tlialictrum flamuin 

Fennel, or Fenkelle. Foeniculum vulgare 
Asparagus-leaved Giant. Ferula asparagi- 

Broad-leaved Giant. Ferula Ferulago 
Common Giant. Ferula communis 
Dog's. Atliemis Cotula 
Furrowed Giant. Ferula sulcata 
Giant. The genus Ferula 
Glaucous Giant. Ferula glauca 
Hog's. Peucedanum officinale 
Horse. Seseli HippomaratliruAn 
Knotted Giant. Ferula nodifiora 
Sea. Critlinmm maritimum 
Sweet. Foeniculum officinale 
Tangier Giant. Ferula tingitana 
Water. Callitriclie verna 

Fennel-flower. The genus Nigella 
Common. Nigella damascena 
Small. Nigella sativa 
Spanish. Nigella Idspanica 
Wild. Nigella arvensis 

Fenugreek, Common. Trigonella Foenum- 

Fern. A general name for plants of the 
Fllix Family 
Adder's. Polypodium vulgare 
Adder's-tongue. Opliioglossxvm vulgatwrn 
Alpine Bladder. Cystopteris alpina 
American Grape. Rotryclmmn lunarioides 
American Maiden-hair. Adiantum pedatum 
Ash-leaf. Marattia fraxinea 
Australian Tree. Dicksonia antarctica 
Basket. Neplirodium Filix-mas 
Bladder. The genus Cystopteris 
Beech. Polypodifiim Pliegopteris 
Bird's-foot Rock- Brake. Pellcea ornitho- 

Bird's-nest. Aspleniiim Nidus 
Black Oak. Adiant^im nigrum 
Boss. Various species of Neplirodium 
Brake, or Bracken. Pteris aquilina 
Branching Maiden-hair. AAiantwni for- 

Broad Prickly-toothed. Lastrea dilatata 
Bristle. The genus Triclwmanes 
Brittle Bladder. Cystopteris fragiUs 
Buckler. The genus Lastrea 
Burke's Tree. Cyatliea Burltei 
Califomian Chain. Woodrvardia radicans 
Califomian Lace. Cheilantlies graclllima 
Chain. The genus Woodrvardia 
Chignon. Cibotiu/m regale 
Christmas Shield. Aspidium acrosticlwides 
Cinnamon. Osmunda cinnamomea 
Clayton's Flowering. Osmunda Clayto- 

ClifE Brake. The genus Pellcea 
Climbing Polypody. Nipliobolus heteractis 
Climbing Shield. Aspidiwn capense 
Climbing Snake's-tongue. Lygodium scan- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Fern, Cloak. The genus Nothochlcpna 
Comb, or Rush. The genus Schizcea 
" Conjuror of Chalgrave's." Puccinia Ane- 
Crested Shield. Lastrea cristata 
Crisped Hart's - tongue. Scolojjendrkmii 

Culcit. See Fern, Cushion 
Curled Rock- Brake. Alhsorns crisjnis 
Cushion, or Culcit. Dichsonia {Balantiv/ni) 

Darsham. Lastrea cristata 
Deer. Lomaria Sjncant 
Dwarf Brazilian Tree. JBlecJimmi hrasi- 

Eagle. Ptcris aqtdlina 
Edible. Pteris esculenta 
Elk's-hom. Platycerimn alcicorne 
Elk's-hom, E. Indian. Platycerimn hiforme 
Elk's-hom, Guinea. Platycerimn Stem- 

Elk's-hom, Queensland. Platycerimtigrande 
Elk's-horn, Wallich's. Platycerimn Wal- 

Elk's-horn, Willinck's. Platyceriti/ni Wil- 

English Maiden-hair, of New Zealand. 

Adiantum (ethiojnc^t/rn 
Ever. Polypodimn vxdyare 
Fijian Hare's-foot. BavaUia fijiensis 
Filmy. A name applied to those kinds 

which have pellucid or transparent 

fronds, as various species of Hymeno- 

phyllmn, Todea, and Trichomanes 
Finger. Asplenimn Cet crack 
Florida Ribbon. Vittaria lineata 
Flowering. Osmitnda reyalis 
Orape. The genus Botrychimn 
Gray Tree. Cyathca inrdulldris 
Great Maiden-hair. Adlmdum Farleyense 
Ground. Neplirodimn {Lastrea') Thely- 

Grove. The genus Alsophila 
Hairy Lip. Cheilanthes vestita 
Hard. Bleclinmn horeale {B. Sjncant) 
Hare's-foot. The genus Bavallia 
Hartford. Lyy odium j^ahnatmn 
Hart's-tongue. The genus Scolopcndriv/in 
Hay-scented. Cheilanthes odora and Biclc- 

sonia inlosiiiscula 
Heath. Lastrea (Asj)idimn) OrcojJtcris 
Herring-bone. Blechnum horeale 
Hollj^. Asj)idiv7n (Polysfiehmn) Lonchitis 
Jamaica Tree. Dichsonia dissecta 
Japan Climbing. Lyyodimn scandcns 
Japan Hare's-foot. JJa^'allia Mariesi 
Japan Ostrich. iStruthiojjterisjajwnica 
Killamcy. Trichomanes radicans 
King. Osmvnda reyalis 
Lace. Chrilanlhcs yracillima 
Ladder. NrphroUpis cordifolia 
Lady. Athyrium Filix-fwmina 
Lesser Adder's-tongue. Ophioglossuvi Imi- 

Limestone. Polypodlimi calca/reiem 
Lip. The genus Cheilanthes 
Lobed Prickly Sliifld. Polystichmn lohatmn 
Maiden-hair. Adiant^im Capillns- Veneris 
'ilaS.deri-'ha.iXthiacnca.n. Adiantivm pedatmn 

Pern, Jlale. Lastrea FiUx-vias 

Marsh, or Marsh Shield. Lastrea (Aspi 

dium) Thelypteris 
Miniature Basket. Adia7itum dolabriforme 
Moss. Polyjwdium Bryopteris 
Mountain Bladder. Cystopteris montana 
Mountain Shield. Lastrea {Aspidiiim') 

Moon. Botrychium Lnmaria 
Moon- wort, of New Zealand. BotrycMvmi 

Mule. Ilemionitis palmata and Scolopen- 

drill/in Hemionitis 
Narrow-fi'onded Bladder. Cystopteris an- 

Nan-ow-fronded Chain. Woodwardia angv,$- 

Narrow Prickly-toothed. Lastrea spinvr 

Netted Chain. Woodwardia anyustifolia 
Nevada Wood. Asjndiii/in iwvadense 
New Zealand Tree. Dichsonia antarctica, 

D. lanata, and D. scpuarrosa 
Norfolk Island Tree. AlsopMla excelsa 
Oak. Polypodimn Dryopteris. Formerly 

applied to P. vulgare 
Oregon ClifE-Brake. Pellaa densa 
Oregon Rock-Brake. Allosorus acrosti' 

Ostrich. Strxdhiopteris jjennstjlvanica (S. 

Para, of New Zealand. Marattia salicina 
Parsley. Allosorus crisjms 
Pod. Ceratopteris thalictroides and Ullo- 

bocarpus oleraceus 
Polypody. See Polj^jody 
Prickly Shield. Aspidinm {Polysticlvwni) 

Queensland Elk's-horn. Platy cerium grande 
Rattle-snake. Botrychium virginim(/ni 
Recurved Prickly-toothed. Lastrea cemvXa 

Rigid Shield. I^astrea rigida 
Rock-Brake. Allosorus crisjms 
Roseate Maiden-hair. Adiantum. rithelhim 
Royal, or Royal Osmund. Osmitnda regalis 
Royal Calabar. Litohrochia Currori 
Rue-leaved. The genus Gyvmogravima 
Rush. See Fern, Comb 
St. Helena Tree. Dichsonia arhorescens 
Scale, or Scaly. Asj)le7iimn Ccterach 
Scented. Lastrea Oreojyteris 
Sensitive. Onoclea seimbilis 
Shield. The genus Asj)idium {Lastrea") 
Sierra Shield. Asj)idium neradense 
Silverj' Tree. Cyathca dealhata 
Snake. Blechnum. horeale {B. Sj>icant) 
Soft Prickly Shield. I'olystichum angulare 
Spider. Pteris serrulata 
S]il(('n-wort. See Spleen-wort 
Stag's-horn. Platycerium grande and other 

Stone. Ceterach ojfieiiiarmn 
Sweet. Myrrhis odor at a 
Sword. The genus Xij>hojfteris 
Tall Hart's-tongue. Scolopendrium erectlim 
Tara, of Tasmania. I^cris eseiilenta 
Tree. Various species of Dichsonia, Also- 

phila, and Cyathca 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Fern, Tree, Australian. Dickso^iia antarctica 
Tree, Burke's. Cyathea Burkel 
Tree, Dwarf Brazilian. Blechnum hrasilieiise 
Tree, Jamaica. Dlcksoiiia dissecta 
Tree, New Zealand. I>icksonia antarctica, 

D. lanata, and D. squarrosa 
Tree, New Zealand Gray. Cyathea medul- 

Tree, Norfolk Island. Alsoj}Jula excelsa 
Tree, St. Helena. Dicksmda arhorescejis 
Tree, Silvery. Cyathea dealhata 
Tree, Tasmanian. Dicksonia antarctica 
Toothed Bladder. Cystapteris dentata 
Tunbridge, or Common Filmy. Hymeno- 

phyllum Tuniridgense 
Twining String. Lygodiwni artictilattimi 
Virginian Rattle-snake. Botrychium vir- 

Walking-leaf. Caviptosorus rhizophyllus 
Walking American. Lyco^odivmi alape- 

Wall. Polypodivm vulga/re 
Water. Osmv/nda regalis 
Whip-stick. Alsophila Leichardtiana 
White-Maiden-hair. Asjilenivmi Ruta mu- 

Wilson's Filmy. Hymenophyllum Wilsoni 
Wood. Polypodiit/m vulgare 
Wood, American. The genus Asjndiwm 

Woolly Cloak. Nothochlcena distans 
Zig-zag ClifiE- Brake. Pellcea Jiexuosa 
Pern-bush, Sweet. Cmijjtonia asplenifolia 
Fernambuc-wood. The wood of Cwsal- 

2)inia. echinata 
Fescue-grass. See Grass 
Festoon Pine. Lycopodium rupestre 
Fetch (Vetch). Vicia sativa 
Fetches, Wild. Vlcia cracca 
Fever-bush. Binder a Benzoin 
Feverfew, Alpine. Pyrethrum alpinimn 
Bastard. Parthe7dum Hysterophorus 
Common. Pyrethrum Partheniivm 
Late-flowering. Pyrethrwn serotimtmi 
Marsh. Pyrethrwn {Chrysanthemmn') la- 

Narrow-leaved. Pyrethrwn achillecefoliwn 
Rosy-flowered. Pyrethrwn carneuni (P. 

Willemot's. Pyrethritmi Willemoti 
Fever Gum-tree. See Fever-tree 
Fever-plant. Brugmansia (JOatwra) ar- 
horea and Paderia fcetida 
Sierra Leone. Ocytmim viride 
Fever-root. Pterospora Andromeda and 

Triosteum perfoliatwii 
Fever-tree, or Fever-Gum-tree. Eucalyp- 
tus globulus 
Georgia. Pinchieya puhens 
Fever-tvvig. Celastrus scandens 
Fever-weed. Gcrardia pedicularia 
Fever-wort. Erythrcea Centaurium 

American. The genus Triosteum 
Field Ash. Pyrus Aucuparia 
Field Cypress. Ajiiga Cliamapitys 
Field Kale. Slnajns arvensis 
Field Madder. Sherardia arvensis 
Fig-Marigold. The genus Mesenibryan- 

Fig-Marigold, Annual. Mesemhryanthemum 
Bright-red. Mesembryantheinum conspicwum 
Broad White. Mesembryanthemwn testi- 

Golden. Mesenibryanthemiimi av/revm 
Heart-leaved. Mesembryantheinum cordi- 

Orange. Mesembryanthemumi aurantiacwn 
Scimetar-leaved. Mesemhryanthemum aci- 

Small Truncated. Mesemhryanthemxi/m trun- 

Smallest. Mesemhryanthemum minimum 
Three-coloured. Mesevibryantliemwm tri- 

Wolf's-chop. Mesemlryanthemvm Iwpinwn, 

Fig-tree. The genus Ficus 
Adam's. Musa paradisiaca 
Balsam, of the W. Indies. Clusia alba, C. 

fiava, C. rosea, and other species 
Barbary. Opuntia vulgaris 
Bastard. The genus Opwitia 
Black. Eicus laurifolia 
Common. Eicus Carica 
Creeping. Eicus rejjens 
Devil's, or Infernal. Argemone mexicana 
Dwarf Creeping. Eiciis repens var. miiiima 
Dyer's. Eicus tijictoria 
Hottentot's. Mesembryajithemum edule 
Indian. The genus Opuntia, especially 0. 

Infernal. See Fig-tree, Devil's 
Keg, of Japan. Biospyros Kahi 
Laurel-leaved S. American. Eicus pertusa 
Laurel-leaved, W. Indian. Eicus laurifolia 
Mangrove. Rhizophora Mangle 
Moreton Bay. Eicus macrophylla 
Pharaoh's. Sycomorus antiqiwriim 
Poplar-leaved. Eicus religiosa 
Red. Eicus pedunculata 
Sacred. Eicus religiosa 
White. Eicus ochroleuca 
Wild, W. Indian. Clusia flava 
Willow-leaved. Eicus pedunculata 

Figs. Callithamnion Jioridulwm 

Fig-wort. The genus Scrophularia ; also 
Rammculus Eicaria 
Balm-leaved. Scrophularia Scorodonia 
Barbary. Scrophularia mellifera 
Cape. Phygelius capensis 
Knotted-rooted. Scrophularia nodosa 
Variegated. Scrophularia nodosa variegata 
Yellow-flowered. Scrophularia vernalis 
Water. Scrophularia aquatica 

Fiji, or Fuji, of Japan. Wistaria sinensis 

Filbert, Common. Corylus Avellana 

Cut-leaved. Coryhis Avellana var. lacirdata 
Frizzled. Corylus Avella?ia var. crispa 
Purple-leaved. Corylus Avellana var. pwr- 

Red. Corylus Avellana var. tubulosa 
White. Corylus Avellana var. tubulosa alba 

Filberts, W. Indian. The seeds of Entada 

Fimble. The male plant of Cannabis sativa 

Fin. Ononis arvensis 

Finger-flower. Bigitalis pwrpwea 

Finger-grass. See Grass 


English Names of Cultivated^ Native, 

Fingers-and-Tlivimbs, or Fingers-and- 
Toes. Lotus cornlculatus 

Finocchio, or Finicho. Fceniculwn dulce 
Asses'. Fcenienht/m jjqferittim 

Fiorin, or Fiorin-Grass (Butter-Grass). 
Agrostis stolonifera 

Fir. A general name for various species of 
Aiies, Picea, and Plnus 
Algerian Silver. Picea nii/midiea 
American Black, or Double Spruce. Ahies 

American White, or Single Spruce. ^MesflZ&a 
Balm of Gilead, or Balsam. Abies ialsamea 
Black Mountain. Picea cejjhalonica 
Black Spruce. Ahies nigra 
Californian Silver. Picea concolor 
Common Silver. Picea ijectinata 
Crimean Silver. Picea Nonlmanniana 
Double, or Double Balsam. See Fir, Fraser's 
Double Spruce. Abies nigra 
Douglas Spruce. Abies (^Pseudo-tsuga) 

Fraser's, Double, or Southern, Balsam. Abies 

Great Californian SUver. Picea {Pinus) 

Hemlock Spruce. Abies Canadensis 
Intermediate. Abies Fortu7iei 
Japan Silver. Picea firma 
Leafj'-bi-acted Silver. Picea Irracteata 
Mandschurian Silver. Picea liolojiliylla 
Mexican Silver. Picea religiosa and var. 

Mount Enos. Picea ceplialonica 
Noble Silver. Picea nobilis 
Nootka. Abies Douglasii 
Norway Spruce. Abies excelsa 
Oyamel. Piniis religiosa 
Parasol. The genus Sciadopitys 
Patton's Californian. Abies Pattoniana 
Pigmy Scotch. Pinus sylvestris var. nana 
Pitch, or Siberian Silver. Picea Piclita 
Plum. Podocarjnis aiidina and Prwmno- 

pitys elegans 
Prickly. Abies Morinda {A. SmitJdana) 
Prussian. Abies excelsa 
Eed. Abies excelsa var. nigra 
Sacred Silver. Picea religiosa 
Sapindus. Pinus orientalis 
Scotch. Plmis sylvestris 
Siberian Silver. See Fir, Pitch 
Silver. Picea pectinata 
Single Spruce. Abies alba 
Southern Balsam. See Fir, Fraser's 
Spanish Silver. Picea Pinsapo 
Spruce. Abies excelsa 
Umbrella. The genus Sciadopitys 
Upright Indian Silver. Picea Pmdrom 
Western lied. Abies magnifica 
Western White. Abies {Picea) concolor 
White. Abies excelsa var. communis 
"Wliite Spruce. Abies alba 
Wooll3^-coned Silver. Picea amabilis 

Fir-apples. Another name for Fir-cones 

Fir-moss. I/ycopodiuvi Selago 

Fire-bush. Crata-gns Pyracantlia 

Fire-cracker, Vegetable. Brudiccacocdnea 
and Ciiphea plaiycoitra 

Fire-flower, Jamaica. Euphorbia pv/nicea 

FLre-grass. AlcJiemilla arvensis 
Fire-leaves, or Fire-weed. Plantago media 
Fire-tree, New Zealand. Metrosideros 

Fire-weed. See Fire-leaves 

American. Frechthites Meracifolia (_Sene- 
cio Jiieracifolius) and Zactuca elongata 
First-of-May. Saxifraga granulata 
Fish-bone-Tliistle. See Thistle 
Fish-Mint. Mentha aquatica 
Fish-poison-plant, Brazihan. Serjania 
letJialis and Paulli7i.iapin7iata 

Ceylon. Uydnocarpus rcnenatus 

E. Indian. Walsura Piscidia 

S. Sea Islands. Lepidium Piscidiiim 

Timboe. Serjania letJialis 

W. Indian. Tephrosia ( Galega) toxieoffia 
Fist-balls. Lycoverdon Bovista 
Fitch, or Fitches. Vicia sativa 
Fit-plant. 3fonotropa nnijlora 
Fitt-weed. Eryngiumfwtidum 
Five-finger-grass, or Five-leaf. Potentilla 

Five-fingers, Canadian. Potentilla Canor 

Marsh . Potentilla palnstris 

W. Indian. Syngoniimn atiritimn 
Five-leaf. See Five-finger-grass 
Five-leaves. Ampelopsis rpdncpiefolia 
Flag. A general name for the genus Iris 

American Blue. Iris versicolor 

Com. The genus Gladiolus 

Crimson. Schizostylis coccinea 

Pyrenean. Iris xiphioides 

Sweet. Acorus Calamus 

Variegated Sweet. Aconos gramiTieus 

Yellow, or Water. Iris Pseud-acorus 

Slender Blue American. Iris virginica 
Flag -flov/er, Virginian. Vexillaria virginica 
Flame-flow^er. The genus Tritoma 
Flame-tree. Brachychiton acerifoliwm 

Or Fire-tree, of S. W. AustraUa. Nuytsia 
Flamingo-plant. The genus Anthurivm 

Andre's. Aiithwriwin Andrcanum 

Baker's. Anthuriwm Baheri 

Lindig's. Antliurium LiiuUgi 

Palmer's. Anthii/rium Palmeri 

Saunders's. Anthurium Saundersi 

Scherzer's. Anthurium tSchrrzrrianv/n 

Splendid. Anthurium vtagnificum 

Veitch's. Anthurium Veitchi 

Warocque's. Anthurium Warocqueanv/m 

White-flowered. Anthuriuvi candidwn 
Flamy. Viola tricolor 
Flannel, or Flannel- Plant. Verbascv/m Thwp- 

Flap-Dock. Bigitalis 27urj)urea 
Flaps, or Flats. Large broad Mushrooms 
(probab]}' Agaricus arvensis); also Peziza 
Flat-Pea, Large-flowered. Platylobiitmfor- 

Flatter-Dock. See Dock 
Flat- tops. Veriionia noveboracensis 
Flats. Sec Flaps 
Flaver. Arena fatua 
Flaw-flower. Ancmorie Pulsatilla 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Max. The genus Innwm 
Alpine. Liimni alpinwrn 
American Bog. Linum striatimi 
American False. Camelina sativa 
Berlandier's. lAnum Berlandieri 
Bright Blue Perennial. Linum jjrovinciale 
Common. Limmi usitatissimwm 
Crimean. Linum tav/ricmn 
Crimson-flowered. Linum grandiflorimi 
Dwarf, Fairy, Mountain, or Purging. 

Linum catharticwm 
E. Indian. Linum trlgrjnwm 
Evergreen. Linum arboreumi 
Fairy. See Flax, Dwarf 
Heath-like. Linum salsoloides 
Larger Blue, of N. America. Iris versi- 
Large Yellow-flowered American. lAnwm 

Mountain. See Flax, Dwarf 
Narbonne. Linum narlonnense 
Native, of New Zealand. Linum nionogymvm 
New Zealand. Phormium tenax and P. 

New Zealand, Variegated. Phormium tenax 

Orange - flowered. Linum Macraei (Z. 

Pale-flowered. Linum angustifolium 
Perennial. Linum per enne 
Purging. See Flax, Dwarf 
Sicilian Red-flowered. Linum rulyrwm 
Toad. The genus Linaria ; also applied 

to Spergnla arvensis 
Virginian Yellow-flowered. Linu/m virginia- 

Viscid. Linum viscosum 
White-flowered. Linum monogynum 
White-flowered Dwarf. Linum aljjinwn 

Wild. Linaria vulgaris and Cuscuta Epi- 

Winter-flowering. Linum trigynum 
Yellow Herbaceous. Linwm fiavum {L. 

Yellow Toad. Linaria vulgaris 
Plax-lily. Phormium tenax 
Australian. The genus Dianella 
Smaller. Phormium Colensoi 
Variegated. Phormiu/m tenax variegatwn 
Flax-seed. Radiola Millegrana 
Plax-tail. Typha latifolia 
Flax-star. Lysimachia Linum - stellatitm 

(^Asterolinum stellatuni) 
Flax-weed. Linaria vulgaris 
Flea-bane, African. The genus Tarcho- 

American. Erigeron Philadelphicus 
Australian. Erigeron mucrmmtus 
Blue-flowered. Erigeron acris 
Canadian. Erigeron Canadensis 
Common. Inula dysenterica and I. Puli- 

Daisy. Erigeron annuus and E. strigosus 
Georgian. Inula glandulosa 
Glaucous-leaved. Erigeron glaucus 
Glutinous. Jasonia glutinosa 
Large-flowered. Erigeron grandifloriis 
Many-rayed. Erigeron multiradiatus 

Flea-bane, Marsh. The genus Pluchea 
Mountain. Erigeron alpinfus (JE. unifiorus) 
Pyrenean. Inula montana 
Koyle's. Erigeron Roylei 
St. Helena. Conyza rugosa 
Salt-marsh. Pluchea camphorata 
Showy. Erigeron speciosus {Stenactis 

Shrubby African. Tarchonanthus ca/nvphora- 

Smoothish. Erigeron glahellus 
W. Indian. Vernonia arborescens 
White. Inula Candida 
Flea - bane - Mullet. An old name for 

Inula Pulicaria 
Flea-grass. Carex jnilicaris 
Flea-seed. The seed of Planfago Psylliv/m 
Flea-wort. Inula Conyza, Piilicaria vul- 
garis, and Plantago Psyllitimi 
Flint-wood, N. S. Wales. Eiicalyptus 

Flix - w^eed, or Flux - weed. Sisymbrium 

Float-grass. Olyceria fluitans 
Floating-Heart. Limnanthemu/m lacuno- 

sum ( Villarsia cordata) 
Floramor, or Florimer. Amdrantus cau- 

datus and A. tricolor 
Flower de Luce. A corruption of Fleur 
de Lis, a French name for the Iris 
Yellow. Iris Pseud-acorus 
Flower- Gentle. Amarantus tricolor 
Flower-fence. Ccesalpinia {Poinciana) 

Flower-of-a-day. Tradescantia virginica 
Flower - of-an - hour. Hibiscus (Ketmia') 

Flower-of-Bristow. Lychnis chalcedonica 
Flow^er-of-Constantinople. Lychnis chal- 
Flower-of-the-Axe. Lobelia v/rens 
Flower-of-the-Dead. Oncidiiimi tigrinum 
Flower-of-Tigris. Tigridia Pavonia 
Flow^ering Box. See Box 
Flow^ering Fern. See Fern 
Flowering Grass. Anomatheca cruenta 
Flowering Rush. Butomus umbellatus 
Flowering Shot. The genus Canna 
Flowering Spurge. See Spurge 
Flowery Docken. See Docken 
Flowk-wort. Hydrocotyle vulgaris 
Fluellen. Veronica officinalis 
Female. Veronica Chamcedrys 
Male. Linaria spu/ria 
Fluff-weed. Verbascum Thapsus 
Flux-weed. See Flix-weed 
Fly-bane. Agarieus muscarius 
Fly-Honeysuckle. Lonicera Xylostewn 
Fly-poison, American. Amia?ithium mus- 

Fly-trap, American, or Border. Apocynwm 
Venus's. Lioncea muscipula 
Fly-Orchis. See Orchis 
Fly- wort. The genus Myanthiis {Catase- 

Foal-foot, or Fole-foot. Tussilago Farfara 
and Asarimi europcnmn 
Sea. Convolvulus Soldanella 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Fog. A general term in the north of England 
for Moss; also applied to the second 
crop of Grass, or aftermath 
Yorkshire. Holcus lanatus 
Fog-fruit. Lippia {Zapania) lanceolata 
Fold Meadow-grass. iSce Fowl-grass 
Fool's-Cicely. ^Ethusa Cynajylum 
Fool's-Parsley, Common. JEtlmsa Cyna- 
Fine-leaved. Mnmsafatua 
Fool's-Watercress. Helosciadium nodi- 

Forbidden Fruit. Small-sized Shaddocks 

{Citrus decumaiia) 
Forcible Plant. An old name for Hare's- 

Fore-bit, or Fore-bitten More. Scablosa sele- 
ct sa 
Forget-me-not. Myosotis palustris and, 
generally, the genus 3Tyosotis. Also an 
old name for Ajuga Chamcepitys 
Alpine. Myosotis alpestris {M. rupicola) 
American. Myosotis verna 
Azorean. Myosotis azorica 
Cape. AneJmsa cajjensls 
Chatham Island. Myosotidmm noMle 
Colour-changing. Myosotis versicolor 
Creeping. Omjjhalodes verna and Myoso- 
tis repens 
Early. Myosotis dissitiflora (ilf. vioiitaTia) 
Early Hill. Myosotis coUina 
Field. Myosotis arvensis 
Indian. Quamoclit vulgaris 
Long-flowering. Myosotis semperjlorens 
Mountain. Myosotis rupicola 
Rock. Oryijfhalodes LuciU(B 
Tongue-leaved. Myosotis Ungnlata 
White-flowered Early. Myosotis dissitl- 

Jiora var. alba 
Wood. Myosotis sylvatiea 
Fork-Moss. See Moss 
Fountain-plant. Amarantus salicifoUus 
Fountain-tree. Ccdrus Deodara 
Four-leaved-grass. Paris quadrifoUa 
Four-o'clock-flo'wer. MirahiUs diclwtoma 
Californian. MirahiUs ealifornica, M. mul- 
tifiora, and M. Greciiei 
Fowi-grass, or Fold Meadow-grass. Poa 

Fox-bane. Aconitiim Vulparia 
Fox-cbop. Mesembryanthemum vulpiiiwn 
Fox- Geranium, or Fox-Grass. Oeraniivni 

Fox-glove, Blue. Campanula Iraclielium 
Common. Digitalis purpurea 
Cream-coloured. Digitalis ochroleuca 
Downy False. Gerardla Jlava 
False. The genera Oerardia and Dasy- 

Fern-leaved False. Oerardia pcdicnlaria 
Great Yellow. Digitalis ambigua 
Ladies'. Verbascum Thapsus 
Large-flowered. Digitalis grandi flora 
Mullein. Digitalis Thapsi and Seymcria 

Sierra Mor'ena. Digitalis Mariana 
Smooth False. Oerardia quercifolia 
W. Indian. The genua Phytolacca 
Willow-leaved. Digitalis obscura 

Fox-glove, Woolly. Digitalis lanata 

Yellow. Digitalis lutea 
Pox-grass. See Fox-Geranium 
Fox Rose. Rosa sjnrwsissima 
Pox's Brush. Centranthus ruber 
Pox's-brush Saxifrage. See Saxifrage 
Pox-tail. Lycopodium clavatujn 
Pox-tail-grass. Alopecurus praten^is 
Pox-tailed Asparagus. Equlsetum Ttiaxi- 

Praghan, Frocken, or Frughan. Vaccinivm 

Frail Rusb. Scirjms lacustris 
Framboise, or Framboys. Rubtis Id<sus 
Pranck. An old name for Milk-wort 
Prangipani-shrub. Plwnieria alba and 

P. rubra 
Frankincense, Rosemary. Cachrys lAba' 

not is 
Frankincense, or Olibanum, Tree. Bos- 

wellia Carteri and various other species 
Frankincense-tree, Common, or Gum- 

Tlius-tree. Various species of Pine-trees 
Praxinell. Polygonatum multiflorum 
Praxinella. Dlctammis Fraxinella 
Caucasian. Dictamnus caucasicus 
White - flowered. Dictamnus Fraxinella 

var. albus 
Free-stone. A term applied to some 

varieties of Peaches and Nectarines, the 

flesh of which parts freely from the 

stone. (See Chng-stone.) 
Preiser. Azi old name for the Strawberry- 
French-Asparagus. OmltJwgahimi py- 

French-Beans. Phaseolus vulgaris 
French-Berries. The fruit of Rhamnus 

infect or ins and R. catliarticus 
French-Cotton. Calotropis procera 
French-Cowslip. Primula Auricula 
Preneh-Furze. Ulex vuropcexis 
French - Grass. Onobrycliis sativa and 

Phalaris arimdinacea variegata 
French-Honeysuckle, lledysarum core- 

French -Lavender. Lavandula Staeclias 
French-Lungwort. Hieracium murorum 
French - Nut. Another name for the 

French-Peas. An old name for garden 

French-Sorrel. Oxalis Acctosella 
French - Sparrow^grass. Ornitlwgalwn 

pyrcnai Clint 
French-Wheat. Polygonum Fagopynini 
French- weed. Cb?n»ieli7ui cayennensis 
French-Willow. Fpilobiwn angtcstifo- 

Presh-water-Soldier. Stratiotes aloides 
Priar's-Caps. Aconitiim Napellus 
Friar's-Cow^l. Arum Arisartt/m and A. 

Priar's-Crown. Cardiius erio})hor^ts 
Prijol-bean. PlinsroUis ITcnuindezii 
Fringe, W'.itor. Limminthinnum {Villarsia') 

Fringe - flower, Graham's. ScJiizanthus 


and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrnhs. 


Fringe-flower, Notched. SeJdzanthus re- 
Pinnate. Schizanthus p Innatus 
Fringe-Moss. See Moss 
Fringe-pod. Thysanocarpus laciniatus var. 

Fringe-tree. Chionantlius virginlca 
Fritillary, Broad-leaved. Fritillaria lati- 
Double-flowered. Fritillaria Meleagris 

Pyrenean. Fritillaria pyreiiaica 
Scarlet. Fritillaria recurva 
Snake's-head. Fritillaria Meleagris 
Tulip-leaved. Fritillaria tulip if olia 
White. Fritillaria 3Ieleagrls alba 
Frocken. See Fraghan 
Frog-bit. Hydrocharis Morsus-rance 

American. Limnohium Spongla 
Frog-eheese. A name applied to the large 
Puff-balls {Lycoperclon Bovista) while 
they are young and soft ; also to Boletl 
growing on decayed wood 
Frog-flower. The genus Ranunculus 
Frog-grass. SaUcomia lierlmcea 
Frog - stools. Another name for Toad- 
Frog-wort. Ranunculus hederaceus 
Frog's-Lettuce. Potamogeton densus 
Frost-blite. Chenopodhim album 
Frost - weed. Euerigeron philadelpliicus 

and Heliantliemuni canadense 
Frughan. See Fraghan 
Fuchsia, Australian. The genus Correa, 
especially C. speclosa 
Basket. Fuchsia procumbens 
Box-thorn-leaved. Fuchsia lycloldes 
Brilliant. Fuchsia fulgens 
Californian. Zauschnerla californica 
Conical-tubed. Fuchsia conica 
Corymbose. Fuchsia corynibijlora 
Dwarf Trailing. Fuchsia minima 
Edible-fi'uited. Fuchsia racemosa 
Fuegian. Fuchsia magellanica 
Globe-flowered. Fuchsia globosa 
New Zealand. Fuchsia Colensoi, F. ex- 

corticata, and F. procumbens 
Riccarton's. Fuchsia Rlccartoni 
Saw-leaved. Fuchsia serratifolia 
Scarlet. Fuchsia coccinea 
Slender. Fuchsia gracilis 
Small-leaved. Fuchsia mlcrophylla 
Thompson's. Fuchsia Thompsoni 
Thyine-leaved. Fuchsia thymifolla 
Tom Thumb. Fuchsia pumila 
Trailing. Fuchsia procrmihens 
Fuchsias, Hardy. Fuchsia globosa, F. gra- 
cilis, F minima, F. j^rocumbens, F. Rlc- 
cartoni, and F. Thompsoni 
Fuet. A Scotch name for House-leek (^Sem- 

pervlrum tectorum') 
Fuller's-Herb. Suponaria officinalis 
Fuller's-Teasel. Bipsacris Fullonum 
Fume-wort, Golden. Corydalis aurea 
Great-flowered. Corydalis 7iobllis 
Hollow-rooted. Corydalis tuberosa (C. 

Ledebour's. Corydalis Ledebouriana 
Marschall's. Corydalis Marschalllana 

Fume-wort, Pale. Corydalis glauca 
Solid-rooted. Corydalis solida (JFumaria 

White-flowered. Corydalis cava var. albi- 

Fumitory, or Fumiterre. Fumarla offici- 
Bladdered. Fumarla veslcarla 
Climbing. Corydalis (^Fumarla) clavl- 

Climbing, of N America. Adlumia cir- 

Dense-flowered. Fumarla de?isl/lora 
Yellow-flowered. Corydalis (Fumarla) 

Funeral-flower, Swan River. The genus 

Fungus, Barberry, ^cidium Bcrberldis 
Beef-steak. Fistullna Hepatlca 
Black-knot. SphcBrla mortosa 
Bunt. Jlstllago foetlda 
Cellar. Lentinus lepidexos 
Club-root. Plasmodioplwra brasslcee 
Coffee Blight. Hemilela vastatrix 
Dry-rot, of Conifers. Merulius lachry- 

Dry-rot, of the Elm. Polyporxi^s ulvia- 

Dry-rot, of the Oak. Polyporus liybri- 

Earth-star. The genus Geaster 
Edible Tree, of Tierra del Fuego. A species 

of Cyttarla 
Ergot. Clavlceps p%i/rpurea 
Jew's-Ear. Hirneola (Fxidia) Auricula- 

Man. The genus Geaster 
" Melitensis." Cynomorium cocclneuni 
" Oak-leather." Xylostroma glganteum 
Pepper-brand. Jlstllago fcetlda 
Potato-disease. Peronospora infestans 
" Rust." Trlchobasls Rublgo vera 
Sap-ball. Polyporus squamosals, P. betu- 

Imus, and other species which are found 

on trees. 
Smut. Ustilago segetwm 
Stinking-Pole-cat. Phallus impudieus 
Wine-cellar. Zasmidiwm cellare 
Witch's-butter. Fxldla glandulosa 
Yeast-plant. A species of Penicllllum or 

Fungus-tinder. Polyporus {Boletus) igni- 

arms and P. fomentarlus 
Furbelows. Lamlnarla bulbosa 
Furze, Autumn-flowering. Ulex namis 
Common. JIlex europwxis 
Double-blossomed. Ulex europceus plenus 
Dwarf. Tflex nanus 
Ground. Ononis arvensls 
Irish. Ulex strictus ( U. fiibermcus) 
Jam. Ulex nanus 
Needle. Genista awfllca 
Provence. Ulex provlncialls 
Spanish. Genista hlspanica 
Fuss - balls, or Fuzz-balls. The genus 

Lycoperdo7i, especially L. Bovista 
Fustic-wood. The wood of Madura tlnc- 

" Young." The wood of Rfms Cotinus 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Fuzz-balls. See Fuss-balls 

Fyams (Seaweed). The genus Laminaria 

Gadrise, Gaiter, Gatteridge, Gatten, or 
Gatter-tree. Corwiis san^uinea, Euony- 
■mus europffus, and Vibarmnti Ojndus 
Gaiter-berries. The fruit of Cornus san- 

(juinea and Euonymus europwus 
Gaiter-tree. See Gadrise 
Galangal, or Galingale. Cyperus longus, 
and the rhizome of Alpinia offichiarwm (^A. 
Galapee-tree. Sciadaphyllum Bronmei 
Galbanum-resin-plant. Ferula galbani- 

Gale, or Sweet Gale. Myrica Gale 

Fern-leaved. Comptonla asplenifolia 
Galingale See Galangal 

E. Indian. K(empferia Galanga 
Galingale-Rush. See Eush 
Galimeta-wood. The timber of Bumelia 

Gall, Artichoke. A gall formed in the male 
flower-buds of the Oak by an insect 
named Andricus jnlosus 
Bedeguar. A gall produced on Rose-trees 

by Rhodttes rosce 
Button. Formed on Oak leaves by Spathc- 

gaster vesicatrix 
Currant. Formed in the male flowers of 

the Oak by Spathegaster baccarum 
Marble. Formed on Oak twigs by CynijJS 

Oak-apple. Formed on Oak twigs by 

Biorhiza aptera 
Oak-root. Formed on the roots of the Oak 

by Andricus 9ioduU 
Oak-spangle. Formed on Oak-leaves by 
A'rurnten/s Icnticularls 
Gall-of-the-earth. Nabalns Fraseri 
Gall-'wort. Linaria vulgaris 
Galls, Aleppo, of commerce. From Quercus 

lu.iitanica var. infectoria 
Gallant. An old name for Anemone 
Gallegaskins, or Gaskins. Primula veris 

Jlore ct calycc crispo 
Gallow-grass. Camiahis safiva 
Gambler, or (Jambier Catechu-plant f7?t- 

(uiriti, (rdinhicr and U. acida 
Gamboge-tree. Garcinia Morella var. 
American. Vismia guianeiisis 
Ceylon. Garcinia Morella 
Gamote, of New Mexico. The tuberous 

roots of Cymopier^is montanns 
Gandergosses. An old name for Orchis 

Gang Flower. Polygala vulgaris 
Garavance (the Chick-pea). Cicer arie- 

Garden-gate. Viola tricolor 
Garden-Ginger. An old name for Capsicum 
Garden Speedwell. Verojiica agrestis 
Gardener's-Delight, or Gardener's-Eye. 

Li/chnis coronarla 
Gardener's-Garters. Phalaris ar^mdi- 

nacca rarirgnla 
Gardenia, Lemon-scented. Gardenia cit- 

Gard-robe. Osyris alha (Cassia poetica) 
Garget. Pliytolacca decandra 
Garland-Crab. See Crab-tree 
Garland-flow^er, Daphne Cneorum 
Australian. Cakmephalus Brorvnii 
Fragrant. Ilcdychium coronariwm 
Garlic, or Garlick. The genus Allium 
Alpine. Allium alpiiiumi 
Azure-flowered. Allium azureuvi 
Bear's. Allium ursinuvi 
Black. Allium nigrum 
Blue-flowered. Allium caruleiim 
Carolina. Allium inodonmn 
Common. Allium sativum 
Daft'odil. Allium neapolitanum 
Drooping-flowered. Allium cernutim 
Field. Allium oleraeeum 
Fragrant-flowered. Allium odorum 
Fringed. Allium ciUatum 
Golden-flowered. Allium Moly 
Great-headed. Allium Ampelopraswm, 
Hedge. Alliaria officinalis 
Honey. The genus Nectaroscordwni 
Keeled. Allium carinatum 
Large-flowered. Allium grandifiorium, 
Levant. Allium Ampeloprasiim 
Long-rooted. Allium Victoriale 
One-flowered. A Ilium unijlorum 
Piedmont. A Ilium pedemontanii/ni 
Quaint. Allium paradoxumi 
Eosy-flowered. Allium roseum 
Round-headed. Allium xphcerocejyhalum 
Sickle-leaved. Allium falcifolium 
Sorcerer's. Allium Moly 
Spanish. Allium Scorodojirasum 
Stag's. Allium vineale 
Sweet-scented. Allium {Nothoscordoib) 

Triangular-stalked. Allium tnquetrum 
Wild. Allium vineale and A. ii/rsinii/m 
Wild American. Allium canadense 
Yellow-flowered. Allium fiavuvi 
Garlic-Germander. Teucrium Scordiii/m 
Garlic-Pear. Craia-ra gynandra 
Garlic-Sage. Teucrium. Scorodonia 
Garlic-Shrub. Bignonia alliacea and 

Peiirrria alliacea 
Garlic-w^ort. Alliaria ofUciiialis 
Garnet-berry. The fruit of Ribcs ruhrum 
Garten-berries. The fruit of RuJnisfruti- 

Gaskins. See Gallegaskins 
Gas-plant. Dictamnus Fraxinella 
Gatten-tree, or Gatter-tree. See Gadrise 
Gatteridge-tree. See Gadrise 
Gay-bine. Convolvulus (Ipomcea) Ml 
Gay-feather, Kansas. Liatris pyctwda- 

Gauze-tree. Lagetia linfearia 
Gazels, or Gazlcs. The fruit of Ribes 

Ge an -tree. 


Prnnus Avium 
An old name 

for Galium 

Gelsemimi/ni semperviretit 

Genipap-tree, or Genip-tree. Gp7iij)a a/meri- 
Melicocca bijvga and M. pani- 

W. Indian. 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Genisaro-tree. Plthecolobimn Saman 
Oentian. The genus Gentiana 
Autumn. Gentiana Amarella 
Ascending. Gentiana adscendens 
Barrel-flowered. Gentiana Saponaria 
Bastard. Hypericum Sarothra (^Sa/rothra 

Bavarian. Gentiana bavarica 
Burser's. Gentiana Surseri 
Caucasian. Gentiana caucasica 
Climbing. Crawfurdia japonica 
Closed-flowered. Gentiana Andrewsii 
Cream-coloured. Geiitiaiia gelida 
Crested. Gentiana septemjida 
Cross-wort. Gentiana Cruciata 
Dotted-flowered. Gentiana punctata 
Field. Gentiana campestris 
Five-flowered. Gentiana quinqueflora 
Fringed. Gentiana crinita 
Horse. The genus Triosteum 
Marsh. Gentiana Pneunionantlie 
Milkweed. Gentiana asclepiadea 
New Zealand Mountain. Gentiana saxosa 
New Zealand Sea-shore. Gentia7ia cerina 
New Zealand Yellow. Gentiana pleuro- 

Purple-flowered. Gentiana p^irpurea 
Pyrenean. Gentiana pyrenaica 
Eound-petalled. Gentiana pannonica 
Small-leaved. Gentiana hrachypliylla 
Small Mountain. Gentiana nivalis 
Smaller Fringed. Gentiaiia detonsa 
Soapwort. Gentiana Saponaria and Sa- 
ponaria officinalis 
Spring. Gentiana verna 
Spurred. The genus Halenia 
Vernal. Gentiana verna 
Whitish. Gentia7ia alba 
Willow. Gentiana asclepiadea 
Yellow-flowered. Gentiana lutea 
Yellowish-white. Gentiana ochroleuca 
Gentian-root. The root of Gentiana lutea 
Gentianella. Gentiana acaulis 
Gentle Dock. See Dock 
George's (St.) Herb. Valeriana officinalis 
George's (St.) Mushroom. Agarieus gam- 

Georgia-bark-tree. PincTineya pubens 
Geranium (See also Crane's-bill.) Austra- 
lian. Geranium dissectum 
Bassinet. Geranium sylvaticum 
Blood-red-flowered. Geranivmi sangui- 

Cut-leaved. Geranium dissectum 
Dove's-foot. Geranium molle 
Dusky-flowered. Geranium jylicevmi 
Feather. Chenopodium Botrys 
Indian. Andropogon Nardus 
Long-stalked. Geranium columbbviim 
Meadow. Geranium jjratense 
Mountain. Geranium pyrenaicu7ri 
Nettle. Coleus fruticosus 
Round-leaved. Geranium rotundifolium 
Shining-leaved. Geranium lucidxim 
Small-flowered. Geraoiium prisillum 
Strawberry. Saxifraga sarmentosa 
Wild. Gera7iiu7)i pratense and G.JRobertia- 

Wood. Geranivmi sylvatiewn 

Geranium-Oil-plant. See Oil-plant 

Gerard. See Herb-Gerard 

German Lilac (Valerian). Ce7itrantMis 

ruber ? 
German Mad-Tvort. Asperugo procxmnbe7is 
German Tinder. See Amadou 
Germander. Teucrium Cha7Hccdrys 
American. Teucrium ca7iadense 
Bastard, or Sea-side. Stemodia maritixna 
Garlic. Teucrixmii Scordium 
Golden. Teucrium aureum 
Madeira. Teucri^mn betonicum 
Poly. Teucrium Folium 
Pyrenean. Teucrium p]ire7iaiGU7n 
Sea-side. See Germander, Bastard 
Shining. Texicrium hicidum 
Small-flowered. Teu,criiim campanulatit/iri 
Sweet-scented. Teucrixim Massilie7ise 
Tree. Teucrmm frutica7is 
Wall, or Wild. Texwriuin Clia7ncBdrys 
Water. Teuerixum Scordinm 
Wood. Texicrixiin Scorodonia 
Germander-Chick-weed. Vero7iica agres- 

Germander-Speedwell. Veronica Cha- 

Geslins, or Geslings. See Goslings 
Gesse. An old name for Jasmine 
Gethsemane. Orchis 7>iascula 
Gherkin. A small-fruited variety of Cucxo- 
7>ds sativa 
W. Indian. The unripe fruit of Ciicxanis 
Gil-cup, or Gilty-cup. Another name for 

Gill, or Gill-go-by-Ground. Nepeta Glechoma 
GilljOrGule, Gowan. Chrysantheimimsegetum 
Gilliflower, or Gillyflower. Bianthus Cary- 
ophylhis ; also the genera Matthiola and 
Clove. Bia7itliits Caryophyllxis 
Marsh. Lychnis Flos-cuculi 
Queen's. Hesperis matro7ialis 
Eogue's. Hesperis 7natronaUs 
Sea. Armeria vxilgaris {A. mariti7na) 
Stock. Matthiola a7i7ma, M. i7ica7ia, and 

M. grcBca 
Wall. Cheira7ithus Cheiri 
Water. Hottoxiia palustris 
Winter. Hesperis m.atro)ialis 
Yellow. Cheira7ithfiis Cheiri 
Gilliflower-Grass. See Grass 
Gimlet-w^ood. Exicalyptxis salubris 
Ginkgo-tree. Salisburia adia7itifolia 
Gingelly, or Gingili, Oil-plant. Sesaxmvm 

Ginger, Amada, or Mango. Curcuma 
Broad-leaved. Zingiber Zerxmnbet 
Common. Zingiber offici7iale 
Egyptian. Colocasia escxde7ita 
Garden. See Garden-Ginger 
Indian. Asarum ca7iadense 
Mango. Cxircxuma A7nada 
Bed, orE. Indian. Zingiber officinale 
Wild American. Asarxixn caxiadense 
Wild W. Indian. The genera Costus and 

Wood. A7iemone ranwiculoides 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Ginger- bread-tree, Eg}'ptian. Ilijphcene 
Sierra Leone. Parlnar'ium macroplujllum 
Ginger-Grass-Oil-plant. Andropogon 

Gingili-Oil-plant. See Gingelly-Oil-plant 
Ginseng-plant. Panax qulnqurfolmm 
{Arulia /jui/iqurfolia) 
Blue. Canfoj)/ii///u//i ihaUctroides 
Dwarf. Paiia.v {Ar(tlia) trifoUum 
Gipsies'-Rose. SrahioKa ariK'mis 
Gipsy-flower. ('i//i<>r/loKsnm officinale 
Gipsy-wort. Lycopus enropwus 
Girdle, Sea. Laminaria dlgitata 
Girls' Mercury. The male plant of Mcr- 

ciiriuli.s annua 
Gith. All old name for Nigella 
Gladden, Gladden, Gladin, Glader, or 

Gladwyn. Iris fwti dlssima 
Gladiole, ^\'ater. Jhitmmts uvihellatus 
Gladiole, or Sword-lily, lilood-red. Gladi- 
ohis cmentus 
Branching. Gladiolus ramostis 
Brenchley. Gladiolus Brcnchlcycnsis 
Butterfly. Gladiolus Papilio 
Cardinal-flowered. Gladiolus Cardinalis 
Colville's. Gladiolus Colcillei 
Cooper's. Gladiohis Coopcri 
Corn-field. Gladiolus ser/etum 
Dragon's-head. Gladiolus dracocepTialus 
Earl}'. Gladiolus preecox 
Fox-glove. Gladiolus communis 
Ghent Hybrid. Varieties of Gladiolus Gan- 

Hart-wort. Gladiolus lAhanotis 
Narrow-leaved. Gladiolus angustus 
Purple-and-gold. Gladiolus purpu/reus- 

Sad-coloured. Gladiolus tristis 
Saunders's. Gladiolus So under si 
Sulphur-flowered. GhnJioliix m-liroleucus 
Gladwyn, Stinking. Iris/irfid/xsima 

Variegated. Irisfattidissima varlegata 
Gland-pod. The genus Adenocarpus 
Glass-^wort. Salicomia herhacea 
I'rickl}-. Salsola Kail 
White. Sua'da marltlma 
Glass- wrack. Zoster a, (Alga) inarlna 
Glastonbury Thorn. Crata-gm Oxya- 

canilia jirtecox 
Globe-Daisy, Common. Glolnilaria vul- 
Hair-flowered. Glolmlaria tridwsantlia 
Heart-l(!aved. Glolmlaria cordifolia 
Naked-stalked. Gtohularia n udivauUs 
Thyme-leaved. Gtohularia nana 
Globe-flower. The genus Trolliug 
Ann;rican. TrolUus laxus 
Asiatic. Trotlius asiaticus 
Busli. ('rphatantJnL^ occidentalis 
Common. Trotlius rvroptrus 
Double .lapanesc. TroJthis ]aponUnis fi.-pl. 
Fortune's. 'rrotUus I'ortunei 
Giant. TrolUus Loddigesi 
Napell US-leaved. TroUius napellifolius 
Spreading. Trotlius laxus 
Swamp. Ccpltalanthus occidentalis 
Globe-Thistle. Tlie genus Eeliiiwps 
Hungarian. Ecldniyps bannaticus 

Globe-Thistle, Russian. Echinops ruthen- 
Small. Echinops Ilitro 
Tall. Echinops exaltatus 
Glond. An old name for Sajjonaria 

Glory-bush, Peruvian. Plcroina (Lasian- 

dra) sarmentosa 
Glory-flower, Chilian. Eccremocarpus 

Glory-of-the-Snow. Chionodoxa LucUice 
Glory-Pea, Dampiers. CUanthus Bam- 
New Zealand. CUanthus punicev^ 
Norfolk Island. Cliajithus carneus 
Glory-tree. Clerodendron fragrans and 

othcT species 
Gluttony, Plant of. Cornus suecica 
Gnat-wort. Trlumfetta Lapjnda 
Go-to-bed-at-noon. Tragopogon pratensis 
Goat-bush, W. Indian. Castelea Nichol- 

Goat- root. Ononis Natrix 
Goat- weed. The genus Capraria ; also 
^Egopodium Podagraria and Stemodia 
Goat-willow. Salix Caprea 
Goat's-bane. Aconiium Tragoctonimn 
Goat's-beard. Tragopogon pratensis 

False. See False-Goat's-beard 
Goat's-foot. O.calis caprina 
Goat's-horn. Astragalus ^Egiceras 
Goat's-Rue. Galega officinalis 
Oriental. Galrga orientaUs 
Virginian. Tephrosia Virginiana 
Goat's-thorn. Astragalus Tragacantlia 

and ^1. Poterium 
Goat's-wheat. Tlic genus Tragopyrum 
Box-leaved. Tragopgrum Imxifollum 
Lance-leaved. 'Tragopgrum lancrolatum 
Polygamous. Tragopgrum polggamuni 
Gobbo. Tlihiscus (A/n-luioschus) esculentiis 
Gobo, of Japan. Lappa cdulis 
God-tree. See Ceiba-tree 
God's-eye. Veronica Chamcedrys 
God's-flow^er, or Gold-flower. Uelichnjsum 

Gold-balls, or Gold-cups. Another name 

for P)Uttercups 
Gold-basket. -1 lyssum saxatile 
Gold-dust. Alyssum saxatile and Sedv/m 

Gold-flower. See God's-flower 
Gold Heath. The genus Sphagnum 
Gold-Leaf Plant. A ucului japonlca 
Gold-of- Pleasure. Camel I na saliva 

L'( rennial. Mgagrum peremw 
Gold-seal. Frasera verticillata and 7/y- 

^ drasfls canadensis 
Gold-shrub. Palicourea spccima 
Gold-thread, Three-leaved. G)ptistrifoUata 
Golden-ball. Trotlius europ<fus 
Golden-ball Tree. Forsythia suspensa and 

/■'. riridissima 
Golden-bush. Cassinia/ulgida 
Golden-chain. Cgtisv,<i LaJmrnumi 
Golden-club. Orontium aquaficum 
Golden-crown. The genus Chrysobtemma 
Golden-drop. Onosma tauricum 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Golden-Flower of Peru. Hellanthus 

Golden-locks. Pohjpoclluvi vulgare 
Golden Moss. Sedum acre 
Golden Moth-wort. See Moth-wort 
Golden Mouse-ear. Hieraciwn aurantia- 

Golden Osier. Sallx vitelUna and Myrica 

Golden-pert. Gratiola aurca 
Golden-rain. Cytisus Lahumwm 
Golden-rod. Solidago Ylrgav/rea 
Canadian. Solidago canadensis 
Canary Islands. Bosea Yervamora 
Drooping. Solidago nutans 
Dwarf. Solidago Virgaurea var. camhrica 
False. Brachychceta cordata 
Large-flowered. Solidago grandijiora 
Many-flowered. Solidago mnltijiora 
Many-rayed. Solidago multiradiata 
Kayless. Bigelovia modata 
Upright. Solidago stricta 
W. Indian. JVeurolcena lobata 
Golden-rod Tree. Bosea Yervamora 
Golden-seal. See Gold-seal 
Golden Stoeehas. Helichrystim Stoeclias 

Golden-tuft. Alyssuvi saxatile and Heli- 

clirysxim Stoeehas 
Golden Saxifrage. The genus Chryso- 

Golden Samphire. Inula crithtnoides 
Golden-spoon. Byrsonima cinerea 
Golden-star, Maryland. Chrysojjsis Mari- 

Golden-wand, Hooker's. Chrysolactron 

Hooker i 
Goldilocks. Ramcnculus auricomus, Chry- 
soeoma Linosyris, and Polytrichum com- 
Broad-leaved. Chrysocoma latifoUa 
Tunbridge. Hyiiienopliylluni tunhridgense 
Golds, or Goldins. Calendula ojficinalis, 
Caltlia palustris, and Chrysanihemitmi 
Gombo. See Okro 
Good Henry, or Good King Henry. Chow- 

podium Bonus-Henricus 
Good-night-at-noon. Hibiscus Trionvm, 
Googul. See Bdellium 
Goomp any- tree. Odina Wodier 
Goora-nut. See Nut 
Goose-and-Goslings. The catkins of 

Willows, especially of Salix Caprea 
Gooseberry. Ribes Grossularia 

American, or W. Indian. Pereskia aculeata 

and Heterotriclmm patens 
Barbadoes. Pereskia aculeata 
Bristly. Ribes setosum 
Cape. PhysaUs peruviana and P. pubes- 
Caucasian. Ribes caxccasicwm 
Coromandel, or Country. AverrTwa Car- 

Dog-bramble. Ribes Cynosiati 
Fragrant-flowered. Ribes av/rewm {R. 

Fuchsia-flowered. Ribes specioswn 
Hairy-branched. Ribes hirtellum 

Gooseberry, Hawthorn-leaved. Ribes oxy- 
Hedge-hog. Ribes lacustre var. ecldna 

Hill, of India. Rlwdomyrtus tomentosa 
Large-spined. Ribes macracanthum 
Lobb's. Ribes Lobbii 
Malabar. Melastoma malabathrica 
Menzies'. Ribes Mcnziesii 
Needle-spined. Ribes aciculare 
Otaheite. Cicca distlcha 
Rock. Ribes saxatile 
Round-leaved. Ribes rotundifolium 
Slender-branched. Ribes gracile 
Small-leaved. Ribes inicrophyllum 
Spreading-branched. Ribes divaricatum 
Swamp. Ribes lac%istre 
Syrian. Ribes orientale 
Three-flowered. Ribes trijiorum 
Two-spined. Ribes diacantha 
Vancouver's Island. Ribes subvestitvm 

{R. Lobbii) 
White-flowered. Ribes niveum 
Yellow-flowered. Ribes leptanthuni 

Gooseberry-Pie. EpiloVmm hirsutwni 

Goose-bill. Galium Aparine 

Goose-corn. Juncus squarrosus 

Goose-foot. The genus Chenopodiwn 
Bearded. Cheiwpodiwn aristatum 
Broom. Kocliia Seoparia 
Cut-leaved. Clienopodium Botrys 
Glaucous. Clienopodium. glaucum 
Guinea. Clienopodium guineense 
Many-seeded. Clienopodium polyspermu/ni 
Maple-leaved. Clienopodium liybridum 
Mexican. ClieTwpodixmn ambrosioides 
Nettle-leaved. Clienopodium murale 
Oak-leaved. CJienopodium glaucwm 
Perennial. Clienopodium Bonus-Henricus 
Purple. Clienopodium Atrijjlicis 
Red. Clienopodium. rubrum 
Sea-side. Suada maritima 
Stinking. Clienopodium Yulvaria 
Upright. Clieiwpodium nrbictim 
White. Clienopodixim alhim 

Goose-grass. Galium Aparine and Poten- 
tilla aiiserina 

Goose-nest. Neottia Nidus-avis 

Goose-Tansy. Potentilla anserina 

Goose-tongue. Galium A2}arine and 
Achillea Ptarmica 

Goose-tree, or Bamakle-tree. A name ap- 
plied by Gerard to "certaine trees in 
the north parts of Scotland," on which 
barnacles were said to grow, from which 
it was believed in his time that " Bar- 
nacle Geese" were produced 

Gorgon-plant. Euryale ferox 

Gorse, or Goss. Ulex europceus 

Hen. Ononis ari'e7isi.s and Bartsia Odorir 

Gory Dew. Palmella cruenta 

Goss. See Gorse 

Gourd. The genus Cucurhita 
Bitter. Citrullus Colocynthis 
Bottle. Lagenaria vulgaris 
Elector's-cap. A variety of CucurKta 

Gooseberry. Cucurbita grossularioides 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Gourd, Jerusalem-Artichoke. A variety of 
Cu<yurbita Melopepo 
Orange. Cncvrhlta aiirantia 
Perennial. Cncurhita jx'rcunis 
Scarlet-fruited. Coccinea Indica 
Snake. Trichosanthes aiiguina 
Sour. Ada7iso7iia dtgitata 
Sour, of Australia. Adansonia Crregorli 
Succade. Cucurbita oxufera far. Snccada 
Towel, or "Washing. Lvffa (rgyptlaca 
Trumpet. Laijcnaria vulf/aris clavata 
Viper. Trichosanthes coluhrma 
Washing. Hee Gourd, Towel 
Wax, or White. Benincasa (Cucurbita) 
Gout Ivy. Ajuffa Chavicepitys 
Gout-vsreed, or Gout-wort. ^gapodiwn 
Variegated. jEgojwdiuvi Podagrarla 
Gouty-stemmed Tree, of Australia. Ad- 
ansonia Gregorii and Sterculia (Dela- 
bechea) rupestris 
Gowan, or Gowlan. BelUs perennis ; the 
name is also applied to Buttercups and 
various other j-ellow flowers. 
Horse. Chrysanthemum Lencanthenium, 
Matricaria Chamomilla, and Leontodon 
Lapper, Lopper, or Lockin. Trollius 

Large White. Chrysanthemum Leucanthe- 

Lockin or Luckin. Trollius eiuropceus 
May. Bellis perennis 
Meadow. Caltha palustris 
Milk. Leontodon Taraxacum 
Water, or Open. Caltha jyalustHs 
Yellow. Buttercups and various other 
yellow flowers 
Gowk-meat. Oxalis Acetosella 
Gowlan, or Goulan. See Gowan. 
Grace-of-God. An old name for St. John's- 

Grains of Paradise. Anmnum Grana- 

Gram. Cicer arietinum 

Black. Phaseolvs Muiigo melanospcrmus 
Green. Phaseolvs Mungo chlorospermus 

(P. Max) 
Horse. Bolichos bijlorus and B. uniflorus 
Red. Bolichos Catjang 
Turkish. Phaseolus aconitifolius 
White. Soja hisjnda 
Granadilla. Passijlora quadrangularis and 

P. edulis 
Grape, Bear's. Arctoataphylos Uva-ursi 
Bland's. Vitis Labnisca 
Bull. Vitis rotundifolia 
Bullet. Vitis mdpina 
Chicken. Vitis cordifolia 
Delaware. A variety of Vitis riparia 
False. Ampelopsis quinquefolia 
Isabella. Vitis Lal/rvsca 
Kangaroo. Vitis (Cisstis) antarctica 
Muscadine. Vitis vulpina 
Northern Fox. Vitis Lulmisca 
Oregon. Berhrris Aquifolijim 
Plum. Vitis Labnisca 

Grape, Port Jackson Black. Vitis ( Cissusy 

Scuppemong. A variety of Mtis vulinna 
Sea. Salicor7iia herbacea, Bphedra dis- 

tachya, and Sargassum bacciferum 
Southern Fox. Vitis vulpina 
Summer. Vitis cestivalis 
Tail. The genus Artabotrys 
Taylor Bullet. A variety of \ltis riparia 
Wild, of the Peru\ians. Chondrodendruvi 

Winter, or Frost. Vitis cordifolia 
Grape-flow^er. 3/vscari racemosum 
Grape-Hyacinth, Armenian. Miiscari 

Common. Muscari racemosimi 
Dark-purple. Muscari cmumutatum 
Feathery. Muscari coniostmi monstruosunt 

{IlyaciJithus mo7istruosus) 
Greek. Muscari Ileldreiclvii 
Musk. Miiscari moschatum 
Sky-blue. Miiscari botryoides 
Yellow. Muscari luteum 
Grape-pear. Amela7ichier Botryajnivm 
Grape-plant, Sea-side. The genus Cocco- 

Macquarie Harbour. Coccoloba (Poly- 

gonum^ adpressa 
Grape-vine. Vitis vinifera and vars. (See 

Grape-wort. Aetata sjricata and Bryonia 

Grapes, Dyer's. Phytolacca decandra 

Fen. Vacci7iium Oxycoccos 
Grapple-plant, Cape. U7waria 2>'>'ocum- 

Grass. A general name for plants of the 

order Gra7ninecc, but often used in the 

sense of " herb " 
Adder's. Orchis mascula and 0. macu- 

Aleppo Millet. Sorghum 7ialepe}ise 
Alfa, Alpha, or Haifa. Macrochloa te7iacis- 

American. Elevsinc indica 
Amoor River Giant Silverj'. Imperata 

Ant-hill. Festuca sylvatica 
Artificial. Rye-grass and the Clovers, 

which are sown in rotation 
Australian Meadow. Poa ccespitosa (P. 

Australian Ornamental. Poa australis 
Awned Wheat. Triticu7n ca7iinum 
Bahama. Cynodon Bactylon 
Ballock. Orchis 7nascula 
Bastard Knot. Corrigiola. littoralls 
Beard. Polypogoii monspelieyisi^ and [^the 

genus A7}Aropogon 
Bengal. Setaria italica 
Bent. Agrostis rulgaris, Psainma are- 

naria, and some other wirj' grasses 
Bermuda. Cynodon BacUjlon 
Bird. Poa trivalis 
Black. Alopecurus agrestis, A. geniculatus, 

Brovnts sterilis, and Medicago Ivpulina 
Black-head. Lvzula campcstris 
Black Oat. Stipa are7iacea 
Black Quitch. Agrostis vulgaris 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Grass, Blubber. The genus Br omits 
Blue. Various species of Carex 
Kentucky. Poa pratensis 
Blue-eyed. Sisyrinchium Berimidianum 
Blue Joint. Calmagrostis catiadetisis 
Bottle. Set aria viridis 
Bottle-brush. Gyimwstichum Hystrix 
Bowel-hive. Alcliemilla arvcnsis 
Brazilian. Strips of the leaves of Thrinax 

Brome. The genus Bromus 
Broom Ajidrojyogon scojjarius 
Brush. Andropogon Gryllus 
Buck. Lycopodium clavatwm 
Buffalo, American. Buchloe dactyloides ; 

also applied to Medioago sativa and M. 

Buffalo, Australian, SteTwtaplirum ameri- 

canwni (_S. glahrwni) 
Bull. Bramus mollis and other species 
Bunch. Elymus cojidensatus and Festuca 

Bunkuss. Spodiopogon angustifolius 
Bur. See Grass, Hedge-hog 
Bur, or Ginger, W. Indian. Panicum gluti- 

Bush. Calamagrostis Upigejos 
Butter. Agrostis stolonifera 
Button. Avena elatior 
Californian Prairie. Ceratochloa unioloides 
Canary. Phalaris canariensis 
Cape Thatch. Restio chondropetahis 
Capon's- tail. Valeriaiia pyrenaica 
Carpenter. Prunella mdgaris 
Carnation. Carer, glauca and C.panicea 
Cat's-tail. Phlewni pratense 
Causeway. Poa annua 
Cheesecake. Lotus corniculatus 
China or Chinese. BtBhmeria {Urticd) 

Claver or Clever. Galium Aparine 
Cloud. The genus Agrostis 
Clover. Trifolium pratense and T. repens. 

Sometimes applied to Medicago lupu- 

Club. The genera Scirpus and Coryne- 

Cock. Bromus mollis, B. secalinus, and 

Plantago lanceolata 
Cock's-comb. Cynosu/rus echinatus 
Cock's-foot. Dactylis glomerata 
Cock's-foot, Golden-edged. Dactylis glom- 
erata aurea 
Cock-shin. Panicmii Crus-galli 
Comb Finger. The genus Dactyloctenivmi 
Cord. Lygeum Spartmii and Spartina 

Cord, Fresh-water. Spartina cy7iosuroides 
Cord, Twin-spiked. Spartina stricta 
Corn. Apera Spica-venti 
Cotton. The genus Eriophorum 
Couch. Triticum repens 
Cow. Trifolium medium, and T. pratense 
Crab. Salicornia heriaeea. and Polygonum, 

Crow's-foot. EchinocTiloa Crus-corvi 
Cuba. Andropogon halepeyisis 
Cuckoo. lAizula campestris 
Cut. Leersia oryzoldes 

Grass, Cutting. Scleria flagelhim 
Dadder, or Dodder. Briza media 
Dart. Holcus mollis and H. lanatus 
Deccan . Paydcum frumentaceum 
Deer's-foot. Argostis setacea 
Desert. The genus Eremochloe 
Dew. Dactylis glomerata and Setaria 

Dithering, or Dothering. Briza media 
Doddle. Briza media 
Dog. Triticum repens 
Dog's-tail. Cynosurus cristatus 
Dog's-tooth. Triticum cani7mm and Cyno- 

don Dactylon 
Doob, or Doorva. Cynodon Dactylon 
Dothering. See Grass, Dithering 
Dover. Festuca elatior 
Drop-seed. The genera MuhleJibergia and 

Dudder. Adiantum Capillus- Veneris 
Duffel. Holcus mollis and H. lanatus 
Dutch. Panicwm molle 
Earning. Pinguicula vulgaris 
East Indian Matting. Cyperus corymhosa 
Eaver. See Grass, Ever 
Eccle. Pinguicula vulgaris 
Eel. See Grass, Tape 
Egyptian. Dactyloctejiium cegyptiacum 
Elbowit. Alopecurus geniculatus 
Elephant's. Typlia elephantum 
Esparto. Stipa {3Iacrochloa) tenacissima 
Ever, or Eaver. Lolium perenne 
Fair. Potentilla anserina 
" Faitour's." Probably EibphorVia Esula 
False Brome. The genus Brachypodium 
Feather. Stipa pennata and Eragrostis 

Feather-top. Calamagrostis Epigejos 
Fescue. The genus Festuca 
Fescue, Blue. Festuca glauca and F. 

Fescue, Fine-leaved. Festuca tenuifolia 
Fescue, Hard. Festuca duriuscula 
Fescue, Meadow. Festuca pratensis 
Fescue, Red or Creeping. Festuca rubra 
Fescue, Sheep's. Festuca ovina 
Fiddle. Ejnloiium hirsutum 
Fine-top. Agrostis alba 
Finger. The genus Digitaria 
Finger, Bed. Digitaria sanguinalis 
Fiorin. Agrostis stolonifera 
Fire. Alchemilla arvensis 
Five-finger. Potentilla reptans 
Flea. Carex pulicaris 
Flote. Olyceria fiuitans 
Flowering. Anomatlieca cruenta 
Fly-away. Agrostis scabra 
Fly-catch. Leersia lenticularis 
Fodder. Onobrychis sativa and the genus 

Four-leaved. Lotus tetrajfhyllus 
Fowl-Meadow. Glyceria nervata and Poa 

Fox. Geraniunn Bobertianum 
Fox-tail. Alopecumis 2}Tatensis 
Fox-tail, Gold-striped. Alojjecurus pratensis 

Fox-tail, W. Indian. Anatherum bicorne 

and A. macrwnim 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Grass, French. OTwhrycliis sativa and 

Phalaris arundinacea variegata 
Frog. Sallcornia hcrhacca and Juncui 

Gallow. Caniiaiis sativa 
Gama, or Sesame. Trljjsacum dactylaides 
Giant Woolly-beard. Eriantlius RavenncB 
Gilliflower. Carex glauca and C. panicea 
Ginger. Andropogon Sclicenanthus 
Ginger, W. Indian. See Grass, Bur 
Globe Cotton. Eriojyhonim capitatwm 

{E. Schcuchzeri) 
Glow-worm, of Australia. Z/uziila cam- 

Golden-edged Cock's-foot. Dactylis glo- 

merata aurea 
Gold-striped Fox- tail. Alopecurus praten- 

sis variegatus 
Goat. The genus JEgilops 
Goose. See Goose-grass 
Grama. The genus Bouteloua 
Grip. Galium Aparine 
Guinea. Panicum juinentorum (P. maxi- 

Gull. Galium Ajjarine 
Hair. The genus Aira 
Hair, American. Agrnstis scabra and 

Mulilenliergia capillaris 
Haifa. See Grass, Alfa 
Hard. Dactylis glcnnerata 
Hard, or Goat. The genus ^gilops 
Hare's-tail. Lagurus ovatus 
Hassock. Aira ca'spitosa, Carex co'spitosa, 

and C 2}a7iiculata 
Haver. Arena elatior, Bromus sterilis, and 

S. mollis 
Heath. Triodia decumbens 
Hedge-hog. Panicum stagninum and 

Carex Jiava 
Hedge-hog, or Bur, of N. America. Cen- 

clirws tribuloides 
Hen-penny. Phinanthus Crista-gaUl 
Herd's. Agrostis vulgaris 
Hog. Senehiera Connwpus 
Holy. Hiernchloe hnrealis and other species 
Honey-suckle. Trifoliimi repcns 
Hooded. Bronms mollis 
Horn. The genus Ceratochloa 
Hom-of-Plenty. Cornucapice cucullatv/m 
Horse-well. Veronica Peccahmga 
Hose. IMcus lanatus 
Hundred-leaved. Achillea Millefolium 
Hunger. Alopecvnis agrestis 
Indian. Sorghum nutans and Molinia 

Trby-dale. Euphorbia Uelioscopia 
Iron. Pohjgonuv) aviculare 
Italian Bye. Lolium italicum {L. jjcrenne 

var. mull i^fforum) 
Jockey. Priza media 
.Toint. Various species of Equisetum 
Kangaroo. Anthistiria ciliata (A. aiis- 

Kentucky Blue. Poa prateyisis 
Knife. Scleria latifolia 
Knot. Polygonum aviculare 
Ladie.s'-laces, or Lady. Phalaris animli- 

naeea variegata 
Lagoon. Triticum repent 

Grass. Lalong. Imperata arundinacea 
Lamb's. "Various Spring grasses 
Land. Alopecurus agrestis 
Lavender. 3Iolinia ccerulea 
Lemon. Androjiogon Schwnanthus 
Lily. Anim maculatum and Putomus wn- 

Lob, or Lop. Bromus mollis 
Long. The genus 3Iacrochloa 
Love. Eragrostis elegans 
Low Spear. Poa annua 
Lyme. Elymus arcnarius 
Maiden-hair. Briza media 
Manatu. See Grass, Turtle 
Manna. Glyceria Jluitans 
Marl. Tnfolium j^ratense, or T. mediv/m 
Marrem. Psamma arenaria 
Marsh Arrow. Triglochin pahistre 
Marsh Saw. Cladium 3Iariscus 
Mat. Psamma arenaria and Nardiis 

May. Stellaria Holostea 
Meadow. The genus Poa 
Meadow, Eough-stalked. Poa trivialis 
Meadow, Smooth-stalked. Poa pratensis 
Meadow-Fescue. Festiwa pratensis 
Meadow Soft. IIolcus lanatus and H. 

Melick. The genus Ilelica 
Merlin's. Isoetes lacustris 
Mesquite. See Grass, Mosquito 
Midge. IIolcus lanatus 
Millet, ililium effusum 
Mitchell, of Australia. Astrebla(Pant?u>nia) 

Monkey, or Par^. The fibre of Attalea 

Monkey's. Agrostis vulgaris 
Moor. Sesleria carulea 
Mosquito, or Mesquite. Panicum obtimi/ni 
Mountain, Jamaica. Andropogon bicornis 
Mouse. Aira caryophyUa 
Mouse, Australian. IJichelachne crinita 
Mouse-tail. Festuca Myurus and Alopecu- 
rus agrestis 
Mulga. Neurachne Mitchelliana 
Murrain. Scrophularia nodosa 
Muskit. The genus Bouteloua 
Myrtle. x\ cordis Calamus 
Natural. Poa trivialis and P. pratensis ; 

also applied to Grasses generally (except 

Bye-grass), because they are found in 

natural pastures 
New Zealand Cutting. Various species of 

New Zealand Plume. Arundo con*picua 
New Zealand Spear, Aciphylla squarrosa 
"Nimble Will." 3/uhlenh(rgia diffusa 
Nit. Gastridium lendigerum 
Nut. Cyperus rotundas var. Hydra 
Oat. Ave7ixi pratensis and Bnnmts mollis 
Oat, Yellow. Avena Jlavrsceits 
Of Parnassus. I'arnassia palustris 
Of Parnassus, Asanim-leaved. Parnassia 

Of Parnassus, Fringed. Pamussia Jim- 

Of I'amassua, Himalayan. Pamassia 


and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Grass, of Parnassus, Large. Parnassia 

Old-witch. Paiiieum capillare 
Onion. Arena elatior 
Orange. Eyperlcimn Sarothra 
Orchard. Dactylis yloinerata 
Orcheston. Agrostis stolomfera 
Ornamental Cloud. Agrostis nehulosa and 

A. jj'ulchella 
Otago Tupak. Carex appressa 
Painted. Phalaris arundinacca varicgata 
Pampas. Gynerium- argentewni 
Panick. The genus Panicum 
Panick, Bulbous, Panictmi bulbosum 
Panick, Tall. Pajilcum altissimum 
Panick, Twiggy. Panicum virgatwm 
Par^. See Grass, Monkey 
Pearl. Briza maxima and Avena elatior 
Penny. RhinantJius Crista-galli 
Pen-reed. Saccharum Sara 
Pepper. Pilularia glohulifera 
Pepper, American. Lepidium virginicum 
Pigeon's. Verbe?ia officinalis 
Pin. See Pin-grass 

Pink. Another name for Gilliflower-grass 
Porcupine. Stipa spartea 
Porcupine, Australian. Festuca {Triodia) 

Poverty. Aristida dichotoma 
Prairie. Brovms ciliatus and Spartina 

Prairie, or Rescue. Bromus ScTiraderi and 

CeratocJiloa unioloides 
Pudding. Mentha Pulegium 
Purple Moor. Moli7iia ccerulea 
Quack. Triticum repens 
Quake, or Quaking. Briza media 
Quitch. Triticm/i repens 
Eamee, Eamie, or Rheea. Bcehmeria 

( Urtica) nirea 
Rattle. Rhinanthus Crista-galli 
Eattle-snake. Glyceria canadensis 
Eavenna. Eriantlius Ravennce 
Ray, or Eye. Lolium perenne 
Eay, or Rye, Italian. Lolium perenne var. 

multijiormn (Z. italicxcm) 
Razor. Scleria scindens 
Eed Eattle. Pedicularis pahistris 
Red-top. Agrostis vulgaris 
Red-top, Tall. Tricuspis sesleroides 
Reed. The genus Arundo 
Reed, W. Indian. Arundo occidentalis 
Eeed, Meadow. Glyceria aquatica 
Eheea. See Grass, Prairie 
Rescue. See Grass, Prairie 
Eib. Plantago lanceolata 
Ribbon. Phalaris arundinacea variegata 
Rice Cut. Leersia oryzoides 
Ridging. Anatherum bicorne 
Rie, or Rye. See Grass, Ray 
Ripple. Plantago lanceolata 
Ecosa, or Roussa. Andropogon Iroaran- 

cusa, and A. Martini 
Rope. The genus Restio 
Rot. Pinguicxda vulgaris, Holcus lanatus, 

and H. mollis 
Eye. See Grass, Ray 
Rush. The genus Vilfa 
St. John's. Various species of Hypericum 

Grass, Salt-water Eeed. Sjya/rtina xwly- 

Sand. Tricuspis purpurea 
Scented, New Zealand. Hierochloe redolens 
Scorpion. The genus Myosotis 
" Scotch," of Jamaica, Pa7iicum molle 
Scrub. Equisetum hyemale and other 

Scurvy. Cochlearia officinalis 
Scutch. Triticti/ni repens 
Sea. Armeria maritima and Ruppia 

Sea Arrow. Triglochin maritinnmii 
Sea Hard. Lepturtis incurvatus and the 

genus Opliiurus 
Sea-shore Bent. Psamma arenaria (^Am- 

mopYila arundinacea) 
Sea Spear. Glyceria maritima 
Serpent. Polygonum vivvparum, 
Shadow. Luzula sylvatica 
Shaking. Briza media 
Shamalo. Panicum frumentacemti 
Shave. Equisetumfi hyemale 
Shear, or Shere. Cladium Mariscus ; also 

some species of Carex 
Sheath-flowering. Coleanth us subtilis 
Sheep's-Fescue. Festuca ovina 
Shelly. Triticum repens 
Shere. See Grass, Shear 
Shore. lAttorella lacustris 
Shrubby. The genus Thamnochortus 
Silk. The fibre of Bromelia (Nidularivmi) 

Karat as and of Agave vivipara and A. 

Silk, Carolina. Yucca filamentosa 
Silk, of N. America. Eriocoma cuspidata 
Silt. Paspalwm distichum 
Silver. Phlaris aru7idinaeea variegata 
Skally. Triticumi repens 
Snake. Myosotis palustris 
Sour. Panicum leucojjhceum and Rumex 

Sour, W. Indian. Paspahim conjugattuni 
Southern Holy. Hierochloe australis 
Sparrow. Asjyaragus officinalis 
Sparrow, French. Ornitliogalu/mpyrenaicum, 
Spart. Spartina striata 
Spear. Various species of Agrostis 
Spear, of New Zealand. Aciphylla squar- 

rosa, and A. Colensoi 
Spike. Brizopijrunn spicatum, and the 

genus TJniola 
Spire. A species of Carex 
Spring. See Grass, Vernal 
Spurt. Scirpus lacustris and S. maritimus 
Squirrel-tail. Hordeum jubatu/ni, H. mari- 

timum, and H. mwrinum 
Squitch. Triticum repens 
Star. The genus Callitriche 
Steep. Pinguicula vulgaris 
Sticky. Galium Molhigo and Bactylis 

Suffolk. Poa annua 
Sweet. Asperula odorata and the genus 

Swine's. Polygonum aviculare 
Sword. The genus Gladiolus; also Are- 

na/ria segetalis, Melilotus segetalis, and 

Phalaris arundinacea 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Grass, Tape, or Eel. Vallisneria spiralis 
Tassel. Ruppla mariUma 
Tassel Cotton. Erlopluyrumpolystachyon 
Teosinte. Euchlcena {Reeana) luxurlaiis 
Thin. Agrostls data, and A. per efma?is 
Timothy. Phlcum pratense 
Toad. Juncus hufo)iius 
Tongue. Lephliun sativum and Stellaria 

Tooth-ache. Ctenium americanwn 
Traneen. Cyiwsicms cristatus 
Tupak. Carex appressa 
Turkey. Galium Aparhw 
Turk's-head. Lagurus ovatus 
Turtle. Zostera marina 
Turtle, or Manatu. Thalassia testudinum 
Twig. The genus Rhahdochloa 
Tussock. Aira ccespitosa 
Tussock, of Australia. Xcrotes lorujifoUa 
Twopenny. Lysiviachia Numimilaria 
Umbrella. Fuirena squarrosa and Panicwm 

Vanilla. Hierochloii fragrans and other 

Vanilla, Large-leaved. Uierooldoe macro- 

Variegated Japanese. Eulalia japonica 

Velvet. IIolcus lanatus and H. mollis 
Vernal, or Sweet Vernal. Aiithoxanthwn 

Vetch. Lathyriis Nissolia 
Viper's. Ecliiwii vulgare and the genus 

Wall Penny. Cotyledon Tlmbilieus 
Wallaby. Dantlwnia pcnicillata 
Wart. Euphorbia Helioscopia 
Warted, of Australia. Chloris ventricosa 
Water. Nasturtium officinale 
Water Hair. Catabrosa {Aira) aquatica 
Water Star. Leptantlnis gramiiuncs 
Water Whorl. Catabrosa {Aira) aqiia- 

White. Leersia virginica 
Whitlow. The genus Draba; also Saxif rag a 

Wild Oat. Various species of Arena 
Wild Oat, American. The genus DaTi- 

Willow. Polygonum amphibium 
Wind. Apcra Spicn-nnti 
Wind-mill. Clitoris tntncata 
Winter-green. The genus TricTwdiwm 
Wire. Polygonum aviculare 
Wire, American. EUmsine indica and Poa 

Wire, E. Indian. Cyiwsuriis indicus 
Wire Bent. Nardus striata 
Wood. Luzula sylvativa and Sorghum 

Wood Meadow. Poa nemoralis 
Wood Reed. Cinna arujidinacea 
Wool. Scirpus Eriophorum 
Woolly Beard. The genus Erianthus 
Worm. Scdum album and the genus 

Wrack. Zostera maHiia 
Yellow. Nartht'cixim ossifraguvi 
Yellow-eyed. The genus Xyris 

Grass-cioth-plant. Bcehmeria (Urtica} 
Queensland. Pipturus argenteus (P. pro- 

Silver-leaved. Bcehmeria argentea 
Grasses, Artificial, See Grass, Artificial 
Grass-Ivy. See Ivy 
Grass-Nettle, Wild. Stachys sylvatica 
Grass-Pink. Calopogon pulchellus 
Grass-Poly. Lytlirum hyssopifolium 
Grass-root. Eupatorium p\t,rpu/reuin 
Grass-Thistle. See Thistle 
Grass-tree, Australian. The genus Xan- 
thorrhcea ; also applied to Richea dra- 
eophylla, and Kiiigia australis 
Grass-wrack, or Grass-weed, Zostera 
Dwai-f. Zostera nana 
Gravel-root. Eupatorium purpu/reum 
Grease-wood. The genera Sarcobatus and 
Californian. Sarcobatus vermiculatus 
Great Celandine. Chelidonium majtis 
Great Pilewort. Scrophularia nodosa 
Great Saniele. Alchemilla vulgaris 
Gree-Gree-tree, or Sassy-tree, of Sierra 
Leone. Erythrophlaum guineeiise 
Of Trinidad. Astrocaryum aculeatum and 
Acrocomia sclerocarpa 
Greeds. Lemna minor 
Greek Valerian. Polcmoniwm coeruleiuni 
Green Dragons. Ariim Dracontium 
Green-heart, Bastard, W. Indian. Calyp- 
tranthes Chytranculia 
Guinea. Ncctandra Rodicei 
W. Indian. Colubrinaferruginea 
Green-heart-Bark, or Bibiru- Bark-tree. 

Nectandra Rodicei 
Green-man Orchis. Aceras anthropo- 

Green-sauce. Rumex Acetosa 
Green-weed, or Greening-weed. Genista 
Hairy. Genista pilosa 
Hare's-foot. Genista sagittalis 
Green-Tvithe. Vanilla, claviculata 
Greens. Lemna minor 
Grim-the-Collier. Hieracium aurantia- 

Grip-grass. See Grass 
Grit-berry. The genus Comarostaphylis 
Gromwell, Grummel, or Graymile. LithO' 
spermum officinale 
Corn-field. Lithospermum arvense 
Creeping. Lithosjiermum purpureo-casru- 

Deep-yellow-flowered. Lithospermum {Bat- 

schia) canescejis 
False. The genus Onosinodivm 
Gaston's. Liihospermum Gastoni 
Gentian, or I'urijle. Lithospermum jrros- 

Rock. Lithospermum pctraum 
Rosemary-leaved. Lithospemiwn rosmari- 

Shrubby. Lithospermum /ruticosum 
Qromw^ell-Reed. An old name for Coix 

Ground-Ash. See Ash 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shnihs, 


Ground-Enell. An old name for Scandix 

Pecten- Veneris 
Ground-hele. Veronica officinalis 
Ground-Honey-suckle. Lotus cornicu- 

Ground-Ivy. Ncpeta Gleohoma 
Ground-needle. An old name for Erodiwm 

Ground-Nut, American. Arackls hyjjogcea, 
Ajjios tuberosa, and Aralia (^Panax) 
Bambarra. Voandzeia suhterranea 
Or Earth-nut, Oil-plant. Arachis hy^^ogcea 
Ground-Pine. Ajuga Cliamcp/pitys 
Groundsel. The genus Senecio 
Adonis-leaved. Senecio ado7iifoUus 
Bolander's. Senecio Bolanderi 
Broad-leaved. Senecio saracenicus 
Clammy. Senecio viscosus 
Climbing. Senecio mikanoides 
Common. Se^iecio vulgaris 
Fen. Senecio paludosus 
Field. Senecio campestris 
Hoary. Senecio incanus 
Ivy-leaved. Senecio viacroglossus 
Japanese. Senecio japonicus 
Large Crimson- flowered. Senecio pulcher 
Large-flowered. Senecio Doronicum 
Leopard"s-bane. Senecio Doronicum 
Marsh. Sejiecio paUistris 
Narrow-leaved. Senecio eruccefolius 
One-flowered. Senecio unijlorus 
Orange-flowered. Senecio ahrotanifolius 
Oxford. Senecio squalidus 
Plume-leaved. Sejiecio Petasites 
Purple- flowered. Senecio cruentus 
Showy. Se7iecio speciosus 
Silvery. Senecio argenteus 
Spoon-leaved. Senecio spaUcl(pfolius 
Tree. Baccharis lialimifoUa 
Tyerman's. Senecio pulcher 
Wood. Seiiecio sylvaticus 
Woolly. Senecio campestris 
Wormwood-leaved. Seriecio artemisiwfo- 
Groundsel-tree. Baccharis halimifolia 
Ground-swell, or Ground-will. An old 

name for Groundsel. 
Grove-tree, Indian. Ficus indica 
" Guaeo - plant." Aristolochia Quaco 

and Mikania G%aco 
Guarana-plant. Paullinia sorbilis 
Guava-berry. Eugenia lineata 
Guava-Real. Inga spectabilis 
Guava-tree. Psidinm Guaiava, P. pomi- 
ferum, and P. pyriferuni 
Black, (hiettarda argentea 
E. Indian. Psidium indlcuni 
Hill. Rhodomyrtus tomentosiis 
Mountain. Psidium montanum 
Purple. Psidium Cattleyanum 
Spice. Psidium cordatum 
Guelder-Rose. Viburnum Opulus 
Dahurian. Viburnum daliwricum 
Dwarf. Viburnu/ni Opulus nanum 
Eastern. Viburnwri orientale 
Virginian. Splrcea opulifolia 
Guernsey Lily. Nerine sarniensis 
Guimauve. Altluea officinalis 

Guinea-corn. Sorghum vulgare 
Gmnea-fovp'l -plant. Petiveria alliacea 
Guinea-fow^l-w^ood. Badula (^Anguillaria') 

Guinea-hen-flower. Fritillaria 3Ielea- 

Guinea-lien- weed. Petiveria alliacea 

Dwarf. Petiveria octandra 
Guitar-wood, or Fiddle-wood, Tree. The 
genus Citharexylon 

New Zealand, Myoporvm latum 
Gulf- weed. Sargassum bacciferum 
Gull-grass. See Grass 
Gum-Box, Chilian. Escallonia macran- 

Gum-Myrtle. See Myrtle 
Gum-plant, Acaroid, or Yellow. Xanthor- 
rhtea arborea and X. hostilis 

Alk. Pistacia Terebinthus 

Ammoniac. Peucedanum ammoniacu/n 

Angicio. Pipttadenia rigida 

Arabic. Acacia arabica, A. Vereh, and 
several other species of Acacia 

Barbary, or Morocco. Acacia gimmnifera 

Butea. Butea frondosa and B. superba 

Californian. The genus Grindelia 

Cape. Acacia horrida 

Carana. Idea Carana 

Cashew. Anacardium occidentals 

Cedar, of the Cape. Widdringtonia j^miper- 

Cistus. Cistus ladaniferus 

Conina. Idea heptaphylla 

Copal. Trachylobiwn Hornemannianwn, T. 
Coubaril, and T. verrucosiimi ; also Gnd- 
bourtia copalifera and Valeria indica 

Copal, Brazilian. Hymenaa martiana 

" Doctor's." Rhus Metopium 

Dragon. Pterocarpus Draco ; also a com- 
mercial name for Gum Tragacanth 

Elemi. Amyris elemifera {A. Plwmieri) 
and Idea Abilo (?') 

Euphorbium. See Euphorbium 

Guaiacum. Guaiacum offidnale 

Gutta (American). Vismea guianensis. 

Hog. Moronobea coodnea {Symhond a 

Ivy. Hedera Helix 

Juniper, or Sandarach. Callitris qxbad- 

Kino. Pterocarpus erinaceus and P. 

Kos. Artocarpus integrifolia 

Kuteera. Acacia leueophlaa, Coehlosper- 
mum Gossypium, and StercuUa urens 

Lac. Croton lacciferiim, Erythrina moow- 
sperma, and Schldchera trijuga 

Ladanum. Cistus creticus, C. ladani- 
ferus, C. villosus, C. salvicefolius, and 
other species 

Ledon. Cistus Ledon 

Morocco. See Gum, Barbary 

Myrrh. Balsamodendron Mijrrha 

Opocalpasum. Acacia gummifera 

Orenberg. Abies Larix 

Bed, or Yellow, of W. Africa. Gibourtia 

Sandarach. See Gum-plant, Juniper 

Sarcocol. Penea Sarcocolla 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Gum-plant, Sassa. Inga Sassa 
Senegal. A variety of Gum- Arabic 
Seraphic. See Sagapenum 
Soudan. A variety of Gum- Arabic 
Succory. Chrondrilla jtmcea 
Sweet. Liquidamhar styracijiua 
Thur. A variety of Gum-Arabic 
Thus. See Frankincense, Common 
Tragacanth. Stcrculia Tragacantha 
Wadalee. Acacia Catechu 
Wattle. Acacia vwllissima 
Yellow. See Gum-plant, Acaroid 
Gum- shrub, of St. Helena. Comvddendron 

Gum-thistle, Toisonous. E^qjhorMa offici- 

*• Gum-top." EucalgjiUis Sieieriana {E. 

Gum-tree, American. Bursera gv/nimifera 
Apple-scented. Exicalyptus Stuartiana 
Black, or Sour. Nyssa nmdtijiora (iV. ^jl- 

Blue. Eucah/j)tus gloiuhis, E. iotryoides, 

E. diversicolor, E. hamastoma, E. niega- 

carpa, E. tereticornis, and E. viminalis 
Brown. Eucahjpfus rolnosta 
Cape. Acacia horrida 
Cluster-leaved, of St. Helena. Cominiden- 

dron sjmrium 
Cotton. JVyasa uniflora 
Dominica. Dacryodes hexandra 
Drooping. Eucalyptiis Risdoni and E. 

Fever. Eticahjptxix globulus 
Flooded. EucalypUis coriacea^ E. dedpieiis, 

E. rostrata, and E. rudis 
Fluted. Eucalyptus salubris 
Giant. Eucalyptus amygdalina 
Gray. Eucalyptus resinifera, and E. 

Green, Olive-green, Lead, or White. Eu- 

calyptus stellulata 
Lead. See Gum-tree, Green 
Lemon-scented. Eiccalyptus maculata 

rar. citriodora 
Manna. Eucalyptus viminalis 
Olive-green. See Gum-tree, Green 
Bed. Eucalyptus amygdalina, E. calo- 
phylla, E. melliodora, E. odorata, E. 

resinifera, E. rostrata, E. Stuartiana, 

and E. tereticornis 
Risdon. Eucalpytus liisdoni 
Eiver. Eucalyptiis dealbata and E. ros- 
Eusty. Eucalyptus eximia 
Salmon-barked. Eucalyptus salmoniphloia 
Scarlet-flowered. EucaXyptus fidfolia 
Sour. Nyssa multijiora 
Spotted. Eucalyptus goniocolyx, E. Jieemas- 

toma, and E. maculata 
Sugar. Eucalyptus cori/nocalyx 
Swamp. Eucahjjifus curiacra and E. rudis 
Sweet. Liquidamhar styracijiua 
Turj)f'ntine. Eiicalpytui Sttuirtiana longi- 

Water. Tristania neriifolia 
Weeping. Eucalyptus coriacea, and E. 

W. Indian. Sapium laurifoUum 

Gum.-tree, White. EucalyjJtus albens, E. 
coriacea, E. goniocalyx, E. Icucoxylon 
miiuir, E. paniculata fasciculosa, E. ros- 
trata, E. saligna, E. stellulata, and E. 
York. Eucalyptus loxophleba 

Gum-wood, Little Bastard, of St. Helena. 
Cmnm idendron sp%irium 

Gum Wattle-tree. Acacia decurrens and 
A. mollissima 

Gunny-bag Plant. Corchorus capsularis 

Gunyang, of S. E. Australia. tiolanwn 

Gurjun-tree. Bipteroca/rpus twrbinatus 

Gutta-Percha Tree, E. Indian. Bichopsis 
(^Isonandra) Gutta 
Of Guiana. Mimusops globosa 

Gymnogram, Small. Chjvinogramma lep- 

Hack-berry, or Hag-berry. The fruit of 
Primus Padus 
American. Celtis occidentalis 
Hackmatack. Larix americana 
Hag-berry. See Hack-berry 
Hag-taper, Hedge-taper, Hig-taper, or 

High-taper. Verbascttm, Tkapsus 
Hair, African. The fibre of Chamcerops 

Hair-bell. See Hare-bell 
Austrian. Ca/nipanula pvXla 
Double-fringed. Campanula soldanellce- 
Hair-branch Tree. Trichocladus crinitus 
Hair-cup-flowrer. Calythrix tctragona 
Haireve. See Harif 
Hair-grass. See Grass 
Hair-Moss. See IMoss 
Halbert-weed. The genus Ncuroltena 
W. Indian. Ncurolana ( Calea') lobata 
Hale-nut. Corylus Avellana 
Hallelujah. Oxalis Acetosella 
Hammer-wort. An old name for Pa/rie- 

taria officinalis 
Hand-flow^er-tree, or Hand-plant. Chei' 
rostrmoiiplatcaundes ( Chciranthodeiidron 
Hard-beam. An old name for Horn-beam 
Harbinger-of-spring. Erigenia bulbosa 
Hard Fern. See Fern 
Hard Grass. See Grass 
Hard-hack. Spiraea tomentosa 
Hard-hay. Hypericum quadraiigulare 
Hard-heads. Centaur ea nigra 
Hard-peer. Olinia cymosa 
Hard-w^ood-tree. Jxoraferrea 
Hare-bell, or llair-bell. Campanula rotuu- 
difolia and Scilla nutans 
African, liorlln ciliata and other species 
Australian. Wahlrnhergia gracilis 
Ivy-loavcd. Wahlcnbergia {Campanula) 

Loellliiig's. Campanula Loefflingi 
Lorey's. Campanula lA>reyi 
New Zealand. Various species of Wahlcn- 

hergia, especially W. saxicola 
Silvery Dwarf. Kdraianthus Pumilio 
Tlirift-leaved Dwarf. Edraianthus Pu- 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Hare-nut. Buniwn flexuosiim 
Hare's-bane. Aeonitum Ladoctonum 
Hare's-beard. Vcrhascum Tkaj)sus 
Hare's-Cole-wort. Another name for 

Hare's-ear. Biqjleurxtm rotundifolium 
Bastard. Phyllis JVobla 
Shrubby. Blip leuruni fruticosum 
Hare's-eye. An old name iov Lychnis diurna 
Hare's-foot Pern. See Fern 
Hare's-Lettuce, or Hare's-palace. Sonchus 

Hare's-tail Grass. See Grass 
Hare's-tail Rush.. Erioi)horum vaginatum 
Harif, Heiriff, Haireve, or Haritch. Galium 

Haritch. See Harif 
Harlequin-fiower, African. The genus 

Harlock. Arctmm Lappa 
Harstrong, or Horestrang. Pexicedanuvi 

Hart-berries. Vaccinuim Myrtillus 
Hart's-balls. See Deer-balls 
Hart's-horn Plantain. Plantago Coronopus 
Hart's-thorn. Rhamnus catharticus 
Hart's-tongiie Pern. See Fern 
Hart-'wort, Common. Tordyliwm officinale 
Great. Tordyliwm maximtim 
Mountain. Athamanta {Peucedanvmi) 

Small. Tordylium ajnilum 
Harvest-bells. Gentiana Pneiomonanthe 
Hask-wort. Campanula latifolia 
Hassagay-tree. See Assagay 
Hassock-grass. See Grass 
Hat-plant, Singapore. jEschynomene aspera 
Hautbois. Fragaria elatior 
Haver, or Hawer-grass. Avena gativa 
Ha"W, or Haws. The fruit of Cratcegus 
Apple. See Haw, May 
Black. Vihurnuni prunifoliwn 
May, or Apple. Cratcegus (estivalis 
Summer. Cratcegus flava 
Hawk-bit. The genus Apargia 
Hawk-nut. See Hog-nut 
Hawk- weed. The genus Hieracium 
Canada. Hieracium canadense 
Haiiy. Hieracium Gronovii 
Honey-wort. Hieracium cerinthoides 
Long-bearded. Hieracium loyigipilum 
Mountain. Hieracium alpinum 
Mouse-ear. Hieracium Pilosella 
Orange-flowered. Hieracium aurantiacwn 
Panicled. Hieracium paniculatu7n 
Pink-flowered. Hieracium incarnatv/m 
Red. Boerhhausia r libra 
Rough. Hieracium seal/rum 
Shrubby. Hieracium sahaudum 
Umbellate. Hieracium umhellatum 
Wall. Hieracium murorum 
Wall-Lettuce. Hieracium jnenantlwides 
Yellow Garden. Toljiis harbata 
Hawk's-beard. The genus Crepis 
Beaked. Crepis taraxacifolia 
Fetid. Crepis faetida 
Golden. Crepis aurea 
Hawk-weed. Crepis hieracioides 

Hawk's-beard, Marsh. Crepis paludosa 
Red-flowered. Crepis rubra 
Rough. Crepis biennis 
Smooth. Crepis virens 
Hawk's-eye. A name suggested by Mr. 

Ruskin for the genus Hieracium 
Hawthorn, Cratcegus Oxyacantha 
Chinese. Plwtinia serrulata (^Cratagus 

glabra) and other species 
Double Pink. Cratcegus Oxyacantha rosea, 

Double Scarlet. Crataegus Oxyacantha 

Double White. Cratcegus Oxyacantha plenxi 
Douglas's. Cratcegus Douglasii 
E. Indian. Raphiolepis {Cratcegus) indica 
Gooseberry-leaved. Cratcegus parvifolia 
New Zealand. See Thorn 
Parsley-leaved. Cratcegus Azarolus 
Scarlet. Cratcegus Oxyacantha coccinea 
Scalloped-leaved. Crcitcegus creniilata 
Tansy-leaved. Cratcegus tanacetifolia 
Weeping. Cratcegus Oxyacantha va/r. 
Hay-plant, Tibet or Prangos. Prangos 

Hazel. Corylus Avella^ia 

American Beaked. Corylus rostrata 
American Wild. Corylus americana 
American AVitch. Hamamelis virginica 
Constantinople. Corylus Colurna 
Cuckold. Corylus rostrata ( C. cornuta) 
Evergreen. Guevina Avellana {Quadria 

Japan. Corylus lieterophylla 
N. S. Wales. Pomaderris lanigera 
Victorian. Pomaderris apetala 
Witch, or Wych. TJlmus montana 
Hazel-Crottles, Hazel- Rag, or Hazel-Raw. 

Sticta pulmonacea 
Hazel-nut, Snapping. Hamamelis virginica 
Hazel-rag, or Hazel-Raw. See Hazel- 
Hazel-wort. Asarum europceum 
Head-ache. Papaver Rhceas 
Head-ache-tree. Premna integrifolia 
Head-ache-weed. Hedyosmum nutans 
Heal-all. Collinsonia canadensis and Rho- 

diola rosea 
Heal-dog. An old name for Mad-wort 
Heart-clover. See Heart-trefoil 
Heart of-the-Earth. Prunella vulgaris 
Heart-seed. The genus Cardiospermum 
Heart-trefoil, or Heart-clover. Medicago 

Heart's-ease. Viola tricolor 
Heath, or Heather. A general name for the 
genera Erica and Calluna 
American False. Hidsonia ericoides 
BeU-flowered. E. codonodes, and E. Tetralix 
Berried. Erica baccans 
Black-berried. Empetrtim nigrum 
Cihated. Erica ciliaris 
Connemara. Erica carnea var. liibernica 
Cornish. Erica vagans 
Cross-leaved. Erica Tetralix 
False. Fabiana imbricata 
Irish, or St. Dabeoc's. l)abeoGia{Menziesia- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Heath, Ling. Calluna vulgaris 

Large-flowered Australian. Epacris grandi- 

Many-flowered. Erica multijiora 

Mediterranean. Erica mediterratiea (^E. 

Otago. Zeveopogon Fraseri 

Palm. Itichea pandanifolia 

I'olytrichum-leaved. Erica jwlytrichifolia 

I'rickly. Periwttya angustifolia 

St. Dabeoc's. See Heath, Irish 

Sea. Franltenia lavis 

Sicilian. Erica sicula 

Spanish. Erica australis 

Tasmanian. Epacris exserta 

Tree. Erica arhorea 

Upright. Erica stricta 

White-flowered Irish. Eaieocia (Menziesia) 

AV'hite-flowered Spring. Erica carnea alha 

Winter. Erica carnea 
Heatli-cup, Fringed, of Australia. Arta- 

nrma Jimhrlata 
Heatli-Cypress. Lycopodium alpinvmi 
Heatli-pea. Lathyrus macrorrhizus 
Heather, He. Calluna vulgaris 

Himalaj'an. Andromeda fastigiata 

Monox, or Monnaghs. Empetrum nigrium 

Scotch. Erica cinerea 

She. Erica cinerea 
Heavy-wood, Red. Baroxylon rufum 
Hedge-bells. Convolvulus sepiuvi 
Hedge-berry. Prumis Padus and Cerasus 

Hedge-hog. Ranunculus arve7ms 
Hedge-hog Grass. See Grass 
Hedge-hog Parsley. Caucalis daucoides 
Hedge-hog-plant. Anthyllis crinaceaand 

Echiiiariu capitata 
Hedge-Hyssop. Scutellaria minor 
Hedge-maids. Glechoma hederacea 
Hedge-Mustard. Sisymbrium officinale 

Sweet-scented. Erysimum odoratum 
Hedge-nettle. Stachys sylvatica 
Hedge-parsley. Torilis Anthriscus 
Hedge-Pink. Saponaria officinalis 
Hedge-Taper, or Hag- Taper. Verbascum 

Hedge-Vine. Clematis Vitalba 
Hedge-Violet. Viola sylvatica 
Heiriff. See HarifE 
Helen-flow^er. The genus Ilclermim 

Dark-purple. Ilclcnium airo-purpureuni 

T[oopts"s. Jlclcnium lloopesii 

Siiiootli. Jlilenium autmmiale 
Heliotrope, Common. Heliatropium euro- 

Indian. Heliotropiwni indicum 

Peruvian, ncliotropium prrnrianum 

Summer. Trntrncfortia hi'liotrojiioidrs 

Winter. Nardosma {Tussilayu) fragrant 
Hellebore, Abchasian. Jlelleborus abcha- 

Bastard. Ilellehoriis viridis 

Bears-foot. HelMurrus fartidus 

Black. Hrlleborus niger 

•' Black," of the Ancients, llelleborus offici- 

Dark Purple. Hellebornt atrorube7it 

Hellebore, Fetid. Hellebortis fcetidus 
Green. Uelleborxis viridis 
Holly-leaved. Helleborus argutifulius 
Olympian. Helleborus olympicus 
Oriental. Helleborus orioitalis 
Purple-flowered. Helleborus purpurascens 
Swamp. Veratrum riride 
Sweet-scented. Helleborus odorxLS 
White. See White Hellebore 
Winter. Eranthis hyemalis 
Helleborine. The genera Ejnjfactis and 

Marsh. Epipaetis palustris 
Ked. Ciph a la nthera rulira 
White. Cephalanthera grandifiora 
Hell- weed. Cuscuta europcea and C. Epithy- 

Helmet-flower. Aconitum Najjelhis and 

the genus Scutellaria 
Brazilian. Coryanthes spedosa 
Yellow. Aconituvi Anfhora 
Hemlock. Conium maculativm 

Ground. Taxus baecata var. canadensis 
Lesser. .H^liusa Cynapi%im 
Mountain. Levisticuvi officinale 
Water. Cicuta rnrosa and C. maculata ; 

also Phellajidrium aquaticmn and 

(Enanthe crocata 
Hemloek-Dropw^ort. (Enanthe Jistulosa 
Hemp. The genus Cannabis. Applied also 

to various other plants 
African. Sparmannia africana 
American False. Datisca hirta 
Angola. Sanseviera angoleiisis 
Banded Bowstring. Sanseviera faseiata 
Bengal. Crotalaria juncea 
Black-fellows', of Australia. Commersonia 

Bombay. Crotalaria juncea 
Bow-string, of Africa. Sanseviera guine- 

Bow-string, of India. Sanseviera Zeylanica 

and Calotropis gigantea 
Brown Indian. Ilibiscu-s cannabinus 
Canada, or Indian. Apocy)i,U7n caimabimnn 
('onimon. Cannabis satira 
Cretan. Datisca camiabina 
E. Indian. Cannabis sativa and Hibiscus 

Holy. See Holy Hemp 
Indian, or Canada. Apocynwm cannabi- 

Jubbulpore. Crotalaria tenuifolia 
Kentucky. TJrtiea (^Laportea) canademi* 

and U. cannabina 
Koffo. The fibre of Musa textilis 
Madras. Crotalaria juncea 
Manilla. The fibre of Musa textilis 
Peruvian, liuonapartea juncea 
Sisal. Agave Si^alana 
Sunn. Crotalaria jiin-cea 
Water. Eiipatoriiim cannabimtm, Acnida 

cannabina, and Jiiden-s tripartita 
Willow. Acnida cannabiiia 
Hemp-Agrimony. Eupatorium canna- 

Aromatic. Eupatorium aromaticum 
Nettle-leaved. Eupatorium ageratoides 
Purple. Eupatorium 2>urpv/reum 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Hemp-busli, Victorian. Plagianthus pul- 

chellus {Sida pulcJiella) 
Hemp-N"ettle, Common. Galeopsis Te- 
Downy. Galeopsis ocTiroleuca 
Red-flowered. Galeopsis Ladanum 
Hemp-tree. An old name for Vitex Agnus- 

Hemp-Aweed. Eupatorium canndbinwm 

Climbing. Miltania scandens 
Hen-and-Chickens. The proliferous 
variety of Bellis perennis. Applied 
locally to various other flowers 
Hen-bane, Canary Island. Hyoscyavms 
Common. Hyoscyavius niger 
Dwarf. Hyoscyamus pusillus 
Egyptian. Hyoscyavms reticulatus 
Nightshade-leaved. Hyoscyamus Scopolia 
Purple-flowered. Hyoscyamus j^hysakddes 
White. Hyoscyamus alhus 
Hen-bell. An old name for Hen-bane 
Hen-bit, Greater Lamium amplexicaule 

Small. Veronica Jiedercpfolia 
Henna-plant. Lawsonia alba and L. 

Henne. Another name for Shear-grass 
Hen-penny-grass. See Grass 
Hen-plant. Plantago lanceolata 

Great. Plantago lanceolata major 
Hen's-bill. An old name for the genus 

Hen's-foot. Caucalis daucoides 
Hen-w^are. Alaria esculenta 
Hep, or Hip. The fruit of Rosa ca7iina and 

other species 
Hep-Briar, Hep-Rose, or Hep- Tree. Mosa 

canina and other species 
Hepatica. Anemone Hepatica 

Large. Anemone Hepatica va/r. angulosa 
Herb, Poor-Man's. Gratiola officinalis 

Willow. The genus Epilohium 
Herb-Bennet. Geum urhanmn, Conium 

maculatum, and Valeriana officinalis 
Herb-Carpenter. Prunella vulgaris 
Herb-Christopber. Actcea spicata and 

Os7)iU7ida regalis 
Herb-Eve, or Ivy. Ajtiga Iva and Plantago 

Herb-Frankincense. Laserpitivmi lati- 

Herb- Gerard. Mgopodivnii Podagraria 
Herb-IrapioTis. Filago germanica 
Herb-Ivy. See Herb-Eve 
Herb-Lily. See Lily 
Herb-Lonisa. Aloysia citriodora 
Herb-Margaret. Bellis perennis 
Herb-Mastick. Thymus Mastichina 
Herb-of-Friendship. Sedum Anacamp- 

Herb-of-Graee, or Herb-of-Repentance. 

Pvta graveolens 
Herb-Paris. Paris quadrifolia 
Herb-Peter. Primula veris 
Herb-Robert. Geraiiium Robertianwm 
Herb-Terrible. BapTine Tartonraira 
Herb-Trinity. Viola tricolor and Hepatica 

Herb-Twropence. LysimacMaNvmmulaHa 

Herb-William. Ammi majus 
Hercules' All-heal. See AU-heal 
Hercules'-club. Xanthoxylo7i Clava-Her- 

C7(lis and Aralia spi7iosa 
Hernant-seeds. The seeds of Hernandia 

Heron's-bill. The genus Erodivm 
Alpine. ErodMim alpi7i7i7H 
Black-eyed. ErodiU7ii macradeimim 
Caraway-leaved. Erodi7i7ii car^iifolium 
Cheilanthes-leaved. Erodiuni cheilanthi- 


Common. Erodi7i7n cic7itariu/m 
Fairy. Erodiihm Reichardi 
Fern-leaved. Erodiatm tricho7na7iefoliinii 
Long-beaked. Ei-odiaim Ciconiicm 
Musk. Erodiiim moscliatu7n 
Pelargonium. Erodi^im hymenodes 
Rock. Erodiu/m petrau/ni 
Roman. Erodi^mi ro7na7ium. 
Sea-side. Erodiu7n maritimum 
Showy. Eroditmi 3Ia7iescavi 
Three-leaved. Erodiimn hy7ne7iodes 
Herring-bone Fern. See Fern 

Thistle. See Thistle 
Hert-wort. An old name for the Ash-tree 
Hickory. The genus Gary a 

Broom, or Brown. Carya poTci7ia 
Compressed-fruited. Carya co7npressa 
Entire-leafleted. Carya i7itegrifolia 
Nutmeg. Carya 7nyristica'for7nis 
Queensland Marsh. Cupa7iia xylocarpa 
Shell-bark, or Shag-bark. Carya alba 
Small-fruited. Carya 7mcrocarpa 
Thick Shell-bark. Carya sulcata 
Water. Carya aquatica 
Western Shell-bark. Carya sulcata 
White-heart. Carya to7ne7itosa 
Hickory-Eucalypt, of N. S. Wales. Exl- 
calyptus jnmctata, E. resi7iifera, and E. 
High-Mallow. See Mallow 
Hig-taper, or High-taper. See Hag-taper 
High-water Shrub. The genus Iva 
Hill Margosa. Melia Azedarach 
Hill-wort. An old name for Thym^is Ser- 

Hinau, or Hino-tree. Elccocarpus Hinau 
Hind-berry, or Hine-berry. RuMis Idceus 
Hind-heal. Chc7iopodi7im Botrys and 

Te7icri7L7u Scorodo7iia 
Hine-berry. See Hind-berry 
Hip. See Hep 
Hip-rose. See Hip-briar 
Hip-wort. Cohjtedon l/7nbilicus 
Hobble-bush. Vibur7i7imi ln7ita7ioides 
Hockes. An old name for Holly-hock 
Hood-ivort. Scutellaria lateriflora and 

other species 
Hog-cherry. Pr^in^is Padus 
Hog-Gum-tree. Moro7iobea coccinea 
Hog-meat, Jamaica. Boerhaavia decum- 

Hog-nut, or Hawk-nut. B^mmim fiexvA)su7n 
Hog-plum. The ge7i7is Spo7idias 
Hog-weed. Heracleum Sphondijlium and 
the genus Boerhaavia 
American. A7)ibrosia artemisicpfolia, Boer- 
haavia erecta, and other species 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Hog-weed, Climbing. Boerhaavia scandens 

roisoiious. Aristolochia grandiflora 
Hog's-beans. An old name for Globularia 
Hog's-G-arlic. Allium urslmim 
BEole-wort, Hollow-wort, or Hollow-root. 

CorijdaUs ttiherosa and Adoxa Moschatel- 

Hollow-root. See Hole-wort 
Hollow-wort. See Hole-wort 
Holly, or Holm. Ilex Aquifollum 
American. Ilex apaca 
American Mountain. Nemopantes cana- 
Black-benied. Ilex Aquifolmm fructu 

Box. Riiscus aculeatus 
Broad-leaved. Ilex latifolla 
Broad-spined. Ilex latisjnna 
Canary Island. Ilex eanarlensis 
Chinese. Ilex chinryisis 
Dahoon. Ilex Dalwoii 
Dwarf Golden. Ilex crenata variegata 
Dwarf Japanese, or Dwarf Rock. Ilex 

Emetic. Ilex vomitoria 
Fortune's Japanese. Ilex Ihrtunei 
Gold-Striped. Ilex Aquifoliujti aiireo- 

Ground. Chlviaphila umiellata 
Hedge-hog. Flex Aquifollum ferox 
High-Clere. Tlex Aquifolium, Altaclarensis 
Knee. Ruscus aculeatus ferox 
Laurel-leaved Dahoon. Ilex Dalwon var. 

Loose-flowered. Ilex laxiflora 
Milk-maid. Ilex Aquifoliivm var. ferox 

Minorca. Ilex ialearica 
Myrtle-leaved. Ilex Aquifolivmi myrti- 

Narrow-leaved. Ihx angustifolia 
New Zealand. Olearia Uicifolia 
Native, of Australia. LoDiatia Uicifolia 

and other species 
Sea. The genus Eryngivmi. (See also 

Silver-striped. Ilex Aquifolivmi argenteo- 

S. American. Ilex pa/raguaycnsis 
Striped Hedge-hog. Ilex Aquifollum ferox 

argcnteo- variegata 
Two-seeded. Ilex dipyrena 
Variegated Weeping. Ilex Aquifolium 

pendula variegata 
Various-leaved. Ilex Aquifolium hetero- 

Wliite-berried. Ilex Aquifolium fructil 

Whorled. Ilex Aquifolium verticillata 
Yellow-berried. Ilex Aquifolium fructti 

Holly Fern. See Fern 
Hollyhock, or Holy Hnke. Altluea rosea 

Anfwori>. Althrea ficifolia 
Hollyhock-tree, Queensland. IIlHscu^ 

Holly-Oak, or Holm Oak. Qiiercus Ilex 
Holly-rose. Turnera uhnifolia ; also an 

old name for the genus Cistus 

Holme, Knee. See Holly, Knee 
Holm-Oak. See Holly-Oak 
Holy Ghost. Atigellca sylvestris 
Holy- Ghost-flower. Peristeria elata 
Holy Grass. See Grass 

Medlcago sativa 
An old name for Qaleopsig 

Holy Hay 
Holy Hemp. 
La da nil m 
Holy Herb. 
Holy Hoke 

Verbena offieinalig 
See Hollyhock 
Holy Rose, JIarsh. Andromeda polifolia 
Holy Rope. Eupatoriiim cannabinum 
Holy Seed. An old name for Worm-seed 
Holy Tree. JSIelia Azedarach 
Home-wort. Sempervivum tectorum 
Hominy. Meal of Lidian Com {Zea 

Hom.lock. An old name for Hemlock 
Honesty, Common. Lunaria biennis 
Maiden's. Clematis Vitalba 
Perennial. Lunaria redivira 
White-flowered. Limaria biennis albiflora 
Hone-wort. Trinia vulgaris 

American. Cryptotcenia canadensis 
Corn. Petroselinum segettim 
Hedge. Sison Amomum 
Honey-Balm. Melittis Melisso/ihyllum 
Honey-berry, of Greece. Celtis australis 
W. Indian. MeUcocca bijicga and M. 
Honey-flow^er, Cape. Protea mellifera 

Great. Meliantlms major 
Honey-liocust-tree, Broad-podded. Gled- 
itschia latisiUqua 
Caspian. Gleditscliia caspica 
Chinese. Gleditscliia sine?isis 
Common. Gleditscliia triacantlws 
Curved-spined. Gleditscliia brachycarpa 
E. Indian. Gleditscliia iiuUca 
Flat-spined. Gleditscliia ferox 
Long-spined. Gleditschia macrospina 
Small-spined. Gleditscliia microsjnna 
Smootli. Gleditschia Itevis 
South Western. Prosopis juli^ora 
Honey-plant. The genus Iloya 
Honey-suckle. Lonicera Periclymenum ; 
also applied to the flowers of Trifolixi/m 
pratense and some other plants 
African Fly. Ilalleria lucida 
Alpine. Lonicera aJpigena 
Australian, or Heath. Banlisia gerrata 
Black-berried. Lonicera nigra 
Blue-berried. Lonicera crerulea 
Bush. Diervilla canadoisis (^D. trifida) ; 

also Weigela rosea and vars. 
Canadian. Lonicera canadensis 
Cape, of the W. Indies. Tecoma capemis 
Castcllamare. Lonicera. Stabiana 
Chinese. Lonicera Jlexnosa 
Crimson-flowered. Lonicera punicea 
Douglas's. Lonicera Douglasii 
Downy. Lonicera tormentilla 
Downy American. Lonicera puhescens 
Dutcli. Lonicera Periclymenum helgica 
Dutch, Red. Lo7iicera Periclymenum 

Dwarf. Cornus suecica 
Early-flowering. Lonicera fragrantissima 
and L. Sta?idishi 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shr^ihs. 


Honey-suckle, Eastern. Lonicera orientalis 
Evergi'een. Lonicera grata 
False. The genus Azalea 
Fly. Lonicera Xylostetim 
Fly, American. Lonicera ciliata 
Four-leaved. Lonicera qicadrifolia 
French. Hedysarmii coronarium 
Gold-netted. Lonicera hrachypoda aureo- 

Ground. Lotus corniculatus 
Hairy. Lonicera liirsuta 
Heath. See Honey-suckle, Australian 
Himalayan. Leycesteria formosa 
Iberian. Lonicera iherica 
Jamaica. Passljlora la^irifolia 
Japan. Lonicera japonica 
Ledebour's. Lonicera Ledeioiorii 
Minorca. Lonicera iviplexa 
Narrow-leaved. Lonicera angustifolia 
Perfoliate. Lonicera Cajprifolmm 
Privet-leaved. Lonicera ligxistrina 
Pyrenean. Lonicera injrenaica 
Red Italian. Lonicera etrusca ruhra 
Shaggy. Lonicera villosa 
Short-stalked. Lonicera 'bracliypoda 
Small-flowered. Lonicera parvijiora 
Small-leaved. Lonicera microphylla 
Swamp Fly. Lonicera ohlongifoUa 
Sweetest. Lonicera odoratissima 
Tartarian. Lonicera tatarica and vars. 
Tasmanian. Banlisia australis 
Three-flowered. Lonicera trijlora 
Trumpet. Lonicera sempervirens 
Trumpet, Small. Lonicera- sempervirens 

Tuscan. Lonicera etrusca 
Two-coloured. Lonicera discolor 
Various-leaved. Lonicera diversifolia 
Virgin Mary's. Pulnwnaria officinalis 
Western. Lonicera occidentalis 
W. Indian. Tecoma capensis and various 

species of Desmodiuni 
White. Azalea viscosa 
White Italian. Lonicera Caprifolium alba 
White Swamp. Azalea viscosa 
Winter-flowering. Lonicera fragrantissima 
Yellow. Lonicera Jlav a 
YeUow, Italian. Lonicera Caprifolium 

Yellow, U]5right. Lonicera Diervilla 

Honey-suckle Clover. Trifolium repens 

Honey-suekle-tree. Banhsia australis, 
B. Cun/Unghaniii, and B. ericwfolia 

Honey- ware. Alarea esculenta and Lami- 
naria saccliarina 

Honey-wort. Galium cruciatum and the 
genus Cerinthe 
Hedge. Siso7i, Amanmm 
Rough. Cerinthe aspera 

Hongliel-bush, Adenium Honghel 

Hood-wort. Scutellaria lateriflora and 
other species 

Hooded Grass. See Grass 

Hooded Water-Milfoil. Utricularia 

Hoofs. Tussilago Farfara 

Hook-heal. An old name for Prunella 

Hoop- Ash. Celtis crassifolia 

" Hoop-koop "-plant. Lespedeza striata 
Hoop-tree. Melia sempervirens 
Hoop-withe, or Hoop-withy. Colubrina 

Jamaica. Rivina octandra 

W. Indian. The genus Rivina 
Hop, Bog. MenyantJies trifoUata 

Common. Humuliis Lupulus 

Little. Origaimm sipyleum 

Native, of Australia. The seed-vessels of 
Bodoncea ; also various species of Ba- 

Native, of Victoria. Baviesia latifolia 
■ Wild. Bryonia dioica 
Hop-Clover. Trifolium procumhens and 

Medicago lupulina 
Hop-Horn-beam. Ostrya virginica 
Hop-tree. Ptelea trifoUata 

Yellow-leaved. Ptelea trifoUata aurea 
Hopes. Matthiola incana 
Horehound, Black. Ballota nigra 

Common. Marrubium vulgare 

Stinking. Ballota nigra 

Water. Lycopus europceus and other 

White. Marrubium vulgare 

Wild. Eupatorium teucrifoliu/in 
Horestrang. See Harstrong 
Horn, Devil's. Phallus imptcdicus 
Horn-beam. Carpinus Betulus 

American. Carpinus americana 

Cut-leaved. Carpinus Betulus incisa 

Hop. Carpinus Ostrya 
Horn-of-Plenty. Fedia Cornucopice 
Horn-plant. EcMonia buccinalis 
Horn- wort, or Horn-weed. CeratophylUvni 

Horned-Poppy, Common Yellow-flowered. 
Glaucium luteum 

Orange-flowered. Glaucium fidvinn 

Red-flowered. Glaucitim phwniceum 

Tliree-coloured. Glaucitim tricolor 

Various-coloured. Glaucium cor7ticulattim 

Violet-flowered. Rcemeria hybrida ( Glau- 
cium violaceum) 
Horned-Rampion. The genus Phyteuma 

Linear-leaved. Phyteuma hernisphcericum 

Round-headed. Phytemna orbiculare 

Spiked. Phyteuma spicatum 

Tufted. Phyteuma comosum 
Horse-bane. CEnanthe Phellandri^im 
Horse-bean. Faha vulgaris var. equiJia 

Jamaica. Canavalia ensiformis 
Horse, Hirst, or Hurst, Beech. Carpinin 

Horse-chestnut. ^scuhis Hippocasta- 

Horse-Daisy. See Daisy 
Horse-Elder. An old name for Elecampane 
Horse-flo'wer. Melampyrum sylvaticum 
Horse-fly -weed. Baptisia tinctoria 
Horse-Gowan. See Gowan 
Horse-Gram. Bolichos biflorus and B. 

Horse-hoof. Tussilago Farfara 
Horse-Mint. Mentha sylvestris and other 

Bradbury's. Monarda Bradburyana 

Canadian. Collinsonia canadensis 



English Natnes of Ctiltivated, Native, 

Horse-Mint, ranicled. Mimarda j)amculata 
Horse-Mushroom. Ar/aricus arrensis 
Horse-Parsley. Sinijrnhtin Oluxatruni 
Horse-Radish. Cocfi It-aria Armor acia 

Kergiielen. l^rimjlca antlscorhutiea 
Horse-Radish-tree. Morimja ^rterygos- 

Horse-shoe Vetch. IUppoL'rcp\s< eo?)uisa 
Horse-Sorrel, liumex Ibjdrolapatlium 
Horse-sugar. Si/mplocos {lloj>ca) tinvtoria 
Horse-tail. The genus UquiKctuni 
American. Jiq7iisetu»t, rohustum and E. 

Blunt-topped. Equlsetum umhrosum 
Dwarf. Equisetuni scirpoides 
Field. Equisetum arvense 
Great. EqidseUim Telmateia 
Great Shrubbj'. Ephedra distachna 
Long-branclied. Equlxctum ramosum 
IMackay's. Equisetum Mackaiji 
Marsh. Equisetuni jjalustre 
Moore's. Equisetum 3Ioorei 
Eough. Equisetum hyemale 
Small Shrubby. Ephedra monostachya 
Smooth. Equisetum limosum 
Tree. Casuarina equisetifolia 
Variegated. Equisetum variegatum 
Wilson's. Equisetum Wilsoni 
Wood. Equisetu/m sylvatictim 
Horse-Thyme. Calamintha Clinopodlum 
Horse-tongu.e. Scolopendrium vulgare and 

Jluseus Jli/poq loss um 
Horse- weed. Colli nsojiia canadensis and 

Eriijeron, ea nadensis 
Horse-well Grass. See Grass 
Horse-wood. Calliandra comosa 

W. Indian. Various species of Calliandra 
Horst-Beech. See Horse-Beech 
Horts. Vaceinium MyrtiUus 
Hose-Grass. See Grass 
Hose-in-hose. A variety of Polyanthus 
Hottentot-Bread. Testudinaria elephan- 

Hottentot's-head. Stanyeria paradoxa 
Houmiri-tree. Humirium halsaviiferum 
Hound, or Hound's, Berry. Solanum nignim 
Hound-berry-tree. Cornus sanyuinea 
Hound's-tongue, Ali^ine. Cyiwyhssum 
Common. Cynoylossum officinale 
Green. Cynoylossxi/iii montaniim (<7. sylva- 

Stock-leaved. Cynoylossu/ni cheirifoUum 
House-leek. Tlic genus Semperrivum 
Anomalous. Semperrivum (Uioiiitilum. 
Bearded. Sempervirum harhnlaium 
Boutigni's. Semperrivum lioutiynianum 
Cob-web. Sempervivum arachiwideum 
Common. Sempervivum tectorum 
Fringed. Sempervivu?>i ciliatum and S. 

Funck's. Sempervivimi Funcliii 
Gouty-stalked. Sempennvum tortumum 
Hair-tipped. Sempervivum. heterotrichum 
Hairy. Semperrivum hirtum 
Hairj'-tufted. Sempervivwii piliferum 
Hen-and-C'hickens. Semperviimm glohi- 

ferum. (S. soboliferum) 
HeufEel's. Sempervivum Ileuffeli 

House-leek, Lagger's. Sempervivtivi Lag 
Long-runnered. Semperviru m ffayelliforme 
Metten's. Sempenm'um Mettenianum 
IMouutain. Sempervirum, montamim 
Pitton's. Sempervirum Pittoni 
Purple-tipped. Sempervivum calca/revm 

(S. califor7iicum) 
Red-leaved. Sempervivu/m triste 
Russian. Semperrivum ruthenicuvi 
Sand. Sempervirum arenarium 
Sea. An old name for Aloe 
Spiny. Semj)ervivum sjnnosum 
Table-shaped. Sempervivum tahulaforme 
TenerifEe. Sempiervivum ciliatum 
Tree. Sempervivu.m (^(mium) arborewm 
Woolly. Semperrivum fomentosum, 
Wulfen's. Semperrii-um M'ulfeni 
Huek-beri'y. See Hack-berry 
Huckle-berry. Vaceinium MyrtiUus 
Black. Gaylusaccia resinma 
Box. Gaylusaccia hrachycera 
Dwarf. Gaylusaccia dumosa 
Squaw. Vaceinium stamineun 
Hulver. An old name for Holly 
Hul-wort. An old name for Teucrium 

Humble Plant. Mimosa pudica 
Humrning - bird ■> bush. JEsohynovtene 

Hundred-fold. Galium verum 
Hundred-leaved Grass. See Grass 
Hunger-grass. See Grass 
Hunger-wreed. Jlanvneulus arvensis 
Huntsman's-Cup. Sarraeenia jf'tf^^purea 
Huntsman's-Horn, Yellow-flowered. Sar- 

raccni/i fara 
Hursingar-tree. Kyctaiithes Arhor-tristis 
Hurst-Beech. Carpinus Betuliis 
Hurtle-berry. Vaceinium Myrtilln^s 
Hurts. S(>e Horts 
Hurt-sickle. Centaurea Cyanus 
Hutu, or Futu, tree of Tahiti. Bar- 

rinytonia speciosa 
Hyacinth. The genus Hyaeinthus. Ap- 
plied also to some species of Seilla and 
other Liliaceous plants 
Amethj-st, or Spanish. Hyaeinthus amethys- 

Californian, or I^Iissouri. The genus 

Califiirnian, Allium-like. Jirodicpa congesta 
Californian, Crimson-tlowcred. Brodiaa 

cocci nea 
Californian, Jxia-likc. Brodirea ixioides 

( Calliprora lutea) 
Californian, Large - flowered. Brodiaa 

gr audi dor a 
Californian, Twining. Broditra voluhilis 
Cajie. Seil/ti hraehyj)hyUa and S. corymhosa 
Common Garden. Varieties of IlyaeinthM» 

orient alis 
Fair-haired. Muscari comosum 
Grape. See Grape-Hyacinth 
Late-doworing. Jfyaeiuthus serotinits 
Lily. Seilla Lilio-IIyacinthus 
Missouri. The genus Broditra 
Roman. Jlyaciiithus romanus (^Bellei'aUa 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Hyacin til, Spanish. Ilijacintlms amethystinus 

Star. ScllUi amwiia 

Starch. Muscarl racemosum 

Tasmanian. Thehjmitra nuda 

Tassel. Muscarl comosum 

White Cape. Hijacinthus (^Galtonia) can- 

Wild. Scilla nutans 

Wild, American. Camassla (^Scilla) Frascri 

Winter. Scilla autumnalis 
Hyacinth-Bean. The genus Doliclws 

Purple. UoUchos Lah-lai 

White. Boliclios alius 
Hyaena-poison, Cape. Hycenanclie globosa 
Hyawa-tree. Idea lieptapliylla 
Hydrangea, Wild American. Hydrangea 

Blue-flowered. Hydrangea liortensis var. 
ccerulea and H. japonica var. ccerulea 

Climbing. Scldzopliragma Tiydrangeoidcs 

Common. Hydrangea liortensis 

Golden-edged. Hydrangea japonica axirea 

Hardy Flesh-coloured. Hydrangea Otahsa 

Hardy White-flowered. Hydrangea grandi- 

Heart-leaved. Hydrangea cordata 

Japan. Hydrangea japonica 

Oak-leaved. Hydrangea quercifolia 

Kosy-flowered. Hydrangea japonica rosea 

Silver-edged. Hydrangea japonica varie- 

Starry-flowered. Hydrangea stellata 

Two-coloured-leaved. Hydrangea arhores- 
cens var. discolor 

White-leaved. Hydrangea nivea 

Woolly-leaved. Hydrangea heteromalla 
Hyssop, Anise. Loplmnthus anisatus 

Bastard. Teucriuvi Pseudo-Jiyssopus 

Common. Hyssopus officinalis 

Giant. The genus Zoj)hanthus 

Hedge. The genus Gratiola 

Nettle-leaved Giant. Lopluuntlms urticce- 

Square-stalked. Hysso2ms nepetoides 

Water. Herpestis Monnieria 

Wild. Verbena hastata 

Iceland. Moss. Cetraria islandica 
Ice-plant. Mcsemliryantliemum crystalllnum 
American. Monotropa unijlora 
New Zealand. Tetragonia expansa and 

Mesenibryantlienium australe 
Small. MesemWyanthemum sessiliflornm 

Tasmanian. Tetragonia implexiconia 
Ilang-Ilang-tree. Cananga odorata 
Imbreke. An old name for House-leek 
Immortelle-fio-wer. The genus HeMchry- 
sum, especially //. orientale. Also the 
genera Helipterum and Xeranthemuvi 
Incense-tree. BoswelUa thurifera and B. 

Incense-wood, Guiana. Idea heptapliylla 
India, Pride of. See Pride-of-India 
India-rubber Plant or Tree. Ficus elas- 
tica. (See also Caoutchouc) 
Guiana. Heveaguianensis (^Siplwnia elastica) 
Indian Balm. Trilliwn pendulum 

Indian Corn. Zea Mays 
Indian Cress. The genus Tropceolumi 
Five-leaved. Tropceolwn pentapliyllum 
Flame-flowered. Tropceolum spcciosxim 
Tuberous-rooted. TropcBolum tuherosvAii 
Yellow Rock. Tropccohvm polyphylVwm 
Indian Crocus. The genus Pleio'ne 
Bottle-gourd. Pleione Lagenaria 
Dwarf.. Pleione Immilis 
Early- flowering. Pleione prcecox 
Hooker's. Pleione Hooheriana 
Spotted. Pleione maculata 
Three-coloured. Pleione tricolor 
Wallich's. Pleione WallicMi 
Indian Cups. The genus Sarraeenia 
Indian Eye. Piantlms plumarius 
Indian Fig. Cactxis Opuntia 
Downy. Ojnmtia jjubescens 
Tliick-lobed. Opuntia crassa 
Indian Forget-me-not. See Forget-me-not 
Indian Grass. See Grass 
Indian Grass-Oil-plant. Various species 

of Andropogon 
Indian Hawthorn. See Hawthorn 
Indian Heart. Cardiospermum Corindum, 
Indian Kale, Large-leaved. Caladium 

Indian Leaf. Cinnamommn malahathricu/m 
Indian-matting Plant. Pajjyrus co- 

Indian Melissa-Oil-plant. Andropogon 

Indian Moss. Saxifraga hypnoldes 
Indian Mourner, or Sad-tree. Nyctanthes 

Indian Paper-tree. Baplme canTiabina 

and Edgemorthia Gardneri 
Indian Physic. Glllenia trifoliata and 

Magnolia Fraseri 
Indian Pink. Dianthus chinensis and 

Quamoclit vulgaris 
Indian Pipe. Monotropa unifiora 
Indian Posy. Gnaplialimn polyccplialum, 
Indian Shot. The genus Canna 
Indian Turnip. Arum draconti%um 
Indigo-berry. Randia latifoUa 
Indigo-plant, American Wild. Baptisia 
Australian. Indigofera australls 
Blue False. BajJtisia australls 
Chinese. Polygonum tinctoriiom 
Chinese, " Green." Rliamnus utilis and B. 

Common Dyer's. Indigofera tinctoria 
Egyptian. TepliTosia ApolUnea 
False. The genus Baptisia 
Japanese. Polygonum tinctoriimn 
Of the Niger. Tephrosia toxicaria 
Pala. Wrightia tinctoria 
Pegu. Marsdenia tinctoria 
Purple-flowered. Indigofera floribunda 
Shrubby False. Aniorpha frulicosa 
W. Indian. Randia aculeata 
Indigo-weed. Baptisia tinctoria 
Ink-berry. Prinos glaber 

Queensland Black. Kibara macropJiylla 
W. Indian. Randia aculeata 
Ink-plant, New Zealand. Corlaria rusci- 
folia and C. thymifolia 


English Names oj Cultivated, Native, 

" Insane Root." Canon Ellacombe, in his 

" Plant-lore of Shakespeare," saj's that 

this term most probably refers to the 


Inverted-flo-wrer. The genus Parastran- 

th us 
Iodine-plants. Various kinds of Algce or 

Ipecacuanlia, American. Glllenla stiji?u- 

Bastard, or Wild. Asclejrias curassavica 

Black Peruvian, or Striated. Psijchotria 

Country, or E. Indian. Tylojihora {As- 
clejjias) asthmatica 

E. Indian. See Ipecacuanha, Country 

False Brazilian, or WTiite. looiid'mm Ipe- 

Guiana. Boerliaavla dccwiibcns 

Peruvian. See Ipecacuanha, Black 

Striated. See Ipecacuanha, Black 

Undulated, or White. Blchardsonla seahra 

White. See Ipecacuanha, False Brazilian, 
and Undulated 

Wild. Asclejnas curassavica 

Venezuelan. Sarcostemma glarwum 
Irby-dale Grass. See Grass 
Iris, Algerian. Iris stylosa 

Bermuda. Marica irioides 

Black. The genus Ferraria 

Blue-eyed Peacock. Vleusseuxia glaucopis 
(Iris Pavonia') 

Bobart's Orange. Bohartia aurantlca 

Boston. Iris virgi7iica 

Brown-flowered. Iris squalens 

Bristle-pointed. Iris sctosa 

Butterfly. Moraa jjajnUo7iacea 

Caucasian. Iris caucasica 

Christmas-flowering. Iris alata 

Clouded. Iris Xljfhium 

Common Garden. Varieties of Iris ger- 

Cream-coloured. Iris stenogyna 

De Bergh's. Iris De Berghi 

Delicately-tinted. Iris amwna 

Dwarf. Irisjmmila 

Dwarf American. Iris rerna 

Dwarf Lake. Iris lacustris 

Early Bulbous. Iris ri'ticulata 

Elder-scented. Iris samhucina 

" English." Iris xijjhioides (Xiphioji lati- 

Ever-blooming. Iris ruthenica 

Florentine . Iris Jtorentiria 

German. Iris germanica 

Golden. Iris Mtmnleri 

Grass-leaved. Iris graviinea 

Great Bulbous. Iris Xiphioides 

Great Spotted. Iris susiaiia 

Greek. Iris attica 

Iberian. Iris ihrrica ( Onocychis ihericus) 

Italian. Iris italica 

Kfcmpfcr's. Iris Ktrmpfrri 

Labrador. Iris tridentata 

Long-pctalled. Iris hmgipetala 

Missouri. Iris missourinisis 

Monnicr's. Iris Monnieri 

Naked-stemmed. Iris nudicaulis 

Onion. Iris tuherosa 

Iris, Pale Blue. Iris jmllida 

Peacock. Iris ( Meusseitxia) Pavonia 

Pretty-flowered. Iris pulchella 

Red-stemmed. Iris ruhricauUs 

Eobinson's. Iris {Morcea) Itohinso7iiana 

Rush-leaved. Irisjuiwea (/. Itisitatiica') 

Russian. Iris ruthe^ilca 

Saar's. Iris Saari 

Sad-flowered. Iris stisia^ia 

Sardinian. Iris Olhletisls 

Scorpion. Iris alata 

Siberian. Iris sihirica 

Small Bulbous. Iris Xi.jphium 

Smooth. Iris Icevigata 

Snake's-head. Iris tuherosa (Ilermodaetyhis 

Spanish-nut. Iris {Morcea') Sisyri7icJtium 
Spurious. Iris spuria M^ 

Sweet-scented. Iris sjjatulata (I.'deserto- 

Swert's. Iris Srvertii 
Sword-leaved. Iris ensata 
Tangier. Iris Tingitana 
Thunderbolt. Iris Xiphiii/ni 
Telford's. Iris Tclfordi 
Tiger. The genus Tigridia 
Tough-leaved. Iris tenax 
Twice- flowering. Iris scorploides (Xiphium 

Van Houtte's. Iris Van Houttei 
Variegated. Iris variegata 
Vernal. Iris venm 
Wall. Iris tectorum 
Winter-blooming. Iris scorpioides {Xiph- 

ium planifolium') 
Yellow-banded. Iris ocliroleuca 
Yellowish. Iris Jlarescens 
Irish Heath. See Heath 
Daisy. Icontodon Taraxacum 
Moss. Clwndrus crispus 
Iron-bark-tree. Various species of Eu- 
calyptus, especially U. resinifera and E. 
Red. Eucalypt7ts Sidcroxylo7i 
She. Eucalyptus piuiicnlii fa 
Silver-leaved. Eiica lyptus pulverulenta 
Queensland. Eucalyptus Laboucherii' 
Iron Grass. See Grass ~JTZ 

Iron-hard. An old name for Ccntaurea ni/jra 
Iron-heads. See Iron-weed 
Iron-shrub. Saumyrsia erecta 
Iron-tree, Norfolk Island. NotclaaloTigifoVM 
True. Metrosidrros vera 
W. Indian. Siderodoidron trifiorum 
Iron-weed, or Iron-heads. Centaurc-a ni^ra 
American. Tlie genus Vcrnoiiia "^ 

Iron-wood, American. Bromvlia lycioidcs. 
Carpi mts ampr}cana,?ixu\ Ostrya virginica 
Bastard. Xdnfho.rylon l^erota 
l!ast:ird, of the W. Indies. Fagara lentis- 

ci folia and TrichiHa hirta 
Bourbon. Stadtmaiuiia (Cupania) Sidcr- 

ox y Ion 
Burinah. Xylia dolalrriformis 
Dutch E. Indies. Cassia flirri da, Bodoiupa 
Wa'itzinna, Eiisidrroxylon. Zuagcri, Int- 
sia amhoiiunms, Mrmccylon ferrcum, 
Namia vera, StadtmannM Sideroxylo», 
and Sloi'tia Sideroxyloti 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Iron-wood, E. Indian. Xylia dolahriforvds 
(J[nga Xylocarjja) and Mesua ferrea 
E. Tropical African. Copalfera Mo])ane 
Jamaica. Erytliroxylon areolatnm 
Morocco. Argania Slderoxylon 
N. S. Wales. Notelcsa ligustrina 
Norfolk Island. Notelcea lowjifolia and 

Olea ajjetala 
Persian. Parrotia persica 
W. Indian. Sloanea jamaicensis and Fa- 

gara Pterota 
Small-leaved. Mmiriria myrtilloides 
S. African. Olea cajje7isis, 0. undiolata, 

and Slderoxylon capense 
S. Sea Islands. Casuarbia eqiiisettfolia 
Tasmanian. Notelaia ligustritia 
White. Vepris lanceolata 
Iron- wort. The genus Sideritis 
Canary Island. Sideritis caiiariensis 
Hyssop-leaved. Sideritis hyssojnfoUa 
Syrian. Sideritis syriaca 
Yellow. Galeopsis vlllosa 
Isabella-wood. Persea carolinensls 
Isle-of-Wight-Vine. Bryonia diolca and 

Tamils covivmyus 
Itaka-wood. The timber of IlaoTuerium 

Italian Rye-Grass or Ray-Grass. See 

Iteli-tree, Queensland. Davidsonia pru- 

Itch-weed. Veratrum viride 
Itch- wood-tree. O^iocarpus vitlensis 
Ithuriel's Spear. Tritelela laxa 
Ivory. A corruption of " Ivy " 
Ivory-plant, Vegetable. Phyteleplias ma- 

Ivory- tree, E. Indian. Various species of 

Ivray. An old name for Loliuni temuleJitum 
Ivy. Hedera Helix 

American. Amjjelojjsls hederacea (J.. 

American Poison. Rhus Toxicodendron 
Cape. Senecio macroglossus 
Chinese. Rhynchospermwii jasminoides 

(^Parecliites TJiimbergli) 
Clustered. Hedera cojiglomerata 
Coliseum. See Ivy, Kenilworth 
Crimean. Hedera Helix taurica 
German. Senecio 7)iiku7ioldes 
German, Yellow. Seiiecio scandens 
Giant. Hedera Helix Ro'gneriana {H. 

H colcliica) 
Gold-blotched. Hedera Helix aureo- 

Gold-edged Tree. Hedera Helix arhorea 

aureo-m arg inata 
Grass, of Australia. Pericampylos incanus 

( Cocculus Moorel) 
Ground. See Ground- Ivy 
Irish. Hedera Helix canariensis (^H. H. 

Indian. Seitidaj^sus pertusics (^3Ionstera de- 

liclosa) and other species 
Kenilworth, or Coliseum. Linaria Cymha- 

Marbled-leaved. Hedera Helix latifoUa 

Ivy, Mexican. Cohtsa scandens 

Native, of Australia. Mulilenbeckla ad- 

New Zealand. Panax ColeJisoi 
Palmate-leaved. Hedera Helix palmata 
Parlour. Milmnia scandens 
Poet's. Hedera Helix poetica 
Prickly. Smilax aspera 
Queensland. Hedera {Irvingia) aiistraliana 
Efegner's. Hedera Helix Reegneriana 
Silver-edged Tree. Hedera Helix argenteo- 

Three-coloured. Hedera Helix tricolor 
Variegated. Hedera Helix variegata 
Variegated Japan. Hedera Helix rhomhea 

Water. Ranunculus liederaceus 
W. Indian. Marcgraavla wnhellata 
Yellow-berried Roman. Hedera Helix 

Yellow German. Senecio scandens 

Ivy-Bindweed. Polygonum Convolvulus 

Ivy-Grape-vine. See Vine 

Ivy-leaved Chick-weed. Veronica liedertB- 

Ivy-tree, Otago. Panax Colensoi 

Ivy-wort. Linxiria Cymhalaria 

Ixia-lily. The genus Ixiolirion 
Ledebour's. Ixiolirion Ledehouri 
Mountain. Ixlolirloji mojitaiirmn 
Pallas's. Ixiolirion Pallasi 
Tartarian. Ixiolirion tataricum 

Jaborandi-plant. Pilocarjnts jfinnattis 
Jaca, or Jack-tree. Artocarpus integrlfolia 
Jacinth. Another name for Hyacinth 
Jack-by-the-hedge. Alliaria officinalis 
Jack, Creeping. Sedum acre 
Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon. OmitUogalum 

Jack-in-a-box. Hernandla sonora 
Jack-in-prison. Nigella damasceoia 
Jack-in-the-green. A variety of Primula 

Jack-in-the-pulpit. Arlseema triphyllum 
Jack-of-the-buttery. Sedum acre 
Jack-straws. Plantago lanceolata 
Jack-tree. Artocarpus integrlfolia 
Jackal's-Kost. Hydnora africana 
Jacobasa, Purple. Senecio elegans 
Jacob's-ladder. Polemonium coeruleum 

Dense-clustered-flowered. Polemonium con 

Dwarf. Polemonium humile 

Richardson's. Polemonium coeruleum var. 
Jacob's-rod. AspJwdehis lutetis 
Jacob's-staff. Verhascum Thaps^is 
Jacob's-sw^ord. Iris Pse^td-acorus 
Jacoby. Senecio elegans 
Jalap-plant, Garden. Miraiilis Jalapa 

E. Indian. Ipomcea Turpethum 

False. Mirahilis Jalapa 

Male, or Jalap-tops. Ipomaia Orizahensis 
(J. iatatoides) 

Mechoacan. Batatas (^Ipomcea) Jalapa 

True. Exogonium Purga 

Wild. Convolvulus panduratus 
Jalap-tops. See Jalap, Male 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

" Jamabuki "-shrub. Mhodotypos ker- 

Jamaica Pepper. Another name for All- 
spice (JiJuffCiiia Pimenta) 
Jambolan-tree. Calyptranthes Jamlolana 
James's (St.)-Flo"wer. Lotus Jacohceus 
James's (St.)-wort, or James's-weed. 

Scnecio Jacohcea 
Jamestown-Aweed. Datura Stra/moniwm 
Janea-tree. Amyris toxifcra 
Japan- Allspice. Chlmonantlms fragrans 

Large-flowered. Chinionanthus yrandijlora 
Japan-Lacquer Tree. Rhus verniclfera 
Japan-Varnish Tree. Ailantus glandulosa 
Japanese Grass, Variegated. See Grass 
Japura Tree, of Brazil. Erisma Japura 
Jarool-wood. The timber of LagerstroBmia 

Jarrah-wood. The timber of Eucalyptus 

marglnata and E. rostrata 
Jasmine, or Jessamine. The genus Jas- 
Arabian. Jasminwn Sambac 
Bastard W. Indian. The genus Cestmm 
Bay-leaved. Jasminum laurifoliuni 
Cape. Gardenia Jiorida 
Carolina. GelsemUi/ni nitidwn (^Bignonia 

Catalonian, or Spanish. Jasviinvmi grandi- 

Chili. Mandevilla suaveolens 
Chinese. IiJiy7ichosperniumjas7}d7wldes 
Churchill Island. Tecoma austraUs 
Common White-flowered. Jasminum offi- 
Double-flowered. Jasmimt/ni officinale fl.-jd. 
French. Calotrojiis procera 
Golden-leaved. Jasminum aureum 
Ground. Passerina Stelleri 
Hardy Wliite. Jasminviii grnndifforum 
Italian Yellow. Jcigmijiuni lunnile 
Jonquil-scented. Jasmi/ium odoratlssimum 
Large White-flowered. Jasminum affine 

{J. ochroleucum') 
Madagascar. Stiplianotis forihunda 
Moreton Bay Trumpet. Teooma jasmi- 

Narrow-leaved. Jasmiimim angiistifoliwn 
Nepaul. Jasminum revolutum 
Nepaul, Downy. Jasminum pubigervm 
Night. Nyctajithcs Arhor-trlstis 
Rock. Androsace Chamcejasme 
Rosy-flowered. Mascarenhasia Cit/rnomiana 
Rhang-hac. Ithynchospcrnmmjasmkioides 
Silver-leaved. Jasmlmi^n officinale foliis 

Spanish. See Jasmine, Catalonian 
White Azorean. Jasmiimm azorlcum 
White-flowered Indian. Jasfminum Sam- 
Wild, of the W. Indies. Faramca odora- 

tissima and the genus Ixora 
Winter-flowering. Jasminnm nudijlorum 
Yellow-flowered. Jasminum fntticans 
Yellow Azorean. Jasminum odoratlssi- 
Yellow Carolina. See Jasmine, Carolina 
Jasmine-Box. The genus Phillyrca 
Jasmine-Mango. Plumieria rubra 

Jasmine-scented-w^ood Tree. Eritha- 

Jasmine-"wood. Ochna Mauritiana 
Jaundice-berry, or Jaundice-tree. Ber- 

bcris ruhjaris 
Javanee-plant. See Ajowan 
Jean Cherry. See Cherry, Gean 
"Jellico," of St. Helena. Slum helenia- 

Jelly-plant, Australian. E^icheuma specio- 

Jersey Live-long. Giiajjhallum luteo-al- 

Jerusalem Artichoke. Ilclianthus tiCbe- 

Jerusalem Cowslip. See Cowslip 
Jerusalem Cross. Lychnis chalcedonica 
Jerusalem Oak. Teucrium Botrys 
Jerusalem. Sage. The genus Phlomis 
Jerusalem Star. Cerastlum tomentosv/m 

and Tragopogon porrifolimii 
Jew-bush. Pedila7ithus tithymaloldes 
Jew's- Apple. See Apple 
Jew's-Ears. Exidia jiurlcula-Juda;. Also 

applied to some species of Pezlza 
Jew^'s Mallow. See Mallow 
Jew's-Myrtle. Riiscus aculeatus 
Jew's-Thorn. Another name for Christ's- 

Jewel-w^eed, Spotted. Impatiens fulva 
Jim-Crow's-nose. Phyllocoryne ja/mai- 

Joan, or John, Silver-pin. An old name 

for Papaver Rha-as fi.-pl. 
Job's-Tears, or Job's- Drops. QnxLachryma 
Joe-Pye-w^eed. . Eupatorinm xni/rpwe^mn 
Jockey Grass. See Grass 
John-Crow^'s-nose. See Jim-Crow's-nose 
John's (St.)-bread. Ccratonia Siliqua 
John's (St.)-wort. The genus IlyperlcuAU 
more espcciallj' H. perforatum 
Aspalathus-likc. Hypericum fascie^ilatv/ni 
Attenuated. Hypericum attenuatum 
Axillary-flowered. Hypericum axillare 
Burser's. Hypericum Burseri 
Canadian, jfypericum canadense 
Canary Island. Hypericum canariensc 
Chinese. Hypericum chincnse 
Close-panicled. Hypericum elodioides 
Cochin-China. Hyjjerlcum cochin-chi- 

Common. Hypericum hircinum 
Creeping. Hypericum repeiis 
Cross-leaved. Hypericum decussatum 
Curled-leaved. Hypericum crispum 
Dcnsc-foliagcd. J/ypericum frondosum 
Dotted-flowcred. Hyjjericum pimctatvmi. 
Downy. Hypericum lanuglnosum 
EgjTDtian. Hypericum <rgyptlacv/m 
Elegant. Hypericum elegans 
Emjietrum-leavcd. Hypericumi empetri- 

Fringed. Hypericum fmhrintum 
Galium-lcavctl. Hypericum galioides 
Glandular. Jfypericum glaudulosum 
Glaucous-leaved. J/ypericum. glaucum 
Glossy-flowered. Jfypericum Jfooherianum 
Goat -scented. Jfypericum. hircinum 
Great American. Hypericum pyramidatum 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shnibs. 


John's (St.)-"wort, Hair-fringed-flowered- 
Hi/jjerlcum ciliattmi 
Hairy. ITi/perlotim Jiirsutum 
Hatchet-like. Hijpericwm dolahrlforme 
Heart-leaved. Hypericum cordifoUuvi 
Heath-leaved. Hyjjcricum Coris 
Honey-suckle-leaved. Hypericum Capri- 

Imperforate. Hypericum dubiiim 
Involute-flowered. Hypericum involutum 
Japanese. Hypericum jajwnicum 
Kalm's. Hypericum Kalmiamoni 
Large-capsuled. Hypericum ascyroides 
Large-flowered. Hypericum calycinum 
Majorca. Hypericum halcaricum 
Many-flowered. Hypericum Jlorihundum 
Marsh. Hypericum Elodcs 
Mexican. Hypericwm mexicanum 
Money-wort. Hypericum Nmmmdariwn 
Mt. Lebanon. Hypericum cuiwatum 
Mt. Olympus. Hijpericum olympicum 
Mountain. Hypericum montaimm 
Naked-flowered. Hypericum nudijlorum 
Nepaul. Hypericum nepalense 
Oblong-leaved. Hypericum ohlongifolium 
" Park-leaves." Hypericiim Androscemum 
Perfoliate. Hypericum perfoliatum 
Pink-flowered. Hypericum mrgiivicu/tn 
Pretty. Hyperic\i,m amcenum 
Proliferous. Hypericum 'i)rolificum 
Pyramidal. Hypericum pyramidatum 
Red-leaved. Hypericum Ascyron 
Eefiexed- leaved. HijpcriGum rejlexum 
Small. Hypericum pusilhim 
Small-flowered. Hypericum quinquener- 

Shining, Leafy. Hyptericum foliosum 
Shrubby. Hypericum prolijicum 
Siberian. Hypericum Ascyron 
Simple-stalked. Hypericum simplex 
Slender. Hypericum pulclirum 
Smooth. Hypericumi Icevigatuvi 
Spotted-flowered. Hypericumi maculatwn 
Spreading. Hypericxcm, patuhim 
Square-stalked. Hypericum quadrangu- 

Stiff -haired. Hypericxim ptilosum 
Tall. Hypericum datum 
Three-flowered. Hypericum triflorum 
Three-nerved. Hypericum trijjUnerve 
Toothed-flowered. Hypericmn angtdoswn 
Trailing. Hypericum humifuswn 
Twiggy. Hypericum, virgahmii 
Urala. Hypericum JJralum 
Various-leaved. Hypericum Jieterophyllum 
Verona. Hypericiim veronense 
Thyme-leaved. Hypericum serpyllifolium 
Whorled-leaved. Hypericum verticillatum 
Woolly. Hypericum tomentosu/m 

Joint Grass. See Grass 

Joint-weed. Folyyonum articulatum 

Jointed Charlock. Raplxanus Raplia- 

Jolly, Brown, of the W. Indies. Solanum 

Jonquil, Common. Narcissus Jonquilla 
Large. Narcissus odorus 
Queen Anne's. Narcissiis pusillus plenus 
Small. Narcissus p>usillus 

Joseph's-eoat. Amarantus tricolor 
Joseph's-Plower . Trayopogon pratensis 
Jove's-beard or Jupiter's-beard. Anthyllis 
Harha-Jovis, Hydnum Barba-Jovis, and 
Sempei-virwm tectorimi 
Jove's-Wuts (Acorns). The fruit of 

Quercus liobur 
Jove's-Fruit. Lindera melisscefolia 
Joy-weed. The genus Alternanthera 
Juba's-brush. Iresine celosioides 
Judas's-Ear. See Jews-Ears 
Judas-tree. Cercis Siliquastrwu 
American. Cercis canadensis 
Californian. Cercis occidentalis 
Jujube-tree. Zizyplms Jujuba 
Incurved-spined. Zizyplms incurva 
Zig-zag. Zizypkus Jiexuosa 
July -flower. Another name for Gilliflower 

Jamaica. Prosopis Julijlora 
Jump-up-and-kiss-me. Viola tricolor 
June-berry. Amelanchier canadensis 
Jungle-bendy-tree. A species of Tetra- 

Jungle-nail. Acacia tomentosa 
Juniper. The genus Junipervs 
Abyssinian. Juniperus procera 
Azores. Juniperxis Cedrus var. brevifoUa 
Brown-berried. Juniperus Oxycedrus 
Californian. Juniperus califomica and J. 

Canary Island. Juniperus Cedrus 
Carpet. J^imperus prostrata 
Chinese. Juniperus olunensis 
Common. Juniperus communis 
Drooping Indian. Juniperus recurva 
Dwarf. Juniper^is nana 
Golden-variegated Chinese. Juniperus 

chinensisvar. aurea 
Golden-variegated Japan. Juniperus ja- 

2}onica rar. aurea 
Grey-carpet. Juniperus sahinoides 
Green-carpet. Juniperus Sabina var. nana 
Hedge-hog. Jimvperus eohiniformis {J. 

Incense. Juniperus religiosa (J. excelsa) 
Irish. Juniperus communis var. hibernica 

{J. stricta) 
Japan. Juniperus '^aponica 
Large Puiple-fruited. Juniperus macro- 

Mexican. Junijyerus tetragona 
Plum-fruited. Juniperus drupacea 
Spanish. Juniperus tlmrifera {J. Jds- 

Swedish. Juniperus commtmis var. suecica 
Sweet-fruited. Juniperus paeliyphlcea 
Tall Upright. Juniperus excelsa var. 

Tamarisk-leaved. Jmdperus tamariscifolia 

{J. sabinoides') 
Virginian. Juniperus virginia7ia 
White-variegated Japan. Juniperus japo- 
nica var. alba 
Juno's-Rose. Lilium candidiimi 
Juno's-Tears. Verbena officinalis 
Jupiter's-Beard. See Jove's-beard 
Jupiter's-Distaff. Salvia glutinosa 
Jupiter's-Eye. ,Semq)ervivum tectorum 
Jupiter's-Plow^er. Lychnis Flos-Jovis 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Juray. An old name for Darnel 
Jur-nut. Bun'mm Jlcryosum. 
Jute-plant (True). Cvr chorus capsularis 

KafBr-bread, or Caffrc-bread. The genus 

Kaffir's-tree. Erijthr'ma Caffra 
Kaladana-plant. Pharbitis ( Convolmihis) 

Kale, or Borecole. See Cabbage 

Indian. Arum diraricatnm, Calad'mm 

nymplKCifolmm, and C. mg'M(efoli'u/ni 
Indian, Large-leaved. Caladiiiin grandi- 

Large-leaved Ornamental. Cramhe paliina- 

Scotch. Brasslca oleracea var. sabelllca 
Sea. Cramhe maritima 
W. Indian. Xanthosovia atrovlrois and the 

genus Colocasia 
Wild. SiiMjyis arvensis 
Kamala, or Kamcla, Tree. liottlera tine- 
tori a {Mallotus jihilij'j'i nCHsis) 
Kambala-tree. Sonncratia apctala 
Kandlegosses. An old name for Galium 

Kangaroo's-foot Plant. Anigozantlms 

Mangles a 
Kangaroo-Grass. AntJiistiria australis 
Kangaroo, or Kanguru, Vine. Cissus 

Karaka, or Kopi, tree. Corynocarims Icevi- 

Kariyat. See Creyat 
Karri-tree. Eucalyptus diversicolor 
Karse. An old name for Cress 
Kat, or Kilth, ten-shrub. Catha cduUs 
Katharine's (St.) Flovsrer. Nigella damas- 

Kauri, or Kawrie, Pine. See Pine 
Kava-plant. See Ava-plant 
Ka'waka-tree. Lilwccdrus Boniana 
Kawrie-Pine. See Kauri 
Kaw-Tabua-tree, of Fiji. Podocarpus 

♦' Keatlegs." A Kentish name for Orchises 
Kecks, Kex, or Kcks. The diy hollow stalks 

of various largo umbelliferous plants; 

also applied to the plants themselves 
Keddle, or Kettle, Dock. Scnccio Jacohwa 

and Iluvicx ohtusifolius 
Kedlock, Kerlock, or Ketlock. A name 

:il)])lied, like Cliarlock, in a general way, 

to Siiuipis arvensis and some other cruci- 
ferous jilants 
Keeslip. (lalium rerum 
Keeso-flowers. The flowers of Butea fron- 

Kei-apple. See Apple 
"Keklam," <>f Bengal. Tlie fruit of Limonia 

cariioaa (?) 
Keks. See Kecks 
Kelp-'ware, or Kelp-wrack. Fucus vesicit- 

losi/s and /'. nodosits 
Kemps. Plaidago media 
Kendal Green. Genista tini'toria 
Kentish Balsam. Jfcrcurialis peren7iis 
Kerlock. See Kedlock 
Kernel-wort. Scrophularia nodosa 

Ketlock. See Kedlock 

Ketmia, African. Jlibiseus africanus 

Ketmia, Bladder. See Bladder-Ketmia 

Kettle -Dock, See Keddle- Dock 

Kex. See Kecks 

Keys. The fruit of the Ash, Maple, and 

Khair-tree. Acacia Catechu 
Khus-Khus, or Cus-cus, Plant. Aiidropogmi 

Kidney-bean. See Bean 
Egj'ptian. Dolichos Lab-lab 
Malacca. The seed of Scmecarjms Anacar- 
Kidney-bean Tree, American. Wistaria ' 
( Ghjeine) frutcscens 
Chinese. Wistaria {Glycine') sinensis 
Kidney- Vetch, Common. AntliylUsVulne- 
Mountain. AnthylUs mo7itana 
Pink-flowered. AnthylUs Vulneraria rulrra 
Rushy. AnthylUs erinacea 
Kidney-wort. Cotyledon Umbilicus and 

Saxifraga stellar is 
" Kindly Savin." See Savin 
King-cups, or King-cobs. Another name 

for Buttercups 
King Pern. Osmunda regalis 
King-plant. Anffciochilus setaceus 
King's-Clover. MrUlotus ojliciiialis 
King's-Feather. Saxifraga uinbrosa 
King's-Plower. En com is regia 
King's-spear. AsphodeUis luteus and A. 

ram OS us 
Kinnikinnick. Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi 

(See also Dog\vood, Silky) 
Kino Gum-tree. Pterocarpus 3Iarsupium 
and P. indicus 
African, or Gambia. PHerocarpus erbuiccus 
Australian. Eucalyptus amygdaUna 
Bengal. Butea frondosa and B. svperba 
Botany Bay. Eucalyptus resinifera 
Burmese. Pterocarpus dalbergioides 
E. Indian, or Amboyna. J^e7-ocarpus Mar- 
sup ium 
Jamaica. Coccoloba urifcra 
Palas, or Pulas. Butea frondosa, 
Kiss-me, Kiss-me-ere-I-rise, or Kiss-mc-at- 

tlu'-garden-gatc. Viola tricolor 
Kite-flower. Jlyoscyamus {Atrojya) physa- 

Kite-keys. An old name for the "Keys" 

or seed-vessels of the Ash 
Knap-w^eed,or Knob-weed. Centaureanigra 
Russian. Centaurea rutheiiica 
Sihery-leaved. O-utaurea gymnocarpa 
Knawel. Sclerauthus annuus 
Knee-Holly. See Holly, Knee 
Knee-Holme. See Holme, Knee 
Knight's-spur. An old name for Larkspur 
Knit-back. Symphytum ojficiwile 
Knob-Sedge. Spargaiiium ramosum 
Knob-tang. Fuws nodosns 
Knob-w^eed. See Knap-weed ; also applied 

to Crniaurea ( 'y a nnd (\ Seabiosa 
Knot-berry. Buhus dhamcrmorus 
Knot-grass. The genus Illecehrum (See 
also Grass) 
Slender. I'olygonum minus 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Knot-weed. Centaurea nigra, C. Cyaims, 
and C. Scahlosa 
Alpine. Polygonum al])i7ium 
Amphibious. Polygonimn ampliibium 
Copse. Polygonum dumetorum 
E. Indian. Polygomvni Bru7ionis 
E. Indian, Annual. Polygonum orlentale 
Giant. Polygonum cusjndatum (P. Sieboldi) 

and P. sacJialinense 
Pale-flowered. Polygonum la])ath\foVmm 
Eock. Polygonum vaocmifoVmm 
Sachalin. Polygonum sachalmense 
Sea-side. Polygonum maritimum 
Virginian. Polygonum virgmiajiiom 
Viviparous. Polygonum viviparum 
Water-pepper. Polygonum Hydropipcr 
Whortle-berry-leaved. Polygommn vaccini- 
Koa-tree, of the Sandwich Islands. Acacia 

Koa (^A lieieropliylla ?) 
Kohe, or Wahahe-tree. Hartighsea specta- 

KoM-Rabi. Brassica olcracea var. gongy- 

Kokoon-tree. Kolwona zeylanica 
Kokra-wood. Alnus integrifolia 
Kokura-butter-tree. Garcinia indlca 
" Kolkas," of the Arabians and Egyptians. 

Colocasia antlquorum 
KoUa-nut. See Nut 
Kopi-tree. See Karaka 
Koso, or Cusso, Flowers. The flowers of 

Ilagenia ahyssimca 
Kotukutuki-tree, of New Zealand. Fuclma 

Kumahou-tree. Pomaderris elliptica 
Kum-quat. A variety of Citrus ja2)onica 
Kureel-tree. Capparls apliylla 
Kurrajong. A native Australian name for 
various fibrous plants. 
Black, of Illawarra. Bulingla ramosa 
Brown. Commersonia platyphylla 
Green. Hihiscus lieteropliyllus 
Tasmanian. Plagianthus sidoides 

Iiabaria - plant. Dracontium polyphyl- 

Lab-lab. Boliclios {LahlaV) vulgaris and 
B. (i.) cultratus 
White China. Boliclios (^Lablab) peren- 

Iiaburnum-tree, Adam's. Cytisus Adami 
Austrian. Cytisus austriacus 
Black-rooted. Cytisus nigricans 
Cluster-flowered, Cytisus captitatus 
Common. Cytisus Laburnum 
Dwarf. Cytisus iianus 
Evergreen. Cytisus racemosus 
Flesh-coloured. Cytisus incarnatus 
Fringed-podded. Cytisus ciliatus 
Hairy. Cytisus hirsrttus 
Indian. Cassia Fistula 
Large-calyxed. Cytisus calycinus 
Large-flowered. Cytisus grandifiorus 
Late-flowering. Cytisus serothms 
Lilliputian. Cytisus Ardoinii 
Long-branched. Cytisus elongatus 
Many-flowered. Cytisus nmltiflorus 
Nepaul. Piptanthus nepalensis 

Laburnura-tree, New Zealand. Edivardsia 
(Sophora) grandijlora and JE. microphylla 
(SopJtora tetraptcra var. micropliylUC) 
Oriental. Cytisus orlentalis 
Pigmy. Cytisus Ardoinii 
Portugal. Cytisus albus 
Prickly. Cytisus sjnnosus 
Proliferous. Cytisus proliferus 
Purple-flowered. Cytisus purpureus 
Queensland. Cassia Brewstcrl 
Scotch. Cytisus alpinus 
Sickle-podded. Cytisus falcatus 
Silver-leaved. Cytisu,s argenteus 
Soft-leaved. Cytisus mollis 
Spreading. Cytisus patens 
Stalkless-flowered. Cytisus sessllijlorus 
Sweet-scented. Cytisiis fragrans 
Tenerifle. Cytisus imbigenus 
Three-flowered. Cytisus trijlorus 
Trailing. Cytisus supi?ius 
Two-flowered. Cytisus biflorus 
Weeping. Cytisus Laburnum pendulus 
Wliite-flowered. Cytisus leucanthus 
Whitish-flowered. Cytisus albidus 
Wild. Ilelllotus officinalis 
Woolly. Cytisus lanlgerus 
Laee-bark-tree, Jamaica. Lagetta lln- 
New Zealand. Plaglantlius betulinus 
Lace-leaf, or Lattice-leaf, Plant, White- 
flowered. Ouvirandra fenestralis 
Pink-flowered. Ouvirandra Berneriana 
Lace-pod. Tliysanocarjnis curvipies 
Ladder-Fern. See Fern 
Ladder-to-Heaven. Polygonatum multi- 

Jlorum and Polemonium coeruleum 
Ladle-wood-tree. Casslne Colpoon 
Lad's-love. Artemisia Abrotanum 
Lady-Birch. Betula alba 
Lady-Pern. See Fern 
Lady-G-rass. See Grass 
Lady - in - the - Bow^er. Nlgella damas- 

Lady - nut. The seed of Entada Pur- 

Lady-of-the-Meado"w. S^nrcca JJlmaria 
Lady-Poplar. Po^mlus fastiglata 
Lady's-Bedstraw. Galium verum 
Lady's-Bower. Clematis Vltalba 
Lady's-Calamus. Iris cristata 
Lady's-Cushion. Arabis albida and Ar 

merla maritlma 
Lady's-Ear-drops. The flowers of the com- 
mon Fuchsia 
Lady's-Fingers. A^itJiyllls Vulneraria. 
Also locally applied to various other 
Lady's-Garters. See Lady's-Laces 
Lady's- Gloves. Inula Co7iyza 
Lady's-Hair. Briza 7nedia 
Lady's-Laces, or Lady's-Garters. Pliala- 

rls aru7idl7iacea variegata 
Lady's-Looking-glass. Ca7npa7iula Specu- 
Lady's-Mantle. Alchemllla vulgaris 

Silky. Alchemllla sericea 
Lady's-Pincushion. Armeria 7narlti7na 
Lady's-Seal, or Lady's-Signet. Polygo7ia- 
tum multlfiorum and Tamus C07nmu7iis 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Lady's-Signet. See Lady's-Seal 
Lady's-Slipper. The genus Cyprixyedhmn, 
especially C. Calceolus 
Bearded. Cijprlpcdlum harhatum 
Japanese. Cyirrlpi'dlum japonicxim 
Large-flowered. Cypripediwm macran- 

Large Yellow. Ci/prliiedlum pubescens 
Long-tailed. Cypripedium caudatum 
Mexican. Cypripedi udi Irapcanuni 
ilam's-head. Cypr'ipcdlam arietiimm 
Showy. Cypripedi uiiL sijcctabile 
Siberian. Cypripedium macranthum 
Small White. Cypripedlwii candidum 
Small Yellow. Cyprlpedmvi parvijiorum 
Snow White. Cypripediwm nlvewm 
S. American. The genus Sele/t,ipediu»i 
Spotted. Cypripedium (juttatum 
Stemless. Cypripedluni acmde 
Twin-flowered. Cypripedium insigne 
White. Cypripedium candidum 
Lady's-Smoek. Cardamine pratensis 
Lady's - Tliimble. Campanula rotundl- 

Lady's (Our) Thistle. Ca/rduusMarianus 

{Hilyhum Mariaimm') 
Lady's-Thunib, Polyyonum Persicaria 
Lady's-Tresses, or Lady's-Traces. The 
genus Spiraiithes 
Autumn-flowering. Sp)lra7ithes autuvmalls 
Drooping. Splranthes cernua 
Irish. Sjnrantlws gemviipara 
Summer. Spiranthex tesfii-alis 
Lake-weed. Pulyyotiuin Ilydropiper 
Lamb-kill. Andromeda Mariana and 

Kalinia anyustifolia 
Lamb-in- a-pulpit. Arum maculatwn 
Lam.b's-eliop. Mesemhryanthemum agni- 

Lamb's-Cress. Cardamine lilrsuta 
Lamb's-ear. Stucliys yermanlca 
Lamb's-Grass. Various Spring Grasses 
Lamb's-Lettuce. Valerianella olltoria 
Lamb's-tails. The Catkins of Sallx 

Caprea and Corylus Avellana 
Lamb's-toe. LoUm corniculatus and An- 

thyllls Valneraria 
Lamb's - quarters. Chenopodlum album 

and Trillium ereefum 
Lamb's-tongue. Platdago media ; locally 

applied to a few other plants 
Lamp-flower. The genus Lyclinls 
Lamp-wick. Phhmis Lyohnltes 
Lance-pod, Queensland. Lonclwcarpus 

{MiUrtla) Blacldl 
Lance-w^ood, Australian. Backlwusia aus- 
Caffre's. Guatteria Caffra 
Cuba. Duguetla quitarensis 
Guiana. Ihtguetia quitarensis, Chuitterla 
virgata, RolUnia multljtora, and R. lo7igl- 
Jamaica. Chiattcria virgata ( Uvarla lan- 

New Z(!aland. Panax crassifollum (Aralia 
Land-Grass. See Grass 
"Landra." Ilaphanus Landra 
Land- Whin. Ononis arvensls 

Langdebeefe. Ilelmintlda cchloldes 

" Langsat." Lansium domesticuvi 

Lang- wort, or Lyug-wort. An old name for 
Veratrum album 

Lanseh-tree. Lansium domestlcum 

Lantern-flower. The genus Ahutllon 

Larch. The genus Larlx 
Altaian. Larix Ledebourli 
American Black. Larix americana 
American Red. Larix microcarpa 
Chinese, or False. The genus Pseudo- 

Common. Larix europcea 
Drooping. Larlx peiulula 
False. See Larch, Chinese 
Golden. Abies {Larlx) Kampferl 
Himalayan. Larlx Grlffitlili 
Oregon. Larlx occidentalls 
Siberian. Larix sibirica 
Sikkim. Larix Grljfithii 

Lark's-elaw, or Lark's-heel. Another name 
for Larkspur 

Larkspur. A general name for the garden 
species of I)elpIii7U'wm 
Alpine. Delphinium alpinum 
American. Delphinium exaltatumi 
Azure. Delj)hinium. azureum 
Beatson's. Delphinium Beatsoni 
Belladonna. Delphbmvm Belladonna 
Blue-and-white-fiowered. Delphiniwm bi- 

Branching. Deljjhiniwm ConsoUda 
Cashmere. Delphinium cashmerlanum, 
Common Bee. Delpliinium elalum 
Double Siberian. Delpliinium grandljlorum 

Dwarf Red. Delpldniwn nudlcaule 
Elegant. Delphlnmm elegans 
Hyacinth-flowered. Delphlnlicm hyacinthi- 

Intermediate. Delphinium Intermediv/in 
Keteleer's. Delphinium Keteleeri 
Large - flowered. Delphinium grandi- 

Musk-scented. Delphinium mosehatum 
Red-flowered. Delphinium grandljlorum 

var. rubrwn 
Rocket. Delphinium Ajaels and vars. 
Scarlet-flowered. Dclphininm pjt7ilceicm 
Show}'. Delphinium for muxu III 
Siljerian. Delphinium grandljlorum 
Tall. Delphinium cxaltatum 
Tliree-horned. Delphlnmm tricorne 
White-flowered. Delphmlum albljtorvm 
Wild. Deljihinlum Ajaels (D. ConsoUda) 
Yellow. Various species of Tropwolwm 

Laser-wort. The genus Laserjiltlum ; also 
apj)lied to Thtipxu.t Laserpitii 

Lattice-leaf-plant. See Lace-Leaf 

Lattice-Moss. See Moss 

Laurel, or Cherry-Laurel. Cerasus Lav/ro- 
Alexandrian. Calophyllum Ino2)hyllHm, 

and Bnscns raeemosus 
American. Tlie genus Kalmia 
American Great. Bhododendron maximum 
American Jlountain. Kalmia latifolla 
American Swamp. Judmiu glauca 
Azores. Laurus azorica 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, a7id Shrubs. 


Laurel, Elotched-leaved. Aucuha jajfonica 
Bunch-flowered. Laurus thyrsifiora 
Californian. Oreodajjline ( Umhelhdaria) 

Canary Island. Laurxis caiiariensis 
Cape. Laurus iullata 
Carolina. Laurxhs {Persea) carolmensis 
Catesby's. Laurus Catesbiana 
Catkin-bearing. The genus Nageia 
Chili. Laurella aromatica 
Chinese. Stilago Bunias 
Common, or Cherry. Cerasus Laii/ro-cerasus 
Copse. Daphne Lau/reola 
Crowded-flowered. Laurus aggregata 
Diamond-leaved, Queensland. Plttosjjorum 

Ground. Epigcea repens 
Himala}"an. Aueuha Idmalaica 
Jamaica. Laurus Chloroxylon 
Japan. Aucula japonica and Nageia 

Jointed. Laurus geniculata 
Jove's-fruit. Laurus Dlospyros 
Leather-leaved. Laurus coriacea 
Lofty. Laurus exaltata 
Madeira. Laurus indica and L. foetens 
Malabar. Melastovia malaharicum 
Many- flowered. Laurus floribunda 
Moreton Bay. Crijptocarya {Lav/r%is') aus- 

Mountain. Oreodapkne bullata 
N. S. Wales. Cryptocarya glaucescens 
New Zealand. Coryiiocarpus Icevlgata, 

Laxirella Novcs-Zclandlw, and L. KohehoJie 
New Zealand Hedge. Plttosjjorum eu- 

genioides and other species 
Panama. Cordia Gerasclianthus 
Portugal. Cerasus lusltanica 
Portugal, Miniatiire. Cerasus lusltanica 

var. Quyrtifolla 
Poet's, or Roman. Laurus nobllis 
Red. Persea caroUnensls 
Royal. Laurus regalls 
Sassafras. Oreodaplme californlca 
Sea-side. Xylopliylla latifolla 
Sheep's-poison. Kalmla angustifolia 
Shining-leaved. Laurus splendens 
Snow-white. Laiurus nlvea 
South Sea. The genus Codlceum (^Croton) 
Spotted. Aucuba japonica 
Spreading. Laur^bs patens 
Spurge. Baphne Lau/reola 
Strong-scented. Laurtis foetens 
Summer. Laurus cestlvalls 
Tasmanian. Anojjterus gland^ilosa 
Thick-leaved. Laurus crassifolla 
Til. Laurus foetens 
Variegated. Aucuba japonica 
Variegated Indian. Croton variegatus 
Versailles. Cerasus Lauro-cerasus var. 

Victorian. Plttosjyorum v/ndulatvm. 
Victor's. Laurus nobllis 
Weeping. Laurus jfcndula 
White. Magnolia glauca 
Whitish-leaved. Laurus albida 
Willow-leaved. Laurus sallclfolia 
Yellow- flowered Brisbane. Pittosporwni 


Laurustinus, Common. Viburnum Ti7ius 
Shining-leaved. Vlburmim Tlnus var. 

Upright-branched. Viburnum Tlnus var. 

Lavender, Common. Lavandula Spica 
French. Lavandula Stwchas 
Sea. See Sea-Lavender 
Sweet-scented. Lavandula dentata 
True. Lavandula vera 

Lavender-Cotton. The genus Santollna 
Alpine. Santollna alplna 
Chamomile-leaved. Santollna anthemoldes 
Clammy. Santolitia viscosa 
Comb-leaved. Santollna pectliuvta 
Common. Santollna Cliamcecyparissus 
Green. Santollna vlridis 
Heath-like. Santollna ericoides 
Hoary. Santollna canescens 
Pinnate-leaved. Santollna pinnata 
Rosemary-leaved. Santollna rosmarlnifolla 
Samphire-leaved. Santollna crlthmoldes 
Scallop-leaved. Santolitia pectlnata 
Spreading. Santollna squarrosa 
Woolly. Santollna Incana 

Lavender-Grass. See Grass 

Laver, Green. Ulva latlsslma 
Red. Porpliyra laciniata 
Turkey-feather. Padltia pavonia 

Lawyer, Bush. Rubus australis 

Lawyers. Old thorny stems of Briars and 
Penang. Licuala acutijida 

Layloek. A corruption of " Lilac " 

Lead-plant. Amorplia canescens 

Lead-tree, W. Indian. Leuccena (Acacia) 

Lead- wort, European. Plumbago ewropcea 
Cape. Plumbago capensis 
Hardy Blue. Plumbago Larpentm 
Rosy-flowered. Phimbago rosea 
Scarlet-flowered. Plumbago coccinea 

Leaf-bellows Plant. Cochlosperinum Oos- 

Leaf-Clip. The genus Polymnia 

Leaf-of-St. Patrick. Saxlfraga wnbrosa 

Leather-coat-leaf-tree. Coccoloba pubes- 

Leather-flower. Clematis Viorna 

Leather-jacket. Eucalyptus pibnctata and 
E. resinlfera 

Leather-leaf. Cassandra (Andromeda) 

Leather-plant, New Zealand. Various 
species of Celmisia 

Leather- wood, American. Blrca jjahistris 
Australian. The genus Ceratopetalum 

Leba-tree. Eugenia neurocalyx 

Lee-chee. See Li-tchi 

Leed. Glyceria acpiatlca 

Leek, American Mountain. Allium triflorumi 
Blue. Allium Ampeloprasmn 
Canker. Pyrola rotundlfolla 
Common Garden. Allium Porrum 
Crow. See Crow-leek 
Dog's. An old name for Scilla nutans 
Hollow. An old name for Corydalis cava 
Lily. Allium Holy 
Sand. Allium Scorodoprasum 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Iieek, Sour. Rumex Acetosa 
Stone. AlUum fistulomm 
Wild. All'mm Amjpcloj>rasumsi.n6. A. ursi- 

Wild American. Allium tricoccum 
Lemon-Bergamot Tree. Citrus Berga- 

m ill 
Lemon-grass. Aiulropogon Sclicenantlins 
Lemon-tree. Citrus Limmmm. Applied 
also to Lippia (Aloysia) citriodora 
Desert of N. S. Wales and Queensland. 

Atalantia glmica 
Java. Citrus javanica 
Median (Citron). Citrus 3Iedica 
Tear. Citrus Lnmia 
Pearl. Citrus Margarita 
Sweet. Citrus Lumia 
Water. Passijlora lau/rifolia and P. onali- 

Wild. Podophylhivi pcltatum 
Wild Water. Passijtora fatida 
Lens, Water. See Lentils, Water 
Lent Lily, or Lent Eose. IVarcissics Pseudo- 
Lentil, Common. Er^mm Lens 
Sea. Sargassum iacciferum 
Single-flowered. Ervum vwnantlios 
Lentils, or Lens, Water. Lemna miuor 
Leopard-flower, Chinese. PardantMis 

Leopard's-bane. The genus Dorojiicinn 
American. Doronicum nudicaule 
Austrian. Doronicum austriacum 
Caucasian. Doronicum caucasicum 
Clusius's. Doronicii/m (^Aronicumi, Arnica) 

Columna's. Doronicum Columncs 
Common. Doronicum Pardalianches 
Cray-fish. Doronicum Pardalianches 
Medicinal. Arnica montana 
Plan tain-leaved. Doronicum plantagincum 
Letter-leaf, or Letter-plant. The genus 

Gra mm a t op h y I lum 
Letter-wood Tree. Brosimum AuUctii 
Lettuce. The genus Lactuca 

American " White." Nahalus all/its 
American Wild. Lactuca caiuidensis (Z. 

Blue, or False. The genus Mulgedium 
Cabbage. Lactuca capitata 
Calif ornian. Lactuca jmlchella 
Common Garden. Varieties of Lactuca 

Cos. The erect-growing varieties of Lactuca 

Drum-head. Varieties of Lactuca capi- 
Endive-leaved, or Lombard. Lactuca inty- 

False. See Lettuce, Blue 
Frog's. Potnmngcton drn^is 
Hare's. Sonchus ohrdcrvs 
Indian. Frasera veriiciUata 
Lamb's. See Lamb's-Lcttuce 
Least. Lactuca xaligiM 
Lombard. See Lettuce, Endive-leaved 
Oak-leaved. Jjactuca quercina 
Perennial. Jjactuca perennis 
Prickly. Lactuca Scariola and L. virosa 

Lettuce, Sea. Ulva Lactuca and Fuciis 
Strong-scented. Lactuca virosa 
Wall. Lactuca (Pre7ia7itkcs) muralis 
Water. Pistia Stratiotes 
Wild. Lactuca virosa 
Willow. Jjacttica salig7ia 
Lettuce-tree. Pisonia mori ndifoUa 
Lever-w^ood. Ostrya rirginica 
Lieca-tree. Sapi)idus sj^inosits {Xanthoxy- 

lum sapindoides) 
Lichen, Crab's-eye. Lecanora pallescens 
Horse-hair. Cornicularia jvhata 
Letter. The genus Opegrapha 
Lung. Sticta puhnonacea 
Map. Lecidea gcngraphica 
Red Snow. Prutococcus nivalis 
Rock-Tripe. Various species of Cryroplwra 

and Umhilicaria 
Tree-hair. Cornicularia juhata and UsTiea 

" Tripe de Roche." See Lichen, Rock- 
Liehw^ale, or Lychwale. Litlwspermv/ni 

Lich-wort. Parietaria officinalis 
Lid-flower. The genus Calyptranthes 
Life-everlasting. Gnapitalium ameri- 

Life-plant. BryopTvylluni calyeimini {B. 

Life-root. Senecio aureus 
Lign- Aloes. The wood of Aloexylon Agal- 

Light-wood, Australian. Acacia Melanoxy- 

lo7i and Ceratopetalum apetahini 
Lignum Rhodium. The wood of Amyris 

halsamifera and PhodorrJiiza scoparia 
Lignum-vitas-tree. Guaiacum officinale 
Bastard. Budiera diversifolia 
N. S. Wales. Acacia falcata and Eucalyp- 
tus polyanthemos 
New Zealand. Metrosideros sca7idens 
Pegu. Mela7wrrluca usitatissi7/ia 
Queensland. Mtex Lig?i,U7/t-vit(S 
Lilac. The genus Syri7iga 
African. Melia Azedarach 
Australian. Hardc7ibergi-a mo7iopli'ylla, 
Prostauthera violacea, and P. lasian- 
Calif ornian. Ceaiwthus integerri/nus and 

C. tfiyrsijlorus 
Charles X. tSyri/iga vulgaris var. grandi- 

Chinese. Syringa chiiwims 
Common Blue. Syri/iga vulgaris var. 

Common Double Red. Syringa vitlgarit 

var. rulyra-pUnia 
Common Double AVhite. Syri7iga vulgaris 

var. alha-ple/ui 
Common Purple, or Scotch. Syri7iga 2'ul- 

garis var. violacea 
Common Red-flowered. Syringa vulgaris 

var. r ultra 
Common Violet-flowered. Syringa vulgaris 

var. violncea 
Common Wiitc. Syri7iga vjtlgaris var. 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Xiilac, Dwarf. Syringa vulgaris var. nana 
Guinea. Mella gulneensis 
Himalayan. Syringa Emodl 
Indian. Melia Azedarach and the genus 

Lady Josika's. Syringa Josikcpa 
Large-red-fiowered. Syringa vulgaris var. 

rubra major 
Large-wbite-flowered. Syri?iga vulgaris 

var. alba major 
Persian, Blue. Syringa persica 
Persian, Cut-leaved. Syringa persica var. 

Persian, Sage-leaved. Syringa persica var. 

Persian, White. Syringa persica var. alba 
Rouen (Hybrid). Syringa rotliomagensis 
Scotch. See Lilac, Common Purple 
Lily. A general name for plants of the 

genus Lilium ; applied also to various 

other plants 
African, Blue. Agapanfhusumbellatus 
African Corn. The genus Ixia 
African, Small. Agapanthus minor 
African, White. Agapanthus umbellatus 

Amazon. Eucliaris amazonica 
Amboyna. Eurycles amboinensis 
Arum. Calla {RicJiardia) ceth iopica 
Atamasco. Zephyraiitlies (^Amaryllis') Ata- 

Australian Giant. Doryanthes excelsa 
Australian Purple. The genus Patersonia 
Barbadoes. Hippeastrxim equestre 
Belladonna. Amaryllis Belladonna 
Bengal. Crinuni longifolium 
Bermuda. Lilium Harrisl {L. japoniciim 

floril)undum ?) 
Black. Lilium camtschatcense {Fritillaria 

Black Martagon. Liliuvi dalmaticum 
Blackberry. Pardantlius (Ixia) chinensis 
Blue African. Agapanthus umbellatus 
Blue Grass. Ccesia vittata 
Bourbon. Lilium candidum 
Brisbane. Eurycles australasica (E. Cun- 

Brodie's. The genus Brodicea 
Brownish-red. Lilium Partheneion 
Brown's. Lilium Broivnii 
BufE- colon red. Lilium testaceum 
Bugle. The genus Watsonia 
Bulb-bearing. Lilium bidbiferum 
Busch's. Lilium Buschianuni 
Caffre. Schizostylis coccinea and the genus 

Californian. Lilium californicu/m 
Cape. Crinuvi capense 
Cape Coast. Crinum spectabile 
Camiola. Lilium carniolicum 
Carolina. Lilium carolinianum 
Caucasian. lAliwm monadelphum 
Chequered. Fritillaria Meleagris 
Chinese Blackbeny. Pardanth us chinensis 
Club. The genus Tritoma 
Common Orange. Liliii/m croceum 
Corfu. Fmilda subcordata 
Crimson-anthered. Lilium Szovitziamim 

(Z. colohicum') 

Lily, Cuban. Scilla peruviana 
Daffodil. The genus Amaryllis 
Egyptian. Calla {Richardia) cethiopica 
Flame, or Fire. The genus Pyrolirion 
Flax. See Flax-Lily 
Fire. See Lily, Flame 
Fringed. The genus TJiysanotus 
Giant. Lilittm giganteum 
Giant Heart-leaved. Lilium cordifolium 

Giant Mexican. Fourcroya gigantea 
Giant St. Bruno's. Anthcricum Liliastrv/ni 

Golden. Amaryllis {Lycoris) aurea 
Gold-striped. Liliuvi auratum 
Ground. TrilUiim latifolium 
Guernsey. Nerine Sarniensis 
Guernsey, Scarlet. Nerine Fothergilli 
Heart-leaved. Lilium cordifolium 
Hedge. Convolvulus sejjium 
Herb. The genus Alstras^neria 
Himalayan White. LiUmn polyphyllwn 
Huleh. Lilium Martagon 
Humboldt's. Lilium Humboldtii 
Jacobea. Sprekelia {Amaryllis) formo- 

Japan. Liliimn lancifolium 
Knight's-star. The genus Hippeastrwm 
Kramer's. Lilium Krameri 
Large African. Crinum giganteum 
Lent. See Lent-Lily 
Leopard. The genus Lachenalia 
Madonna. Lilium candidum 
Malabar Glory. Gloriosa superba 
Mariposa. See Mariposa-Lily 
Martagon. Lilium Martagon 
Mas Leichtlin's. Liliumi Leichtlinii 
May. Convallaria majalis 
Medeola. Lilitwi medeoloides 
Mediterranean. Pancratium maritimvmi 
Mexican, or Queen's. Amaryllis Regince 
Midnight. The genus Calonyction 
Moreton Bay. Eurycles Cunninghamii 
Mount Etna. Sternbergia cetnensis 
Mozambique. Gloriosa virescens 
Murray. Crinum australe ( C. pedunculatum) 
Nankeen. Liliwm testaceti/m 
Narrow-leaved Queensland. Crinum an- 

Natal. Imantophylhim miniatum 
Neilgherry. Lilium neilgherrense 
Nepaul. Gloriosa nepale7isis 
Nevada. Lilium Washingtonia7mm 
Oat-bulbed. Lilium avenaceum 
"Of-the-Field." Sternbergia lutea{1) 
Of-the-Incas. Alstropmeria prregrina 
Of -the-Mountain. Polygona f u m. multiflorum 
Of-the-Nile. Calla (^Richardia) cethiopica 
Of-the-Nile, Spotted - leaved. Richardia 

Of-the-Nile, Yellow-flowered. Richardia 

Of-the-Valley. Convallaria majalis 
Of - the - Valley, Japanese. Convallaria 

Of-the-Vallej% Star-flowered. Smilacina 

Of - the - Valley - Tree. Andromeda flori- 



English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Lily, of the Valley, Two-leaved. Maianthe- 

muni MfoUiim, 
Orange. Lillum TmlViferwiii var. auran- 

Orange, Common. Idlhim crocett/m 
Orange, Late. Lilium vemistvmi 
Orange- Red, American. Idliwti philadel- 

pl ileum 
Oregon. Lilium columbianwm 
Palm. The genus CordyUne 
Panther. Lilium jjardalirmni 
Paroo. Bianella ccerulea 
Parry's. Lihum Parryi 
Persian. Fritillaria persica 
Peruvian Swamp. Zepliyrantlies Candida 
Plantain. See Plantain-Lil}' 
Prairie. Mentzelia oriiata 
Pyrenean. Liliv/ni jjyrcnaictmi 
Queen. The genus Plicedranassa 
Queen's. See Lily, Mexican 
Queensland Spear. Doryanthes Palmeri 
Ked Star. Lilium concolor 
Robinson's. Lilitim, Rohinsoni 
Rock. Selaginella convoluta 
Rock, N. S. Wales. Bendrohium sjfecio- 

Rocky Mountain. Leucocrimim mo7itanwn 
Rock-wood. Ranmiculus Lyalli 
Royal Brunswick. Brunsvigia {Amaryllis) 

Rush. See Rush-Lily 
Rush-leaved, Black. Melanthium junce^i/ni 
Russian. Lilium pulcJiellum 
St. Bernard's. Anthericum ( Czackia, Para- 

disia) Liliago 
St. Bruno's. Antliericu/ni Liliastrum 
St. James's Cross. Aviaryllis formosissima 
Sander's. Eucharis Sanderi 
Scarborough. Vallota purpurea 
Scarborough, Scarlet. Vallota purpurea 

var. eximia 
Scarlet Martagon. Lilium ehalcedoni- 

Scarlet-striped. Liliiim auratum var. 

Senegal. Gloriosa simplex 
Siberian Orange. Liliit/m davuricum 
Siberian Scarlet. Lilium jjulcliellum 
Small. Lilium parvwm 
Small African. Agapantlms minor 
Southern Red. Lilium Catesba^i 
Spear-leavcd. Lilium. lancifolium 
Spire. Jlyadnthus ( Galtonia) ca7idicans 
Spotted. Lilium speciosum (Z. lanci- 
Swamp. Liliu/ni mperlnmi. Applied also 

to Saurunis cernnus 
Sword. The genus Gladiolus 
Tall Sulphur-flowered. Lilium colcJdcum 

{L. Szoritzianum) 
Thong. The genus Imantopliyllum 
Tliuiiberg's. Lilium venustwm {L. Tliun- 

Tiger. Lilium tigrinum 
Tiger, Fortune's. Lilium iigriymm For- 

Toad. See Toad-Lily 
Toad-cup. Marica ccerulea 
Tom Thumb. Lilium tenuifolium 

Lily, Torch. See Torch-Lily 
Triplet. The genus Tritelela 
Trumpet. LiVmrn longijlorum; also applied 

to lUchardia ( Calla) o'tliiopica 
Trumpet, Transparent. Lilium exinmim 
Trumpet, Wallich's. Lilium Wallichia- 


Turban. LiVmmi Pomponmm 

Turk's-cap. Varieties of TAUu7n Martagon 

Turk's-cap, Great American. Lilium S7i- 

Umbel-flowered. Lilium 7i7?ibellat7cm 
Warty Red Japanese. Lilium callos7im 
Washington. L II in m 1 1 'ash I )igi(inla7W77i 
Washington, Purple. Lilium Wuslilngto7iia- 

7i7im var, purpureum {L. ruiesceiis) 
Water. See Water- Lily 
White. Lilium ca7idid7i7n 
White, of Tasmania. Liplarrherm Mor<sa 
Whitsun. Narcissus poeticus 
Whorled-leaved American. Lilium pliila- 

Wilson's. Jjilium Wilso7ii 
Wood. Pyrola 7ni7wr. (See also Wood- 

Wreath. Myrsiphylhmi asjfaragoides 
Yellow American. LiUuvi canade7ise 
Yellow Pond. N7q)har advena 
Yellow Star. Lilium Coridion 
Lily-Conval. Conrallaria majalis 
Lily-grass. See Grass 
Lily-Leek. Allmm Moly 
Lily-oak. A corruption of Lilac 
" Lily Pillies," of Victoria. Fugenia 

Lily-pilly-tree, of Australia. The genus 

Lily-pink, of Montpelier. Apliylla7vtlies 

Lily-riall. An old name for Penny-royal 
Lily- thorn. The genus Catesbcca 

Of the Bahamas. Catesbaa spi7wsa 
Lima-"wrood. The timber of Casalpinia 

Lime-fruit-tree. Citrus acida 

Coromandel, or Indian Wild. Limonia 

{Atala?itia) monopIiyUa 
Native, of Queensland. Citrus australasiea 
Sweet. Citr7ts IJmetta 
Lime-berries. The fruit of Tripluisia tri- 

Lime-stone Fern. See Fern 
Lime-tree, Lime, or Linden. The genus 
Broad-leaved. Tilia curopwa var. platy- 

Common. Tilia curopcea var. i7itermedia 
Cut-leaved. Tilia europwa 7)ar. Iaci7iiata 
Downy-leaved American. Tilia a7uericana 

DowTiy Narrow-leaved American. Tilia 

a7urrica7ia var. pubrscrns Ivpiopliylla, 
Fringcd-lcaved. Tllla phdyphylla laciiiiata 
Golden-twigged. Tilia europcea var. a7irea 
Golden-twigged Broad-loavcd. Tilia euro- 

2)fca 7-ar. platyphylla aurra 
Hairy-styled. Tllla cur opera var. dasystyla 
Loose-flowered American. Tilia american/i 
var. laxifiora 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Lime-tree, Ogechee. Nyssa cajyitata (N- 
Eed-t\vigged. T'llia euTopcea var. ruira, 

or corailina 
Silver-leaved. Tilia argentea 
Small-leaved. Til'ia ])aTv\folia 
White-leaved. Tilia eurojjaa var. alba 
Wliite American. Tilia americaiut var. 
Lime-"wort. An old name for Lychnis 

Linaloa, or Linaloe, wood. See Lign- Aloes 
Lin, Line, or Linde. Tilia ewopcea 
Linde. See Lin 

Linden, or Lime-tree. Tilia e^iropaa 
Line, or Lint. Linum usitatissimum 
Ling. Callwia vulgaris; sometimes applied 
to Heather of any sort 
Chinese. Trapa natans 
Downy. EriopTtorum polystacliyon 
Ling-berry. The fruit of Empetrmn nigriim, 
Vacciniicm Vitis-IdcBa, and Calluna vul- 
*' Lingo "-tree. Pterocarpus indicus 
Lin-seed. The seed of Flax (^Idnum usi- 

Lint. See Line 

Fairy. Linnmi catharticuni 
Lints. Yicia sativa 
Lion's-ear. The genus Leonotis 

Of the Andes. See Cushion-plant 
Lion's-foot. Leontopodium alpinum and 
Alcliemilla vulgaris 
American. Nahalus alius and N, Fraseri 
Lion's-leaf. Leontice Leontopetalwm 
Lion's-mouth. Antirrliinum majus. Applied 
locally to Liiiaria vulgaris and one or 
two other plants 
Lion's-paw. Alcltemilla vulgaris 
Lion's-snap. Larnium amplcxicaiCle 
Lion's-tail. Leonotis Leonurus 
Lion's-tooth. The genus Leontodon 
Lion's-Turnip. Leontice Leontopetalum 
Liquorice-bush, of the Cape. Vascoa am- 

Liquoi'iee-plant (cultivated). Olycyrrldza 
Wild. Oiionis arvensis 
Wild, American. Galium circcszans, G. 

lanceolatum, and Glycyrrhiza lepidota 
Wild, of Australia. Scoparia australis 

{Teucrium corymhosum) 
Wild, of India. Ahrus precatorius 
Wild, Oregon. Poly podium falcatuni 
Liquorice-Vetcli. Ai^iragalus glycypliylhis 
Liriconfancy. Convallaria ma^alis 
Litchi, or Lee-chee. The fruit of Nephe- 

lium Litchi 
Lithy-tree. Vihurnum LantanM 

Of Chili. Rlius caustica 
Litmus-plant. Roecella tinctoria and Cro- 

ton tinctoru/ni 
Little-good, or Little Goody. EupJiorMa 

Little Sno"W-balls. Cejjhalantlius occiden- 
tal is' 
Little-Wale. An old name for Gromwell 
Live-long. Sedum Telephium 
Jersey. Gnaphalium luteo-alTnim 

Liver-grass. Marchantia 2}olymoTpJia 
Liver-leaf, Eound-lobed. Hepatica trilola 

Sharp-lobed. Hepatica acutiloia 
Liver-wort. Agrimonia Eupatoria and 
the genus Marcliantia, especially 31. 

Brook, or Common. Marcliantia poly- 

Conical. Marcliantia conica 

Ground. Peltidea canina 

Hemispherical. Marcliantia liemisphceriea 

Noble. Hepatica triloba 
Live-in-idleness. An old name for Viola 

Lizard Orchis. Orchis Idrcina 
Lizard's-herb. GoniojylileMum trilolmm 
Lizard's-tail. The genus 8au/rwrus 

Common. Saururus cernuus 

W. Indian. Piper peltatimi 
Lizard's-tongue. The genus Saurroglosmm 
Lob-Grass. See Grass 
Lobelia, Acrid. Lohelia urens 

Blue-and-white. Lobelia ramosa and L. 
lieteropliylla major 

Branching. Lobelia ramosa 

Brilliant. Lobelia fulgens 

Cardinal-flower. Lobelia cardinalis 

Dwarf. Lobelia jjimdla 

Dwarf Blue. Lobelia azii/rea nana 

Dwarf Blue, Close-growing. Lobelia Erinus 

Dwarf Blue-and-white. Lobelia Paxto- 

Great. Lobelia syjjhilitica 

Holly-leaved. Lobelia ilicifolia 

Italian. Lobelia Laiirentia 

Mullein-leaved. Lobelia Tupa 

Scarlet. Lobelia cardinalis 

Shore. Lobelia littoralis 

Showy. Lobelia speciosa 

Slender. Lobelia gracilis 

Small Spreading. Lobelia Erinus 

Stag's-horn-leaved. Lobelia coronopifolia 

Tall Blue. Lobelia syphilitica 

Trailing. Lobelia erinoides 

Tree. Lobelia assurgens 

Water. Lobelia Dortmanna 

Yellow-flowered. Lobelia lutea 
Loblolly-Bay, Common. Gordonia lasi- 

Downy. Gordonia puhescens 
Loblolly - Sweet - wood. Sciadophyllvmi 

Loblolly- w^ood, Jamaica. Cupania glabra 
and other species. Applied also to 
Pisonia cordata 
Lobster-flower. Poinsettia pulcherrima 
Lockin G-owan. See Gowan 
Locks - and - keys. Bielytra spectabilis 

and the fruit of the Ash and Sycamore 
"Loco." Astragalus Hornii 
Locust-berry. Mnlpighia coriacea 
Locust-tree, African. Parkia africana 

Bastard. Clethrra tinifolia 

Bastard, of Jamaica. Ratonia apetala 

Bristly. Robinia hispida 

Decaisne's. Robinia Pseud-acacia Decais- 


Robinia dubia 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Locust-tree, European. Ceratonia Siliqua 
Fragrant White-flowered. Muhlnia Pseud- 
Honey. See Honey-Locust 
S. American. Hyvicjuca Courhar'd 
Swamp, or Water. Gledltschla moiio- 

W. Indian. Hymeruea Courharil; also 
Bijrsoniina cinerca and B. coriacea 
Loddon Lilies. Leucojum (cstivum 
Lode-wort. An old name for Ranwictdus 

Logger-heads. Centaurea nigra and C. 

Log-wood. Hcematoxylon Camiiecldanum 

Texan. Condalia ohovata 
Lokao-Dye-plant. Ilhamnus utilis 
Lombardy Poplar. Pojndus fastlgiata 
London Pride. Saxlfraya wnbrosa 
London Rocket. Sisymlyrium Iris 
London Tufts. Dlanthns harhatus 
Longan. The fruit of Nephelium Lon- 

"Long Purples." Orchis mascula 
Long-wort. An old name for Anacyclus 

Looking-glass Plant or Tree, Large- 
leaved. Ileritiera Uttoralis 
Small-leaved. Heriticra minor 
Loose-strife. The genus Lysimaclda 
False. The genus Ludmiyia 
Carmine-flowered. Lysimaclda Lesclie- 

Catch-fly. Cu2}hca silenoides 
Clethra-leaved. Lysimaclda clethroides 
Common. Lysimacliin rulyaris 
Dotted. Lysimacldf/. putu'tata 
Four-leaved. Lysimaclda quadrifoUa 
Fringed. Lysimachia ciliata 
Heavy-spiked. Li/simaclda harystacliya 
Hyssop-leaved. Lytlirum hyssojn folium 
Large-flowered. Lysimaclda grandijlora 
Money- wort. Lysimachia Nummularia 
Narrow-leaved. Lysimachia. aiiyustifolia 
Purple, or Red. Jjythrum Sulicaria 
Eosy-flowered. Lytlirum Salicaria var. 

Short-spiked. Lysimachia hracliystachys 
Siberian. Lysimaclda dahurica 
Swamp. Nesaia {Decodon) verticillata 
Tufted. Lysimachia thyrsifiora 
Twiggj' Turple. Lyfhrvm rirgatum 
W. Indian. Jussiaa si/ffridicosa 
Willow-leaved. Lysimachia Ei>liemertim 
Winged. Lythrum alatum 
Wood. Lj/simaclda ncmorum 
Lopez Root. The root of Toddalia acu- 

Lop-grass. See Lob-grass 
Lop-seed. I'hryma Icpiostachya 
Loquat, or Japan Medlar. Eriohotrya (Mrs- 

Lords-aiid-Ladies. Arum riMculatum 
Lord-wood. Liquidamhar orientalc 
Lot-tree. Pyrus Aria 
Lote-tree. (Htis avsfralis 
Lotus, E. Indian. Nymphrra 2ndjcsceiis 
Egj'ptian. Nymphaa Lotus 
Hungarian. Nympheea thermalis 

Lotus, or Lotos, Tree, African. Zizi/j)lius Lotiis 
European. Divsjryros Lotus 
Of the Ancients. Probably Nitraria triden- 
tat a 
Louisa, Herb. Aloysia citriodora 
Louse-berry-tree. Eiwjiymus europaus 
Louse-bur. Xanthium strumarium 
Louse- w^ort. The genus Pedicularis ; also 
an old name for Delphinium Stapldsagria 
American. Gcrardia jfedicidaria 
Common. Pedicxdaris sylvatica 
Marsh. Pedicular is palustr is 
Spiked. Pedicularis comosa 
Lovage, or Lovache, Common. Ligusticuvi 
Italian. Levistictim offici7iale (Ligusticum 

Parsley-leaved. Ligusticu m percgrinum 
Love-apple. Jjycopersicum csculentum 
Love-grove. The genus JVemophila 
Love-in-a-mist, or Love-in-a-puzzle. Ni- 
gella damascena 
W. Indian. Passijiora fcetida 
Love-in-idleness. Viola tricolor 
Love-grass, Whorled. Poa amaWlis. (See 

also Grass) 
Love-lies-bleeding. Amarantus ca^i-datus 
Love-man. Galium Aparine 
Love-Pea. See Pea 
Love-plant. The genus Anacampseros 

Tasmanian. Comesperma volubile 
Love-tree. Cercis Siliquastrum 
Lucerne. Medicago sativa 
Luckie's-mutch. Aconitum Napellus 
Lucy-of-Teesdale. A name suggested by 

Mr. Ruskin for Gentiana verna 
Lunary. Botryehium Lunaria 
Lung-flow^er. Gentiana Pneumonantlie 
Lung-w^ort. The genus Pulmonaria 
Alpine. 3Icrte)isia alpiiia 
Azure-flowered. Pulmonaria azurea 
Blunt-leaved. Mertensia oblongifoUa 
Bullock's, Cow's, or Clown's. Verbascivm 

Clown's. See Lung-wort, BuUock's 
Common. Pulmonaria officinalis 
Cow's. See Lung-wort, Bullock's 
French. See Lung-wort, Golden 
Golden, or French, llieracium wuronmi 
Himalayan. Lindrlophia sprctahdis 
Narrow-leaved. Pulm<>nari<i a/igustifolia 
Oblong-leaved. Mertensia oblongifoUa 
Siberian. Pulmonaria (Mertensia) sibirica 

or Dahurica 
Smooth. The genus Mertensia 
Tree. Sticta p uUwmicea 
White-flowered. PulmoJiaria saccharata 
Lupin, or Lupine. The genus Lujnnws 
Bastard. Trifolium Lupiiuister 
Bluc-llowered. Lupinus insigids, L. 2)oly- 

2>hylliis and L. minus 
Blue-and-white. lAtpimis Moritzianus 
ChangoaVile-flowcrod. Tjupinus mntabiUs 
Dwarf Perennial. Lupiuus j\'ufhae)isis 
Hartweg's. Lujdnuts JIartwrgi 
Flax-leaved. Lupinus linifolius 
Long-leaved. Lupinus macrophyllus 
Perennial. Liqnnus polyphylluj 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Lupin, Eosy-flowered. Zupinus venustus 

Small. Psoralea Lujnnella 

Tree. Luj}iims artoreus 

White-and-Rose-flowered. I/wpinus sub- 
Lusmore. Digitalis purpwrea 
Lust-wort. The genus Drosera 

Common. Drosera rotundifolia 
Lychnis, Alpine. Lychnis alpina 

Brilliant. Lychnis fulg ens 

Clammy. Lychnis Viscaria 

Large-flowered. Lychnis grandijlora (i. 

Meadow. Lychnis Flos-eitculi 

Presl's. Lychnis Preslii 

Pyrenean. Lychnis pyrenaica 

Ked-flowered. Lychnis dinrna 

Eock. L/ychnis Lagascce 

Scarlet. Lychnis chalcedonica 

Shaggy. L/ychnis ILaageana 

Siebold's. Lychnis Sieholdii 

Umbelled. Lychnis Flos-Jovis 

White-flowered. Lychnis vespertina 
Lychwale. See Lichwale 
Lycoperdon-nut. See Nut 
Lyday-wood. Kageneckia ohlonga 
Lyme Grass. See Grass 
Lyng-wort. See Lang-wort 
Lyre-tree. Liriodendron tulipifervm 

Maalok-tree, of Australia. Eucalyptus 

Mabolo-tree. Diospyros Maiola (2?. dis- 
Macarius (St.) Plo'wer of. Senecio vulgaris 
Macary-Bitter. Picramnia Antidesma 
Macaw-bush. Solanum mammosu/m 
" Macaw-fat." Elceis guinee7isis 
Macaw- tree. Great. Cocos {Acrocomia') fusi- 
Prickly. Coeos (^Acrocomia') aculeata 
Mace. Common. The aril or fleshy enve- 
lope of the Nutmeg {Myristlca moscliata) 
" Eed." The aril of Pyrrlwsa tingens 
Eeed. Typha latifolia 
«' White." The aril of Myristica Otola 
Maekarel Mint. Mentha viridis 
Madder. The genus Ruhia 
Bengal. Ruhia cordifolia 
Common Dyer's. Ruhia tinctorum 
E.Indian. Hedyotis (^Oldenlandid) itmiiel- 

Field. Sherardia arvensis 
Indian. The genus Hedyotis 
Petty. The genus Crucianella 
Wild. Ruhia ])eregrirM and Galium Mol- 
Madders. Anthemis Cotula 
Madder-w^ort. See Mad-wort 
Madeira-wood. Hypelate jMniculata 
Madnep. Heraclemyi Splwndyliwn 
Madonna Lily. See Lily 
Madrona, or Madrono, Tree. Arbutus 

Mad-dog Weed. Alisvia Plantago 
Mad-wort, or Madder-wort. The genus 
Alyssuvi ; also Aspertigo jjroctimhens 
Alpine. Alyssum alpestre 
Bladder-podded. Alyssum, utriculatwni 

Mad,- wort. Dense-flowered. Alyssum saxatile 
var. compactwni 
Dwarf. Alyssum olympicumi 
Eastern. Alyssum orientale 
Fragile. Alyssum olympicumi 
Hoary German. Alyssum gemonense 
Mountain. Alyssum uwntamimi 
Purple. Alysswn deltoideuvi 
Rock. Alyssum saxatile 
Eussian. Schivereckia podolica 
Spring. Alyssum sjmwsum 
Sweet-scented. Alyssum maritimu/ni 
Toothed-leaved. Alyssum denticulatum 
Variegated-leaved. Alyssum saxatile varie- 

Wiersbeck's. Alyssu/m Wiersbeckii 
Yellow Eock. Alyssum saxatile 
Magic-tree, Peruvian. Cantua huxifolia 
Magnolia, " Blue." Magnolia acuminata 
Brown- stalked. Magnolia fuscata 
Campbell's. Magnolia Camphelli 
" Exmouth." Magnolia grandijlora va/r. 

Great Laurel-leaved. MagTwlia grandi- 
Halle's. Magnolia Halleana 
Lemon-scented. Magnolia citriodora 
Lenne's. Magnolia Lenne 
Lily-flowered. Magnolia conspicua 
Purple-flowered. Magnolia p^irpurea 
Slender. Magnolia gracilis 
Small-flowered. Magnolia parvifiora 
Small Laurel-leaved. Magnolia glauca 
Yulan. Magnolia conspicua 
Maguey-fibre-plant. Various species of 

Magydare. An old name for Laser- wort 
Maharanga-dye-plant. Onosma Emodi 
Mahoe-tree. Paritium tiliaceum and 
Sterculia caribcea 
Common Blue, or Gray. Paritiu/ni elatu/m 
Congo. Hibiscus clypeatus 
Mountain. Paritium elatum 
New Zealand. Melicytus ramiflorus 
Sea-side. Thespesia populnea 
Mahogany-tree. Swietenia Mahagoni 
African. Khaya senegalensis 
American Mountain. Betula lenta 
Australian. Various species of Eucalyptus 

and Angoplwra 
Bastard. Ratonia apetala 
E. Indian. Soymida febrifuga 
Forest, of N. S. Wales. A variety of 

Eucalyptus resinifera 
Mountain, of California. The genus Cerco- 

Red, of N. S. Wales. Eucalyptus resini- 
S. W. Australian. Eucalyptus margiimta 
Spanish. Swietenia Mahagoni 
Swamp, of N. S. Wales. Eucalyptus ho- 

tryoides and E. rohusta 
Victoria. Eucalyptus botryoides 
Wasatch Mountain. Cercocarpus ledifolius 
W. Australian. Eucalyptus marginata (^E. 

White Australian. Eiccalyptus triantha (E. 
acmenioides), E. pilularis acmenioides, 
and E. rohista 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Mahogany-tree, Wild, or White, of the 

W. Indies. Steiwstovmm btfwrcatwni 
Mahwah-tree. Jiassia latifolia 
Maid-of-the-Meado'w. Spiraa UTmiaria 
Maid-weed. See Maj'-wecd 
Maiden-hair. Arliantum CapiUus-Veneris ; 
also applied locally to Narthecium ossifra- 
gum and some other plants 
Golden. Polytrichwni commwne and Poly- 
jwdium i'vlf/are 
Maiden-hair Grass. See Grass 
Maiden-hair Tree. Salistntria adiantifolia 
Maiden Oak. Quercus scssUiflora 
Maiden Pink. Diantlnis dcltoides 
Maiden's-Honesty. Clematis Vitalha 
Maid's-hair. Galimn verum 
Maid's-love. A rtcm isia A hrotanum 
Maise. See Mathes 
Makebate. Jasmlnum frutican» 
Makinboy, or Makin-bwee. EufpTiorhia 

hi he DM 
Makooloo-tree. Hyd.nocarpus venenata 

{H. inebrians) 
Maize, Common. Zea Mays 
Japanese. Zea japonica 
Saw-leaved. Zea Curagua 
Mountain. The genus OnibropliyUmi 
Water. Victoria regia 
Majo-bitter Tree. Picramnia Antidesnia 
Malabar-Leaf. Ciymamomuvi malahatlirmyi 
Malabar-Nightshade. The genus Basella 
Red. Basella rubra 
White. Basella alba 
Malabar-Wut. Adhatoda vasica 
Male Fern. See Fern 
Malla-tree. Olaj- zrijhinica 
Mallee-tree. Kucdhjjifus duinosa 

Victoria. Eucalyptus oleosa 
Mallet-flo-wer. The genus Tupistra 
Mallow. The genus Malva 

Bell-flowered. Malva canipanulata 

Birch-leaved. Malva scoparia 

Blue-flowered. Malva limensis 

Buff-coloured. Malva lateritia 

Curled-leaved. Malva erispa 

Dwarf. Malva rotundijolia 

E. Indian Musk. Hibiscus niwscliatus 

False. The genus Mah'astrwm 

Glade. Napa'a diolca 

Globe. The genus Sphrrralcea 

Hemp. Hibiscus ca7if)uibinus 

High. Malva sylvestris 

Hollyhock. Malva Alcca 

Indian. The genera Almtilon, Sida, and 

Jews'. Corchonis olitorius 
Marsh. Malva sylvestris; applied locally to 

Altha-a qtficinalig 
Moren's. Malva Morenii 
Musk. Malva mosehata 
Poppy. See Poppy-Mallow 
Rose. See Rose-Mallow 
Scarlet. Paro7iia coccirwa 
Thorny. Hibiscus Sabdnriffa 
Tree, or Sea. See Tree-Mallow 
Venice. Hibiscus J'rianum 
Ver\ain. Malva Alcea 
White. Altha'O qfJiciiiaUs 
White Musk. Malva trwschata var. alba 

Mallow^-wort, Barbary. Malope vuila- 

Maloo Creeper. Bauhinia racemosa 
Mammee-Apple-tree. Mammea america/na 

Wild, of Jamaica. Bheediu laterijlora 
Mammoth Tree, of California. Sequoia 

( Wellingtonia') gigantea 
Manchineel-tree. Hipjyomane Majicinella 
False. Cameraria latifolia 
Jlountain. Bhus Metopium 
Mandioc-plant. Manihot {Jatropha) uti- 

Mandrake. Mandragora officinalis, Bryonia 
dioica, Ta7nus communis, and. Arummacu- 
American. Podophyllum peltatum, 
Autumn- flowering. Mandragora autiimnalit 
Medicinal. Mandragora officinalis 
Man-Fungus. See Fungus 
Mangaba, or Mangava, Tree. Hancomia 

Mangel, or Mangold, Wurtzel. Beta vulgaris 

Mango-tree. Mangifera indica 

Mountain, or Wild. Clusia Jiava and various 
species of Irvingia 
Mangold. See Mangel 
Mangosteen-tree. Garcinia Mangostana 

Wild. Bmbryopteris glutijiifera. 
Mangrove-tree. Bhizophora Mangle 
New Zealand. Avicennia officinalis 
Red. Bhizophora racemosa 
White. Avicennia tomeiitosa, A. nitida, 

and Laguncularia racemosa 
Zaragoza. Conocarpus crecta 
Manioc-plant. Jatropha 3fanilwt 
Manjack. Cordiamacrophylla and C. ellip- 

Manna-tree. Fraxinus Ornus var. ro- 
Alhagi. Alhagi Camehyrum 
Australian. Eucalyptus mannifera 
Brian^on. Pinus Larix 
Hebrew, or Persian. Alhagi Maurorvm 
Mt. Sinai. Tamarix mannifera 
Oak. Quercus Vallonea nx\(\ Q. jjcrsica 
Persian. See Manna, Hebrew 
Poland. Glyceria Jlu it a ns 
Tamarisk. Tainarix gallica var. manni' 
Manna-croup. Glyceria jluitans 
Manna-Grass. See Grass 
Man-in-the-Ground, or IMan-in-the-Earth. 

Ijxmura (Convolvulus) patidurata 
Man-of-the-earth. Ip&ma-a {Convolvulus) 

Man Orchis. Aceras anthropophora 
Man-root, Colorado. Ipovura. leptophylla 
Manuka-scrub. Leptospermuni scopariitm 
Many-root. llueUia tuJierosa 
Manzanita-shrub. ArctosfaphT/los glauca 

and A . punge7is 
Map-Lichen. See Lichen 
Maple. The genus Acer 

Acute-leaved. Acer acuminatum. 
Ash-leaved. Acer Negundo {Negundo tuer- 

Athenian. Acer atheni/mse 
Austrian. Acer campestre var. austriacvmi 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Maple, Bearded-calysed. Acer hariatitmi 
'* Bird's-eye." A variety of Acer saccha- 

Black Sugar. Acer saccliarinum var. 

Bohemian. Acer Loudoni 
Carolina. Acer harhatmn 
Common. Acer campestre 
Cretan. Acer creticxun 
Crimson-leaved. Acer Ginnala 
Crimson-leaved Japanese. Acer polymor- 

pliwm atro-p^urpureum 
" Curled." A variety of Acer saccliarinum 
Cut-leaved. Acer dissectum 
Cut-leaved Norway. See Maple, Eagle's- 

Downy Norway. Acer platanoides va/r. 

Downy-fruited Field. Acer campestre var 

Eagle's-claw, or Hawk's-f oot. Acer platan- 
oides var. laciniatum 
Evergreen. Acer heteropJiyllwm (^A. semper- 

French, or Guelder-rose-leaved. Acer 

Glaucous-leaved Himalayan. Acer glau- 

Guelder-rose-leaved. See Maple, French 
Hawk"s-foot. See Maple, Eagle's-claw 
Hungarian. Acer obtusatuni 
Hyrcanian. Acer hyrcanum 
Iberian. Acer ibericum 
Italian. Acer Opalus 
Japanese. Acer pahnatum 
Japanese, Purple. Acer palmatum var. 

dissectum atro-purpureum 
Lobel's Platanus-leaved. Acer plataTwides 

var. Lobelil 
Loudon's. Acer Loudoni 
Montpelier. Acer mo^ispessulanum 
Mountain. Acer spicatum 
Neapolitan. Acer neapolitanum 
Norway, or Platanus-leaved. Acer platan- 
Oblong-leaved. Acer oblongv/m 
Palmate-leaved. Acer palviatwm 
Platanus-leaved. See Maple, Norway 
Red, or Swamp. Acer rubrwm 
Rock. Acer saccliarinum 
Round-leaved. Acer circinatvm 
Siberian. Acer lobatum 
Sikkim. Acer Sikkimense 
Silver, White, or Soft. Acer dasycarpwm 
Silver-variegated Platanus-leaved. Acer 

platanoides var. variegatum 
Sir Charles Wager's. Acer eriocarpum 

(tI. dasycarjnim) 
Soft. See Maple, Silver 
Spanish. Acer granatense 
Spiked-flowered. Acer spicatwm 
Striped-barked. Acer pennsylvanicM/m {A. 

Sugar. Acer saccharinvmi 
Swamp. See Maple, Red 
Tartarian. Acer tataricum 
Thick-leaved. Acer coriaceimi 
Trifid-leaved. Acer trifidwm 
Truncate-leaved. Acer truncatvm 

Maple, Variegated Field. Acer campestre 
foliis variegatis 
Vine. Acer circinatum 
White, or Silver. Acer dasycarjmm 
Wier's Cut-leaved. Acer Wieri laciMatwm 
Woolly-leaved Nepaul. Acer villosum 
Maple Service. Pyrus toriyiinxilis 
Maram, or Marram. Psamma arenaria 
Marble-gall. See Gall 
Marble-wood. The wood of Diospyros 

"Mareella." Grangea (^Cotula) maderas- 

"Marche." An old narae for Apium graveo- 

Mareli, or Marish, Beetle. Typlm latifoUa 
March, or Marish, Berries. Vacciniuni 

Mareh Violet. Viola odorata 
Mare's-tail, Common. Hippuris vulgaris 

Sea-shore. Hippuris maritima 
Margosa-B ark-plant. See Nim-Bark 
Margosa-tree. Melia Azadirachta 
Marguerite. Bellis 2}erennis and Chrysan- 
themum frutescens 
Blue. Agathcea coelestis 
Mariettes. An old name for Campanula 

Marigold. The genera Calendula and 
African. Tagetes erecta 
American Water. Bidens Beckii 
Bur, American. Bidens frondosa 
Bur, Common. Bidens tripartita 
Bur, Larger. Bidens chrysanthemoides 
Com, Field, or Wild. Chrysanthemum 

Dwarf. Tagetes tenuifolia 
Dwarf, Double French. Tagetes patula 

Dwarf, Striped. Tagetes signata pumila 
Fetid. Dysodia chrysanthemoides 
Field. See Marigold, Corn 
Fig. See Fig-Marigold 
French. Tagetes patula 
Large Cape. Calendula {Biinorplwtheca) 

Marsh. See Marsh-Marigold 
Mountain. Senecio LyaUi 
Of P6ru. An old name for the Sun-flower 
Parry's. Tagetes Parryi 
Pot. Calendula o^ffieinalis 
Small Cape. Calendula {BiTnorphotheca) 

Sweet-scented Mexican. Tagetes lucida 
W. Indian. Pedis punctata and Wedelia 

Wild. See Marigold, Corn 
Mariposa-lily. The genus Calochwrtus 
Blue. CalocTiortus cceruleus 
Brilliant. Caloclwrtus splendens 
Elegant. Calochortus elegans 
Gunnison's. Calochortxis Ghmnisoni 
Large-eyed. Calochortus hiteus var. ocu- 

Lemon-coloured. Calochortus citrinus 
Lilac. Calochortus lilaciniis 
Pretty. Calochortus pulchellus (^Cyclo- 
bothra pulchella) 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Mariposa-lily, White. Calocliartus venustns 

Yellow. Calochortus lutms 
Marjoram, Common, English, Grove, or 
Wild. Origaimm vulgare 
Goat's. Tliymu& Traguriganvmi 
Knotted. Origami in Marjorana 
Mt. Sipylus. Origamini sijxjleunt, 
Pot. Origanum Onitcs 
Sweet. Origami /n Marjarana 
Wild. See Marjoram, Common 
Winter. Origamim lieraoleoticMm 
Marking-nut Tree. Semecarpus Anacar- 

Marl-Grass. See Grass 
Marmalade-Box-tree. Genipa americana 
Marmalade, Natural. The fruit of iMcwnia 

Marmalade-tree. Lucuma mammosa 
" Marmeladinha." Alihertia cdulis 
Marool. See Moorva 
Marram. See Maram 
Marrem-grass. See Grass 
Marsh-Beetle, or Marsh-Pestle. Typlm 

Marsh Cistus. LecL^im palustre 
Marsh Daisy. See Daisy 
Marsh, or Marish, Elder. Vihurnuyn Ojmlus 
Marsh-flo"wer. The genus Limnanthe- 

Marsh-Gilliflower. See Gilliflower 
Marsh-Marigold. Caltha palustris 
Double. Caltha palustris fiore-pleno 
Large-flowered. Caltha grandijiora 
Purplish. Caltha jmrp^irascens 
White-flowered. Caltha leptoscpala 
Marsh-Parsley. Apium grarmlcns 
Marsh-Penny-wort. Hiidrncdtglc vulgaris 
Marsh-Pestle. See l\Iarsh-r.eetle 
Marsh-Pile-wort. Itdmiucidus Ficaria 
Marsh-Samphire. Salicorjiia herhacea 
Marsh-Trefoil. Memjanthcs trifoliata 
Marsh-wort. Ileloscladium (Siwm) nodi- 

Martin's (St.)-fl.ower. AlstrKmeria Flos- 

Martin's (St.)-herb. Sauragesia erecta 
Marvel-of-Peru. Mirahilis Jalapa 
Manj'-flowered. Miralnlis ■muliijiora 
Sweet-scented. Mirahilis longiflora 
Marvellous-Apples. An old name for 

Ml I m ordica Jia Isa/n ina 
Mary-bud. Cdlcndula offlciiuilis 
Maryland Golden-star. Chrysopsis Mari- 


Mary's (St.)-seed. An old name for Sow- 

Mary's (St.)-w^ood. Calophyllwm Ino- 

Master-tree. Acer campcstrc 

Mask-flow^er. The genus ^1/wwoa 
('ut -leaved. Alonsoa incisifolia 

Mast. The fniit of Fagiis sylvatica and 
(^iirrcus Ilolnir 

Mast-tree, E.Indian. Guaftrria lov/fifolia 

Mast-w^ood, Yellow. Jiohi/iia {Acacia) 

Master-w^ort. Peucedanuvi (Imperatoria) 
American. Ileraolewm lanatum 

Master- w^ort. Dwarf. Bmidia {Hacquetidy 
Epipactis {Astrant'ui Epipactis) 
Great Black. Astrantia major 
Small Black. Astrantia minor 
Mastich-tree, Algerian, or Barbary. Pista- 
cia Terchinthus (P. atlantica) 
Common. Pistacia Lentiscus 
E. Indian, or Bombay. Pistacia Khinjuk 

and P. CubuUca 
Peruvian. Schimis molle 
Scian. Pistacia Lentiscus 
W. Indian. Bursera gummifera 
Match- wood. An old name for Amadou 

or German Tinder. (See Amadou) 
Mate. Ilex Paraguariensis 
Matfellon. An old name for Knap-weed 

( Centaurea nigra') 
Mat-Grass. See Grass 
Mather. See Mathes 

Mathes, Maithes, Mather, Mauthem, Mavin, 
Majrthig, Mawthen, Mawther, Maise, 
Meiiden, Mazes, or Moithem. Antliemis 
Matico-plant. Piper angustifoliwm (.4.r- 
tanthe elongata') 
Peruvian. Eupatorium glutiiwsimi 
Mat-reed. Typha latifolia 
Matrimony- vine. Lycium Variarv/m 
Mat-rush. Scirpns lacustris 
Mat-w^eed. Pmwma arenaria, Nard^ts 
stricta, and tSpartina stricta 
Hooded. Lygeum Spartum 
Sea. Am7nophila arenaria 
Small. Nardus stricta 
Mat- wood-tree. Imhricaria horionica 
Matting-grass, E. Indian. See Grass 
Maudlin, Sweet. Achillea Ageraium 
Maul, Mauls, or Maws. Malva sylvestris 
Mauthern. See Mathes 
Mauritius-weed. Rocella fiiciformis 
Mavin. See Mathes 
Maw^roll. An old name for JMarrubiwn 

Maw-seed. The seeds of Papaver somni- 

Mawthen, or IMawther. See Mathes 
May, or May-bush. Crataegus Oxyacaivtha 
American. A variety of Spircea hyperici 

Blackthorn. Prumis spinosa 
Californian. I'hotinin arlnitifoUa 
Italian. Spirrfa Filipeiuhda 
N. W. Wales. Spirent corymhosa 
May-apple. Podophyllum peltatum 
Himalayan. Podophyllum Emodi 
Oregon. Achlys triphylla 
May-blobs. Caltha palustri^ 
May-bush. See May 

May-flower. A name applied locally to 
Cardiimine pratensis and various other 
plants which bloom in May 
American. Azalea nodijiora and Epigcea 

New England. Epigtra repens 
W. luflinn. Dalhergia {Ecastaphylluvi) 
May-Lily. Convallaria majalis 
May-pole, of Jamaica. Spathclia simplex 
Maythig. See Mathes 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


May-weed. Antliemis Cotula, Pyrethmm 
Parthe7imm, and Matricaria (^Anthemis^ 
Double. Matricaria {Ajitliemis) iTwdora 

Stinking. Antliemis Cotula 
May-wort. Galium Cruciata 
Mazard, or Mazzards. Prunus Avivm 
Maze-berry. Sapota Aehras 
Mazes. See Mathes 
Meaden. See Mathes 
Meadow-Beauty. Rliexia virginiea 
Meadow-Bright, or Meadow-bout. Caltha 

Meadow-Cress. Cardamine pratensis 
Meadow-Crocus. See Meadow-SafEron 
Meadow-DistafF. Cirsium oleracewm 
Meadow-Fescue-grass. See Grass 
Meadow-Grass. See Grass 
Meadow-Nut. Comarum palustre 
Meadow-Parsnip. Heracleum Sphondn/- 

Meadow- Pink. Lychnis Flos-cuculi 
Meadow-Rocket. Orchis latifoUa 
Meadow-Bue. The genus Thalictrum 
Alpine. Thalictrum alpimmn 
Canadian. Thalictrum Cornuti 
Columbine. Thalictrum aquilegifolium 
Common Yellow-flowered. Thalictrum 

Dark-flowered. Thalictrvmi atropwrpwewni 
Early. Thalictrum dioicum 
Fetid. Thalictrum fcetidrt/ni 
Maiden-hair. Thalictrum minus 
Purplish. Thalictrum piurjnirasccTis 
Tall. Thalictrum datum and T. Cornuti 
Tuberous-rooted. Thalictrmn tuberosum 
Wind-flower. Thalictrum anemo7uyides 
Meadow-SafFron, or Meadow-Crocus. Col- 
chicum autumnale 
Alpine. Colchicum aljnnum 
Bivona's. Colchicum Bivonce 
Byzantine. Colchicwm hyzantinu/ni 
Chequered. Colchicum tessellatwm 
Chian. Colchicimi chionense 
Giant. Colchicmn speciosum 
Parkinson's Chequered. Colchicwm Parhin- 

Pyrenean. Merendera Bulbocodivmi (^Col- 

chicii/m montanwm) 
Slender-leaved. Bulhocodium tenuifoliv/m, 
Spring. Bulhocodium rernumi 
Spring, Caucasian. Bulhocodium trigynwm 
Variegated. Colchicum variegatwii (C. 
Meadow-Saxifrage. Silaus praterms 
Meadow^-Soft-G-rass. See Grass 
Meadow-Sweet. Spircea Ulmaria 
Alleghany. Spiraea cnrymhosa 
American. Spircea salicifolia 
Long-sprayed. Spiraa flagelliformis 
Pigmy. Spircea crispifolia 
Plumy. Spircea pachystachya 
Shrubby. Spircea aricefolia 
Variegated. Spircea Ulmaria variegata 
*« Mealies." Zca Mays 
Mealy- tree. Vihumum Lantana 
*' Mechameck," of the N. American Indians. 
Ipomcea pandurata 

Medick. Medicago sativa and other species 

Black. Medicago htpulina 

Bur. Medicago minima 

Denticulate. Medicago denticulata 

Hedge-hog. Medicago intertexta 

Purple. Medicago sativa 

Sickle-podded. Medicago falcata 

Spotted. Medicago maculata 

Tree. Medicago a/rhorea 
Medlar, Common, or Dutch. Mespilus ger- 

Dwarf. Pyrus (^Mespilus') Cliavusmespilws 

Japan. Eriohotrya japo7iica 

Lobed-leaved. Mespilus lohata 

Neapolitan. Crataegus Azarolus 

Quince-leaved. The genus Cotoneaster 

Smith's. Mespilus Smithii 

Snowy. Mespilus grandiftora 

Spreading. Mespilus germanica var. dif- 

Surinam. Aehras mammosa 

Upright. 3Iespihis germanica var. stricta 

W. Indian. Mimusops Elengi 

Wild. 3fespilus germanica var. sylvestris 
Medlar-bush. A^nelanchier ovalis 
Medlar-wood. 3Iyrtu^ mesjnloides 
Medusa's-head. Euphorbia Caput -Me- 

Melancholy-gentleman. Hesperis tristis 
Melick Grass. See Grass 
Melilot. Melilotus officiiialis 

Jf'ield. Melilotus arvensis 

White-flowered. Melilotus alba 

Trefoil. Medicago lujjulina 
Melon, Common. Cucuviis Melo 

Sweet-scented. Cucumis Dudaim 

Water. Cuciimis Citrullus 
Melon-cactus. The genus Melocactus 
Melon-thistle, Turk's-cap. Melocactus 

Melon-tree. Carica Pajmya 
Menow-weed. Buellia tuherosa 
Mercury, Baron's. See Baron's Mercury 

Boy's, or Girl's. 3fercurialis annua 

Dog's. Mercurialis 2)ere7inis 

English, False, or Wild. Chenopodiwm 
Bonus- Heiiricus 

French. 3fercurialis annua 

Golden. 3Iercurialis jierennis var. aurea 

Three-seeded. The genus Acalyplia 

Vegetable. Franciscea unifiora 

Wild. See Mercury, English 
Mercury's Violets. An old name for 

Campanula. Medium 
Merlin's Grass. See Grass 
Mermaid, False. Flccrhia proserpiimcoides 
Mermaid- weed. Proserpinaca palustris 
Merman's - Shaving - brush. Various 

species of Chama'dnris and Penicillus 
Merry-tree. Prunus Avium 
Meskit, Mesquit, or Mezquit, Honey. Pro- 
sojns julijiora 

Screw-pod. Prosojns jmhescens 
Mespilus, Snowy. Amelanchier Botrya- 

Mess-mate-tree. Eucalyptus ohliqyM 
Meu. Meum Athamanticum 
Mezereon. Daphne Mezereiim 
Mezquit. See Meskit 


English Na7nes of Cultivated, Native, 

Mice, Dutch. Lathyrus tuherosiis 

Michaelmas Daisy. Aster l'rij)olivm 

" Mid-day-flower," of Australia. The 
geuus Misi'in hrijaiitheimmi 

Midnapore Creeper. Rivea Bona-nox 

Midshipman's-butter. The fruit of 
I'crsca (jndissima 

Midsummer Daisy. Clirysanthemwm, Leu- 

Midsummer-Men. Seduvi Telephivmi 

Mignonette. Reseda odorata 
Jamaica. Laivsonia alba 
Of the French. Dianthns cMnensis and 

Saxifraga uinbrosa 
Pyramidal. Reseda odorata var. pyrami- 

Eed-flowered. Reseda odorata var. rosea 
Tree. Reseda odorata, grown under a 

special mode of treatment 
White. Reseda alba 
AVild. Reseda Lnteola 

Mignonette-vine. Madaria elegatis and 
M. corymbosa 

Mildew. Various species of minute Fungi 
Vine. Oidlum Tuckeri 
Wheat. Puccmia graminis 

Milfoil, Alpine. Achillea alj}i?ia 
Black. AcJiillea atrata 
Chamomile-leaved. Achillea atrata 
Common. Achillea Millefolium 
Downy. Achillea pubescejcs 
Fever- few- leaved. Achillea macrophylla 
Great. Achillea magna 
Hooded. The genus Utricularia 
Musk. Achillea moschata 
Hough-headed. Achillea squarrosa 
Showy. Achillea 7wbilis 
Sweet. Achillea Ageratum 
Water. The genus Myriophyllv/ni 
Woolly. Achillea tomentosa 

Milk-bush, African. The genus Syna- 

Milk-Gow^an. Lcontodon Taraxacum 

Milk-Grass. Vahrianella olitoria 

Milk-Parsley, or Jlilk-weed. Pexicedanunn 
Caraway-leaved. Selintvni carvifolium 

Milk-Pea. The genus Galactia 

Milk-Thistle. Silyhim 3Iarianvmi 
Ivorj'. Silyhtm eburjicum 

Milk-tree, Jamaica. Rrosimmn spv/riwm, 
^Madagascar. Tanghinia ( Ccrlera') lactaria 
S. American. Jirosimvm (lalaetodendron 

Milk-Trefoil, or SIirub-Trofoil. An old 
name for the genus Cytisus 

Milk-Vetch. The genus Astragalus 
Alpine. Astragalus alpiims 
Clover. Astragalus dasyglottis 
Egyptian. Astragahis trinicstris 
G oat's- R uc. A straga his ga Icgr/form is 
Goat's-Thom. Astrngubis Trugacantha 
Montpclier. Astragalus mo7isjjessula7ius 
Mountain. Astragalus aljjitius 
J'ontic. Astragalus jjo?iticus 
Purple-flowered. Astragalus hijjwglottis 
Ecfl-fruited. Astragalus caryocarpus 
Saint-foin. Astragalus Onolrrychis 
Shaggy. Astragalus paimosus 
Sheathed. Astragalus raghiatiis 

Milk-Vetch, Silvery. Astragalus vimineus 

Starrj'. Astragalus sesame^is 

Sweet-leaved. Astragalus glycyphyllos 

Triangular-podded. Astragalus bosticus 
Milk-vine. Periploca graica 
Milk-weed. Sonchus oleraceus, Peucedanwm. 
2)alustre,and Euphorbia curollata 

American. The genus Asclepias 

Bitter. Polygala amara 

Common American. Asclepias Cornuti 

Douglas's. Asclepias Douglasii 

Green. Asclepiadora decumbens and the 
genus Acerates 

Four-leaved. Asclepias quadrifolia 

Poke. Asclepias phytolaccoidcs 

Purple. Asclep iasjntrjnirascens 

Sea-side. Glaux maritima 

Swamp. Asclepias ijicariiata 

Whorled. Asclepias verticillata 

Variegated. Asclepias variegata 
Milk-wood, Horny-leaved. Rawmolfia 

Jamaica. Sapiuni laurifolium 
Milk- wort. The genus Polygala 

Box-leaved. Polygala Chamabuxus 

Chalk. Polygala calcarea 

Common. Polygala vulgaris 

Fringed. Polygala paucifolia 

Ground-flowering. Polygala polygama 

Sea-side. Glaux maritima 
Miller's-Star. Stellaria Uolostea 
Millet. Panicum 7niliaceum; also applied 
to various species of the genera Miliiim, 
Paspalmn, and Sorghum 

Australian. Pajiicum decomjwsitum 

"Bajree." PaJiicvrn cwruleum 

E. Indian. Sorghum rulgare 

German. Setaria germanica 

Italian. Setaria italica 

Sugar. Sorghum saccharatum 

Texas. Sorghum cernuum 
Millet Grass. See Grass 
Millet Khoda, of India. The grains of 

I'dspaJuvi scrobiculatum 
Mill-mountain. Linum cathartictiin 
Miltwaste. Asplenium Ceterach 
" Minarta." Geum urbanum 
Minshull Crab. See Crab 
Mint. The genus Mentha 

Api>lc. Mentha rotundifolia 

I'lrgamot. Mentha citrata 

Black. Mentha piperita rulgaris 

r.raiidy. Sec Mint, iVjiju'r 

Brook, or Water. Mentha sylvestris 

Cat. Nepeta Cataria and Calamintha 

Corn. Mentha arrensis 

Curled, Crisped, or Cross. Mentha cri«pa 

Field. Mentha arvensis 

Flea. Mentha I'ulegium 

Garden, or Spear. Mentha viridis 

Horse. Mentha sylvestris 

Horse, American. Mimard a punctata 

Hyssop-leaved. Meiitha cervina 

IMackarel. Mentha viridis 

IMountain. Monarda didyma and the 
genus Pyenanthemvm 

Pepper, or Brandy. Me?itha jtiperita 

Spear. Mentha viridis 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Mint, Squaw. Hedeoma pulegioides 
Stag. Mentha cervina 
Variegated Round-leaved. Mentha rotundi- 

folia variegata 
Water. See Mint, Brook 
White. Mentha piperita officinalis 
\Miorled Water. Mentlia sativa 
Wild, American. Mentha canadensis 
Mint-bush, or Mint-tree, Australian. The 
genus Prostanthera 
Victorian. Prostanthera lasianthos 
Mio-Mio-shrub. Bacoharis cordifolia 
Mirabel. A French name for candied or 

preserved Plums 
Miraculous-berry, of W. Africa. The 

fruit of Sideroxylon dulcificum 
" Miro"-tree. Podocarp^is ferruginea 
Mistletoe, American. Phoradendron fla- 
Australian. Various species of Loran- 

Californian. Various species of Plwra- 

E. Indian. Various species of Loranthus 
European. Viscum albu/m and Loranthus 

New Zealand. Various species of Loran- 
W. Indian. Various species of Loranthus 
and Phoradendron 
Mislimi-Bitter. Coptis Teeta 
Missel-tree, Guiana. Blakea quinque- 

Mist-flower. Conoclinium ccelestinum 
Mist-tree, Brush-land, of Australia. Litscea 

Mithridate Mustard, or Pepper-wort. Le- 

pidium campestre 
Mitre-flower. The genus Cyclamen 
Mitre-pod. The genus Mitraria 

Scarlet. Mitraria coccinea 
Mitre-wort, or Bishop's-cap, American. 
The genus Mitella 
False. Tiarella cordifolia 
Mocan-sbrub. Vismia Mocanera 
Moccason, or Mocassin, Flower. The genus 

Moceasin-floAsrer, Yellow. Cypripediumi 

Mock-apple, Canadian. Echinocystis loiata 
Mocker-nut. Carya tomentosa 
Mock-Orange. The genus Philadelphus 
Broad-leaved. Philadelphus latifolius 
Carolina. Prunus caroliniana 
Common. Philadelphus coronarius 
Dwarf. Philadelphus coro7iarlus nanus 
Gordon's. Philadelphus Gordonianus 
Hairy-leaved. Philadelphus hirsutus 
Large-flowered. Philadelphus grandifiorus 
Lewis's. Philadelphus Leivisii 
Loose-branched. Philadelphus laxus 
Many-flowered. PhiladelpMis florihundus 
Mexican. Philadelphus mexicanus 
Scentless. Philadelphus inodorus 
Showy. PhiladelpMis speciosus 
Warted. Philadelphus verrucosus 
Woolly-leaved. Philadelphus toinentosus 
Zeyher's. Philadelphus Zeyheri 
Mock-Plane. Acer Pseudo-platanus 

Model-wood, E. Indian. The wood of 

Kauclea cordifolia 
Modesty, of N. America. Buplev/rvmi 

Moboe. Jlibiscus arboreus 
Mohomoho-plant. Piper angustifoliuni 
Moithern. See Mathes 
Moly. Allium Moly 

Dwarf. Allium Chamcemoly 
Of Dioscorides. Allium suhhirsutum 
Molompi-wood. The wood of I^erocarpus 

Money-flower. Lxunaria biennis 
Money-wort. Lysimiachia Nummularia ; 
also applied to Ajiagallis tenella, Thy- 
mus Nummularius, Taverniera Numiimi- 
laria, and Dioscorea Numinularia 
Cornish. Sibthorpia europcsa 
Cornish, Variegated. Sibthorpia europcea 

Golden. Lysimachia Nummularia awrea 
Monkey-apple. Anisophyllum laurinwin 
Monkey-cup. The genus Nepenthes 
Monkey-grass. The fibre of Attalea fu- 

Monkey-flower. Various species of Mimu- 
Blotched. 3Iimulus maculosus 
Cardinal, or Scarlet. Mimidus cardin/ilis 
Copper-coloured. Mifnulus cupreus 
Creeping. Mimulus repens 
James's. Mimulus Jamesii 
Orange. Mimulus glutinosus 
Primrose. 3Ii»iulus primuloides 
Scarlet. See Monkey-flower, Cardinal 
Spotted. Mimulus guttatus 
Tiling's. Mimulus Tilingi 
Yellow. Mimulus luteus 
Monkey-pot Tree. Lecythis Ollaria 
Monkey-puzzle. Araucaria imbricata 
Monkey- wort. Evolvulus Nummularius 
Monkey's-bread. Adansonia digitata 
Monkey's-dinner-bell. The fruit of 

Hura crepitans 
Monkey's-face. The genus Mimusops 
Monk's-bood, or Monk's-cowl. The genus 
Acomtum, especially A. Napellus 
American Wild. Aco7iitum uncinatwm 
Autumn-flowering. Aconitumi autuminale 
Chinese. Aconitum chinense 
Common. Aconitum Napellus 
Jacquin's Yellow-flowered. Aconitum An- 

Japanese. Aconitum^ japonicum 
Northern. Aconitum stptcntrioyiale 
Panicled. Aco?iitum pa/iiciilattim 
P5T:enean. Aconitum piyreTiaicum 
Two-coloured. Aconitmn bicolor 
Variegated-flowered. Aco7iitum variega- 
Monk's-Rhubarb. Bumex Patientia 
Monox, or Moonog, Heather. Ihnpetrwni 

nigrum and Yaccinium Oxycoccos 
Moon-creeper. Menispermum canadense 

and Ipomcca Bona-nox 
Moon-Daisy, or Moon-Flower. Clirysan- 

th em u m Leiicanthe imi m 
Moon-Fern, or Moon-wort Botrychiumi 
Lunar ia 


English Names of Cultivated, Native. 

Moon-Flower. See Moon-Daisy 
Moon-frmt Pine. Lijcopodium lucidulwm 
Moonog. See Monox 
Moon-penny. Chrysanthemwn Le^icantJie- 

Moon-seed, Canadian. Menispermimi cav/i- 
Daurian. Menispermurti dawricwm 
Smilax-like. Mctiisperimmi smiladnv/m 
Moon-Trefoil. Mcdlcayo arhorea 
Moon-wort. See Moon-Fern 

Blue. SoJdanella alpina 
Moor-balls. Conferva ccgagroplla 
Moor-berries, or Moss-berries. Vacdnivmi 

Moor-Grass. See Grass 
Moor-Heath. Urlca ragans 
Moor-Myrtle. Myrica Gale 
Moor-pawns. The flowers of EriopJiorwm 

and various species of Carex 
Moor-silk. Polytrichuvi commurie 
Moorva, or Marool, plant. Sanseviera Rox- 

Moor -Whin, or Moss-Whin. Genista ang- 

Moor-w^ort. Andromeda polifolia 
Moose-wood. Dirca palustris and Acer 

Mootchie-w^ood. Erythrina indica 
Morass-weed. Ceratophyllum demersuiii 
Mora- wood. Mora excelsa 
Morel. MoTcliella esculenta and Peziza 
Great. Atropa Belladonna 
Petty. Sohininu n'lyrum 
Morello. A variety of Cherry 
Morning-flower, Australian. Orthrosan- 

thns vtultijldrus 
Morning-glory. The genus Ipovicea 
Common. Iponuca purpurea 
Smaller. Ipovuea Nil 
Morocco, Red. Adonis auUminalis 
Mortal. Solatium Ihdcamara 
Mosehatel. Adoxa Moschatellina 
Moss. A general name for plants of the 
Mnsci family, but popularly applied to 
various other plants 
Apple. The genus Ifartramia 
Apple, Common. Bartramia poiniformis 
Beard. See Moss, Tree 
Black. Tillandsia usneoides 
Bladder. The genus Gijmiwstomitm 
Bog. The genus S]>hngnum 
Bog, Blunt-leaved. Sphagmmi cyvibifoliiim, 
Bog, Lf)ng-lcaved Floating. Sphag7ii(/?n 

Bog, Slender. Sphagnum acutifolium 
Bog, Spreading-leaved. Sphagnum squar- 

Bon-grace. Splachnum rul/rnm 
Branched Beardless. The genus A7i(cc- 

Bristle. The genus OrthotHchum 
Bristle, Club-fruited. Orthotrichuvi Lud- 

Bristle, Elegant. Orth(vtrichii/m jmlchellvmi 
Bristle, River. Orfhofrichnm rirulare 
Bristle, Rock. Orthotrichum rupicola 
Bristle, Showy. Orihotrichum speci^>sum 

Moss, Bristle, Straw-like. Orthotrichum 

Bristle, White-tipped. Orthotrichum did' 

Canary. Parmelia perlata 
Carrageen. See Moss, Irish 
Cavern, or Feather Cavern. Schigtostega 

Ceylon, or Jaffna. SphiPrococcus ( Graci- 

laria) lichcmndes (^Plocaria Candida) 
Club, or Stag's-horn. Lycopodium clava' 

Club, Creeping. Selaginella apiis 
Club, Golden. Selaginella Kraussiana 

Club-stalked. The genus (Edipodium 
Collar. The genus Sjdachnum 
Cord. The genus Funaria 
Cord, Irish. Fnnuria hihcrnica 
Corsican. Gracilaria Helminthocort&n and 

Laurencia obtusa 
Cup. Scyphophoruspyxidatiis and Lecanara 

"Dovedale." Saxifraga hypnoides 
Dwarf- Apple. The genus Bartra/midula 
Earth. The genus Phascuyn 
Earth, Common Dwarf. Phascum muticwm 
Earth, Tall. Phascum hryoides- 
Extinguisher. The genus Encalypta 
Feather. The genus Hypnum 
Feather, Beaded. Hypnum moniliforme 
Feather, Clustered. Hypnum confertwn 
Feather, Creeping. Hypnum repeiu 
Feather, Curled. Hypnum commiotatum 
Feather, Cypress-leaved. Hypnum cupressi- 

Feather, Dwarf. Hypnum jnimilum 
Feather, Dark-green. Hypnum atro-virens 
Feather, Elegant. Hyjmum jnilchellum 
Feather, Fern-like. Hypnum trichoma- 

710 ides 
Feather, Flat. Hi/p7m7n comjfla tiattmi 
Feather, Floating. Hyp7i7i7n fiuitam 
Feather, Fox-tail. Hypnum alopec7tnimi 
Feather, Glittering, Hypnum sple7ideni 
Feather, Green-patch. Hjpimm ccespito- 

Feather, Lesser Golden Fern. HypnUTn 

Feather, Long-headed. Ifyp7ium medium 
Featlicr, Marsh. Hypmim palustrc 
Feather, Matted. Hypnum pop^ilcum 
Feather, Mouse-tail, llypmtm 7nyosurm'des 
Feather, Neat Meadow. Hypnum pumtn 
Feather, Ostrich-plume. Hypjiimi Crista- 

Feather, Plumy-crested. Hypmim 7nol- 

Feather, Red Mountain. Hypmim rufei- 

Feather, Rusty. Jfypnnm plumosiim 
Feather, Scoqiion. Hyp7ivm scorpioides 
Feather, Shaded. Hy/nium umhratwn 
Feather, Sharp Fern-like. Hypnum dimti- 

Feather, Shining. Hyp7mm7iifr>is 
Feather, Showy. Jfyjmum speciosum 
Featlier, Silky. Hypmim sericeum 
Feather, Soft Water. Hyp7mm mollfi 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Moss, Feather, Sparkling. Hypnum mica^is 
Feather, Spruce-tree. Hypnum ahietinum 
Feather, Tree-like. Hypmimi dendroides 
Feather, Velvet. Hypnum velutinii/ni 
Feather, Wall. Hypnumi murale 
Feather, Wavy. Hypnum tindulatum 
Feather, Whitish. Hypnum albicans 
Feather, Yellow. Hypnum lutescens and 

H. salehrosum 
Feather, Yellovr Starry. Hypnum stella- 

Fork. The genus Dicranum 
Fork, Broom. Dicranwni scopariumi 
Fork, Maiden-hair. Dicranum adiantoides 
Fork, Pellucid. Dicranum pellucidumi 
Fork, Red-necked. Dicranum cervicula- 

Fork, Silky-leaved. Dicranum lieteromal- 

Fork, Tawny. Dicranum fulvellwm 
Fork, Wliite. Dicramcm glaucum 
Fork, Yellowish. Dicra7iwm Jtavescens 
Fringe. The genus Trichostomum 
Fringe, Cord-like. Trichostomum ftinale 
Fringe, Dark Mountain. Trichostomwni aci- 

Fringe, Hoary. TricTiostomiim, canescens 
Fringe, Spreading. Tricliostommn patens 
Fringe, Woolly. Trichostomtmi lanugi- 

Golden. Sedvm acre 
Ground. PolytHcMim junijjerinum 
Hair-cap. Polytriclmmi j^miiperinum 
Hair. The genus Polytrichum 
Hair, Alpine. Polytrichum alpinum 
Hair, Common. Polytrichum commune 
Hair, Dwarf Long-headed. PolytricMmn 

Hair, Dwarf Round-headed. Polytrichum 

Hair, Juniper-leaved. Polytrichum jwniperi- 

Hair, Slender. Polytrichum gracile 
Hair, Urn-bearing. Polytrichum urnigerum 
Hygrometric. Funalia hygrometrica 
Iceland. Cetraria islandica 
Indian. Saxifraga hyjmoides 
Iridescent. ScMstostega pennata 
Irish or Carrageen. Chondrus crisp^is 
Irish Cord. Funaria hihernica 
JafEna. See Moss, Ceylon 
Lattices. The genus Cinclidotus 
Lattice, Fountain. Cinclidotus fontina- 

Long, or Black. Tillandsia usneoides 
Mungo Park's. Dicranum Irryoides 
Necklace. Usnea harhata 
New Orleans. Tillandsia u^neddes 
Pearl. Chondrus crispus 
Pepper. Pllularia glohulifera 
Reindeer. Cenomyce rangiferina 
Rock. Poccella tinctoria 
Rock-hair. Alectoriajuhata 
Scale. The genus Jungermannia 
Sea. irii'a latissima 
Screw. The genus Tortula 
Screw, Aloe-like. Tortula rigida 
Screw, Bird's-claw. Tortula, unguiculata 
Screw, Frizzled Mountain. Tortula tartuosa 

Moss, Screw, Great Hairy. Tortula ru/ralis 
Screw, Hoary. Tortula canescens 
Screw, Wall. Tortula miiralis 
Serpent. Selaginella serpens 
Silvery. Bryum argente.\i/ni 
Spanish. Tillandsia usneoides 
Split. The genus Andrecea 
Stag's-horn. See Moss, Club 
Thatch. Bryum rurale 
Thread. The genus Br7jwtn 
Thread, Golden. Bryum ])yriforme 
Thread, Greater Matted. Bryum capillare 
Thread, Lesser Matted. Bryv/m ecespi- 

Thread, Long-stalked. Bryum, triquetrum 
Thread, Many-stalked. Bryum affine 
Thread, Marsh. Bryum palustre 
Thread, Narrow-leaved. Brywni avM/ro- 

Thread, Pale-leaved. Bryum, albicans and 

B. dealhatum 
Thread, Pink-fruited. Bryum carncum 
Thread, Red Alpine. Bryum alpinuni 
Thread, Rosette. Brrjum roseum 
Thread, Silvery. Bryum argenteu/m 
Thread, Slender. Bryum gracile 
Thread, Slender-branched. Bryum jula- 

Thread, Swan's-neck. Bryum hornvmi 
Thread, Swelling Bog. Bryum ventri- 

Tree, or Beard. A name applied to various 
Lichens of the genera Usnea, Ramalinfia, 
Cornicularia, ^^c. Also to Lycopodium 
tJrn. Polytrichum urnigerum and various 

Mosses of the family Bryacea; 
Velvet. Gyrophora murina 
Wall. Sedxuvi acre 
Water. The genus Fontinalis 
Water, Alpine. Fontinalis squamosa 
Water, Greater. Fontinalis antipyretica 
Wing. The genus Pterigonium 
Wood. Bryum cuspidatum and various 

species of Hypnum 
Yoke. The genus Zygodon 
Yoke, Lesser. Zygodon conoideus 
Moss-berry, or Moor-berry. Vaccinivm 

Moss-Campion. Silene acauUs 
Moss-crops. Eriophorum vaginatumi and 

other species 
Moss-Fern. See Fern 
Moss-Pink. Phlox suhulata 
Moss-Rush. Juncus squarrosus 
Moss-Whin. See Moor-Whin 
Mossy-Red-shanks. Tillcea muscosa 
Moth-Mullein. Verhascum Blattaria 
Moth-plant. The genus Phalcenopsis 
Mother-of-Thousands. Linaria Cymba- 

laria and Saxifraga sarmentosa 
Mother-of-Thyme. Thy?)nis Serjnjllum 
Mother-of- Vinegar. See Vinegar-plant 
Mother-of- W heat. Veronica hedercefolia 
Mother-wort. Leonurus Cardiaca and 
Artemisia vulgaris 
Golden. Various species of Helichrysumi 
Siberian. Leonurus sibiricus 
Mother's-heart. Ca2)sella Biwsa-pastoris 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Mould. Various minute Fu7iffi 

Blue, of Cheese. Aspergillus glaiccus 
Bread. Ascojjftora elegaiis 
Mount-Caper, Orchis latlfolia 
Mountain- Ash. Pyrus Auctiparia 

Western. Pyrus savihucifolia 
Mountain- Avens. Bryas octopetala 
Mountain-Cowslip. Primula Auricula 
Mountain-Currant. See Currant 
Mountain-Elm. Wlmus immtaiM 
Mountain-Fern. Ncphrodiuvi Oreopt&ris 
Mountain-Flax. See Flax 
Mountain-fringe. Adlunda cirrhosa 
Mountain-green. See Mountain-pride 
Mountain-lover, Canby's. Pachystigma 

Mountain-Marigold. See Marigold 
Mountain - pride, or Mountain - green. 

Sjxithelia simplex 
Mountain-Rocket. See Rocket 
Mountain-Sage. Tenerium Scorodonia 
Mountain-snow. Arahis alhida 
Mountain-Sorrel. Oxyria reniformis 
Mountain-Spikenard. See Spikenard 
Mountain-sweet. Ceanotlms americanus 
Mountain - Wine - berry. Aristotelia 

Mournful-Widow. Scahiosa atropurpurea 
Mourning-Widow. Geranium phcev/m 
Mouse-bane. Aco7iitum myoctonum 
Mouse-Barley. See Barley, Mouse 
Mouse-chop. Mesevilrryanthemmn mwrinvmi 
Mouse-ear. Hieracium Pilosella and 
Cerastium triviale 
Bastard. Hieraciuvi Pseudo- Pilosella 
Golden. Hieracium aurantiammi 
Mouse - ear - Chick - weed. The genus 
Alpine. Cerastium alpinum 
Bieberstein's. Cerastium Biehersteinii 
Boissier's. Cerastium Boissieri 
Broad-leaved. Cerastium latifoliumi 
Common Woolly. Cerastium tomento^wm. 
Glacier. Cerastiiimi glaciale 
Large-flowered. Cerastium grandiflorumi 
Mouse-ear-Scorpion-grass. Myosotis pa- 

Mouse-Grass. See Grass 
Mouse-Pea. See Pea 
Mouse-tail. Myosurus minivms 
Mouse-tail Grass. See Grass 
Mouse-thorn. Cnitaurea myacantlia 
Mousseron, Autumn. Agaricus prunulus 
Moutan (tlie Tree-l'icony). Pceonia Moutan 
Mouth-root. Co2>tis trifoliata 
Moving-plant. Besmodium gyrans 
Moxa. Polyporus fomentarius and Arte- 
misia chiiicnsis 
Chinese, or Japanese. Artemisia Moxa 
and A. chiticiisis 
Muccaady-tree. Schrehera srvietenioides 
"Much-good." An old name for At?ia- 

71111 lit lia Cerraria 
Muck-weed. Chcnopodium albvmi and 

oilier species 
Mudar-plant. Calotropis gigaTitca and C. 

Mud-w^ort, or Mud-weed. Liviosclla aqua- 
tica and Helosciadiv/ni inwidatwm 

Mug-weed. Gali7vm Oruciata 

Mugw^et, or Mugget. Asperula odorata and 

Convallaria 7najalis 
Mug-wort, Common. Artemisia vulgaris 
E. Indian. Artemisia hirsuta 
Silveiy. Artemisia arge7itea 
Western. Artemisia Lu,domcia7ia 
W. Indian. Parthenium Uysterophoru^ 
Mulberry-tree. The genus Morris 
Australian. Hedycarya Pseudo-7>ioru8 
Black-fruited. Mor^os nigra 
Cock- spur. Mortts Calcar-galli 
Columba. 3Ior7is alba var. Columbassa 
Common. Mortis 7iigra 
Constantinople. Morns Consta7itiJuypoU- 

Dandolo's. Mortis alba var. 3forettiana 
Dwarf. Mortis alba var. ptivula 
Dyer's. Moritida titictoria 
E. Indian. Mortis i7idica and Morinda 

French. Callicarpa america7ia 
Italian. Morus alba var. italica 
Large-leaved. Mortis alba var. macro- 

Many-stemmed. Morus alba var. multv' 

Mauritian. Mortis mauritiatia 
Membranous. Morus alba var. meitibra- 

Native, of Victoria. Hedycarya angusti- 

New Zealand. E7itelea arbcrrescens 
Paper. Brotissotietia papyri/era 
Red-fruited. Mortis rubra 
Roman. Mortis alba var. romaTia 
Rosy-leaved. Morus alba var. rosea 
Rough-leaved. Mortis scalyra {M. cana^ 

Tartarian. Mortis tatarica 
Wliite-fruited. Mortis alba 
White- fruited, Chinese. Morus alba var. 
Mullein. The genus Verbasctmn 
Annual. Verbascum Boerhaavii 
Black-rooted. Verbasctim 7ugriim 
Borage-leaved. Verbascum Myconi 
Cretan. Celsia cretica 
Great-flowered. Verbasctim gratidiflorwni 
Hoary. Verbascum pulrrruleiitti/m 
Long-flowered. ]'i'rbfi.fci/m macranthv/m 
Moth. Verbascrim Blattaria 
Nettle-leaved. Verbascum Cliaixii 
Olympian. Verbascum olympictim 
Purple-flowered. Verbascum pha;nice%t/ni 
Rosette. Ramotidia pyrennica 
Shepherd's-club. Verbascum Thapsut 
Snow-white. Verbascum niveum 
Tall. Verbascum venuile 
Twigg}'. Verbascum virgatum 
White-flowered. Verbascum Lychnitis 
Woolly. Verbascum phlomoides 
Mullein-Dock. Verbascum T/iapsus 
Mummy-case-w^ood, Egyjilian. Supposed 

to be tlio timber of Cordia Myxa 
Mummy-Wheat. See Wheat 
Mundi-root. Chlorocodou Whit el 
Mungeet, or Bengal Jladdcr. Jlubia cordi- 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, a7id Shrubs. 


Munshock. Vaeciniii/ni VUis-Idcea 
Murrain-berries. Tamus communis and 

Bryonia dioica 
Murrain Grass. See Grass 
Murram. See Marram. 
Mushroom. Various species of Fungi, 
especially the genus Agaricus 
Bisbop's-Mitre. Helvella Mltra 
Brown Warty. Agaricus rtibescens 
Chantarelle. Cantharellus ciiarius 
Clouded. Agarictis nebularis 
Common. Agarictis campestris 
Fairy. See Toad-stool 
Fairy-ring. Marasmius oreades and M. 

Hedge. A large-sized variety of Agaricus 

Hedge-hog. See Mushroom, Spiny 
Horse. Agaricus arvensis 
Imperial. Agaricus Ccesareus 
Luminous. Agaricus olearius 
Maned. Coprinus comatus 
Mitre. Helvella crispa 
Orange-milk. Lactarius deliciosus 
Ox. A large-sized variety of Agaricus 

Oyster. Agaricus ostreatus 
Parasol. Agaricus procerus 
Plum. Agaricus jjru7iulus and A. Orcella 
Polish. Boletus edulis 
Ked-fleshed. Agaric^ts ruhescens 
St. George's. Agaricus gambosus 
Scalj-. Agaricus procerus 
Scarlet, of Malta. Cynomorium coccineu/ni 
Snow-ball. Agaricus arvensis 
Spiny, or Hedge-hog. Hydniim repan- 

Viscid White. Hygropliorus virgineus 
Musk, or Musk-plant. Mimulus vwschaUis 
and Erodimn moschatiim 
Large-flowered. Mimulus moschatus var. 

Scarlet-flowered. Mimulus cardinalis 
Wild. Erodium cicutarium 
Musk-deer Plant. Limonia acidissima 
Musk MaUow. See Mallow 
Musk Okro. Hibiscus AbelmoscTius 
Musk Orchis. Herminium Monorchis 
Musk-root. Adoxa MoschatelUna 
Musk Thistle. Car dams nutans 
Musk-tree, Silver-leaved. Eurybia argo- 

pliylla (Aster argophyllus) 
Musk-wood, Australian. Eurybia argo- 
phylla (Aster argophyllus) 
Jamaica. Guarea Sivartzii and TricTiilia 

Tasmanian. Eurybia argopJiylla 
Musquash-root. Cicuta maculata 
Mustard. Various species of Sinapis 
Black, Brown, or Grocer's. Sl7iapis nigra 
Boor's. 'Flilaspi arvense 
Buckler. The genus Biscutella; also applied 

to Clypeola Jontlilaspi 
Candy. An old name for ^tJiionema saxa- 

Churl's. Lepidium campestre 
Clown's. Iberis amara 
Corn, or Wild. Sinapis arvensis 
Cultivated. Sinapis alba 

Mustard, Dish. Thlasjn arvense 
Garlic. Alliaria officitmlis 
Hedge. Sisymbrium officinale 
Hedge, of the W. Indies. Ambrina ambro- 

Hill. Bunias orientalis 
Mithridate. See Mitbridate Mustard 
Tansy. Sisymbrium canescens 
Treacle. Lepidiuin campestre and Ery- 
simum cheiranthoides 
White, or Salad. SiTiajns alba 
Wild. Sinapis arvensis 
Mustard-shrub. Capparisferrugi7iea 
" Mustard-tree," of Scripture. Supposed 
to be the common Mustard-plant (Si7ia- 
pis alba or 7iigra), which in Palestine is 
said to attain the height of 10 to 15 feet. 
The late Dr. Eoyle endeavoured to prove 
that Salvadora persica was meant, but 
tliis tree does not grow in Galilee 
Mutton-chops, or Mutton-tops. The 

young shoots of Galium Apari7ie 
Myall-wood. The wood of Acacia lioma- 
lopliylla, A. pe7idula, A. acu/mi7iata, and 
A. gla7icesce7is 
Myrobalan. The fruit of various species 

of Ter7ni7ialia 
Myrobella Plum. See Plum 
Myrrh, British. Myrrhis odorata 
Myrrh-seed. Myrosper7num p7ibesce7is 
Myrrh-tree. Balsamode7idron Myrrha 
Abyssinian. Acacia Sassa 
False. A7nyris cmiwiiphora (Balsamoden- 
dro7i RoxMirgJiii) 
Myrtle. The genus Miyrtus 
African. Myrtus africa7ia 
Australian. Ac7nena Jioribtmda 
Australian, Slender-leaved. M7jrt7is te7mi- 

Australian, Three-nerved. Myrtus tri- 

Backhouse's. BacTihousia myrtifolia 
Beaufort's. Beaufortia dec7issata 
Bird's-nest, or Cock's-comb. A variety of 

Myrtus co»i7>iU7iis 
Bog, Moor, Devonshire, or Dutch. Myrica 

Bos-leaved. M^yrtus conwmmis var. Taren- 

Broad-leaved, or Dutch. 3Iyrtus co7n- 
77iU7iis var. ielgica. (See also Myrtle, 
Burren. Arctostaphylos Uva-wrsl 
Candleberry. Mijrica Gale 
Candleberry, Azorean. Myrica Faya 
Candleberry, Sharp - toothed - leaved. 

Myrica arguta 
Cock's-comb. See Myrtle, Bird's-nest 
Common. Myrtxis commimis 
Cranberry. Myrt7is ]V7i7nm7i,laria 
Crape. The genus Lagerstroe7riia, espe- 
cially L. i7idica 
Devonshire. See Myrtle, Bog 
Double-flowered. Myrtus communis var. 

belqica Ji.-2}1- 
Dutch. See Myrtle, Bog, and Myrtle, 

Edible-fruited. Myrtus (Myrcianthes) 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Msrrtle, Fringe. The genus Chamcelauciv/in 
Fruiting. Eugenia TIgni 
Golden, of Queensland. Xanfhostemon 

{Mctrosideros) chrysantha 
Gum. The genus Angophora 
Jew's. SeeJew's-Myrtle 
Juniper. The genus Vcrticordia 
Moor. See Myrtle, Bog 
Moreton Bay. Myrtna melastomoldes 
Nutmeg. Myrtus communis var. lusitanica 

Orange-leaved. Myrtus communis var. 

Otaheite. Secwrinega nitida {IA,thoxylon 

Peach. The genus Uyjfocalyjttma 
Portugal. Bfyrius communis var. lusitanica 
Koman, or Broad-leaved. Myrtus com- 
munis var. romana 
Eosemary-leaved. Myrtus communis var. 

Sand. Leiojyhyllum {Ledum^ hnxifoliumi 
Scarlet-berried Scrub. Nelitris ingens 
Shepherd's. Ruscus aculeatus 
Small -leaved. Myrtus Tarcntina and 

M. co^mnunis var. mucronata 
Slender-leaved. 3Iyrtus tenuifolia 
South Sea. The genus Leptospermum 
Spotted-leaved. Mijrtus communis var. 

Swan River. Hypocalymma rohusta 
Tasmanian. Fagus Cunningliamii 
Tasmanian Mountain. Phebalium mon- 

Upright Italian. Myrtus comnmnis var. 

Variegated. Myrtus communis variegata 
Wax. Myrica cerifera 
Wax, Californian. Myrica Californica 
W. Indian. The genus Eugenia 
White - berried. Myrtus communis var. 

Wild. Itvscus aculeatus 
Woolly. Myrtus tomentosa 
Myrtle-Flag. Acorns Calamus 
Myrtle-Grass. See Grass 
Myrtle-Sedge. Acorns Calamus 
Myrtle-Spurge. EuphorUa Lathyris 
Mysore Thorn. See Thorn 
" Mysterious Plant." Daphne Mezereumi 

" Nagkushur," or " Nagkesur." The 

flowers of Mesua ferrea 
Naiad. The genus Naias 

SlcndfT. Naias jiexilis 
Nail-"wort. The genus Paronychia, Drala 
verna, and Saxifraga tridactylis 
Thyme-leaved. Paronychia serpylli folia 
Naked-Ladies. Colrhicu/ni autumnale 
Nancy-Pretty. Sdn-ifraga umlrrosa 
Nap-at-noon. Traydpogon prafrri.<fis 
NaraAvael-shrub. jXamrdia zcylanica 
Nard. Varioiis aromatic plants, chiefly of 
the Valerian tribe 
Common. Nardus striata 
Wild. Asa rum ciiropfnim 
Nardoo-plant. Marsllea macropus (M. fa, M. salratrix) 
Narcissus. (See also Daffodil) 

Narcissus, Mock. The genus Qucltia 
Of Japan. Nerine sarniensis 
Poet's. Narcissus poeticus 
Polyanthus. A^arcissus Tazetta 
Nase-berry, Nees-berry, or Nis-berry, Tree. 

Achras Sapota 
Nase-berry-bully Tree. Achras Side- 
Broad-leaved. Inicuma nmltijiora 
Nasuta, or Tong-pang-chong-shrub. Jus- 

ticia Nasuta 
Nasturtium, Canary - bird. Tropaolvmi 
2}eregrinu/ni {T. adunc%t/ni) 
Common Garden. Tropa-ohim majus, T. 

minus, and T. atro-sanguineum 
Dwarf. TropcEolum minus 
Flame-flowered. Tropcpolumi speciosnm, 
Peruvian. Tropaolum tuberosum 
Tall. Tropaolum majus 
Tuberous-rooted. Tropaolum iuheronim 
Yellow Rock. Tropceolum polyphyllum 
Natchnee-plant. Eleusine coracaiub 
Natural Grasses. See Grasses 
Naughty-man's-Cherry. Atropa Bella- 
Navel- wort. The genera Omphalodes and 
Common. Cotyledon JJmhilicus 
Rock. Omphalodes lAicilice 
Venus's. Omphalodes linifolia 
NaveAV. Brassica cajnpestris 
Necklace-tree. Ormosia dasycarpa 
Neck-weed. Veronica peregrin-a ; also an 

old name for Hemp 
Nectarine-tree. Amygdahis persica var. 

Needle, Adam's. See Adam's-needle 

Shepherd's, Adam's, Beggar's, Clock, Crake, 
Crow, Poke, Puck, Pink, Tailor's, Venus's, 
or Witches'. Scandix Pecten- Ve7ieris 
Needle-and-Thread, Adam's. Yucca Jila- 

Needle-Chervil. Scandix Pecten- Veneris 
Needle-Furze. Geni,<ita aiigUca 
Nees-berry. See Nase-bony 
Negro's-head. Phytrlrphas macrocarpa 
Negro's-slippers, Euphorhia myrtifolia 
" Nei-Nei"-plant. DmrophyUum Traversi 
Neem-tree. ]\frHa Azadirachta 
Neese-wort. See Sneeze-wort 
Nelumbo. Tlie genus Nelumhium 
" Neminies." A corruption of Anemones 
Nep, or Nf'ps. Nepeia Cataria 
Neroli- Oil-plant. CitrxLs Aurantium va/r. 

a mora 
Nerve-root. Cypripedivm jmhescens 
Net-bush, Australian. The genus Calotham- 

Nettle. The genus Urtiea; the name is 
also applied to some other plants, as the 
Lamiums, &c. 
American. Urtiea gracilis and U. cliamcB- 

False. Bcrhmeria cylindrica 
Blind. See Blind-Nettle 
Chili. Various species of Loasa 
Chinese Cotton. Urtiea {Ba;hmeria')nivea 
Common, or Stinging. Urtiea dioica 
Dead. See Dead-Ncttle 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Nettle, Deaf. See Deaf-Nettle 

Deye. See Deye-Nettle 

Dog. See Dog-Nettle 

Dumb. Lamium altntm, 

Flame. The genus Coleus 

Giant, of N. S. Wales. TJrtica {Laportea) 
Gig as 

Hedge. Stacliys sylvatica 

Hedge, Great Spanish. Prasium iriajvs 

Hedge, Small Spanish. Prasium mmus 

Hemp. See Hemp-Nettle 

Hemp-leaved. Urtica canTiabiTia 

Horse. Solanum caroli7iense 

Roman. Urtica plluUf era 

Small. Urtica urois 

Stingless. The genus Pilea 

Variegated. Lamium maculatwn 

White. See Dead-Nettle, Wliite 

Wood, of N. America. Laportea canadensis 
Nettle-tree. The genus Celtis 

American. Celtis occidentalis 

Australian. Urtica Gigas, U. plwtinue- 
phylla, and U. vioroides 

Caucasian. Celtis caucasica 

Chinese. Celtis sinensis 

Dwarf. Celtis piimila 

Eastern. Celtis orientalis 

Eui'opean. Celtis australis 

File-leaved. Celtis Lima 

Jamaica. Celtis micrantha 

Prickly. Celtis aculeata 

Small-flowered. Celtis parvijiora 

Smooth. Celtis Icevigata 

Thick-leaved. Celtis crassifolia 

Tournefort's. Celtis Tourneforti 
New-Chapel-flower. Orohanche major 
" New - Year - flower," of the Chinese. 

Various species of Narcissus 
Nicaragua- w^ood. Ccesalpinia ecJiiTiata 
Nieker-tree, Common. Guilandina Bondu- 

Sumatra. Chiilandina Bonditc 
Niger-seed. The seed of Guizotia oleifera 
Nigger's- cord. The genus Antidesma 
Nightshade. The genus Solanum 

Beet-leaved. Solanum hetaceimn 

Bell-flowered. Solanum oampamdatwn 

Bittersweet, or Woody. Solanum Dul- 

Black-spined. Solanum sodometi/tn 

Broad-leaved. Solanum stramo7iifolium 

Canary. Solanum Vespertilio 

Climbing. Solanum scandens and S. radi- 

Deadly. Atropa Belladonna 

Enchanter's. Circcsa Lutetiana 

Fringed. Solanum ciliatum 

Garden. Solanum nigrum 

Hairy. Solanum hirsutum 

Hybrid Guinea. Solanum liyhridum 

Jasmine. Solanum jasminoides 

Large Black-berried. Solatium guineeiise 

Malabar. See Malabar-Nightshade 

Purple-spined. Solanum campechiense 

Nipple. Solanum mammosum 

Bed. PhysaUs Alkeketigi 

Eed-spined. Solanum ignetim 

Scarlet-ben-ied. Solamom coccineum 

Star- Capsicum. Solanum Capsicastrum 

Nightshade, Texan. Solanu/m Texanwn 

Three-leaved. The genus Trillium 

Tree. Solanum arhoreum 

Two-coloured. Solanum discolor 

White-eyed. Solamim marginatum 

Woody. See Nightshade, Bittersweet 

Yellow-berried. Solammn Jlavum, S. viU 
losum, and S. xanthocarpum 
Nightingales. Geranium Robertianum and 

Arum maculatum 
Nikau Palm-tree. Kentia sapida 
Nim-Bark, or Margosa-Bark-plant. Melia 

Nimble Will. Mulilenlergia diffusa 
Ninety-knot. Polygomwi aviculare 
Niopo-tree. Piptadenia peregrina 
Nipa-tree. Nipa fruticans 
Nipple-wort. Lapsana communis 

Dwarf. Ar noser is pusilla 
Nis-berry. See Nase-berry 
Nit. Scotch for mit 
Nit-grass. See Grass 
Nitre-bush. Nitraria Billardieri, N. tri- 

dentata, and iV. ScJwieri 
Nitta-tree. Parkia afrioana 
Noah's-Ark. Cypripediimn puhescens 
Nonda-tree. Parinarium Nonda 
Nondo. Ligusticum actceifoUum 
None- so-pretty. Saxifraga umbrosa 
None-such. Lychnis chalcedonica 

Black. Medicago lujndina 

White. Lolium perenne 
Noon-tide, or Noon-flower. Tragopogon 

Nopal-plant. Nopalea (^Opuntia') coccinel- 

lifer a 
Nose-bleed. Achillea Millefolimn 
Nose-burn-tree. Daphiwpsis tenuifolia 
Nosegay-tree, Red. Plumieria ruibra 

White. Plumieria alba 
Notch-weed. Chenopodium Vulvaria 
Nubk-tree, of Palestine. Zizijphus Spina- 

Nunnari-Root. See Sarsaparilla, B. Indian 
Nuns. Orchis Morio and Tmpatiens 

Nut, or Nut-tree, Acajou. See Nut, Cashew 

Anthony. See Nut, St. Anthony's 

Antilles. Omphalea triandra 

Avellano, of Chili. Guevina Avellana 

Bag. See Nut, Bladder 

Bambarra Ground. Voandzeia subter- 

Ban. See Ban-nut 

Barbadoes. Curcus purgans 

Barcelona. See Nut, Spanish 

Beazor. See Nut, Bonduc 

Bedda. Terminalia Bellerica 

Beetle. See Beetle-nut-plant 

Ben. Moringa pterygosperma 

Betel. Areca Catechu 

Bladder, or Bag. See Bladder-nut 

Bonduc, or Beazor. Guilandina Bonduo 

Bog. See Bog-nut 

Bomah. Pycnocoma macrophylla 

Brazil. Bertholletia excelsa 

Buffalo, or Elk. Pyrularia {Hamiltoniay 

Cahouu. Attalea Cohune 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Nut, Candle. Alcurites mohiccensis and A. 

Cashew, or Acajou. Anacardiwm occl- 

Castanha, or Brazil. BertJwlletla excelsa 

Cat. See Cat-nut 

Chop. Physostlgma venenosumi 

Cluster. Coryhis Avellana var. glomerata 

Cob. Corylus Avellana var.grandis 

Cob, Jamaica. Omplialea triandra 

Cocoa. Cocos nucifera 

Cocoa, Double, or Sea. Lodoicea Seychel- 

Cola, KoUa, or Goora. Cola acv/mbutta 

Coquilla. Attalea funifera 

Cosf ord, or Thin-sheUed. Corylus Avellana 
var. tenuis 

Earth. See Earth-nut 

Eboe. jyijyter'ix oleifera 

Edible Rush. Cyjjer^is esculentus 

Elk. See Nut, Buffalo 

Fare. See Fare-nut 

Filbert. See Filbert 

" Fisticke." An old name for the Pistachio- 

French. See French Nut 

Goora. Cola acumiTiata 

Ground. See Earth-nut 

Guiana Snake. Ojjhiocaryon paradoxwm 

Hale. See Hale-nut 

Hara. Terminalla citrina 

Hare. See Hare-nut 

Hazel. Coryhis Avellana 

Hazel, American. Corylus aviericana 

Hazel, American Beaked. Corylus ros- 

Hog. See Hog-nut 

Hog-pea. AmpJncarpa-a morutica 

Illinois. Carya olivaforinis 

Ivory. P?iytelej)?ias macrocarpa 

Jesuit's. Trap a iiatans 

Jove's. See Jove's Nuts 

Karaka. Corynocarpiis Icpxnyata 

Keena. Cidopliylluni Calaha 

Kisky Thomas. Carya alba 

Kola, or Kolla. See Nut, Cola 

Kundoo, or Mote. Carapa Toulouccnina 

Lady. See Lady-nut 

Lambert's, Large Bond, Spanish, or Toker. 
Corylus Avellaiia var. Lamberti 

Large Bond. Sec Nut, Lambert's 

Levant. Atuimirta Cocculics 

Little Cokcr. The fruit of Jxihtpa spectaMlis 

Lumbang. Alrurifrs triloba 

Lycoperdon. Fluplituiiyces 

Malabar. Adhnfodn raaica 

Manilla. Arachls hypoycpa 

Marany. Sec Nut, Jlarking 

Marking, or Marany. The Seed of Seme- 
carpus A micardltim, 

Marsh. The Seed of Seniecarpus Anacar- 

Meadow. See Meadow-Nut 

Mocker. See Jlocker-nut 

Monkey. Arachis hypoywa and the seeds 
of Anacard'imn 

Mote. See Nut, Kundoo 

Mt. Atlas. Corylus alycriensig 

Oak. See Oak-nuts 

Nut, Oil. Pyrular'm (^Hamiltonia) oleifera 
and Ricmus comxnunis 
Pard, or Brazil. Bertholletm excelsa 
Pecan, or Illinois. Carya oUneformis 
Phj'^sic. Jatropha Ciircas (^Curcaspurgans) 
Pig. See Pig-nut 

Pistacia, or Pistachio. Pi-stacia vera 
Quandang. Pusanus acuminatiis 
Queensland. Macadamia {Helicia) terni- 

Eavensara. AgatTiophyllum aromaticum 
Rush. Cyperus esculentus 
Rush, of N. America. Cyperus rotundus 

var. Hydra 
St. Anthony's. Staphylaa pimwLta and 

Bunium Jlexuosum 
Sapucaia. Lccythls Zabucajo 
Sardian. Castanea vesea 
Sassafras. Ncctandra Puclmry 
Singhara. Trapa iicornis and T. bi-spi- 

Snake. Ophiocaryo7i 2)aradoxum 
Soap. Mimosa abstergens 
Souari. See Nut, Suwarrow 
Spanish, or Barcelona. Coryhis Avellana 

Springfield. Carya sulcata 
Suwarrow, or Souari. Caryocar nuciferwn 

and C. biityrosum 
Taqua. Plujtelephas macrocarpa 
Toker. See Nut, Lambert's 
Vare. See Fare-nut 

Vegetable-Ivory. Plujtelephas macrocarpa 
Vomit. Strychnos Nui--vomica 
Water. Various species of Trapa 
Water- filter. Strych iws potatorum 
Welsh. Juglans regia 
W. Australian. Santahim cygiiorxvm 
Wood. Coryhis Avellana 

Nut-Busli . Cory his A vellana 

Nut-gall-tree, Chinese or Japanese. Rhus 

Nut-galls. Galls produced by insects on 
the bark of Quercus infectoria 

Nut-grass. See Grass 

Nut-Palms. Catkins of Coryhis Avellana 

Nut-rush. See Hush 

Nutmeg-tree. Myristica moscliata 
Ackawai. Acrodiclidiun cainara 
American, Calabash, or Jamaica. Mono- 

dor a Myristica 
Australian. Various species of Cryptocarya 
IJrazilian. Cryptocarya moschata 
Calabash. See Nutmeg, American 
Californian. Torreya Myristica 
Clove, or IMadagascar. Agathophyllvm 

Fijian. Myristica castanecsfolia 
Flowering. Lfycesteria formosa 
Jamaica Calabash. Moiwdora Myristica 
Long. Myristica fatxui 
^ladagascar. Scu Nutmeg, Clove 
^lale. Myristica. tomenfosa 
Mexican. Moiwdora Myristica 
Peruvian. Laurelia sempervireiis 
Plume. AtherospervM moschata 
Queensland. Myristica insipida 
Sante F6. Myristica Ofoba 
Tallow. Myristica sebifera 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Nutmeg, Wild. 



Myristica fatua and M- I Oak, Dominica. Ilex sideroxyloides 
" Acer campestre 

The wood of Borassiis 
StrycTinos Nux - vomica 

Oadal, or Oo'dhall, tree. Sterculia villosa 
Oak. The genus Quercus 
Abram's,of Mamre. Quercus pseudo-coccif era 
African. Oldfieldia africana and Laurus 

African Evergreen. Cliffortia ilicifoUa 
Agnostus-leaved. Quercus agnostifolia 
Aleppo Gall. Quercus lusita7iica var. itv- 

American Black. Quercus tinctoria 
American Live. Quercus virens 
American Scrub. Quercus Cateshcel 
American " Spanish." Quercus falcata 
American Swamp Spanish. Quercuspalustris 
Anderson's. Quercus Andersoni 
Barbary. Quercus Ballota 
Barren. Quercus nigra 
Barren Scrub. Quercus Catesh^i 
Bartram's. Quercus coccinea var. tinctoria 
Bay. Quercus sessilijlora 
Bear, or Black Scrub. Quercus ilicifolia 

(^Q. Banisteri) 
Belote. Quercus Ballota 
Black. Quercus Rohur 
Black Jack. Q^iercus nigra 
Black Jack, Fork-leaved. Quercus CateslcBi 
Black Scrub. See Oak, Bear 
Blue Jack. Quercus cinerea 
Botany Bay Forest. Casuarina torulosa 
Buerger's. Qroercus Buergeri 
Burr. Qxiercus viacrocarpa 
Califomian Blue. Quercus Bouglasii 
Cahfornian " Desert." Querciis Wislizeni 

var . frutescens 
Califomian Evergreen White. Quercus 

Califomian Live. Quercus chrysolepis and 

Q. oblo7igifolia 
Califomian Lobed-leaved. Quercus loiata 
Califomian Mountain White. Quercus 

Cappadocian. Ambrosia maritima (^Am- 

brina ambrosioides) 
" Chapparal." Quercus Breweri 
Chestnut. Quercus sessilijiora 
Chestnut, American. Quercus Prinus 
Chestnut, American Dwarf. Quercus Prinus 

var. Inmtiilis 
Chestnut, American Rock. Quercus Prinus 

var. monticola 
Chestnut, American Yellow. Quercus 

Prinus var. acxuminata 
Chinquapin. Quercus Prinus var. Tiu/milis 
Common (Long-flower-stalked). Quercus 

Robur piedunculata 
Common (Stalkless-flowered). Quercus 

Robur sessilijiora 
Cork. Quercus Suber 
Cypress. Quercus pedunculata fastigiata 
" Desert," of California. Quercus Wislizeni 

var. frutescens 
Devonshire, Exeter, or Lucombe. Qicercus 
Cerris var. Lucombeana ( Q. exoniensis') 


Durmast. Qttercus pubesce^is 

Dyer's. Quercus tinctoria 

E. Indian, or Teak. Tectona grandis 

Enceno. Quercus agrifolia 

Evergreen, or Holm. Querciis Hex 

Exeter. See Oak, Devonshire 

Female. Quercus pedunculata 

" French." Catalpa lon^issima and Bucida 

Fulham. Quercus Cerris var. Fulliamensis 
Golden. Quercus pedunculata Concordia 
Golden, of Cyprus. Quercxis alnifoUa 
Golden-cup. Quercus chrysolepis 
Gray. Querents coccinea var. avibigva 
He. CasuMrina stricta 
Himalayan. See Oak, Woolly 
Holm, or Evergreen. Quercus Ilex 
Holly-leaved. Quercus Grainuntia 
Hungarian. Quercus conferta 
Iron. Quercus Cerris and Q. obtusiloba 
Italian. Quercus esculus 
Japanese. Quercus glabra 
Japanese Silkworm. Quercus serrata 
" Jerusalem." Chenopodiuvi Botrys 
Kermes. Quercus coccifera 
Laugh-lady. A variety of Quercus pedun- 
Laurel. Quercus laurifolia and Q. imbri- 

Lea's. Quercus Leana 
Lucombe. See Oak, Devonshire 
Lucombe, New. Qxuercus Cerris var. 

I/ucombeana crisjja 
Maiden. See Oak, White 
Male. Quercus sessilijiora 
Mirbeck's. Quercus Mirbechi 
Mongolian. Quercus mongolica and Q. den- 

Mossy-cup. Quercus Cerris 
Mossy-cup, White. Quercus macrocarpa 
Mount Lebanon. Quercus lAbani 
Nepaul. Quercus lamtginosa 
New Zealand. Alectryon excelsumi and 

KnigJitia excelsa 
Nutgall. Quercus lusitanica var. infec- 

" Of Cappadocia." Ambrosia maritima 
" Of Jerusalem," or " of Paradise." Chenopo- 

dituni Botrys 
Over-cup. Quercus lyrata and Q. macro- 
Pin . Quercus palustris 
Poison. Rhus Toxicodendron 
Post. Quercus obtusiloba (^Q. stellata) 
" Quebec." Quercus alba 
Quercitron. Querents tiiictoria 
Eagnal. Quercus Cerris var. Ragnal 
Red. Quercus rulrra 
River, of N. S. Wales. Casuarina lepto- 

Rocky Mountain Scrub. Quercus undulata 
Rough, or Box, White. Quercus obtusiloba 

( Q. stellata) 
Running. Quercus sericea 
St. Domingo. CMalpa longissima 
Scarlet. Quercus coccinea 
" Sea." Fucus vesiculosus 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Oak, She. The genus Casiiarlna 
She, Coast. Casuari?ui quadrlvalvis 
She, Desert. Castiarlna glauea 
She, Erect. CasxiMrlna tuberosa 
She, Tasmanian. Cas\mrina quadrivalvls 
Shingle. Quercws imbricaria 
Sierra Leone Scrubby. LopMra alata 
Silky, or Silk-bark. 6h-evillea robusta 
Stone. Lithocarpus javensis 
Striped. Quercus striata, 
Swamp, Australian. Casioarlna palvdosa, 

C. suberosa, and C. equisetifolia 
Swamp Post, of America. Querctis lyrata 
Sweet Acorn. Quercus Ballota 
Truffle. Quercus pubescens, Q. Robur, and 

Q. lanuffiiiosa 
Turkey. Quercus Cerrls 
Turkey, American. Quercus Catesbcei 
Upland Willow. Quercus cinerea 
Vallonea, or Velani. Quercus ^gilops 
Victorian Swamp. Vinilnaria deitudata 
Wainscot. Quercus Cerrls 
Water. Quercus aquatlca 
White, or Maiden. Quercus sessiliflora 
White American. Quercus alba 
White American Water. Querents lyrata 
White, of Norfolk Island. Lagunaria 

White, Sacramento. Querctis lobata 
White Swamp. Quercus blcolor 
Willow. Quercus Phellos and Q. sali- 

Woolly, or Himalayan. Quercus lanata 
Yellow-barked. Quercus tiuctoria 

Oak-apple-gall. See Gall 

Oak-currant. See Currant-Gall 

Oak-Pern. See Fern 

Oak-nuts (Acorns). Fruit of QuercMs 

Oak-root-gall. See Gall 

Oak-spangles. Galls formed on Oak-leaves 
by an insect named Neuroterus leiitlcu- 

Oak-'wood, Green. Oak-timber impregnated 
with the spawn of Peziza ceruginusa 

Oar-Aweed, or Ore-weed. See Ore 

Oat. The genus Avena 
Animal. Ave7ia sterllis 
Bristle-pointed. Dantlwnia strlgosa 
Common Cultivated. Varieties of Aveym 

False. Arrlienatherum avenacewm 
Fly, or Hygrometric. Avow, sterills 
Jlygrometric. See Oat, Fly 
Naked. Avena nuda 
Perennial. Ave7ia pratensis 
Sea-side. The genus Uniola 
Short. Averia brevis 
Tartarian, or Tartary. Avejia orientalis 
Water. Zizania a/juatica 
W. Indian. Pharus latifolius 
Willi. Avemi faUuL Q,XiA Bromus secallnus 
Wild, of N. America. Avena striata and 
A. i^mit/iii 

Oat-grass. See Grass 

Oats, " Sea." See " Sea-oats " 

Oblionker-tree. yEsculus ITippocasfaJtum 

" Oca-plant." Oxalls crcnata and 0. tube- 

Ochro, or Ochra, Plant. Hibiscus esculentus 
Ogechee-Iiime. Nyssa candicans (iV. capi» 

tat a) 
"Ohelo," of the Sandwich Islands. Youi- 

cinlum pendulljlorum 
Oil-nut, American. Pyrularla (^Ramil- 

tojila) oleifera 
Oil-Palm of Gxiinea. El(Bis gtiineensis 
Oil-plant, Adul, or Odal. Sarcostlgma 

Kiel nil 
Allspice, or Pimento. Eugenia Plmenta 
Almond. Amijgdalus communis 
Andiroba. See Oil-plant, Carap 
Anise. Pimjjinella Anisum 
Asafoetida. Narthex Asafcetida 
Aspic. See Oil-plant, Spike 
Bacaba. (Enocarjms Bacaba 
Balm Melissa otficljialls 
Bancoul. See Oil-plant, Lumbang 
Bay. Laurus iwbilis 
Beech-nut. Fagus sylvatica 
Ben. Morlnga pterggosperma 
Benne. Sesamum indlcum 
Bergamot. Citrus Bergamla 
Birch-bark. Betula alba 
Cade. Junlperus Oxycedrus 
Cajeput, or Cajuput. Melaleuca minor 
Camphor. Laurus Campkoraa,n(i.Dryoba' 

lanops aromatlca 
Carap, Crab, or Andiroba. Carapa guia- 

Caraway Carum Car til 
Cardamom. Elettarla Cardamonvwni 
Cashew-apple, or Cashew- nut. Anaca/rdiv/in 

Cassia. Cinnaviommn Cassia 
Cassi6. Acacia Ihr/nviana 
Castanha. BerthoUctia excelsa 
Castor. Ricinus cammmils 
Cebadilla. Asagrwa ojjicliuills 
Cedar. Abies Cedrus and Jumperus vir- 

Cedrat. See Oil-plant, Citron 
Chamomile. Antliemis nobllis 
Chaulmoogra. Gyiwcardla odorata 
Cherojee, or Cheeroonjee. Biccharuinia 

Cherry. Cerasus serothia 
Cherry- Laurel. Cerasus Lauro-cerasus 
Cinnamon. Cinnamomum Zeglanlctt/m 
Citron, or Cedrat. Citrus medlca 
Citronelle. See Oil-plant, Lemon-grass 
Clove. Caryophyllus aromatlcus 
Cocoa-nut. Cocos niwifcra 
Cocum, or Kokum. Garcinia purpv/rea 
Cohune. Attalea Cohunfi 
Colza. Brasslca campestrls uVapus 
Coondi. See Oil-plant, Kundah 
Copaiba. Various species of Copaifera 
Corooko. Argemoiw mexicaiui 
Cotton-seed. Various species of Oos- 

Crab. See Oil-plant, Carap 
Croton. Croton Tlgllum 
Cubcb. Piper Cubeba ( Cubeba officinaliB) 
Cumaru. Sec Oil-plant, Tonquin 
Cumin. Cumiuuiu Cgminuui 
Dill. Atuihum gravrolem 
Dilo. See Oilplant, Tamana 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Oil-plant, Domba. See Oil-plant, Poon- 

Epie, or Mahowa-seed. Bassia latifoUa 
Ergot. Claviceps jjurpii/rea 
Euphorbia. Ewpliorhia Lathyris 
Exile. Thevetia nereifolia 
Fennel. Foenlculum dulce and F. vulgare 
Florence. Olca europcBa 
Garlic. Allium sativum 
Gentian. Gentiana lutea 
Geranium. Geranium odoratisslmum and 

Pelargoni^i/n roseum. See also Oil-plant, 

Gingelly, or Gingilie. Semmwrn, indicum 
Grass, or Geranium. Andropogon Schce- 

Ground-nut. Arachis hypiogcea 
Hemp-seed. Cmmahis sativa 
Hop. Jlwmulus Lupulus 
Huts-yeUow. Guizotia oleifera 
Upa, Illipoo, or niupie. Bassia longifoUa 
Jasmine, or Mogree. Various species of 

Jatropha. Cv/rcas purgans and C. multi- 

Juniper. Juniperiis communis 
Kanari. Canariwri commune 
Katjang. Arachis hypogcea 
Keena. A species of Calophyllv/ni 
Kekune. See Oil-plant, Lumbang 
Keora. Pandanus odoratissimus 
Khatzum. Vernonia antlielmintica 
Khus-Khus, Cus-cus, or Vetti-ver. Andro- 

pogon mu/ricatus 
Kikuel. Salvadora persica 
Kinka. Vernonia antlielmintica 
Kokum. See Oil-plant, Gocum 
Kossumba, or Safflower. Carthamus tinc- 

Kukin. See Oil-plant, Lumbang 
Kundah, Coondi, or TaUin-Coonah. Carapa 

guineensis (C. Toulo^ocouma^ 
Kurring, Kurunj, or Poonga. Pongamia 

Laurel. Laurus nohilis 
Lavender. Lavandula vera 
Lemon. Citrus Limonwm 
Lemon-grass, or Siri. Andropogon citra- 

Lily. Lilitim candidum 
Limbolee. Bergera (^Murraya) Kainigii 
Linseed. Limim %isitatissimum 
Lumbang, Kekune, Bancoul, or Kukin. 

Aleurites triloba 
Mace. Myristica moscliata 
Macuja. Acrocomia sclerocarpa 
Madia. Madia sativa 
Mahoua, IMahowa-seed, or Yallah. Bassia 

Male Fern. Lastrea FiUx-mas 
Mallee. Eucalyptus oleosa 
Margosa, or Neem. Melia AzadiracTita 
Marjoram, or Origanum. Origanum vulgare 
Marking-nut. Scmecarpus Anacardium 
Marmottes. Primus Brigantiaca 
Mezereon. Daphne 3Iezereuni 
Mogree. See Oil-plant, Jasmine 
Mustard. Sinapis nigra and other species 
Myrrh. Balsamodendron Myrrha 

Oli-plant, Nahor. Mesua ferrea 

Namur, or Nemaur. Andropogoii Schce- 

Napala. Curcas pv/rgans 
Narcissus. Narcissus odorus 
Narpaulah. A species of Croton 
Neem. See Oil-plant, Margosa 
Nemaur. See Oil-plant, Namur 
Neroli. Citrus Bigaradia and C. Atiran- 

Nut. Corylus Avellana and Juglans regia ; 

also Arachis hypogcea 
Nutmeg. Myristica moschata 
Odal. See Oil-plant, Adul 
Olive, or Sweet. Olea europcea 
Onion. Allimn Cepa 
Oondee. See Oil-plant, Poon-seed 
Orange. Citrus Aurantiam and C. Bigara~ 

Origanum. See Oil- plant. Marjoram 
Ouabe. Omplialea diandra 
Palm. Elmis guineensis and E. mela- 

Palmarosa. Andropogon Schoejianthus 
Pand. Michelia Chanipaca 
Pandang. Pandanus odoratissUrms 
Patawa, or Patava. (Enocarpus Batava 
PatchouU. Pogostemo7i Patchouli, 
Penny-royal. Mentha Pulegiv/m 
Phoolwa. Bassia hutyracea 
Physic-nut. Curcas pwrgans 
Pimento. See Oil-plant, Allspice 
Pinhoen. Curcas multijidus 
Pinnacottay. See Oil-plant, Poon-seed 
Piquia. Caryocar hrasiliense 
Poonay. See Oil-plant, Poon-seed 
Poonga. See Oil-plant, Kurring 
Poougum. Sapi7ulus eviarginatus 
Poon-seed, Poonay, Pinnacottay, or Oondee. 

Calophyllum Tnophyllum 
Pootungee. Calophyllum spuriwri 
Poppy. Papaver soviniferum 
Portia-nut. Thespesia populnea 
Potato. Solanum tuberosum 
Provence. Olea europaa 
Eam-til, or Valisaloo. Gidzotia oleifera 
Eape-seed. Brassica Napus 
Ehodium. Rhodorrhiza scoparia and i?. 

Eose. Rosa damascena, R. centifolia, and 

other species 
Eosemary. Rosmariims officinalis 
Eosin. Various species of Pine-tree {Pinus) 
Eue. Ruta graveolens 
Safflower. See Oil- plant, Kossumba 
Sandal-wood, or Sander's-wood. Santa- 

lum album 
Sapucaia. Lecythis Zabucajo 
Sassafras. Laurus Sassafras and Nectan- 

dra cymbarum 
Savin. Juniperus Sabina 
Seed. Till, Popjay, and other Indian plants 
Senna. Cassia Senna 
Seringa. Siphonia elastica 
Serpolet. Thymus Serjjyllum 
Sesamum. A variety of Sesamum orie7itale 
Shanghae. Brassica chinensis 
Siri. See Oil-plant, Lemon-grass 
Soap-nut. Sapindus emarginatus 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Oil-plant, Spear-mint. Mentlui viridis 
Spike, or Aspic. Lavandula Sjjioa and 

X. Statchas 
Spikenard. Aiidropofion Sclioenanthus 
Spurrey. Sjjertiulu stitiva 
Star-Anise. lUicium anlsattim 
Sun-flower. Ilclianthus aiinmis 
Sweet. See Oil-plant, Olive 
Sweet Marjoram. Or'ujanum Marjorana 
Tallincoonah. See Oil-plant, Kundah 
Tamana, or Dilo. Calopliylluni Ino- 

Tar. Various species of Pine-trees 
Tea. Camellia Sasanqtia 
Teuss. Arachis hypo(j(ca 
Thistle. Argemone mexicana 
Thyme. Thymus vulgaris 
Tobacco. Nicotiaiia Taiacum 
Tonquin. I>ipterix odorata 
Tuberose. Polianthes tuherosa 
Tumika. Diospyros U/nbryopteris 
Tung. Alcurites cordata 
Turpentine. Various species of Pinus 
Uggur. Aquilaria Agalloclia 
Valisaloo. See Oil-plant, Ham -til 
Verbena. Aloysia citriodora and Andro- 

2)ogon citratus 
Vetti-ver. See Oil-plant, Khus-Khus 
Violet. Viola odorata 
Walnut. Juglans regia 
Winter-green. Gaultheria j^rocumhens 
Wood. Dijiterocarjjug turMnatus and 

Chloroxylon Swietenia 
Worm-seed. Amlrrina anthelmiiitica 
Yallah. See Oil-plant, Mahoua 
Yamadou. Myristica schifera 
Zachun. Balanites (Vgyptiaca 
Zakkoum. EUeagims hortensisangustifolia 
Oil-seed. Chdzotia oleifera, lUclnus com- 

viunis, and CameVnia sativa 
" Oily-grain-plant." Sesamvm oricntale 
Okro, or Gonibo, Plant. Hibiscus {Abel- 

mo.seli lis) escule?itus 
Old-maid. Vinca rosea 
Old-man. Artemisia Aljrotanum, Clematis 

Vitalha, and Ilosmarirms oJficiiiaUs 
Old -man's -Beard. Clematis Vitalba, 
Saxifraga sarmeyitosa, Tillundsia usne- 
oides, and various species of Eqvisetum 
Old-man's-Eye-broAV. Drosera binata 
Old-man's-Head. Pilocerens senilis 
Old-woman. Arteviisia Absinthium and 

A. argentea 
Old-woman's-Bitter. Picramnia Antl- 

desma and Citharexylon cincrcuvi 
Oleander. The genus Nerium 
Common. Nerium Oleander 
Dyer's. Neriuvi ti7ictoriu»i 
Sweet-scented. Nerimri odorum 
Oleaster. The genus Ehragnvs 
P.ohemian. Ekcagnus mujnstifolia 
Silvery-leaved. Ela-agnus argentea 
Small-leaved. Ela-agnus j)arvifolia 
Variegated. Ehragnvs rcjlexa rariegata 
Olibanum. Sec Frankincense-tree 
Olive-bark Tree. Jiucida Jiuccras 

Queensland. Olea paiiiculata 
Olive-tree. The genus Olea 
Barbadocs, Wild. Bontia daphnoidea 

Olive-tree, Bastard, of Victoria. Notelaa 
Black, or Wild, of the W. Indies. Bucida 
Buceras and B. capitata. Also Xim- 
enia americana 
Botany Bay. Olea apetala 
Californian. Oreodaphne (JTuibelValaria') 

Chinese. Canarium commune 
Cultivated. Olea sativa 
False, of the Antilles. Bontia daphnoides 
Holly-leaved. Olea llicifoUa {OsmantMts 

Negro's. Terminalia Chelmla 
Spurge. Daphne Mezere^im and Ciworum 

Sweet-scented. Olea {Osmanthus) fra- 

Wild. Olea Oleaster ajxAEUeagnus angusti' 
folius. Also applied to Daplijie Thy- 
melcea and Rims Cotinus 
Wild, of India. Olea dioica and Putran- Roxburghii 
Wild, of the W. Indies. See Olive, Black 
Olive-Avood, Australian. Elaodendron aits- 
trale and E. integrifolium 
East Indian. Elceodcndron orientale 
Omander-wood. Diospyros Ebenaster 
Ombu-tree. Pircunia dioica 
Ome-tree. A corruption of " Elm-tree '" 
Omime-root. Piectranthus ternatus 
One-berry. Paris quadrifolia 
One-blade, or One-leaf. Smilacina bifoUa 
Onion. Allium Cepa 

Barbadoes. Ornithogahiin scilloides 

Bog. Osmunda regalis 

Burn, or Potato. Allium Cepa var. aggre- 

Canada. See Onion, Tree 
Catawissa. A variety of the Tree-Onion 
Ciboul. See Onion, Weksh 
Common. Varieties of Allium Cepa 
Crow. Allium vineale 
Gipsy. Allium, ursinum 
Himalayan. Allium leptophylhwi 
Potato. Allium Cepa rar. aggregatum 
Pearl. Allium Ampelojrrasum 
Purple-flowered. Allium acitminatum 
Sea. TJrginea {ScilUi) viaritima ; also ap- 
plied to Scilla verna 
Tree, or Canada. Allium C^pa 2fTolife- 

rum ( Cejta bulb if era) 
Underground. Allium Cepa rar. aggregatum 
Welsh, or Ciboul. Allium fstulosum 
Wild, American. Allium cerimum 
Onion-grass, Onion-Couch, or Onion- 
Twitch. See Grass 
Oo'dhall. See Oadal 
Opera^girls, or Dancing-girls. Mantisia 

sal til tori a 
Ople-tree. Vibur7ium Opulus 
Opopanax-plant. Opopanax Cldronium 

( PastiiMca Opopanax) 
Orache. Atriplex hortensis 

Common, or Delt. Atriplex patula 
Dog's. Che>wj>odium Vulraria 
Frosted. Atrijilex rosea 
Grass-leaved. Atriplex littoralis 
Lesser Shrubby. Atriplex portulacoides 

and Foreign Pla7its, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Oraehe, Red-leaved. Atriplex Jwrtensis 
Stalked. Atriplex pedunculata 
White. Atriplex albicans 
Wild. Various species of Atriplex and 
Orange-ball Tree. Buddlea globosa 
Orange-flower-tree. PhlladelpMi^ coro- 
Mexican. CJioisya ternata 
Orange-grass, Hypericum Sarotlira 
Orange-leaf, Otago. Coprosma lucida 
Orange Lily. See Lily 
Orange-root. Hydrastis canadensis 
Orange-thorn. The genus Citriobatiis 
Orange-tree. Citrus Auranti^im 
Australian. The genus Citrlobatus 
Bergamot. Citrus Bergamia 
Bigarade, or Bitter. See Orange, Seville 
Blood, or Maltese. Citrus Aurantium 

var. melitetisis 
Box-leaved. Citrus hixifolia 
Jamaica. Glycosmis citrifoUa 
Maltese. See Orange, Blood 
Mandarin. Citrxis twbilis var. major 
Mock. Pliiladelphus coronarius 
Osage. 3Iaclura aurantiaca 
Queensland. Citrus australis (C. Plan- 

Seville, Bigarade, or Bitter. Citrus Au- 

rantiiom var. amara 
Sumatra. Murraya sumatrana 
Sweet. Citrtis Aura?iti2im 
Tangerine. Citrus nobilis var. minor or 

Wild, of the W. Indies. Brypetes glauca 
Orehal, Orchel, Orchil, or Archall. Roccella 

Orchanet. A corruption of " Alkanet " 
Orchard-grass. See Grass 
Orchard-weed. Anthriscus sylvestris 
Orchella-weed. Various species of Roccella 
Orcheston Grass. See Grass 
Orchid, Almond-scented. Odontoglosswni 
Armadillo's-tail. Oncidirim Sprucei 
Bartram's Tree. Epidendrum conopseum 
Boat-lip. The genus Scaphyglottis 
Butterfly. Oncidiicm Papilla 
Citron-scented. Odontoglossum citrosmum 
Coral-root. The genus Corallorrliiza 
Cow-horn. SchomburgJiia tlblcinis 
Cowslip-scented. Vandafurva 
Dove. The genus Peristeria 
Dragon's-mouth. Epidendrwni macro- 

Earthy-scented. The genus Geodorum 
Florida Tree. Epldendrium conopseum and 

E. veTwsrim 
Hair. The genus Trlchosma 
Helmet. The genus Coryanthes 
" King of the Woods." AncBctochilus seta- 

Long-spurred. Angra;cum sesquipedale 
Medusa's-head. Cirrliopetalum Caput- 

Monk's-Cowl. The genus Pterygodiu/m 
Mouse-tail. Bendrobium Myosurus 
Purple-lip. Vanilla claviculata 

Orchid, Rattle-snake. The genus Pholidota 
Scarlet-flowered. Sojylironitls grandijim-a 

and Lcella liarpophylla 
Spectral-flowered. MasdevalUa Chlmara 
Spread-eagle. Oncldlum carthaginense 
Table Mountain. Bisa grandijiora 
Violet-scented. Od,ontoglossum Warnerl 
Woman's-cap. The genus Thelymitra 
Orchids, Queen of the. Grammatophyllv itt 

Orchis, Adder's-mouth. The genus Micro- 
Ape. Orchis Simla 
Aromatic. Gymnadenia Conopsea 
Ash-coloured. Orchis tephrosantlws 
Bee. Ophrys apifera 
Bell. The genus Codonorchls 
Bird's-head. Ornithocephalus gladiatus 
Bird's-nest. Neottia Nidus-avis 
Black Spider. Opihrys arachnites 
Bog. Malaxis paludosa 
Breeze-fly. Ophrys tabanifera 
Brown. Ophrys fusca 
Bug. Orchis coriophora 
Bumble-bee. Ophrys bombylifera 
Butterfly. Habenaria chlorantha and H. 

Calypso. Calypso borealis 

Crane-fly. Tipularla discolor 

Cuckoo. Orchis mascula 

Dark-flowered. Orchis nigra (^Nigritella 

Dog. The genus Cynorcliis 

Drone. Ophrys fucif era 

Dwarf. Orchis ustulata 

Elder-scented. Orchis sambuclna 

False. The genus Platantlwra 

Fen. Liparls Lceselli 

Fly. Ophrys muscifera 

Fool. Orchis Morlo 

Fragrant. Gymnadenia Conopsea and G. 

Frog. Habenaria viridis 

Grass-Pink. Calopogon pulchellus 

Great Fringed. HabeJiaria (JPlatantkera') 

Green-Man. See Orchis, Man 

Green-winged. Orchis Morlo 

Guernsey. Orchis laxljiora 

Hand. Orchis maculata 

Heart-flowered. Serapias cordigera 

Horned. Ophrys cornuta 

Horse-shoe. Ophrys Ferrti/)n-equlnum. 

Lady. Orchis purpurea 

Leafy. Orchis folwsa 

Lizard. Orchis hircina 

Loesel's. Ophrys Lceselli 

Long-bracted. Orchis Bobertiana and 
0. longibracteata 

Long-spurred Algerian. Orchis longical- 

Looking-glass. Ophrys Speculum 

Loose-flowered. Orchis laxljiora 

Man, or Green-Man. Aceras anthro- 

Madeira. Orchis foUosa 

Marsh. Orchis latifolla 

May. Orchis majalis 

Military. Orchis milltaris 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Orchis, Monkey. Orchis tcplirosanthos 
Musk. HermlniuM Monorchis 
Pale-flowered. Orchis jiallens 
?\iX\Ae. Orchis mascula 
Purple Butterfly. Orchis papilioTiacea 
Pui-ple Fringed. Halenaria fivihriata 
Purple-spotted Broad-leaved. Orchis lati- 

folia rar. La got is 
Pj'ramidal. Orchis pyramidalis 
Eagged Fringed. Hahcnaria lacera 
Kein. The genus Ilahenaria 
Salep. Orchis JMorio 
Saw-fly. Ophrxjs tenthredinifera 
Saw-fly, Small. Ophrys tenthredinifera 

var. mi7u>r 
Scarlet Dark-flowered. JVigritella coccinea 
Showj^ American. Orchis spectabilis 
Snake's-mouth. Pogonia (phioglossoides 
Spider. Ophrys aranifera and O. arach- 
Spider, Bordered. Ophrrjs aranifera var. 

Spider, Common or Early. Ophrys arani- 
Spider, Late. Ophrys arachnites 
Spider-like. Ophrys arachnoidcs 
Spotted. Orchis viaculata 
Surrey. Habenaria nivea 
Tawny. Orchis fusca 
Three-birds. Pogonia {Trijjhord) pendula 
Tongue-flowered. Scrap ias Lingua 
Wasp. Ophrys vespifera 
"V\liite Butterfly. Habenaria nivea 
White Fringed. Habenaria blephari glottis 
White Prairie. Habenaria leucophcea 
Woodcock. Ophrys Scolopax 
Yellow. Ophrys lutea 
Yellow Fringed. Habenaria ciliaris 
Yellow Fringed, Small. Habenaria crisfata 
Ordeal - tree, Hottentot's. ToxicojMcca 
(Acocanthera) TImnbergii 
Of Madagascar. Tanghinia (^Cerbera) 

Of W. Africa. Erythrophlasvm, guineense 
Ore, Ore-weed, or Oar-weed. Pucus vesicu- 
losns, P. serratus, and Laminaria digitata 
Organ, Organs, or Organy. Origanv/in vul- 

garc and Mentha Pidegium 
Orphan-John. Sec Orpine 
Orpine, or Or^^han-John. Sedum Telephium 
Bastard, or False. Andrachne telcpliioides 
Evergreen. Sedum Anacamjjscros 
Stone. Sedum rrjlcntm 
Tree. Telephium Imperati 
Orris-root. The root of Iris germanica, I. 

pallida, and I. Plorentina 
Osier, or Ozicr, Common. Salix viminalis 
Fine Basket. Salix pur pit/rea var. Porhyana 
Golden. Salix vitelUna and Myrica Gale 
Green. Cornus florida 
Purple. Salix piwpnrea 
Red. Salix rubra 
Velvet. Salix viminalis 
Osmund the Water-man. Osmunda 

Oso-berry-tree. A'ntftillia crrasiformis 
Ouler, or Owler. A comiption of "Alder" 
Our-Lady-of-New-Chapel's Flower. Sec 

Ova-ova. Monotropa uniflora 

"Overlook," of Jamaica. Canaralia 

Owm. A corruption of " Elm " 

Owala-tree. Pcntaclethra macrophylla 

Owl's Crown. Pilago gcrmanica 

Ox-balm. See Balm 

Ox-berry. Tamns commimis 

Ox-eye. The genus BujMlialmum ; also 
Adonis vernalis 
American. Heliopsis Icsvis 
Creeping. Wedclia carnosa 
Great. Pyrethrum vliginosiim 
Heart-leaved. Piiphthalmu/n speeiosuin 
Miniature Sun-flower. Jf( liojjsis Icevis 
Sea-side. Borrich ia frutcscens 
Sweet-scented. Buphthalmmn aqitaticum 
Willow-leaved. Buphthahmvm, salidfoliMm 

Ox-eye-Daisy. See Daisy 

Yellow. Buphthalmum salicifolinm 

Oxford Weed. LivAiria Cymbalaria 

Ox-heel. Helleborus fwtidus 

Ox-horn. Bucida Buceras 

Ox-lip. Pri?mila clatiur ; also applied to 
P. I'ariabilis and P. vulgaris caulescens 
Bardfield, or True. Primula elatior 
Blue. Primula elatior var. caerulea 

Ox- tongue. Helminthia echioides ; also 
applied to several plants with rough 
leaves, such as Borago and Anchusa 

Oxytrope, Brilliant-flowered. Oxytrojiis 
Fetid. Oxijtropis fo'tida 
Purple-flowered. Oxytropis uralensis 
Pyrenean. Oxytropis pyrenaica 
Yellow-flowered. O.vytropis campestris 

Oyster, Vegetable. Tragopogon porrifoliv^ 

Oyster-green. JJlva Lactuca 
Broad-leaved. TJlva latissima 

" Oysterloit." An old name for Polygonum 

Oyster-plant. Mertensia maritima 
Spanish. Scolymus his2)anicus 

Ozier. See Osier 

Paardepis-tree. Hippolrromus alatus 
Pacay-tree. Inga Pcuillei 
Paddle-w^ood. Aspidosperma excelsum 
Paddock-pipes. The genus Eqxiisetwn 
Paddock-stools. See Toad-stool 
Paddy. Another name for unhusked Rice 
Pseony. The genus Pwonia 

Anemone - flowered. Pceonia anem/)na:~ 

Chinese Tree. Pceonia Montan 
Common Garden. Varieties of Pceonia 

Dwarf. Pceonia humilis 
Edible-rooted. Pceonia edulis 
" English." Pceonia cimillirui 
Fennel-leaved. Ptconia tenuifolia 
Large-llnwcred Scented. Pceonia odorata 

Lobed-lcaved. Pcconiu hbafa 
Ram's-horn-fruited. Pceo7iiu arietina 
Siberian. Pceonia sibirica 
Slender-leaved. Pceonia tenuifolia 
Soft-leaved. Pceonia mollis 
Steep Holmes, or Wild. Pceonia corallina 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Pseony, Tree. Paonia Moutan 

Tree, Banks's. Pceonia Moutan Banksii 
Tree, Poppy-flowered. Pceonia Moutan 

Tree, Eosy-flowercd. PcBonia Moutan rosea 
White-flowered. Pceonia alhiflora 
Pagoda-tree, Chinese or Japanese. SopTwra 
E. Indian. Fieus indica 
' W. Indian. Plumieria alba 
Pai-eha-wood. Euonynms Sieioldianus 
Pagle. An old name for Stellaria 
Paigle. Priimda veris 
Paint-root. Laclinantlies tinctoria 
Painted-Cup, Scarlet. Castilleia coccinea 
Painted-grass. See Grass 
Pak-choi. See Cabbage, Chinese 
Palay, or Ivory-tree, of the B. Indies. Various 

species of Wrlghtla 
Palissander, or Palixander-wood. Another 

name for Rose-wood and Violet-wood 
Palillos-tree. Campomanesia UnearifoUa 
Palm. A general name for trees of the 
Palmce family; applied also to Salix 
Caprea and Taxus haccata 
Acuyuni. Astrocanjum acioleatwn 
Alesandi'a. Ptycliosperma Alexandres 
Areng. Saguerus ( Gomxdus) saccliarlfera 
Aricuri, or Aracuri. Cooos scMzoplvylla 
Assai. Euterpe eduUs 
Australian Feather. The genus Ptyclios- 

Bacaba. (Enocarpus Patava 
Bamboo. Rapliia vinifera 
Bangalow. Seaforthia {Ptycliosperma) 

Betel-nut. Areea Catechu 
Blowing-cane. Iriartea setigera 
Bourbon. The genus Latania 
Brazilian Coast. Diplotliemium mariti- 

Broom. Attalea funifera and Ihr'max 

Buriti. Maiiritia vinifera 
Bussu. Manicaria saccifera 
Cabbage. Orendoxa {Areca) oleracea and 

Chamcerops Palmetto 
Cabbage, Australian. Livistona ( CorypTia) 

austral is 
Cabbage, N. S. Wales. Seaforthia (PtyeJios- 

per7)ia) elegans 
Cabbage, New Zealand. CordyliTie {Dra- 

ccena) australis 
Caian§. Elceis melanococca 
Carana. Mauritia Carana 
Carnaiiba. Copernicia cerifera 
Catechu. Areca Catechu 
Central and W. Australian. Livistona 

Chiqui-Chiqui. Mauritia flexuosa 
Chusan. Chamcerops Fortunei 
Club. The genus Cordyline 
Cocoa-nut. Cocos nuclfera 
Cocoa-nut, Double, or Sea. Zodoicea Sey- 

Cohune. Attalea Cohwie 
Coquito. Jtihcea sj?ectaMlis 
Coyoli. Acrocomia viexica7ia 
Crown. Maximiliajia caribcea 

Palm, Cumari. Asfrooaryuin vulgare 
Curly. Kentia Belmoreana 
Cusi, or Cusich. Orbicjnya phalerata 
Date. Phoenix dactylifera 
Date, Slender. Phwnix tenuis 
Date, Wild. Phoenix sylvestris 
Deleb. Borassus (?) JEthiopum 
Dragon's-blood. Calamus Braco 
European. Chamcerops humllis 
Fan. A name applied to any Palm which 

has fan-shaped leaves 
Fan, Dwarf. Chamcerops humilis 
Fan, Great. Borassus flabelliformis and 

Corypha umbraculifera 
Fan, Jamaica. Sahal Blachhirniana and 

»S'. umbraculifera 
Fan, Jamaica, Small-flowered. Thrina,c 

Fan, Nepaul. Chamcerops excelsa 
Fan, N. S. Wales. Livistona australis 
Fan, Shang-hae. Chamcerops Fortunei 
Fern. Cycas revoluta and other species 
Gebang. Corypha Qebanga 
Gipp's-land. Livistona aihstralis 
Gomuti. Saguerus ( Gomutus) sacchariferch 
Grigi. Aiphanes corallina 
Gru-gru. Astrocarywn tndgare and Acro- 
comia sclerocarpa 
Hemp. Chamcerops excelsa 
lUawarra. Ptychosperma Cunninglianiii 
Inija. Maximiliana regia 
Iraiba. Cocos oleracea 
Ita. Mauritia flexuosa 
111. Astrocaryum acaule 
Ivory-nut. Phytelephas macrocarpa 
Jacitara. Besmoncus macracantlios 
Jaggery. Caryota urens 
Jagua. Maximiliana regia 
Jani. Leopoldinia jndchra 
Jar^-assu. Leopoldinia major 
Jupati. Raphia tcedigera 
Khujjoor, or Khurjurah. Plicenix sylves- 
Lord Bentinck's. Bentinchia coddapanna 
Macaw. Acrocomia fusiformis (J., sclero- 

Marajah. Bactris Maraja 
Miriti, or Morici. Mauritia flexxLosa 
Mucuja. Acrocomia lasiospatha 
Murumuru. Astrocaryum Murumuru 
New Zealand. Areca sapida 
Nibung. Oncosperma filamentosa 
Nikau. Areca \Kentia') sapida 
Norfolk Island. Kentia Baueri 
" Northamptonshire." Salix caprea 
Oil. Elceis guineensis and Cocos butyracea 
Palmetto. Sabal (^Chamcerops) Palmetto 
Palmetto, Blue. Chamarops (Bapidophyl- 

luvi) Hystrix 
Palmetto, Cabbage. Cliamcerops {SabaV) 

Palmetto, Humble. Carludovica insignis 
Palmetto, Eoyal. T7iri')uix jJarviflora and 

Sabal umbraculifera 
Palmetto, Saw. Cliamcerops serrulata 
Palmetto, Silver-leaved. Thrinax argentea 
Palmetto, Small. The genus Carludovica 
Palmyra. Borassus flabelliformis 
Panama-hat. Carludovica palmata 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Palm, Parlour. Aspidistra ht/rida 
Fashiuba. Iriartca exorrhiza 
Patawa. (Erwcarpus Patava 
Peach. Chuiliclvia sjjeciosa 
Piassaba. Attalca funifera and Leo- 

poldinia Piassaba 
Pinang. Areca Catechu 
Pindova. Attalca compta 
Princess Alexandra's. Ptychospemia Alcx- 

Pumos. Copemicia Pumos 
Raffia, or Koffia. Raphia Ruffia and R. 

Rasp. Iriartea exorrhiza 
Kope. The genus Bcemoiwrops 
Sago. Sagus Icevis, S. Rumpfiii, and Cycas 

Sago, Bastard. Caryota iirens 
Sago, Japanese. Cycas revoluta 
Sago, Moluccas. Sagus farinif era 
Sago, Prickly. Sagus liumphli 
Tal, or Tala. liorassu» JlabcUiformis 
Taliera, or Tara. Corypha Taliera 
Talipot. Corypha ■umhraculifera 
Thatch. Sabal Blackburniaiia 
Tiger-grass. ChamcBrops Ritchieana 
Toddy. Caryota iirens 
Toko-pat. lAvistona JenMiisiana 
Troolie. Manicaria saccifera 
Tucumu. Astrocaryum Tucuviu 
Umbrella. Kentia Cant erb^iry ana 
Urucuri. Attalea excelsa 
Walking-stick. Areca {Kentia) monostachya 
Wax, Brazil. Copernicia cerifera 
Wax, New Granada. Ceroxylon (^Iriartea) 

\Miip-stick. Kentia {Areca) monostachya 
Wine, Brazilian. Maurifia vinifcra 
Wine, E. Indian. Caryota ure7is, Phwnix 

sylvestris, and Borassus Jlabclli^'ormis 
Wine, Guiana. (Enocarjms Patava and 

Manicaria saccifera 
Wine, Moluccas. Gomutns saccharifera 
Wine, New Granada. Cocos hutyracea 
Wine, Ptoyal. Oreodoxa regia 
Wine, W. African. Raphia vinifcra 
Zanora. Iriartea exorrhiza 
Palm-bark-tree. Melaleuca Wilsoni 
Palm-butter. Another name for Palm- 
Palm-honey-tree. Juba-a spectabilis 
Palma-Christi. Bici/ius coiuvmnis 
Palmetto. Sec Palm, Palmetto 
Palmite-Rush. Prionium Palmita 
Palmyra- tree. Borassusjlabelliformis 
Palo - de - Vaca, or Cow-tree. Brosimum 

Palo-Santo-tree. Srvartzia tomentosa 
Palsy-wort. An old name for Primula 

Pameroon-bark Tree. Moschoxylon Swar- 

Pampas Grass. Gynfrivm argcntcum 

Kosy-spikod. Gyncriuni roscum 
Panama-IIat-tree. (Airludovica palmata 
Panay. Prunella vulgaris 
Panick-grass. Sec Grass 
Pansy. Viola tricolor and vars. 
Australian. Urpefion reniforvie 

Papaw-tree. Carica Papaya 

Virginian. Asimina {Anona) triloba 
Paper - bark - tree. Various species of 

Paper - Mulberry - tree. Broussonetia 

Paper-reed, or Paper-rush, of the Nile, or 
of the Ancients. Papyrus antiqiwnmn 
{Cyperus Papyrus') 
Fragrant. Papyrus odoratus 
Sicilian, or Syrian. Papyrus syriaeus 
Paper-tree, of Siam. Trophis aspera 
Pappoose - root. Caulophyllum thalic- 

Paradise, Grains of. The seeds of Amomuin 

Parasol, Chinese. Sterculia platanifolia 
Parasol Fir-tree. See Fir-tree 
Parchment - bark. Pittosporum crassi- 

Pareira Brava - plant, VHiite. Abuta 
False. Cissampelos Pareira 
Parilla, YeUow. Menispermum canadense 
Paris. See Herb-Paris 
Park-leaves. Hypericum Androscemumi, 
Parnassus, Grass of. See Grass 
Paroquet-Bur. The genus Triumfetta 
Parrot-beak-plant. The genus Clianthus 
Parrot-weed. Bocconia frutescens 
Parrot's-bill, of New Zealand. Clianthus 

Parsley. The genus Petroselinum. Applied 
also to various other plants 
Asses'. See Parsley, Fool's 
Bastard, or Bur. The genus Caiccalis, 

especially C. daucoides 
Beaked. The genus Aivthrisciis 
Black. Melanoselinum decipiens 
Bur. See Parsley, Bastard 
Corn. Petroselinum segetum 
Cow. ChwrophylVwni temulwn and C. 

Dog's. See Parsley, Fool's 
Fool's, Asses', or Uog's. ^Jthu^a Cynapiuvt 
Garden. Petroselinum sativum 
Hamburgh. A variety of Petroselinuv» 

Hedge. Torilis Anthriscus 
Hemlock. The genus Conioselinum 
Horse. Smyrnium Olusatrum 
Macedonian. Athamanta macedonica 
Marsh. lEnanthe Lachenalii and the 

genus EUeoselimivi 
Jleadow. (Knanthe pimpliwlloides 
IMilk. Peucedanum palustre 
Mountain. Peucedamim Oreoselinum 
Square. Ptychotis hetcrophylla 
Stone. Sison Avwmum 
Thorough-bored. An old name for Smyr- 
nium a/)iif(>lium 
Parsley-Fern. See Fern 
Parsley-Piert. Alchrmilla arvoisi^ 
Parsnip, Common. Pastinaca sativa 
Giant. The genus Heracleum 
Cow. Heracleum Spho7uiylium 
Maori. Bigvsticum Lyalli 
^Icadow. 'J'lie genus 7'hasjnu^i 
Hough. Pastinaca Opojmnax 

a7id Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Parsnip, Sea. The genus EcMnojilwra, 

especially JH. sjnnpsa 
Victorian. Tracliymene australis 
Water. The genus Siii/m 
Water, Common. Sium latifoliiim 
Wild. Peucedamim sativum 
Partridge-berry. Oaultheria proawihens 

and Mitchella repcns 
"Partridge-wood." Supposed to be the 

wood of Atulira inermis 
Pasque-flower. Anemone Pulsatilla 
American. Anemone jjatens var. Nut- 

Haller's. Anemone Halleri 
Mountain. Anemoiie montana 
Passe-flower. Another name for Pasque- 
Passion-flower. The genus Passijtora 
Australian. Disemma (Passijiora) Her- 

hertiana and D. coccinea {Passiflora') 

Bat-winged. Passijlora VespertUio 
Blood-red. Tacsonia sanguinea 
Buchanan's. Tacsonia Buclianani 
Common Blue. Passijlora ccerulea 
Crimson. Passijlora kermesina 
Edible-fruited. Passijlora edidis 
Hardy. Passijlora ccerulea, P. glauco- 

2)hylla, and P. incarnata 
Lime-tree-leaved. Passijlora tilitpfolia 
New Zealand. Passijlora tetrandra 
Norfolk Island. Passijlora (^Pisemma) 

Pumpkin, or Large-fruited. Passijlora 

Racemed. Passijlora racemosa (P. 2)'>'i'>''- 

Square-stalked. Passijlora quadrangularis 
Van Volxem's. Tacsonia Van Volxemi 
Vine-leaved. Passijlora vitifolia 
Patchouli Plant. Coleus aromaticus 
Patience-Dock. P.umex Patientia 
Pecan-nut-tree. See Nut-tree 
Peg- wood. Cornus sangxdnea and Euonymus 

Pea. A name applied to various plants of 

the Papilionacea; family 
Angola. Cajamis indlcus 
Black-eyed. DoUclws sjjhwrospernms 
Black-rooted. Orobus niger 
Butterfly. Clitoria Mariana 
Congo. Cajanus indicus bicolor 
Darling Eiver. Swainsona Greyana 
Earth. Lathyrus ampliicarinLS 
Earth-nut. Latliyrus tuberosus 
Egyptian. Cicer ariettnum 
Everlasting. Lathxjrus sylvestris var. lati- 

Everlasting, Californian. Latliyrus cali- 

Everlasting, Large-flowered. Lathyrus 

Everlasting, Mountain. Lathyrus mo7i- 

Everlasting, Kosy-flowered. Lathyrus 

Everlasting, Eound-leaved. Lathyrus ro- 

Everlasting, Siberian. Lathyrus jpisiforviis 

Pea, Everlasting, Sibthorpe's. Lathyrus Sih- 

Everlasting, Tuberous-rooted. Lathyrus 

Field, or Gray. Pisu7n sativmri var. arvense 
Flat. The genus Platylobiuvi 
French. See French Peas 
Garden. Varieties of Pisum sativum 
Grass. Lathyrus NissoUa 
Gray. See Pea, Field 
Ground-squirrel. Jeffersonia dipliyVa 
Heart. Cardiospermum Halicacabimt 
Heath. Orobus tuberosus 
Hoary. The genus Tephrrosia 
Lord Anson's. Lathyrus magellanicus 
Love. Abrus jjrecatorius 
Marrow-fat. A variety of Pisum sativum 
Marsh. Lathyrtis jjalustris 
Meadow. Lathyrus jJratensis 
Milk. The genus Galactia 
Mouse. Lathyrus macrorrhizus 
"No-eye." Cajanus indicus Jlavus 
Orange. Small unripe fruit of the Curagao 

Partridge. Heisterla coccinea and Cassia 

Pigeon. Ervum Ervilia 
Pigeon, of the W. Indies. Cajanus indicus 
Poison, of Australia. The genus Swainsona 
Red Pottage. Ervum Lens 
Rosary. The seeds of Abrus precatoritis 
Rough. Lathyrus Idrsutus 
Salisbury, of Australia. Goodia latifolin 
Scurfy. The genus Psoralea 
Sea-side. Pisum maritimum (^Lathyrus 

Sensitive. Cassia nictitans 
Shamrock. Parochetus communis 
Spear. Dorycniumfruticosum 
Spurred Butterfly. The genus Centrosema 
Sturt's Desert. Clianthus Bampieri 
Sugar. A name given to some varieties of 

Pisxhm sativum which have tender edible 

Swainson. The genus Swainsona 
Sweet. Lathyrus odoratus 
Sweet, Everlasting. Lathyrus latifolius 

and vars. 
Tangier. Lathyrus tingitanus 
Tuberous-rooted. Orobus tuberosus 
Wild Turkey. Corydalis formosa 
Winged. The genus Tetragoiwlobus 
Winged, Purple-flowered. Tetragonolobus 

Wood. Lathyrus sylvestris and Orobus 

Yellow - flowered. Pisum Ochrus and 

Lathyrus Aphaca 
Pea-bush, Burton's. Burtonia scabra 
Pea-flower, Viknorin's Purple. Vilmorinia 

Pea- nut, American. Arachis hypogcea 
Hog. Amphicarpcea monoica 
Madagascar, or Bambarra. Voandzeia sub- 

Pea-tree. The genus Sesbania 
Chinese. Caragana Chamlagu 
Coral. Adenanthera jyavoiuna 
Siberian. The genus Caragana 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Pea-tree, Siberian, Common. Caragana 

Siberian, Flat-podded. Caragana Altagana 
Siberian, G oat's-horn-like. Ca/ragaiia traga- 

Siberian, Large- flowered. Ca/ragana gramdA- 

Siberian, Maned. Caragana juTjata 
Siberian, Pigmy. Caragana jjygmaa 
Siberian, RedowsM's. Caragana lledcmskii 
Siberian, Sand. Caragana arenaria 
Siberian, Shrubby. Caragana frutescens 
Siberian, Small-leaved. Caragana miero- 

Siberian, Soft-leaved. Caragana mollis 
Siberian, Thorny. Caragana sjnnosa 
West Indian. ^schjnomene (^Agati) 

W. Indian Swamp. Sesiania occidentalis 
" Pea- vine," Californian. The genus Vicia 
Peach-tree. Amggdalus jjersica and vars. 
AWcan. Sarcocej)halil$ esculenttis 
Almond. Amygdalus communis var. j^er- 

Australian. Santalwn acuminatimi 
Camellia-flowered. Amygdalus i)er^ca 

sinensis camellia>Jlora 
Carnation-flowered. Amygdalus j?ersi<?a 

sinensis caryojyliy Hi flora 
Common. Amygdalus ^^ersica i"ulgaris 
Double - blossomed. Amygdalus jaersica 

rn 1 gar is flore-pleno 
Double Crimson Chinese. Amygdahis per- 

sica sine7isisfl.-j)l. sanguineo 
Double "White Chinese. Amygdalus persica 

sinensis fl.-jjl. alho 
Double-fruited. Amygdalus persica vul- 
garis fruct\L-pleno 
Flat-fruited. Amygdalus j^crsica vulgaris 

var. compressa 
Guinea, Negro, or Sierra Leone. Sarco- 

cephalus esculentus 
Negro. See Peach, Guinea 
Purple-leaved. Amygdalus j^^rsica foliis 

Sierra Leone. See Peach, Guinea 
Spanish. Amygdalus persica vulgaris var . 

Variegated-leaved. Amygdalus persica 

vulgaris foliis variegatis 
Weeping. Amygdalus persica vulgaris 

rar. pendula 
Wliite-flowered. Amygdalus persica inil- 

garis rar. alba 
Peach-Myrtle. JTypncalymma rolmstum 
Peach-wood, or Nicaragua-wood. Casal- 

pinia rrhinata 
Peaeh-V7ort. Polygonum Persiearia 
Peacock-floAver, Ca-saljnnia pulcherrima 

Itoyal. J'oinciana, regia 
Peacock Flower-fence. Adenanthera 

Peacock Treasure-flower. Oazania pa- 

Peacock's-tail Sea-weed. Padlnajfavoiiia 
Pear-tree. The genus J*yrvs 
Alligator. Pcrsea carolinrnMS 
Alpine. Pyrvs Jiiralis 
Anchovy. Grias cauUflora 

Pear-tree, Aurelian, or Sage-leaved. Pyrvs 
Avocado. Persea gratissima 
Birch-leaved. Pyr^is hctulafoUa 
BoUwj' ller. Pyrus BvllicyllerianM 
Chinese. Pyrus sinensis 
Common. Varieties of Pyrus communis 

GarUc. Crata^va gynandra and C. Tapia 
Grape. Amelanclder Botryapiu/in 
Mount Sinai. Pyrus sinaica 
Notched-leaved. Pyrus crenata 
Oleaster-leaved. Pyrus elaagnifolia 
Prickly. Cactus Opuntia 
Prickly, Hardy. Opuntia Pafiiiesquiana, O 

Immilis, and 0, missouriejisis 
Sage-leaved. See Pear, Aurelian 
Snow. Pyrus nivalis 
Straw-berry. Cereus triangxdaris 
Three-lobed-leavcd. Pyrus trilohata 
Variable-leaved. Pyrus variolosa 
Weeping. Pyrus spuria pendula 
AMiite-leaved. Pijrus nivalis 
Wild, of the W. Indies. Clethra tini- 

Willow-leaved. Pyrus salicifolia 
Wooden, of Australia. Xylomelum pyri- 
Pear-main. A variety of Apple 
Pearl-berry. Margyricarpus setosus 
Pearl-bush. Exochorda (Spiraea) grandi- 

Pearl-grass. See Grass 
Pearl-plant. Lithospcrmum officinali' 
Pearl-w^ort. The genus Sagina 

Lawn. Sagina glahra var. Corsica {Spcr- 
gula pilifera') 
" Pearls-of-Spain." Muscari totry aides 

var. album 
Pee-put, or Piput, tree. Ficus religiosa 
Pelican-flower. Aristolochia grandiflora 

Mexican. Cypripvdium Irapcanum 
" Pellamountain." An old name for T/ig- 

mus Serpyllum 
Pellitory. Pyrcthrum Parthenium 
American. Parietaria pennsylvajiica 
Bastard. Achillea Ptarmica 
New Zealand. Parietaria dehilis 
Of-Spain. Anacyclus Pyrethrum 
Of-Spain, False. Jmperatoria Ostruthium 
Of-the-Wall. Parietaria oliicinaUs 
Pelu-tree. Sojihora tetraptera 
Penang Lawyers. Licuala acutifida 
Pencil-flower. The genus Styhsantlics 

Carolina. Stylosanthes elatior 
Pencil-tree. Jiaccharis halimifolia 
Pengviin, or Pinguin, Plant. Bromelia 

Penny-cress. Tlilaspi ari-ense 
" Penny-pies." The leaves of Cotyledon 

Penny-rot. Jlydrocotylr vulgaris 
Penny-royal. Mentha Pule'gium 
American. ITedeoma puleginides 
Bastard, or False. Trichostemma dichoto- 

mnm and Isanthus eo'ruleus 
Ecquicn's. Mentha Jlequieni {TJiynnn cm-- 
Penny-royal-tree. Satnreia v^iminea 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


I*enny-"wort, or Penny-leaf. Linaria 

House-leek. Utiibilicus clirysanthus 

Indian. Hydrocotyle asiatica 

Marsh. Hydrocotyle xmlgaris 

Spiny. Umillieus S2n7wsus 

Wall. Cotyledon Umbilicus 
Pentstemon, Bearded. Pentstemon iarda- 

Bell-flowered. Pentstemon canipanulatibs 

Centranthus-leaved. Pentstemon centran- 

Cobfea-flowered. Pentstemon Cobcea 

Common. Pentstemon yentianoides {P. 

Dwarf. Pentstemon Jmmills and P. 

Flame-coloured. Pentstemon latus 

Foxglove. Pentstemon Digitalis 

Oentian-blue. Pentstemon Jaffrayanus 

Glaucous. Pentstemon glaucus 

Graceful. Pentstemon argutus 

Xiewis's. Pentstemon Leivisii 

Murray's. Pentstemon Murrayanns 

Oval-leaved. Pentstemon ovatus 

Palmer's. Pentstemon Palmeri 

Pointed-leaved. Pentstemon acuminatus 

Scarlet-flowered. Pentstemon j)uniceus 

Scouler's. Pentstemon Scoulerl 

Showy. Pe7itstemon sjjeclosus 

Side-flowered. Pentstemoii seeundlflorus 

Spreading. Pentstemon diffusus 

Thick-leaved. Pentstemon crassifolius 

Torrey's. Pentstemon Torreyi 

Whorled. Pentstemon confertus (P. pro- 

Wright's. Pentstemon WrigMii 
Peony, Another name for Pteony 
Pepper. The genus Pinter. Applied also 
to various other plants 

African. Hahzella cstMojnca (^Xylojna 

Anise. Xantlioxylon mandsclmricum 

Australian. Tasmmmia {Drimys') aro- 
matica and Scliinus molle 

Bell. Capsicum grossum 

Betel. Chavlca Betel 

Bird. Capsicum haccatmn 

Bird's-eye. The genus Capsicum 

Bitter, or Star. Xantlioxylon Daniellii 

Black, of W. Africa. Piper {Cuheba) 

Bonnet. Ca2)sicum tetragonum 

Boulon. Hahzella cetliioplca 

Cahfornian. Schinus molle 

Cayenne, Chilli, Guinea, or Eed. Capsi- 
cum anmmm and C. fastigiatumi 

Cherry. Cajisicum cerasiforme 

Chilli. See Pepper, Cayenne 

Chinese, or Japanese. Xantlioxylon 

Cubeb, or Java. Cuieha officinalis 

Ethiopian. Hahzella atlilopica 

False. Schinus molle 

Goat. Capsicum frutescens 

Guinea. Capsicum annuum. (See also 
Pepper, Negro) 

Japanese. See Pepper, Chinese 

Java. See Pepper, Cubeb 

Pepper, Long. Chavlca officlnarum and C. 
Malaguetta, or Melegueta. Amomum 

Monkey. Hahzella cethiopica 
Monks'. Vltex Agnus-castus 
Mountain. Capparis slnaica 
Negro, or Guinea. Hahzella (sthioplca 

and Xantlioxylon gulneense 
N. S. Wales. Brimys dlpetala 
New Zealand. Brimys axillaris 
New Zealand Native. Macropiper ex- 

Eed. See Pepper, Cayenne 
Spur. Capsicum frutescens 
Star. Xantlioxylon Daniellii 
Tasmanian. Brimys aromatica 
Wall. Sedxim acre 
Water. Polygonum Hydroplper and Ela- 

tlne Hydroplper 
Wild, E. Indian. Vltex trifolia 
Pepper-brand Fungus. See Fungus 
Pepper-bush. Andromeda racemosa 

Sweet. Clethra tlnlfolla 
Pepper-dulse. Laurcnclapinnatifida 
Pepper Elder. The genus Piperoma 
Pepper-grass. See Grass 
Pepperidge. Nyssa multiflora (iV. syl- 

Pepper-mint, Australian. Mentha aus- 
Chinese. Mentha arvensis glahrata 
Common. Mentha piperita 
Japanese. Mentha arvensis var. piper- 

Small. Thymus Plperella 
Peppermint-tree, Australian. Eucalyptus 
amygdallna, E. capitellata, E. corlacea, 
E. odorata, and E. piperita 
Tasmanian. Eucalyptus piperita and E. 
Pepper-rod. Cretan huniilis 
Pepper-root, American. The genus Ben- 
tar I a 
Pepper-Saxifrage. Sllaus 2}ratensis 
Pepper-A?vood. Lica^iia guianensis and 

Blcypelllum caryopliyllatum 
Pepper-wort. The genus Lepidnvm, espe- 
cially L. latlfolmm 
Water. Polygonum Hydroplper 
Water, Small. Elatine Hydroplper 
Peri-root, of New Zealand. Gastrodia 

Periwinkle. The genus Vinca 

Dark-purple-flowered. Vinca minor var. 

Double Purple. Vinca minor fl.-pl. pur- 

E. Indian, or Eosy-flowered. Vinca rosea 
Herbaceous. Vinca herhacea 
Italian. Vinca acutiloba 
Large. Vinca major 
Madagascar. Vinca rosea 
Small. Vinca minor 
Variegated-leaved. Vinca major var. ele- 

gantissima and other varieties 
White-flowered. Vi^ica minor var. alba 
White-flowered Indian. Vinca rosea var. 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

" Persicaria," or Persicary. Polygonum 

Persimmon-tree. Diospi/ros virginlana 

Mexican. JJiuspyros 'Tcxana 
Peru, Halsam-of. Myroxyloii {Myrosper- 

■m um) Perui/irum 
Peruvian-bark Tree. Various species of 
Cinchoiui, tlie best of wliich are C. offici- 
nulls, C. Calisaya, and C. succiruhra 
Peruvian-Glory-bush. See Glory-bush 
Peter's (St.)-wort. The genus Symphorl- 
eurj/us, llyjjirieiou quadraiigulum, Ascy- 
rum stans, and Primula veris 
Mountain. Symphoricarims montana 
Peter's-sperm. A corruption of Pittos- 

Pe-tsai. See Cabbage, Chinese 
Pettigree, or I'ettigrue. Ruscus aculcatus 
Petty-Whin, See Whin 
Petunia, Common white. Pettmia nycta- 

Pet-wood. Berry a mollis 
Pewter-wort. Pquisetum hyemale 
Pharaoh's-Corn. See Corn 
Pheasant-wood. Another name for Par- 
Pheasant's-eye. Adonis auhwnialis 

Summer. Adonis cestivalis 
Phlox, Carolina. Phlox Carolina 
Cleft-petalled. Phlox bifida 
Creeping. Phlox reptans {P. verna, P. 

Cross-leaved. Phlox decussata 
Gray-leaved. Phlox canescens 
Hairy. Phlox pilosa 
Leafy. Phlox frondosa 
Long-flowered. Phlox longiflora 
Mossy. Phlox subulata, P. muscoides, and 

P. bryoides 
Nelson's. Phlox Nclsoni 
Ovate-leaved. Phlox ovata 
Panicled. Ph lox paniculata 
Procumbent. Phlox procumhens 
Straggling. Phlox divaricata (P. ca7ia- 

Tall Garden. Varieties of Phlox panicu- 
Tufted. Phlox ceespitosa 
Very smooth. Phlox glaberrima 
"VVliitc-flowered Dwarf. Phlox nivalis 
Physic-nut-tree. Curcas {Jatropha) pur- 

Pi-plant, of the Sandwich Islands. Tacca 

Pickerel-weed. The genus Pontederia 
Bladder-stalked. Pontederia crassipes 
Heart-leaved. Pontederia cordata 
Sky-blue. Pontederia azurea 
Pick-purse. Capsclla Jhorsa-pastoris 
Pick-tooth. I)au€us Visnaga 
Picotee. A variety of Bianthns Caryo- 
phyllus, which has the flowers coloured 
only on the edges of the petals 
Picra;na-wood. See Qua.ssia 
Pie-plant, Californian. Ilumex hyvieiw- 

Pig-root. The genus Sisyrijichiwii 
Pigeon-berry. Phytolacca decandra 
Pigeon-pea. See Poa 

Pigeon-wood. G-uettarda speciosa, Diphilos 
salicifolia, and Diospyros tetrasperma 
Long-leaved. Coccoloba diversifolia 
Small-leaved. Coccoloba p>unctata and C. 
Pigeon's-foot. Geranium cohtmibimt/ni 
Pigeon's-grass. See Grass 
Pig-nut. Pmiium fiexuosum and P. 
( Cartim) Bulbocasta7mm 
American. Carya porcina 
Pig-weed. Chennpodium album 

Winged. Cycloloma platyphyllum (^Salsola 
Pig-wood. Jledwigia balsamifera 
Pig's-face. Mesembryanthemum cequilate- 

rale and M. australe 
Pile-wort. Panuriculus Ficaria 

Great. Ficaria grandifiora {Ranunculus 
calthcpf alius). Also an old name for 
Scrophularia nodosa 
Pill-corn, or Pil-corn. Avena nuda 
Pill-wort. Pilularia globulifera 
Pilot- weed. Silphium laciniatum 
Pimento-bush. Eugenia Pimenta and E. 

Pimpernel. Pimpinella Saxifraga. For- 
merly applied to Poterium Sanguisorba 
and Prunella vulgaris 
Bastard, or False. Ce7itunculus minimus 

and Ilysanthis gratioloides 
Bog. A^iagallis tenella 
Indian. AnagaUis indica 
Italian. AnagaUis Moiielli 
Large-flowered. AnagaUis gra7idiJlora {A. 

colU7ia, A . /rut icosa) 
Red. A7iagaUis arveyisis 
Sea-side. Honkenya peploides 
Water. Samolus Valera7idi. Also applied 
to Veronica BeccaMcnga and V. A7iagallis 
Water, of Tasmania. Samolus littoralis 
Yellow. Lysimachia nemorum 
Pincushion-flow^er. The genera Scabiosa 
and Asterocephalus 
Starry. Asteroc/phalus steUatns 
Pin-grass, or Pin-clover, of California. 

Frodium cic7itari7im 
Pine-apple. Ana>uissa sativa 

Wild. Jiromelia Pinguin 
Pine-apple - flow^er. Fiwomis punctata 

and otlier species 
Pine-barren Beauty. Pyxida7ithera bur- 

Pine-drops. Pferospora AndroTtiedea 
Pine-knots. An American name for the 

cones of Pine-trees 
Pine-sap. sMonotropa Ilypopifys 

Sweet. Sch/reinit:iu odoruta 
Pine-tree. The genus J'inu.t 

Adventure Bay. Phyllocladus rhomboi- 

Aleppo, or Jerusalem. Pimis Ilalepensis 
Amboyna. Dammara orientalis 
Austrian. Pinus austriaca 
Awned-conod. Pinus aristata 
Bhotan. Pinus excrlsa 
Bishop's. Pinus 7nuricata 
Black. Pimis austriaca 
Black, New Zealand. Podocarpus ferru- 
ginca and P. spicata 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Pine-tree, Brazilian. Araucaria hrasilieiisls 
Broom, or Brown. Plnus australis 
" Bull." Plnus po7iderosa 
Bunya-Bunya. Araucaria Bidwillii 
Calabrian. Pinus Larlclo 
Calabrian Cluster. Plnus Brutla 
Californian Giant. Plnus Lambertiana 
Candle-wood. Pinus Teocote 
Celery-leaved. The genus PTiyllocladus 
Celery-leaved, of New Zealand. Pkylloela- 

dus trichomanoides 
Celery-leaved, of Tasmania. Pliyllocladus 

Cheer, or Emodi. Plnus longifolla 
Chilian. Araucaria vnibricata 
Chinese. Plnus sinensis 
Chinese Lace-Bark. Pinus Bungeana 
Cluster, or Star. Pinus Pinaster 
Corean. Plnus Koralensis 
Corsican. Pimis Larlclo 
Corsican Dwarf. Pi7ius Laricio var. 

Cortean. Plnus Pinaster var. minor 
Crimean. Pi mis Pallaslana 
Cypress. Frenela verrucosa 
Dammar. Dammara orientalis 
Digger. Pinus Sabiniana 
Dye, or King. Pkms Webbiana 
Emodi. See Pine, Cheer 
Festoon. Lycopodium rupestre 
Fox-tail. Plnus Balfourlana and Pinus 

Frankincense. Pinus Tceda 
Georgia. Plnus australis 
Ginger. Cupressus ( Cliamcecyparis) Law- 

Golden. Pmus Kcempferi 
Grey or Northern Scrub. Plnus Bankslana 
Ground. Lycopodium dendroideum and 

Ajuga Chamwpltys 
Ground, Bastard. Teucrlvm, Pseudo-Cha- 

Hard. Pinus australis 
Heavy-wooded. Pmus ponderosa 
Hickory. Pinus Balfourlana 
Highland. Pinus sylvestris var. horizori- 

Hudson's Bay. Pinus Banksiana 
Huon. Bacrydium Franhllni 
lUawarra. Podocarjnis splnulosa 
Imou. Bacrydium cupressmum 
Italian Stone. Pinus Pinea 
Jerusalem. See Pine, Aleppo 
Kauri, or Kowrie. Bammara (Agathis) 

Kauri, New Caledonian. Bammara ovata 
Kauri, Queensland. Bammara robusta 
King. Abies Webbiana 
Knee. Plnus Mugho var. nana and P. 

Pumilio nana 
Labrador, or Hudson's Bay. Pimis Bank- 

Lace-bark. Plnus Bungeatia 
Larch. Pimis Laricio 
Loblolly. Plnus Tceda 
Lofty Bhotan. Plnus excelsa 
Long-leaved. Plnus australis 
Lord Aberdeen's. Pinus Pinaster var. 


Pine-tree, Mahogany. Podocarpus {Nageiay 

Monterey. Pinus i7islgnls 
" Moon-fruit." Lycopodium lucidulwm 
Moreton Bay. Ara^icaria Cunninghamil 
Mountain. Pmus 7no7itlcola and P. Pumilia 
Murray. Fre7iela rob^ista 
Neoza. Pi7ius Gerardlana 
Nepaul. P17VUS Gerardlana 
New Caledonia. Araucaria Coohii and A. 

New Jersey Scrub. Plnus inojfs 
New Zealand. Bacrydium cuj^ressinti/ni 
Norfolk Island. Araucaria excelsa 
Norway. Pinus (Abies) excelsa 
" Norway," of N. America. Pinus resi7iosa 
Nut. Phms edulls and P. 7no7iophylla (P. 

Nut, Californian. Phms Fremo7itla7ia 
Old Field. Plmis Tceda 
Oyster Bay. Callltris australis 
Parasol. See Fir, Parasol 
Pinon. Pmus edulls 
Pitch, or Sap. Pmus riglda 
Pitch, Bahamas. Pl7ms baliamensls 
Pitch, Georgia. Pmtis australis 
Pond. Pl7ms serotma 
" Pumpkin," of Canada. Pi7ius Strobus 
Ked. Plnus resmosa and Abies rubra 
Eed, New Zealand. Bacrydiu7n cupressinuni 
Kosemary. Pi7ms Tceda 
Sap, or Pitch. Pi7ius riglda 
Screw. The genus Pa7ida7ius 
Screw, E. Australian. Pa7ida7ius pedu7icu- 

Screw, Fragrant. Pa7ula7ms odoratissinms 
Sea-side. Phms inaritimia 
Shake. Pi7ms Lambertia7ia 
Siberian. Pinus Cembra var. sibirica 
Silver. Pi7ius Picea. (See also Fir, Silver) 
Slash. Pinus Tceda 
Snow, or White Weymouth. Pmus Stro- 

bzis var. nlvea 
S. African. Leucade7idron argenteu7n 
Southern. Pi7ms australis 
Spey-side. Phms sylvestris var. horizontalls- 
Spruce. See Fir, Spruce 
Spruce, American. Pi7ms mitls and P. 

Star. See Pine, Cluster 
Stone. Pi7ms Pmea 
Stone, Swiss. Pmus Cevibra 
Sugar. Pmus La7nbertian,a 
Swamp. Pi7ius Tceda 
Swiss. Pi7ms Ce7nbra 
Table Mountain. Plnus pungens 
" Tamarack." Pi7ius co7itorta var. Mu/rray- 

Tarentina. Pbmis Pi7iea var. frag Ills 
Tartarian. Pi7ms Pallasla7ia 
Thread- leaved. Pmus filifolla 
Timor. Pi7ms l7isularis 
Totara. Podocarjjus Totara 
" Trucker." Pmus ponderosa 
"Tuck-tuck." Abies (Pinus) 7iobills 
Twisted-branched. Pmus contorta 
Twisted Mexican. Phms Teocote 
Umbrella. The genus Sciadopitys 
Virginian. Pi7ms australis (P. j;aZMsi?-is)< 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Pine-tree, Water. Ghjj}tostrolnis lietero- 
Wax. The genus Davimara 
W. Indian. Pmus occidentalis 
Wej'mouth. Phms Stroints 
Weymouth, White. See Pine, Snow 
Wliite. P'tnns Strobus and P. JiexlUs 
White, N. S. Wales. Podocarjms {Nageia) 

WTiite, New Zealand. Podocarpus {Nageia) 

Yellow. Plmis australis, P. mitis, and P. 

Yellow Arizona. Pinus Arizonica 
Puget Sound. Plmts (Abies) Dmiglasii 
Pine-weed. Ilj/pcricum Sarotkra 
Piney-tree. Caloplnjllum angustifoUuvi 
Pink. The genus Dlantlms 
Alpine. Pianthus alpinus 
American, Wild. Sllene pennsylvanica 
Amoor. Pianthus dentosiis 
Bush. Diantlms ramosissimus 
Carolina. Spigelia marilaiulica 
Caucasian. Piantlms caucasicus 
Cheddar. Pianthus ccesius 
Chinese. Pianthus chinensis 
China Tree. Pianthus arbuscula 
Clove. Piantlms Caryophyllus 
Clove, Shrubby. Pianthus Caryophyllus 

var. frutlcosus 
Colour-changing. Pianthus versicolor 
Common Garden. Pianthus plwniarius 
Corsican. Pianthus corsicus 
Cushion. Sllene acaulis 
Deptf ord. Pianthus Armeria 
Feathered. Pianthus ^ilumarius 
Fire. Sllene vlrglnlca 
Fischer's. Pianthus Fischeri 
Fragrant White. Pianiluts pungens 
Free-flowering. Plant li us Jlorihundus 
Fringed. Pianth%is surperbus 
German. Pianthus Carthusiaiuyrum 
Glacier. Pianthus glacialis 
Grass. Calopogo7i pulcliellus 
Grass, Rose. Pianthus neglectus 
Hedge. Sajjonaria officinalis 
Hungarian. Pianthus collmus 
Indian. Pianthus chinensis and vars. 
Indian, of North America. Quamocllt vul- 
Italian, Dark-red. Pianthus atro-ruhens 
Japan, Cut-flowered. Pianthus Heddemlgi 

var. laclnlatus 
Japan, Double-flowered. Pianthus Hedde- 
mlgi var. dladcmatus 
Japan, Single-flowered. PlantMis Hedde- 
Lily. See Lily-Pink 
Maroon-coloured. Pianthus Punnettii su- 

Meadow. I>ianthus deltoideg 
MosH. Phlox subulata 
Mountain. Pianthus casius 
Mt. Tymphrestus. Pianthus Tymphreste^is 
*' Mule." Hybrid varieties of Pianthus 
Phcasant's-eye. Pianthus plu/inarius var. 

Pine-leaved. Pianthus phiifollus 
Proliferous. Pianthus prolifcr 

Pink, Einged-flowered. PlaiUhus plu./ia- 
rlus var. an7iulatits 
Rock. Planthtis petrceus 
Russian. Pianthus rutheiiieus 
Sand. Pianthus arenarlus 
Sea. Artnerla marltlma 
Sheathed. Piantlms vaglnatus 
Spanish. Playithus hisjjanlcus 
Sweet-scented. Pianthus fragrans, P. 

pungens, and P. suavls 
Toothed. Pianthus dentosus 
Viscid. Pianthus vlscldus 
Wood. Pianthus sylvestris 
Pink-of-my-John. Viola tricolor 
Pink-root, Demerara. Splgella Anthebnia 

Marj^land. Spigclia marilandica 
Pink-weed. Polygonum aviculare 
Pink-wood-tree. Persea caryophyllata 

P»razilian. Physocalymma Jlorldwin 
Pin-pillow. Opxmtia curassavlca 
Pin-weed. The genus Lechca 
Pinxter-flower. Azalea nudlflora 
Piony. Another name for PiBony 
Pipe-stera-wood, American. Andromeda 

Pipe-tree. Syrlnga vulgaris 
Pipe-Vine. Aristolochla Sipho 
Pipe-wort. Eriocaulon septangulare 

Hair}^ Lachnocaulon Michauxli 
Pipi-pod-ti'ee. Ccssalplnia PijJai 
Pipperidge, or Piprage. Bcrbcris v%dgaris 
"Pipsissewa." Chimaphila umhcllata 
Piquillin-bush. Condalia microphylla 
Piri-jiri-shrub. Haloragls citriodora 
" Pisang." Musa paradlsalca 
Pishamin. Another name for Persimmon 
Sour. C'arpodlsctis acidus 
Sweet. Carpodiscus dulcls 
"Pismire-tree." An old name for Ery- 

th ri )ui moiwspcrma 
Pistachio-nut-tree. Pistacla vera 
Pita-fibre, or I'ita-thread-plant. Agave 

americana and some other species 
Pitch-tree, Amboyna. Pammara (Agathis) 
Burgundy. Plnus Abies (Abies excelsa) 
Pitcher-plant, American. The genus Sar- 
raccnla ; also ParVuKiionia Cidifirrnica 
Australian. Ccphulotusfollicularls 
Blood-red. Nepenthes sanguinea 
Bottle-like. Nepenthes avqmllacea 
Brilliant-red. Nepenthes superba 
Californian. Parllngtonla eallfornica 
Chinese. Nepenthes distdlaioria 
E. Indian. The genus Nepenthes 
Guiana. Heliamphora nutans 
Hairy. Nejtcnthes villosa 
Hooker's. Nepenthes Honherlana 
Intermediate. Nepenthes intermedia 
Java Smooth. Nepenthes Itevis 
Lawrence's. Nepenthes Lnn'renciana 
Lindloy's. Nepenthes Lindleyami 
Loddige's. Nepenthes Loddigesii 
IMiss Morgan's. Nepenthes Morganiana 
Rajah. Nejienthes Pajah 
Singapore, Yellow. Nepenthes RaJHesuinii 
Singapore, White-margined. Nepent.'-es 

South American. Helia/mphora nutan» 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Pitcher-plant, Two-spurred. Nepentlies 

Ventricose. Nepenthes Phyllanvpliora 
" Pitchery-Bidgery." Buhoisla Hojrmoodli 
Pith-hat-plant. jEscliyiwmene aspera 
Pith-tree, of the Nile. Herminiera Ela- 

pliroxxjlon (^yEdemone miraiilis) 
Pitury-shrub. Duioisia Hopwoodii 
Plane-tree. The genus Plataims 

American. Plataims occidentalis 

Californian. Platanus racemosa 

" Canopy." Platanus acerifolia umhellata 

Caucasian. Platanus dlgitata 

Corstorphine. A yellow-leaved variety of 
Acer Pseudo-platanus 

Eastern. Platanus orientalis 

Maple-leaved. Platanus acerifolia 

Mexican. Platamos viexicana 

Oriental. Platanus orientalis 

Scotch. The genus Acer 

Spanish. Platanus acerifolia var. Jusjfanica 

Streaked-barked. Platanus striata 

Various-leaved. Platanus heterojjJii/lla 

Wedge-leaved. Plataims cuneata 

Western. Platanus occidentalis 
Planer-tree. Planera aquatica 

Gmelin's. Planera Gmelini 

Hornbeam-leaved. Planera carpinifolia 

Small-leaved. Planera parvifoUa 
Plank-plant, Australian. Bossicea Scolo- 

Plant-of-Gluttony. Cornus suecica 
Plantage. An old name for Plantain 

Plantain. The genus Plantago ; applied also 
to some other plants 

Broad-leaved. Plantago maxima 

Buck's-horn. Plantago Coronopus 

False. HeUconia BUiai 

Greater. Plantago major 

Hart's-horn. See Plantain, Buck's-horn 

Hoary. Plantago media 

Indian, of N. America. Cacalia reniformis 

Indian, Tuberous. Cacalia tuierosa 

Mud. The genus Heteranthera 

Net-leaf. Goody era pubescens 

Parrot's. HeUconia j^sittacoruni 

Purple-leaved. Plantago media var. atro- 

Rattle-snake. See Rattlesnake-Plantain 

Rib-wort. Plantago lanccolata 

Robin's. Erigeron helUdifolius 

Rose, or Rose-bracted. Plantago major 
var. rosea 

Sea-side. Plantago maritima 

Shrubby. Plantago Cynops 

Water. Alisma Plantago 

Water, Floating. Alisma natans 

Water, Jamaica. Pontederia azurea 

Water, Small. Alisma ranunculoides 
Plantain-Lily. The genus Funkia 

Blue. Funkia ewrulea {F. ovata") 

Fortune's. Funlda Fortunei 

Golden- variegated. Funkia v/ndulata foliis 

Large-flowered. Funkia grandifiora 

Siebold's. Funkia Sieholdi 

Silver-variegated. Funkia undulata foliis 

Plantain-Lily, Spear-leaved. Funkia lan- 
Sweet-scented. Funkia japonica {F. grandi- 

White-flowered. Funkia sub-cordata 
White-margined. Funkia alho-niarginata 
Plantain-Shore-"weed. Littorella lacustris 
Plantain-tree. Musa paradisiaca 
Plants, "American." See "American Plants" 
Pleurisy- root. Asclepias tuberosa 
Ploughman's-Spikenard. Inula Conyza 

American. Baccharis angustifolia 
Plum-tree. The genus Pnmus 
American Wild. Prunus americana 
"Assyrian." Cordia Myxa and C. lati- 

Australian. Cargillia arborea and C. aus- 

Batoko. Flacourtia RamontcM 
Beach. Prunus maritima 
Black, of Illawarra. Cargillia australis 
Blood. Hcematostaplvis Barteri 
Californian Wild. Prunus subcordata 
Canada. Prunus americana 
Carolina. Prunus Carolinians 
Ceylon. Flacovnrtia sapida 
Cherry. Prunus Myrobalana 
Chicasaw. Prunus Ckicasa 
Cocoa. Clirysobalaims Icaco 
Cocomilla. Prunus Cocomilla 
Common Cultivated. Varieties of Prunus 

domestica (P. insititia) 
Damson. Prunus domestica var. damas- 

Date, American. Biospyros virginiana 
Date, Chinese. Biospyros Kaki 
Date, European. Biospyros Lotus 
Double-blossomed. Prunus domestica fiore- 

Double-flowered Chinese. Prunus sinensis 

Downy. Prunus pubescens 
E. Indian. Flacourtia catajjhracta axidi F. 

Gingerbread. Parinariuni macrophyllu/m 
Gray, Australian. Cargillia arborea 
Gray, Sierra Leone. Parinarium excelsimi 
Green gage. Prunus Claudiana 
Ground. Astragalus carxjocarpus 
Hog. Various species of Spondias ; also 

Ximenia americana 
Hog, Purple. Spondias ])urpu/rea 
" Islay," of California. Prunus ilicifolia 
Jamaica. Spondias lutea 
Japanese. Prunus japonica (P. siTiensis') 
Japanese " Mume." Prunus Mume 
Java. Calyptranthes Jambolana 
Late-flowering. Prunus serotina 
Maiden. The genus Comocladia 
Malabar. Eugenia Jamhos 
Mobola, or Mola. Parinarium Mohola 
Mountain, or Hog. Ximenia americana 
" Mume." Primus Mume 
Myrobella. Prunus BIyrobalana 
Natal. Arduina grandifiora 
Native, of N. S. Wales. Podocarpus spinu- 

Orleans. A variety of Prunus domestica 
Pigeon. Coceoloba Floridana 


E)iglish Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Plum-tree, Pigeon, Sierra Leone. Chryso- 
balamts ellipticus and C. luteins 
Port Arthur, or Tasmanian. CeTUimrTieties 

nit I da 
Premier S«-iss. Prunus domestica var. 

Queensland, Sour. Omeiiia vejwsa 
Queensland, Sweet. Oweiiia cerasifera 
Eough-skinned. Parhiarlnm excelsum 
Sand, or Beach. Prumts inaritima 
Sapodilla, or Sapotilla. AcJiras Sajjota 
Sea-side, of the W. Indies. Ximenia 

Sebestens. Cordia Mijxa and C. latifolia 
" Spanish," of the W. Indies. Sj^oridias 

Momhin and Mammea humilis 
Spreading. Primus dlraricata 
Sugar. Malj)if/fiia saccJiarina 
Tamarind. Dialium iiidlcrim 
Tasmanian. Cenarrhenes nitida 
Three-lobed-leaved. Prumis triloia 
Variegated-leaved. Prunus damcstica varie- 

Various-leaved. Prunus domestica var. 

AVeeping. Primus cerasifera 
AVhitisli-leaved. Prunus candicans 
Wild. Prunus comvmnis 
Wild, American. Primus americana 
Wild, British Columbia. Prunus suhcor- 

Wild, N. S. Wales. AcJiras (Sajwta) aus- 

Wild, of the Cape. Pappea capensis 
Wild-Goose. An improved variety of 
Prunus Chicasa 
Plum-bush, Australian. Astrotricha pttero- 

Plume-grass. See Grass 
Plume-Nutmeg. Atherosperma onoschata 
Plume-thistle. See Thistle 
Podophyllin-plant. Podoplnjllum pelta- 

Poe-plant, of the Sandwich Islands. Colo- 

casia esculenta 
Pohutu-kawa-tree, of New Zealand. Me- 

trosidrros tomcntosa 
Poison-berry. W. Indian. Beurreria suc- 

culcnta and various species of Ccstruin 
Poison-bulb, Asiatic. Crinum asiaticum 

Cape. Jiiiphane {^Hamanthus) toxicaria 
Poison-dart, of the Philippine Islands. 

Af/laonrma commutata 
Poison-Oak, Californian. Phus diversiloba 
Poison-plant, Horse, of Australia. Smain- 
sona Grcyana 
Sheep, of Australia. Gastrolohium bilobum, 
O. Callistachys, and other species ; also 
Lotus australls 
Tame. Vincetoxicum officinale 
York Road, of W. Australia. Oastroloiiv/ni 
Poison-tree, Jamaica. Rhus arborca 

Queensland. Croton Verrcauxil 
Poison - wood, W. Indian. Sebastiania 

lucid a 
Poke, or Poke-weed. The genus Phytolacca 
E. Indian. Phytolacca acinnsa 
Electrical. Phytolacca clectrica 

Poke, Hydrangea-leaved. Phytolacca ico- 
Indian. Veratrum vlride 
Purple-flowered. Phytolacca jrurpurea 
Ked-stemmed. Phytolacca icosavdra 
Tree. Phytolacca dioica 
Virginian. Phytolacca decandra 

Polar-Plant. Silphium lacijiiatum 

Pole-cat-weed. Symplocarpus foetidus 
"W'ild. Convolvulus jianduratus 

Poly, Golden. 21'vcrium. aureum 
Mountain. Bartsia alpina 
Yellow. Teucriu7>i Jlavcscens 

Polyanthus. A garden variety of the Ox-lip 
{Primula elatlor) 

Polypody. The genus Polypodium 
Alpine. Polypodium alpcstrc 
American. Polypodixmi incanum 
Climbing. Niphobolus Heteractis 
Female. Athyrium FiUx-fcemina 
Golden. Polypodium (Phlebodiu/m) aureum 
Hoary. Polypodium i7icanuni 
Irish. Polypodium hlberjiicwn 
Mule. Lastrea FiUx-mas 
Piigid Three-branched. Polypodium cal- 

Scented. Polypodium pustulatum 
Twining. Polypoditmi serpens 
Welsh. Polypodium Cambricum 

Pomegranate-tree. Punica Granatum 
Double-flowered. Punica Granatum Ji.-jyl. 
Dwarf. Punica Granatum var. nana 

" Pomme de Prairie," or " Pom me Blanche.' 
Psoralea esculenta 

Pomeloes (Large-sized Shaddocks). Citrux 

Pond-Dog- wood, Louisiana White. Cepha- 
lanthus occidentalis 

Pond-spice. Tetranthrra {icnieulata 

Pond-weed. The genus I'otamoyeton 
Broad-leaved. Putamoycton natayis 
Cape. Aponogeton distachyon 
Choke. AiMcharis Alsinastrmn 
Close-leaved. Potamogeton densui 
Curly. Potamogeton crispus 
Fennel-leaved. Potamogeton pectijiatus 
Flat-stalked. Potamogeton conipressus 
Grass-leaved. Potamogeton gramineus 
Hawthorn-scented. Aponflgeton distachyon 
Horned. Zaniiichellia palustris 
Long. Potamogeton preehmgus 
Perfoliate. Potamogetoii per/oliatus 
Reddish. Potamogeton rufescens 
Shining. Potamogeton lueens 
Slender. Potamogeton pusillus 
Tas.sel. Ruppia maritima 
Various-leaved. Potamogeton hetcrophyl- 

Wading. Stratiotes aloides 

Pond- wort. Knight's. An old name for 
Stratiotes aloides 

Pony. Tecoma serratifolia 

Pool-rush. Another name for Bul-rush 

Poon-wood-tree. A species of Calophyl- 

Poor-man's-Parmacetie. An old name 
for (hp.iella Jiur.ta-pastoris 

Poor-man's-Rhubarb. Thalictrum Jia- 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shr7ihs. 


Poor - man's-Weatlier-glass. Anagallls 

Pop-corn. A variety of Zea Mays, used for 

Popering, or Popperin. A variety of Pear 

mentioned by Shakespeare (" Eomeo and 

Juliet," Act ii., scene 1) 
Pope's-head. 3Ielocactus communis 
Poplar. The genus Popuhcs 
Athenian. Pojjulus grcBca 
Berry-bearing. Pojnilus monilifera 
Black. Pojndus nigra 
Black Italian. Populus acladesca 
Californian. Pojjulus trichocarjja and P. 

Carolina. Pojmlus monilifera 
Downy. Pojmlus lieterophylla 
Fragrant. Populus suai^eole?is 
Gray. Populus alba var. ca7iescens 
Laurel-leaved. Popuhts laurifolla 
Lombardy. Populus fastigiata 
Necklace. Populus mojiilifera 
Ontario. Pojmlus halsamifera var. ca7idi- 

cans (P. 7nacropkylla) 
Queensland. Carumhlum popul'ifolium 

( Omalantlius populifolius) 
Eocky Mountain. Populus angustifolia 
Soft, or Paper. Pojmlus grancUdentata 
*' Tacamahac." Populus halsamifera 
Weeping. Populus pendula 
Weeping Gray. Populus canescens var. 

" Western." lAriodendron Uilipiferum 
White. Populus alba 
Willow-leaved. Pojmlus nigravar. salicifolia 
" Yellow." lAriodendron tuUpiferum 
I'oppy. The genus Papaver 
Alpine. Papaver aljrinum 
Blue Himalayan. Meconojjsis aculeata 
Blue, Wallich's. Meconopsis WalUchli 
Californian. Platystemon californicus and 

the genus JSschscholtzia 
Californian Orange. EschscTioltzia cali- 

fornica crocea 
Californian Pink. EschscTioltzia californica 

crocea rosea 
Californian White. Eschscholtzia califor- 
nica alba 
Carnation. Papaver somniferum 
Cathcart's. Cathcartia villosa 
Caucasian Scarlet. Pajjarer umbrosum 
Celandine. StylopJiorum diphylluvi 
•Corn. Papaver Rhceas 
Corn, Smooth-fruited. Papaver dubium 
Danebrog. A variety of Papaver somni- 
ferum (?) 
Dark-spotted. Papaver umbrosum 
" Frothy." Silene injlata 
Golden. Papaver croceum 
Great Scarlet. Papaver bracieatum 
Hairy-stemmed. Papaver pilosfum 
Horned. See Horned-Poppy 
Iceland. A variety of Papaver nudicaule 
Joan, or John, Silver-pin. Papaver RhtBas 

Long-headed. Papaver dubium 
Mexican, or Prickly. Argemone mexicana 
Mexican Large- flowered. Argemone grandi- 


Poppy, Mexican White. Argemone grandi- 

Mexican Yellow. Argemo7ie sjyeciosa 

Nepaul. 3Ieconoj)sis nej)ale7isis 

Opium. Papaver somniferum 

Opium, Black. Papaver somniferum var. 

Opium, Double. Papaver somnifer^um fl.-pl. 

Orange. Paj)aver laterititmn 

Oriental. Papaver orientale 

Pseony. Papaver somniferum 

Pale. Papaver Argemone 

Plume. The genus Bocconia 

Prickly. See Poppy, Mexican 

Prickly, Himalayan. 3Ieconoj)sis aculeata 

Kough. Papaver hyhridum 

Sea-side. Glaucium luteum 

Sikkim. Meconopsis simjjUcifolia 

" Spatling." Silene injlata 

Spiked. Papaver spicatum 

Thompson's. Pajiaver umbrosum 

Tree. Dendromecon rigidum 

Welsh. Meconoj)sls cambrica 

White. .Paj)aver somniferwm 

Yellow Arctic. Papaver nudicaule 
Poppy-Mallow. The genus Callirrhoe 

Crimson-flowered. CallirrJioe wivolucrata 

Finger-leaved. CalUrrlioc digitata 

Long-stalked. Callirrhoe pedata 

Wliite-flowered. Callirrhoe macrorrhiza 
Poppy-tree, Californian. Dendromecon 

Poppy- wort. Satin. 3Ieconopsis WalUchiana 
Porcelain. An old name for Purslane 
Porcupine-wood. The hard outer part of 

the trunk of Cocos nucifera 
Portland-Starch-root. Arum maculatum 
Potato, Canada. Helianthiis tuberosus 

Common. Varieties of Solanum tuberosum 

Creeping-stemmed. Solanum stolonifermn 

Hog's. Zygadenus ve7ie7iosus 

Madagascar. Solamim Ang^dvi 

Mic-mac. Apios tiiberosa 

Native, of N. S. Wales. Marsde7iia viridi- 

Spanish, or Sweet. Batatas edulis 

Sea-side, of India. Tjwmwa Pes-caprce 

Sweet. See Potato, Spanish 

Sweet, Giant. Batatas pa7iiculata 

Tasmanian Native. Gastrodia sesamoides 

Telinga. Amorj)hoj)hallus campa7iulatxis 

Wild. Convolinilus j}a7id7iratus 

Wild, of the AV. Indies. Ipomaia fastigiata 
Potato-Fungus. See Fungus 
Potato-tree. Sola7m7n crispum 
Potato-Vine, Wild. Tpomaa jjand^irata 
Potentil, Marsh. Pote7itilla Comarumi 

( Comarumi palustre) 
Pot-herb, Black. Smyr7iium Olusatrum 

White. Valerianella olitoria 
Pot-plant. Lecythis Ollaria 
Pottery-tree, French Guiana. Caraijya 
ParA. Moquilea utilis 
Pounce-tree. Callitris quadrlvalvis 
Pow-itch. The fruit of Pyrus rivularis 
Prangos Hay-plant. Prangos paMdaria 
" Prattling Parnell." An old name for 
Saxifraga Geu7ii var. serrata 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Preacher-in-the-piilpit. Orchis sijectabills 
Pretty-grass. The genns Calochortus 

Yellow. Calochortus luteus 
Pricket. An old name for Sedum acre 
Prickly Pear. Cactus Ojruntia 
Prickly Pettigree. Ituscus aculeatus 
Prickly-pole. Bactris Plumieriana 
Prickly Poppy. See Poppy 
Prickly- withe. Cereiis triangularis 
Prick- w^ood. Cornus sanguinea and Euony- 

mus europccus 
Pride-of-Barbadoes. CcBsalpinia pulcher- 

Pride-of-China. Melia Azedarach 
Pride-of-Columbia. Phlox speciosa 
Pride-of-India. Melia Azedarach 
Pride-weed. Erigeron caTiadensis 
Priest's-crown. Taraxacum officinale 
Prim-print, or Prim. Ligustrum vulgare 
Primrose. The genus Primula; also an old 
name for Privet 
Abyssinian. Primula verticillata 
Allioni's. Primula Allioni 
Altaian. Primula altaica 
Bird's-eye. Primula farinosa 
Bird's-eye, Brilliant. Primula farinosa var. 

Bird's-eye, Scotch. Primula scotica 
Califomian. Primula suffrutescens 
Cape. The genus Strcptocarpus 
Carniolic. Primula carniolica 
Cashmere. Primula cashmeriana 
Caucasian. Primula amwna 
Changeable. Primula commutata 
Chinese. Primula siiiensis 
Chinese, Fringed. Primula sinensis fim- 

Clammy. Primula viscosa 
Common. Primula acaulis 
Cortusa-leaved. Primula cort^isoides 
Creamy-flowered. Primula, involucrata 
De CandoUe's. Primula Caiidolleana 
Ear-leaved. Primula auriculata 
Entire-leaved. Primula integrifolia 
Evening. See Evening-Primrose 
Fairy. Primula minima 
Floerk's. Primula Floerkiana 
Fringed. Primula ciliata 
Fortune's. Primula Fortwiei (P. erosa) 
Glaucous-leaved. Primula glaueescens 
Glutinous. Primula glutinosa 
Hairy-leaved. Primula hirsuta 
Heavy-scented. Primula graveolens 
Henry's. Primula Henryi 
Himalayan. Primula Sihhimc7isis 
Japanese. Primula japonica 
Java. Primula imperialis 
Kitaibel's. Primula Kitaihclii 
Large-calyxed. Primula calyclna 
Munro's. Primula Micnroi 
Neapolitan. Primula Palinwi 
Parry's. Primula Parryi 
Piedmont. Primula Pedcmontana 
Hound-headed Himalayan. Primula capi- 

Round-headed Purple. Priviula jiurpu/rea 
Hound-headed Yellow-eyed Purple. Pri- 
mula pulchcrrima 
Eosy-flowered. Primula rosea 

Primrose, Scotch. Primula scotica 

Shaggy-leaved. Primula villosa 

Showy. Primula spectabilis 

Siebold's. Primula Sicholdi 

Silver-edged. Primula marginata 

Snow-white. Primula nivalis and P. nwea- 

Soft-leaved. Primula mollis 

Stein's. Primula Steini 

Stroug-scented. Primula graveolens 

Stuart's. Primula Stuartii 

Toothed-leaved. Primula denticulata 

Tree. The genus (Enothera 

Tyrolese. Primula Tgroleiisis 

Veitch's. Primula cortusoides amoena 

Whorled. Primula verticillata 

AVulfen's. Primula Wulfeniana 

Yellowish. Primula luteola 
Primrose-Peerless. Narciss^is hiflorus 
Prince's-Peather. Amarant^is ' hypiochon- 

Prince's-Pine. Giimaphila umhellata 
Prince-wood. The wood of Cordia geras- 

chanthoides and Hamelia ventricosa 
Privet. The genus Ligustrum 

Barren. Rliamnus Alaternus 

Box-leaved. Ligustrum vulgare var. buxi- 

Chinese. Ligustrum sinense 

Chinese Dwarf. Ligustrum sinense natmm 

Chinese Wax. Ligu^strum lucidum 

Common. Ligustrum vulgare 

Egj^ptian. Larvsonia alba 

Evergreen. Ligustrum vulgare semper- 
virens (Z. v. italicum^ 

Fortune's. Ligustrum Fartunei 

Gold-blotched. Ligustrum japonicum va- 

Hairy. Ligustrum vilhsum 

Japanese. Ligustriim japonicwii 

Mock. The genvis Phillgrca 

Oval-leaved. Ligustrum ovalifoliv/m 

Pipe. Sgringa vulgaris 

Shining-ieaved. Ligustrum japoniciim lu- 

Spike-flowered. Ligustrum spicatum 

SjTian. Fontanesia phillgrceoides 

Variegated-leaved. Ligustrum vulgare 

AVliite-berried. Ligustrwm vulgare leuco- 

Yellow-berried. Ligustmm vulgare xantho- 
Procession-flow^er. Polggala vulgaris 
Prophet-flow^er. Arncbia echioides 
Prune-tree. Primus domestica 

W. Indian. Prujws occidentali-s 

Wild, of the Cape. Saj)i)i.dus Pappea 
Puchero-plant. Tali nu in jmtois 
Puccoon, Hairy. Lithosjx'rmnm hirtum 

Hoary. LHhospcrmum cancscejis 

lied. Sanguiuaria canadensis 

Yellow. Jlj/drastis canadensis 
Pueha-pat. Pogostemon Pafchoulj/ 
Pudding-berry. Cornus canadensis 
Pudding-grass. An old name for Penny- 
Pudding-pipe-tree. Cassia Fistula 
Puff-ball. The genus Lgcoperdo?i 

Common. Lgcoperdon Bovista 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrnhs. 


Puff-ball, False. ScleroderTtm Cepa 
False, Warty. Scleroderma verrucosmn 
Giant. Lycoperdon giganteum 
Pukatea-tree. Laurella Novce-Zelandice 

and GriseUnia lucida 
Pulas-tree. Butea frondosa and B. superha 
Pulque-plant. Agave americana and 

other species 
Pumpkin, Squash, or Gourd. Various species 
of Cucurblta 
Common. Cucurblta Pepo 
Elephant. Cucurblta maxima 
Melon. Cucurblta Melopepo 
Punk. See Amadou 
Purification-flower. GalantJms nivalis 
Puriri-tree. Vltex Uttoralls 
Purple-fringe. Rims Cotlnus 
Purple-heart Tree, Guiana. Copaifera 
bracteata and C. pubijlora 
Trinidad. Peltugyiw panlculata 
W. Indian. Copaifera officinalis 
Purple Jacobaea. Seneclo elegans 
Purple-tassels. Muscarl comosxmn 
Purples. See Ear-cockle 

Long. See Long-Purples 
Purple-wort. Comarum palustre 
Purslane. The genus Portulaca 
Common Garden. Portulaca oleracea 
Crimson-flowered. Portulaca Thellussoni 
Cuban Winter. Claytonla perfollata 
Milk. Euphorbia maculata 
Ked-flowered. Portulaca splendens 
Rock. Calandrinla umbellata 
Rock, Shining. Calandrinla nitida 
Sea. Arenarla peploldes and Atrlplex 

Sea, American. Sesuvlum Portulacastrum 
Siberian. Claytonla slbirica 
Water. Peplls Portula and Isnardla pa- 

AVater, American. Ludmlgia palustrls 
Winter. Claytonla perfollata 
Yellow-flowered. Portulaca aurea 
Purslane-tree. Portulacarla afra 

Broad-leaved, Sea. Atrlplex Hallmus 
Pussy's-foot. Antennarla plantaglnlfolla 
"Putehuck." Arlstolochla recurvilabra 
Putty-root. Aplectrum Jiyemale 
Puya-fibre-plant. Bmlimena Puya 
" Pyraeantha." Cratfryus Pyracantha 
White-berrried. Cratcegus Pyracantha 
Pyramid- tree, Golden. Gullfoylla {Cadel- 
lla) motiostyUs 

Quacksalver's Turbitb, or Quacksalver's 

Spurge. Euphorbia Esula 
Quam.asli, or Camash. Camassla esculenta 
Californian. Camassla Lelchtlinl 
" Death." Zygadenus vetienosus 
Eastern. Scllla Frascri 
White-flowered. Camassla esculenta var. 
alba and C. LeichtUni 
Quandang-nut. See Nut 
Quandong-tree. Santalum Prelssiamwi 

{S. acuminatum') 
Quassia-tree, or Picrasna-wood, Jamaica. 
Picrcena ( Quassia) excelsa 
Surinam. Quassia amara 

Quebraclio-tree, Red. Loxopterygium Lo- 
White. Aspidosperma Quebracho 
Queen-Lily. See Lily 
Queen-Mo ther-Herb. An old name for 

Queen-of-the-Meadow. Splraa salici- 

Queen-of-the-Orchids. See Orchids 
Queen-of-the-Prairie. Splrcea lobata 
Queen's-cushion. Saxlfraga hypnoldes 
Queen's- delight. See Queen's-root 
Queen's-flower. Lagerstratmia Regince 
Queen's-root, or Queen's-delight. Styl- 

llngla sylrutlca 
Qviick, or Quick-set, Thorn. See Thorn 
Quick-beam, Quicken, or Wicken-tree. 

Pyrus Aucuparia 
Quillai-tree. See Cullary 
Quill-w^ort. Isoetes lacustrls 

Mountain. Isoetes alpinus 
Quinancy-wort, Quinsy- wort, or Squinancy- 

wort. Asperula Cynanchica 
Qviinee-tree. Pyrus Cydonla 
Bastard. Pyrus Chaviamespilus 
Bengal. jEgle Marmelos 
Common. Cydonla vulgaris 
Maule's Japanese. Pyrus 3Iaulel 
Portugal. Cydonla vulgaris var. Iusita7iica 
Quinine-plants. Chiefly Cinchoiia lanci- 
folla, C. Palton, C. Pltaye7isls, and C. 
Quinoa, or White Quinoa. Chenopodium 

Quinsy-berry. The fruit of Rlbes nigrum 
Quinsy- wort. Asperula Cynanchica 
Quirinca-pods. The pods of Acacia Ca- 

Quiver-tree. Aloe dlchotoma 

Rabbit-berry. Shepherdla argentea 
Rabbit-foot. Trlfollum arvense 
Rabbit-root. Aralla nudlcaulis 
Rabone. An old name for Radish 
Raccoon-berry. Podophyllum peltatum 
Races. A commercial name for Ginger 
Radish, Cultivated. Raphanus satlvus 
Italian. Raphanus Landra 
Rat-tail. Raphamis caudatus 
Seaside. Raphanus marltlmus 
Water. Nasturtium amphlbium 
Water, Annual. Nasturtium 2)alustre 
Wild. Raphanus Raphanlstrum 
Raffia, or Roffia-plant. Raphla Ruffia and 

R. t(pdlyera 
Rag, or Rags, Hazel. Sticta pulmo?iacea 
Ragee-plant. Ele^isine coracana 
Ragged-Robin. Lychnis Flos-cuculi 
Rag-weed, or Rag-wort, African. The 
genus Othonna 
American Golden. Seneclo aureus 
Barbary. Othonna chelrlfoUa 
Common. Se7iecio Jacoicea 
Great American. Ambrosia trifida 
Oak-leaved. Senecio aqitaticus 
Oxford. Seneclo squalidus 
Sea-side. Cineraria marltlma 
Water. Seneclo squalidus 
WooUy American. Seneclo tomentosus 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Rain-berry, or Rhine-berrj'-thom. liham- 

itus cathaiiicus 
Rainbow-flower. The genus Iris 
Rain-tree. I'ithecolobium Saman 
Raisin-tree, Japanese. Hovenla dulcis and 

JiU/rtt rubrinn 
Ram. An old name for the genus Rhaimivs 
Ram-goat. Fayara microjjhylla 
Ram-of-Libya. PaUurns aculeatus 
Rambutan, or Kampostan. The fruit of 

Xep li I'll a »1 lappa cc um 
Raraee, or Kamie-Lrrass. See Grass 
"Ramleh," of Kangoon. The fruit of 

Pirrardia sapida 
Ramoon-tree. The genus Tropins 
Rampion, Garden. Campanula Papun- 
Horned. See Horned- Rampion 
Large. (Enotliera hiennis 
Rampostan. See Rambutan 
Ram's-foot. An old name for Ranunculus 

Ram's - head. Cypripedium arietlnum. 
Also applied to the seeds of Clcer arie- 
Ram's-horns. Orchis mascula 
Ramson's. Allium xirsinuni 
" Ramsted," of N. America. Linaria 

Ram-til-plant. Giuzotia oleifcra 
Rangoon-Creeper. See Creeper 
Ransted. See Ramsted 
Rantry. Pi/rus Aucuparia 
Ranunculus. (See also Crow-foot) 

American Early. Jlanunculus fascicularis 
Bristly. Ranuiicul us pennsi/lvanicus 
Bulbous-rooted. Ranunculus bulbosus 
Celery-leaved. Raiiunculus sceleratus 
Common Garden. Varieties of Ranunculus 

Corn-field. Ranunculus arrensls 
Creeping. Ranunculus rcpens 
Double Persian. Rarmncuhcs asiaticus jl .- 

pi. in var. 
Fig-wort. Raiiunculus Ficaria 
Globe. The genus Trolling 
Great. Ranunculus Liwjua 
Hairy. Ranunculus hirsutus 
Hooked. Ranuiwulus recurratu-s 
Ivy-leaved. Ranu/iculics hedcraceus 
Lenormand's. Ranunculus Lenormandi 
Meadow. Ranunculus acris 
Sea-side. Ranmiculus Ci/mbalaria 
Small-flowered. Raymnculus partnflorus 
Snake- tongue. Jta?m7wulus ophiotjlossl- 

Spear. Ranunculus Flammula 
Water. Ranunculus utiuatilis 
\Vat('r, Yellow. Ranuiu-ulus multijidus 
Wood. Ranunculus auricamus 
Rape. Rrassica Xapus 

Summer. Rrassica camprsfris 
Rasp-berry, American Wild Red. Ruhus 
lUack American. Rubiis occidentalis 
Common. Rubus ld(eus 
Dwarf American. Rulnis triflorus 
Ground. Hydrastis canadensis 
Himalayan. Rubus rufjosus 

Rasp-berry, Nootka-Sound. Rubus Nut- 
Purple-flowered American. Ruhus odor- 

Showy-flowered. Rubus spectabills 
Victorian. Rubus roseffolius 
White-skinned. Rubus Icucodermis 
Wild Red American. Rubus strigosiis 
Rasp-berry -j am Tree. Acacia acuvii^mta 
Rasp-pod, Queensland. Flindersia aus- 

Raspis. An old name for Rasp-berrj- 
Rata-tree, of New Zealand. Metrosideros 

Jiorida and M. robusta 
Rat-poison-plant, of Sierra Leone. Cliail- 
letia toxicaria 
Of the W. Indies. Hamelia patens 
Rattan-Cane. Calamus Draco ( C. Rotamj) 
Rattle, Red. Pedicularis sylvatica 

Yellow, or Rattle-box. Rhinanthiis Cr'ista- 
Rattle-box. Crotalaria sagittalis. (See also 

Rattle, Yellow) 
Rattle-root. Civiicifuga racemosa 
Rattle-snake-leaf, (roodyera pubescens 
Rattle - snake - plant. Cape. Crotalaria 

Rattle-snake-Plantain, Creeping, (-rood- 
yera repcns 
Silvery. Goody era 2iubesce7is 
Rattle-snake-root. Trillium latifolium, 

jVabalus albus. and iV. virgatus 
Rattle-snake-w^eed. Ilieracium venosuin 
Rattle-snake's-Master, Agave virginica, 
Eryngiuin yucciefolium, and Liatris 
Rattle-weed. Astragalus lentigiiwsus 

Californian. The genus Astragalus 
Ray-flower, Australian. The genus Antho- 

cere is 
Ray-grass, or Rye-grass. See Grass 
Ray-pod. Actinorarpus Damasonium 
Red-berry, or Sea-berry, Australian. The 

genus Rhagodia 
Red-bud. Cercis canadensis 

Californian. Cercis oceidentalis 
Red-head. Asclepias curassanica 
Red-hot - poker - plant. Tritoma T/raria 

and other si)eci('S 
Red-ink-plant. I'liytolacca dccaiulra 
Red-knees. Polyyonnm Ilydropiper 
Red-legs. I'olyyonum Jiistorta 
Red Morocco. Adonis ant umnalis 
Red-ray. An old name for Darnel 
Red-root. Ceanothus aniericanus 
BliH'-tlowered. CeanMhus azureus 
Box-loaved. Cean-nthus buxifoUus 
Carolina. Lac/ituuitbes tinctoria 
Intermediate. Ceanothus intermedius 
Ovate-leaved. Ceaiudhus oratus 
Red-twigged. Ceamdhus sanguiiieus 
Small-leaved. Ceanothus microphyllus 
Red-rot. Drosera rotundifolia 
Red-shanks. J'olygonum. Persicaria and 
(u -ra n i u m R( iberti a n u m 
flossy. Tilhea museosa 
Red-w^eed. Pnparer J{h(eas 
Red-w^ater-tree, of Sierra Leone. Fry- 
throphUeumi leonrnse 

mid Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Hed - wood - tree, Andaman. Pterocar^tis 
Bahama. Ceanothus coluirinus ( Cohcirina 

Californiau. Ceaiwthus sj)lnosus 
Californian Evergreen. Seqnma {Taxo- 

diuni) sempervlrens 
Coromandel. Soymlda fehrifiuia 
E. Indian. Pterocarpiis santaUnus 
Jamaica. Gordonia Hcematoxylon 
Laurel-leaved. Erythroxyloii laurifollum 
St. Helena. Melhania Erythroxyloii 
Santa Barbara. Ceanotlms spinosus 

Heed. The genus Arundo 

Canary. JPhalaris {EiyrapJds) arundi- 

Common. Arundo Phraymites 
Great. Aru7ido Donax 
Gromvvell. See Gromwell-reed 
Indian, or Flowering Indian. Canna 

New. Zealand. Arundo conspicua 
Paper. See Paper-reed 
Sea-sand. Calamayrostis arcnaria 
Silvery. Arundo conspicua 
Sweet. Sorgliuui saccharatuvi 
"Thorny," of Peru. Cactus jjeruvianus 
Trumpet. Arundo occidentalls 
Wood. Calamayrostis lanceolata 
Wood, Silvery. Calamayrostis aryentea 
Writing. Calamayrostis Ejngeios 

Heed-maee. Typlia latifolia 

Eeem. Calamus Flayelhoin 

Keree-plant, of India. Typlia amjustifolia 

Resin-bush, of S. Africa. Euryops specio- 

*' Resino," of Juan Fernandez. Roiinsonia 
th urifera 

Resin-plant, Carana. Bursera, acuminata 
Chibou, or Cachibou. Bursera yummifera 
Copal, Brazilian. Hymencea Courharil 
Copal, Madagascar. Trachijlobiwiii {Hy- 
mencea) verrucosum 
Copal, New Zealand. Bammara austraUs 
Copal, N. American. Rhus copallina 
Copal, W. African. Ghdhourtia copalifera 
Copal, Zanzibar. TrachyloMum {Hymenaa) 

Coumia. Idea Tacamahaca 
Elemi. Aviyris Plumieri 
Guaiac. Cruaiacum officinale 
Hotai. Supposed to be Balsamodendron 

Manawa. Avicennia tomentosa 
Mastich. Pistacia Lentiscus 
Maynas. Calophylhim Calaia 

Rest-harro-w. The genus Ononis 
Apulian. Ononis Apula 
Arragon. Onoyiis arrayonensis 
Bristly. Onoiiis hispida 
Cape. Ojionis capoisis 
Clammy. Oiwnis viscosa 
Common. Ono7iis arveiisis 
Denhardt's. Ononis Denhardtii 
Drooping. Ononis pendula 
Few-leaved. Ofwnis oliyophylla 
Long- flower-stalked. OTwnis peduncularis 
Xong-leaved. Ononis longifoUa 
Mt. Cenis. Ononis cenisia 

Rest-harrow, Notch-leaved. Ononis emar- 
Painted-flowered. Ononis pict a 
Pigmy. Oiumis minivtissima 
Pointed-leaved. Ononis cusp i data 
Ram. 0)wnis Natrix 
Rooting-branched. Ononis procurr ens 
Round-headed. Ononis capitata 
Round-leaved. Ojwnis rotundifolia 
Sand. Ommis arenaria 
Short-flowered. Ononis brevijiora 
Short-podded. Ononis hrachycarpa 
Shrubby. Ononis fruticosa 
Sickle-podded. Ononis falcata 
Small. Onojiis reclinata 
Smooth. Ononis ylahra 
Spanish. 0)ionis hispa?iica 
Spreading. Ononis diffusa 
Strong-scented. Ononis foetida 
Tall. Ononis antiquoruin 
Three-toothed. Oiwnis tridentata 
Tree. Ono7iis arborescens 
Twin-flowered. 0)wnis yeminiflora 
Two-flowered. Ononis bijiora 
Very branching. Ononis ramosissima 
Very narrow-leaved. Oiwnis anyustis- 

White-flowered. Ononis alba 
Yellow-flowered. Ononis Natrix 
Resurrection - plant. Anastatica Hiero- 
chuntimi, Mesemhryaidheinum Tripoliwin, 
and Selayinella lepldophylla 
Rewa - Rewa - tree, of New Zealand. 

Kniyhtia excelsa 
Rhatany-root. The root of Krameria 
Savanilla. The root of Krameria Ixina 
Rheea-grass. See Grass 
Rheumatism- root. Jeffersonia diphylla 
Rhine-berry. See Rain-berry 
Rhodes-wood. The wood of Amyris hal- 

Rhododendron, Azalea-like. Rhododen- 
dron azaleoides 
Bearded-flowered. Rhododendron antlio- 

Bearded-leaf-stalked. Rhododendron bar- 

Bell-flowered. Rhododendron campanu- 

Blandfordia-flowered. Rhododendron bland- 

Blunt-leaved. Rhododendron retusum 
Bristly. Rhododendron setosum 
Cahfornian. Rhododendron californicum 
Canadian. Rhodora canadensis 
Catawba. Rhododendron Catawbiense 
Catesbj'"s. Rhododendron Catesbcei 
Caucasian. Rhododendron caucasicum 
Citron-flowered. Rhododendron citrinum 
Curved-podded. Rlwdodendron camypylo- 

Daurian. Rhododendron daurlctim 
Dotted-leaved. Rliododendron punctatum 
Early-blooming. Rliododendron prcpcox 
Epiphytal. Rhododendron Balhotisics 
Fringed. Rhododendron ciUatvm 
Gibsons. Rhododendron Gibsonii 
Glaucous-leaved. Rliododendron glaucum 


English Thames of Cultivated, Native, 

Rhododendron, Golden-flowered. Mho- 
dodendron chri/nan tli urn 
Hairj'-leaved. llhvdudendron liirsutum 
Herbert's Hybrid. Rhododendron hybridum 
Javanese. Rhododendron javanicum 
Jessamine - flowered. Rhododendron jas- 

Kamtschatka. Rhododendron camtchatlcwni 
Lady Dalhou.sies. Rhododendron Dal- 

Lapland. Rhododendron lajjjjonicvm 
Largest. Rhododendroit, maximum 
Long-flowerecL Rhododendron lovfiifloriim 
Major Madden's. Rhododendron Jladdenl 
Metternicli's. Rhododendron Metternichii 
Mrs. Cliauipions. Rhododendron Cham- 

Mrs. Farrer's. Rhododendron Farrertc 
Myrtle-leaved. Rhododendronmyrti folium 
Neilgherry. Rhododendron NUagiricuni 
Pontic. Rhododendron ponilcum 
Purple-flowered. Rhododendron purjmreum 

and R. jMmtlciini 
Pursh's. Rhododendron Purshil 
Rajah Brooke's. RJiododrndron Broolteanum 
Rusty-leaved. Rhododendron ferrugineum 
Scaly. Rhododendron lepidotum 
Silvery. Rhododendron argenieum 
Slender. Rhododendron gracile 
Slender-branched. Rhododendron virga- 

Snowy-leaved. Rhododendron niveum 
Sweet-scented. Rhododendron ponticum 

var. odoratum 
Thyme-leaved. Rhododendron Chammcistus 
Tree. Rhododendron arhoreuvi 
Vermilion-flowered. Rhododendron cmna- 

White-flowered. Rliododendron albiflorum 
Whorl-leaved. Rhododendron verticillatum 
Yellow-flowered. Rhododendron chrysan- 
Rhubarb. The genus Rheum 
]>og. I'etasitea nilgaris 
Bucharian. Rheum undulatum 
Curled-leaved. Rltrum crisjnan 
Currant-fruit. Rheum Rihes 
Garden, or Tart. Varieties of Rheum 

Monk's. Rumex alplnus and R. Patientia 
Nepaul. Rheum australe 
Palmate-leaved. Rheruii pnhnatum 
Poor-man's. ThaHeirum Jiarum 
Red-veined. R.henm Emodi 
Sikkim. Rheum nohile 
Tart. See Rhubarb, Garden 
Thick-leaved. Rheum compactum 
Turkej". Rheum palmatum 
Warted-leaved. Rheum Rihes 
Wavy-leaved. Rheum undulatum 
Rib-grass. See Grass 
Ribbon-flower, Cape. Spatalanthux spe- 

Ribbon-grass. See Grass 
Ribbon-tree. Plagianfhus hetulinus 
Ribbon-weed. Laminaria xuecharina 
Ribbon-w^ood, New Zealand. Plagianthus 
Otago. Ilohcria populnca 

Rice, American Mountain. The genus 
Canada. See Rice, Indian 
■ Cultivated. Oryza sativa 
Hungarj'. Paspalum exile 
Indian, or Canada. Zizania aquatioa 

( Hydropyrum esculentwn') 
Millet. Panicum eohmum 
Mountain. OryzQL mutica 
Petty, of Peru. 'The seeds of Chenopodium 
Rice Cut-grass. See Grass 
Rice-flower. The genus Pimelea 
Rice-paper-plant, Chinese. Aralia papy- 
r if era 
Malay. Sccerola Taccada 
Rich-weed. Pileapumila and Colli naojiia 

Rimu-tree. Dacrydium cujyressimini 
Ring- worm-root. Rhinacanthus communis 

(Jusficia nasuta) 
Ring-^vorm-shrub. Cassia alata 
Rivulet-tree, Australian. Glochidiou aus- 
trale (Bradleia auntralis) 
Roan-tree. See Rowan-tree 
Roast-beef-plant. Irisfoetidissima 
Robin-run-in-the-hedge. Kepeta Gle- 

Robin's-pincushion. The Bedeguar of the 

Robin's-Rye. Polytrickmn juniperinum 
" Roble "-tree, of Mexico. Quercus lobata 
Rocambole. Allium Ophioscorodon 

Wild. Allium Scorodoprasum 
Rock-Beauty. Petrocallis pyrenaica 
Rock-Cress. The genus Arabis 
Blue. Arabis deltoidea and varieties 
Bristol. Arabis stricta 
Early-flowering White. Arabis albida 
Fringed. Arabis ciliata 
Glabrous. Arabis perfoUata 
Hairy. Arabis hirsuta 
Northern. Arabis petra-a 
Pink-tinted. Arabis aubrietioides 
Purple. Avbrietia purpurea 
Rosette. A ra bis A n d rosace 
Rosy-flowered. Arabis rosea and A. ble- 

Shining-leaved. Arabis lucida 
Spreading. A ra bis procurrens 
Thale. Arabis Thaliana 
Tower. Arabis Turrita 
Variegated. Arabis lucida variegata 
Rocket, Base. Reseda lutea 
Bastard. JSrassica JCrucasfrum 
Blue. Aconituni j^yramidalis and other 

Crambling. See Crambling- Rocket 
Cress. Vella Pseudo-Cytisvs and V. annua 
Dame's. See Rocket, Garden 
Double Purple. Jlesperis matro7ialis pwr- 

purea jdena 
Double White. Ilesperis matronalis alba 

Dyer's. Reseda T/itteola 
Edible. Eruca satira 
JIvcning-scented. llesperis fragrans 
Garden, Dame's, or White, llesperis ma- 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Koeket, Italian. Reseda lutea 
London. Sisymbrium Trio 
Mountain. Saxifraga granulata fl.-pl. 
Night-scented. Hesperls tristis 
Salad. Eruca satlva 
Sea-side. Caklle maritima 
Sea-side, American. Caklle aniericana 
Violet-flowered. Hesperls violacea 
Wall. Dlplotaxls tenulfoUa 
Water. Nasturtium sylvestre 
Wliite. See Rocket, Garden 
Wild. Brasslca viuralls 
Winter, or Yellow. Barharea vulgaris 
Yellow. See Rocket, Winter 

Hock-foil. A name suggested by Mr. 
Ruskin for the genus Saxifraga 

Rock-plant, of St. Helena. Petroilum 
arbor eum 

Hock-rose. The genus Clsttis 
Blunt-leaved. Cistus ohtuslfollus 
Broad-leaved. Cistus latlfoUus 
Canary Island. Cistus candldlsslmus 
Clusius's. Clsttis Clusli 
Common. Cistus vulgaris 
Corbieres. Cistus corbarletisls 
Cretan. Cistus cretious 
Curled-leaved. Cistus crlspus 
Cyme-flowered. Cistus cymosus 
Dwarf. Cistus lusita7ilcus 
Florentine. Clsttis Jiorentlnus 
Hairy. Cistus hirsutus 
Heart-leaved. Cistus Cupanianus 
Hoary. Cistus Uicanus 
Laurel-leaved. Cistus laurifolius 
Long-leaved. Cistus longifolius 
Loose-flowered. Cistus laxus 
Many-flowered. Cistus Ledon 
Montpelier. Cistiis monspeliensis 
Oblong-leaved. Cistus oblongifolius 
Poplar-leaved. Cistus populifoUus 
Purple-flowered. Cistus purpureus 
Rough-leaved. Cistus asperifolius 
Sage-leaved. Cistus salvlcefolms 
Sheatlied-stalked. Cistus vaglnatus 
Shrubby. Cistus villosus and C. frutescens 
Silky-leaved. Cistus serlceus 
Smooth-calyxed. Cistus psllosepalus 
Various-leaved. Cistus lieterophyllus 
Waved-leaved. Cistus u?idulattis 
Whitish-leaved Cistus albidus 

Hock-tripe. Gyrophora vellea 

Hods-gold. An old name for Marigold 

Hod-wood, Black. Eugenia p aliens 
Jamaica. Latia Q-uldonla 
Red. Eugenia axillaris 
White. Calyptrantlies Chytraculia 

Hoe-buck-berry. The fruit of Rubus 

Roffia. See Raffia 

Hogation-flower. PoJygala vulgaris 

Hobun-Bark-plant. Soymida (Swietejiia) 

*' Hoi," of New Zealand. The root of Ptcris 

Hoka-tree. Tricltilia emetica 

Homerillo - dye - plant. Heterothalaimis 

Hoof- foil. A name suggested by Mr. Ruskin 
for the House-leek 

Hoom, or Roum-plant. Ruellia tmctorln 
Root-blossom, Scarlet. Agalmyla Ion- 
gist y la 
Root-of-Scarcity. Another name for the 

Mangel- Wurzel 
Hope-grass, Tasmanian. Restio australis 
Rosary-plant. Abrus precatorlus 

Mexican. Rhynchosla precatorla 
Hose. The genus Rosa 

Alpine. Rhododendron ferrugineum, R. 
hlrsutum, and R. strlattim. 

Anemone-flowered. Rosa anemonceflora 

Apple-bearing, or Apple. Rosa viUosa var. 

Ash-leaved. Rosa fraxlnlfolia 

Australian Native. Boronla serrulata 

Austrian. Rosa lutea var. punicea 

Austrian, Dwarf. Rosa j)umila 

Ayrshire. Rosa arveiisis var. scandeiis 

Barberry-leaved. Rosa berberldlfolla 

Barrow. Rosa spinoslsslina 

Bengal. Rosa Bengale?isis 

Boursault. Rosa Boursaulfi 

Bramble. Rosi polyajitha 

Bramble-leaved. Rosa rubi folia 

Brown's. Rosa Brunonii 

Burnet, Pink-shaded. Rosa spinosissima 
var. carnea 

Burnet, White. Rosa spi7iosissima 

Burnet, Pyrenean White. Rosa pilmplnelli- 
folia var. pyrenaica 

Cabbage. Rosa centlfolla 

Canker. Papaver Rhtsas 

Cayenne. Llcuria gulanensis, or Dicypel- 
Hum caryophyllatum 

Celestial. A variety of Rosa alba 

Cherokee. Rosa Icevlgata 

China, or Monthly. Rosa i7idiea 

China, Red. Rosa semperflorens 

Cinnamon. Rosa cmiiamomea 

Cinnamon, Double. Rosa cinnamomea var. 

Cinnamon, Dwarf. Rosa majalis 

Cliif. See Cliff-rose 

Clove-scented. Rosa caryophyllacea 

Cretan. Rosa glutinosa 

Crimean. Rosa taurlca 

Damask. Rosa damascena 

Diverse-leaved. Rosa diverslfolia 

Dwarf Wild American. Rosa lucida 

Early Wild American. Rosa blanda 

Evergreen. Rosa sempervlrens 

Fairy. Rosa Lawrenceana 

Field. Rosa arvensls 

Frankfort. Rosa turbinata var. Franco- 

French. Rosa gallica 

Green-flowered. Rosa vlrldiflora 

Guelder. Vlburnmn Opulus 

Guiland. Rosa Plssartl 

Holly. The genus Hellanthemum 

Hudson's Bay. Rosa blanda 

Hundred-leaved. Rosa centlfolla 

Hyacinth-scented. Rosa hyacmtJilna 

Irish. Rosa hibernlca 

Jamaica. The genus Merlania. Also 
applied to Blahea trlnervls 

Japanese. Rosa Yvara and the genus 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Bose, "Juno's." Lil'ntm candiduni 
Lady Bankss. llosa Banhslw 
Lenten. The species of Hdlchorvs which 

bloom in Lent 
Macartney. liosa hracteata 
Malabar. Hibiscvs llosa-malaharica 
Many-flowered, llosa pohjantha 
Mexican. Rosa MontezuvKP 
Miss Lawrance's. Hoga Lawranceana 
Montlily. See Kosc, China 
Moss. Rosa centifulia var. muscosa 
Mossj'-crested. Mom centifolla var. imcs- 

Mountain, of the W. Indies. Antigonon 

Musk-scented. Rosa moschata 
Noisette. Rosa i?ulica var. Nolsettlana 
" Of Heaven." Lychnis Cwli-rosa 
" Of Jericho." Anastatica Hierochun- 

" Of Sharon." Hibiscus syriacus 
Pea-fruited. Rosa pisocarpa 
Prairie, or Climbing. Rosa sciitjera 
Provins. Rosa ccntifolia var. pomponia 
I'3'renean Dwarf. Rosa alpina var. jji/re- 

Eamanas. Rosa riKjosa var. alha 
Red-leaved. Rosa ruhrifolia 
Eedout6's. Rosa rubrifolia var. Redoiitca 
Hegel's. Rosa Regeliana 
Eiver, of Tasmania. Bauera rupioides 
Sabine's. Rosa Sahini 
Sage. See Sage- Hose 
Scotch. Rosa spinosissima 
Seven-sisters. Rosa Grevillci 
Shaggj'-fruited. Rosa viUosa 
Shining-leaved. Rosa lucida 
Silky-leaved. Rosa sericea 
" South Sea," of Jamaica. Kerium 

Sulphur-flowered. Rosa sulpJmrea 
Sweet-briar. Rosa rubiginosa 
Tea, or Tea-scented. A variety of Rosa 

Throe-leaved. Rosa sinica 
Turkestan Dwarf. Rosa rugosa 
TuqDontine. Rosa tcrehinthinacea 
Vilmorin. Rosa gallica var. inapcrta 
" Vinegar," of Germany. Pwonia officinalis 
Water. See Water-liose 
West Indian Mountain. Bron'uea Rosa 
Willow-leaved. Rosa hmgifolia 
Wind. Papavcr Rhceas and Roemeria 

Yellow, Doulilc. Rosa svlphvrra 
"b'ellow, Single. Rosa lufra 
York-and-Lancaster. Rosa versicolor (a 
variety of R. Daviascena) and Rosa 
vmndl (or Gloria-mundi), a variety of 
R. gallica 

Rose-Acacia. Rohinia hispida 

Rose-apple. Kvgenia Jumbos 
Mala}'. Eugenia vialaccrnsis 

Rose-a-ruby. Adonis autumnalis 

Rose-Bay. jXerivm Oleander and Upilo- 
bivjn angii.ififoliiini 
American. Rhododendron vtaximvm 
Lajiland. Rhododendron Liipponicum 

Rose-Box. The genus iA)toneusU^r 

Rose-Campion, Common. Lychnis coro- 

Double - blossomed. Lychnis coronaria 

Italian. Lychnis Nicceejisis 
Smooth-leaved. Lychnis Cwli-rosa 
Rose-Elder. Mbiirjium Opulus 
" Roselle "-plant. Hibiscus Sabdarif'a 
Rose-Mallow, American Scarlet. Jlibisciis 
Chinese. Hibiscus Rosa-si7ie?isis 
Fringed - flowered. Rosa-si neiisis schizo- 

Halberd-leaved. Hibiscus miliiaris 
Marsh. Hibiscus palnstris 
Rosy-flowered. Hibiscus roseus 
Swamp. Hibiscus Moscheuios 
Rose-Pink. SoMiatia unguhiris 
Rosemary, Common. Rosmarinus offici- 
Marsh. Ledum palustre and Andromeda 
jndifolia. Also applied, in America, to 
the genus Statice 
Poet's. Osyris alba (Cassia poetica) 
Sand-hill. Ceratiola ericoides 
Sea-side. Schoberiafruticosa 
Victorian. Westringia rosmariniformis 
Wild, American. Andromeda pol If olia 
Wild, Jamaica. Crotoii CascariJla 
Rosemary-Frankincense. Cachrys Liba- 

Rose-root. Rhodiola rosea 
Rose - wood - tree, African. Pterocarpus 
Australian. Sy^iimm glandulosum {Tri~ 

chilia glandul(isa') 
Brazil. Halbergia nigra 
Burmese. I^erocarpus indicus 
Canary. Rhodorrhiza scoparia 
Dominica. Cordia Geraschaiithus 
E. Indian. Halbergia latifolia and D. 

Jamaica. lAnoeiera ligustrina and . 1 niyris 

balsam if era 
Moulmein. A species of Milletia 
Tasmanian. A species of Acacia 
Rosin-weed. Silphiuni laciniatum 
Rouge - berry, or Rouge-plant. Rivina 

/lu III /I is and other species 
Roum. See Room 
" Rounsivals." An old name for Garden 

Row^an-tree, or Roan-tree. Pyrus Aucu- 

" Rozelle "-plant. Hibiscus Sahdarifa 
Rubber-plant, E. Indian. Fiats elastica 
Rubber-tree, African. The genus Lan- 
India. Sec "India-rubber" and "Caout- 
chouc " 
Ruby - wood. Another name for Red 

♦' Ruddes." An old name for Marigolds 
Rue. Tlic gnius Ji'ufa 

Black, of New Zealand. Podocarpvs 

Common. Ruta graveolens 
Fen. See Rue, Meadow 
Goat's. Oaleya officinalis 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrnbs. 


Hue, Goat's, of the W. Indies. Tejihrosia 
Meadow, or Fen. Thalictricm flavit/ni 
Mountain. Ituta montana 
Otago Black. Podocarjnis sj}icata 
Padua. Jiutajjatavina 
Sicilian. Muta bracteosa 
Simple-leaved. The genus Aplophyllmn 
Sjrrian. Pef/anuin Harmala 
Wall. Asjj!c?iiu/n lluta-nvuraria 
White-flowered. Buta alhiflora 
Rue-Anemone. TIialictriuiL anemonoides 
Runch. Jiaphaims Maphani strum 
Ruptui'e - wort. Herniarla glabra and 

A lierna nth era polygono'ides 
Rusa-Oil-plant. Andropogon Schoenanthus 
Rush. The genus Juncns 
Baltic. Juiicus balticns 
Beak. The genus Rlignchoapora 
Black-spiked. Jtmcus castaneus 
Blunt-flowered. Juncvs oMuttiJ/orus 
Bui, Club, Mat, or Pool. Sclrpus lacustris 
Bog. Scluenus nigricans 
Candle, or Pin. Juncns cffusus 
Club. See Rush, Bui, and Club-rush 
Club, American Hedgehog. Mariscns 

Cluster-headed. Juncus capitatus 
Common Soft. Juncns communis 
Cord, of Victoria. Schcenus brevi/olius 
Cork-screw. Juncus conglomeratus spi- 
Dutch. See Rush, Scouring 
Flowering. Butoiims uinbellatus 
Galingale. Cgperus tegeiuiii 
Goose-corn. Juncus squarrosus 
Hard. Juncus glaucus 
Heath, or Moss. Jiincus squarrosus 
Highland. Juncus trifidus 
Horned. lihyncJiospora corniculata 
Jersey. J^incus capitatus 
Jointed. Juncus artioulatus 
Mat. See Rush, Bui 
Mat, Chinese. Lepironia mucronata 
Moss. See Rush, Heath 
Nut. Cgperus esculentus 
Nut, American. Cgperus rotundus var. 

Hydra and the genus Scleria 
Palmite. Prionium Palmita 
Paper. Papyrus antiquoruni and other 

Petsi. Heleocharis tuberosa 
Pin. See Rush, Candle 
Pool. See Rush, Bui 
Round-fruited. Juncus comprcssus 
Scouring, or Dutch. Equisetum Jiyemale 
Sea-side. Juncus maritimus 
Sea-side, Great Sharp. Juncns acutus 
Spike. The genus Eleocharis 
Sweet. Andropogon Scha;7iantMis and A. 

Thread. Juncus filiformis 
Three-flowered. Juncus triglumis 
Toad. Juncus bufonius 
Twig. Cladium mariscoides 
Two-flowered. Jmicus biglumis 
Wood. lAiztda sylvatica. (See also Wood- 
Zebra-striped. Eulalia japonica zebrlna 

Rush-Broom, Australian. Vlminaria denu- 

Rush-Fern. See Fern 
Rush-grass. See Grass 
Rush-Lily. The genus Sisyrinchiuin 
Purple. Sisyrinchlum grandifiorum 
White. Sisyrinchlum grandifiorum var. 
Rush-plant, Knife-leaved. Cgperus elegans 
Rush-nut, Edible. Cgperus esculentus 

American. Cyperus rotundxis var. llgdra 
" Rust "-Fungus. See Fungus 
Rusty-back. Blechnum Spicant and Cete- 

racli qtficinaruM 
Rutton-root. Onosma {Maharanga) Einodi 
Rye, Common. Secale cereale 

Ergot of. The sclerotium (or compact 

mycelium) of Clavlceps purpurea 
Perennial. A variety of Secale fragile 
Spurred. Secale cornutum (Rye - grain 

attacked by the Ergot-Fungus) 
Wild, of N. America. The genus Elymus 

Sabadilla. Another name for Cevadilla 
Sabieu, Savacu, or Savico-wood, of Cuba. 

The timber of Lysiloma Sablcu 
Sabino-tree. Taxodium distichum 
Sack-tree. Antiaris {Lepurandra) sacci- 

dora (A. toxicaria') 
Sad-tree, or Indian Mourner. Nyctantlies 

Saddle-tree. Liriodendron txdipiiferum 
SafHower. Carthamus tinctorius 
Saffron-plant, African. Lyperia crocea 
Bastard, or False. Carthamus tinctorlxis 
Common. Crocus sativus 
Indian. Various species of Curcuma 
Sicilian. Crocus odorus 
Saffron-wood. Elceodendron croceum 
Sagapenum, or Seraphic-Gum-plant. Sup- 
posed to be Ferula persica or P. Szovit- 

_ The genus Salvia 
Apple-bearing. Salvia pomifera 
Ash-leaved. Salvia interrupta 
Beetle. Cuphea Jorzdlensis 
Bengal. 3Ieriandra bengalensls 
Black. Cordia cyllndrostachya 
Black, of California. Trlchostema la.natitmi 
Blue - flowered. Salvia azurea, S. cam- 

pestris, S. officinalis, S. patens and S. ver- 

Camerton's. Salvia Camertoni 
Common Garden. Salvia officinalis 
Crimson-flowered Dwarf. Salvia Bceme- 

Egyptian. Salvia (Bgijptiaca 
Gaping Cashmere. Salvia hlans 
Garlic. Teucrium Scorodonia 
Gesnera-leaved. Salvia gesnercefolia 
Graham's. Salvia Ghrahaml 
Green-topped. Salvia vlrldis 
Jamaica Mountain. Lantana aculeata 
" Jerusalem." Phlomisfrutlcosa and other 

Long-branched. Salvia virgata 
Lupine. Salvia prate7isis var. lupinoidcs 
Lyre-leaved. Salvia lyrata 
Meadow. Salvia pratensis 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Sage, Nettle-leaved. Salvia urticafplia 
" Of Bethlehem." Pulmonaria ojficbmlis 
Orange-flowered. Salvia colorata 
Paper. Salvia canarie7ms 
Pine-apple-scented. Salvia rutilans 
Rape-leaved. Salvia najAfoUa 
Eed-and-white-flowercd. Salvia Mcolor 
Red-flowered. Salvia sang^ciiiea 
Red-flowered, Large. Salvia sanguinea 

Red-topped. Salvia Horminum 
Scarlet-flowered. Salvia coccinca and S. 

Scarlet Mexican. Salvia fulgens 
" Sea-side." Croton bahamiferum 
Silverj'-leaved. Sulriu (iri/rnfea (^S.jjatula) 
Southern Blue. Salvia azurea 
Spreading. Salvia patens 
Texan. Salvia Texana 
Tree. Salvia ariorea 
Variegated. Salvia officinalis var. tri- 
Violet-flowered. Salvia violacea 
White, of California. Audiiertia jjoly- 

White-flowered. Salvia, argentea, S. chio- 
nantlia, S. officinalis alha, S. jJntens alba, 
and S. patula 
Wild. Salvia Verbenaca 
Wild, of the Cape. Tarclxonantlms cam- 

Wood. TeiLcrium Scorodonia and Salvia 

Yellow-flowered Greenhouse. Salvia nubi- 

Yellow-flowered Hardy. Salvia glutinosa 
Sage-bush, or Sape-brush, of N. America. 
Artemisia tridentata, A. trifida, and A. 
Sage-Rose. An old name for the genus 
Of the W. Indies. Tvrnera ulmifolia 
Sage-tree, Brush-land, of Australia. Psy- 

chotria dapli luridcs 
Sago-Palm. See Palm 
Sago-plant, Portland. Arum maculatum 
Sago-tree, .Jamaica. Zamia integrifolia and 

Z. furfuracca 
Saintfoin. Unolirychis sativa 

Mountain. Onobrycliis montana 
Sal, or Saul-tree. Shorea robusta 
Salad, Sliawanosc. The leaves of Ilydro- 

phylliirn virgijiicvm 
Salad-Burnet. See Burnet 
Salad-Rocket. See Pocket 
Salal, or ShriUon-shrul). flavlOirria Shallon 
Salep. Tlie dried tubers of various sjiecies 
of Orchis 
E. Indian. Eulojjliia cavijjcstri^ and other 

Otaheitc. Tacca pinnntifida 
" Saligot." An old name for Trapa natans 
Sallow. Salix Vaprea, S. cinerca, and 
allied species 
Graj'. Salix ciiirrea 
Groat. Salix Caprra 
Water. Salix aqvatica 
Salmon-berry. BuJins spcctabilis and B. 

Saloop-bush, of Australia. Rhagodia las- 

Salsify, or Vegetable Oyster. Tragopogou 

Salt-bush, Australian. Atriplex halimoidei 

and other species 
Salt-Lake-tree, Queensland. ^giccras 

m (I jus 
Salt- rheum-weed. Chchmc glabra 
Salt-tree, Greenish. Halimodendron xuh- 
Silverj'-leaved. Halimodendron argenienm 
Three-flowered. Halimodendron trijlorum 
Salt-wort, Black. Glaux maritima 
Prickly. Salsola Kali 
Shrubby. Salsola fruticosa 
W. Indian. Batis maritima 
Saman, or Zamang - tree. Pithecolobivm 

Samaria-wood. Idea altissima 
Samphire, Common. Crithnum mari- 
Golden Inula crithmoides 
Jamaica. Bails maritima and Borrichla 

Longwood, of St. Helena. Plui/rnaceiim 

Marsh. SaUcornia herbacea 
Prickly. Eclii nopliora spinosa 
W. Indian. Sesnrium Portulacastrnm 
Sand-box-tree, Rattling. Hu/ra crepi'ans 
Sand-flow^er, Winged-stalked. Amnioliwm 

Sand - fly - bush, of Australia. Zlrria 

Sand - Myrtle, I'os-lcavcd. Leiopliyllum 

buxifolium (Ammyrsine buxifolia) 
Sand - paper - tree. Curatella amerieana, 

Bi lien ill seahrella, and D. sarmentofa 
" Sand-stay," of Australia. Zeptospermum 

Sand - wood - shrub. Brem.07itiera Am- 

Sand-wort. The genus Arenaria 
I'alearic. Arenaria balearica 
Bog. Arenaria 7<ligi7iosa. 
Fringed. Arenaria ciliata 
Grass-leaved. Arenaria grami7iifolia 
Larch-leaved. Arenaria I arid folia 
Large-floworcd. Arenaria grand ij/ora 
Many-stemmed. Arenaria multicaulix 
Jlountain. Are7iaria mo7ita7ia and .1. 

Pinc-barrcn. Are7iaria sqvarrosa 
Purplish-floworcd. Arenaria purpuraxcrn* 
Red. Arenaria rubra and Spergularia 

Square-stemmed. Arenaria tetraquetra 
Tufted. Arenaria ctrspitosa 
Vernal. Arennria verna 
Sandal-tree. Tlio genus Sandoricum 
Sandal-w^ood-Oil-plant. Santalum album 
Sandal-wood-tree. Tlie gonis Santalum 
Citron, or Yellow. Santalum. Freycineti- 

p'alse. Xi menia a7nerica7ia and Myoporum 

False, of Crete. Qv^rcicjt ahelicra 
Indian. See Sandal-wood, White 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Sandal-wood-tree, Queensland. Eremo- 
jjhila Mltohelli 
Red. Adenanthera j^avonma and Ptero- 

carpus santalinus 
Sandwich Islands. Santaluni Freijchieti- 

anum and S. paniculatvmi 
W. Australian. Fusa^ms spicatus (^San- 

talum spicatiimi) 
White, or Indian. Santalum album 
Yellow. See Sandal-wood, Citron 
Sandarac - gum - tree. CalUtris qimdri- 

valvls {Tlnija articulata) 
Sanders-wood, Red, or Rubj^-wood. 
Pterocarpus santalinus 
Yellow. Bucida capitata 
Sanicle, American. Heuchera americana 
Alpine. The genus Cortusa 
Bear's-ear. Cortusa MatthioU 
Common. Sanicula europcea 
Downy. Cortusa puiens 
Yorkshire. Plnguicula vulgaris 
Santa-Maria-tree. Calophyllum Calaia 
Saouari, or Souari-wood. The wood of 

Caryocar miciferum and C. tomentosum 
Sap-ball-Fungus. See Fungus 
Sapodilla, or Sapotilla, Plum. Achras 

Sapota, White. Casimiroa edul'is 
Sapote, or Chupa - Chupa - tree. 3Iutisia 

Sappan-fruit. The fruit of Inga dulcis 
Sappan-wood. Ccesalpinia Sappan 
Sapucaia-nut. See Nut 
Sarcocolla-tree. Penwa Sarcocolla 
Sarsaparilla - plant, Australian. Smilax 
glycgphylla and Hardenhergia mono- 
Bristly. Aralia liispida 
E. Indian, or Nunnari-Eoot. Hemidesmus 

indicus (^Periplcca indica') 
Jamaica. Smilax officinalis 
New Zealand. Rhipogonum scandens 
Of Commerce. Various species of Smilax 
Wild. Aralia nudicaulis 
Sassafras-tree. Laurus Sassafras 

Australian. Porypliora Sassafras and 

Atlierosperma moschata 
Brazilian, or Orinoco. Nectandra cyinbarum 
Californian. Oreodaphne californica 
Cayenne. Licania gtdanensis 
Chilian. Laurelia sempervirens and Bol- 

New Zealand. Laurelia Novce-ZealandicB 
Oriental. Sassafras Parthenoxylon 
Orinoco. See Sassafras, Brazilian 
Swamp. MagTwlia, glauca 
Tasmanian. Atlierosperma moschata 
White. Laurus alhida 
Sassy-tree. Erythrophlceum guineense 
Satin-bush, African. Podalyria sericea 
Satin-flower. Lunaria Inennis 

Bermuda. Sisyrlnchium Bermudianum 
Broad-leaved. SisyrincMum latifolixim 
Crimson. Brodia-a coccinea 
Grass-leaved. Sisyrlnchium anceps 
Purple. See Satin-flower, Spring 
Red. Hedysarum coronarium 
Spring, or Purple. Slsyrinchiwn grandi- 

Satin-flower, Yellow. Slsyrijichlum call- 
fornlcum and S. striatum 

Satin-leaf. Heuchera Richardsoni (ZT. 
americana, H. riblfolia) 

" Satin-leaves." The dried seed-vessels of 
Lunaria biennis 

Satin-wood-tree. Xanthoxyhmn caribceum 
Bahamas. Maba guineensls (?) 
B. Indian. Maba buxlfolia 
E. Indian, Yellow. Swietenia Chloroxylon 

Sauce-alone. Erysimtim Alliaria 

Saul, or Sul-tree. Shorea robusta 

Saunders-wood. See Sanders-wood 

Savaeu. See Sabicii 

Savannah-flower. Echites suberecta and 
other species 

Savannah-w^ood. Hosta ccerulea 

Savico. See SabicCl 

Savin-tree, Common. Junlperus Sabina 
Dwarf. Junlperus Sabina var. nana 
" Kindly." Junlperus Sabina var. cupressi- 

Siberian. Junlperus Pseii do- Sabina 
W. Indian. Ca^saljjinia bijuga and Fagara 

Savonette-tree. Plthecolobimn micradc- 

Savory, Canadian. Satureia Tliymbra 
Dyer's. Serratulatinctoria 
Summer. Satureia hortensis 
Winter. Satureia montana 

Savoy-Cabbage. See Cabbage 

Saw-grass, Marsh. See Grass 

Saw-wort. The genus Serratula 
Alpine. Saussurea alplna 
Common. Serratula tlnctoria 
Crowned. Serratula coronata 
Large-leaved. Sausstirea macrophylla 

Saxifrage. The genus Saxlfraga 

" Aaron's-beard." Saxlfraga sarmeritosa 
Aizoon. Saxlfraga Aizoon 
Ambiguous. Saxlfraga ambigua 
Andrews's. Saxlfraga Andrewsii 
Aromatic. Saxlfraga aromatica 
Aretia. Saxlfraga aretloides 
Brook. Saxlfraga rivularis 
Bryum-leaved. Saxlfraga bryoides 
Buckland's. Saxlfraga Bucldandii 
Bugle-leaved. Saxlfraga ajiigafoUa 
Burnet. Pliiipinella Saxlfraga 
Burser's. Saxlfraga Burseriana 
Carinthian. Saxlfraga carinthiaca 
Channelled-leaved. Saxlfraga canaliculata 
Churchill's. Saxlfraga Churchillii 
Creeping. Saxlfraga sarmentosa 
Crusted-leaved. Saxlfraga crustata 
Diapensia. Saxlfraga dlapensioides 
Downy. Saxlfraga pubesceiis 
Drooping. Saxlfraga cernua 
Early American. Saxlfraga virginiensis 
Early Silver. Saxlfraga coriophylla 
Early White-flowered. Saxlfraga Bwr- 

Elegant. Saxlfraga elegans 
Five-fingered. Saxlfraga pentadactylis 
Fox's-brush. Saxlfraga lantoscana 
Furrowed. Saxlfraga exarata 
Gibraltar. Saxlfraga glbraltarica 
Golden. The genus Chrysospleniuin 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Saxifrage, Gra}-. Saxifraga ccpsia 
Great Strap-leaved. Saxifraga Ugulata 
Great Califoniiau. Saxifraga peltata 
Greenland. Saxifraga groenlandica 
Guthrie's. Saxifraga G-utkricana 
Hairy. Saxifraga Itirsuia 
Hausmann's Saxifraga Ilausmanniana 
Heart-leaved. Saxifraga (^Megasea) cordl- 

Horn-leaved. Saxifraga ceratopliglla 
Incurved-leaved. Saxifraga incurvifoUa 
Ivy. Saxifraga Cgmhalaria 
Juniper. Saxifraga juniper i)ia 
Kerry. Saxifraga affinis (a variety of S. 

Kidney-leaved. Saxifraga Geirnn 
Lance-leaved. Saxifraga laneeolata 
Large Purple-flowered. Saxifraga hiflora 
Large-flowered I'yrenean. Saxifraga oppo- 

sitifolia pgrcnaica rar. maxima 
Lettuce. Saxifraga erosa 
London-pride. Saxifraga umhrosa 
Long-leaved. Saxifraga hngifolia 
Long-leaved, Tall. Saxifraga hngifolia 

var. clatiur 
Marsh. Saxifraga^ Ilircuh/s 
Mawe's. Saxifraga Maivcaiia 
Mayl's. Saxifraga Maglii 
Meadow. Saxifraga granvlata, Sllaus 

pratenxis, and the genus SescU 
Mossy. Saxifraga hgpnoides 
Mountain. Saxifraga nivalis 
Mountain, Large. Saxifraga aizoides 

var. antumnalis 
Mountain, Large Rosy-flowered. Saxifraga 

opp OS it if (ilia rar. pgrenaica maxima 
Mountain, Small. Saxifraga aizoides 
Nepaul. Saxifraga tiepalensis 
Palmate-leaved. Saxifraga palmata 
Pepper. Silaus pratensis 
Piedmont. Saxifraga pedevumtana 
Polished. Saxifraga polita 
Pretty. Saxifraga pulehclla 
Purple-flowered. Saxifraga oppositifolia 

and S. retusa 
Purple Himalayan. Saxifraga purpu- 

Pyramidal. Saxifraga Cotgledon and S. 

Pyramidal, House-leek-leaved. Saxifraga 

Pyramidal, Margined. Saxifraga Aizoon 
Pyrenean. Saxifraga longifolia 
Rochel's. Saxifraga Ilocheliana 
Resetted. Saxifraga rosularis 
Rosy-calj'xed. Saxifraga calgcijtora 
Rough. Saxifraga aspera 
Round-leaved. Saxifraga rotiindifolia 
Rue-leaved. Saxifraga fridactglitrs 
Saffron-flowered. Saxifraga mutata 
Seal lop-leaved . Saxifraga prctinata 
Schrader's. Saxifraga Schraderi 
Sliield-lcaved. Saxifraga prltata 
Silver Moss. Saxifraga cersia 
Slender. Saxifraga tcnrlla 
Spoon-leaved. Saxifraga spaiulata 
Spreading. Saxifraga rvpanda 
Stag's-horn. Saxifraga ceratopliglla 
Starry. Saxifraga stellaris 

Saxifrage, Sternbergs. Saxifraga Stern- 
Sturm's. Saxifraga Sturmiana 
Swamp. Saxifraga peunsglvanica 
Thick-leaved. Saxifraga {Megasea) crassi- 

Three-spined. Saxifraga tricuspidata 
Tombe's. Saxifraga Tombearui 
Tufted. Saxifraga cofspitosa 
Vandel's. Saxifraga Vandelii 
Various-leaved. Saxifraga diversifolia 
Vaudois. Saxifraga valdensis 
Wallace's. Saxifraga Wallacei 
Water. Saxifraga rivularis 
Wedge-leaved. Saxifraga cuneifolia 
Whip-cord. Saxifraga Jlagellaris 
Wilkomm's. Saxifraga Wilkommiana 
Yellow-flowered Dwarf. Saxifraga sanclco 
Yellowish-leaved. Saxifraga tenclla 
Yellow Mountain. Saxifraga aizoides 

Scabious. The genus Scabiosa 
Blue. Scabiosa succisa 
Catch-fly-leaved. Scabiosa silenifolia 
Caucasian. Scabiosa caucasica 
Devil's-bit. Scabiosa succisa 
Field. Scabiosa arveiisis 
Fischer's. Scabiosa Fischeri 
Grass-leaved. Scabiosa graminifolia 
Mt. Parnassus. I'irrocrphdlus Parnassi 
Pale Yellow. Scabiosa ochroleuca 
Sheep's-bit. Jasione viontana 
Silvery. Centaurea argentea 
Small. Scabiosa Columbaria 
Starry. The genus Crnpina 
Sweet. Scabiosa atropurpurea and varieties 
Sweet, of N. America. Erigeron annuus 
Webb's. Scabiosa Webbiana 

Scab-'wort. An old name for Elecampane 

Scale-fern. See Fern 

ScaUion. Allium ascaloiiicum var. majus. 
The name is also generally applied to all 
Onions that do not bulb, but form long 
necks like Leeks 

Scammony - plant. Convolvulus Scum- 
Montpelier. Cgnanchum moTispeliacK'iit 
and C. acutum 

Scariole. An old name for Endive 

Scarlet- Runner. See Bean 

Scarlet- seed. 'Ternstromia obovalis and 
Latin Thamnia 

Scent-'wood, Tasmanian. Algxia. bitxifolia 

Sceptre-flower. The genus Sceptranthvs 

Scimitar - pods. The pods of Entada 

Scoke, or I'nkc-weed. IVigtolaccadecandra 

Scorpion-grass. See Grass 

Scorpion - plant. Renanthera arachnitis 
and (ii'iiista scorpius 

Scorpion-Senna. Coronilla Emerus 

Scorzonera, French. Scorzoiiera picroides 
( I'tcridiuin rulgare) 
Ganlen. Srorzonrra hispanica 

Scotch-Asphodel. See Asphodel 

Scotch- Attorney, of the W. Indies. The 
genus Ch/sia 

Scotch-bonnets. Agaricus {Marasmius) 

Scotch Fir. Sec Fir 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrnhs. 


Scotch. Primrose. See Primrose 
" Scotino." Jlhus Cotinus 
Scouring-Rush. See Rush 
Screw-Moss. See Moss 
Screw-Pine. The genus Pandanus 
Screw-tree. The genus Helicteres 

Jamaica. Helicteres jamaicensis 

Large-fruited. Helicteres Isora 
Scripture-wort. See Chink-wort 
Scrofula-leaf, or Scrofula-weed. Goodyera 

Scrub-Oak. See Oak 
Serub-w^ood, St. Helena. Commidendron 

Scurvy-grass. Coclilearia officinalis 

Eock. Kernera {Coclilearia) saxatiUs 

" Scotch." Coiivoh'ulus Soldanella 
Scythian Lamb. The woolly rhizome of 

Cihotium Barometz 
Sea-Beet. Beta marltima 
Sea-bells. Convolvulus Soldanella 
Sea-belt. Laminaria sacchariiia 
Sea-berry, of Australia. The genera Halo- 

ruf/is and Rhagodia 
Sea-Bindw^eed. Convolvuhts Soldanella 
Sea-Buckthorn. Hippophae rhamnoides 
Sea - Bugloss. Pulmonaria (^Mertensia) 

Sea-coal. Convolvulus Soldanella 
Sea-colander. Agarum Turneri 
Sea-Dock. See Dock 
Sea-egg. Medicago Echinus 
Sea- Foal-foot. See Foal-foot 
Sea-Furbelow^s. Laminaria bulbosa 
Sea-girdles. Laminaria digitata 
Sea-Goose-foot. See Goose-foot 
Sea-grape. SaUcornia herhacea 
Sea-grass. See Grass 
Sea-hangers. Laminaria bulbosa 
Sea-hay. Zoster a (Alga} marina 
Sea-Heath. Franhenia j)ulveridenta 
Sea-Holly. Eryngium maritimum and 

other species 
Sea-kale. Crambe maritima 
Sea-laces. Chorda Filum 
Sea-Lavender. Various species of Statice, 
especially S. Limonium 

Bonduelle's. Statice Bonduellei 

Caspian. Statice caspia 

Common. Statice Limonium 

Crimean. Statice taurica 

Daisy-leaved. Statice bellidifolia 

Downy. Statice puherula 

Dwarf. Statice nana 

Globularia - leaved. Statice glohularice- 

Gmelin's. Statice GmeUni 

Great. Statice latifolia 

Hoary. Statice incana ( GonioUmon calli- 

Holford's. Statice Holfordii 

Kaufmann's. Statice Kaufmanniana 

Matted. Statice reticulata 

Narrow-leaved. Statice angustifolia 

Olive-leaved. Statice olecpfolia (S. vir- 

Pigmy. Statice mimda 

Profuse. Statice profusa 

Eock. Statice ajiriculo'folia 

Sea - Lavender, Eosy-flowered. Statice 

Showy. Statice sjjeciosa 

Small. Statice minuta 

Spiked. Statice spicata 

Tall. Statice elata ( GonioUmon elatuvi) 

Tartarian. Statice tatarica 
Sea-Leaf. Bryophyllum calycinum 
" Sea-oats." Uniola panioulata 
Sea - otter's - Cabbage. Xereocystis Lut- 

Sea-Pink. Statice Armeria 
Sea- Poppy. See Poppy 
Sea- Purslane. See Purslane 
Sea-Purslane-tree, Broad-leaved. Atrijjletp 

Sea-Reed. Psamma arenaria 
Sea-Rocket. See Eocket 
Sea-Starw^ort. Aster Tripolium 
Sea-thongs. Himanthalia lorea 
Sea-wand. Laminaria digitata 
Sea- weed. A general name for the marine 

Cape Trumpet. EcMonia huccinaUs 

Corsican Anthelmintic. Gigartina lielmin- 

Cultivated, Japan. Porphyra vulgaris 

Glaziers'. Zostera mediterranea 

Gulf. Sargassum hacciferum 

Swallow's-nest. Plocaria tenax 

Whip-cord. Chordaria Jlagelliformis 
Seal-flower. Dielytra {Dicentra) specta- 

Sebestens. The fruit of Cordla latifvlia 

and C. Myxa 
Sedge. The genus Carex 

Alpine. Carex alpina 

Axillary. Carex axillaris 

Beak. The genus Rhynchospora 

Black. Carex atrata 

Bladder. Carex vesicaria 

Bottle. Carex ampullacea 

Bracteated Marsh. Carex divisa 

Bracteated Sea. Carex extensa 

Capillary. Carex capillari-s 

Carpeting. Carex divulsa 

Cotton. See Cotton-sedge 

Crimson-fruited. Carex baccans 

Curved. Carex incurva 

Cyperus-like. Carex Pseudo-cyperus 

Dioecious. Carex diaica 

Dotted. Carex punctata 

Downy. Carex tomentosa 

Drooping Bog. Carex limosa 

Dwarf. Carex humilis 

Elongated. Carex elongata 

Few-flowered. Carex jjaucifloru-s 

Fingered. Carex digitata 

Flea. Carex pulicaris 

Glaucous Heath. Carex glauca 

Great Pendulous. Carex pendula 

Great Spiked. Carex vulpina 

Greater Bank. Carex riparia 

Greater Tufted. Carex stricta 

Green-ribbed. Carex bi7iervis 

Hairy. Carex h irta 

Hammer. Carex hirta 

Hare's-foot. Carex lagopina 

Highland. Carex saxatilis 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Sedge, Hoary. Carex Buxhaumli 
Lesser Bank. Carex paludosa 
Lesser Prickly. Carex stcllulata 
Lesser Tufted. Carex vuh/aris 
Loose-flowered. Carex distans and C. 

Mountain. Carex montaiia 
Mountain, Stiff. Carex rUjida 
Oval-spiked. Carex leporina ( C. oralis) 
Pale. Carex pallesceiis 
Panicled. Carex paniculata 
Paradoxical. Carex paradoxa 
Pendulous. Carex p end ula 
Pink-leaved. Carex panicea 
Prickly. Carex muricata 
Eemote-spikeleted. Carex reniota 
Eock. Carex rujyestris 
Eound-headed. Carex piUuVifera 
Sea-side. Carex arenaria 
Slender-leaved. Carex fiUformis 
Slender-spiked. Carex acuta 
Smooth. Carex la-vtgata 
Spring. Carex pra-eox 
Starveling. Carex depavperata 
Sword, of Australia. Lepidosperma gladia- 


Tawnj-. Carex fulva 

Tufted. Carex cwspitosa 

Tussock. Carex stricta 

White. Carex canesceiis ( C. curta) 

Wood. Carex sylvatica 

Yellow. Carex Jiava 
Seed-box. Ludmigia (Is?iardia) alterni- 

folia and L. InrteUa 
Sego. Calochortvs XnttalU 
Segra-seed. FeuiUea cordifoUa 
Selaginella-tree. Selagineilacccsia arlorea 
Self-heaL Prunella vulgaris 

Hyssop-leaved . Prunella hyssopifolia 

Large-flowered. Prunella grandijtora 

Large - flowered, Cut - leaved. Prunella 
grandijlora rar. laciniafa 

Pyrenean. Prunella pyrenaica 
Seneca Snake-root. I'olygala Senega 
Senegal-root. The root of Cocmdus Bakin 
Sengreen. Semperrivmn tectonimi and 
Saxifraga nivalis 

Water. Stratiotcs aloides 
Senna-plant, Aleppo. Cassia ohovata 

Alexandrian. Cassia lanceolata 

Bladder. Colutea arhorescens 

Chili. Myosc/iilos oblongus 

Italian. Cassia obovata 

Jamaica. Cassia emarginata 

Of Commerce. Cassia acutifoUa and C. 

Scorjjion. Coronilla Emerus 

Tinncvclly. Cassia angustifolia 

Winged. Cassia alata 
Sensitive Briar. See Briar 
Sensitive Plant (true). Mimosa sensitiva 

"Wild," of N. America. Cassia nictitans 
Septfoil. Potenfilla Tormentilla 
Serapias Turbith. An old nameforyls/^r 

Tripoli u>n 
Serpent-Moss. Sec Moss 
Serpent-withe. Aristolochia odoratissima 
Serpent-'wood. Ophioxylon serpentintcm 
Serpent's-bane. Ccrbera Ahoiiai 

Serpent's-beard. Op?i iopogon japon ic us 
Serpent's-tongue. Erythroninm avitri- 

Serpentary-Root. Aristolochia SerpentaHa 
Serradella, or Serratella. Ornithopus sativus 
Service-berry. Avielanchier canadensis 
Service-tree, Auricled. Pyrus Sorhus auri- 
Bastard. Pyrus pinnatijida 
Common. Pyrus Sorbus (P. domestica) 
Maple. Pyrus torminaUs 
Swedish. Pyrus scajidica {P. intermedia') 
Wild. Pyrus iorminalis 
Sesame, or Oily - grain - plant. Sesamun 

orioitale and .S'. indicum 
Sesban. Sesbajiia cegyptiaca 
Seseli, Gum. Seseli gumuiiferum 
Setter-wort. HelleJjorus Jwtidus 
Set-wall. An old name for Valerian 
Shad-bush, or Shad- flower. Amelanchier 

Shaddock-tree. Citrus decumana 
Shade-leaf, Norfolk Island. Botryodcndron 

lati folium 
Shadow-grass. See Grass 
Shaking-grass. See Grass 
Shallon-bush, or Salal-bush. Gaultlteria 

Shallot. Allium ascalonicum 
Shamrock, Blue-flowered. Paroclietus com- 
Four-leaved. Trifolium repens var. pur- 
pure uni 
Indian. Trilliuvi latifoUum 
Of Ireland. Trifolium repens, for which 
Medicago lupulina is sometimes substi- 
Share-wort. Aster Tripolizim 
Shave-grass. See Grass 
Shaw^anese Salad. See Salad 
Shear-grass. See Grass 
Shea-tree. Pas.^ia Parliii 
Sheep-berry. I'iburnum. Lentago 
Sheep-fodder-plant, S. African. Pentiia 

Sheep-pest, of Australia and New Zealand. 

Aca-na ovina 
" Sheep-poison," Californian. Lupinus 

Sheep's-bane. Ilydrocotylc x'ulgaris 
Sheep's-beard. The genus Armpogon 
Sheep's-bit-Scabious. Jasione immtaiia 
Dwarf. Jasione Jiuinilis 
Perennial. Jasione perennis 
Sheep's-Fescue-grass. See Grass 
Sheep's-Sorrel. Jtumex Acetosella 
Shell-flow^er. Moluccella Iwvis and the 
genus Chelone 
Brush. Alpinia {Hellenia) ca'ruh'o. 
Indian. Alpinia nutans 
Lyon's. Chelone Lyoni 
Twisted. Chelone ohliqua 
Wliite. Chelone glabra. 
Shelter- tree. Organ Mountain. Aden^t- 

titep h a II es or go nin sis 
Shepherd's-club. \'erbascum Thapsux 
Shepherd's-cress. Teesdalia Iberis 
Shepherd's-joy, Australian. 'J'he i,enus 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Tormentilla officinalis 
Capsella Bursa-jjas- 



Shepherd's-rod, or Shepherd's-staff. 

sacvs jjilofius and D. sylrestris 
Shepherd's- scrip. Another name for 

Shepherd's-stafF. See Shepherd's-rod 
Shield-flower. The genus Aspidistra 
Shingle-wood. Nectandra leucantha 
Shin-leaf, American. Pyrola elUptica 
" Shireesh," of India. Acacia Serissa 
Shittim-wood, of Scripture. Supposed to 

be the wood of Acacia nilotica 
Shoe-blaek-plant, or Shoe-flower. Hibis- 
cus Bflsa-sincnsis 
Shoe - maker's - bark - tree. Byrsonima 

Shola, or Solah-plant. ^^schynomene aspera 
Shooting-star. Dodecatheon Meadia 
Shore-grass. See Grass 
Shot, Indian. See Indian-Shot 
Shumee-tree. Acacia Suma 
Shuttle-cock-plant. Periptera p^micca 

(Sida Periptera) 
Sickle-pod. Arahis canadensis 

S. American. Brepanocarpus lunatus 
Sickle-wort. Pninella vulr/aris 
Side-saddle-flower. The genus Sarracenia 
Dark-red. Sarracenia atrosangvinea 
Drummond's. Sarracenia Brummondi 
Handsome. Sarracenia formosa 
Hook-leaved. Sarracenia variolaris 
Purple. Sarracenia purpurea 
Red. Sarracenia rubra {S. jfsittacina) 
Small. Sarracenia minor 
Yellow. Sarracenia Jiava 
Silk-cotton-tree. The genera Bmniax and 
Brazihan. PacMra macrantlia 
Malabar. Bomiax inalaiaricum 
New Granada. PacMra ( CaroUnea) alha 
Of the Amazon. Eriodendron Samauma 
Seven-leaved. Bomhax malaharicum 
W. Indian. Eriodendron anfractuosum 
White, East Indian. Eriodendron orien- 
Silk-flower. Calliandra trinervia 
Silk-fruit, Maiyland. Seriocarpus cony- 

Silk-grass. See Grass 
Silk-plant, Vegetable, Syrian. Periploca 
Vegetable, Brazil. Chorissa speciosa 
Silk-tree, of Constantinople. Acacia J%iU- 

Silk-vine. Periploca graca 
Silk- weed, American. The genus Asclepias 
Silk-w^ood Tree. ^Funtingia Calahura 
Silken Cissy. An old name for tlie genus 

" Silphium," of the Ancients. Supposed 
to be a species of Ferula {Thapsia), 
probably F. gla^ica, or F. garganica 
Silver-berry, Missouri. Elceagnus argentea 
Silver-bracts. PachypTiytum hracteosum 
Silver-bush. AnthyUis Barba-Jovis 
Silver Fir. See Fir 
Silver-head. ParoJiycJda argyrocoma 

Silver-leaf, Japanese. Ligularia Kcempferi 

var. argentea 
Silver-rod. Asplwdelus ramosus 
Silver-tree. The genus Elaagnus 
Cape. Leucadendron argenteum 
Missouri. Elceagnus argentea 
Queensland. Tarrietia Argyrodendron 
{Argyrodendron trifoliatum) 
Silver-weed. Potentilla anserina and the 
genus Argyreia 
Shining. Argyreia acuta (CoJivolvuhts 
Silver-wood. Guettarda argentea, Que- 
lania Icetioides, and the genus Mouriria 
Simaruba-bark Tree. Quassia {Picrccna:) 

Simool-tree. Salmalia vialabao-ica 
Simpler's-joy. Verbena officijialis 
Of N. America. Verbena hastata 
Simson. Senecio imlgaris 
Singapore Hat - plant, ^schynomene 

" Sink-fleld." An old name for Potentilla 

Sipiri-tree. Nectandra Rodiai 
Siris- Acacia. AlUzzia Lebbek 
Sissoo-tree. Balbergia Sissoo 
Skewer - w^ood. Cornus saiiguinea and 

Euonym us europa-us 
Skirret. Sixim Sisarum 
Skir-wort. An old name for Skirret 
Skoke. Phytolacca decandra 
Skull-cap. The genus Scutellaria 
Alpine. Scutellaria alpina 
Caucasian. Scutellaria caucasica 
Common. Scutellaria galericulata 
Entire-leaved. Scutellaria integrifolia 
Japanese. Scutellaria japonica 
Large-flowered. Scutellaria macrantlia 
" Mad-dog." Scutellaria laterijiora 
Purplish - flowered. Scutellao-ia purpu- 

Scarlet-flowered. Scutellaria Mocciniana 
Scordium-leaved. Scutellaria scordifoUa 
Siberian. Scutellaria macrantha 
Small. Scutellaria minor 
Snap-dragon. Scutellaria antirrldnoides 
Wright's. Scutellaria Wrightii 
Yellow-flowered. Scutellaria orientalis 
Skunk Cabbage, or Skunk-weed. Sym])lo- 

carpus foetidus 
Sky -flower. The genus Buranta 
Sleep - wort. An old name for Lactuca 

Sleet-bush, African. Biosma ( Coleonema) 

Slipper-flower, or Slipper-wort. The genus 
Celandine. Calceolaria clielidonioides 
Hardy. Calceolaria Kellyana 
Wing-leaved. Calceolaria pinnata 
Slipper-Spurge. The genus Pedilantlms 
Sloe-tree. Prunus spinosa 
Slog-wood. Bufelatidia jfendula 
Sloke. Zflra Lactuca and some other edible 

species of JJli^a and Porpliyra 
Slow-match Tree. Careya arborea 
Smallage, or Smalledge. Ajnum gravco- 


English Na7nes of Cultivated, Native, 

Smart-weed. Pohjfjonum Hydropiper 
American. Ppliiyomim punctatum 
Water. Poli/f/onuiii acre 
Smilax, Bostou. M>jrslphijllum aspara- 

Smoke-tree. ItJtus Cotinus 
Sm.oke-woocl. Clematix Vitalba 
Smooth - Flower. Leianthus longifoUus 

and other species 
Smut-Fungus. Uredo segetum 
Snail-Clover, or Snails. Medicagn scutellata 
Snail-flower. Plnnifolu^ Caracalla 
Snake-charm. Jiauliinia anguina 
Snake-nut. See Nut 
Snake-plant. Arum Dracunculus 
Snake-poison-Antidote, of S. America. 

M'lhdiiia (ludco 
Snake-root, lUack. AcUea racemosa and 
Snn'icula ccnindcnsis . 
Brazilian. (liiococca ang^istifoUa and 

Casearia ul mi/alia 
Button. Various species of JJatris ; also 

Eryiuj i u m y ucccpfollum 
Canadian. Asarum canadense 
Cevlon. The tubers of Ariscema papil- 
E. Indian. OpMorrhlza Mungos 
Heart. Asarum rirglnicum 
Red River, or Texan. AristolocJiia reticu- 
Seneca. Polygala Senega 
South American Dorstenla Contrayerla 
Tailed. Asarum caudatum 
Vir'dnian. AristolocJiia Serpentaria 
White. Eupatorium. agcratoides 
Snake - seed. The seed of Ophiocaryon 

Snake-weed. Polygonum Bistorta 

Little. AnacJiar'is AUinastrum {Elodea 
Snake- wood, Bahamas. Coluhrina ferrugi- 
E. Indian. Strychnos Coluhrina 
Guiana. Brosimion Auhlctil 
Jamaica. liroslmum AUcastrum and Ce- 
cropia pplidta 
Snake's-beard. The genus Opliiopogon 
Golden-variegated. Ophiopogon Jahuran 

Japanese. Ophiopogon japonicus 
Silver - variegated. Ophiopogon sjricatus 

SpikI'd. Ophiopogon. spicatus 
Snake's-head Fritillary. See Fritillary 
Snake's-mouth. I'oyonia ophioglossoides 
Snake's-tail. Lrpiurus incurvatus 
Snake's-tongue. The genus Lygodlum 
Snap-dragon. The genus Antirrhinum 
Common Carden. Varieties of Antir- 
rhinum, majus 
Hoart-leavcd. Antirrldnum Asarina 
Jamaica. Ilucllia tuberosa {Cryphlacan- 

thus harbadrnsis') 
Hock. Antirrhimtm rupestre (Linaria 

Small. Antirrhinum Orontium 
Snap-tree. Jusiicia hyssopifoUa 
Snap-weed, American. Various species of 
Imp aliens 

Sneeze-w^eed, American. HeUnium autum- 

nale and other species 
Sneeze-wood. IHceroi-ylon utile 
Sneeze- wort. Achillea Ptarmica 
Sniddel. Carex paludosa and other species 
Snow, Mountain. Arabis albida 
Snow-ball, Wild. Cranothus americamis 
Snow^-ball-tree. Viburnum Opulus 

Large-flowered. Viburnum macrocephalum 
Nine-bark. Spireea opulifoUa 
Snow-berry, Creeping. Chiogenes ?dspidula 
Snow-berry - tree. Symphoricarpus race- 
Small - leaved. Symphoricarpus micro- 
Snow-bush, Calif ornian. Ceanothus cordu- 
Victorian. Olearia stcUulata (Euryhi.i. 
Snow-cups, Water. Itanunculus aquatHis 
Snow-drop. The genus Galanthus 
Broad-leaved. Galanthus latlfolius 
Common. Galanthus nivalis 
Cup-flowered. Ga la nth vs jjoculiform is 
Crimean. Galanthus plicatus 
Earl j'-flowering. Ga la nth us pr(XCOX 
Ehves's. Galanthus Elwesii 
Greenish-flowered. Galanthus rirescens 
Imperati's. Galanthus Imperati 
Late-flowering. Galanthus serotinus 
Queen Olga's. Galanthus Regina: Olgce 
Redoute's. Galanthus Pcdoutcl 
Reflexed. Galanthus reflexus 
Shaylock's. Galanthus Shaylocki 
Summer. Leucojum (cstivum 
Yellowish. Galanthus lutescens 
Snow-drop-tree. Halesia tetraptera 
African. Itoyena lucida 
Small-flowered. Halesia parrijlora 
Two-winged-fruited. Halesia diptera 
W. Indian. Ihrmanthus (1) i?icrassatiii 
Snow^-flake. The genus Leucojum 
Autumn. Leucojum autumnale 
Carpathian. Leucojum carpaticum 
Manj'-flowercd. Leucojum trichophyllwn 

{Aeis trichophylla) 
Rosy-flowered. T^eucojum roseum 
Spring. Jjcucojum rernum 
Summer. Leucojum tesfirum 
Summer, Small. Leucojum Hernandezii 

Winter. Jjcucojum hyemale 
Snow-flower. Chionanthus rirginica 

Japanese. Deutzia gracilis 
Snow^-glory. Chioiwdoxa Lucilics 

l>warf. (liionodo.ra nana. 
Snow-in-Summer. (\-rnstium lomentosum 
Snow^-mould. Jjanosa nivalis 
Snow-plant. Cerastium tomentosum 

Californian. Sarcodes sanguinea 
Snow-Rosette. Primula, minima 
Soap-bark-tree. Cliili. Quillaia Sajwnaria, 

Venezuela, /'ithecolobium bigemimim 
Soap-berry-tree. Tlio genus Sapindu^s 
American. Sapindus maryinatus 
W. Indian. Sapindus Saponaria 
Soap-nut. The fruit of Sajiindus Sapon- 
aria and Acacia concinna (^Mimosa ab- 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Soap-plant, Indian. Chlorogalum pomeri- 
Mexican. Agave ssaponaria 
Soap-pods, Chinese. The pods of various 
species of Ccesalpinia 
E. Indian. The pods of Acacia coTicinna 
Soap-root, Californian. Leucocrinwni mon- 
Spanish, or Egyptian. Gypsopliila Stru- 
Soap-wood. Clethra tinifoUa 
Soap-wort. The genus Sajioiiaria : also 
applied to Vaccaria vulgaris 
Brilliant-flowered. Sajwiiaria ocymoides 

var. sjjloidens 
Common. Saj)07iaria offlclnalis 
Cow-herb. Saponaria Vaccaria 
Daisy-leaved. Saponaria bellidifolia 
Double - flowered. Saponaria caucasica 

Eock. Saponaria ocymoides 
Tufted. Saponaria ccespitosa 
Soft-wood, Black. Myrsine lata 
" Solah "-plant. jEschynomene aspera 
Soldier-bush. Tnga purpurea 
Soldier-'wood. CaUiandra purpurea 
Soldier's-herb. Piper angustifolium (Ar- 

tanthe elongata') 
Solomon's-seal. The genus Polygonatuvi 
Common. Polygonatum officinale 
False. The genus Smilacina 
Giant. Polygonatum giganteum 
Many-flowered. Polygonatum multiflorum 
Rosy-flowered. Polygonatum roseum (^Con- 

vallaria rosea) 
Whorled. Polygonatum verticillatum 
Sooly-Qua Gourd. See Gourd 
Sophee-shrub, of Sylhet. Myrica integri- 

Sorrel. The genus Oxalis, some species of 
Runiex, and a few other plants 
Buckler-shaped. See Sorrel, French 
Climbing. Begonia scandejis 
French, or Buckler - shaped. Rumex 

Indian, or Red. Eibisciis Sahdariffa 
Maiden. Rumex 7>ionta?ms 
Mountain. Oxyria reniformis 
Red. See Sorrel, Indian 
Switch. Dodonaa viscosa 
Sheep's. Rumex Acetosella 
Tree. Rumex Lunaria 
Wood. See Wood-Sorrel 
Sorrel-tree. Andromeda ariorea 

Queensland. Hibiscus lieteropliyllus 
Sorro^wful Tree. Nyctanthes Arbor-tristis 
Souari, or Suwarrow-nut-tree. Caryocar nu- 

Souari-wood. See Saouari-wood 
Sour-Gourd-tree. Adansonia digitata 
Sour Sop. Ano7ia muricata 
Southern-w^ood. Artemisia Abrotanwm 

Tartarian. Artemisia Santonica 
" Sowa "-plant, Bengal. Ajiethwn Sowa 

{Peucedanum graveoletis') 
Sow-bane. Cheiupodium rubrum 
Sow-bread. Cyclamen europium 
Sowd-wort. Salsola Kali ; also an old 
name for Columbine 

Sow-thistle, Blue - flowered. 3Iulgediimi 
alpinum,JI. macrorrhizwm, and the genus 
Common. Sonchus oleraceus 
Corn-field. Sonchus arvensis 
Cut-leaved. Sonchus laclniatus and S. ele- 

Marsh. Sonchus palustris 
Mountain. Sonchus alpijius 
Purple-flowered. Midgedium Plumierl 
Shrubby. Sonchus fr ut icosus 
Tree. Atalanthus arboreus 
Soy-plant, or Soy-bean. Dollchos Soja 

{Soja hispida) 
" Spadic "-bush. Erythroxylon Coca 
Spaetlum, or Spatlum. Lenisia rediviva 
" Spaniards," of New Zealand. Aclphylla 

squarrosa and A. Colensoi 
Spanish- Arbour-Vine. Ipomaa tuberosa 
Spanish - Bayonet, or Spanish-Dagger. 

Yucca aloifolia and other species 
Spanish - juice - plant. The Liquorice- 
plant (^Glycyrrhiza glabra') 
Spanish-Needles. Bidens bipinnata 
Spanish-Pick-tooth. Daucus Visnaga 
Spanish-Tuft. Thalictrum aquilegifolluni 
Sparrow-grass. A corruption of "Aspara- 
Sparrow-tongue. Polygonum aviculare 
SparroA\r-w^ort. Passerina nivalis 
Spart-grass. See Grass 
Spatlum. See Spsetlum. 
Spear-flow^er. The genus Ardisia 
Spear-grass. See Grass 
Spear-mint. See Mint 
Spear-wood, Australian. Acacia dora- 

toxylon and Eucalyptus doraioxylon 
Spear- w^ort. Adder's- tongue. Ranunculus 
op hiog loss Ifolius 
Great. Ranunculus Lingua 
Small. Ranunculus Flammula 
Water-Plantain. Ranunculus alismcpfolius 
"Speck-boom," of S. Africa. Portula- 

caria afra 
Spelt. Triticum Spelta 
Speedwell. The genus Veronica 
Alpine. Veronica alpina 
Amethyst. Veronica, amethystina ( V, 

paniculata, V. sjnuria) 
Anderson's. Veronica Andersoni 
Austrian. Veronica austriaca 
Bastard. Veronica spuria 
Brook-lime. Veronica Beccabunga 
Buchanan's. Veronica Buchanani 
Buxbaum's. Veronica Buxbaumii 
Caucasian. Verojiica ca^icasica 
Caucasian, White. Veronica pedmicularis 
Clustered. Veronica spicata corymbosa 
Common. Veronica officinalis 
Corn-field. Veronica arvensis 
Creeping. Veronica repens 
Crimean. Veronica taurica 
Cut-leaved. Veronica iticisa 
Daisy-leaved. Veroiiica bellidioides 
Digger's, of Australia. Veronica perfoliata 
Falkland Islands. Veronica decussata 
Fern-leaved. Veronica laciniata 
Flesh-coloured. Veronica incarnata 
Gentian. VeroJiica geiitianoides 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Speedw^ell, Gray-leaved. Veronica neglecta 
Great Virginian. Veronica {Leptandra^ 

Guthrie's. Veronica Chithrieana 
Hungarian. Veronica Tcxicrlum 
Ivy-leaved. Veronica hcdercefolla 
Japanese. Veronica longifolia subsessilis 
Leafy. Veronica foliosa 
Many-spiked. Veronica corijmhosa 
Marsh. Veronica scutellata 
Jloney-wort. Veronica Nummularia 
Mountain. Veronica montana 
Naked-stalked. Veronica apliylla 
Narrow-leaved. Veronica vmltifda 
rink - flowered. Veronica ojHcinalis var. 

Procumbent. Veronica agrestis 
Prostrate. Veronica prostrata 
Purslane. Veronica peregrina 
Kock. Veronica saxatilis and V. nipestris 
Kock, Rosy-flowered. Veronica saxatilis 

var. Grier'cl 
Savory-leaved. Veronica satureicefolia 
Saw'-leaved. Veronica Teucrlwn 
Scallop-leaved. Veronica pectinata 
Sea-side. Veronica maritima 
Shrubby-stalked. Veronica fruticulosa 
Siberian. Veronica sihirica 
Silvery. Veronica Candida 
Thick-leaved. Veronica pinguifoli a 
Thyme-leaved. Veronica serpijllifolia 
Variable-leaved. Veronica trij^lnjllos 
Vernal. Veronica verna 
Vervain. Veronica verhenacea 
Virginian. Veronica {Leptandra) vir- 
Water. Veronica Ajiagallis 
Wedge-leaved. Veronica cuneifoUa 
Welsh. Veronica hyirida 
White - flowered. Veronica lactca ( V. 

Willow-leaved. Veronica salicifoUa 

Sperage. An old name for Asparagus 

Spice-busli. Laurus {Lindera) Benzoin 
( Benzoin odoriferuni) 

Spice-tree, Californian. Oreodaphne {Um- 
hellularia) californica 

Spider-flower. The genus Cleomc 
Brazilian. The genus Lasiandra 

Spider-Orchis. See Orchis 

Spider-'wort, Blue. Coinmelina cmlestis 
iJranched. Antherlcum (^Czackia) Llliago 
Crowded-flowered. Tradescantla congesta 
Dwarf. Tradescant ia pilosa 
Gentian-leaved. Tradescantla Zanonia 
Grass-leaved. Tradescantla vialaharica 
Great Savoy. Antlierimt^m (^Czackia') LIU- 

Mountain. Lloydla seroti,7ia 
Purj)lc-leaved. Tradescantla discolor 
Virginian. Tradescantla virginica 
White. Tradescantla virginica var. alha 

Spignel, Common. Mntin Athamaiiticnm 
iiroad-leavcd. Athamanta Cervarla 
PMnii-lcavcd. Athavtania cretensls 
Flix-wcc'd-leaved. Atliainnnia. sicula 
^Mountain. Athainanfa Lihanotls 

Spike-flower, Australian lilue. Calectasia 

Spike-grass. See Grass 
Spike-oil-plant. Lavandula Spica 
Spike-rush. See Eush 
Spikenard, American. Aralia racemosa 
Cretan. Valeria?ia Phu 
False. Smiladna racemosa 
Mountain. Valeriana tuherosa 
Ploughman's. Conyza squarrosa and the 

genus Baccliaris 
W. Indian. Ihjptis suaveolens 
Spinach, African. Rumex vesicarius rosens 
Australian. I'etragonia Implexiconni {T. 
trigyna), Chenopodivjm erosum, and C. 
Beet, or Perpetual. Beta maritima 
Common Garden. Splnacia oleraceu 
Cuban. Claytonia cuhensis 
E. Indian. Basella alha and B. riiJrra 
Mountain. Atrlplex hortensis 
New Zealand. Tetragonia expansa and T. 

imjjlexicoma (T. trigyna^ 
Prickly-seeded. Splnacia oleracea var. 

Round - seeded. Sjnnacia oleracea var. 

Straw-berry. Blitum capitatwm 
Victorian Bower. Tetragonia implexicoma 
Wild. Clienopodmm Bonus- Henri cus 
Spindle-tree. The genus Buonymus 
Broad-leaved. Bno7iymus latifolius 
Dwarf. Euonyimis namis 
Fringed. Biumymus Jim hriatus 
Garcinia-leaved. Euonymus gareiniafoUus 
Golden-leaved. Biwjiymus japonicus avreo- 

Hamilton's. Buonijmvs Hamiltonianm 
Japanese. Eiiow/rrms japonicus 
Large-flowered. Euonyvnis grandlj/orns 
Large-fruited. Eumiyncus latifolius 
Narrow-leaved. Euonymus angustifolius 
Obovate-leaved. Euonymus of/oratus 
Silver-edged- leaved. Euoriymus japonic7(s 

Three - coloured - leaved. Euonymus ja- 
ponicus tricolor 
Trailing-stemmed. Euonymus sarmentosus 
Variegated Dwarf. Euonymus japonicus 

radlcans varlegatus 
Warty-barked. Euonymus verrucosus 
White-fruited. Euonymus curopccus fructii 
a I ho 
Spindle- wort. AtractyUs acaulls 
Spire-lily. See Lily 
Spire-reed. Arundo Pltragmites 
Spirit-leaf, or Spirit-weed. Hiiellia tuberosa 

( Crypl'iacanflius harhaden.iljt) 
Spleen-wort. The genus Asj>lenlum 

Alternate-leaved. Aspieniuni alfernl/ollum 
lilack. Asplcuium A dianium-nigrum 
Common, or Maiden - liair. Aspleniumt 

Ebony. Asplenium ehenenm 
Ebony, Smaller. Asplenium parvnlum 
Forked. Asjilcnlum septentrlonale 
Green. Asplenium vlrlde 
Lance-fronded. Asplenium lanceolatum 
Maiden-hair. See Spleen-wort, Conmion 
New Zealand Common. Asjdenium bulbi- 

mid Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrnbs. 


Spleen-wort, New Zealand Hanging-tree. 
Asj)lenluiii Jlaccidum 
New Zealand Shore. As2)lenium oiUi- 

Scaly. Asjjlenium Ceterach 
Sea-side. Asple7iiu7ii marinum 
Smooth Rock. Aspletiium fo7ita7ium 
Wall-Rue. Aqjlenmm Ruta-murarla 
Split Moss. See Moss 
Spogel - Seeds. The seeds of Plantago 

Sponge-tree. Acacia Farnesiana 
Sponge-wood, Bengal. JEscliynomene as- 
2) era 
Isle of France. Gastonia c^disjfongla 
Spoon-flower, Arrow-leaved. Xanthosoma 

Spoon-wood-tree. Kalmia latifoUa 
Spoon-wort. The genus Cochlearia 

Common. Cochlearia officmalis 
Sportsman's Climber. Cissus vcnatorum 
" Spotted-tree," of Queensland. Flindersia 

Spread-Eagle. Oncidium Cartliarfinense 
Spring-Beauty. Claytonia iur;/i/tica 
Spring-Bell. Slsijrinchhim grandijlorum 
Sprit. Jimcus artlculatus 
Sprout-leaf. Bryopliyllum calycinum 
Spruce, or Spnice Fir. The genus Abies 
Alcock. Abies Alcockiana 
Black, or Double. Abies nigra 
Black, of British Columbia. Abies Men- 

Blue, or Tideland. Plmos sitchcnsis (P. 

Common, or Norway. Abies excelsa 
Dimsdale's Silver. Abies alba var. glauca 
Double. See Spruce, Black 
Dwarf. Abies excelsa var.pygmcea 
Eastern. Abies orie^itaUs 
Engelmann's. Abies covimutata 
Finedon Hall. Abies excelsa var. Flnedon- 

Hemlock. Abies canadensis 
Hemlock, Californian. Tsuga {Abies) Mer- 

tejisiana and T. Fattonia/m 
Hemlock, Indian. Abies Brunoniana 
Hemlock, Japan. Abies Tsuya 
Indian, or Himalayan. Abies Mori)ida{A. 

Lord Clanbrasil's Dwarf. Abies excelsa 

var. Clanbraslliana 
Menzies'. Abies Menziesil 
Norway. Abies excelsa 
Norway, Weeping. Abies excelsa var. 

New Zealand. Bacrgdlum cupressinum 
Rocky Mountain. Plcca pungens 
Siberian. Picea slbirica and P. obovata 
Single. Abies alba 
Tideland. See Spruce, Blue 
Tiger"s-tail. AblespolUa 
White. Abies alba 
White, Dwarf. Abies alba var. nana 
White Hedge-hog. Abies alba var. minima 
Spunk. See Amadou 
Spurge. The genus Euplwrbia 

Alleghany Mountain. Pachysandra pro- 

Spurge, Balsam. Enpliorhia balsamifera 
Branched. Ernodea lUtoralls 
Broad-leaved. Euphorbia platyphyllos 
Caper. Euphrrbia Lathy rls 
Cucumber. Euphorbia cucumerina 
Cypress. Euphorbia Cyparlsslas 
Dwarf. Exiphorbia exlgua 
Flowering. Euphorbia corollata 
Gromwell-leaved. Euplwrbia Esula 
Hairy. Euphorbia pilosa 
Hyssop. Euphorbia Pejylls 
Indian Tree. Euphorbia Tlrucalli 
Irish. Euphorbia hlbernlca 
Leafy. Euphorbia Esula 
Marsh. Euphorbia palusirls 
Petty. Euphorbia Peplls 
Porcupine. Euphorbia Hgstrix 
Portland. Euphorbia segetalis {E. Port- 

Purple. Euphorbia Peplls 
Scarlet-flowered. Euphorbia punicea 
Sea-side. Euphorbia Paralias 
Slipper. The genus Pedllauthus 
Sun. Euphorbia Helioscopia 
Sweet. Euphorbia dulcis 
Trailing Red. Euphorbia jjrostrata 
White-flowered. Eupihorbia corollata 
Wood. Euphorbia amygdaloides 

Sprue. A market name for the smallest 
sprouts of Asparagus 

Spurge-Flax. An old name for Daphne 
Mezereum and other species 

Spurge-Laurel. See Laurel 

Spurge - Nettle. Jatropha sirens var. 

Spurge-Olive. See Olive 

Spur-tree. Petltla doviinyensis 

Spur-wort. Sherardia ari-ensls 

Spurrey. The genus Spergula 
Corn-field. Spergida arvensls 
Knotted. Suglua )i(idosa 
Lawn. Spergula pllif era 
Sand, or Sand-wort. The genera Spergu- 
laria and Leplgonum 

Spurt-grass. See Grass 

Squash, Long. Cucurblta verrucosa 
Summer. Cucurblta Pepo 
Winter. Cucurblta wa.vlma 

Squaw-Mint. Iledroma pulcgloides 

Squaw- root. Clmlclfuga racemosa 

Squaw- weed. Euerlgeroii Pldladelphicus 
and Senecio aureus 

Squill. The genus Scilla 

Amethyst. Scilla amethystina 
Autumn-flowering. Scilla autumnalis 
Californian. Scilla {Camassia) Fraseri 
Chinese. The genus Barnardia 
Crimean. Scilla taurlca 
Dwarf Australian. Chamcescilla {CcBsla') 

Early-flowering. Scilla bifolia 
Medicinal. Urglnea {Scilla) maritima 
Pyramidal-flowered. Scilla pennvlana 
Roman. The genus Bellcvalla 
Sea-side. Urglnea {Scilla) Qiiaritima 
Siberian. Scilla slbirica 
Spanish. Scilla campanulata 
Spring-flowering. Scilla vcrna 
Star-flowered. Scilla amoena 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Squill, Striped-flowered. Puftclihhiia soil- 

Uiabel-flowcred. SciUa umlidlaia 
Squinancy-wort. Asperula cyimncliica 
" Squinant." An old name for Anclropiyjon 

Squirrel-corn. BiceHtra canadensis 
Squirrel-tail-grass. See Grass 
Squitch-grass. See Grass 
Staff-tree. The genus Celastrvs 

Scarlet-fruited. Celastriis hullatus 
Staff- Vine. Cclastrus scandens 
Stagger-bush. Andromeda Mariana 
Stagger - wort, or Staver-wort. Senecio 

Star, Sea. Asier Tripolluni 

Stoue-lMountain. See Stone-Mountain-Star 
Star- Anise. See Anise 
Star-apple. Chrysophyllunn cwruleum 
Star-bush, African. Gren'ia occidentalis 
Star - fish - flower. Stapclia Asterias and 

other species 
Star-flower. Trientalis europcsa, 

American. Trientalis americana 

Bouquet. Aster ptarndcoides 

Green. Ornithogalum prasimim 

Lilac. Triteleia lilacina 

Murray's. Triteleia Mxirrayana 

Spring. Triteleia nnifiora 

Turkish. Bternherrjia Clusiana 

Yellow. Sttrnheryia lutea 
Star-Glory. Ipomcea coccinea 
Star-grass. Ilypoxis erecta and the genus 

Common. Aletris farinosa 

Golden-tipped. Aletris anrea 
Star-head. The genus Asteroceplialus 
Star-jelly, or Fairies'-butter. Nostoe com- 
mune and N. edule 
Star-of-Bethlehem, Common. Ornithoga- 
lum nmhcllatvin 

Bouche's. Ornithogalum Bmicheanu7n 

Bright-yellow. Gageafistulosa 

Broad-leaved. Ornithogalum latifoVmm 

Drooping. Ornithogalum 7intans 

Golden-flowered. Ornithogalum aureum 

Narbonne. Ornithogalum narhonncnse 

Pyrenean. Ornithoijalum pi/rcnaicum 

Short-spiked. Ornithogalum comosum 

Tall . Oriiifhogalum pyram idale 
Star-of-Hungary. Ornithogahim pan- 

8tar-of-Jerusalem. Tragojwgon porri- 

f alius 
8tar-of-night. Clusia rosea 
8tar-of-the-earth. Plantago Coroni^pus 
Star-thistle. See Thistle 
Star - wort. The genera Aster and SteU 

Australian. Aster (Eurybia) argophyllu 

Bog. Stellaria uUgiiwsa 

Branching. Aster rainosus 

Brittle. Aster /ragilis 

Bu.shy. Aster dumosus 

Christmas-flowering. Aster Datschyi 

Crimson-flowered. Aster coccincus 

E. Indian. Aster cahulicus 

Elegant. Aster ehga.ns 

Fortune's. Aster i'ortunei 

Star- wort. Greater. Stellaria Holostea 

Heart-leaved. Aster cordifoUns 

Heath-leaved. Aster ericoides 

Hoary. Aster cariescens 

Horizontal-branched. Aster horizontalis 

Hyssop-leaved. Aster hyssopifolius 

Italian. Aster Amellus 

Large-flowered Altaian. Aster altaicus 

Late-flowering. Aster tardifiorus 

Longrleaved. Aster longifolius 

Loose-branched. Aster laxus 

Lesser. Stellaria graminea 

Many-flowered. Aster mult ijtorus 

jNIauve-flowered. Aster turhinellus 

New England. Aster JVovce-Angliee 

N. S. Wales. Olearia dentata 

New York. Aster Novi-lielgii 

Northern. Stellaria iorealis 

Oblique. Aster ohliquus 

Pendulous. Aster jjendulus 

Purple-stemmed. Aster puiiiceus 

Pyrenean. Aster jjyrenceus 

Red-stemmed. Aster ruhricauUs 

Pieeves's. Aster Reevesi 

Scorzonera-leaved. Aster scorzonercefolius 

Sea-side. Aster TripoVmm • 

Short's. Aster Shortii 

Showy. Aster spectabilis 

Shrubby. Aster alhcsceiis and Eicryila 

Silky. Aster sericeus 

Slender. Felicia tenella 

Slender-leaved. Aster tenuifoliiis 

Smooth. Aster la'vis rar. Iccvigatus 

Spreading. Aster patens 

Tarragon-like. Aster ( Galatella) dracun- 

Townshend's. Aster Townshendi 

Various-coloured. Aster versicolor 

Water. Stellaria aquatica and the genus 

Wood. Stellaria nemorum 

Yarrow-leaved. Aster jjtarmicoides 
Stave-wood. Simaruba amara 
Staver-wort. See Stagger-wort 
Staves-acre. Delphinium Staphisagria 
Stay-plough. Ononis arvensis 
Steeple-bush. Spiraea tomentosa 
Sterile-wood, Otago. Coprosma foetidis- 

Sticadoue, or Sticados. Lavandula Stoechas 
Stick-seed. The genus Echiiwspemiuvi 
Stick-tight. See Beggar-ticks 
Stickle-wort. Agrimonia Eupatoria 
Stiff-stalk, iVIexican. liigidella Jlammea 
Stinging- bush, Jatropha stimxilans 
Stink-horn, or Stinking-Polecat. Phxillus 
impudicus and P. fat id us 

Lattice. Clathrus cancellatus 
Stinking - wood. Anagyris fcetida and 

Cassia occidentalis 
Stink-w^eed. Piplotaxis muralis 
Stink-wood. The wood of Orcodaphne 
hullata, Fwtidia mauritiana, and Zieria 

Tasmanian. Zieria lanceolata 
Stitch-wort, or Stitch-grass. The genus 

Golden. Stellaria graminea aurea 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Stock, or Stock-Gilliflower. Various species 
of Matthiola 
Brompton. Mattliiola incana var, coccinea 
Cape. The genus Heliopliila 
Cluster-leaved. Matth tola, fenestraUs 
Dark-flowered. Matthiola tristis 
Mediterranean. Hesjjeris marUhma 
Persian. Jlatthiola odoratlsslma 
Queen's. Matth lola hicana 
Sea-side. Matthiola slnuata 
Ten-weeks. Matthiola annua 
Ten - weeks, Double. Matthiola annua 

Virgin, or Virginia. Malcolmia maritlma 
Wall-flower-leaved, or Smooth-leaved, 3Iat- 
tMola grcBca 
Stone-Basil. See Basil 
Stone-crop. The genus Sediim 
Asiatic. Seclicni asiaticum 
Azure. Sedum mjaneiim 
Bird's-f oot. Sedum pulchcllum 
Blood-red. Sedum cruentum 
Blunt-leaved. Sedum oMusatum 
Brilliant. Sedum spectaVile (^S. Fahariuni) 
Brown's. Sedum Bromnii 
Cock's-comb. Sedum Crista-galli 
Common. Sedum acre 
Corsican. Sedum corsicum 
Crimson. Sedum spurmm 
Dark-purple. Sedum atrojmrjmreum 
Deep-green-flowered. Sedum vlrens 
Ditch, of N. America. Penthorum sedoides 
Elongated. Sedum elongatiom 
English. Sedum angllcum 
Ewers's. Sedum Ewersii 
Forster's. Sedum Forsteriamtm, 
Fringed. Sedum ciliare {S. opposltlfo- 

Glaucous. Sedum glaueum 
Greenish-flowered. Sedum virescens 
Haiiy. Sedum vlllosum 
Iberian. Sedum Iberlcum 
Large-fringed. Sedum S2)uriuvi 
Lydian. Sedum Lydmm 
Mealy. Sedum farinosum 
Meehan's. Sedum Meehani 
Nfevius's. Sedum NcBvii 
Narrow-petalled. Sedum stenopetaluvi 
Noble. Sedum spectahile 
Orange. Sedum camtschaticum 
Orpine-like. Sedum telephioides 
Poplar- leaved. Sedum popullfoliwni 
Purple. Sedum purpureum 
Purple, American. Sedtim pulchcllum 
Purplish. Sedum purpurascens 
Recurved-leaved. Sedum recurvatum 
Eock. Sedum rupestre 
Rosy - flowered. Sedum roscum and S. 

Eose - coloured, Pale. Sedum pallidum 

Eound-leaved. Sedum rotundlfolium 
St. Vincent's Rocks. Sedum rupestre 
Scarlet. Sedum sempervivoides 
Short-leaved. Sedum irevifolmm 
Siebold's. Sedum Sieboldi 
Six-angled. Sedum sexangulare 
Spiral. Sedum spirale 
Spoon-leaved. Sedum spatul<pfolium 

Stone-crop, Thick - leaved. Sedum dasy- 
2)hyllum and S. turgldum 
Variegated Japanese. Sedum japoiilcum 

Welsh. Sedum Forsterianum 
White-flowered. Sedum album 
Wightmann's. Sedum Wlglitma7inianum 
Stone-hore, or Stone-Orpine. Sedicm re- 

Stone-Mountain-Star. Gymnolomia Por- 
ter i 
Stone-root. CoUlnsoiila canadensis 
Stone-wort. The genus Chara 
Stonnord. An old name for Stone-crop 
Storax-plant. The genus Styrax 
Large-leaved. Styrax grandlfolla 
Liquid. lAquldambar orlentalis 
Officinal. Styrax officinalis 
Powdery. Styrax jjulverulenta 
Smooth-leaved. Styrax Iccvlgata 
Stork's-bill. The genus Pelargonium 
Stover. An old name for dried Grass or 

Strangle-Tare. Vlcla sylvestris, V. lathy- 

roldes, and Cuscuta europcca 
Strap-wort. CorrUjlola llttoraUs 
Straw, Leghorn - bonnet. The straw of 

Trltlcum Spelta 
Straw-beri'y. The genus Fragarla 
Alpine. Fragarla colllna 
Barren. Waldsteinia ( Comaroj) sis) frag ari- 

Chili. Fragarla cJiilensls 
Common. Fragarla vesca and vars. 
Dalmatian. Arbutus TJnedo 
Green Pine. Fragarla collina 
Hautbois. Fragarla clatlor 
Indian. Fragarla indlca 
Old Scarlet, or Scarlet Virginia. Fragarla 

Eock. Fragarla indlca 
Virginian Scarlet. Fragarla virginiana 
Straw-berry-Blite. Blltum capltatum 
Straw-berry-bush, American. Fuonymus 

" Straw-berry - Geranium." Saxlfraga 

Straw-berry-Saxifrage. See Saxifrage 
Straw-berry-Spinach. Blltum capltatum 
Straw-berry-Tomato. See Tomato 
Straw-berry-tree. Arhitus TJnedo 
Alpine. Arbutus alpina 
Canadian. Arbutus alpina 
Menzies's. Arbutus Menzlesli 
Oriental. Arbutus Andrachne 
Red-flowered. Arbutus Unedo rubra 
Scarlet - barked. Arbutus Unedo var. 
String - wood, of St. Helena. Acalypha 

Stringy-bark-tree. Eucalyptus obllqud, 
E. capltellata, E. macrorrhynca, E-jfUu- 
larls, and E. piperita 
Strong-man's-weed. Petiverla alliacea 
Strychnine-plant. Strychnos Nux-vomica 
Stub-wort. An old name for Oxalls Aceto- 

Stud-flower. Selonias hillata (.Si lati- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Succory. Cichorlum Tn:tyhts 
]>lue. Catcnianche carrulea 
Gum. The genus Clumdrilla 
Lamb's, or Swine's. Ariwseris 2)i(silla 
Yellow. CataiuDichc lutca 
Suckles. An old name for Honcj-suckles 
Sugar-berry. Cclth Occident a Us 
Sugar-bush, of the Cape. Protea mcUifrra 
Sugar-cane, Bengal. Succharutu Bcmja- 
Common. Saccharnin offieinariim 
Sugar-Pea. See I'ca 
Sugar-tree. Mijoporum pJatycarpum 
Sulphur-wort, or Sulphur-weed. Peucc- 

(lanuni officinale 
Sultan, Sweet. See Rweet-Siiltan 
Sultan's-Parasol. StcrcuUa xAatanifolia 
Sumach. Tlie genus Rhus 
Carolina. IHius elet/ans 
Coral. Ilhus Metophim 
Cut-leaved, lih i/,i r/labra rar. - laclniata 
Dwarf. Hints pumila and R. eojmlU/M 
Elm-leaved. Rhus Corlaria 
False Venetian. Rhus cotino'ules 
Fern-leaved. Rltus r/lahra var. laclniata 
Five-leaved. Rims pentaphylla 
Fragrant. Rhus uromatlca 
Green-flowered. Rlnis rirldijiora 
Jamaica. Rhus Metophim 
Myrtle-leaved. Corlaria myrtifoUa 
Osbeck's. Rhus Oshecki 
Poison. Rhus venenata 
Purple-fringed. Rhus Cotimis 
Eed Lac. Rhus succrdanea 
llooting-branched. Rh us radlcans 
Scarlet. Rh^is ylabra 
»Stag's-horn. Rhus typhina 
Swamp. Rhus venenata 
Sweet-scented. Rhus suaveolens 
Tanner's. RMis Corlaria 
A^cnetian, or Venus's. Jlhus Cotimis 
Venetian, False. Rhus cotinoldes 
Virginian. Rhus typhina 
Walnut - leaved. Rhus juglandlfoUa (R. 

W. Indian. Rncnellla comocladifolla 
Zizyphus-like. Rh us z izyph ina 
Sumbul-root. The root of Ferula (JSury- 
unyluni) Sumhul. Also api)licd to the 
root of yardostuehys Jatamansl 
Sun-dew. The g(;nus iJrosera 

Common, or Kound -leaved. Brosera ro- 

Double-lea\ed. Drosera dichofoma 
English. Drosera anyllca 
Long-leaved, lyrosera hmylfolhi 
Portuguese. ])rosophyUum I it sit a ni cum 
Slender American. Drosera linearis 
Thread-leaved. Drosera, filijorni is 
Sun-drops. (Knotherafruticosa 
Sun-flower. The genus llellanthus 
Carrot-rooted, llelianthus strumosus 
Common. Jlellanthus annuus 
Cucumber - leaved. Jlellanthus cucnmeri- 

Dark-red. Hellanthus atroruhens 
Dwarf Annual. Jfelianthus hidlcns 
Dwarf Tufted. Actlnrlla seii]>osa 
False. Sec Sun-flower, Swamp 

Sun-flower, Giant. llelianthus glyantcus 
Graceful. Helianthus orgyalls 
Jungle, of the Cape. Osteospermum moni- 

Blany-flowered. Helianthus multiflonis 
IMaximilian's. IIeUa7ithus 3Iaximilianl 
Miniature. Jleliopsis la>vig 
Nuttall's. Helumthus NuttalUl 
Perennial. Helianthus multijlorus and 

Pigmy. Actinella yrandlflora 
Prairie. Helianthus rlgldus (^Harpalium 

Primrose. A variety of Helianthus annuus 
Rough-leaved. Helianthus rlgldus 
Silvery-leaved. Helianthus argophyllus 
Swamp, or False. The genus Helenlum 
Ten-petalled. Jlellanthus decapetalus 
Tick-seed. Coreopsis trlchospernia 
Zig-zag. Jlellanthus Jtexnosus 
Sun-plant. Portulacagrandljtora and other 

Sun-rose. The genus Heliantheviwn, 
Alpine. JJellaiithemum. alpestre 
Alyssum-like. Jlellantheinum alyssoides 
Apennine. Jlellantlienntm apennhium 
liasil-like. Jlellanthrniuiti ocyvioldes 
Beautiful. JJellanthentuin forinosuin 
Bristly. Hellanthevmm hlspidum 
Brj'ony-scented. Jlelianthenmnifwtidum 
Cairo. HcUanthemum Kahlricum 
Cluster - flowered. Helianthemuni ylomc- 

Cluster-leaved. Helianthemuni la:vlpcs 
Colour-changing. Jlellantheviuni mutahile 
Common. Helianthemuni vulgare (^Cistus 

Cojiper - colour - flowered. Hcliantliemwiti 

Downy. Jlellanthemum Pllosella 
Glaucous-leaved. Jlellanthemum ylaucum 
Hairy. Jlellanthemum hlrsutum 
Hairy-flowered. J/elltDithemnm laslaiithum 
Heath-like. Helianthemum. Jumanto 
Hoary - leaved. JJellanthemum canum 

(Cistus marlfollus) 
Italian. Jlellanthemum. Itallcum 
Juniper-leaved. JJelianthenium ju7iiperi- 

Lagasca's. Jlellanthemuni hlrtuni rar. 

Large - flowered. Jlellanthemum grandi- 

fnrum and JT. macranthum. 
Lavender-leaved. Jlellanthemum lavaiidu- 

IMarjoram-leavod. Ifelianthemum origani^ 

fidium and //. inarjurani/dlii/m. 
Ma rum-lea vi'd. Jlellanthemum marifoUum 
INIcalj'-leaved. Jlellanthemum farlnosum 
i\loiiey-wort-leavcd. Jlelianthemuni JVuin- 

Naked-stemmed. HeUanthcvmm nudicavle 
Narrow-leaved. Helianthemnm angusti- 

Orachc-lcaved. JJeUanthemwn atripliei- 

foil urn- 
Ovate-leaved. JJellanthrmum ovatuvi 
Parti - coloured - flowered. JfeUanthrmum 


and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Sun-rose, Pencilled. Hclianthemum 2)cnic'd- 


Plantain-leaved. Ilelianthenmm Tuherarta 

Polium-leaved. Hclianthemum polUfollum 

Powdered-leaved. Ilelianthenmm jjulverii- 

Procumbent. Ileliantliemum procximhens 
Red-flowered. Helianthemum Thodantlium 
Rosemary-leaved. Helianthemum rosma- 

Rosy-flowered. Heliantliemum roseum 
Rough. Helianthemum scahronum 
SafEron-flowered. Helianthemum croceum 
Sea-Purslane-leaved. Helianthemxom hall- 

Sei-pyllum-leaved. Helianthemum serjjylli- 

Shining-leaved. Helianthemum lucidum 
8howy. Helianthemum venuAum 
Slender Trailing. Helianthemum vineale 
Small-leaved. Helianthemum microjjhyllum 
Smooth. Heliaiithemum lave 
Soft-leaved. Helianthemum molle 
Spear-leaved. Helianthemum lanceolatum 
Spotted. Helianthemum (juttatum 
StifE-haired. Helianthemum 2}ilosum 
Straw-coloured - flowered. Helianthemum 

Striped - flowered. Helianthemum varie- 

Sulphur - flowered. Helianthemum sul- 

Surrey. Helianthemum surreja7tum 
Thick-leaved. Helianthemum crassifolium 
Thyme-leaved. Helianthemum thymifolium 
Trufl[le. Heliantliemum Tuheraria 
Twiggy. Helianthemum virgatu/m 
Umbel - flowered. Heliantliemum umhel- 

Upright-branched. Helianthemum strictum 
Various - leaved. Helianthemum diversi- 

Violet-calyxed. Helianthemum violaceum 
Wall-flower-like. Helianthemum cheiran- 

White-leaved. Helianthemum candidum 

and H jJolifolium 
Whitish-leaved. Helianthemunn canescens 
Woody-stemmed. Helianthemum ligiwsumi 
Woolly-leaved. Helianthemum stcechadi- 
folium and H. tome7itosum 
Sunn-Hemp. See Hemp 
Sunshine-plant, Australian. Acacia dis- 
Sunt-'wood. The wood of Acacia arahica 
Supple-jack, American. Berchemia vohi- 
Australian. Clematis aristata 
New Zealand. Ruhus australis ; also ap- 
plied to the genera Parsomia and Lygo- 
W. Indian. Paullinia barbadensis, P. 
curassavica, and P.jwhjjjhglla ; also ap- 
plied to Berchemia voluhiUs and Cardios- 
jj ermum grandifioru m 
Surinam-poison. Teiyhrosia toxicaria 
Swallow-'wort. The genera CheMdonium 
and Asclepias 
Tuberous-rooted. Asclejnas tuberosa 

Swallow's - nest Seaw^eed. Plocaria 

Swamp-weed, Victorian. Selliera radicans 
Swan-neck. See Swan-wort 
Swan-flower, of Surinam. Cycnoches Lad- 

Swan-wort, or Swan-neck. The genus 

Sw^eet-briar. Rosa rubiginosa and R. Eg 

Sweet-briar Sponge. See Bedeguar 
Sweet-Cicely. Myrrhis odorata 

Californian. The genus Osmorrhiza 
Sweet-Flag, or Sweet-Sedge. Acorus 
Grass-leaved. Acorus gramineus 
Sweet-Gale, or Sweet- Willow. Myrica Gale 
Sw^eet-John. Bianthus barbatusvar.angus- 

Sweet-leaf. Symplocos {Hopea^ tincforia 
Sweet-Maudlin. Achillea Ageratum 
Sweet-Nancy. Narcissus l/ifiorus Ji.-pl. 
Sw^eet-Pea. Lathyrus odoratus 
Sweet-Sedge. See Sweet Flag 
Sweet-Sop. The fruit of Anona squamosa 

and A. sericea 
Sweet-Sultan, Purple. Amberboa (Cen- 
taurea) moschata 
Red-flowered. Amberboa ( Ce^itaured) mos- 
chata var. rubra 
Yellow. Amberboa (^Centaurea) suaveolens 
Sweet-w^eed. Ca])raria bijiora 
Sweet-William. Bianthus barbatus 
Barbadoes. Iponuea Quamoclit 
Double-red. Bianthus barbatus var. magni- 

Wild, of N. America. Phlox maculata 
Sw^eet-Willow. See Sweet-Gale 
Sweet- wood. Black. Strychiwdaphnefiori- 
Jamaica. Oreodaphne {Nectandra') exaUata 
Loblolly, or Rio Grande. Oreodaphne Leu- 
coxy Ion 
Lowland, Pepper, White, or Yellow. Nec- 
tandra saiufuinea 
Mountain. A crodiclidiumjamaiceiise 
Pepper. See Sweet-wood, Lowland 
Rio Grande. Oreodaphne Lcucoxylon 
Shrubby. The genus Amyris 
Timber. Acrodiclidium jamaicense, Nec- 
tandra exaltata, and N. leucantha 
W. Indian. Croton Eluteria 
White. Nectandra Uucantha and N. san- 

Yellow. See Sweet-wood, Lowland 
Swimming-Herb. An old name for Duck- 
Swine's-bane. Chenopod'mm rubrum 
Swine's-cress. Senehiera Coroiwp^is 
Swine's-grass. See Grass 
Swine's-snout. Taraxac%im Bens-leonis 
Swine's-Succory. See Succoiy 
Swiss Genipi. Achillea moschata 
Sw^ord-Lily. The genus Gladiolus. (See 
also Gladiole) 
Australian Yellow. Anigozanthus flavidus 
Sycamine-tree, of Scripture. Supposed to 
be either the Mulberiy-tree or the wild 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Sycamore-tree, Acer Ps('iido-j)Iataiius 
American. I'hdanits occidenfiilis 
Australian. Jlrachijchiton luridum 
Calif(jrui:in. Platanus racemosa 
False. Melia Azedarach 
Purple-leaved. Acer Pse^ido-2)latanus jmr- 

White-variegatcfl. Acer Pseudo-plataims 

Yellow-variepited. Acer Pseudo-2)latamis 
Sycomore-tree, Ficus S)jcomorvs 
Syringa, Common. PhiladrJjihus coro- 
Large-flowered. PldladelpliMS grandi- 

Showy. Philadelplius speciosus 

Taceada-plant. Scccvola Lobelia (5. Tac- 

" Tagasaste." Cuperus ijroliferus: 
Tail-flower. The genns Anthvrium 
Tale-wort. An old name for Bonujo offici- 

Tallow-shrub. Myrica cerifera 
Tallow-tree, of China. Still'mgia sehifera 

SieiTti Leone. Pentadesma hutyracca 
Tamarack. Larix americana 
Tam.arind-tree, Australian. Cupania avs- 

Eastard. Acacia Julihrissi7i 

Bastard, Jamaica. Acacia triclwpliylloides 

Black, Brown, Velvet, or Wild, of Sierra 
Leone. Codarivnt acntifolinm 

Brown. See Tamarind-tree, r>lack 

Manilla. Pithecolobium dulce 

N. S. Wales. Cnpania australis 

Sweet. Inga eduUx 

Velvet. Codarium acutifolium 

"Wild. The genus Codarium ; also PitJie- 
colohiu m Jilicifoliririi 

"Wild, Jamaica. Acacia arborea 

AVild, Trinidad. Pentaclethra filamentosa 

Yellow. Acacia villosa 
Tamarisk-tree, Common. Tamarix gallica 

E. Indian. Tamarix indica 

Feathery. Tamarix phimosa 

French. Tamarix gallica 

German. Myricaria germaiiica 

Showy. Tamarix spectabilis 

Small-flowered. Tamarix parrijlora 
Tamarisk-Salt-tree. Tamarix fn-irnfaliit 
Tanekalia-tree, of New Zealand. Pliillo- 

r/adi/s trichomanoides 
Tang. FxKcvx nodnxnx 
Tangle, Sweet. Lami7iarla saccharina 
" Tanke." An old name for Pexccedaimm 

gat if urn 
Tanner's-tree. Coriaria myrtifolia and 

other species 
Tansy, Coinuioii. Tanaceinm rvlgare 

Gniisc, or Wild. Potentilla AfiKcrina 

Shrubby. Tanacrfum unffrnticoxum 

Wild. Se(^ Tansy, Goose 
*' Tanya," of S. Carolina. Caladiitm cscvh'n- 

Tapa-cloth-tree, of Polynesia. Urous- 

miiiptia papyrifera 
Tape-grass. See Grass 

Tape-worm-plant. Bruyera anthelmin- 

Tapioca-plant. Janij/Jia (JIa7iikot) utills- 

Tar-bush, Californian. Ei-iodictyon cali- 

Tar-w^eed, Californian. The genera Madia 

and Hemitonia 
Taraire-tree. Kesodaphne Tarairi 
Tare, Common. Yicia Jdrsnta 
One-flowered. Ervum monanthos 
Kough-podded. Ervum Iiirsutum 
Tine. Lathyrus tuherosus 
Taro, or Tara-plant, Sandwich Islands. Cala- 
dium esc2clentum. 
Of Tahiti. Colocasia macrorrhiza 
Tarragon-plant. Artemisia Dracnncidus 
Tartar-Bread-plant. Crambe tatarica 
Tartarian-Lamb. The woolly rhizome 

of Cibotium {Polypodium') Parometz 
Tassel-flow^er, Orange. Cacalia aurantiaca, 

Scarlet. Cacalia coccinea 
Tassel-grass. See Grass 
" Tata "-shrub, of Brazil. Eugenia mpra- 

Tawa-tree, of New Zealand. Xesod^ajyline 

Tawhai-tree, of New Zealand. Fagus fusca 
Pea-berry. Gaultheria procum bens 
Tea-plant, or Tea-tree, Abyssinian, or 
Arabian. Catha ( Celastrus) edulis 
African. Lycium a/rum 
American Jlountain. Gaultheria procuvi' 

Appalachian. Viburnum cassinoides and 

Priiios glaber 
Arabian. See Tea-plant, Abyssinian 
Assam. Thea Assamenxis 
Australian. Various species of Zeptnsjier- 

mum and Melaleuca 
Bee-balm. Monarda didyma 
I'encoolen, or Malaj'. Glapbyria nitida 
]5()hea. T/iea Po/tea 
J'.lue Mountain, or Golden-rod. Solidago 

Bottle-gi'een, of Victoria. Kinizea cirri- 

Bourbon, or Faham. Angracum fragrana 
Botany Bay, or Sweet. Smilax glycypbylla 
Brazilian. Stachytarphetajamaicenxis Vaccinium Arctostapbybis 
Bush, of the Cape. Cyclopia genistoides 
Canarj'. >^ida canariemtis 
Cape Colony, lleliehrysum serpyllifoliuvi 
Captain Cook's. Leptospermnm scoparium 
Carolina, or South Sea. Ilex romitoria 
Ceylon. Eheodeudroit ylaveum 
Cochiii-China. Teucrium Thea 
Duke of Argyll's. Lycium barbantm 
Faham. Angrcecvm fragrans 
Green. Thea viridis 
Golden-rod. See Tea, Blue Mountain 
Gout, of the W. Lulios. Cordia ghiboxa 
Isle of Bourbon. A iiyraTum fragrans 
Jesuit's, of Chili. Psora lea gland i/losa 
Labrador. Ledum latifolium 
Malay. Eugenia rariabilix ; see also Tea, 

Jlartiniquc. Capraria bifirra 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Tea-plant, ilexican. Psoralea tjlandulosa 
and t7icnoj>odium {Ambrhia')ainhrosiuides 
Mountain, (ra ultheria jjrocumlois 
New Jersey. Ceanothus amcricaJius 
N. S. Wales. Jlclalncca unciiiata, Ccillls- 

temon pallidum^ and C. sal'ujmim 
New Zealand. Lej)togjjermum Jlavescens 

and L. samarium 
New Zealand Sweet-scented. Philade^ylms 

Oily. Thea oleosa 
Oswego. Monarda didyma 
Paraguay. Ilex ParcKjuariensis 
St. Helena, licatsoiiia iJortulaccpfoUa 
South Sea. See Tea, Carolina 
Surinam. Various species of Lantana 
Swamp, of Australia. Melaleuca squarrosa 
Sweet. See Tea, Botany Bay 
Tasmanian. 3Ielaleuca squarrosa 
Theezan. Rlianuius Theezans 
W. Indian. Capraria hi flora 
"White, of Australia. Melaleuca genlsti- 

Wild, of N. America. Amorpha canescens 
Winter-berry. Priwos glaher 
Teak-tree, African. Oldfieldia qfrlcana 
Ben. Lafjerstrcemla microcarpa 
E. Indian. Tectona grandls 
N. S. Wales. Endiandra glauca 
New Zealand. Vitex littoraUs 
Tear-thumb, AiTow-leaved. Polygonum 
Halberd-leaved. Polygonum arifoUum 
Tear's, Job's. See Job's-Tears 
Juno's. See Juno's-Tears 
Of St. Peter. Antliacanthus mtcropliyllus 
Teasel, or Thistle, Fullers'. IJipsacus Ful- 
Wild. Dipsacus sylvesfris 
Wild, Small. Dipsacus pilosus 
Teel, or Til, Oil-plant. See Oil-plant, Sesame 
•' Teff," of Abyssinia. Poa abyssinica 
Teil, Teyl, or Til-tree. Tilia europaa 
Telegraph-plant. Desmodlum yyrans 
Tench-weed. Potamogeton natans and 

other species 
Tent-tree, of Lord Howe's Island. Panda- 

nus Porsteri 
Tent-wort. As2)le7iium Ruta-muraria 
Teosinte-grass. See Grass 
Terebinth-tree. Pistacia Tereiinthus 
Terra-japonica-plant. JJncaria Gamhier 
and U. acid a 
Merita (a kind of Turmeric). Curcuma 
long a 
Tetter-berry. Bryonia diolca 
Tetter- wort. Chelidonimn majus 
Tettigass, or Tettigaha tree. Tricliadenia 

Texan Pride. Phhx Drummondi 
Teyl-tree. See Teil-tree 
" Thatch," of the W. Indies. Calyptrmwma 
Smartzii and Copernicia tectorum 
Palmetto. Thrinax parvijlora 
Silver. Thrinax argentea 
Thatch-grass, Cape. See Grass 
Thick-leaf. The genus Crassula 
Thick-stamen, American. Pachjsandra 

Thimble-berry. Iluhus occidentalis 
Thistle. The genus Carduus ; api^lied also 
to some other plants 
Barnaby's, or St. Barnaby's. Centaurca 

Blessed, or Holy. Carduus henedictus and 

Silyhuvi 3Iarianwn 
Blume's. Blumea longifolia, 
Brilliant. Cirsium Do^iglasii 
Canada. Cirsium arvense 
Carline. Carlina vulgaris and other species 
Cornfield or Way. Serratula arvensis 
Cotton. Onopordon Acanthium 
Cotton, Steraless. Onopordon acaule 
Creeping. Carduus {Cnicus) arvensis 
"Cruel." Cirsium ferox 
" Cursed," of N. America. Cirsium arvense 
Distaff. Carthamus lanatus 
Dwarf. Carduus {Cnicus) acavlis 
Elephant, or Ivory. Silybum eburnewn 
Fish-bone. Chamcepeuce Casabonce 
Fuller's. Dipsacus Fullonum 
" Gentle." Carduus anglicus 
Globe. Pchinops Ritro 
Globe, E. Indian. Splueranfhus hirtus 
Globe, Great. Echinops splucroccpliahis 
Golden. Scolymus hispanicus 
Golden-spotted. Scolymus inaculatus 
Grass. Agatluca spat/iulafa 
Gum. Various species of EujjJtorhia 
Hare's. SoncJius oleraceus 
" Hedgehog." Cactus Echinocactus 
Herring-bone. Chamcepeuce Casabonce 
Holy. See Thistle, Blessed 
Horse. The genus Cirsium 
Ivory. See Thistle, Elephant 
Jersej'. Ccniaurea Isnardl 
Marsh. Carduus ( Cnicus) palustris 
Meadow. Carduus {Cnicus) jn-atensis 
Melancholy. Carduus heterophylhis 
Melon. The genus Melocactus 
Mexican. Erythrolccna conspicua 
Milk, or Our Lady's. Carduus 3Iarlanus 
Musk. Carduus nutans 
Our Lady's. See Thistle, iMilk 
Plume. The genera t7r.s*/««t and Cnicus; 

also Carduus lanceolatus 
Plume, Yellow. Cnicus Acarna 
Saffron. Carthamus tinctorius 
St. Barnaby's. Centaurca sohtitialis 
Scarlet Mexican. Erythrol(ena conspicuit, 
Scotch (of artists). Carduus nutans 
Scotch (of gardeners). Onopordon Acan- 
Slender. Carduus pycnocephahis {C. ten- 

Sow. Sonchus oleraceus. (See also Sow- 
Spear. Carduus {Cnicus) lanceolatus 
Star. Centaurea Calcitrapa 
Syrian. JVotobasis syriaca 
Torch. The genus Cereus 
Tuberous-rooted. Carduus {Cnicus) tube- 

Waste. Carduus arvensis 
Way. See Thistle, Cornfield 
Welted. Carduus acanthoides 
Woolly-headed. Carduus eriophorus 
Yellow. Argemone mexicana 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

" Thistle • upon - Thistle." Onojjordon 

Thomas's (St.)-Tree. Jiauhinia varlegata 

and i/. toincidosa 
Thorn, African Cockspur. Plectroma veil- 
American Black, or Pear. Cratatgus tomeii- 

American Dwarf. Cratcrtjus parvifolla 
Aronia. Cratccgus Aronia 
Azarole. Cratfegus Azarolus 
Black. Prinms xpi/wsa 
Black-fi-uited. Cratccgus nigra 
Buck, or Way. The genus Ithammis 
Buffalo. Acacia latronum 
Camel's. Ilcdgsarum Alhagl 
Christ's. Palhirus aculcatus and Zlzyplms 

Dottcd-fruited. Crafagys pnnctata 
Douglas's. Cratccgus Doughisil 
Eastern. Cratccgus oricidulis 
Egj^ptian. Acacia vera (Mimosa nllotica') 
Elephant. Acacia tomentosa 
Evergreen. Crata^gits Pgracantlia 
Evergreen Glaucous. Crata'cjus Pgra- 
cantlia glaiica 
Evergi-een,AVhite-berried. Cratccgus Pgra- 
cantlia fructu-albo 
Fontainebleau. Cratccgus latifolia 
Garland. Palturus aculcatus 
Glastonbur}'. Cratccgus Oxgacantha var. 

Goat's. Astragalus Tragacantha 
Haw, or White. Cratccgus Oxgacantlia. 

(See also Haw-thorn) 
Haw, New Zealand. Discaria Toumatou 
Hook. Uiwaria procumhens 
Jerusalem. Parkinsonia aculcata 
Kangaroo. Acacia armata 
Lily. Cateshcca spinosa 
Lobed-leavcd. Cratcrgus lobata 
Long-spined. Cratccgus macrantha 
IMaple-leaved. Cratccgus corclata 
IMexican. Cratccgus mexica^ia 
Morocco. Cratccgus maroccana 
Mysore. Cccsalpinia sepiaria 
Oval-leaved. Cratcccjus m'aHfoUa 
Parsley-leaved. Cratccgus apiifolia 
Pear. See Thorn, American lilack 
Pear-leaved. Crata-cjus pgrifolia 
Plum-leaved. Cratccgus priniifolia 
Purjilc-bunched. Cratccgua purpurea 
(2uick, or Quick-set. Cratccgus Oxga- 
Bain-berr}'. Sec Rain-berry-thorn 
St. Josepli of Ariniathea's. Cratcrgus 

Oxgacantlia var. prcccnx 
Scarlet-fruited. Cratcrgus cocciiwa 
Sea I'uck, or Willow. lUppopha'c rhavi- 

Tasmanian Native. Jiursnria spi/cosa 
Thirsty. Acacia Segal 
Threc-lobed-leavcd. Cratccgus trilohata 
Various-leaved. Cratcrgus hetcnphylla 
Virginian. Cratccgus virgiiiica 
" Wait-a-bit.'' T'liniria prorumhrus 
Washington. Cratccgus cordata 
Way. See Thorn, I'liick 
W. Indian. Macromcrium jamaicense 

Thorn, White. See Thorn, Haw 

Willow, or Sallow. Hippopliac rliatn- 

Yellow-fruited. Cratcrgus flava 
Thorn-apple, Common. Datura Stramo- 
Blue-flowered. Datura Tatula 
Downy. Datura Metel 
E. Indian. Datura alba 
Horn-stalked. Datura ceratocaula 
Long-spined. Datura ferox 
Purple-flowered. Datura fastuosa 
Tree. Datura arborea 
Thorn-Broom. Ulex europceus 
Thorough-wax, or Thorow-was. i?K_/;- 
leuruni rotund i folium 
Tree . Buple u rum frti t icos^im 
Thorough - wort. E^ipatorium liyssopi- 

Thousand-Seal. AcMllea Millefolium 
Thread-flow^er, Crimson. Polnciana (Ccrs- 

alpinia) 61-illiesii 
Thread-foot. Podostemon ceratojyhyllus 
Thread-Moss. See Moss 
Three-faces-under-a-hood. Viola tri- 
Thrift, Alpine. Armeria alpina 

Alpine Kosy-flowered. Armcria alpi7M 

Broom. Armeria Scoparia 
Common. Armeria vulgaris 
Garlic. Armeria alliacea 
Great. Armeria Ccplialotes 
Large-flowered. Armeria grandijlora 
Plantain-leaved. Armeria plcintagiiwa 
Prickly. Acantliolimon gluniaceuiii 
White - flowered. Armeria onaritima 
Throat-root. Gerim virginianum. 
Throat- wort. The genus Traelielium ; also 
applied to Campanula Cervicaria and 
Digitalis purpurea 
Blue. Traelielium ccrruleum 
Great. Campa)i,ula Traelielium 
Thrum-w^ort. The genus Actinocarpus ; 

also ajijilied to Amarantris caudatus 
Thunder-dirt-Fungus of the New Zea- 

landers. Ilcodictgon cibarium 
Thyme, Alpine. Tligmus alpinus 
Azorean. Tligmus azoricus 
Azure. Tligmus azurcus 
Balm-leaved. Tligmus mrlissoides 
]5asil. Calamintlia (Melissa) Aciw's 
Cat. leucrium Marum and T. Polium 
Common Garden. 'Thymus vulgaris and 

Corsican. Thymus corsicus 
Downy. Thymus lanuginosus 
Incense. Thymus thvrifirus 
"Laced." An old name for Thyme- Dod- 
Lemon-scented. Thymus citriodiyrus 
Lemon-scented, A'^ariegatcd. Thymus cit- 

riodorus aureo-rariegat us 
Marjoram-leaved. Thgmus (Acinos) 2>ata- 

Poiijiermint. Thymus Piperella 
Pot-herb. Thymus vulgaris 
Hound-leaved. Thymus rotundifoliui 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


■Thyme, Virginian. Pyomnthevmvi Unl- 
Virginian, Narrow-leaved. Pycnanthemuiii 

Water. A^iacharis Alsinastrum {Elodea 

Wild. Thymus Serpylhmn 
Wild Otago. Samolus Uttoralis 
Wild Wliite-flowered. Thymus Serjrylkim 
var. album 

Thyme-Dodder. Cuscuta Epitkymum 

Thyrse-flo'wer. The genus Thyrsacanthus 

Ti-plant, N. Zealand. Cordyllne mtstralis 
and C. indlvisa 

Tickle-my-faney. Mola tricolor 

Tick-seed. The genus Coreojjsis 
Dyers'. Coreojjsis tliictoria 
Ear-leaved. Coreopsis auriculata 
Early-flowering. Coreopsis prcecox 
Lance-leaved. Coreopsis lanceolata 
Large-flowered. Coreopsis yrandijinra 
Philadelphian. Coreopsis philadelpldca 
Six-leafleted. Coreopsis senifolia 
Slender-leaved. Coreopsis tenuifolia 
Whorled-leaved. Coreojjsis verticillata 

Tick-Trefoil, Canadian. Besmodium cana- 
Dillen's. Besmodium Billeni 
Japanese. Besmodium japonicum 

Tick-weed. Jledeoma puleyioides 

*' Tidy-tips," of San Francisco. Layia 

Tigarea-tree. Tetracera Tigarea 

Tiger-chop. Mesemlryanthemum tigrimim 

Tiger-flower, Peacock. Tigridia Pavonia 
White. Tigridia sjjeciosa alba 

Tiger-grass Palm. See Palm 

Tiger-wood. The wood of Macheeritini 

Tigris, Flower of. An old name for Tigri- 
dia Pavonia 

Til-tree. Laums feetens 

Tile-root. The genus Geissorrhiza 
Rushy. Geissorrhiza juncea 

Tile-seed, of Australia. The genus Geis- 

Till. Another name for Lentil 

Tim.boe Fish-poison-plant, of Brazil. 
Serjania lethalis 

Tinder, German. See Amadou 

Tine. Vlcia sylvestris 

Tipsy-wood. Galega frulescens 
Brazil. Phyllanthus Conami 

Tithymale. An old name for Spurge 

Toad-flax. The genus Linaria 
Alpine. Linaria alpina 
American. Linaria canadensis 
Bastard. ThesUim liiwphyllwm 
Bastard, American. Tlie genus Comandra 
Broom-leaved. Linaria genistcpfoUa 
Cloven-flowered. Linaria hipartita 
Common. Linaria vulgaris 
Creeping. Linaria repens 
Gold-and-purple. Linaria reticulata aurea 

Hairy. Linaria pilosa 
Hepatica-leaved. Linaria hepaticcefolia 
Ivy-leaved. Linaria Cgmhalaria 
Large Yellow. Linaria dalmatica 

Toad-flax, Marjoram-leaved. Linaria ori- 
Netted-flowered. Linaria reticulata 
Pelisser's. Linaria Pelisseriana 
Perez's. Linaria Perezii 
Pointed. Liiiaria Elatine 
Purple. Linaria purpurea 
Pyrenean. Linaria pyrenaica 
Round-leaved. Linaria sjniria 
Shaggy. Linaria villosa 
Small. Linaria minor 
Tendrilled. Linaria cirrhosa 
Thick-leaved. Linaria crassifolia 
Three-birds. Linaria triornitlu)phora 
Three-leaved. Linaria triphylUi 
Trailing. Linaria sujyina 
Toad-flow^er, African. Stapelia bufonia 
Toad-lily. Fritillaria nigra 

Japanese. Tricyrtis hirta 
Toad-root. Actcea alba 
Toad-stool, Paddock-stool, or Fairy-Mush- 
room. Any of the poisonous Fungi or 
Tobacco-plant. The genus Nicotiana 
Acute-leaved. Nicotiana acutifolia 
"English." An old name for Hyos- 

Giant. Nicotiana maerophylla gigantea 
Glaucous-leaved perennial. Nicotiana 

Havannah. Nicotiana repanda 
Indian. Lobelia injiata 
Latakia. Nicotiana rustica 
Long-flowered. Nicotiana longiflora 
Mountain. Arnica montana 
Native Australian. Nicotiana suaveolens 
Night-flowering. Nicotiana noctijlora 
Persian or Shiraz. Nicotiana persica 
Shiraz. See Tobacco-plant, Persian 
Shrubby. Nicotiana fruticosa 
Syrian, or Wild. Nicotiana rustica 
Tube-flowered. Nicotiana tubifiora 
Tuberose-flowered. Nicotiana affinis 
Vinca-flowered (perennial). Nicotiana 

Virginian. Nicotiana Tahacuni 
Wild. Nicotiana rustica 
Toddy-Palm. See Pakn 
ToUon, or Toyon, of California. Eetero- 

meles arbutifolia 
Tolosa-wood. Pittosporum bicolor 
Tolu-Balsam-plant. Myroxylon {Myros- 

pcrmu «() toluiferum 
Tomato-plant. Solanum I^ycopersicum 
Cannibal's. Solanum anthropophagorunii 
Cherry. Solanum Lycopersicwm var. ccra- 

Strawberry. Physalis AUicliengl and P. 
Tong-pang-chong. See Nasuta 
Tonga-bean-wood. Alyxia Imxifolia 
" Tonga "-plant. Epipremnum mirabile 
Tongue-blade. Ruscus Hyjwglossttm 
Tongue-flower. Glossula tentactdata 

Australian. The genus Glossodia 
Tongue-grass. Le/ndimii sativum 
Tonquin-beantree. Bipterix odorata 
Tontel-tree. Tontelea (^Salacia) pyrifor- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

" Tooart "-tree. Uucalyjjtus gonqjhoci- 

"Toot," or " Tutu "-plant, New Zealand. 

dorlarUi rtixci folia 
Tooth-ache-tree. The genus Xanthoxylum 
Thornless. Xanthoxylum mite 
Tliree-fruited. Xanthoxylum. tricarjmm 
Tooth-brush-tree. Salvadora persiea 
Tooth-cress, or Tooth- Violet. Dentarla 

Tooth-Cup. Ammania hnmilis 
Tooth-flower, Australian. JJentclla re- 

Tooth-pick. Amvd Visjutya 
Tooth-Violet. See Tooth-cress 
Tooth-wort. Lathra-a S(piamaTia and the 
genus Bcidaria ; also an old name for 
Capsclla Jhirsa-jjastoris 
Bulb-bearing. Di-titarla hulhifera 
Five-leaved. Dtntar'ia pnitaphylla 
Hidden. Lathra-a clandrst'dui 
Many-leaved. Dentaria polyphylla 
Nine-leaved. Dentarla enncaphylla 
Pinnate-leaved. Dentaria pimmta 
Seven-leaved. Dentaria pinnata 
Showy. Dentaria diyitata 
Three-leaved. Dentaria triphylla 
Two-leaved. Dentaria diphylla 
W. Indian. Plwmhayo scandens 
Tornilla-plant. Prosopis jmbescens 
" Torches." An old name for Yerbascum, 

Torch-lily. Tlie genus Tritoma 
JUirchell's. Tritoma Burchelll 
Common. Tritoma Uraria 
Dwarf. Tritoma pumila 
Dwarf Glaucous-leaved. Tritoma TJvaria 

Intermediate. Tritoma media 
Large-flowered. Tritoma Uvaria yrandi- 

Rooper's. Tritoma JUwperi 
Tall. Tritoma yrandis 
Torch-w^ood-tree. Amyris sylvatica 

Jlountain. Amyrix halmmifera 
Tormentil-root. Potentilla Tormentilla 
Tortoise-plant. Testudinaria ehphantipes 
Tortoise-wood. A variety of Zebra-wood 
Touch-me-not, Common. Impatiens XoU- 
Pale. Jnipatienx paUida 
Touch-wood. Polyporvs {Boletus) fomen- 

tariux and P. iyniariux 
Tow-tree, Tahiti. Cordia xnhcordata 
Towai-tree, New Zealand. Fayiis Men- 


Tow^er-cress. Arahis Turrita 
Town-cress. Lepidium sativum 
Toyon. See Tollon 
Toy-wort. An old name for Capsclla 

Tragacanth- Gum-plant. Astray alus Tra- 


Traveller's- Joy. Clcinoiis VHalha 

S]i;inish. Clfimilix eirrhosa 
Traveller's-tree, nf INIadagascar. Puvenala 

viadiuiasraricnsis ( Urania speciosa) 
Treacle, Countryinaii's. Uuta yravcolcns 

Poor-ilan's. Allium sativum 

Treacle-Clover. See Clover 

Treacle - Mustard. Erysimum cheiran- 

thoidrs and Lepidium campestre 
Treacle-Wormseed. Erysimum cheiran- 

" Tread - softly," Virginian. Jatropha 
urens var. stimulosa {Cnidoscolus stimii- 
Treasure-flower. The genus Gazaiiia 

Pea-cock. Gazania Pavonia 
Tree-Celandine, Shrubby. Bocconia fru- 

Tree-Fern. See Fern 
Tree-hair Lichen. See Lichen 
Tree-Mallow, or Sea-Mallow. Lavatera 
arbor ea 
African. Lavatera africana 
Conmion Annual. Lavatera trimestris 
Garden. Lavatera Olbia 
Variegated. Lavatera arborea variegata 
Wild. Lavatera arborea 
Tree-of-Chastity. Vitex Agnus-castus 
Tree-of-Heaven. Ailantns ylandulosa 
Tree-of-Life. The genus Arbor-vitte 
Tree-of-Long-Life. Gluphira nitida 
Tree-of-Sadness, Night-scented. Nyctan- 

thrs Arbor-tristis 
Tree-of-the-Gods. Ailaiitus glandulosa 
Tree-of-the-Sun. Ilctinmpora obtusa 
Trefoil. The genus TrifoVncm. (See also 
Alpine. TrifoUum aljnnum 
Bean. Cytisus Laburnum and the genus 

Bird's-foot. Lotus corniculatus 
Bird's-foot, Double. Lotus corniculatus 

Bird's-foot, Edible. Lotus ednlis 
Bird's-foot, Greater. Lotus major 
Bird's-foot, Ked-fiowered. Lotus arabicus 

and L. austral is 
Bird's-foot, Shrubby. Lotus Dorycnium 
Bird's-foot, Silvery. Lotus aryenteus 
Bird's-foot, Silvery Evergreen. Lotus cre- 

Bitumen. Psoralea bitwninosa 
Bladder-podded. TrifoUum spumosum 
Golden. An old name for llcpatica tri- 

Hare's-foot. TrifoUum arvensc 
Milk. Sec IMilk-Trefoil 
Jloon. Medicago arborea 
Onc-flowercd. TrifoUum uniforum 
Bed. TrifoUum rubens 
Sand. TrifoUum snffocatum 
Scented, of Australia. Melilotvs parviflora 
Shrubby, l^elea trifoliata and Jasmlmim, 

Starry. TrifoUum stellatum 
Stri[)ed-flr)werc(l. Trifoliuvi hivolucratum 
Sweet. Melilotus eierulea 
Tick. Tlie gunus Desmodlum 
Tree. The genus Cytisus 
Venomous. Tlie genus Dorycnium 
Water. Menyanthes trifoliata 
■^'ellow. TrijfoUuui minus 
" Tricolor." Amarantus tricolor 
Trigger-plant. Stylidium graminifolinm 

and other species 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Trineoraalee-wood. The wood of Berrya 

Trip-raadam. Scdum rejiexnm 
Tripoly. Aster Trqiolmvi 
Troll-flower. An old name for the genus 

"Trompet Marin." Narcissus alhieans 
Trottles. Symphytum asjferrwmm 
True-love. Paris quadrifoUa 
Truffle. Tuier ciharkim 
African. The genus Terfezia 
Englisli. Tuher ccstlvvm 
French. Tuher melanosporum 
Piedmontese. Tuber marjnaUim 
Ked. Tuier rufum and Melanogastcr 

Tuckahoe. Pachyma cocos 
White, or False. Tuher alhum ( Choiromyces 
9)1 eandriform is) 
Truffles, Hart's. Blaj>Jiomyces 
Trumpet-Creeper. Tecoma radicans and 

other species 
Trumpet-flower. A name applied to 
various large trampet-shaped flowers, 
as those of Tecoma, Biynonia, &c. 
Evergreen. Biynonia scmjjervirens 
Fern-leaved. Biynonia procera {Jaca- 

randa CopauC) 
Four-leaved. Biynonia Zfnyuis 
Hardy. Biynonia radicans 
Hardy Four-leaved. Biyiwnia capreolata 
Hardy Large. Tecoma (^Biynonia) yrandi- 

Nepaul. Beav/niontia yrandiflora 
Peach-coloured. Solamlra yrandiflora 
Peruvian. Bruymansia suaveolens 
Rooting-branched. Tecoma radicans 
Shrubby. Tecoma stans 
Tendrilled. Biynonia capreolata 
Virginian. Tecoma radicans 
Trumpet - Honeysiickle. See Honey- 
suckle The genus Sarracenia 
Trumpet-tree. Cecropia peltata 
Trumpet-w^eed. Eupatorium purpnreum 
Trumpets. Sarracenia flava 
Tuberose. Poliantltes tuherosa 
Tube-flower. Clerodendron Siplionanthus 
Tube-tongue. Salpiylossis sinuata and 

other sjaecies 
Tuber-root. Asclepias tuherosa 
*' Tule "-plant, of California. Scirpus 

lacustris rar. occidentalis 
Tulip. The genus Tulipa 

African. The genus Heevianthus 

Bithynian. Tulipa hithynica 

Brilliant. Tulipa fuly ens 

Butterfly. Culochortus uniflonis 

Cape. Melanthimn uniflorum (^Tulipa 

Cape, Red. Hamantlius coccineus 
Cels's. Tulipa Celsianu 
Clusius's. Tulipa Clusiana 
Common Garden. Varieties of Tulipa 

Cowslip-scented. Tulipa iliensii 
Dog's-tooth-Violet. Tnlipa erythronioides 
Drooping. FritiUaria Meleayris 
Dwarf Rosy-purj^le. Tulipa xmlcliella 

Tulip, Dwarf Yellow. Tulipa Celsiajui 
Elegant-flowered. Tulipa eleyans 
Four-leaved. Tulipa tetraphylla 
Golden Star. Cyclohotltra pulcltella 
Greig's. Tulipa Greiyl 
Hager's. Tulipa Hageri 
Kolpakowsky's. Tulipa Kolpalwmshjana 
Korolkow's. Tulipa Korolkomi 
Orphanides's. Tulipa Orphanidesl 
Parrot. Tulipa Gesneriana var. laciniata 
Parrot, Florentine. Tulijja turcica 
Persian. Tulipa persica 
Star-flowered. Tulipa stellata 
Sun's-eye. Tulipa Oculus-soUs 
Sun's-eye, Large. Tulipa prcecox 
Sweet-scented. TxClipa frayrans 
Three-leaved. Tulipa triplnjlla 
Turkestan. Tulipa turkestanica and T. 

Two-flowered. Tulipa hiflora 
Van Thol. Tulipa suave^jlens 
Van Thol, Double. T^ilipa suaveolens fl.-j^l. 
Wild. Tulipa sylvestris 
AVild, of California. The genus Calochor- 
Tulip-tree. Liriodendron tulipiferumi 
Chinese. Maynolia fuscata 
Laurel-leaved. The genus Magnolia 
Queensland. Stenocarpus simtattis {S. 
Cunninyltam H ) 
Tulip-wood-tree. Physocalymma flori- 
Queensland. Harpalia Hillii and H.pen- 
" Tulp," of the Cape. Various species of 
Moreea and Vieusserixia, especially 
Morcea polyantlios and Viettsseuxia trijM- 
Tunhoof. Nepeia Glechoma 
Tupelo-tree. The genus Nyssa 

Common. Xyssa inultiflora {N. sylvatica) 
Laige. JVyssa uniflora 
Mountain. Nyssa hiflora 
Water. Nyssa a<puatica 
Turanira-wood. The wood of Buvielia 

Turbith, Quacksalver's. Eupliorhia Bsula 

Serapias. Aster TripoVmni 
Turkey-berry. Solaiimn mammosum and 

(S'. torvum 
Turkey-berry-tree. Cordia Collococca 
Turkey-blossom. Trilndus cistoides 
Turkey-corn. Corydalis formosa 
Turkey-pea, Wild. Corydalis formosa 
Turkey's-beard. Xerophyllum asphode- 

Turk's-herb. An old name for Ilerniaria 

Turmeric-plant. Curcuma longa 

Wild. Curcuma aromatica 
Turmeric-root. Hydrastis canadensis 
Turmeric-tree, Australian. A species of 

Turnip, Common. Brassica Rapa var. 
Devil's. Bryonia dioica 
Hungarian. Brassica oleracea yongylodes 
Indian. Ariscema trij)hyUum and Arum 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

'Turnip, Lion'.s. The roots of Leontice 
Prairie. Psoralea esculenta 
St. Anthonj''s. Ilanunculus bulbosus 
Swedish. Urassica caiiijjcstris var. Ruta- 
Teltow. A variety of Brassica Napvs 
Turnip-Radish. A variety of Uajylianus 

Turnsole. Croton {Chrozopliora') tincto- 
riuni and the genus lleliotropium 
Peruvian, lldlotroplum jjcruviunum 
Turpentine-tree, American. Pimis aus- 
tralh and I'. T<vda 
Australian. Trlstania conferta, T. albicaiis, 

and S\incarpia lanrifolia 
Brea. Plnus Teocote 
Chian or CjqDrian. Pistacia Tcrebintlms 

{P. atlantica) 
European. Pmus sykestris, P. Laricio, 

and P. Pinaster 
Mt. Atlas. Pistacia atlantica 
N. S. Wales. Sijiicarpia latifolia 
Queensland. Sipicarpia laurifoUa 
fitrasburg. Abies {Picea) pcctiiiata 
Venice. Larix europa-a 
Turtle-head. Chrhme ylaJyra 
Turtle-bloom. Chelone glabra 
" Tusca "-tree. Acacia moniliformis 
Tussock-grass. See Grass 
Tutsan. The genus Hypericum. (See St. 
Glossy-flowered. Hypericum Hooherianum 
Tutu-poison-plant, of New Zealand. 

Coriarla ruscifoUa or C. thymifoUa 
Tway-blade, American. Listera convaU 
British. Listera ovata 
Green-flowered. Liparis Loeselii 
Purple-flowered. Liparis liliifolia 
Small. IJstera cordata 
Twelve-o'clock-Flowrer. Abutilon ameri- 

Twig-rush. Sec Rush 
Twin-flower. Limuea borealis 

Scarlet. Jiravoa gemiidtlora 
Twin-leaf. Jeffersonia dlphylla 
Twisted-stalk. The genus Htreptopus 
Twisted Stick, Twisted Horn, or Twisty, 
(if S. India. The fruit of Helicteres 
Tw^itch-grass. See Grass 
Two-pence. See Herb Two-pence 
Tyle-berry. JatropUa multifida 

Udika-bread. Irvimfia Jiarterl 
Ugni-shrub. Eugcma Ugni 
Umbel. Cypriprdium pnbescens 
Umbra-tree. J'ircunia {Phytolacca) dioica 
Umbrella Grass. See Grass 
Umbrella-leaf. J)\phylh''ia cyvwsa 
Umbrella-Pine. The geinis Sciadopitys 

Wliorlcil-lcavcd. Sriadojiilys 7-erticillata 
Umbrella-plant. Sdjrifraya peltata 
Umbrella-tree. May/Nilia triprtala (J/. 
fmbrcUii) and Thcspntni papuliira 

Ear-leaved. MagmiVia Frasrrl 

Guinea. Parltium yiiliwense 

Queensland. Brassaia actiiwphylla 

Umbrella-wort. The genus Oxybaphus 
Umire-tree. Humirium Jiorilnnuhim 
Unicorn-plant. Martynia lutea and M. 

Unicorn-root. Aletrls farinosa 

False. Helomas dioica 
Unicorn's-horn. Helonias dioica 
Upas Tree, of Java. Antiaris toxicaria 
Urari. See Wourali 
Urn-flower, Drooping. Urceollna jfcndtila 

Golden. tirceoUna aurea 
Urn-fruit Tree. Callicarpa incana 
Urn-Moss. See Moss 
Ushoka-tree, of Bengal. Jonesia Asoca 

Valerian. The genus Valeriana 
American. Cypriped'tum pu.hescens 
Cat's. Valeriami, oJficliiaUs 
Elder-leaved. Valeriana samhucifolia 
False. Seiieck) aureiis 
Garden. Valeriana Phu 
Globularia-leaved. Valeriatia glohilarieS' 

Long-spurred. Centrantlms macrosiphon 
Marsh. Valeriana dioica 
Medicinal. Valeriana officinalis 
Jlountain. Valeriana moiitana 
Pj'renean. Valcriayia pyrenalca 
Red, or Spur. Centrantlms ruber 
Three- winged. Valeriana tripteris 
Valonia. A commercial name for the 
acorn-cups of Quercus jJSgilojys, which. 
are used for tanning, dyeing, and making 
Vanilla^plant. Epidcndrum Vanilla 

N. America. Liatrls odoratisslma 
Varnish-tree, Pdack, I'urmah, or Marta- 
ban. Melanorrluea usltatlsslma 
False. Ailantus glandulosa 
Japan. Hints vernlclfera 
INlartaban. See Varnish-tree, Black 
Moreton Bay. Pentaceras australls {Ail- 
antus punctatits) 
New Granada. EUcagia utilis 
Sylhet. Scmccnrpvs Aiiacardlum 
Vegetable Antimony. Eupatorium per- 

Vegetable Brimstone. Lycopodlwm 

Vegetable Butter, or Phoolwa Oil, plant. 

Jiassia bntyracea 
VegetableEgg. Lucumu (Snpota)mammosa 
Vegetable Pire-cracker. liroditca coc- 
ci /i/'a 
Vegetable-Glue-plant. Conihretum Chiayea 
Vegetable Hair. Tillandsia risiwoides 
Vegetable Horse-hair. The fibre of 

( li (I 111 (/ropf h u III i 11,1 

Vegetable Ivory. The nuts of Phytel^ 

ji/uis iiiiierneiir/iii and of Snyus amicarnm 

Vegetable Leather. EujiJiorbia puiiicea 

Vegetable Marrow. Cucurblta oi-ifera 

(a variety of ('. maxima) ; also the 

fruit of JWsrii yrtifissima 

Vegetable Oyster. Tntyopogon porrif alius 

Vegetable Sheep, of New Zealand. 

llaoulia I'ximia 
Vegetable Silk. Obtained from the seed- 
pods of Churisia speciosa 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Vegetable Sweet-bread. Agarieus Or- 

Vegetable - Tallow - plant. Stlllingia 

sehifera and Vateria IncUca 
Vegetable Tinder. See Amadou 
Vegetable Wax. See Wax-plant and Wax- 
Velvet-bur. Prlva ecliinata 
Velvet-flower. Amarantns caudatus 
Velvet-leaf. Lavatera arhorea 
E. Indian. Tmiriiefortia argentea 
N. American. Abut lion Avlcennce 
S. American. Cissamjjelos Pareira 
Velvet-seed, (iufttarda ellijdica 
Venatica, or Vinatico, wood. The wood of 

Persea indlca 
Venus's-Basin. An old name for ZHjfsaciii 

Veniis's-Comb. Scandix Pecten- Veneris 
Venus's Fly-trap. Biontea muscqnda 
Venus's Golden Apple. Atalantla {Li- 

monla) moiiopJiylla 
Venus's Hair. Adlantuni Capillus- Veneris 
Venus's Looking - glass. Specularia 
N. America. Specndaria perfoliata 
Venus's Navel-wort. The genus Om- 

Venus's, or Venice, Sumach. Rims Cotlnus 
Verbena, Lemon-scented. Aloysla citrl- 
Sand. The genus Ahronla 
Sand, Purple. Abro?Ua umhellata 
Verbena-Oil-plant. Andropogon citratus 
Vernal-grass. See Grass 
Vervain. The genus Verbena 

Bastard. The genus Staclnjtarplieta 

Blue. Verbena hastata 

Blue, American. Verbena liastata 

Common. Verbemi officinalis 

Creeping. Zapanla {Llppld) nodlflora 

Cut-leaved. Verbena Aubletla 

Hardy, or Large-veined. Verbena venosa 

Kocky Mountain. Verbena viontana (F. 

Eose. Verbena Aubletla 
White, or Nettle-leaved. Verbena urticce- 
Vetch. The genus Vlcla 
Bastard. The genus Phaca 
Bastard, Spanish. Phaca Baetica 
Bastard, Trailing. Phaca australis 
Bithynian. Vlcla blthynlca 
Bitter. The genus Orobus 
Bitter, Black. Ervwn Ervllla 
Bitter, Blue. Orobus {Platystylls) cyaneus 
Bitter, Crimean. Orohis taurlcus 
Bitter, Dark Purple. Orobus atropur- 

Bitter, Double-blossomed. Orobus vici- 

Bitter, Hairy. Orobus hlrsutus 
Bitter, Lathyrus-like. Orobus lathyroldes 
Bitter, Orange-flowered. Orobus auran- 

Bitter, Spring. Orobus vermis 
Bitter, Variegated. Orobus variegatus 
Bladder. The genus Phaca 
Bush. Vlcla sepinm 

Vetch, Chickling. Lathyrus sativtis 
Common. Vlcla sativa 
Crown. The genus Coronllla 
Flat-podded. Lathyrus Cicera 
Four-seeded. Vlcla tetrasperma 
Grass. Lathyrus NlssoUa 
Hairy. Vlcla hlrsuta 
Hatchet. Blsserula Pelecinus and Coro- 
nllla Securigera 
Horse-shoe. Hippocrepls comosa 
Indian. LJrvum dispernium 
Liquorice. Astragalus glycyphyllos 
Medick. The genus Onobrychls 
Milk. See Milk- Vetch 
Narbonne. Vlcla Narbonensls 
Sensitive Joint, ^schyiwmene hlspida 

and other species 
Silvery. Vicia argentea 
Spring. Vicia lathyroldes 
Tufted. Vlcla Cracca 
Tufted Carolina. Vicia Carolinlana 
Upright. Vicia Oorobus 
Wood. Vicla sylvatlca 
Wood, American. Vicia americana 
Wood, Great. Vicia dumetoriim 
Yellow-flowered. Vicla lutea 

Vetchling, Meadow. Lathyrus Nlssolia 
Pea. Lathyrus plsiformis 
Yellow-flowered. Lathyrus Ajjhaca 

Vinatico-wood. See Venatica 

Vine, Alleghany. Adlumia clrrhosa 
American Grape. See Grape 
Australian (East). '[Itls hyjyoglauca 
Australian (North). Vltis acetosa 
Balloon. Cardlospermum HallcacaMim 
Burdekin. Vitls ( Cissus) opaca 
Climbing. Psychotrla parasitica 
Condor. Gonolobus Cundurango 
Cross. Blgnonla capreolata 
Cucumber. Cucimds Budaim 
Currant. Vltls vi7iifera var. corlnthiaca 
Eccremocarpus. Calampelis (^Eccremo- 

carpus') scaber 
Elephant's. Clssus latlfoUa 
Entire-leaved Ivj^. Vltls indivisa 
Fragrant Wild. Vltls riparla 
Gippsland Grape. Vltls (^Clssus) hypo- 

Glory. The genus Cllanthus 
Golden. StlgmaphyUon clllatnm 
Gouty-stemmed. Vltls gongylodes 
Granadilla. Passlfiora quadrangularis 
Grape. Varieties of Vltls vlnlfera 
Grape-flower. The genus Wistaria 
Harvey's. Sarcopetalum Harveyanum 
Hedge. Clematis Vltalba 
Hop-leaved. Vltls hunmllfoUa 
Ice. Clssampelos Pareira 
India-rubber. Cryptostegia grandlflora 
Kangaroo, or Kanguru. Clssus antarctlca 
Madeira. Borisslngaultla basselloldes 
Maple. Menlspermum canadense 
Matrimony. Lyclum vulgar e and other 

Milk. Perlploca grcrca 
Mustang, \ntls candlcans 
IMountain. Viola lutea 
Of Sodom. Supposed to be the Colocj'nth 
(^Cltrulhis Colocynthls) 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

"Vine, Ornamental-fruited. Bryoiwjysis ery- 

rarslej'-leaved. I^dis laciniosa 
Pea. Vicia aniericaiia 
Pepper. Ampeloj)sis ?/ij)'m7uita 
Pipe. Aristolochia Sip ho 
Poison. Mhis radicans 
Potato. Iponuca pandurata 
Kcd-bead. Ahrug prccatorlus 
Scrub, of Australia. The genus Cassytha 
Seven-year. Ipomcra tuberosa 
Silk. Periploca grccca 
Silver, of the W. Indies. Pothos argyrea 
Smilas. 3Iyrsij)hyUuni asparayoides 
Sorrel. Cissiis acida 
Spanish- Arbour. Ipomcva Utberosa 
Squaw. Mitchella repeiis 
Strainer. Lxiffa acutanyula 
Turquoise - berried. V'ttis lietcropliylla 

Variegated. Vitis {Cissus) heteropliylla 

Victoria Scrub. Cassrjtha melantha 
"Water. The genus Plnjtocrene ; also ap- 
plied to DoUocarjms Calinca 
White "Wild. Bryonia dioica 
Wild Wood. Amjjelopsis quin([uefolia 
Wonga-Wonga. Tecoma atistralis 
Vine-tie. Arundo Ampelodesmos {Avqjelo- 

desmos te7uix) 
Vinegar-plant. PeniciUium. ylancum 
Vinegar-tree. P.hvs typlujia and 11. (ilahra 
Vineyard-Cane, Italian. Arimdo Uonax 
Violet. The genus Viola 
Adder's. Goodyera 2fubescens 
Alpine. Viola vwntana 
Altaian. Viola altaica 
American Common Blue. Viola cucullata 
Arrow-leaved. Viola sayittata 
Beckwith's. Viola Bechvithli 
Bird's-f oot. Viola pedata 
Bog. The genus Pinyuicula 
Broad-leaved. Viola mirahilis 
Bulbous. An old name for the Snow-drop 

and the genus Leucojum 
Calathian. Gentiana Pncuvwnanthe 
Canada, llola canadensis 
Cape. lonidiuiii caprnse 
Corn. Sjjecularia hyhrida 
Dame's. Ilesperis matronalis 
Dog's-tooth. Erythronium Pens-canis 
Dog's-tooth, Giant. Erythronium gigan- 

Dog's-tooth, Nuttall's. Erythronium Nut- 

Dog's-tooth, Oregon. Erythronium gigan- 

tcum grandijlorum 
Dog's-tooth, White. Erythronium albi- 

Dog's-tooth, Yellow. Erythronium ameri- 

Downy Yellow. Viola puhescens 
False. Daliharda repent 
Fringed. See Fringcd-Lily 
Fringed, of Australia. The genus Thysa- 

Hairy. Viola hirta 
Ilalbcrd-leaved. Viola hastata 
Hand-leaf. Viola palmata 

Violet, Hedge. Viola sylratica 
Hollow-leaved. Mtda cucullata 
Hook-spurred. Mola canina var. aduiica 
Horned. I'ioh, cornuta 
Kidney-leaved. Mola renifolia 
Lance-leaved. Viola lanceolata 
Larkspur-leaved. Viola delph inifoUa 
Long-spuiTed. Mol<i rostrata 
Long-stalked. Viola pedunculata 
]\Iany-flowered. Viola multijtora 
Marsh. Viola palustris 
Mercuiy's. An old name for Campanula 

Blountain. Mola lutca 
Munby's. Viola Munlnjana 
Neapolitan. Viola odorata var. pallida 

New Holland. Erpetion reniforme ( \1ola 

Olympian. Viola gracilis 
Pale. Viola striata 
Palma. Viola jtal^'Mensis 
Pennsylvanian. Viola pennsylvanica 
Pinnate-leaved. Viola pimuita 
Primrose-leaved. Viola primuTxrfolia 
Pyi-enean. Viola cormita 
Rock. Chroolepus JoUthus 
Eouen. Viola rot ho mag ens is 
Round-leaved. Viola rottmdifolia 
Russian. Viola suavis 
Slielton's. Viola Sheltonii 
Siberian. Viola ^mifiora 
Silvery-flowered. Viola argentiflora 
Spear-leaved. Viola lanceolata 
Spurless. The genus Erpetion 
Spurred. Viola calcarata 
Striped- flowered. Viola striata 
Sweet-scented. Viola odorata 
Sweet White. Viola hlanda 
Tongue. The genus Schweiggeria 
Tooth. Pentaria Indhifera 
Tree. Viola arborescent 
Twin-flowered. Viola biflora 
Water. Hottonia palustris 
Water, American. Hottonia inflata 
Wintei'-flowering Double Wliite. Mwla 
Belle dc Chatenay 
Violet-wood, or Myall-wood, Australian. 
Acacia homalophylla 
Brazil. Supposed to be a species of Trip- 

Guiana. Andira violacea 
Viper's Bugloss. Echiuni milgare 
Viper's-grasa. The genus Scorzonera 
Virgin-tree. Sassafras Parthcnoxylon 
Virgin's-Bower. Clematis Vitalba 
American. Clematis virginiana 
Australian. Clematis Mossmana 
Blue-flowered. Clematis Morna 
Purple-flowered. Ck-^matis Viticella 
Sweet-scented. Clematis Flammula 
Virginian-Creeper. Ampclojjsis hedera- 
cea {^A. quin/juefolia) 
Evergreen. Ampelopsis sempervirens 
Heart-leaved. Ampelopsis cor data 
Variegated. Ampelopsis hcterophylla mar- 

Veitch's. Avipehjisii Veitchi 
Virginian-Silk. Periphica graica 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Vitus's (St^-wood. Rhus dloica 
" Vouvan "-tree. Laurella serrata 
Vutu-tree. The genus Barrlngtonia 

Waahoo, of N. America. Euonijmus atro- 

Wafer- Ash. See Ash 
Wahahe-tree. See Kohe-tree 
Wake-Robin. Arum, onaculatwm 

American. Arum dracontlum, Trillium 
(jrandijiorum, and T. cermium 
Waiking-fern, of N. America. Lycojio- 

dium alopecuroldes 
Walking-leaf, or Walking-Fern. Camp- 

tosorus rhizojjhi/llus 
Wallaba-tree. Eperua falcata 
Wallaby-bush. Beycria visoosa and other 

Wall-Cress. The genus AraUs 
W^all-Fern. Polypod'mm vulgare 
Wall-flower, Alpine. Erysimum ocTiro- 
leucum ( Cheiranthus alpbms) 
Common. Cheiranthus Cheiri and vars. 
Fairy. Erysivmm jfumiluvi 
Long-leaved. Cheiranthus longifolius 
Himalayan. Erysimum paehycarpum 
Marshall's. Cheiranthus Ilarshalli 
Native Victorian. Pultencea daphnoides 
Ehsetian Dwarf. Erysimum RhcBticum 
Eock. Erysimum pulchelliimi 
TenerifEe. Cheiranthus scoparius 
Western. Erysimum arhansanum 
Walnut-tree. Various species of Juglans 
American. Juglans nigra 
Belgaum. See Walnut, Indian 
Caucasian. Juglans pterocarpa (JPtero- 

carya caiioasiea) 
Common. Juglans regia 
Country. See Walnut, Indian 
Cut-leaved. Jiiglans regia var. laci?iiata 
India;n, Belgaum, or Country. Alewrites 

Jamaica. Picrodendron Juglans 
Otaheite. Aleurites moluccana and A. tri- 
Titmouse. A thin-shelled variety of Ju- 
glans regia 
White. Juglans cinerea 
Wall-Pennywort. See Penny-wort 
Wall-pepper. See Pepper 
Wall-Rue. See Rue 
Wall-wort. An old name for Sambucus 

Wampee-tree. Cookia punctata 
Wandering Jew. Saxifraga sarmentosa 
" Wandoo." Eucalyptus redunca 
" Wangara "-tree. Eucalyptus amygdalina 
Wand-plant. Galax aphylla 
Wapatoo-root, of California. A species of 

Waratah-tree. Telopea speciosissima 
Warden. An old name for a variety of 

Pear used for making " Warden pies " 
Ware (Sea-weeds). Alges 
Warenee. An old name for Madder 
Warmot. An old name for Worm-wood 
Wart-cress, or Swine's-cress. SeJiebiera 
American. SeneMera didyTna 

Wart-flower. The genus Phymatanthus 
Wart-herb. Rhynchosia minima 
Wart-wort. Euphorbia Hclioscopia 
Washingtonia. The American name for 

1 VeUlngtonia {Sequoia') gigantca 
Water-Agrimony, or Water-Hemp. Bi- 

dens tripartita 
Water- Aloe. Stratiotcs aloides 
Water-Anemone. Ranunculus aquatilis 
Water-Archer. Sagittaria sagittcefoUa 
Water-Bean. The genus Nehcmhiuni 
Water-Betony. Scrophularia aguatica 
Water-Blinks . Montia fontana 
Water-Cress. See Cress 
Water-Crown-Cup. Sparganophora ver- 

Water-Crow-foot. Ranunculus aqttatilis 
Water-Dock. See Dock 
Water Dropwort. (Enanthe fistulosa 
Water-Elder. Yihurmcm Opulus 
Water Feather-foil. Hottonia pahcs- 

Water-Fennel. (Enanthe Phellandrium 
Water-Fern. Osviunda regalis 
"Water-fire," of India. 'Bergia Amma- 

Water-Flag. Iris Pseud-acorus 
Water- Germander. See Germander 
Water-Gladiole. Butomus umbellatus 
Water- Hemlock. See Hemlock 
Water- Hemp. Bidens tripartita 
Water- Horehound. Lycopus europmis 
Water-Ivy. See Ivy 

Water-leaf, American. The genus Hydro- 
Sitka. Rovmnzoffia sitchensis 
Water-Lemon. Passiflora laurifoUa 
Water-Lentils. The genus Lemna 
Water-lily, Amazon. Nijmphcea ama- 
Australian. Nijmphcea gigantea 
Blue Indian. Nymphcea cyanea 
Chinese. Nelumibium speciosum and Nym- 

phaia {Castalia) jyygmcea 
Dwarf. Villarsia nymphcBoides 
E. Indian Eed. Nymphcea rubra 
Edible-fruited. Nuphar multisepala 
Egyptian. Nymphcea Lotus 
Florida. NymphcBa fiava 
Fringed. Villarsia {lAmnanthemum,') 

Hungarian. Nymphcea tliermalis 
"Indian Lotus." Nymphcea puJbcscens 
New Zealand, or " of the Shepherds." 

Ranunculus Lyallii 
Prickly. Euryale ferox (Anneslea spinosa') 
Pigmy. Nymphcpa pygmcea 
Kose-coloured (hardy). Nymphcea alba 

var. rosea, 
Eose-coloured, E. Indian. Nymphcea rosea 
Eound-fruited. Nymphcea sphcerocarpa 
Eoyal. Victoria regia 
Shield-leaved. Nymphcea scutifolia 
Striped-flowered. Nuphar advena 
Sweet-scented. Nymphcea odorata 
Three-coloured. Nuphar advena 
Toothed-leaved. Nymphcea dentata 
Victoria. Victoria regia 
White. Nymphcea alba 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Water-lily, White, Tuberous-rooted. Nym- 
phaa Uiberosa 

Yellow. Nvpliur httea 

Yellow, Small. ]Vvj)har jjinnila and JV. 
halmlana ; also Villarsia /ii/itipJiavides 

Zanzibar. Ki/mj)Ii(Pa stdlata zanziharensis 
Water-Melon. Cucunds C'itruUus 
Water- Milfoil. Mijriojjhyllum vcrtlcillatum 
Water-Moss. See Moss 
Water-Wymph, Canadian. Naias ca?ia- 

Water-Parsnip. Siuni latifoUum 
Water-Pepper. Pohjrioimm Ilydroplper 

Mild. I'olyyoimm hyd roptperoidt's 
Water-Pimpernel. T 'cronica BeccaJnonya 
Water-Plantain. AUsma Plantayo 
Water-Platter. Victoria reyia 
Water-Purslane. Peplis PorWla 
Water-Rose. An old name for Water-Lily 
Water-Shield. Brasenia pcliata 
Water-Snow-cups. Buiuuiculus aquatilis 
Water-Soldier, titratiotes a I aides 
Water-Spike. An old name for the genus 

Water-Spurge. Euphorbia, Ilelioscojna 
Water-Star. Actinocarjms (AUsma) Bwma- 

Water-Star-grass. See Grass 
Water-Star- wort. The genus Callitriche 
Water-Thyme. See Thyme 
Water-tree, lied. ErytliTopldcDXim yui- 

Sierra Leone. Tetracera alnifoUa 
Water-Vine. See Vine 
Water- Violet. Ilottonia 2Jalustris 

American. Ilottonia injiata 
Water-weed, New Granada. Maratlirium 

N. American. ATiacliaris Alsiiuistriim 
(Elodea canadeiisis') 
Water-Willow, American. Bianthera 

Water-wort. The genus EJatiiie ; also 
an old name for AspIrnJimi Trichomanes 
Wattle, African. Acacia /udalitia 

Black. Acacia decii/rrens and A. mollis- 

Cape, or Crested. Acacia (Alhizzia) lo- 

Golden, or Green. Acacia j'youxntha 

Gum. Acacia dccurrens 

" llaspberry-jam." Acacia acumhiata 

Savannah. Citharexylon quadranyxdare 
and C. cinereum 

Scrub. Acacia siipuliyrra 

Silver. Acacia dcciirrcns var. dealhata 

Soap-pod. Acacia conciniia 

Wallaby. Acacia riyens 
Wax-bush, lilue. Cuphca viscosissima 
Wax-Dammar. Podocarjxis ncrvifolia 

Singajion^ Podoc((rpvK jjol y><tuchya 
Wax-flower. Tlio genus Boya 

]5ell. JI<yya campaiivlaia 

Clustered. Sttphamitis Jhrrilmnda 

Fleshy-leaved. Jloya carnosa 

Imperial. Jloya im/frrialis 

'Manilla. J/oya coriacra 

N. S. Wales. Jloya aitstrulis 
Wax- Myrtle. Myrica ccrifcra 

Wax-plant. Cerintlie major 

One-flowered. Monotropa uniflora 
Wax-tree, Brazilian. Vismia brasiUensis 

Chinese. Liyustrum lucidum 

Guiana. Vismia yiiiaiwnsis 

New Granada. Elceayia utilis 

Otoba. Myristica Otoba 
Wax-weed, Blue. Cupliea vlscosissima 
Wax-w^ork. Celastrus scandens 
Wayaka. See Yaka 
Way-bread. An old name for Plantayo 
Wayfaring-tree. Viburiium Lantana 

Indian. Viburnum cotinifolium 
Weasel-chop. Meseubryanthevmm mus- 

Weasel-snout. Galeobdolmi Lamium 
Wedding-flower, Cape. Bombeya iMtalensi» 

Lord Howe's Island. Iris {Morcea) Robin- 
Weed-wind, or With-wind. An old name 

for Bind-weed 
Weenong-tree. A species of Tetrameles 
Weeping Willow, Ash, Beech, &c. See 

Willow, Ash, Beech, &c. 
Weevil-plant. The genus Ciirculigo 
Weleome-to-our-house. Eupliorbia Cy- 

Weld. Ilcseda Luteola 
Wellingtonia. Seguoia {Wasldngtonia) 

Weisia Nut. See Nut 
Welsh Onion. See Onion 
Welsh Poppy. See Poppy 
West Coast Creeper . Aschpias odoratissima 
Whahoo, or Winged Elm, of N. America. 

Uliiius alata 
Whangee, or Wanghee Cane. See Cane 
Wheat. The genus Tritieuni. 

Beech. I'hyojryrum cymosuni 

Buck. Eayopyrum esculentum (Polygonum 

Clock. A variety of Triticum turgidum 

Common, or Soft-grained. Triticum sativum 

Cow. See Cow-wheat 

Dinkel. Triticum Spclta 

Emmer. Triticum dicoccum 

Goat's. The genus Trayopyrum 

Guinea, or Turkey. Zca Mays 

Hard-grained. Triticum durum 

Humpy-grained. JViticiim turgidum 

Lammas. Sec Wheat, Winter 

Mummy. Triticum compositum 

Bolish. Triticum j)olonicum 

lleputed original of cultivated, ^yilops 

Single-grained. Triticum moiwcoccum 

Spelt. Triticum Spclta 

Spring, or Summer. Triticum. (Fstivum 

Square-eared. Triticum sativum var. com- 

Starch. Triticum amyleum 

Kevet. A variety of Triticum turgidum 

" Trigo Moro." Triticum Cevallos 

Turkey. Sec Wheat, Guinea 

Winter, or liammas. Triticum. hybcrnum 
Wheel - seed, Tasmaiuan. Troclwcarpa 

( I)rc(isj)ora) thymifolia 
Wheel-tree, of Guiana. Aspidosj^erma 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Whin. Ulex eurojyesus 

Petty. Oenista angllca and Oiwnis arveiisis 
Whin-berry. Vaccinium Myrtilhcs 
WTiite Beam-tree. Pyms Aria 
White Bothen. An old name for Chry- 

santhemuvi Leucanthetmim 
White-bottle. Sllene injlata 
White Goldes. An old name for Chrysan- 

thenmim Leucantlietmim 
White Grass, American. See Grass 
White Hellebore. The genus Veratrwn, 
especially V. alJnmii 
American. Veratrtim viride 
Dark-flowered. Veratrwn nigrwn 
White-flowered. Veratrum album 
White-hoop Wyth, of Jamaica. Towrne- 

fortia hicolor 
White Man's Foot-print. Plantago major 
White Pot-herb. See Pot-herb 
White-root. An old name for Solomon's 
American. LUjusticum actcBifoliwii 
White-rot. Hydrocotyle vulgaris 
White Runner Bean. See Bean 
White-Sapota. Casimiroa edulis 
White-thorn. See Thorn 
White-tree. Melaleuca Leucodendron 
White-wand. Plant. Galax apliylla 
White-wood. Tllia amerieaiia ; also ap- 
plied to Lirlodendron tullpiferum, Oreo- 
daphne Leucoxylon, Nectandra leucantlia, 
Tecoma Leucoxylon and T. pentapliylla 
Australian. Lagunaria Patersoni 
Barbadoes. Tecoma Leucoxylon 
Isle of Bourbon Sweet-scented. Ruizia 

Java. Leucoxylon Mcxifolium 
Of Victoria. Pittosporu7ii bicolor 
Tasmanian. Pittosjjorum bicolor 
Whitlow-grass. The genus Braba 
Alpine. Draba alpina 
Danish. Braba aurea 
Fringed. Braba ciliata 
Glacier. Braba glacialis 
Gray. Braba cinerea 
Hairy-leaved. Braba aizoides 
Hairy-podded. Braba Aizoon and B. 

Large. Braba gigas 
Pigmy. Braba 7dralis 
Pointed-leaved. Braba cuspidata 
Eock. Braba rupestris 
Sauter's. Braba Sauteri 
Sea-green. Braba aizoides 
Starry. Braba stellata 
Three-toothed. Braba tridentata 
Violet-flowered. Braba violacea 
Woolly-leaved. Braba tomentosa 
Yellow-flowered. Braba aizoides 
Yellow-flowered, Large. Braba ciliaris 
Yellow-flowered, Pale. Braba btsotica 
Whitlow- wort. The genus Paronychia 
Forked. Paronychia dichotoma 
Whorl-leaved. Paronychia verticillata 
WTiitten-tree. Viburnum Opulus 
Whit-wort. An old name for Feverfew 
Whorl-flower, Long-leaved. Morina longi' 
Persian. Morina jpersica 

Whortle-berry. Vaccwmimi Myrtillus 
Bird-Cherry -leaved. Vaccwmivi padifoliv/ni 
Box-leaved. Vaccinium buxifolium 
Broad-leaved. Vaccinium amoenum 
Bushy. Vaccinium dumosum 
Canadian. Vaccinium canadense 
Caraccas. Vaccinitim caracasanum 
Corymb-flowered. Vaccinium corymho- 

Elongated. Vaccinium elongatum 
Gale-leaved. Vaceiniu7ii galezans 
Glossy-leaved. Vaccidium oiitidum 
Jamaica. Vacciniiim meridionale 
Madeira. Vaccinittm maderense 
Myrsine-leaved. Vaccinium Myrsinitis 
Myrtillus-like. VacciJiium myrtilloides 
Myrtle-leaved. Vaccirmim myrtifolium 
Large-flowered. Vacci/iium grandijiorum 
Leafy. Vaccinium frondosivm 
Narrow-leaved. Vaccinium angustifolium 
Oriental. Vaccinium Arctostaphylos 
Ovate-leaved. Vaccinitcm ovatum 
Pale-flowered. Vaccinium pallidum 
Pennsylvanian. Vaccinium pennsylvani- 

Privet-leaved. Vaccinitom ligxistrinwn 
Eed, of Mount Ida. Vaccinium Vitis-idcea 
Red-twigged. Vaccinium erythrimim 
Resinous. Vaccinium rcsinosuin 
RoUisson's. Vaccinium Rollissoni 
Small-flowered. Vaccinium minutiflorwn 
Smooth. Vaccinium glabrum 
Thick-leaved. Vaccinium crassifoUum 
Trailing. Vaccinium humifusuni 
Tree. Vaccinium arboreum 
Tufted. Vaccinium ccesjritosum 
Twiggy. Vaccinium virgatum 
Wliite-berried. Vaccinium Myrtillus albis- 

Wliite-lipped. Vaccinium leiccostomuvi 
Willow-leaved. Vacci7iium sallcinum 

Whortle-berry-bush, Victorian. Witt- 
steinia vacciniacea 

Wicken-tree. See Quick-beam 

Widow, Mournful. Scabiosa atropv/rpwea 
Mourning. Geranium phcBum 

Widow's-Flower. Scabiosa atropurpurea 

Widow-Avail. The genus Cneorum 

« Widow-w^isse." An old name for 
Genista tinctoria ' 

Wig-tree. Rhus Cotinns 

Wild-boar's-tree, of San Domingo. Hed- 
wigia balsamifera 

Wilding (Crab- Apple). Pyrus 3falus 

Wild Irishman, of New Zealand. Bis- 
caria Toumatou 

" Wild Savager." An old name for Agro- 
stemma Githago 

Wild Snow-ball. Ceanothus americanus 

Wild Spaniard, of New Zealand. Aci- 
phylla sqioarrosa., A. Colensol, and other 

Wild William. An old name for Lychnis 

Will-o'-the-wisp. Nostoe commune 

Willow. The genus Salix 

Almond-leaved. Salix amygdalina 
American Black. Salix nigra 
American Dwarf Gray. Salix tristis 


English Names of Cultivated^ Native, 

Willow, Amei-ican Green. Salix cldoro- 

American Heart-leaved. Salix eordata 
American Hoary. Salix Candida 
American Long-leaved. Salix longifolia 
American Livid. Salix livida var. occi- 

American Prairie. Salix humilis 
American Shining. Salix lucida 
American Silky. Salix sericea 
American Silvery-fruited. Salix arrjyro- 

American Water. Dianthcra americana 
Australian. Geijera parvifiora 
Bay. Salix jtentandra 
Bedford. Salix Russelliana 
Bitter. Salix 2nirpurea 
Boyton. Salix pur^nirea var. Lavibertiana 
British Columbia. Salix lasiandra 
Calif ornian. Salix Iwvigata 
Common. Salix alba 
Crack. Salix fracjilis 
Creeping. Salix rcpens 
Cutler's. Salix Cntleri 
Desert, of California. CJdlojjsis saligna 
Dishley. Salix Russelliana 
Downy. Salix Lajyponium 
Dwarf. Salix herbacea 
Dwarf Thyme-leaved. Salix serpyllifolia 
French. Salix triandra 
French, or Persian. EpilobiMm angusti- 

Goat, or Sallow. Salix Caprea 
Goat, Weeping. Salix Caprea var.pendula 
Golden. Salix vitelliiia 
Highland. Salix reticulata 
Huntingdon. Salix alba 
Kilmarnock. Salix Caprea 
Kilmarnock, Weeping. Salix Caprea var. 

Laurel-leaved. Salix pentandra 
Leicester. Salix alba var. cwrulea 
Netted-leaved. Salix reticulata 
" Primrose," of the W. Indies. The genus 

Purple. Salix jyurpurea 
Rose. Salix jmrpurea var. Helix 
Rosemary-leaved. Salix rosmarinifolia 
Round-eared. Salix anrita 
Rusty-branched. Salix Doniana 
Silvery. Salix Regince 
Silvery Woolly-leaved. Salix lanata 
Swallow-tailed. Salix alba 
Sweet. Salix pentandra ; also applied to 

Myrica Gale 
Tea-leaved. Salix jyliylicifolia 
Violet. Salix daphnoides 
Virginian. Itea rirginica 
Weeping. Salix Rabylonica 
Weeping Kilmarnock. Salix Caprea var. 

White. Salix alba 

White Welsh. Salix fragilis var. decipieiis 
Whortle. Salix Myrsinites 
Woolly. Salix lanata 
Willow-herb. The genus JSpilobinm 
American. Ejnlobium molle and E. colora- 

Broad-leaved. Ejnlobium montanum 

Willow-herb, Californian Dwarf. Epilo- 
bium obcordatum 
Californian Yellow-flowered. Epilobixum, 

Chickweed - leaved. Epilobium alsinee- 

Dodoen's. Ejnlobium Bodonmi 
Hoary. Epilobium par vifior^Ltn 
Hooded. The genus Scutellaria 
Marsh. Ejnlobium j)alustre 
Mountain. Ejnlobium aljnmmn 
Pale-flowered. Ejrilobimii roseum 
Rose-bay. Ejrilobiuvi angustifoUum 
Rosemary-leaved. Epilobiumi rosmarini- 

folium {E. angustissimum') 
Square-stemmed. Epilobium tetragonum 
Wliite-flowered. Epilobium angustifolium 

Willow-Thorn. Ilippojjliae rhamiioides 

Willow - weed. Lythrum Salicaria and 
Polygonum lajmtli ifolium 

Wind-flower.. The genus Anemone 
Alpine. Anemone alpina 
Apennine. Anemone aj)ennina 
Bastard. Gentiana Pseudo-Piieximonanthe 
Cape. Anemone caj)ensis 
Carolina. Anemone carolinia7ia 
Cyclamen-leaved. Aneitione jjalniata 
Forked. Anemone dichotoma 
Japanese. Anemoiic jajwnica 
Japanese, Pale. Anemone elegans 
Japanese, Vine-leaved. A')iemonejaj}07iica 

Japanese, Wliite. Anemone jajyonica alba 
Long-fruited. Anemone cylindrica 
Narcissus-flowered. Anemone 7iarcissiJiora 
Oregon. Anemone dcltoidea 
Pau. Anemone fulgens 
Peacock. Anemone jmvonina 
Pennsylvanian. Anemone pennsylvanica 
Poppy. Anemone coronaria 
River-side. Anemone rinularis 
Robinson's. Anemone Rolrinsoni 
Rocky Mountain. Anemone multifida 
Scarlet. Anemone fulgens 
Shaggy. Anemone vernalis 
Small-flowered. Anemone jyarvifiora 
Snowdrop. Anemone sylvestris 
Star. Anemone stellata 
Sulphur-coloured. Anemone srilphurea 
Three-leaved. Anemone trifolia 
Virginian. Anemoiie rirginica 
White. Anemone alba 
Winter. Ajiemone hlanda 
Wood. Anemone ncviorosa 
Wood, Double. A^iemone nemorosa plena 

Windle-straw. Agrostis Sjiica-venti and 
Cynomrus cristatus 

Wind-root. Asclcpias tuberosa 

Wind-Rose. Papaver Argemone and Roe- 
mcria hybrida 

Wine-berries. An old name for Whortle- 

Wine-berry-shrub, of New Zealand. Cori- 
aria. sarmcntosa 

Wine-cellar Fungus. See Fungus 

Wing-Moss. See 

Wing-seed. Ptclca trifoliata 

Winter Aconite. See Aconite 

ajid Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrnbs. 


Winter-berry, Atom-bearing. Prinos ato- 

Carolina. Prinos amiiguus 

Deciduous. Prinos deciduus 

Leathery-leaved. Prinos coriaceus 

Plum-leaved. Prinos primifolius 

Shining. Prinos glaher 

Smooth. Prinos Icevigatus 

Spear-leaved. Prinos lanceolatus 

Swamp. Ilex verticillata 
Winter-bloom. Hamamelis virginiea 
Winter-Cherry. Various species of Phy- 

Cluster-flowered. Pkysalis somnifera 

Common. Physalis Allieliengi 

Hairy Annual. Physalis pruinosa 

Tooth-leaved. Physalis angulata 
Winter Clover. Mitchella repens 
Winter-Cress. Barharea prcecox 

Variegated. Barharea ^Jrcecox variegata 
Winter-green. The genus Pijrola 

Aromatic. Gaultheria procwiibens 

Common. Pyrola minor 

Creeping. Gaultheria jyrocii/tnhens 

False, or Pear-leaved. Pyrola rotundi- 

Intermediate. Pyrola media 

Larger. Pyrola rotundifoUa 

Notched-leaved. Pyrola secunda 

One-flowered. Pyrola untjiora 

Serrated. Pyrola secunda 

Spotted-leaved. Pyrola maculata 

Umbelled. Pyrola umhellata 
Winter-sweet. Origannm Jieracleoticvm 

and Toxicophlcea spectaKlis 
Winter-weed. Veronica hederafolia 
Winter Wolf s-bane. Erantkis hyema- 

Winter's-Bark, or Winter's-Cinnamon.^See 

Cinnamon, Winter's 
Wire-bent. Nardiis stricta 
Wire-grass. See Grass 
Wistaria, American. Wistaria frutescens 

Chinese. Wistaria si7iensis 

Japanese. Wistaria jajjonica 

Tuberous-rooted. Ajnos tuierosa 
Witch, or Wych, Elm. See Elm 

Hazel. See Hazel 
Witehes'-butter. Exidia glandulosa 
Witehes'-thimble. Silene maritima 
Withe, Basket, of Jamaica. Heliotro- 
p ium /rut icosum 

Prickly. See Prickly-withe 
Withe-rod, American. Viburnum nudwm 
Withwind. See Weedwind 
Withy. Salix vimi^ialis 
" Witloof." See Chicory 
Woad. Isatis tinctoria 

Wild. Reseda I/wteola 
Woad-waxen, or Wood-waxen. Genista 

Wodier-tree. Odina Wodier 
Wold-wolle-fibre-plant. Pimis sylvestris 

and P. Laricio 
Wolf-berry. Symphoricarpus occidentalis 
Wolf-chop. 3Iesenihryanthemum lu]}i7mm 
Wolf's-bane. The genus Aconitum, espe- 
cially A. Lycoctonum 

American. Aconitum uncinatvm 

Wolfs-bane, Mountain. Ranunculus Thora 
Purple. Aco7iitu7n Cammarum 
Trailing. Aconitum reclinatum 
Wholesome. Aconit7im Antlwra 
Wolf s-claw. Lycopodluvi clavatum 
Wolfs Fists. An old name for Puff-balls 
Wolf's-milk. The genus Euphorbia 
Wombat-berry. The genus Eustrephus 
Wood-bine. Lonicera Perlclymenum 
American. Lonicera grata and Ampelojjsis 

Spanish, of the W. Indies. Ipomcea 
Wood-broney. An old name for the Ash- 
Wood-Laurel. Daphne Laweola 
Wood-lily. Pyrola minor 
American. The genus Trillium 
American, Drooping. Trillkim cernuum 
American, Dwarf White. Trillium nlvale 
American, Large White. Trillium grandl- 

American, Painted. TrilUwn erythrocar- 

American, Purple. Trillium erectum 
Wood-March. An old name for Sani- 

cula euro]}(sa 
Wood-nep. An old name for Ammi majus 
Wood-Night-shade. See Nightshade 
Wood-nut. Corylus Avellana 
Wood-of-St.-Martha. Ccesalpinia echi- 

Wood-Oil-plant. Several species of Dip- 
China. Aleurites (^Drya7idra) cordata 
Wood-Pea, or Wood- Vetch. Orob7is sylva- 

Wood-reed. Calamagrostis Epigeios and 

C. la7iceolata 
Woodrowel. An old name for Woodruff 
Woodruff, Broad-leaved. Asperula ta^irina 
Creeping. Asj^encla hu7mfusa 
Sweet. Asper7ila odorata 
Three-lobed. Asperula tinctoria 
Wood-rush. The genus Luiula 
Curved. Luzula arcuata 
Field. Luzttla campestris 
Great. Luzula sylvatlca 
Hairy. Luztila pilosa 
Spiked. Luzula spicata 
Wood-Sage. See Sage 
Wood-Sorrel. The genus Oxalit 
Bowie's. Oxalis Botvlei 
Brazilian. Oxalis brasllle7isis 
Chilian. Oxalis Valdivia7ia 
Common. Oxalis Acetosella 
Deppe's. Oxalis Beppei 
Dwarf. Oxalis tenella 
Flesh-coloured. Oxalis incarnata 
Jamaica. Bego7iia nitida 
Lobed-leaf . Oxalis lohata ( 0. granulata) 
Many-flowered. Oxalis Jlorihmda 
Nasturtium. Oxalis tropcBoloides 
New Zealand. Oxalis niagella7iica 
Nine-leaved. Oxalis enneaphylla 
Oregon. Oxalis OregaTia 
Plumier's. Oxalis Plv/mieri 
Procumbent Yellow flowered. Oxalis cor- 


English Names of Cultivated^ Native^ 

Wood - Sorrel, Purple - leaved. Oxalis 

Eed-flowered Procumbent. Oxalis corni- 
culata var. rubra 

Eosy-iiowered. Oxalis rosea 

Sand. Oxalis arenarta 

Scented. Oxalis odorata 

Sensitive. Oxalis Biopliytxim 

Upright Yellow-flowered. Oxalis stricta 

Violet. Oxalis violacca 

Woolly-stamened. Oxalis lasiandra 

Yellowish-flowered. Oxalis hdeola 
" Wood-Sower." An old name for Oxalis 

Wood-tongue. The genus Bryinoglossum 
Wood-Vetch. See Wood-Pea 
Wood- vine. Yellow. Morus Calcar-galli 
Wood-waxen, or Woad-waxen. Geidsta 

Wood-grass. See Grass 
Woollen. An old name for Mullein 
" Woolly-butt," of Australia. Uucalyjftus 

lowjifolia and U. viininalis 
Worm-grass, Maryland. Sjyigelia onari- 

Worm-seed. Artemisia onarltima var. 
Stechmanniana {A. Lerchcana) 

Spanish. JIalogeton tamariscifolium 

Treacle. See Treacle-Wormseed 
Worm- wood. The genus Artemisia 

African. Artemisia afra 

Alpine. Artemisia alpiiM and A, mu- 

Biennial. Artemisia bie?ims 

Bluish. Artemisia cwrulescens 

Branchy. Artemisia ramosa 

ClifE, Artemisia rujjestris 

Common. Artemisia Alsintlviimi 

Creeping. Artemisia repens 

Dill-leaved. Artemisia atiethifolia 

Field. Artemisia caiKpestris 

Forked. Artemisia fureata 

French. Artemisia yalliea 

Glacier. Artemisia f/lacialis 

Hoary. Artemisia cana 

Holy. Artemisia Santoniea 

Marschall's. Artemisia MarschalUana 

Medicinal. Artemisia Ahrotaiiuvi 

Norwegian. Artemisia norveyiea 

Oriental. Artemisia uriejitalis 

Pale-flowered. Artemisia lactijlora 

Pallas's. Arteviisia Pallasii 

Potentilla-leaved. Artemislajjotentillcpfolia 

Rock. Artemisia saxaiilis 

Koman. Artemisia j>ontiea 

Roman, of N. America. Ambrosia arte- 

Scallop-leaved. Artemisia pectinata 

Sea-side. Artemisia maritima 

Sea-side, Cape. Stwbe cinerea 

Silky-leaved. Artemisia serieea 

Silvery. Artemisia argentea 

Slender-leaved. Artemisia tenuifolia 

Spiked. Artemisia sj^ieata 

Steller's. Artemisia Stelleriana 

Tall. Artemisia proeera 

Tanay-leaved. Artemisia tanacetifolia 

Trailing Evergreen. Artemisia aj^rica 

Tree. Artemisia arborescciis 

Worm-wood, Variegated - leaved. Arte- 
misia vulgaris rariegata 

Wulfen's. Artemisia Wulfenil 
Wound- wort. Stachys germanica ; also 
Anthyllis vulneraria 

Clown's. Stachys j?alustris 

Corsican. Stachys Corsica 

Boreas'. Solidago Virgaurea angusti/olia 

Hercules'. Heracleum Panaces 

Scarlet. Stachys coccinea 

Woolly. Stachys lanata 
Wourali, or Urari, poison-tree. Strychnos 

Wrack, Grass. Zostera marina 
Wreath, Purple. Petrcea volubilis 
Wreathe-w^ort, Purple. Orchis maseula 
Writing-reed. Calamagrostis JSjngeios 
" Wungee." Cucumis cicatrisatus 
Wych, or Witch, Elm. See Elm 
Wych-Hazel. See Hazel 
Wymot. An old name for Marsh-Mallow 
Wyth, Basket. See Basket- Wyth 
Wyth, White-hoop. See 'Wlute-hoop Wyth 

Yaeca-wood. The wood of Podocarpus 
coriacea and P. Purdieana 

Yaka, or Wayaka, plant, of Fiji. Pachyr- 
rhizus angulatus 

Yam, American Wild. Dioscorea villosa 
Chinese, or Japanese. Dioscorea Batatas 
Common Cultivated. Dioscorea sativa 
Granada, or Guinea. Dioscorea hilbi/era, 
Indian. Dioscorea trijida 
Japanese. See Yam, Chinese 
Kaawi. Dioscorea aeuleata 
Port Moniz. Tamus edulis 
Red, or White. Dioscorea alata 
Tivoli. Dioscorea Nttmmularia 
Uvi. Dioscorea alata 
White. See Yam, Red 

Yang-mae-tree. Myrica Nagi 

Yar-nut, or Yor-nut. See Nut 

Yarrow^. The genus Achillea 

Asplenium-leaved. Achillea asplenifolia 
Common. Achillea Millefolium 
Egyptian. Achillea cegyptiaca 
Golden-flowered. Achillea aurea 
Mongolian. Achillea mongolica 
Noble. Achillea Filipendula 
Pale-yellow-flowered. Achillea decohraiu 
Rock. Achillea rujjestris 
Serrate-leaved. Achillea serrata 
Silvery. Achillea Clax-eniiw 
Silvery Dwarf. Achillea {Ptarmica) um- 

Soldier's. Stratiotes aloides 
Woolly. Achillea tirmentosa 

Yate-tree, or Yeit-trce. Bucalyjftus cormita 

"Yaupon." Ilex Cassme 

Yaw^-root. StilUngia syhatica 

" Yeara," of California. Bhus diversiloba 

Yeast-plant. PeniciUium glavcum 

Yeit-tree. See Yate-trce 

Yellow^ Archangel. Lamium Galcobdolon 

Yellow Bird's-nest. Monotropa Hypo- 

Yellow Bugle. Apiga Chavitppitys 

" Yellow^by." Chrysanthemum srgetum 

Yellow^ Cress. Barbarea prcecox 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Yellow Crow-bells. See Crow-bells 
Yellow Helmet-flower. See Helmet- 
Yellow Loose-strife. Lysiviachia vul- 
Yellow Parilla. See Parilla 
Yellow Pimpernel. LysimacMa nemorvm 
Yellow Rattle. IlhbiantMis Crista-galli 
Yellow Rocket. Bariarea vulgaris 
Yellow Sultan. Centaur ea suaveolens 
Yellow-root-Shrub. XantlwrrMza apii- 

Yellow-tops. Senecio Jacobcea 
YelloAW-weed. Reseda Luteola 
Yellow-wood, American. Virgilia lutea 
( Cladrastis tinctoria) 
Australian. Oxleya XantJwxylon (^Flin- 

dersia Oxleyaiui) 
Brazilian. Ockroxylon iiunctatiim 
Cape. Podocarpus Thunhergii 
E. Indian. Podocarpus latifolia and Chlo- 

roxijlon Smietenia 
Isle of Bourbon. Ochrosia Borbonica 
Moreton Bay. Acroiiycliia Icevis {Cymi- 

nosnia oilongifoliunC) 
N. S. Wales. Oxleya Xanthoxylon 
Prickly. See Yellow-wood, W. Indian 
S. African. Podocarpus elongata 
W. Indian, or Prickly. Xantlwxylon Clava- 
Yellow- wort. CJilora perfoliata 
Yerba Buena, of California. Micromeria 

Yerba Mansa, of California. Anemqpsis 

Yevering Bells. Pyrola seeunda 
Yew-tree. The genus Taxus 

American. Taxus iaccata var, cana- 
" Blue John." Taxus stricta 
Californian. Tax7is brevifolia 
Canadian. Taxtos canadensis 
Cheshunt. Taxus baccata var. Cheslmnt- 

Chinese. Taxus nucifera and Podocarpus 

Cluster-flowered. The genus Cepludo- 

Cluster-flowered, Fortune's. Cephalotaxus 

Cluster-flowered, Long-stalked. Cephalo- 
taxus peduneulata 
Cluster-flowered, Plum-fruited. Cephalo- 
taxus drupacea 
Common. Taxus baccata 

Yew-tree, Common Erect. Taxtis baccata 
var. erecta 
Dovaston's. Taxus baccata var. Bovastoni 
Florence Court, or Irish. Taxus baccata 

var. fastigiata 
Florida. Taxus Floridana 
Irish. See Yew, Florence Court 
Japanese. Podocarpus Eoraiana {Taxus 

Japan, Short-leaved. Taxus adpressa 
Jointed. The genus Arthrotaxis 
Mexican. Taxus globosa 
Nidpath Castle. Taxus baccata var. Nid- 

Prince Albert's. Saxgothea conspicua 

( Taxus patagonica) 
Scattered -leaved. Taxus baccata var. 

Silver-variegated. Taxus baccata var. ar- 

Stinking. The genus Torreya 
Stinking, Large. Torreya grandis 
Washington's. Taxus canadensis var 

Yellow-berried. Taxus baccata var. fructu- 
Yoke-Elm. See Elm 
Yoke-Moss. See Moss 
Yoke-wood. Catappa longissltiia 
Yorkshire Sanicle. See Sanicle 
Youth-and-Old-Age. The genus Zinnia 
Youtb-wort. Brosera rotundifolia 
Yulan. Magnolia Yulan 

Zante-wood. RMos Cotinus and Chloroxy- 

Ion Swietenia 
Zebra-plant. Maranta ( Calathea') zebrina 
Zebra-poison, of S. Africa. Euphorbia 

Zebra- wood, E. Indian. Guettarda speciosa 

Guiana. Omphalohlum Lambertii 

Guinea. OmpJuilobium a/ricanum 

Jamaica. Etigenla fragrans 
Zedoary, Long. Cxorcuma Zerumbet 

Round. Curcuma Zedoaria 
" Zeloak "-root. The root of Iris juncea 
Zelkowa-tree. The genus ZelTwva 

Common. Zelkova crenata (^Planera Ri- 
Zephyr-flower. The genus ZepJiyranthes 

Keeled. ZepJiyranthes carinata 

Rosy. Zephyranthes rosea 

Sulphur-coloured. Zephyranthes sulphurea 

Tube-spathed. Zephyranthes tubispatha 

White. Zephyranthes Candida 








Abbreviations.— Si?., species; var., variety; fl.-pl.,flore-pleno. 

Abelmosehus esculentus. Gobbo 
Aberia Cafca. JLai, Kau,ox Kei Apple-tree 
Abies. Deal-tree, Fir-tree 
alba. Single or White Sjiruce 
alba var. glauca. DimsdaWs Silver Spruce 
alba var. niinima. Hedgehog White Spruce 
alba var. nana. Dwarf White Spruce 
Alcockiana. Alcock Sjjruce 
balsamea (A. balsamifera). Balm of 

Gilead Fir, Balsam Fir 
Brunoniana. Indian Hemlock Spruce 
canadensis. Common Hemlock Sprihce 
commutata. Engelmann's Spruce 
concolor. Western White Fir 
Cunninghami. Moreion Bay Pine-tree 
(Pseudotsuga) Douglasii. Douglas Spruce, 

Nootka Fir 
excelsa var. Clanbrasiliana. Lord Clan- 

brasiVs Dwarf Spruce 
excelsa var. commanis. Common Norway 

Sprxice, WJute F'ir 
excelsa var. Finedonensis. Finedon Hall 

excelsa var. pendula. Weeping Norway 

excelsa var. pygmaea. Dwarf Spruce 
Fortunei. Interviediate Fir 
Fraseri. Fraser's Double, or Southern Bal- 
sam, Fir 
(Larix) KEempferi. Golden Larch 
magnifica. Western Red Fir 
Menziesii. Menzies^ Spruce 
Mertensiana. Californian Hemlock Spruce 
Morinda (A. Smithiana). Indian Spruce, 

Prickly Fir 
nigra. Black-leaved or Double Spruce, 

Red Fir 
(Pinus) nobilis. Tuck-tuck Pine-tree 
orientalis. Eastern Spruce 
Pattoniana. Patton's Californian Spruce 
pectinata. Silver Fir 
polita. Tiger's-tail Spruce 
religiosa. Mexican Fir 
rubra. Newfoundland Red Pine, Red, or 

Arctic Spruce 
Smithiana (A. Morinda). Indian or Hima- 
layan Spr^ice 
Tsuga. Japan Hemlock Spruce 
Webbiana. King Pine 

Abronia umbellata. Purple Sand- Verbena 
Abrus precatorius. Coral-bead plant. Love 
Pea, Red-bead Vine, Rosary -pea Tree, 
Wild Liquorice 
Abuta rufescens. White Pareira Brava 
Abutilon. India7i Mallmv 

Americanum. Twelve-o'clock- Flower 
Avicennte. American Velvet-leaf, Lantern- 
Acacia acuminata. Raspberry-jam Wattle 
arabica. '■'■ BabooV-Bark, Sunt-wood, and 

Gum Arabic-tree 
arborea. Wild Tamarind-tree of Jamaica 
armata. Kangaroo-Thorn 
Catechu. Catechu-tree, Wadalee-gum-tree, 

Cavenia. " Cavan " of Chili 
concinna (Mimosa abstergens). Soap-pod- 
tree, Soap-pod Wattle 
cornigera. Cuckold-tree 
dealbata. Silver Wattle of Tasmania 
decurrens. Black Wattle or Green Wattle 

of Australia 
discolor. Australian Suiishine Plant 
Doratoxylon. Spear-wood of Australia 
falcata. Lignum-vitcs of N. S. Wales 
Farnesiana. Cassic-oil-plant, Sponge-tree, 

West Indian Blacktloorn 
Giraffe. Camelopard's Tree 
gummifera. Barbary or Morocco Gum- 
homalophylla. Myall-wood or Violet- 
wood of Australia 
horrida. Cape Gum-tree, '' Dorn-booni" of 

S. Africa 
Julibrissin. Bastard Tamarind, Silk-tree 

of Constantinople, Smooth-tree Acacia 
juniperina. Prickly Wattle 
Koa (A. heterophylla (?) Koa-tree of the 

Sandwich Islands 
Latronum. Buffalo-thorn 
leucophl^a. Kuteera-gum-tree 
lophantha. Two-spiked Acacia 
Melanoxylon. Black-wood of N. S. Wales, 

Light-wood of Tasmania 
microbotrya. " Bad-jong " of S. W. Aus- 
molhssima. Black Wattle, Silver Wattle 
moniliformis. " Tusca ''-tree 


English Names of Citltivnted, Native, 

Acacia Natalitia. African Wattle 

Nilotica. Gum-Arallc-tree, Shittm- 

Oxycedrus. Sharj) Cedar 
pendula. Myall-tree 

penninervis. Jilack-wood of W. Australia 
pycnantba. Golden, or Green Wattle 
rigens. Wallaby Wattle 
Sassa. Abyssinian Myrrh-tree 
Senegal. GxLm- Arabic-tree 
Serissa. Shireesh, of India 
Seyal. Gum- Arabic-tree, Thirsty Thorn 
stenocarpa. Gum- Arabic-tree 
stipuligera. Scrub Wattle 
Suma. Shv/mce-tree 

tomentosa. Ele]}hant-thorn, Jxmgle-nail 
trichophylloides. Bastard Tamarind of 

vera (Mimosa nilotica). Egijptian Thorn 
Verek. G^vm- Arabic-tree of Kordofan 
villosa. Yellow Tamarind-tree 
Acaena. Nero Zealand B\i/r 

microphylla (A. Nova;-Zelandi£e). Ro^- 

spined N. Zealand Bur 
myriophylla. Fern-leaved N. Zealand Bur 
ovina. Sheep-pest of Australia and New 

Acalypha. Tlivee-seeded Mercury, Copper- 
rubra. String -wood of St. Helena 
Acantholimon glumaceum. Prickly Thrift 
Acanthus. Bear's-Breech, Bear's-foot, 

Branke Ursine, Cutberdole, or Cutbertill 
latifolius. Stately Bear's- Breech 
longifolius. Long-leaved Bear's- Breech 
mollis. Common or Soft-leaved Bear's- 

spinosus. Spiny Bear's-Breech 
spinosissimus. Armed Bear's-Breech 
Acer. Maple-tree 

acuminatum. Acute-leaved Maple 
atheniense. Athenian Maple 
barbatum. Carolina Maple 
campestre. Common, or Field Maple^Bog 

Oak, Maser-tree 
campestre foliis variegatis. Variegated 

Field Maple 
campestre var. austriacum. Austrian 

campestre var.hebecarpum. Bonny-fruited 

Field Maple 
circinatum. Round -leaved Maple, Vine 

coriaceum. Tliick-leaved Maple 
creticum. Cretan Maple 
dasycarpum. Silver, Soft, or White Maple 
dissectum. Cut-leaved Maple 
eriocarpum (A. dasycarpum). Sir Charles 

Wager's Maple 
Granatense. Spanish Maple 
Ginnala. Crimson-leaved Maple 
glaucum. Glauco\Ls- leaved Himalayan 

heteropliyllum (A. sempervirens). Ever- 
green Maple 
Hyrcunum. Hyrcanran Maple 
Ibericum. Iberian Maple 
lobatum. Siberian Maple 
Loudoni. Bohemian Maple, Loudon's Maple 

Acer Monspessulanum. Montpelier Maple 

Neapolitanum. Neapolitan Maple 

Negundo (Negundo aceroides). Ash-leaved 
Maple, Box-Elder 

Negundo var. crispum. Curled-leaved 

oblongum. Oblong-leaved Maple 

obtusatum. Blmit-lobed, or Hungarian 

Opulus. Italian Maple 

opulifolium. French, or Guelder-rose- 
leaved Maple 

palmatum. Japanese Maple 

palmatum var. dissectum atro-purpureum. 
Japanese Ptirple Alaple 

Penijsylvanicum. Moose - wood. Striped 
Bog mood. Striped Maple 

platanoides. Norway, or Platanus-leaved 

platanoides var. laciuiatum. Earjle's-clan 

platanoides var. Lobelii. Lohel's Platanus- 
leaved Maple 

platanoides var. pubescens. Bomny Pla- 
tanus-leaved Maple 

platanoides variegatum. Silver-variegated 
Platanus-leaved Maple 

polymorphum var. atro-purpureum. Crim- 
son-leaved Japanese Maple 

Pseudo-Platanus. Mock-Plane, Sycamore 

Pseudo - Platanus var. albo - variegatum. 
White-variegated Sycamore 

Pseudo-Platanus var. flavum variegatum. 
Yellom-var legated Sycamore 

Pseudo-Platanus var. purpureum. Purple- 
leaved Sycamore 

rubrum. Red-fiowered, or Swamp, Maple 

saccharinum. Sugar Maple, Itock Maple 

saccharinum var. nigrum. Black Sugar- 

saccharinum var. " Bird's-eye " Maple, 
" Curled " Maple 

Sikkimense. Sikklm Maple 

spicatum. Mountain Maple, Spike-flowered 

striatum. Moose-wood, Striped - barked 
Maple, Striped Bog -wood 

tataricum. 'Tartarian Maple 

trilidum. Trifid-leaved Maple 

truncatum. Truncate-leaved 3Iaple 

villosum. Woolly-leaved Nepaul Maple 

Wieri laciniatum. Wier's Cut-leaved Maple 
Aceras antln-opophora. Green-man- Orchis, 

Man- Orchis 
Acerates viridiilora. Green Milk-weed 
Achania Malvaviscus. Bastard Hihiseas 
Achillea. Milfoil, Yarrow 

segyptiaca. Egyptian Yarrow 

Ageratum. Sweet Maudlin, Srveet Milfail 

alpina. Alpine 3/iIfoil 

asplcnifolia. Asplenium-leaved Yarrow 

atrata. Black, or Chamomlle-leaved, Mil- 

aurea. Oolden-fionvered Yarrow 

Clavennae. Silvery-leaved Yarrow 

decolorans. Pale-yellow-Jtowercd Yarrow 

Filipendula. Noble Yarrow 

macrophylla. Feix-rfew-leaved Milfoil 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Acliillea magna. Great Milfoil 

Millefolium. Common 3Iilfoil, Common 
Yarrow, Hundred-leaved Grass, Nose- 
bleed, Thousand- Seal 
mongolica. Mongolian Yarrow 
moschata. Mush Milfoil, Swiss Geiiijji 
nobilis. Showy Milfoil 
Ptarmica. Bastard Pellitory, Fair-Maids- 

of-France, Goose-tongue, Sneeze-wort 
Ptarmica var. umbellata. Dwarf Silvery 

pubescens. Downy Milfoil 
rupestris. Roch Yarrow 
serrata. Serrate-leaved Yarrow 
squarrosa. Rough-headed Milfoil 
tomentosa. Woolly Yarrow 
Aehlys triphylla. Oregon May-appU 
Achras (iSapota) australis. Ausifalian 
Brush-a]}ple, Wild Plum, of N. S. Wales 
mammosa. Surinam Medlar 
Sapota. Nase-herry, Neese-berry, or Nis- 

berry, Sapodilla or Sapotilla Plum 
Sideroxylon. Nase-herry BiClly-Tree 
Aeidoton urens. Jamaica Cowitch, Cowage, 

or Cowhage 
Aciphylla ColensoianclA. squarrosa. Spear- 
Grass, or " WildSpaniard " of New Zealand 
Acmene floribunda. Australian Myrtle, 

Billy -p illy -tree 
Acnida cannabina. Water-Hem]}, Willow- 
Acnistus arboreseens. Deadly Dwale 
Aconitura. Aconite, MonKs-hood, Wolfs- 
Anthora. Jacquin^s Yellow-flowered, Plonks- 
hood, Wholesome Wolf's-bane, Yellow 
Arctophonum. Bear-bane 
autumnale. Autumn Mo7ik's-hood 
bicolor. Two-coloured 3/o7ik's-hood 
Cammarum. Purple Wolfs-bane 
chinense. Chiiiese MonKs-Jwod 
ferox. Bish, Bis, or Bihh-poison, Indian 

or Nepaul Aconite 
japonicum. Japanese 3Ionk's-hood 
Lagoctonum, Hare's-bane 
Lycoctonum. Wolfs-ba7ie 
Meloctonum. Badger's-ba7ie 
Myoctonum. Mo7ise-ba7ie 
Napellus. Bear's-foot, Co77imon Aconite, 
Friar's, Soldier's, or T^crh's Cap, Helmet- 
flower, Luchie's M7Ltch, Co7nmon Mo7ik's- 
cowl or Mo7ik's-hood 
paniculatum. Pa7iicled Mo7iks-hood 
pyramidale. Bhce Rochet 
pyrenaicum. Pyre7iea7i Mmik's-hood 
reclinatum. Traili7ig Wolfs-ba7ie 
septentrionale. Norther7i Monk's-kood 
Theriophonum. Bea.'it's-bane 
Tragoctonum. Goafs-bane 
uncinatum. A7nerica7i Wolfs-ba7ie 
variegatum. Variegated-flowered Mo7ik's- 

Vulparia. Fox-bane 
Acorus Calamus. MTjrtle Flag, MTjrtle 
Grass, Myrtle Sedge, Srveet Flag 
gramineus. Grass-leaved Sweet-Flag 
gramineus variegatus. Variegated Sweet- 

Acroeomia fusiformis (A. sclerocarpa). 
Gr7^- Chrxt,, or Macaiv, Palm 
lasiospatha. Great Macaw-tree, Macuja 

or M^icuja Pahu 
mexicana. Coyoli Pahii 
sclerocarpa. Mac7ija Palm 
Acrodiclidiura Camara. Achmai Nut- 
jamaicense. Mou7itai7i, or Timber, Sweet- 
Aeronychia Isevis. Yello7v-7vood, of More- 
ton Bay 
Acrostichum alcicome. Flk's-hor7iFern 
Actsea alba. Toad-root, White Ba7ie-berry, 
White-and-red Cohosh 
racemosa. Black SnaJie-root, Bug-ba7ie, 

spicata. Co7n7no7i Ba7ie-berry, Grape-wort, 

Herb Christopher 
spicata var. rubra. Red BaTuc-berry 
Actinella grandiflora. Pigmy Sxinfloiver 

scaposa. T^tfted Dwarf S^mflower 
Actinocarpus. Thru7ii-7fort 

(Alisma) Damasonium. Water-star, Ray- 
Aetinostrobus. Swa7i River Ciji)ress 
Adansonia digitata. Baobab-tree, Ethio- 
pia7i So7ir Gourd, I7ulia7i Corh-tree, 
Mo7ihey- bread 
Gregorii. Cream-of-Tartar-tree, Gouty- 
stemmed-tree, So7ir Goxird, of Australia 
Adenanthera pavonina. Barbadoes Pride, 
Barricari-seed-pla7it, Coral Pea-tree, 
Peacock Flower-Fence, Red Sandal-7VOod 
Adenium Honghel. Ho7ighel-bush 

namaquanum. Elepha7it' s-tru7ik 
Adenocarpus. Gland-pod 
Adenophora. Gla7id Bellflower 
Adenostephanus organensis. Organ 

Mou7itai7i Shelter-tree 
Adenostoma. " Chamiso," of California 
Adhatoda cydonisefolia. Brazilia7i Bower- 
Vasica. Malabar Nut-tree 
Adiantum sethiopicum. " E7iglish Maiden- 
hair " Fer7i, of New Zealand 
Capillus-veneris. Black Maiden-hair, 
Capillaire, Dudder Grass, Maiden-hair, 
or Maiden-hair Fer7i, Ve7ms's-hair 
dolabriforme. Mi7hiature Basket-Fern 
Farleyense. Great Maidem-hair Fern 
formosum. Bra7ichi7ig 3Iaide7i-liair Fer7i 
pedatum. A7>ierica7i 3Iaide7i-hair Fer7i 
rubellum. Roseate 3Iaide7i-hair Fern 
Adlumia cirrhosa. Allegha7iy Vi7ie, Climb- 
i7ig Colic-7veed, Climbi7ig Fu7iiitory, 
3Iou7itai7i Fri7ige- Vi7ie 
Adonis jestivalis. S7i7n7ner Pheasant' s-eye 
autumnalis. Ado7iis-flower, A7it7i7U7i 
Pheasa7it's-eye, Red Cha7iw7nile, Red 
Morocco, Rose-a-R7iby 
pyrenaica. Pyre7iea7i Ado7iis 
vernalis. Ox-eye 
Adoxa Moschatellina. Hollow-root, Mos- 
chatel, M7isk-root, T7hbcrous Crow-foot, 
T7ibero7ts 3Ioschatel 
.fficidium Berberidis. Barberry Fungus 
.ffigiceras majus. Q7iee7isla7id Salt Lake 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

^gilops. Goat-grass, Hard-grass 

ovata. The reputed original of cultivated 
^gle Marmelos. Bael, or Bliel-fruit Tree, 

Bengal Quince, Golden Apple 
^gopodium rodagraria. Ach-weed, Ash- 
■7vcrd, Ax-weed, Bishop's Elder, Bishop's 
Weed, Goat-weed, Gout-need, Gout-wort, 
Groxmd Ash, Herb Gerard 
Podagraria variegatum. Variegated Gout- 
ionium arboreum. Housc-leeh Tree 
Aeranthes grandiflorum. Air-flower, Air- 

Aerides odorata. Fragrant Air-plant 
^schynanthus. Blush-wort 
^schynomene aspera. Pith-hat j^^ant, 
Singapore Hat-plant, Shola, or Solah- 
plant, Sponge^vood, of Bengal 
(Agati) grandiflora. West Indian Pea- 
hispida. Sensitive Joint- Vetch 
montevidensis. Humming-bird Bush 
(Pavia) californica. Californian Buch-eye 
(Pavia) carnea. Red-flowered Buck-eye 
(Pavia) fiava. Big Buck-eye, Sweet Buck- 
(Pavia) glabra. Fetid Buck-eye, Ohio 

Hippocastanum. Horse- Chestmit, Obllon- 

Hippocastanum flore-pleno. Bo^hble- 

flomered Horse- Chestnut 
Hippocastanum var. pallida. Pale-flowered 

Horse- Chestnut 
Hippocastanum var. rubra. Red-flowered 

Horse- Chestnut 
Hippocastanum var. rubra fl.-pl. Bouble- 
flonered Tied Horse- Chestmit 
JEjthionema coridifolium (Iberis jucunda). 
Lebanon Candytuft 
saxatile. Candy Mustard 
.ffithusa Cynapium. False Parsley, FooVs 
Cicely, Fool's, Asses', or Bog's Parsley, 
Lesser Hemlock 
Fatua. Fine-leaved Fool's Parslei/ 
Agalmyla longistyla. Scarlet Root-Uossom 
Agapanthus minor. Small African Lily 
umbellatus. Blue Afriea7i Lily 
umbellatus var. albus. White African 
Agaricus arvensis. ChampilUon, Cheese- 
rooni. Flaps, Horse-mushroom, Mushroom 
Cicsareus. Imperial Mushroom 
campestris. (Jommon Mushroom 
gambosus. St. George's Mushroom 
muscarius. Jiug Agaric, Fly-bane 
nebularis. Clouded Mushroom 
olearius. Lumiiwus Mushroom 
Orcclla. Plum Mushroom, Vegetable 

(Marasmius) Oreades. Champignon,Fairy- 

riiig Mushroom., Scotch Bonnets 
ostreatus. Oyster Mushroom 
personatus. Bhwiis, Blue-hats, Blue-legs 
procerus. Parasol, or Scaly Mushroom 
I'runulus. Autumn Mousseron, Plum 

Agaricus rubescens. Brown Warty, or 

Red-fleshed Mushroom 
Agarum Turneri. Sea- Colander 
Agathaea amelloides. Cape Aster 
ccelestis. Blue Maryuerite 
spathulata. Grass-Thistle 
Agathophyllum aromaticum. Clove Nut- 
meg, of Madagascar, Ravensara-nut 
Agathyrus. Blue-flowered Soiv-thistle 
Agave americana. American Aloe, Cen- 
fcetida. Fetid Aloe 
lurida. Vera Cruz Aloe 
mexicana and other species. Maguey- 

fibre plant 
saponaria. Mexican Soap-plant 
Sissalana. Sisal Hemp-plant 
utahensis. Utah Aloe 
VictoriEe-Reginse. Queen Victoria Cen- 
Virginica. False Aloe, Rattlesnake' s- 
Ageratum. Floss-flower 

conyzoides. Bastard Agr'imony 
Aglaia odorata. Chu-lan Tree 
Aglaonema commutata. Po'ison-dart, of 

the Philippine Islands 
Agrimonia agrimonioides. Three-leaved, 
Eupatoria. Cockle-bur, St'ickle-wort, Com- 
mon Agr'imony, Liver-wort 
odorata. Sweet-scented Agrimony 
repens. Creep'ing Agr'imony 
Agrostemma (Lychnis) coronaria. Rose 
(Lychnis) Coronaria fl.-pl. Double-blos- 
somed Rose Ca^npioti 
Githago. Bastard Nigella, Corn-cockle, 
" Wild Savager" 
Agrostis. Cloud-grass, SjJear-grass 
alba. Fi7ie-top -grass 
elata. I'h 'm-grass 
nebulosa and A. pulchella. Ornamental 

perennans. Thiji-grass 
scabra. Fly-away Grass, Hair-grass, of 

N. America 
setacea. Deer's-foot Grass 
Spica - venti. Corn - grass. Wind -grass, 

stolonifera. Fioriii Grass, Orcheston Grass 
vulgaris. Bent Grass, Black Quitch Grass, 
Herd's-grass, or Red-tip, of N. America, 
Monkey's Grass 
Allan tus glandulosa. Ailanto, False Var- 
nish-tree, Japan Varnish-tree, Tree of 
Heaven, Tree of the Gods 
Aiphanes corallina. Grigi Palm 
Aira. Hair-grass 

cicspitosa. Jient - grass. Hassock - grass, 

caryopliylla. Mouse-grass 
(lexuoaa. Bent-grass 
Ajuga alpina. Alpine Bugle 

Chamajpitys. Field Cypress, Forget-me- 
m^t. Gout Ivy, Ground P'me, Yellow 
gcnevensis. Erect Bugle 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


^uga Iva. Herb Eve or Ivy, Musky Bugle 
pyramidalis. Pyramidal Bugle 
reptans. Brown Bugle, Middle Comfrey, 

Middle Consound 
reptans variegata. Variegated - leaved 
Alaria esculenta. Badderlocks, Hen-ivare, 

Albizzia Lebbek. Sirls-Acacia 
Alchemilla arvensis. Bowel- liive- grass, 
Fire-grass, Parsley Piert 
sericea. Silky Lady's-mantle 
vulgaris. Bear's-foot, DucKs-foot, Great 
Sanicle, Lady's Mantle, Lion's-foot, 
Alchornea latifolia. Dove-wood of the 

W. Indies 
Alectoria jubata. Roch-liairlMoss 

sarmentosa. Jaffna Moss 
Alectra brasiliensis. Cane-killer 
Alectryon excelsum. New Zealand Oak 
Aletris aurea. Golden-tipped Star-grass 
farinosa. Ague-root, Colic-root, Common 
Star-grass, Crow-corn, Unicorn-root 
Aleurites cordata. Chinese Wood - Oil- 
plant, Tung-oil-plant 
laccifera. G%mn Lac Tree 
moluccana. Otalieite Walnut 
moluccensis. Candle-nut-tree 
triloba. Bancoul, Kekune, Kehui, or 
Lumhang-oil-ijlant, Candle-nut Tree, 
Indian, Belgaum, or Country Walnut, 
Otalieite Walnut 
Algae. A general name for Sea-weeds 
Alhagi Camelorum. Alhagi Manna-2}lant, 
Maurorum. Hebrew or Persian Manna- 
Alibertia edulis. " Marmeladinlia " 
Alisma natans. Floating Water- Plantain 
Plantago. Common Water- Plantain, BeiVs- 

spoojis. Mad-dog Weed 
ranunculoides. Small Water- Plantain 
AUiaria officinalis. Garlic Mustard, Gar- 
lic-wort, Hedge Garlic, Jack-by-the- 
Allium. Garlic, Leek, Onion 
acuminatum. Purple-flowered Garlic 
alpinum. Alpine Garlic 
Ampeloprasum. Blue Leek, Great-headed 
Garlic, Levant Garlic, Pearl Onion, 
Vine Leek, Wild Leek 
Ascalonicum. Shallot 
Ascalonicum var. majus. ScalUmi 
azureum. Azure-flowered Garlic 
canadense. Wild Garlic of N. America 
carinatum. Keeled Garlic 
Cepa. Common Onion 
Cepa var. aggregatum. Burn Onion, Po- 
tato Onion 
Cepa var. proliferum (bulbiferum). Ca- 
nada Onion, Tree Onion 
cernuum. Drooping -flowered Garlic 
Chamsemoly. Dwarf Moly 
ciliatum. Fringed Garlic 
cceruleum. Blue-flowered Garlic 
falcifolium. Sickle-leaved Garlic 
fistulosum. Ciboul, Stone Leek, Welsh 

Allium flavum. Yellow-flowered Garlic 
(Nothoscordon) fragrans. Sweet-scented 

grandiflorum. Large-flowered Garlic 
inodorum. Carolina Garlic 
leptophyllum. Himalayan Onion 
lusitanicum. Perennial Ciboul 
Moly. Golden-flowered Garlic, Lily Leek, 

Moly, Sorcerer's Garlic 
Murrayanum. Murray's Garlic 
neapolitanum. Daffodil Garlic 
nigrum. Black Garlic 
odorum. Fragrant-flowered Garlic 
oleraceum. Field Garlic 
Ophioscorodon. Rocambole 
paradoxum. Quaint Garlic 
pedemontanum. Piedmont Garlic 
Porrum. Common Leek 
roseum. Rosy-flowered Garlic 
sativum. Clown's Treacle, Common Gar- 
lic, Poor-Man's Treacle 
Schoenoprasum. Chives 
Scorodoprasum. Sand Leek, Spanish Gar- 
lic, Wild Rocambole 
sphajrocephalum. Round-headed Garlic 
subhirsutum. 3Ioly, of Dioscorides 
tricoccum. Wild Leek, of N. America 
triflorum. American 3Iountain Leek 
triquetrum. Triangular-stemmed Garlic 
uniflorum. One-flowered Garlic 
ursinum. Bear's or Wild Garlic, Buck- 
rams, Gipsy Onion, Hog's Garlic, Ram- 
sons, Wild Leek 
Victoriale. Long-rooted Garlic 
vineale. Crow Garlic, Crow Onion, Stag's 

Wallichianum. Wallich's Garlic 
AUosorus acrostichoides. Oregon Rock 
crispus. Curled Rock Brake, Parsley Fern 
Alnus. Alder 

glutinosa. Aar, Aul, Common Alder 
cordifolia. Heart-leaved Alder 
imperialis aspleniifolia. Fern-leaved Alder 
incana. Black, Hoary, or Speckled Alder 
integrifolia. Kokra-wood, of India 
maritima. Sea-side Alder 
oblongata. Turkey Alder 
rhombifolia. Californian Alder 
rubra. Californian Red Alder 
serrulata. Smooth Alder 
viridis. Green, or Mountain Alder 
Aloe barbadensis. Barbadoes Medicinal 
dichotoma. Quiver-tree 
far ox. Cajje Aloe 
margaritifera. Pearl Aloe 
prolifera. Proliferous Aloe 
socotrina. Socotrine Aloes-tree 
variegata. Partridge-breast Aloe 
vulgaris. Yellow-flowered Aloe 
Aloexylon Agallochum. Aloes-wood, Ca- 

lambac-tree, Eagle-wood 
Alonsoa incisifolia. Cut-leaved Mask-flower 

linearis. Narrow-leaved Mask-flower 
Alopeeurus agrestis. Black Grass, Hun- 
ger Grass, Land Grass, Mouse-tail Grass 
geniculatus. Black 6frass, Elbowit Grass 
pratensis. Fox-tail Grass 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Alopecurus pratensis variegatus. Gold- 
striped Fox-tail Grass 
Aloysia citriodora. Lenion-sccnted Verbena, 

Jlerb Louisa 
Alpliitonia excelsa. Coo^er's-rvood, Bed 

Alpinia Cardamomum. Bastard Carda- 
Galanga. Galiwjale (true) 
(Hulleiiia) coerulca. Brush Shell-fiomer 
nutans. Indian Shell-flower 
officinarum. The rhizome of this plant 
forms the Galawjal of medicine 
Alsophila. Grove 'Fern 
australis. Hill Tree-Fern 
contaminans. Glaucous Tree-Fern 
excelsa. Norfolk Island Tree-Fern 
Leichardtiana. Whip-stick Fern 
Kebeccaj. Slender Tree-Fern 
Alstonia scholaris. BeviVs-tree, Bita-lark- 

Alstroemeria. Ilerl Lily 

Flos-Martini. St. Martin' s-flower 
pelegrina. Lily of the Iricas 
Alternanthera. Joy-weed 
Achyrantha. Chaff -flower 
Althaea. Hollyhock 

ficifolia. Antwerp Hollyhock 
Narbonnensis. Narhonne Hollyhock 
officinalis. Guimauve, 3Iarsh - Mallow, 

White Mallow 
rosea. Common Hollyhock, Holy Hoke 
Alyssum. Mad-wort 

alpestre. Aljnne Mad-wort 
calycinum. Small Yellow Alysson 
deltoideum. Purple Mad-mort 
denticulatum. Toothed-leaved Mad-mort 
gemonense. Hoary German Mad-wort 
maritimum. Sweet Alysson, or Allison 
montanum. Mountain Mad-wort 
olympicum. Bwarf Mad-mort 
orientale. Eastern Mad-wort 
saxatile. Gold Basket, Gold-dust, Golden- 
tuft, Rock Mad-mort 
saxatile variegatum. Varieyated - leaved 

saxatile var. compactum. Bense-flowered 

spinosum. Sjnny Mad-mort 
utriculatum. Bladder-podded Mad-mort 
Wier.sbeckii. WiershecKs Mad-wort 
Alyxia. Br^tshland Box of Australia 
buxi folia. Tasmanian Scent-mood, Heath- 
Box-tree of Australia, Tonya - bean- 
Amarantus. A maranth 
Blitum. Wild Blite 

caudatus. Floramor, or Fhrimer, Love-lies- 
bleeding, Tliruni-mort, Velret-flower 
hypochonidriacus. Princeh-Feathcr 
oleraceus. Edible Amaranth 
salicifolius. Fountai,n-plant, Golden Ama- 
spcciosus. Showy Amarajith 
spinosus. Prickly Calalu, Thorny Ama- 
tricolor. Floramor, or Fhrimer, Flower 
Gentle, Joseph's Coat, Three-coloured 
Amaranth, " Tricolor" 

Amaryllis. Baffodil-Lily 

Atamasco. Atamasco Lily 

(Lycoris) aurea. Golden Lily 

Belladonna. Belladonna Lily 

(Hippeastrum) equestris. Barbadoes Lily 

f ormosissima. Jacobea Lily, St. James's- 
Cross Lily 

ornata. Cape Coast Lily 

Reginse. Mexican Lily, Queen's Lily 
Amberboa (Centaurea) moschata. Purple 

suaveolens. Yellow Sweet-Sultan 
Ambrina ambrosioides (Ambrosia mari- 
tima). " Cappadocian Oak" Bemi- 
gods' Food, Hedge Mustard of the W. 

anthelmintica. Worm-seed-oil-plant 

artemisisfolia. Bitter-weed, Hoy - meed, 
Roman Worm-mood of N. America 

maritima (Ambrina ambrosioides). " Cap- 
jmdocian Oak" 

trifida. Great Kay -weed, of N. America 
Amelanchier Botryapium. Grape-pear, 
Snowy Mespilus 

canadensis. Sliad-lmsh, June-berry, Service- 

florida. Flowery Amelanchier 

ovalis. Medlar-hish, Oval-leaved Ame- 

sanguinea. Red-branched Amelanchier 

vulgaris. Common Amelanchier 
Amianthium muscretoxicum. American 

Fall-poison, or Fly-poison 
Ammania humilis. Tooth-cup 
Ammi copticum. Prickly-seeded Bishop's- 
meed. True Bishop's-weed 

majus. Ameos, Bull-wort, Common Bislwp's- 
meed, Wood-nep, Herb William 

Visnaga. Spanish looth-pick. Tooth-pick 
Ammobium alatum. Winged Everlasting, 

Wiiiged-stalked Sand-flower 
Ammophila arenaria. Sea Mat-meed 
Amomum aromaticum. Bengal Carda- 

Cardamomum. Round, or Clustered Carda- 

maximum. Java Cardamoms 

Mclegueta. Malaguetta, or Melegueta, 
Pepper. The seeds of this plant are the 
" Grains of Paradise," of medicine 

xanthoides. Bastard Cardamoms, of 
Amorpha cancscens. Lead-plant, Wild 
Tea of N. America 

croceo - lanata. Yellom-moolled False- 

fragrans. Fragrant False-Iiidigo 

fruticosa. Shrubby False-Indigo 

glabra. Smooth Fahc-Indtgo 

hcrbacca (A. pubescens). Boivny False- 

nana. Bwarf False-Indigo 
Amorphopliallus campanulatus. Telinga 

Ampelopsis bipinnata. Pepper-vi7ie, Tmo- 
winycd Virginian Creeper 

cordata. Heart-Uaved Virginian Creeper 

dissecta. Cut-leaved Virginian Creeper 

aiid Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Ampelopsis hederacea (A. quinquefolia). 
AmericMi Ivy, Common Virginian Cree- 
per, False Grape, Five-leaves, Wild 
Wood-vi7ie, Wood-bine 
heteropliylla marmorata. Variegated Vir- 
ginian Creeper 
sempervirens. Evergreen Virginian Creeper 
Veitchi. VeltcKs Virginian Creeper 
Amphicarpaea monoica. Hog-pea-nut, Wild 

Bean- Vine 
Amygdalus communis. Common Almond- 
communis var. amara. Bitter Almond 
communis var. macrocarpa. Long-fruited 

communis var. pendula. Weeping Alinond 
communis var. persicoides. Almond Peach 
incana. Woolly Almond 
nana. Dwarf Almoiid 
orientalis (A. argentea). Silvery -leaved 

persica sinensis camelliseflora. CamelUa- 

Jiomered Peach 
persica sinensis caryophylliflora. Carna- 

tlon-fiowered Peach 
persica sinensis fl.-pl. albo. Bouhle Wliite 

Chinese Peach 
persica sinensis fl.-pl. sanguineo. Double 

Crimson Chinese Peach 
persica vulgaris. Common Peach 
persica vulgaris flore-pleno. Double-blos- 
somed Peach 
persica vulgaris foliis purpureis. Purple- 
leaved Peach 
persica vulgaris foliis variegatis. Varie- 
gated-leaved Peach 
persica vulgaris fructu-pleno. Double- 
fruited Peach 
persica vulgaris var. alba. Wlilte-flomered 

persica vulgaris var. compressa. Flat- 
fruited Peach 
persica vulgaris var. hispanica. Spanish 

persica vulgaris var. Nectarina (A. p. Isevis). 

prostrata. Prostrate Almond 
pumila. Doxible-jloivered Dwarf Almond 
sibirica. Siberian Almond 
Amyris. Shrubby Sweet-mood 

balsamif era. Candle-wood, or Rhodes-wood, 
of the W. Indies, Jamaica Rose-wood, 
Lignum Rlwdlum, Mountain Torch- 
commiphora (Balsamodendron Roxburghii). 

False Myrrh 
elemifera (A. Plumieri). Gunn-Eleml Tree 
Floridana. Florida Balsam Tree 
toxifera. Janca-tree 
sylvatica. Torch-wood Tree 
Anacardium. Monkey-mtt 

occidentale. " Bean of Malacca," Cashew- 
nut Tree 
rhinocarpus. Wild Cashew, of Guiana 
Anacampseros. Love-pilant 
Anacharis Alsinastrum (Elodea canaden- 
sis). American Water-weed, Bablng- 
ton's-curse, Clioke Pond -weed. Little 
Snake-weed, Water-Thyme 

Anacyclus Pyrethrum. Alexander'' s-foot, 
Bertram, Long-wort, Pellltory, of Spain 
Anaeetangium.. Branched Beardless- Moss 
Ansectochilus setaceus. "King of the 

Woods" Orchid, King-plant 
Anagallis arvensis. Poor-man's-Weather- 
glass. Red Pimpernel, Shepherd'' s-Cloch 
grandiflora (A. collina, A. fruticosa). 

Large-Jiowered Pimpernel 
indica. Indian Pimpernel 
Monelli. Italian P'lmpernel 
tenella. Bog P'lmpernel 
Anagyris. Bean Trefoil 
fcetida. St'inhing-wood 
Anamirta (Menispermum) Cocculus. Coc- 

Ananassa sativa. P'lne-apple 
Anastatica Hierochuntina. Resurrect'ion- 

plant. Rose of Jericho 
Anatherum bicorne. Rldglng-grass, W, 
Indian Foxtail-grass 
macrurum. W. Indian Foxtail-grass 
Anchusa., Sea-Bugloss 
arvensis. Small Bttgloss 
capensis. Cape Alkanet, Cape Forget-me- 
hybrida. Hybrid AlMnet 
italica. Italian Alkanet 
sempervirens. Evergreen Alkanet 
Andira inermis. Bastard, or W. Ind'tan 
Cabbage-tree, Partridge-wood (?), Worm- 
violacea. Violet-wood, of Guiana 
Andrachne telephioides. Bastard, or False, 

Andre^a. Split-Moss 
An drogr aphis (Justicia) paniculata. 

Creyat, or Kariyat-plant 
Andromeda acuminata. American Pipe- 
arborea. Sorrel-tree, Sow-leaved Elk-tree 
buxifolia. Box-leaved Andromeda 
calyculata. Leather-Leaf 
Catesbaei. Spiny-leaved Andromeda 
coriacea. Thick-leaved Andromeda 
fasciculata. Bundle-Jlowered Andromeda 
(Cassiope) fastigiata. Himalayan Andro- 
meda, Himalayan Heather 
floribunda. LUy-of-the- Valley Tree, Free- 

jiowering Andromeda 
h3rpnoides. Moss-like Andromeda 
jamaicensis. Jamaica Andromeda 
japonica. Japanese Andromeda 
Leschenaulti. Carbol'ic-acid-pla7it 
Mariana. Lamb-kill Stagger-bush 
ovalifolia. Oval-leaved Andromeda 
polifolia. Marsh Holy Rose, Marsh Rose- 
mary, Moor-wort, Wild Rosemary of N. 
racemosa. Branching Andromeda, Pepper- 

bush of N. America 
speciosa. Large-flowered Andromeda 
sjaicata. Spilie-flowered Andromeda 
(Cassiope) tetragona. Square-stemmed 
Andropogon. Beard-grass 

bicornis. Mountain-grass, of Jamaica 
citratus. Lemon-grass, or Siri-oil-plant 
Gryllus. Brush-grass 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Andropogon halepensis. Cuba-grass 
Iwarancusa. Roosa, or Ecnissa-grass, of 

laniger. Sweet Mush 
Martini. Roosa, or Roussa - grass, of 

muricatus. Cus-cus, Khus-Mus, or Vetti- 

ver Oil-j)lant 
Nardus. Ginger-grass Oil-jdant, Indian 

Schoenanthus. CameTs-Hay, Geranium 
Grass, Namur, Nemaxir, or Spikenard 
Oil-plant, Lemon-grass, Palmarosa 
Oll-jilant, " Squi)iant," Sweet Rush 
scoparius. Broom Grass 
Androsace Chamajjasme. Rocli-Jasmine 
Anemia. Flower-Fern 

phyllitidis. Ash-leaf Flower-Fern 
Anemone. Wlnd-Jlawer 
alba. Wliite Wind-flomer 
alpina. Alpine WiTid-flmver 
apennina. Apennine Wind-flower 
blanda. WiMer Wind-floiver 
capensis. Cape Anemone 
caroliniana. Carolina Wlnd-flawer 
coronaria and vars. CommoJi Garden 

Anemone, Poppy Wind-flon-cr 
cylindrica. Lony-frxntcd Wind-flower 
deltoidea. Oregon Wind-floiver 
dichotoma. Forhrd Wind-flower 
elegans. Pale Japanese Wind-floiver 
fulgens. Pan Anemone, Scarlet Wind- 
Halleri. Bailer's Pasqtie-flojver 
Hepatica. Common Hepatica, NoUe Liver- 

Hepatica var. angulosa. Large Hepatica 
japonica. Japanese Wind-flower 
japonica alba. White Japanese Wind- 
japonica vitifolia. Viw-leaved Japanese 

montana. Mountain Pasque-flower 
multifida. Rocky Mountain Wind-flower 
narcissiflora. Narcissus-flowered Anemone 
nemorosa. Wood Anemone, Wood Wiiid- 

nemorosa plena. Pouble White Wood 

palmata. Cyclamen-leaved Wind-flower 
parviflora. Small-flmvered Anemojw 
patens var. Nuttalliana. American Pasque- 

pavonina. Peacock Wind-flower 
pennsylvanica. Pemnylvanian Wind- 
Pulsatilla. Bluemmy, Coventry Bells, 
Banes' - Blood, Danes' - Flower, Flaiv - 
flower. Pasque-flower, Passe-flower 
ranimculoides. Wood- Ginger, Yellow Wood 

rivularis. Riverside Wind-flower 
Robinsoni. Robinson's Wind-flower 
stellata. Star Wind-flower 
sulphurea. Sulphur-coloured Wind-floner 
.sylve.stris. Snowdrop Aiiemone 
trifolia. Three-leaved Wind-flmver 
vcrnalis. Shaggy Wind-flower 
virginica. Virginian Wind-flower 

Anemopsis californica. Yerba Mansa, of 

Anethum graveolens. Anet, Dill, or Dill- 
Sowa (Peucedanum graveolens). Sowa- 
2)lant, of Bengal 
Angelica sylvestris. Ground Ash, Holy 

Ghost, Wild Angelica 
Angiopteris. l%iTnip-Fern 
Angophora. Australian Malwgamj, Chi/ni 
lanceolata. Apple-tree, of Victoria 
subvelutina. Apple-tree, of N. S. Wales 
Angrfficum fragrans. Bourbon, or Faham 
sesquipedale. Lomj-spurred Orchid 
Anigozanthus. Swan River Funeral- 
Manglesii. Kangaroo' s-foot Plant 
flavidus. Australian Yellow Sword-lily 
Anisomeles malabarica. Malabar Cat- 
Anisophyllum laurinum. Monhey-apple, 

of Sierra Leone 
Anoda Dilleniana. Blue Hibiscus 
Anomatheca cruenta. Flomerlng Grass 
Anona. Custard-apple 

Cherimolia. Cherimoyer-tree, Pertivian 

hexapetala. Long-leaved Custard-apple 
muricata. Prickly Custard-apple, Sour- 
palustris. Alligator Apjile, Marsh Cork- 
wood, Monkey-apple of the West Indies, 
Sh imng-lea red. L 'ustard-apple 
reticulata. Bullock' s-heart. Netted Cus- 
squamosa. Scaly Custard-apple, Sugar 
Apple, Sweet-sop 
Anopterus glandulosa. Tasmanian Laurel 
Anredera scandens. W. Indian Buck- 
Antennaria. Cafs-ear 

carpatica. Carpathian Everlasting 
dioica. 3[oor Everlasting, Mountain Cat's- 
foot, 3Iountain Cud-weed, Purple Mo^m- 
tain Cotton-weed 
dioica var. minor. Rosy-flowered Moun- 
tain EverlastiTig 
margaritacea. Pearl Cud-weed, Pearly 

plantaginifolia. Mouse-ear Everlasting, 
Plantam • leaved Everlasting, Pussy's- 
tomentosa. Silvery Cud-weed 
Anthacanthus microphyllus. Tears of St. 

Anthemis Aizoon. Silvery Cliamomile 
arvensis. Ctn-ii Cliamomile 
Cilia. Cut-leaved Chamomile 
Cotula. Camovyne, Camowyne, Dog's 
Cliamomile, Dog's-fenncl, Madders, 
Mathes, Mawther, May-weed, Stinking 
Chamomile, Stinking May-weed 
inodora fl.-pl. Double Scentless May-weed 
nobilis. Camomile, or Chamomile, Camo- 
vyne or Camowyne, Roma?!, Chamomile, 
Scotch Chamomile 
tinctoria. YelUnv-flonered Chamomile 

ayid Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Anthericum (Czackia) Liliago. Braihched 
Sj)idfr-7C0>'t, St. Bernard's Lily 
(Czackia, Paradisia) Liliastrum. Great 

Savoy Spiiler-ivort, St. Bruno's Lily 
Liliastnuu majus. Giant St. Bruno's 
Anthistiria ciliata (A. australis). Ean- 

Anthocercis. Australian Ray-flower 
Antholyza (Gladiolus) sethiopica. Afri- 
can Corn- Mag 
Anthospermuin sethiopicum. Aniber- 
moBchatum. Tasmanian Sassafras-tree 
Anthoxantliura odoratum. Vernal or 

Sweet Ver?ial Grass 
Anthriscus. Beaked Parsley 
Cerefolium. Chervil 

sylvestris. Cow-parsley, Corn-weed, Deil's- 
Meal, Mock Chervil, Orcluurd-weed, 
Wild Caraway, Wild Chervil, Wild 
vulgaris. Bur-Chervil 
Anthurium. Ba?mer-j>lant, Flamiitgo- 
jjlant, Tail-flotver 
Andreanum. Andre's Flamingo-plant 
Bakeri. Baker's Flamingo-plant 
candidum. White-flowered Flamingo- 
Lindigi. Lindig's Flamingo-plant 
magnificum. Splendid Flamingo-2)la7it 
Palmeri. Palmer's Flamingo-plant 
Saundersi. Saunder's Flaming o-jilant 
Scherzerianum. Scherzer's Flamiiu/o-plant 
Veitchii. Veitch's Flamingo-plant 
Warocqueanum. Warocque's Flamingo- 
Antiaris (Lepurandra) saccidora. Sack- 
tree, of Western India 
toxicaria. Malay Arrow-poison, Upa«-tree, 
of Java 
Antigonon leptopus. Mountain Rose, of 

the W. Indies 
Antirrhinum.. Snap-dragon 

Asarina. Heart-leaved Siuip-dragoji 
majus. Common Simp-dragon, Dragon's- 

mouth, Lio7i's-mouth 
Orontium. Calf's - Snout, Small Snap- 
rupestre. (Linaria rupestris). Rock Snap- 
Anthyllis. Kidney- Vetch 

Barba-Jovis. Jove's-heard, or Jupiter's- 

heard. Silver-bush 
erinacea. Hedge-hog-plajit, Rushy Kidney- 
montana. Momitain Kidney- Vetch 
Vulneraria. Common Kidney-Vetch, Lady's 

Fingers, Lamb's-toe, Wotmd-nort 
Vulneraria var. rubra. Pink-flowercd Kid- 
ney- Vetch 
Antidesma. Nigger's-cord 
Antigonon. Beeile-nut plant 
Anycliia (Queria) dichotoma. Forked 

Apargia. Hawk-Ut 

serotina. Cat' s-towjue 
Apera (Agrostis) Spica-venti. Corn-grass, 
Wind-grass, Windle-straw 

Aphyllanthes monspeliensis. lAly-jnJik, 

of Montpelier 
Aphyllon. Naksd Broom-rape, of N. 
uniflorum. One-flowered Cancer-root 
Apios tuberosa. American Ground-nut, 
3Iic-Mac Potato, Tuberous-rooted Wis- 
taria, " Wild Bean " of N. America 
Apium. Celery 

australe. ]Vew Zealamd Celery 
graveolens. Ache^ Common Celery, MarchCy 
Marsh Parsley, Smallage or Smalledge, 
Wild Celery 
graveolens var. rapaceum. Celeriac, or 

Turnip-rooted Celery 
graveolens rapaceum var. tricolor. Three- 
coloured Celeriac 
prostratum. Australian Celery 
Aplophyllum. Simple-leaved Rue 
Aplotaxis auriculata. " Costus," of the 

Aplectrum hyemale. Adam - and - Eve. 

America7i Putty-root 
Apoeynum. Dog's-bane 

androsaemifolium. Fly-traj}, ofl^. America. 

Spreading Dog's-bane 
cannabinum. Canada, or Indian, Hemp 
Venetum. Venetian Bog's-bane 
Aponogeton distachyon. Cape Asparagus, 
Cape Pond-weed, Hawthorn - scented 
Aporosa(Lepidostachys) Roxburghi. Kokra- 

Aquilaria Agallochum. Agila-wood, Eagle- 
wood, Uggur -oil-plant 
ovata. Eagle-wood, of Malacca 
Aquilegia. Columbine 
alpina. Alpine Columbine 
Burgeri. Burger's Columbine 
ccerulea. Rocky Mountain Columbine 
californica (A. truncata). Californian, or 

Large Scarlet, Columbiiie 
canadensis. Canadian Columbine 
chrysantha. Golden-flowered Cohimbine 
fragrans. Siveet-scented Columbine 
glandulosa. Altaian Cohimbine 
grata. Mauve-coloured Colwnbi^ie 
leptoceras lutea. Yelloiv Long-spu/rred 

longibracteata. Long-bracted Columbine 
longissima. Longest-sjmrred Columbine 
pyrenaica. Pyrenean Columbine 
Skinneri. Skinner's Columbine 
truncata (A. californica). Large Scarlet 

viridiflora. Chreen-flowered Columbine 
vulgaris. Common Columbine 
vulgaris alba. White-flowered Columbine 
Arabis. Rock-cress 

albida,. Early -flowering White Rock-cress, 

Lady's- Cush ion, Momitaiii Snoiv 
alpina. White Ahjsson or AUisoyi 
Androsace. Rosette Rock-cress 
aubrietioides. Pink-tinted Rock-cress 
blepharophylla. Rosy-flowered Rock-cress 
canadensis. Sickle-pod 
ciliata. Fringed Rock-cress 
deltoidca. Blue Rock-cress 
hirsuta. Hairy Rock-cress 



English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Arabis, lucida. Shining-lea red Rock-cress 
liicidii variegata. Yariegaicd Ilock-cress 
perfoliata. Glabrous liock-cress 
petnea. Northern Itock-cress 
procurrens. Spreadinij Ilock-cress 
rosea. Mosy-tton-ered i'ulabrian Rock-cress 
stricta. Bristol Rock-cress 
Thaliana. Thale-cress, or Thale Rock-cress 
Turrita. Tower-cress, or Tower Rock- 
Arachis liypogsea. Earth-almond, Earth- 
nut, (Trass-nut, Ground-n-ut or Earth- 
nut Oil-plant of ^Medicine, Teuss-oil- 
plant, Knt-jang or .\fanilla Xut, Monkeij- 
mit. Pea-nut, Pindar, Underground 
Aralia Inspida. Bristh/ Sarsaparilla, Wild 
nudicaulis. Rahhit-root, Wild Sarsaj)arilla 
papyrifera. Chinese Rice-paper Plant 
racemosa. American Spikenard 
spinosa. Hercules' -Club, Shot-bush, Vir- 
giyiian Angelica-tree 
Araticaria Bidwillii. Bunya-Bunya Pine, 
of Queensland 
brasiliensis. Brazilian Pine-tree 
Cookii. Cook's New Caledonia Pine 
Cimningliamii. Moreton Bay Pine 
excelsa. Norfolk Island Pine 
imbricata. Chilian Pine-tree, Monkey- 

Eulei. Rule's Neiv Caledonia Pine 
Arbutus. Arbute-tree, Strawberry-tree 
alpina. Alpine Strawberry-tree, Canadian 

Andrachne. Oriental Strawberry-tree 
densiflora. I)e7isely-Jtowercd Strawberry- 
Menziesii. Madrona, or Madrono, of 

California. Menzics's Strawberry-tree 
procera. Tall Strawberry tree 
tomentosa. Woolly -branched Strawberry- 
Unedo. Cane-apple, Common Arbxite-tree, 
Covimon Strawberry-tree, Dalmatian 
Unedo var. Croomi. Scarlet-barked Straw- 
Unedo var. rubra. Red-flowered Strawberry- 
Archangelica atropurpurea. Great An- 
gelica, of N. America 
officinalis. AwjcUea (cultivated). Arch- 
Archemora rigida. American Cow-bane 
Arctium Lappa. Beggar's- Buttons. Bur, 
Burr, Jiurdock, (Jlot-Jlur, Clod-Bur, 
Ciirkle, ('iirh)ld, llarhwk 
Arctostaphylos (.Vrbutus) alpina. Alpi?ie 
Bear-berry, Black Bear-berry 
glauca and A. pungens. " Manzanita,'' of 

Uva-nrsi. Bear-berry, or Bear Bilberry, 
Bear's Grape, BrawUns, Burren Myrtle, 
Crcashak, Kinnikinnick, Mountain Box, 
fl'jjland Cranberry 
Ardisia. Spvar-Jlower 

coriaci'a. Red Beef-wood 
Arduina grandiflora. Natal Plum 

Areca Catechu. Betel - nut Palm-tree 
Catechu Palm-tree, '■'Drunken Date-tree," 
Pinang Palm 
monostachya. Walking-stick Palm 
oleracea. Cabbage Palm 
(Kentia) sapida. New Zealand Palm, 
Nikau Palm 
Arenaria. Sand-wort 

balearica. Balearic or Majorca Sand- 

caespitosa. Tufted Sand-wort 
ciliata. Fringed Sand-wort 
graminifolia. Chrass-leaved Sand-wort 
grandiflora. Large-flowered Sand-wort 
Grcenlandica. MomUain Sand-wort 
laricifolia. Larch-leaved Sa?id-7vort 
montana. Mountain Sa7id-n'ort 
multicaulis. 3Iany-stemmed Sand-wort 
peploides. Sea Chick-weed, Sea-pv/rslane 
purpurascens. Purplish-flowered Sand- 
rubra. Purple Chick-weed, Red Sand-wort 
segetalis. Sn-ord-grass 
squarrosa. Pine-barren Sand-wort 
tetraquetra. Square stemmed Sa7id-wort 
iiliginosa. Bog Sand-wort 
verna. Verjial Sand-wort 
Argania Sideroxylon. Argan-tree, Mo- 
rocco Iron-wood 
Argemone hispida. " Chicalote," of Cali- 
grandiflora. White Mexican Poppy 
mexicana. Corooko, or Thistle Oil-plant, 
Devil's Fig, Infernal Fig, Prickly 
Poppy, Yellow Mexican Poppy, Yellow 
Argyreia. Silver-weed 
Argyrodendron trifoliatum. Iron-wood, 

of N. S. Wales 
Arisaema Dracontium. Dragon-root, Green ^ 
Dragon \ 

papillosum. Ceylon Snake-root ' 

triphyllum. Indian Turnip, Jack-in-the- 
pulpit, Preacher-in-the-pulpit 
Aristea major. Great Blue Flower-rod 
Aristida dichotoma. Poverty-grass 
Aristolocliia. Birth-ivort 

Clomatitis. Upright Birth-wort 
grandiflora. Pelican-flower, Poisonous 

Guaco. " GiMCo"-]>lant, of S. America 
odoratissima. Serpent - ivithe. Sweet- 
scented Birth-wort 
rccurvilabra. " Putchuck " 
reticulata. Red River or Texan Snake- 
rotunda. " Apple-of-the-Earth " 
Scrpentaria. Scrpentary-root, Yirginian 

Sipho. Broad-leaved Birth-wort, Dutch- 
man's Pij)e, Pipe- Yine 
tomentosa. Woolly Birth-wort 
Aristotelia Colensoi. Mountain Wine- 
berry, of New Zealand 
fruticcisa. Mnuidain Cunrrant, of New 

pcduncularis. Bleeding Heart 
Armeniaca(i'runus Armeuiaca). Apricot- 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Armeniaca, brigantiaca Brianqon Ajjri- 
dasycarpa. Th'wli-frulted Apricot 
sibirica. Siberian Ajjricot 
vulgaris. Cormiwn Apricot 
vulgaris foliis variegatis. Variegated- 
leaved Ajjricot 
vulgaris var. ovalifolia. Oval-leaved 
Armeria. Thrift 

alliacea. Garlic Thrift 
alpina. Aljmie Thrift 
alpina rosea. Rosy -flowered Alpine Thrift 
Cephalotes. Grrcat Thrift 
grandiflora. Large-Jioivered Thrift 
maritima. Cliff-rose, Ciish ion Pinli, Lady's- 
Cushion, Lady's - PiJicushion, Ma/rsh 
Daisy, Sea Gilly-flower, Sea Pink 
maxitima alba. White-flowered Thrift 
plantaginea. Plantain-leaved Thrift 
scoparia. Browji Thrift 
vulgaris. Common Thrift 
Arnebia echioides. Prophet-flower, Rus- 
sian Buyloss, Spotted Golden Borage 
Arnica montana. Medicinal Leopard's- 
Bane, Mountain Alkanet, Mountain, 
Arnoseris pusilla. Dwarf Nipple-wort, 

Lamb's Succory, Swine's Sicccory 
Arnopogon. Sheep's-beard 
Aronia (Pyrus) arbutifolia. Red Choke- 
Arracacha esculenta (Conium Arracacha). 

" Arracaclia," Peruvian Carrot 
Arrhenatheruni avenaceum. False Oat 
Artabotrys. Tail-grape 
Artanema fimbriata. Fringed Heath-cup, 

of Australia 
Artanthe adunca. Spanish Elder, of the 

W. Indies 
lA.rteniisia. Worm-7vood 
I Abrotanum. Boy's-love, Lad's-love, Maid's- 
I love, MediciTial Worm-wood, Old-Man, 
I Southern-7vood 

/ Absinthium. Absinth, Common Worm- 
wood, Old- Woma7k 
afra. African Worm-wood 
alpina. Alpi?ie Worm-wood 
anethifolia. Dill-leaved W^orm-wood 
aprica. Trailing Evergreen Worm-wood 
arborescens. Tree Worm-wood 
arbuscula. Sage-bush, or Sage-brush, of N. 

argentea. Old-Woman, Silvery Worm- 
biennis. Biennial Worin-wood 
CEerulescens. Bluish Worm-wood 
campestris. Field Worm-wood 
cana. Hoary Worm-wood 
chinensis (A. Moxa). Moxa-plant 
Dracunculus. Tarragon-plant 
frigida. Silky Worm-wood 
furcata. Forked Worm-wood 
gallica. French Worm-wood 
glacialis. Glacier Worm-wood 
hirsuta. E. Indian Mug-wort 
judaica. Judean Worm-wood 
lactiflora. Pale-flowered Worm-wood 
Ludoviciana. Western Mug-7vort 

Artemisia, maritima. Garden Cypress, 
Sea-side Worm-wood 

maritima var. Stechmanniana (A. Lerche- 
ana). Worm-seed 

Marschalliana. Marschall's Worm-wood 

Moxa. Chinese or Japanese Moxa-plant 

mutellina. Alpine Worm-wood 

norvegica. Norwegiaii Worm-wood 

orientalis. Oriental Worm-wood 

Pallasii. Pallas's Worm-ivood 

pectinata. Soalloped-leaved Worm-ivood 

pontica. Roman Worm-wood 

potentillasfoUa. Potent ilia-leaved Worm- 

procera. Tall Worm-wood 

ramosa. Branchy Worm-wood 

repens. Creeping W\nm-wood 

rupestris. Cliff Worm-wood 

Santonica. Holy Worm-wood, Tartarian 

saxatilis. Rock Worm-wood 

sericea. Silky-lea red Worm-wood 

spicata. Spiked Worm-wood 

Stelleriana. Stcller's Worm-wood 

tanacetifolia. Taiisy-leaved Worm-wood 

taurica. Taurian Worm-wood 

tenuifolia. Slender-leaved Worm-wood 

tridentata and A. trifida. Sage-bush, or 
Sage-brush, of N. America 

vulgaris. Fellon-herb, Mother-wort, Mug- 

vulgaris variegata. Variegated - leaved 
Artliropodium cirrhatum. Fringed Lily, 
of New Zealand 

paniculatum. Fringed Lily, or Fringed 
Violet, of Victoria 
Arthrostylidiura Schomburgkii. Blow- 

pipe Bamboo 
Arthrotaxis. Jointed Yew 
Artocarpus incisa. Bread-fruit Tree 

integrifolia. Jaca, or Jack-tree 
Arura Arisarum. Friar's Cowl 

atro-rubens. Brown Dragons 

crinitum. Dragon's- Mouth 

divaricatum. Indian Kale 

Dracontium. American Wake - Robi7i, 
Fdder-rvort, Green Dragons, l7ulian 

Dracunculus. Brook-leek, Dragon Arum, 
" Drago7i's Female," "Faverole" 

italicum. ItaUa7i Arum 

macrorrhizon. Roasting Coco 

maculatum. Aaron, Adam - and - Eve, 
Adder's Meat, Arrow-root, Bloody-Man's- 
Fi7iger, Bobbi7i-Joau, Bobbins, Biclls- 
and - Co7vs, Calf's- foot. Cuckoo -pint. 
Friar's- Co7vl, Lwmb-i7i-a-pulpit, Lily 
Grass, Lords - aiid - Ladies, Ma7idrake, 
Nightingales, Portland Starch - root, 
Arundinaria falcata. Ningala Bamboo 

Hookeriana. Prao7ig Bamboo 

macrosperma. Large Ca7ie, of N. America 

spathulata. Hardy Bamboo 

tecta. Small Cane, of N. America 
Arundo. Reed, Reed-grass 

Ampelodesmos (Ampelodesmoa tenax A- 
festucoides). Diss, Vi7ie-tie 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Arundo, conspicua. Silvery Reed-grass, of 
New Zealand 
Donax. Distaff Cane, Great Reed, Italian 

Vineyard Cane 
occidentalis. Tr^tmpct Reed, W. Indian 

Reed-grass, M'ild Cane 
Phragmites. Common Reed, Spire Reed 
saccharoides. Wild Cane 
(Ampelodesmos) tenax (A. festucoides). 
Diss, Vine-tie 
Asagraea officinalis (Veratrum officinale). 
Cel/udilla, or Cevadilla-playit oi Medicine 
Asarum canadense. Canadian Snake-root, 
Indian Ginger 
caudatum. Tailed Snake-root 
europajum. Asfvrahacca,^^ Cabaret^' Hazel- 

nort. Wild Kurd 
virginicum. Heart Snalte-root, Sweet- 
scented Asarahacca 
Asclepias. Milk-n-ced, " Silken Cissy," 
Silk-weed, Sn-allow-wort 
Cornuti. Common Milk-meed or Silk-meed 
curassavica. Bastard Ipecacuanha, Blood- 
flower of the W. Indies, Red-head, Wild 
Douglasii. Dovglas's Milk-meed 
incarnata. Swamp Milli-meed 
odoratissima. West Coast Creeper 
phytolaccoides. Poke Milk-meed 
purpurascens. Purple Milk-meed 
quadrifolia. Four-leaved Milk-meed 
tuberosa. ButterHy-weed, Plewrisy-root, 

Tuber -root. Wind-root 
variegata. Variegated Milk-meed 
verticillata. Whorled Milk-meed 
Aselepiodora decumbens. Green Milk- 
Ascophora elegans. Bread-mould 
Ascyrum Crux-Andrese. St. Andrew's 
stans. St. Peter's-mort 
Asimina (Anona) triloba. Virginian 

Aspalathus. African Broom 
Asparagus acutifolius. Asparagus, of S. 
aethiopicus. Ethiopian Asparagus 
albus. Garden-hedge A sparagus, of Madeira 
Broussoneti. Giant Asparagus 
decumbens. Decumbent Asparagus 
falcatus. Sickle -branched Asparagus 
Asparagus, of S. Africa 
Common Asparagus, Sparrow- 

Feathery Asparagus 
Racemose Asparagus 
Slender-lea red A sparagus 
glaucus. Blue - mould 






Aspergillus glaucus. Blue - viould of 

Asperugo procumbens. Madmort, 

Asperula ar\ensiK. Qni7isy-7vort 

cynanchica. Quinsy -wort, Quinancy-7Vort, 

or Squinancy-mort 
humifusa. Creeping Wood-ruff 
odorata. Mugmet, Sweet Grass, Sweet 

taurina. Broad-leaved Wood-ruff 
tinctoria. Three-lobed Wood-ruff 

Asphodelus albus. Wliite-flomered Asj)hodel 
fistulosus. Onion- Asphodel 
luteus. JacoVs-rod, King's Spear, Yellow 

ramosus. BraJiching Asphodel, King's- 

spear. Silver-rod 
sub-alpinus. Sub-alpine Asphodel 
Aspidistra. Shield-flomer 

lurida. Parlour Palm 
Aspidium. Shield-Fern 

acrostichoides. Christmas Shield-Fern, of 

N. America 
(Polystichum) aculeatum. Prickly Shield- 
capense. Climbing Shield- Fern, of New 

Lonchitis. Holly Fern 
(Polystichum) munitum. Californian, 

nevadense. Nevada Wood-Ferii, Sierra 
Shield- Fern 
Aspidosperma excelsum. Paddle-mood, 
or Wheel-tree, of Guiana 
Quebracho. White Quebracho-tree 
Asplenium. Spleen-mort 

Adiantum-nigrum. Black Oak Fern, 

Black Spleen-wort 
alternifolium. Alternate-leaveA Spleen- 

bulbiferum. Common Spleen-mort, of New 

Ceterach. Finger-Fern, Miltwaste, Scale 

Fern, Scaly Spleen-wort 
flaccidum. Hanging-tree Sj)lee7i-7vort, of 

New Zealand 
fontanum. Smooth Rock Splee7i-mort 
lanceolatum. Lanceolate Spleen-ivort 
marinum. Sea Spleen-ivort 
Nidus. Bird's-nest Fer7i 
obtusatum. Shore Spleen-mort, of New 

pamalum. Smaller Ebo7iy Spleen-mort 
rhizophyllum. Walking-leaf Fern 
Ruta-muraria. Tent-wort, Wall-Rue, 
Wall-Rue Spleen-mort, White Maide7i- 
septentrionale. Forked Spleen-7vort 
Trichomanes. Common Spleen-mort, Eng- 
lish Maide7i-hair, Green Splee7i-nort, 
Maiden-hair Spleen-ivort, Water-mort 
viride. Green Spleen-ivort 
Astelia. Otago Cotton-plant 
Aster. Star-wort 

albescens. Shrubby Star-mort 
alpinus. Blue Alpine Daisy 
altaicus. Large-flowered Altaian Star- 
Amellus. Italia7i Star-7vort 
(Eurybia) argophylla. Australian Star- 

bessarabicuB. Dmarf Aiiielhi-s Aster 
cabulicus. E. Indian Star-mort 
canescens. Hoary Star-mort 
coccineus. Crimson-flowered Star-mort 
cordifolius. Hrart-leuved Star-mort "^. 

Datschyi. Christmas-flotveriyig Star-mort ' 
(Galatella) dracunculoidcs. Tarragon-like 

dumosus. Bushy Star-7vort 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Aster, elegans. Elegant Star-wort 
ericoides. Heath-leaved Sta/r-wort 
Fortune!. Fortune's Star-wort 
fragilis. Fragile Star-wort 
grandiflorus. Christmas Daisy 
horizontalis. Ilorizontal-lrranchei Starwort 
hyssopifolius. Hyssop-leaved Star-wort 
Isevis var. Ifevigatus. Smooth Star -wort 
laxus. Loose-hranchcd Star-wort 
longifolius. Long-leaved Star -wort 
multiflorus. Many-flowered Star-wort 
Novae Anglise. New England Star-wort 
Novi Belgii. New York Star-ivort 
obliquus. Oblique Star-wort 
patens. Spreading Star-wort 
pendulus. Pendulous Star-wort- 
ptarmicoides. Bouquet Star-flower, Yar- 
row-leaved Star-wort 
puniceus. Purj)le-stemmed Star-wort 
pyrenaeus. Pyrenean Star-wort 
racemosus. Brandling Star-wort 
Eeevesi. Reeves's Sta/r-wort 
rubricaulis. Red-stemmed Star-wort 
seorzonersfolius. Scorzonera-leaved Star- 
sericeus. Silky Star-wort 
Shortii. Short's Star-wort 
spectabilis. Showy Star-wort 
tardiflorus. Late-flowering Star-wort 
tenuifolius. Slender-leaved Star-wort 
Townshendi. Townshend's Star-wort 
Tradescanti. Michaelmas Daisy 
turbinellus. Mauve-flowered Star-wort 
Tripolium. Blue Chamomile, Blue Daisy, 
Punrple Chamomile, Sea-star, Sea Starwort, 
Seraqyias Turiith, Sliure-wort, Tripoly 
versicolor. Various-coloured Star-wort 
Asteroeeplialus stellatus. Starry Pln- 
cushlon-flower. Star-head 
atropurpureus. Sweet Scabious 
Asterolinum stellatum, Flax-star 
Astilbe. False Goafs-beard 

decandi'a. Common False Goafs-beard 
japonica. Japanese False Goafs-beard 
rivularis. River-side False Goafs-beard 
rubra. Red-flowered False Goafs-beard 
Astragalus. Milk- Vetch 
.^^giceras. Goafs-Horn 
alpinus. Moufitain Milk- Vetch 
bseticus. Triangular-podded Milk- Vetch, 

Swedish Coffee 
caryocarpus. American Ground-Plum, 

Red-fruited Milk- Vetch 
dasyglottis. Clover Milk- Vetch 
galegEeforniis. Galega Milk- Vetch 
glycyphyllos. Liquorice- Vetch, Sweet- 
leaved Milk- Vetch 
Hornii. " Loco "-q)lant 
hj^oglottis. Purple-flowered Milk- Vetch 
lentiginosus. Rattle-weed 
monspessulanus. Montpeller Milk- Vetch 
Onobrychis. Salntfoin Milk- Vetch 
pannosus. Shaggy Milk- Vetch 
ponticus. Pontic Milk- Vetch 
Poterium. Small Goafs-Horn 
sesameus. Starry Milk- Vetch 
Tragacantha. Goafs-thorn Milk- Vetch, 
Great Goafs-thorn, Gum-Tragacanth- 

Astragalus trimestris. Egyptian Milk- 
vaginatus. Sheathed Milk- Vetch 
vimineus. Silvery Milk- Vetch 
Astrantia major. Black Hellebore, Great 
Black Master-wort 
minor. Small Black Master-wort 
Astrapeea. Madagascar Flre-qAant 
Astrebla (Danthonia) triticoides. Mit- 
chell-grass, of Australia 
Astrocaryum acaule. lu Palm 

aculeatum. Acuyuru Palm, Gree-Gree- 

tree, of Trinidad 
Murumuru. Murumuru Palm-tree 
Tucuma. Tucuma Palm 
vulgare. Cumari Palm, " Gru-gru " Palm 
Astroloma humifusum. Australian Cran- 
Astrotricha pterocarpa. Plum-lnish, of 

Atalanthus arboreus. Tree Soiv-thistle 
Atalantia glauca. Desert Lemon, of Aus- 
monophylla. Wild Lime, of Coromandel 
Athamanta Cer\'aria. Broad-haved Spig- 
nel. Mountain Hart-wort, " Much-good " 
cretensis. Candy Carrot, Cretan Carrot, 

Fine-leaved Spignel 
Libanotis. Mountain Spignel 
macedouica. Macedonuin Parsley 
sicala. Fllx-weed-leaved Sqngnel 
Atherosperma moschata. Plume-Nutmeg 

of Australia, Tasmanlan Sassafras 
Athanasia annua. Africa?!, Daisy 
Athyrium Filix-foemina. Female Poly- 

jfody. Lady Fern 
Atractylis acaulis. Spindle-wort 
Atragene (Clematis) alpina. Alpine Cle- 
(Clematis) americana. American Cle- 
(Clematis) occidentalis. Western Cle- 
(Clematis) ochotensis. Ochotsk Clematis 
(Clematis) sibirica. Siberian Clematis 
Atriplex. Orache 

albicans. White Orache 

halimoides and other species. Australian 

Halimus. Broad-leaved Sea Purslane- 
hortensis. Butter Leaves, Garden Orache, 

Mountain Spinach 
hortensis rubra. Red-leaved Orache 
littoralis. Grass-leaved Orache 
Nummularia. Salt-bush, of Australia 
patula. Common Orache, Belt Orache 
portulacoides. Lesser Shrubby Orache, 

Purslane Orache, Sea-Purslane 
pedunculata. Stalked Orache 
rosea. Frosted Orache 
Atropa Belladonna. Bane-wort, Black 
Cherry, Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade, 
Dwale, Dway-berries, Great Morel, 
Naughty-Man's- Cherry 
Mandragora. A utuin nal Ma ndrake 
Attalea Cohune. Cohune Palm 
compta. Pindova Palm 
excelsa. TJrucurl Palm, 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Attalea fuiiifera. liroom-Palm, Coquilla- 

nut-Palm, Moiikfij-i/russ or Para-yrass- 

Palm, Piassaha Palm 
Aubrietia purpurea. Purj}le Ahjsson, Purple 

Aucuba liimalaica. Himalayan Laurel 
japoiiica. Blotched-leaved Laurel, Gold- 

Leaf-jjlunt, Spotted Laurel, Varleyated 

iaponica vera. Green-leaved Aucuba 
Audibertia polystachya. White Sage, of 

Auricula alpina. Yellow Aljjitie Auricula 
Avena. Oat, Oat-yrass 
brevis. Short Oat 
elatior. Button - Grass, Couch Onion, 

Haver- Grass, Onion- Grass, Pearl- Grass 
fatua. Drake, Broke, Flarer, Wild Oat 
fiavescens. Yellow Oat-yrass 
nuda. Naked Oat, Pill-corn, or Pil-corn 
orientalis. Tartarian Oat 
pratensis. Oat-yrass, Perennial Oat 
sativa. Common Cultivated Oat, Haver, or 

Smithii and A. striata. Wild Oat, of N. 

sterilis. Animal, Fly, or Hyyrometric Oat 
Averrhoa Bilimbi. Bilimhi Tree, JUimhiny 
Carambola. Caraniha, or Caranihola-tree, 

Coromandel Goose-berry, Cotmitry Goose- 
berry of India 
Avicennia nitida. Mldte Mangrove 
officinalis. Neiv Zealand Mangrove 
Azalea. False Hoin'ij-xuckle 
amcena. Briyht-Jlmvcred Azalea 
arborescens. Smooth Azalea, Tree Azalea 
bicolor. Tnw-colortred Azalea 
calendulacea. Flame - coloured Azalea, 

Marigold Azalea 
calendulacea var. chrysolecta. Fine Golden 

canescens. Hoary Azalea 
crispiflora. Crisp-fon-cred Azalea 
Danielsiana. Banieh's Azalea 
glauca. Bwarf Glaucous Azalea 
hispida. Tall Glaucous Azalea 
indica. Indian Azalea 
ledifolia. Jjedum-learcd Azalea 
mollis. Soft-leaved Azalea 
nitida. Sliining-lcaved Azalea 
nud i fi ora. /'/ nxter-fio rver 
nudiflora var. prolifcra. Proliferous Azalea 
obtusa. Blunt-leaved Azalea 
ovata. Ovate-leaved. AzaJea 
ovata var. alba. White- flo?vered Azalea 
pontica. Common Yelhnv Azalea 
sinensis. Chinese Azalea 
speciosa. Showy Azalea 
squamata. Scaly Azalea 
viscosa. White Swamp- HoJiey -suckle 
viscosa var. odorata. Sweet-scented Azalea 
Azarolus sativa. Neapolitan Medlar 
Azorella (Bolax) glebaria. Balsam Boy 

Babiana. Baboon-root 
Baccharis. Plovybmaiis Spikemird 

angustifolia. American Plouyhman's Spike- 

cordifolia. " Mio-Mio," of S. America 

Baccharis halimifolia. Groundsel-tree, Pen- 
scoparia. Mountain Broom-tree 
Backhousia australis. Lance-wood, of 
myrtifolia. Backhouse's Myrtle 
Bactris j\laraja. Marajah Palm 
minor. Tobago Can^ 

Plumieriana. Prickly -pole, of the W. 
Badiera diversifolia. Bastard Ligjiuyn-vitce 
Badula (Anguillaria) Barthesia. Chiinea- 

Balanites asgyptiaca. Zachun-oil-tree 
Balantium Culcita. Culcit FerJi 
Ballota nigra. Black, or Stinkiiig, Hore- 

Baloghia lucida. Blood-wood, of Norfolk 

Balsamodendron (Amyris) Gileadense. 
Balm of Gilead Tree, Balsam of Mecca 
or Roghen 
Mukul. Bdellium-tree of the Scriptures, 

Gooyul, or Indian Bdellium-tree 
Myrrha. Myrrh-yum-tree 
Playfairii. Supposed to be the " Hotai "- 

pubescens. Bayee Balsam-tree 
Balsamorrhiza. Balsam-root, of California 
Bambusa. Bamhoo 

arundinacea. Common Bamboo 
aurea. Yellow-stemmed Bamboo 
(Arundinaria) falcata. Common Hardy 

Fortune!. Forttme's Bamboo 
gracilis. Slender Bainboo 
japonica (B. Metake). Metake Bamboo 
latifolia. Orinoko Bamboo 
nigra. Bark-stemmed Bamboo 
reticulata. Net fed- veined Bamboo 
Simmondsii. Simmo?ids's Bamboo 
striata. Striped Bamboo 
viridi-glaucescens. Grayish Bamboo 
Banksia australis. Tasmanian Honeysuckle 
compar. Beef-wood, of Queensland 
Cunninghamii, B. ericaifolia, and B. serrata. 
Australian Honeysuckle-tree 
Baphia nitida. Shininy Bar-wood or 

Cam -wood 
Baptisia alba. White False-Indtyo 
australis. Blue False-Indiyo 
exaltata. Tall False-Indiyo 
tinctoria. Horse-fly-weed, Wild Indigo of 
N. America 
Barbarea pra»cox. American Cress, Bank 
Cress, JielU'isle Cress, Land Cress, 
Normandy Cress, Wi)iter Cress, Yellom 
Cress, Yellow Pocket 
prajcox variepata. Varieyated Winter Cress 
vulgaris. Comnion Winter Cress, St. Bar- 
barn's Ilrrb, Winter or Yellow Pocket 
Barnardia scilloides. Chiwse Squill 
Barosmn bct\ilina, IV cronulata, andB. serra- 

tifi il in . Burh u-leitf]>lant 
Baroxylon rufuni. Bed Heavy-wood 
Barringtonia speciosa. Hutu, Vutu, or 
Futii-trre of 'J'ahiti, S. Sea Island Bottle- 
Bartonia aurea. Golden Bartoris-flomer 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Bartramia. Apple-Moss 

pomiformis. Commo7i Ajjjjle-Jifoss 
Bartramidula. Dn-arf Apple-Moss 
Bartsia. Eije-hright Com-wheat 

alpiiia. Alpifie Eye - bright Con-mheat, 

Mountain Poly 
Odontites. Hen- Gorse, Red Eye-bright, 

Red Eye bright Com-wheat 
viscosa. Viscid Eye-bright Com-nheat 
Basella alba. E. Indian Spinach, White 
Malabar Nightshade 
rubra. E. Indian Spinach, Red Malabar 
Bassia butyracea. Butter-tree of Nepaul, 
latifolia. Epie, Mahoua, or Yallah-oil- 

longifolia. Ilpa, Illipoo, or Illupie-oil- 

Parkii. African Butter-tree, Shea tree 
Batatas edulis. Spanish, or Sweet, Potato 
(Ipom<ea) Jalapa. Mechoacan Jalap-plant 
paniculata. Giant Sweet Potato 
Batis maritima. Jamaica Samphire, W. 

Indian Salt-wort 
Bauera rabioides. River-rose, of Tasmania 
Bauhinia anguina. Snake-chaTm, of the 
E. Indies 
Hookeri. Tree-bean, of Australia 
racemosa. Maloo Creeper 
tomentosa. St. Thomas's Tree 
Vahlii. Maloo Creeper 
variegata. Mountain Ebony, of the E. 
Indies, Variegated St. Thomas's Tree 
Beatsonia portulaca^folia. Tea-jAantot St. 

Beaufortia decussata. Beaufort Myrtle 
Beaumontia grandiflora. Nepaul Trumpet- 

Bedfordia salicina. Tasvianian Dog-wood 
Begonia. Elephant s-ear 

albo-coccinea. White-and-scarlet Begonia 
castanesefolia. Chestnut-leaved Begonia 
corallina. Coraljionered Begonia 
Davisi. Divarf Scarlet Begonia 
discolor. Tn-o-coloured Begonia 
Evansiana. Beefsteah-plant 
Froebeli. FrcebeVs Begonia 
fuchsioides. Fuchsia Begonia 
geranioides. Geranium-leaved Begonia 
lucida. Shining Begonia 
manicata. Collared Begonia 
multiflora. Many-_flo7vered Begonia 
nitida. Jamaica Wood-sorrel 
octopetala. Eight-petalled Begonia 
peruviana. Peruvian Begonia 
Rex. King Begonia 
Eoezlii. Roezl's Begonia 
scandens. Climbing Sorrel 
semperfiorens. Ever-blooming Begonia 
socotrana. Socotran Begonia 
suaveolens. Sweet-scented Begonia 
tuberosa. Tuberous-rooted Begonia 
Veitchii. VeitcKs Begonia 
Bellevalia. Roman Squill 
Bellis. Daisy 

annua. Annual Daisy 
aucubsefolia. Aucuha-leaved Daisy 
hybrida. Italian Daisy 

Bellis integrifolia. Texan or Western Dwisy 
perennis. Bairn-wort, Ban-wort , Ban-wood, 
Benner- Gowan, Bone-Jlower, Bruise-wort, 
Commo)i Daisy, Ewe - Gowan, Herb 
Margaret, GowaJi, Marguerite, May- 
perennis var. alba plena. Double White 

perennis var. hortensis. Garden Daisy 
perennis var. prolifera. Apes-07i-horse 

back, " He7i,-and- Chi ohms'' Daisy 
rotundifolia var. ccerulea. Blue Rou7id- 

leaved Daisy 
sylvestris. Porttigal Wood-Daisy 
Bellidiastrura. Daisy-star 
Bellium bellidioides. Co>7i)/wn S/nall Daisy, 
False Daisy 
crassifolium. Thick-haved Small Daisy 
minutum. D7varf Small Daisy 
Benineasa (Cucurbita) cerifera. Wax- 
Gourd, White Gourd 
Bentinekia coddapanna. Lord Be7itlnch's 

Berberis. Barberry, or Berberry 

Aquifolium. Holly - leaved, Barberry, 

" Orego7i Grape ' 
aristata. I7ullan Barberry Bark-tree 
asiatica. Asiatic Barberry 
Bealei. Beale's Barberry 
canadensis. Amerloa7i Barberry 
crattBgina. Haivthor7i- Barberry 
cretica. Box-leaved Barberry 
Darwini. Darwin's Barberry 
dealbata (B. glauca). White-leaved Bar- 
dulcis. Edible-fruited Barberry 
emarginata. Notch-petalled Barberry 
empetrifolia. Fuegian Ba7-berry 
fascicularis. Ihuidl e-fiowered Barberry 
floribunda. Ma7iy-tiowered Barberry 
glumacea. Glu7/iaceous Barberry 
heterophylla. Various-leaved Barberry 
Hookeri. Hooker's Barberry 
intermedia. I7vtermedlate Barberry 
japonica. Japanese Barberry 
Lycium. I7idla7i Barbe/-ry-Barh-tree 
(Mahonia) nervosa. Nerved-leaved Bar- 
(Mahouia) repens. Creeping-rooted Bar- 
sibirica. Slherimi Barberry 
stenophylla. Gokhrn Barberry, Narro/v- 

leaved Barberry 
vulgaris. Comi/uni Barberry, or Berberry, 
Jaimdlce-berry , Jawidice-tree, Plppe- 
rldge, or Plprage 
Wallichii. Walllch's Barberry 
Berberidopsis corallina. Coral Barberry 
Berchemia volubilis. American Supple- 
Bergera (IMurraya) Koenigi. Curry-leaf 

Tree, Llinblee-o'il-tree 
Bergia Ammannoides. Wider-f re-tree, of 

Berrya Ammonilla. Tri7ico/7Mlee-7vood 

mollis. Pet-7vood 
BerthoUetia excelsa. Brazil/ ui-nut 'Tree, 

Beta. Bei^ 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Beta Cicla. C/uird Bed, Leaf Beet, Sicilian 
Beet, White Beet, Wild Beet 
maritima. Beet Spinach, Perpetual 

Spinach, Sea-side Beet, Sugar Beet 
vulgaris. Bed Beet 

-v-ulgaris var. niacrorrhiza. Mangel, or 
Jfa/igold- Wurtzel 
Betonica grandiflora. Large-flonered Be- 

Betula. Birch-tree 

alba. Bedewen, Bedn-en, Birk-tree or 

Burli-tree, Cimimon Birch, Lady Birch 
alba var. laciniata. Cut-leaved or Fern- 
leaved Birch 
alba var. laciniata pendula. Weeping 

Fern-leaved Birch 
alba var. pendula. Common Weeping 

alba var. populifolia. American White, 

Gray, or Old Field Birch 
antarctica. Fuegian or Antarctic Birch- 
Bhojputtra. E. Indian Birch 
glandulosa. American Dnarf Birch 
lenta. Black Birch, Cherry Birch, Ma- 
hogany Birch, Mountain Mahogany, Siveet 
lutea. Yellow, or frray Birch 
nana. Bn-arf Birch 
nigra. Red, or Biver Birch 
papyracea. Canoe, or Paper Birch 
populifolia laciniata. Cut-leaved Birch 
pumila. American Lorn Birch, Hairy 

Btvarf Birch 
tristis. Xamtachatka Weeping Birch 
Beureria havanensis and B. succulenta. 
I'oison-herry, of the W. Indies, If. In- 
dian Currant-tree 
Beyeria viscosa. Wallnhy-hvsh 
Bigelovia nudata. Bayless Golden-Rod 
Bidens (Cosmos) atrosanguinea. Black 
Beckiii. American Water- Marigold 
bipinnata. Spanish Xeedle»! 
cernua. Water Ilrmp-Agrimony 
connata. Sivamp Beygar-iicks 
chrysanthemoides. Large Bur-Marigold, 

of N. America 
frondosa. Beggar-ticks, Stick-tight, Small 

Bur-Marigold, of America 
pilosa. A'ew Zealand Coivage 
tripartita. Common Bur-Marigold, Water- 
Ay ri m ony, T I V/ ier- Hemp 
Bignonia a'lliacea. Garlic-shruh, of Gui- 
capreolata. Cross- Miie, Four-leaved Uardy 
Trumpet-Jion-er, Tendrilled Trximpet- 
Chica. Chica-plant 

Leucoxylon. Green Ehony-iree, of Ja- 
maica, White Cedar, of Dominica 
procem (Jacaranda Copaia). Fern-leaved 

(Tecoma) radicans. Ash-lc.irrd Hardy 

sempervirens. Candlna Yellow Jasmine, 

Evergreen Trum/n t-Jlotver 
suberosa (Millingtonia hortensi.'i). Cork- 
tree, of the E. Indies 

Bignonia Unguis. Cat-claw, Four-leaved 

Trumpet -flower 
Billardiera. Australian Apple-berry-tree 
longiflora. Long-flowered Apple-herry 
mutabilis. Colmir-changiny Apple-berry 
ova,lis. Oval-leaved Apple-berry 
scandcns. Climbing Apple-berry Tree 
Biophytum sensitivum (Oxalis sensitiva). 

" Biophytum," Sensitive Wood-Sorrel 
Biota (Thuja) orientalis. Common Chinese 
orientalis aurea. Golden Chinese Arhor- 

orientalis elegantissima. Bwarf Chinese 

orientalis falcata. Sickle-spined Chinese 

orientalis pjTramidalis. Pyramidal Chinese 

orientalis Sieboldii (Thuja japonica). 
Jaj)anese Arbor-vitcc 
Biscutella. Buckler Mustard 

auriculat^. Ear-podd-ed Buckler Mustard 
Bisserula Pelecinus. Ilatehet- Vetch 
Bixa orellana. Ariiotta, or Anotta-tree 
Blakea trinervis. Jamaica Rose 

quinquenervia. Mussel-tree, of Guiana 
Blechnum brasiliense. Bwarf Brazilian 
Spicant (B. boreale). Hard Fern, Herring- 
bone Fern, Rusty-back, Snake-Fern 
Blighia (Cupania) sapida. Akee-tree 
Blitum capitatum. Strawberry -BHte,Stra/rv- 
maritimum. Coast-Blite 
Blumea longifolia. Blvme's Thistle 
Bobartia aurantiaca. Bobarfs Orange 

Bocconia. Plume- Poppy, Tree- Celandine 
cordata. Heart-leaved Tree- Celandine 
fiiitescens. Parrot-iveed, Shrubby Tree- 
Boehmeria (Urtica) argentea. Silver-leaved 
(irass-cloih -p Ian t 
cylindrica. Amerieaji False-Xettle 
nivea. Ch inu - grass. Grass - cloth -plant, 

Raviee, Ramie, or Rheea-grass 
Puya. J'uya-flbre-plant 
Boerhaavia. Hog-need, or Hog-meat 
decumbens. Hog-meat, of Jamaica, Ipe- 
cacuanha, of Guiana 
erecta. American Hog-weed 
scandcns. Climbing Jlog-nced 
Boerkliausia rubra. Jled Hawk-weed 
Bolax guininifcT. Jioy Jialsitm 
Boldoa fiagrans. BoUlo, or Boldu-tree, 

Ch i I i a n Sa ssafra s 
Boletus cdulis. I'olish Mushroom 

(Tolyporus) fomcnt^irius and B. ignia- 
rius. Amadou, or German Tinder 
Boltonia glastifolia. False Chamomile 
Bombax C'ciba. Silk Cotton-tree, of S. 
malabaricum. Silk-cotton-tree, of Malabar 
Bontia daphnoidcs. Wild Olive, of Bar- 

Borago officinalis. Common Jioragc, Cool- 
tankard, Tale-wort 
laxiflora. Bell-flowered Borage 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Borago orientalis (B. cordifolia). Early- 

Jimvering Borage 
Borassus iethiopum. Deleh Palm {?) 
flabelliformis. Brab-tree, E. Indian Wine- 
Palm, Great Men-Palm, Palmyra Palm- 
tree, Tal or Tala Palm 
Boronia serrulata. Native Rose, of Aus- 
Borreria (Spermacoce). Button-weed, 
Borricliia arborescens. Sea-side Ox-eye 
frutescens. Jamaica Samjjhire, Sea-side 
Bosea Yervamora. Tree Golden-rod 
Bossisea Scolopendrium. Australian Plank- 

Boswellia Carteri, B. thurifera, and B. 
serrata. Frankincense-tree, at Olihanwm 
Botrychiura. Grape-Fern, Moon-wort 
Lunaria. Lunary, Moon-Fern, Moon-wort 
lunarioides. American Grape-Fern 
ternatum. Moon-wort Fern, of New Zea- 
virginicum. Battle-snake Fern 
Botryodendron latifolium. Norfolk Is- 
land Shade-leaf 
Boussingaultia baselloides. Madeira Vine 
Bouteloua. Grama-grass, Muskit-grass 
Bowenia spectabilis. Bowen's Fern-Palm 
Brabeium stellatifolium. African Almond, 
Kaffir Chestnut, Wild Almond, or Wild 
Chestnut, of the Cape of Good Hope 
Brachychaeta cordata. False Golden-Rod 
Brachychiton acerifolium. Flame-tree 

luridum. Sycamore, of Australia 
Brachycome iberidifolia. Swa7i River 

Braehypodium. False Brome-grass 
Bragantia WaUichii. " Alpam root,'' of 

Brasenia peltata. American Water-shield, 

Brassaia actinophylla. Queensland TJm- 

Brassica. Cabbage 

campestris. Bargeman's Cabbage, Narew, 

Summer Rape, Wild Cabbage 
campestis var. Eutabaga. Swedish Tur- 
Caulo-rapa (B. oleracea gongylodes). 
Htmgarian Turnip, Kohl-Rabi, Tiirrnip- 
Toated Cabbage 
chinensis. Chinese Cabbage, or Pak-choi, 

Eruca. Salad-Rocket 
Erucastrum. Bastard Rocket 
muralis. Wall-Rocket, Wild Rocket 
Napo-brassica. Turnip Cabbage 
Napus. Navew, Winter Rape 
Napus var. oleifera. Carcel-oil-plant, Cole, 

Colesat, Cole-seed, Colza or Coltza 
Napus var. Teltow Turnip 
oleracea. Garden Cabbage, or Cole- wort 
oleracea var. acephala. Borecole, or Kale 
oleracea var. Botrytis cauliflora. Cauli- 
oleracea var. Botrytis asparagoides. Broc- 
oleracea var. bullata major. Savoy Cabbage 

Brassica oleracea var. bullata minor. 
Brussels Sprouts 
oleracea var. capitata. Brum-head Cabbage 
oleracea var. costata. Couve Tronchuda 

oleracea var. sabellica. Scotch Kale 
Rapa var. depressa. Co-mmon Turnip 
Bravoa geminiflora. Scarlet Twin-flower 
Brayera anthelmintica. Abyssiniaji Tape- 
worm Plant 
Bremontiera Ammoxylon. Sand-wood 
Brevoortia (Brodiaea) coccinea. Crimson 

Briza maxima. Pearl- Grass 

media. Dadder or Dodder Grass, Ditlier- 
ing or Dothering Grass, Doddle- Grass, 
Earthquakes, Jockey- Grass, Lady's Hair, 
Maiden-hair- Grass, Pearl- Grass, Quake 
or Qu,aking Grass, Shaking Grass 
Brizoporum spicatum. Spike- Grass 
Brodiaea. Brodie's Lily, California?^ or 
Missouri Hyacinth 
coccinea. Crimson-flowered Californian 
Hyacinth, Crimson Satin-flower, Vege- 
table Fire- Cracker 
congesta. Allium-like Californiaii Hya- 
grandiflora. Large-flomered Californian 

ixioides (Calliprora lutea). Ixla-Uke Call- 

fornian Hyacinth 
volubilis. Twining Californian Hyacinth 
Bromelia Karatas. Curra-Tow-plant 
spbacelata. Hardy Bromelia 
Pinguin. Penguin, or Plngxdn-plant, of 
the W. Indies, Wild Pine-apple 
Bromus. Brome Grass 
ciliatus. Prairie Grass 
Kalmii. American Chess 
mollis. Blubber- Grass, Bull- Grass, Cock- 
Chass, CHoose Corn, Haver- Grass, Hooded 
Grass, Lob, or Lop- Grass, Oat- Grass 
Schraderi. Prairie- Grass, Rescue- Grass 
secalinus. " Brxdiaun,'" Chess or Cheats, 

Cock- Grass, Drake, Droke, Wild Oat 
sterilis. Black (rrass, Drake, Droke, Haver- 
Brosimum. Alicastrum. Bread-nut Tree, 
Aubletii. Leopard-wood, Letter-wood, 

Galactoiendron. Cow-tree, or Milk-tree, 

of Guiana, " Palo de Vaca" 
spurium. Milk-tree, of Jamaica 
Broussonetia papyrifera. Paper-Mulberry, 

Tapa-cloth-tree, of Polynesia 
Brownea Rosa. West Indian Mountain 

Brugmansia (Datura) arborea. Fever- 
suaveolens. AngrlJ s-Trumpet-plant, White 
Peruvian Trump et-flo7ver 
Brunellia comocladifolia. W. Indian Su- 
Brunsvigia(AmarylliS;) Josephine. CJian- 
deller Flower, Royal Brunswick Lily 
toxicaria. Cape Poiso7i-bulb 
Brya Ebenus. Cocus-n-ood, Green Ebony, 
Jamaica or W. Indian Ebony 


English Najnes of Cultivated, Native, 

Bryonia. Jinjoiuj 

dioica. Dt'vtl's Turnip, Grape-tvort, Isle-of 

Wif/ht- Vhie, Mamlrahe, 3Iurram-herrles, 

Tetter-ierry, Red or White Bryony, 

White Wild Vine, Wild Hop 

Bryonopsis erythrocarpa. Oniainental- 

fruitcd Vine 
Bryophyllum calycinum (B. proliferum). 

Life-plant, Sea-Leaf, Sprout-Leaf 
Bryum. 7'hread-Jfoss 

affine. Mayiy-stalhed Thread-Moss 
albicans, rale-leaved Thread-Moss 
alpinum. lied Alpine Thread-Moss 
androgjTium. Narrow-leaved Thread-Moss 
argenteum. Silvery Thread-Moss 
csespititium. Lesser Matted Thread-Moss 
capillare. Greater Matted Thread-Moss 
carnenm. Pink-fruited Thread-Moss 
cuspidatum. Wood-Moss 
dealbatum. Pale-leaved Thread-Moss 
gracile. Slender Thread-Moss 
hornum. Sivan's-neck Thread-Moss 
jubaceum. Slender-hranched Thread-Moss 
palustre. Marsh Thrrad-3Ioss 
pyriforme. (rohloi Thread- Moss 
roseum. Rosette Thread-Moss 
rurale. Thatch-Moss 
triquetrum. Long-stalked Thread-Moss 
vcntricosum. SrveUing Bog Thread-Moss 
Bubon raacedonicum. Macedonian Parsley 
Buchanania latifolia. Cheerojee, or Chee- 

Buchloe dactyloides. Buffalo-grass, of N. 

Buchnera americana. Blue-hearts 
Bucida Kuceras. Black Olive, of Jamaica, 
French Oak, OUve-hark-tree, Ox-horn 
capitata. Yellow Sanders-wood 
Buddlea globosa. Orange-hall Tree 
Buena hcxandra. China-Bark-plant 
Bulbocodium vernum. Spring Meadorv- 
tenuifolium. Slender-leaved Meadow-Saf- 
trigynum. Caucasian Meadoiv-Saffroji 
Bumelia ingens. Black Bullet-tree 

lycioides. AniericaJi Iron-wood, Southern 

montana. Moxmtain Bidly-tree, of Ja- 
nigra. Black Bully-tree Ballata-tree, Jiastard Bullet-tree 
salici f ol i a . Ga li m eta -ivood 
Bunchosia. W. Indian Cherry 
Bunias oricnlalis. ///// Mustard 
Bunium Jiulbocastanum. Large Earth-nut 
flexuosuiii. Ar-nut, Cat-nut, Cipper-nvt, 
I)eiVs Oatmeal, Earth-nut, Earth-chest- 
nut, Fare-nut or Vare-nut, ITare-nut, 
Hawk-nut, Hog-nut, Jur-nut , Kipper-nut, 
Knipper-nut, Pig-nut, St. Anthony's Nut 
Buonapartea juiicca. Peruvian Hemp 
Buphane f llivinantlius) toxicaria. Poison- 

huth, of tli(' Cape 
Buphthalmum. Ox-eye 

aquaticum. Swert-seented Ox-eye 
salicifolium. Willow-leaved Ox-eye, Yel- 
low Ox-eye 
specio.snm. Heart-leaved Ox-eye 

Bupleurum. Hare's-ear 

fruticosum. Shricbby Hare's-ear, Tree 

rotundifolium. Comnio7i Hare's-ear, " Mo- 
desty," of N. America, Thorough-rcax 
or iliorow-Kax 
Burcliellia capensis. Buffelhorn-rcood 
Bursaria spinosa. Tasnianian Box, Chrigt- 

Tree, or Native Thorn 
Bursera acuminata. Caran^-resin-plant 
gummifera. American Gum-tree, Chibou, 
or Cach ibou-resin-j}lant, Jamaica, or W. 
Indian Birch, W. Indian Mastich-tree 
Burtonia scabra. Burton's Pea-bush 
Busbeckia arborea. Cape-tree, of N. S. 

Butea frondosa. Bengal-Kin/j-trce, Dhdk- 
tree, Kecso-flower-tree, Palas-tree, or 
superba. Deccan Bear-tree, Palas-tree, or 
Butomus umbellatus. Flowering Rush, 

Lily-grass, Water- Gladiole 
Butyrospermum (Bassia) Parkii. African, 

or Shea, Butter-tree 
Buxus. Box-tree 

balearica. Minorca Box, Giant Box-tree 

chinensis. Chinese Box 

Fortunei rotundifolia. Fortune's Rxnmd- 

leaved Box 
sempervirens. Common Box 
sempervirens var. angustifolia. Narrow- 
leaved Box 
sempervirens var. arborescens. Tree Box 
sempervirens var. argentea. Silvery-leaved 

sempervirens var. aurea. Gold-edged Box 
sempervirens var. myrtifolia. Myrtle- 
leaved Box 
sempervirens var. pyramidata. Pyramidal 

semperv-ircns var. rosmarinifolia. Rose- 
mary-leaved Box 
sempervirens var. rotundifolia. Round- 
leaved Box 
sempervirens var. suffruticosa. Dwarf Box 
Byrsonima cinerea. Golden-spoon, of the 
W. Indies 
coriacea. TF. Indian Locust-tree 
spicata. Mwruxi-Barh-tree, Shoe-maker's- 

Cacalia (Emilia) atriplicifolia. Pale In- 
dian I'lantain, Wild Caraway 
aurantiaca. Orange Tassel-flower 
coccinca. Cundle-plunt, Scarlet Tassel- 
Kleinia. Qibbage-tree, Camation-trec 
reniformis. Great Indian Pla7itain 
suavcolens. American Sweet Centaury 
tuberosa. Tuberous IndiaJi Plantain 

Cachrys Libanotis. Rosemary Frankin- 

CactUB curassavicus. Pin-pilloiv Cactus 
Echinocactus. " Hedge-hog-thistle " 
flagelliformis. Rat's-tail Cactus 
Jlelocactus. Turk's-cap Melon-thistle 
Opuntia. Indian Fig, Prickly Pear 
pcruvianus. " Thorny Reed," of I'eru 

and Foreis^n Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Caesalpinia bijuga. Savin-tree, of Jamaica 

Bonducella. Boniluc Seeds- or 6rrey NicTicr 
Seeds- or JVufs-j^Innt 

brasiliensis. Brdzll-n-ood of commerce 

br e vif olia . " AI//0 hor illo" 

coriaria. Divi-Bivi-tree 

Crista. Baliama Bratiletto 

echinata. Fernanihue, or Bed Brazil- 
wood, Lima-wood, Nicaragua-reood, 
Peach-wood, Wood-of-St. Martha 

Pipai. Piin-pod-tree 

(Poinciana) pulcherrima. Peacock Flower 
Flmrer-fenee of India, Pride ofBariadoes 

Sappan. Bvfikum-)vood, Sappan-wood 

sepiaria. Mysore Thorn 
Cffisia vittata. Blue Grass-Lily 
Cajanus indicus. Bhal, or Bhol, of India, 
Catjang, Angola Pea, Pigeon Pea 

indicus bicolor. Congo Pea, of Jamaica 

indicus fiavus. No-eye Pea, of Jamaica 
Cakile americana. American Sea-Rocliet 

maritima. Common Sea-Rochet 
Caladiuni esculentum. Indian KaJe, 
" Tanga,'' of S. Carolina, Taro, or Tara- 
plant, of the Sandwich Islands 

grandiflorum. Large-leaved Indian Kale 

nymphEBifolium. Water-lily-leaved In- 
dian Kale 

sagittEefolium. Arrow-leaved Indian Kale 

seguinum. Dumi Cane 
Calamagrostis arenaria. Sea-saiid Reed 

argent ea. Silvery Wood reed 

canadensis. Blue Joint-grass 

Epigejos. Bush Grass, Common Wood- 
reed, FeatJier-toj) Grass, Writing-reed 

lanceolata. Spear-leaved Wood-reed 
Calamintha. Calamint 

Acinos. Balm, Basil Thyme, Clairo, Field, 
Stone, or Wild Basil, Field Calamint 

alpina. Alpine Calamint 

Clinopodium. Basil-weed, Field, Stone, or 
Wild Basil, Hedge- Calamint, Horse- 

glabella. Tom TJnimih Calamint 

Nepeta. Field Balm, Field Calamint, 
Small-fiowered Calamint 

ofi&cinalis. Cat-mint, Medicinal Calamint 

sylvatica. Wood Calamint 
Calampelis (Eccremocarpus) scaber. Eccre- 

mocarpus Vine 
Calamus (Dfemonorops) Draco. Br agon' s- 
hlood Palm. Yields the "Dragon's-blood" 
of commerce 

flagellum. Re em Cane 

Rotang. Chair-hottom Cane, Rattan Cane 

rudentum. Chair - bottom Cane, Great 
Rattan Cane 

Scipionura. Malacca Cane 

verus and C. viminalis. Chair-hottom Cane 
Calandrinia discolor. Common Rock-Pur- 

nitida. Shining Rock-Purslane 

umbellata. Umhel-fowered Rock-Purslane 
Calathea zebrina. Zehra-plant 
Calceolaria. Slipper-flower, Slipper-wort 

chelidonioides. Celandine Slipper-fiower 
or Slipper-wort 

Kellyana. Kelly's Hardy Slipper -flower 
or Slipper-wort 

Calceolaria pinnata. Wing-leaved Slipper- 
Calea lobata. W. Indian Halbert-weed 
Caleetasia cyanea. Australian Blue S^yike- 

Calend.ula(Dimorphotheca)hybrida. Large 
Cape Marigold 
(Dimorphotheca) pluvialis. Small Cape 

officinalis. Golds, Goldins, Mary-hud, Pot- 
Calla (Richardia) aethiopica. Arum. Lily, 
Egyptian Lily, Lily-of-the-Nile 
palustris. Bog Arum, Water Dragons 
Calliandra. W. Indian Horse-wood 
comosa. Horse-wood, of Jamaica 
purpurea. Soldier-wood 
trinervia. Silk-flower 
Callicarpa americana. French Mulberry 

incana. Urn-fruit Tree 
Calliopsis bicolor. Eye-flower 
Callirhoe digitata. Finger-leaved Pojijnj- 
involucrata. Crimson -flowered Poppy- 
macrorrhiza. ^Miite-flowered Poppy-3Iallow 
pedata. Lo7ig-stalked Poppy-Mallow 
triangulata. Purple-flowered Poppy-Malloro 
Callistemina hortense (Callistephus hor- 

tensis). China Aster 
Callistemon. Paperhark-tree, of Australia 
pallidum and C. salignum. Tea-tree, of 
N. S. Wales 
Callistephus chinensis (Callistemma hor- 
tense). China Aster 
Callithamnion floridulum. " Figs " 
Callitriche. Star-grass, Water Star-wort 

verna. Water Fennel 
Callitris australis. Oyster Bay Pine-tree 
quadrivalvis (Thuja articulata). Jointed 
Arhor-vitw, Juniper or Sandarach Gum- 
tree, Pounce-tree 
Ventenatii . Ca mph or -wood 
vulgaris. Heather, Ling, Long Heath 
Calocephalus Brownii. Australian Gar- 

Calochortus. Butterfly-Tulip, Butterfly- 
weed, Mariposa Lily, Pretty-grass, Wild 
Tulip, of California 
albus (Cyclobothra alba). White Mari- 
posa Lily 
coeruleus. Blue Mariposa Lily 
citrinus. Lemon-coloured Mariposa Lily 
Gunnisoni. Gunnison's Mariposa Lily 
lilacinus. Lilac Mariposa Lily 
luteus. Yellow Mariposa Lily 
luteus var. oculatus. Large-eyed Mariposa 

Nuttalli. Sego 

pulchellus (Cyclobothra pulchella). Pretty- 
flowered Mariposa Lily 
splendens. Brilliant Marijmsa Lily 
uniflorus. One-flowered Butterfly Tulip 
venustus. Eleyant -flowered Mariposa 
Calodendron capense. Bucku-tree, Cape 

Calophaca wolgarica. Wing-leaved Calo- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Calopl^^lum angustifolium. Pkiey-tree, 

of Ptjnarig 
Calaba. |. Cidaba-tree, KeeJia-imt Tree, 

S(Mit(^marla Tree 
Inophyllum. Alexandrian Laurel, Oondee, 
Pinnacotty, Poon-seed, or Poonay Oil- 
plant, St. Mary's-wood, Tamana or Dilo 
Oil- plant 
spurium. Pootungee Oil-plant 
Calonyction. Midnight Lily 
Calopogon pulchellus: OraM-Pinli Orchis 
Calothamnus. Australian Xet-lmsh 
Calotropis gigantea. Bow-string Hemp, or 
Mudar-plant, of In(\ra, 
procera. French Cotton, French Jasmine, 
Caltha. Marsh-Marigold 

grandiflora. Large-Jton-ered Marsh-Mari- 
leptosepala. White-Jtowered Marsh-Mari- 
palustris. " Hoots," Common Marsh-Mari- 
gold, Oolds, Goldins, May-hlohs, Meadow 
Bright, ox Meadow Bout, Meadow Gowan, 
Water Butter-cup, Water, or Ope7i 
Gowan, Yellow Gowan 
palustris flore-pleno. Bouhle Marsh-Mari- 
purpurascens. Purplish Marsh-Marigold 
Calycantlius floriclus. Cmnmon Carolina 
glaucus. Glaucous-leaved Carolina All- 
laevigatus. Smooth-leaved Carolina All- 
Calycocarpum Lyoni. Lyon's Cup-seed 
Calypso borealis. Calypso Orchis 
Calyptranthes. Lid-ftawer-tree 

Chj'traculia. Bastard Green-heart, of 

the W. Indies, White Ilod-ivood 
JamVjolana. Jamholan-tree, Java Plum 
Calyptronoma Swartzii. " Thatch," of the 

W. Indies 
Calystegia, Bear-hind, Bind-weed 

dahurica (Convolvulus dahuricus). Dahu- 

rian Bind-weed 
pubescens plena. Bouhle Chinese Bind- 
spithamea. Dwarf Bind-weed 
Calythrix tetragona. Hair-cup-jiower 
Camassia esculenta. Bear's Grass, Qua- 
mash or Camash 
esculenta var. alba. White-Jlowered Qua- 

(Scilla) Frasori. Wild Hyacinth, of N. 

Lcichtlini. Californian White-J/owered 
Camelina sativa. " False- Flax," of N. 
America, Gold-of -pleasure, Oil-seed-plant, 
•* Siherian Oil-seed 
yCajnellia. Japan Pose 

albtl'^jlena. Bouhle White Camellia 
ancnionieflora. A itemone- /lowered Camellia 
Bealii. Jlright Crimson Camellia 
candidissima^■ Creamy- White Camellia 
caryopliylloides. White, rosy-carminc- 

striped. Camellia 
cnmmensa. Vermilion-red Camellia 

Camellia compacta alba. Firie White 
Dride. Bright-rose-coloured Camellia 
euryoides. Small-flowered Cannellia 
fimbria ta. Pure White, fringed. Camellia 
Grunelli. Large White Camellia 
im))ricata. Carmine-rose Camellia 
japonica and vars. Common Camellia 
japonica liosa-mundi. liose-of-the-World 
Kissi. Kissi Camellia 
Lombdrda. Sujjerh Posy-flowered Camellia 
maliflora. Apple-flowered Camellia 
Matthotiana. Bright Crimson Camellia, 

3fatthotVs Camellia 
Matthotiana alba. Pure White, Imhricated, 

Mrs. Cope. White,crimson-striped Camellia 
ochroleuca. Creamy -white Camellia 
Optima. Bright-rose, crimson-rayed. Ca- 
Queen Victoria. Red, whlte-rihhoned. Ca- 
reticulata. Captain Rawes's Camellia 
Rubens. Beep-rose, large-flowered, Camel- 
Saccoi nova. Rosy-pinh Camellia 
Sasanqua. Lady BanMs Camellia, Tea- 
oil- plant 
Spinii. Snow-white Camellia 
sulcata. YelUnvish-white Camellia 
tricolor. Three-coloured Camellia 
Triumphans. Large Crimson Camellia 
Valtevaredo. Fine Rosy-flowered Camellia 
Cameraria latifolia. False Manchineel 

Campanula. Bell-flower 

aggregata. Crowded-flowered Bell-flower 
alliaripefolia. Alliaria-leared Bell-flower 
Allionii. AllionCs Bell-flower 
americana. Ta II Bell-flower, of N. America 
alpina. Alpine Hare-hell 
aparinoidcs. Marsh Jiell-flower, of N. 

attica. Attic Annual Bell-flower 
autunmalis (Platycodon autumnale). Au- 
tumn Bell-flower 
barbata. Bearded Hare-hell 
Barrelicri. Barrelirr''s Jiell-flower 
cajspitosa (C. pumila). Tufted Hare-hell 
carpatica. Carpathian Hare-hell 
celtidifolia. Aeftle-leaved Bell-flower 
cenisia. Mont Cenis Hare-bell 
Cervicaria. Throat -ivort 
collina. Sage-leared Jiell-flower 
divaricata. Jiraneliing Jlrll-jiower 
Elatines. J'Jlafiue JIare-hell 
elcgans. JClegant Jiell-flower 
Erinus. Forhed Jiell-flower 
fragilis. Jirittle Hare-hell 
garganica. Mt. Gargano JIare-hell 
glomcrata. Clustered Bell-flower, Danes'- 

grandiflora (Platycodon grandiflorum). 

Noble JIare-hell 
grandis. Great BelUflower 
hederacea( VValdcnbergia hederacea). Ivy- 
leaved JIare-hell 
Hondcrsoni. Hendersoji's Bell-flower 
Hohcnhackcri. Jlohenhaeher's Bell-flower 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Campanula Hostii. Host's Bell-flower 
hybrida. Corn-field Sell-flower, Corn 

isophylla (C. floribunda). Ligv/rian Hare- 
lactiflora. Mllk-wltite Bell-flxmer 
lanceolata. Spear-leaved Bell-flower 
Langsdorffiana. Langsdorff's Bell-flower 
latifolia. Broad-leaved Bell-flower, Hask- 

Leutweinii. LeutwehCs Bell-flower 
linifolia. Flax-leaved Bell-flower 
linnasifolia. Swamp Bell-flower, of Cali- 
Loefflingi. Loeffling's Animal Hare-bell 
longifolia. Lo7ig-leaved Bell-flower 
Loreyi. Lorey's Annual Hare-bell 
macrantha. Large-flowered Bell-flower 
macrantha alba. Large-flowered White 

macrostyla. Long-styled Annital Bell- 
flower, Candelabrum Bell-flower 
Medium. Canterlnt/ry Bells, Coventry 
Bells, Coventry Rapes, Mariettes, " Mer- 
ewry's Violets" 
muralis. Wall Bell-flower 
nitida. Shining Hare-bell 
nobilis. Long-flowered Hare-bell 
patula. Spreading Bell-flower 
persicifolia. Peaeh Bells, Peach-leaved 

petrsea. Woolly-leaved Bell-flower 
Portenschlagiana. Portenschlag's Bell- 
primuliefolia. Primrose-leaved Bell- 
pulla. Bark-coloured Bwarf Hare-bell, 

Austrian Hare-bell 
pumila. Bwarf Bell-flower 
punctata. Spotted Bell-flower 
pusilla. Bimimitive Bell-flower 
pusilla alba. Diminutive White Bell-flower 
pyramidalis. Chimney -plant. Pyramidal 

Bell-flomer, Steeple Bells 
Kaineri. Rainer's Hare-bell 
Rapunculus. Garden Rampion 
rapunciTloides. Creeping Bell-flower 
rhomboidea. Diamonfl-leaved Bell-flower 
rotundifolia. Blawort, Blue-bell of Scot- 
land, Common Hare-bell or Hair-bell, 
Lady's Thimble, Witches' Bells 
sarmatica (C. gammifera). Chonimy Bell- 
.Sibthorpii. Sibthorp's Bell-flower 
soldanellffiflora. Soldanella-flomered Hare- 
bell, Bouble-flcwered Hare-bell 
speciosa. Showy Hare-bell 
(Specularia) Speculum. Lady's, or Venus's, 

Thompsoni. Thomjysoji's Bell-flower 
Trachelium. Blue Fox-glove, Canterbury- 
Bells, Coventry -bells, Great Throat-wort, 
Hask-wort, Nettle-leaved Bell-flower 
turbinata. Tiurban Bell-flx)wer, Vase- 

flowered Hare-bell 
urtic^folia. Nettle-leaved Bell-fl^mer 
Van Houttei. Van Houtte's Bell-flower 
(Sympliiandra) Wanneri. Wanner's Bell- 

Campanula Zoysii. Zoys's Hare-bell ~ 
Campomanesia linearifolia. Rfiiillos-tree, 

of Peru ^' 

Camptosorus rhizophyllus. ^^Ihing-leaf 

Fern ''" 

Cananga odorata. 'Hang -Hang -tree 
Canarina Campanula. Canary Island 

Canarium commuiie. Chinese Olive, Java 
Almond, Kanari-oil-jjlant 
strictum. ^Black Dammar-tree 
Canavalia ensiformis. Horse-bean, of 
gladiata. Horse-bean, of the W. IpdiesI 

" Overlook " of Jamaica, Srvord-Bean 
obtusifolia. Sea-side Bean, of the W. 
Canella alba. Canella Bark-tree, Wild 

Canna indica. Flowering Reed, Flowering 
Shot, Indian Reed, Indian Shot 
peruviana. Perieviaii Arrow-root-plant 
Cannabis sativa. Carl-hemp, CoTwrnon 

Hemp, Fimble, Gallow-grass 
Cantharellus cibarius. Chantarelle Mush- 
Cantua buxifolia. Peruvian Magic-tree 
Capparis aphylla. Kureel-tree 

cynophallophora. Bottle-cod-root, Devil's- 

ferruginea. Mustard-shrub 
sinaica. Mountain Pepper 
sodada. Tivilnictoo Caper-lnish 
spinosa. Common Caper-bush 
Capraria biflora. Goat-weed, Sweet-weed, 
Tea-plant, of Martinique, W. Indian 
Caprifolium belgicum. Dutch Honey- 
Periclymenum. Common Honey-suckle, 
Caproxylon Heddewigii. West Indian 

Capsella Bursa-pastoris. Mother's- Hearty 
Pick-pu/rse, "Poor-man's Parmacetie" 
Shepherd' s-purse or Shepherd' s-scrip. 
Tooth-wort, Toy-wort 
Capsicum. Bird's-eye Pepper, Garden 
annuum and C. fastigiatum. Cayenne 
Pepper, Chillies^ G^iinea Pepper, Red 
Pepper ^ 

baccatum. Bird'-^epper 
cerasiforme. Cherry-Pepper 
frutescens. Goat-Pepper, Sp^ir-Pepper 
grossum. Bell-Pepper 
'. tetragonum. Bonnet- Pepjier 
Caragana. Siberian Pea-tree 

Altagana. Flat-podded Siberian Pea-tree 
arborescens. Common Siberian Pea-tree 
arenaria. Sand Siberian Pea-tree 
Chamlaga. Chinese Pea-tree ' ''■ 
frutescens. Shrubby Siberian Pea-tres 
grandiflora. Large-flowered Siberian Pea- 
jubata. Maned Siberian Pea-tree 
mollis. Soft-leaved Siberian Pea-tree 
microphyUa. Small-leaved Siberian Pea- 


English yames of Cultivated, Native, 

Caragana pygmaea. Pigmy Siberian Pea- 
spinosa. Thorny Siberian Pea-tree 
Eedowskii. Pedowski's Siberian Pea-tree 
tragacaiithoides. Goat's-thorii-like Sibe- 
rian Pea-tree 
Carapa angustif olia. Pottery -tree, of French 
fasciculata. Tamacoari Balsam-tree 
guianensis. Carap, Crah, or Andiroba 

Oil-jdant, Crab-mood, of Guiana 
guineensis (C. Touloucouna). Coondi, 
KundaJi, or I'alUncooiuih Oil-jjlant, Kmi- 
Cardamine. Bitter-cress 
amara. Large Bitter-cress 
asarifolia. Asarum-leaved Cuch}o-Jlo7ver 
hirsuta. Hairy Bitter-cress, LamVs Cress 
latifolia. Broad-leaved Cuckoo-Jlorver 
macropliylla. Large-leaved Cucluio-Jlower 
pratensis. Bread-and-Milk, Common Cuc- 
lioo-Jfon-er, Cuckoo's- Bread, Cuckoo-Spit, 
Lady^s Smock, Jlay-Jtomcr, Headow-Bit- 
ter-cress. Meadow-cress 
pratensis fi.-pl. Bouble Cuckoo-flower 
rhomboidea. Americaii Spring Cress 
rotiindifolia. Avierican 3Iowitain Water- 
cress, Round-leaved Cuchoo-fiomer 
trifolia. Three-leaved Cnclwo-fiowcr 
Cardiospermum Corindum. Heart-seed, 
Indian Heart 
grandifiorum. Supple-jack, of Jamaica 
Halicacabum. Balloon- Vine, Heart-Pea 
Cardopatmm corymbosum. Black Cha- 

Carduus. Thistle 

acanthoides. Welted Thistle 
(Cuicus) acaulis. Drvarf Thistle 
anglicus. Gentle Thistle 
arvensis. Boar Thistle, Corn Thistle, 
Creeping Thistle, Dog Thistle, Waste 
benedictus. Blessed Thistle 
eriophorus. Friar's Croivn, Woolly-headed 

heterophyllus. Melanchdy Thistle 
lanceolatus. Bird Thistle, Boar Thistle, 
Bull Thistle, Bur Thistle, Plume Thistle, 
Spea/r Thistle 
Marianus. Blessed Thistle, Milk TJUstle, 

Our Lady's Thistle 
nutans. Musk Thistle, Scotch Thistle (of 

(Cnicus) palustris. Marsh 'Thistle 
(Cnicus) pratensis. Meadow Thistle 
pycnoceplialus (C. tenuiflorus). Slender 

(C'nicu.s) tuberosus. Tuberous-rooted Thistle 
Carex. Blue Grass, Sedge, Slierc Grass, 
Spire Grass 
acuta. Slender-spiked Sedge 
alpina. Alpine Sedge 
ampullacca. Bottle Sedge 
apprcssa. Otago Tupak-grass 
arenaria. Sea-side Sedge 
at rata. Black ScAhje 
axillaris. Axillary Sedge 
baccans. Crimson-fruiied Sedge 
bincrvis. Green-rihbed Sedge 

Carex Buxbaumii. Hoary Sedge 

Ciespitosa. Hassock-grass, Tufted Sedge 

canescens (C. curta). White Sedye 

capillaris. Capillary Sedge 

depaupcrata. Starveling Sedge 

digitata. Fingered Sedge 

dioica. Dioecious Sedge 

distans. Loose Sedge 

divisa. Bracteated Marsh Sedge 

divulsa. Carpeting Sedge 

elongata. Elongated Sedge 

extensa. Bracteated Sea Sedge 

filiformis. Slender-leaved Sedge 

fiava. Hedge-hog Grass, Yellow Sedge 

fulva. Tawny Sedye 

glauca. Carnation Grass, Gilliflmver Gfrass, 
Glaucous Heath Sedge 

hirta. Hammer Sedge, Hairy Sedge 

humilis. Divarf Si-dge 

incurva. Curved Sedge 

hevigata. Smooth Sedge 

lagopina. Hare's-foot Sedge 

leporina (C. ovalis). Oval-sjnked Sedge 

limosa. Drooping Bog Sedge 

montana. Mountain Sedge 

muricata. Prickly Sedge 

pallescens. Pale Sedge 

paludosa. Lesser Bank Sedge, Sniddel 

panicea. Carnation -grass, GiUiflower 
Grass, Pink-leaved Sedge 

paniculata. Hassock-grass, Panicled Sedge 

paradoxa. Paradoxical Sedge 

pauciflora. Few-flowered Sedge 

pendula. Great Pendulous Sedge 

pilulifera. livund-headed Sedge 

prjBCOx. Sjrring Sedge 

Pseudo-cyperus. Cyperus-Uke Sedge 

pulicaris. Flea Grass, Flea Sedge 

punctata. Dotted Sedge 

remota. Jiemote-spikeleted Sedge 

rigida. * S^lf Mountain Sedge 

riparia. Greater Bank Sedge 

rupestris. B.ock Sedge 

saxatilis. Highland Sedge 

stellulata. Lesser Prickly Sedge 

stricta. Greater Tufted Sedge, Tussock Sedge 

strigosa. Loose-flowered Sedge 

sylvatica. Wood Sedge 

tomentosa. Downy Sedye 

vcsicaria. Bladder Sedye 

vulgaris. Lesser Tufted Sedge 

vulpina. Great Spiked Sedge 
Careya arborea. Hindostanee Slam-match 

Cargillia arborea. Gray Plum-tree, of 

australis. Black Plum, of Illawarra 
Carica I'apaya. Melon-tree, Papaw-trec 
Carissa Carandas. Carandas-t ree 

Xylopicron. Bitter-wood, of Madagascar 
Carlina acantbifolia. Acanthus • leaved 

guininifcra. White Chamfcleon 

\iilgaris. Common Carline-thistle 
Carludovica. Small- Palmetto Palm 

insigiiis. Humble Palmetto Palm 

jialinata. Panama Hat-tree 
Carmichaolia australis. New Zealand 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Carolinea fPachira) Barrigon. Barrlgon- 
tree, of Panama 
princeps. Ouiana Chestnut 
Carpinus americana. American Horn- 
beam, Blue Beech, Iron-mood, Water 
Betulus. Common Horn-beam, Horn Beech, 
Horse, Horst, or Hurst Beech, White 
Beech, Yoke Elm 
Betulus var. incisa. Cut-leaved Horn-beam 
Ostrya. Hoj) Horn-beam 
CarpodiscTis acidus. Sour Pishumin-tree, 
of Sierra Leone 
dulcis. Sweet Pisha7nin-tree 
Carthamus lanatus. Distaff Thistle 

tinctorius. Bastard or False Saffro7i, 
Kossumha or Safflower Oil-plant, Saf- 
Jiomer, Saffron-thistle 
Carum Carui. Cortmum Caraway 

(Bunium) Bulbocastanum. Piy-nut, Tu- 
berous-rooted Caraway 
Gairdneri and Kelloggii. Edible-rooted 

Caraway ^ of California 
(Sison) verticillatum. Whorled - leaved 
Carurabium populifolium (Omalanthus 

populifolius). Queensland Poplar 
Carya (Juglans). Hiclwry 

alba. Shell-bark, or Shay-barh, Hichary 
amara. Bitter-nut, of N. America, Swamjf 

Hickory, White Hickory 
aquatica. Water Hickory 
compressa. Cornpressed-fruited Hickory 
integrifolia. Entire-leaf eted Hickory 
microcarpa. Small-fruited Hiclwry 
(Juglans) myristicseformis. Nutmey-Hick- 

olivasformis. Illinois Nut-tree, Pecan-nut- 
porcina. Broom Hiclwry, Brown Hickory, 

sulcata. Springfeld Nut, Tliick Shell- 
bark Hickory, Western Shell-bark Hickory 
tomentosa. Mocker-nut, White - heart 
Carynocarpus Isevigatus. Nov Zealand 

Caryocar braziliense. Piquia-oil-pla7it 
nucifenim. Butter-7mt-tree, of S. America, 

Souari or Smvarrow-mtt Tree 
tomentosum. Butter-nut, of Guiana 
Caryophyllus aromaticus. Clove-tree 
Caryota urens. Jaggery Palm, Bastard 
Sago- Palm, East Indian Wine-Pahn, 
Casearia ulmifolia. Brazilia/n Snake-root 
Casimiroa edulis. Mexican Apple, White 

Cassandra (Andromeda) calyculata. Lea- 
Cassia acutifolia. Se7ma-2}lant of com- 
alata. Ring-worm shriib. Winged SeTvna- 

angustifolia. Senna-plant of commerce, 

Tin7ievelly Sen7ia-plant 
Brewsteri. Cigar Cassia, Queensland La- 

Chamaecrifsta. Partridge-Pea 

Cassia emarginata. Notch-leaved Senna-tree 
Fistula. I7idia7i Lab^irnum, Purging Cas- 
sia, Puddi7ig- Pipe-tree 
florida. Iro7i-7vood, of Dutch E. Indies 
glandulosa. I)utchma7i's-butter 
lanceolata. Alexa7idrian Senna-pla7it, of 

marilandica. Mar7jla7ul Se7ina-pla7it 
nictitans. Sensitive Pea, or Wild Sensitive 

Plant, of N. America 
obovata. Aleppo, or Italia7i, Sen7ia-pla7it 
occidentalis. Sti7iking-weed, or Stinhi7uj- 
Cassine capensis. Cape Pldllyrea 

Colpoon. Ca^ie Ladle-7vood, Colpoon-tree 
Maurocenia. Hottentot Cherry 
Cassinia fulgida. Golden-bush 
Cassinopsis capensis. Caffre Broom-tree 
Cassytha. Scrub- Vine, of Australia 
melantha. Scrub- Vine, of Victoria 
Castanea. Chestnut 

chrysopliylla. Golden-leaved Chest7iut 
pumila. Chi7iquapi7i, of N. America 
vesca. Spanish, or Sweet, Chest7iut 
vesca variegata. Variegated Chest7iut 
vesca var. americana. A7nerioa7h Chestnut 
vesca var. asplenifolia. Fer7i-leaved Chest- 


Castanopsis chrysophylla. Wester7h Chin- 

Castanospermum australe. Atcstralia7i 

Bean-tree, Morefon Bay Chestmit 
Castelea Nicholsoni. W. I7idian Goat-bush 
Castilleia coccinea. Scarlet Pai7ited C%up 
Castilloa elastica. Caoiutchouc-tree, of 
Markhamiana. Caoutchouc-tree, of Panama 
Casuarina. Beef-7Vood, Slie-Oak, of Aus- 
equisetifolia. Iron-7vood, of the S. Sea 
Islands, Swa7np Oak, of Australia, Tree- 
glauca. Desert She- Oak 
leptoclada. River Oak, of N. S. Wales 
paludosa. A7istralia7i Swamp Oak 
quadrivalvis. Coast She- Oak, Tasmaivian 

She- Oak 
stricta. Australia7i Beef-7vood, He- Oak 
suberosa. Erect She- Oak, Smainp Oak, of 

torulosa. Forest Oak, of Botany Bay 
Catabrosa (Aira) aquatica. Water Hair- 
grass, Water Whorl-grass 
Catananche coerulea. Bhie Cupidone, Blue 
Succory, Blue-fowcred Cupi(Vs-dart 
lobata. Lohed-leaved Catana7iGh 
lutea. Yellow Sivccory 
Catalpa bignonioides. I7idia7i Bean, of 
N. America 
longissima. French Oak, Jamaica Yoke- 
wood, St. Do7ni7igo Oak 
Catha edulis. Abyssi7iia7i, or Arabia7i, Tea- 

Catbartocarpus conspicua. Drum-stick 
marginatus. Horse- Cassia 
Catbeartia viUosa. Cathcart's Poppy 
Catesbaaa spinosa. Lily-tlu)r7i, of the 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Caucalis Anthriscus. Hedge Parsley 
daucoides. liastard or Bur Parsley, 

Iledyi'-liog Parslcg, Uciis-foot 
(Torilis) nodosa. Knotted JhiT-weed 
Caulanthus crassicaulis and C. procerus. 

Wild Calihage, of California 
Caulophyllum tlialictroides. Blue Cohosh, 
Blue (Tt7i.vng, Pappoose-root, Squaw-root 
Ceanothus amoricanns. Mountain-sweet, 
New Jersey Tea-plant, Wild Snow-iall 
azureus. Blue Bush, Blue-Jlowered Red- 
buxifolius. Box-leaved Bed-root 
chloroxylon. Jamaica Cog-wood 
colubriuus (Colubrina ferruginosa). Ba- 
hama Bed-wood, Bahama Snake-wood 
cordulatus. Californian Sjiaw-lnish 
dentatus. Tooth-leaved Bed-root 
floribundus. Free-fioweriiuj Red-root 
integerrimus. Beauty -of -the-Sierras, Cali- 
fornian Lilac 
intermedius. Intermediate Red-root 
mexicanus. Mexican Blue-hush 
microphyllus. Small-leaved Red-root 
ovatus. Ovate-leaved Red-root 
papillosus. Pimpled Blue-hush 
sanguineus. Crimson-twigged Red-root 
spinosus. Californian Red-wood, Red 

mood of Santa Barbara 
thyrsiflorus. Culifornian Lilac 
Cecropia peltata. Trumpet-tree, W. Indian 

Cedrela australis. Red Cedar, of Australia 
brasiliensis. Acajou-}vood, Brazilian Cedar 
odorata. Bastard Barhadoes Cedar, Cigar- 
hox-wood, False Cedar, Hondwras, Ja- 
maica, or W. Indian Cedar 
sinensis. Chinese Cedar, Cigar-hox-wood 
Toonah. Chittagong-nwod, E. Indian 
Cedar, Singapore Cedar 
CJedronella cana. Hoary Balm of Gilead- 
cordata. Heart-leaved Balm of Gilead 
triphylla (Dracocei)halum canaricnse). 
Common Balm of Gilcad-plant 
Cedrus. Cedar 
atlantica. African, or Mt. Atlas Cedar, 

Silver Cedar 
Deodara. Deodar, East Indian Cedar, 

Deodara var. nivea. Silvery-leaved Deodar 
Deodara var. robusta. Hcavy-hranched 

Libani. Cedar of Lehanon 
Celastrus. Sfajt-tree 

bullatus. Scarlet -fronted Staff-tree 
edulis. Ahyssinian Tea-plant 
scandens. Climliing Jiitter-srveet, David- 
root, Fever-twig, Staff-tree, Staff- Vine, 
Celmisia. New Zealand Aster 

coriacea. New Zealand " Cotton-plant" or 
" Leather-plant " 
Celosia cristatii. Cock's-comh 
Celsia erotica. Cretan Mullein 
Celtis. Nettle-tree 

aculcata. I'riekhj Nettle-tree 
australis. European Nettle-tree, Honcy- 
herry, of Greece, Lote-trec 

Celtis caucasica. Caucasian Nettle-tree 
crassifolia. Hoop Ash, Thick-leaved Nettle- 
laevigata. Smooth Nettle-tree 
Lima. File-leaved Nettle-tree 
micrantba. Jamaica Nettle-tree 
occidentalis. American Fahe Elm, Hack- 
herry. Nettle-tree, Rim-Ash, Sugar-herry 
orientalis. Eastern Nettle-tree 
parviflora. Small-Jlowered Nettle-tree 
pumila. Dwarf Nettle-tree 
sinensis. Chinese Nettle-tree 
Tourneforti. Tou/rnefort's Nettle-tree 
Cenarrhenes nitida. Port Arthur or TaS' 

matiian Plum 
Cenchrus ecbinatus. W. Indian Bv/r- 
tribuloides. Hedge-hog-grass, or Bu/r-grass, 
of N. America 
Cenomyce pyxidata. Citj) Lichen, Cup Moss 

rangiferina. Reindeer Moss 
Centaurea. Centau/vy, Knap-nveed, Mat- 
argentea. Silvery Knap-weed, Silvery Sca- 
aspera. Jersey Centavrry 
australis. Australian Centaury 
babylonica. Bahylonian Centau/ry 
Calcitrapa. Caltrops, Star- Thistle 
chironoides. CaHfornian Centaury 
Cyanus. Blawort, Blue-hlaw, Blue Bon- 
nets, Blue-hottle, Blue Corn-flower, Corn- 
hottle. Corn Centaury, Corn-flower, Hurt- 
dealbata. Mealy Centaury 
gymnocarpa. Silvery-leaved Knap-meed 
Isnardi. Jersey Thistle 
macrocepbala. (Treat-headed Centaury 
montana. Moimtain Centaury 
(Amberboa) moschata. Purjile Sweet Sul- 
(Amberboa) moschata var. rubra. Ri'd- 

flowered Siveet Sultan 
IMyacantha. Mouse-thorn 
nigra. Bell-weed, Black Ceiitaury, Bull- 
weed, Jlutton-weed, Crop-weed, Ha/rd- 
heads. Iron-hard, Iron-heads, Iron-weed, 
Knap->veed, Knoh-weed, Knot-weed, Log- 
Phrygia. Phrygian Centaury 
ruthcnica. Bussian Kiuip-weed 
Scabiosa. Black Top, Greater Centaury 
solstitialis. Barnahas, St. Barnahfs 

Thistle, Yellow-flowered Centaury 
stricta. Erect Centaury 
(Amberboa) suaveolens. Yellow Sweet 

uniflora. 0>w-flowered Centaury 
Cetranthus macrosiphon. Long-spv/rred 
ruber. Fox's-Brush, German Lilac, Red 
Valerian, Spur Valerian 
CentroBema virginianum. Spurred Butter- 
Centunculus miniinus. Bastard Pimper- 
nel, Chd fl'-weed 
Cephalanthera grandiflora. White Helle- 
rubra. Red Hellehorine 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Cephalanthus occidentalis. Button-hush, 
Olobe-JloKcr-bush, Little - Snow-balls, 
Stvamp Globe-Jiower, White Pond-Dog- 
wood, of Louisiana 
Cephalotaxus. Cluster-flomered Yew 
drupacea. Plu/in-fruited Cluster-Jlowered 

Fortunei. Fortune's Cluster-flowered Yew 
pedunculata. Long-stalked Cluster-flowered 

Cerasus. Cherry-tree 

(Prunus) Avium. Hedge-berry, Wild Qean 

borealis. Northern Choke- Clierry 
Capollin. Cajjollin Bird- Cherry 
caproniana. Hautbols Cherry 
caroliniana. Evergreen Cherry 
ChamEecerasus. Ground- Cherry 
Chamaecerasus var. fragrantissima. Sweet- 
scented Ground- Cherry 
cornuta. Horned Cherry 
depressa. Smid Cherry 
duracina. White-heart Clierry 
duracina var. cordigera. Bigarreau Cherry 
Hixa. Teneriffe Cherry-Bay 
hyemalis. Black Gholie- Cherry 
Juliana. Gean Cherry, St. Julian's Cherry 
Juliana var. Heaumiana. Helmet-fruited 

(Prunus) japonica. Japan Cherry 
Lauro-cerasus. Common Laurel, or Cherry - 

Lauro-cerasus var. latifolia. Versailles 

lusitanica. Portugal Laurel 
lusitanica var. myrtifolia. Miniature 

Porticgal Laurel 
Mahaleb. Mahaleb Cherry, Perfumed 

Marascha. Marascha Cherry 
nepalensis. Nepaid Bird- Cherry 
nigra. Black-fruited Cherry 
occidentalis. (V'. Lndian Cherry 
Padus. Common Bird- Cherry 
Padus var. rubra. Red Cornish Cherry 
persicasfolia. Peach-leaved Cherry 
Pseudo-cerasus. Bastard- Cherry 
pubescens. Downy Cherry 
pumila. Canadian Cherry, Dwarf Cherry, 

Sand Cherry 
pygmaea. Pigmy Cherry 
salicina. Willow-leaved Cherry 
semperflorens. Ever-flowering Cherry 
serotina. Late-flowering Cherry, Cherry- 
serrulata. Saw-leaved Cherry 
sphasrocarpa. Round-fruited Cherry 
vulgaris (Prunus Cerasus). Common Cherry 
vulgaris fl.-pl. Double-blossomed Cherry 
CJerastiura. Mouse-ear Chick-weed 
alpinum. Alpine Mouse-ear Chick-weed 
Biebersteini. Bieberstein's Mouse -ear 

Boiseieri. Boissier's Mouse-ear Cliick-weed 
glaxjiale. Glacier Mouse-ear Chick-weed 
grandiflorum. Large-flowered Mouse-ca/r 

Cerastrium. latifolium. Broad-leaved Mouse- 
ear Chick-weed 
tomentosum. Jerusalem Star, Snow-in- 
Summer, Snow-plant, Woolly Mouse-ear 
triviale and C. vulgatum. Common Mouse- 
ear CJiick-weed 
Ceratiola ericoides. Sand-hill Rosemary 
Ceratochloa. Horn-grass 

unioloides. " Calif ornian Prairie-grass" 
Ceratonia Siliqua. Algaroba Bean, Carob- 
tree, European Locust-tree, St. John's- 
Ceratopetalum. Leather-wood, of Austra- 
apetalum. Light-wood, of Australia 
gummiferum. Christmas-tree, of Australia 
Ceratophyllum demersum. Covimon Horn- 
wort, or Horn-weed, Morass-weed 
Ceratopteris thalictroides. Pod- Fern 
Cerbera Abouai. Serpent s-iane 

Tanghin. Ordeal-tree, of Madagascar 
Cereis canadensis. American Judas Tree, 
occidentalis. Californian Judas Tree, 

Californian Red-Bud 
Siliquastrum. Comiiwn Judas Tree, Love- 
Cereoearpus. Mountain Mahogany, of 
ledifolius. Wasatch Mountain Mahogany 
Cereus. Torch-thistle 

(Aporocactus) flagelliformis. Creeping 

grandiflorus. Night-flowering Cereus 
triangularis. Prickly-withe, of the W. 
Indies, Strawberry Pea/r 
Cerinthe. Honey-rvort 
aspera. Rough-leaved Honey-wort 
major. Wax-plant 
Ceroxylon andicola. Wax-Palm, of New 

Oestrum. Bastard Jasmine, or Poison- 
berry, of the W. Indies 
aurantiacum. Night-blooming Jasmine 
Ceterach officinarum. Rusty-back, Scale- 
Fern, Stone- Fern 
Cetraria islandica. Iceland Moss 
Chserophyllum. Chervil 

bulbosum (Anthriscus bulbosus). Parsnip 
Chervil, Tuberous-rooted or Turnip- 
rooted CJiervil 
sylvestre. Cow-Parsley, Wild Chervil 
temulentum. Cow-Parsley 
Chailletia toxicaria. Rafs-bane, or Rat- 
poison, of W. Africa 
Chamaeeyparis. Swamp Cypress, or Water 

Chamsedoris. Merman's Shaving-brush 
Chamselirium luteum. Blazing - star, 

DeviVs-hit, of N. America 
ChamaBpeuce Casabonae. Fish-bone or 

Herring-bone Thistle 
Chamaelaucium. Fringe-3Iyrtle 
Chamserantlienium. Brazilia?i Flower- 

of-the- Grove 
Chamaerops excelsa. Fan-Palm, of Ne- 
paul, Hemp-Pahn 



English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Chamserops Fortune!. Chusan Palm, 

Shan/j-hae Fan-Palm 
huniilis. ^^ African Hair" Palm, Dwarf 

Fan Palm, Ewrojyean Palm 
( Rlmpidopliyllum) Hystrix. Blue Palmetto 
(Sabal). Palmetto, Caibage Palm-tree, 

Cahhage Palmetto 
Eitchieana. Tiger-grass Palm 
sernilata. Saw-Palmetto 
Chaniaescilla (Cc-esia) corymbosa. Dwarf 

Australian Squill 
Chara. Stcme-n-ort 

vulgaris. Feather-beds 
Chavica Betle. Betle Pepper 

officinarum and C. Roxbnrghii. Long Pepper 
Cheilanthes. Lip-Fern 
gracillima. Calif ornian Lace-Fern 
odora. Hay-scented Lip-Fern 
vestita. Hairg Lip-Fern 
Cheiranthus. OiUiJlowcr, Wall-flower 
Clieiri. Bleeding Heart, Bloody Warrior, 

Common Wall-flower, Wall, Winter, or 

Yell-ow Qilliflower 
longifolius. Long-leaved Wall-flower 
Marshall!. Marshall's Wall-flower 
scoparius. Teneriffe Wall-flower 
Cheirostemon platanoides. Hand-flowcr- 

tree. Hand-plant 
Chelidonium. Swallow-wort 
japon!cum (C. grand!florum). Japanese 

majus. Cock-foot, Great Celandine, Tet- 
Chelone glabra. Balmony, Ttirtle-hcad, 

White Shell-flower, Salt-rhewm-weed, 

Lyoni. Lyon's Shell-flower 
obllqua. Twisted Shell-flower 
Clienopodium. Goose-foot 

album. Bacon-weed, Dirt-weed, Dirty 

Dick, Fat- Hen, Frost Blite, Lam If s- 

Quarters, Muck-weed, Pig-weed, White 

(Ambrina) ambros!o!des. Demigod! s-f cod, 

Mexican Goose-foot, Mexican Tea 
aristatum. Bearded Goose-foot 
Atriplicls. Purple Goose-foot 
auricomum. Australia?!, Sj/inach 
Bonus-Henr!cus. All-good, Blite, En^gUsh, 

False or Wild Mercury, Flowery 

Docken, Good Henry, Good Kin/f Henry, 

Perennial Goose-foot, Wild Spiiuich 
Botrys. Cut-leaved Goose-foot, Feather 

Geranium, Hind-heal, Jerusalem Oak, 

erosum. Australian Spinach 
glaucum. Oak-leaved Goose-foot 
guineense. Chdnea Goose-foot 
hybridum. Maple-leaved Goose-foot 
murale. Nettle-leaved Goose-foot 
polyspermum. A II - seed. Many - seeded 

Quinoa. I'etty Mice, of Peru, Qxdnoa or 

White Quijioa 
nibruni. lied Goose-foot, Sow-bane, Smine's- 

urbicum. Upright Goose-foot 
Vulvarla. Dog's - Orache, Notch-weed, 

Stinking Goose-foot 

Cherleria sedoldes. Cyphel 
Chickrassia tabularls. Chittagong-wood 
Chilochloa. Fodder-grass 
Chilopsis saligna. Desert- Willow, of Cali- 
Chimapliila maculata. Spotted Winter- 
umbellata. Prince's - PiJie, Pipsissewa, 
Ground Holly 
Cliiinonanthus fragrans (Calycanthus 
praecox). Japan Allspice 
grandiflora. Large-flowered Japan Allspice 
Chiococca angustifolia. Brazilian Snake- 
racemosa. David's-root, Snowbcrry-tree, of 
Chiogenes hispidula. Creeping Snow-berry 
Chionanthus virginica. Fringe - tree. 

Poison Ash, Virgiimui Snow-flower 
Chionodoxa Lucilise. Snow-glory 

nana. Dwarf Snow-glory 
Chlora perfoliata. Yellow Centaury, Yel- 

Chloranthus inconspicuus. Chu-lan Tree 
Chloris truncata. Windmill grass, of Aus- 
ventricosa. Warted 6'?'a55. of Australia 
Chlorocodon Whitei. Micndl-root 
Chlorogalum pomeridianum. Amole, or 
Soap-plant, of California, Indian Soap- 
Chloroxylon Swietenia. Satin-wood, or 
Yellow-wood, of the E. Indies, Wood- 
oil-2)lant, Zante-wood 
Choisya ternata. Mexican Orange-floner 
Chondrllla. Chum Succory 

juncca. Common Gum Succory 
Chondrodendron convolviilaceum. Wild 
Grape, of the Peruvians 
tomentosum (Cissampelos Pareira). Pa- 
rr ira - Brava -p lant 
Chondrus (Fucus) crispus. Alga marina. 
Carrageen, Carageen, or Carrigeen Moss, 
Irish Moss, Pearl Moss 
Chorda Filum. Sea-laces 
Chordaria flagelliformis. Whipcord Sea- 
Chorisia speciosa. Vegetable Silk-tree 
Chroolepus Jolithus. Rock Violet 
Chrysantliemum alpinum. Alpine Chry- 
arcticum. Niyrthern Chrysanthemum 
atro-coccineum. Scarlet Chrysanthemum 
Burridgcanum. Tricoloured Ox-eye Daisy 
carinatum. Tricoloured Chrysantheimtm 
coronarium and vars. Crown Daisy, Old 
Garden Chrysanthemum, Sicilian Chry- 
frutescens. Marguerite, Paris Daisy 
indicum. Indian Chrysanthemum. 
inodorura. Scentless Chrysanthemum 
lacustrc. Marsh Fever-few, Marsh Ox-eye 

Leucanthemum. Big, Bull, Dog, Horse, 
Moon, or Ox-eye Daisy, Fspihawn, Horse 
Gowan, Large White Gowan, Mathes, 
Mawther, Midsummer Daisy, Moon- 
flower, Moon-penny, WInte Hot hoi. White 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


ClirysantliemurQ millefoliatum. Tansy- 
leaved Chrysanthemum 
montanum. 3Iountam Chrysanthemwn 
Parthenium. Feverfew Chrysanthemum 
segetum. Bigold, Boodle, Btiddle, Corn, 
Field, or Wild Marigold, Gill Goman, 
Chile Goman, Golden or Yellow Corn- 
flower, Golds, Goldins, Tellowby 
sinense and vars. Common Garden Chry- 
Chrysobactron Hookeri. Hooker's Golden- 
Chrysobalanus ellipticus and C. luteus. 
Pigeon Plum, of Sierra Leone 
Icaco. West Indian Cocoa-plutn 
Chrysocoma latifolia. Broad-leaved Goldi- 
Linosyris. Comni07i Goldilocks 
Chrysophyllum Buranheim. Monesia- 
Cainito. W. Indian Star-apple 
oliviferum. Damson-plum, of the West 
Indies, Wild Star-apple 
Chrysopsis Mariana. Golden Aster, of 

Pennsylvania, Maryland Golden-star 
Chrysosplenium. Golden Saxifrage 
alternifolium. Alternate - leaved Golden 

oppositifolium. Opposite - leaved Golden 
Chrysostemma. Golden- Crown 
Cibotiura Barometz. Scythian Lamb, Tar- 
tarian Lamb 
regale. Chignon Fern 
Cicca disticha. Otaheite Gooseberry 
Cicer arietinum. Calavanche, Chick-pea, 
" Chola,'' of India, Egyptian Pea, Gram, 
Cichorium Endivia. Endive 

Intybus. Chicory, Succory, Witloof 
Cieuta maculata. Beaver -poison, Mus- 
quash-root, Spotted Com-bane 
virosa. Common Cow-bane, Water Hem- 
Cimieifuga americana. Amcrica7h Bug- 
fcetida. Fetid Bug-bane 
racemosa. Black Snake-root, Cohosh, 
Battle-root, Squaw-root 
Cineliona. Jes2iit's-Bark-tree, Peruvian 
Calisaya. Callsaya Bark, or Yellow Cin- 

chona Bark 
latifolia. Calisayo-bark, of Santa F6, or 

Soft Columbian-bark 
officinalis (C. Coudaminea). Loxa Crown 

peruviana. Gray Bark 
Pitayensis. Pitayo-bark 
succirubra. Bed Bark 
Cinclidotus. Lattice-Moss 

fontinaloides. Fountain Lattice-Moss 
Cineraria acanthifolia. Silvery - leaved 
alpina. Alpiyie Cineraria 
(Ligularia) macrophylla. Large - leaved 

maritima. Sea -side Rag-wort, Silvery- 
leaved Cineraria 

Cinna arundinacea. Wood Reed-grass 

Cinnamodendron corticosum. Motmtain 
Cinnamon, of the W. Indies 

Cinnamomum. Several species yield the 
Cassia-Bark of commerce 
Cassia. Chinese Cinnamo7i-tree 
Culiliwan. CidiUyvan Bark-plant 
Malabathrum. Indian, or Malabar, Leaf 
Zeylanicum. Cmnmon Cinnavion-tree 

Circeea Lutetiana. Blnd-weed Night-shade, 
Enchanter's Nightshade 

Cirrhopetalum Caput-Medusse. Medusa's- 
head Orchid 

Cirsium. Horse-thistle, Plmne-thistle 
arvense. Canada Thistle, Creeping Thistle, 

" Cursed Thistle," of N. America 
(Chamaspeuce) Casabonse. Herring-bone 

Dougiasii. Brilliant Thistle 
ferox. '■'■ Cruel Thistle" 
oleraceum. Meadow Distaff 

Cissampelos Pareira. False Parelra-Brava, 
Velvet-leaf, Ice- Vine, Pareira-Brava 

Cissus acida. Sorrel Vine 

antarctica. Kangaroo or Kanguru, Vine 

latifolia. Elephant's Vine 

sicyoides. Bastard Bryony, W. Indian 

venatorum. Sjwrtsman's Climber 

Cistus. Holly-rose, Rock-rose 
albidus. Whitish-leaved Rock-rose 
asperifolius. Rough-leaved Rock-rose 
candidissimus. Canary Island Rock-rose 
Clusii. Clusius's Rock-rose 
corbariensis. Corblcres Rock-rose 
creticus. Cretan Rock-rose 
crispus. Curled-leaved Rock-rose 
Cupanianus. Heart-leaved Rock-rose 
cymosus. Cyme-flowered Rock-rose 
cyprius. Common Gam- Cist^is 
Florentinus. Florentine Rock-rose 
frutescens. Shrubby Rock-rose 
heterophyllus. Various-leaved Rock-rose 
hirsutus. Hairy Rock-rose 
incanus. Hoary Rock-rose 
ladaniferus. Bog- Cistus, Ladanum Gwn- 

latifolius. Broad-leaved Rock-rose 
laxus. Loose-flowered Rock-rose 
laurifolius. Laurel-leaved Rock-rose 
Ledon. Ledon Chvm- Cistus, Many-flowered 

longifolius. Long-leaved Rock-rose 
lusitanicus. Dwarf Rock-rose 
monspeliensis. Montpelier Rock-rose 
oblongifolius. ObloJig-leaved Rock-rose 
obtusifohus. Blunt-leaved Rock-rose 
populifolius. Poplar-leaved Rock-rose 
purpureus. Purple-flowered Rock-rose 
salvitefolius. Sage-leaved Rock-rose 
sericeus. Silky-leaved Rock-rose 
undulatus. Waved-leaved Rock-rose 
vaginatus. Sheathed-stalked Rock-rose 
villosus. SJiaggy Rock-rose 
vulgaris. Common Rock-rose 

Citharexylon. Fiddle-wood, Guitar-wood 
cinereum. Old-woman' s-Bitter 
quadrangular e. Savannah Wattle 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Citriobatus. JVative Oratige, or Orange 

Thorn, of Australia 
Citrullus Colocynthis. Bitter - apjile. 
Bitter Gourd, Colocynth-plant, M,ne-of- 
Sodom (?) 

(Cucuniis) rseudo-colocjTithis. Himalayan 
Citrus acida. Lime-fruit-tree 

Aurantium. Common, or Sweet, Orange- 

Aurantium var. amara. Seville, Bigarade, 
or Bitter Orange 

Aurantium var. mclitensis. Blood, or 
Maltese, Orange 

australis (C. Plaiichoni). Native Orange, 
of Queensland 

australasica. Queeyisland Native Lime- 
fruit Tree 

Bergamia. Bergamot Orange, Lemon 
Bergamot Tree 

buxifolia. Box-leaved Orange 

decumana. Shaddock-tree 

japonica. Kumquat 

javanica. Java Lemon 

Limetta. Adam's Apple, Sweet Lime 

Limonum. Common Lemon-tree 

Lumia. Pear Lemon, Sweet Lemon 

Margarita. Pearl Lemon 

Medjca. Median Lemon 

Medica var. Cedra (C. acida). Citron 

nobilis var. major. Mandarin Orange 

nobilis var. Tangeriana. Tangerine Orange 

Paradisi. Forbidden Fruit, Pomello 

sarcodactylis. Fingered Citron 
Cladium Mariscus. Marsh Saw-grass, 
Shear, or Shere (rrass 

mariscoides. Tn-ig-rush, of N. America 
Cladrastis tinctoria (Virgilia lutea). Yel- 

low-7vood Tree 
Clathrus cancellatus. Lattice Stink-horn 
Claviceps pui-piu-ea. Ergot-of-Bge Fungus 
Claytonia cubensis. Cuban SpitiacJi 

perfoliata. Cubayi Winter-Purslane- 

sibirica. Chinese Chick-meed, Siberian 

virginica. Spring Beauty 
Cleistocactus colubrinus. Snake Cactus 
Clematis fcthusjcfolia. FooVs - Parsley- 
leaved Cl-ematis 

alpina (Atragenc austriaca). Austriun 

aristata. Australian tSupj}le-Jack 

calycina (C. Balcai-ica). Evergreen Cle- 
matis, Minorca Clematis, Winter-Jlower- 
i7ig Clematis 

campanulata. Bell-Jlowered Clematis 

chinensis. Chinrsr Clematis 

cirrliosa. Evergreen Clematis, Spanish 
Traveller's-joy, Spanish }]'ild Cucumber 

coccinea. Scarlet -Jlotvered Clematis 

crispa. Curled-srpaled Clematis 

cylindrica. Cy/lndrieal-flowered Clematis 

Davidiana. David's Clematis 

erecta. Erect Clematis 

Flammula. Sweet-scented Mrgin's-bower 

florida. Large-Jtowered Clematis 

glauca. frlaucous-leaved Clematis 

indivisa lobata. New Zealand Clematis 

Clematis integrifolia. Entire-leaved Cle- 
Jackmanni and vars. Jackman's Clematis 
lanuginosa. Woolly Clematis 
Mossmana. Australian, Virgin' s-bower 
montana. Mountdin C/rmatis 
orientalis. Oriental Clematis 
ovata. Oval-leaved Clematis 
paniculata. Panicled Clematis 
patens. Open-flowered Clematis 
reticulata. Net-veined-leaved Clematis 
Simsii. Sims's Clematis 
tubulosa. Tube-flowered Clematis 
Viorna. Blue Virgin's-Bower, Leather- 
Virginiana. American VirgivC s-bomer 
Vitalba. Bindwith, Biting Clematis, 
Hedge - Vine, Lady's - bower. Maiden's 
Honesty, Old-Man, Old- Man's- Beard, 
Smoke-7VOod, Traveller's Joy, Virgiri's- 
Viticella. Purple Virgiyi's-bower, Vine- 
bower Clematis 
Viticella venosa. Veined Vine-bower Cle- 
Cleom.e. Spider -flower 
cardinalis. Mexican Cardinal-flmcer 
pungens. W. Indiaii Spider-flower 
Clerodendron. Glory-tree 
fragrans. Glory-tree, of China 
Sipbonanthus. Tube-flower 
Clethra. White-Alder Bush 

acuminata. Painted-leaved White-Alder 
alnifolia. Alder-leaved S>veet Pepper- 
bush, Common ^mte-Alder 
arborea. Tree White-Alder 
arborea minor. Smaller Tree White-Alder 
arborea variegata. Variegated Tree White- 
ferruginea. Rusty-leaved J\7iite- Alder 
Michauxi. Michaux's White-Alder 
paniculata. Panicled White-Alder 
scabra. Rough-leaved White-Alder 
tinifolia. Bastard Locust-tree, Jamaica 
Sweet Pepper-bush, Soap-wood, Wild 
Pear, of the W. Indies 
tomentosa. Woolly White- Alder 
Clianthus. Glory Pea, Glory Vine, Parrot- 
beak Plant 
carneus. Glory Pea, of Norfolk Island 
Dampicri. Dampier's Glory Pea, Sturt's 

Desert Pea 
puniceus. Glory Pea, or Parrot' s-bill, of 
New Zealand 
Clidemia. Indian Currant-hush 
Cliffortia ilicifolia. African Evergreen Oak 
Cliftonia ligustrina. Buck-wheat Tree 
Clitox'ia BlaHana. Butterfly -Pea 
Clivia. Cdjjre Lily 

Clusia. Balsam-tree, Card-leaf-tree, Scotch 
A ttor?iey 
alba. Jialsam-Fig, of the W. Indies 
flava. Jamaica Balsam-Fig, or Balsam- 
tree, Fat-Pork, Monhey-Apple, Mountain 
or Wild Mango, Wild Fig 
rosia. /Irilsam Fig, Star-of-night 
Clypeola Jonthlnsi)]. Buckler -Mustard 
Cneorum. Widow-wail 
tricoccum. Spurge Olive, SmoothWidow-rvail 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Cnicus. Plume- Thistle 

Acarna. Yellow Fhime-Tliistle 
benedictus. Blessed Thistle 
Cobaea scandens. Mexican Ivy-plant, Ciips- 

Coceinea indica. Scarlet-fruited Gourd 
Coccoloba. Sea-side Grape-plant 

(Polygonum) adpressa. Macqxiarie Har- 
bour Grape-plant 
diversif olia. Long-leaved, or Small, Pigeon- 

Floridana. Pigeon Plwti 
leoganensis and C. punctata. Small- 
leaved Pigeon-wood 
pubescens. Leather-coat-leaf-tree, of the 

W. Indies 
uvifera. Jamaica-Kino-tree 
Cocculus Bakis. Senegal^root 

Plukenetii and C. tuberosus. Cocculus-indi- 
cus Plant 
Cochlearia Armoracia. Common Horse- 
officinalis. Scurvy-grass, Sjioon-wort 
Cochlospermum Gossypium. Euteera- 

gum-tree, Leaf-Bellows Plant 
Cocos (Acrocomia) aculeata. Prickly- 
butyracea. New Granada Oil-Palm or 

(Acrocomia) fusiformis. Great Macaw- 
guineensis. Small Prichly Cocoa-nut-tree 
nucifera. Cocoa-imit Palm 
oleracea. Iraiha Palm 
schizophylla.' Aricuri or Aracuri Palm 
Codarium. \Vild Tamarind-tree 

acutifolium. Blach, Brown, Velvet, or 
Wild Tamarind, of Sierra Leone 
Codieeum (Croton). South Sea Lav/rel 
Codonorchis. Bell-Orchis 
CofFea arabica. Arabian Coffee-tree 
sibirica. Siberian Coffee-tree 
racemosa. Peruvian Coffee-tree 
Coix Lachryma. Gromwell -Reed, Job's 

Cola acuminata. Cola, Kolla, or Goora-nut 

Coleanthus subtilis. Sheath -flowering 

CJoleus. Flame-Nettle 
aromaticus. Patchouli Plant 
fruticosus. Nettle Geranium 
Colchicum. Meadow-Saffron 
alpinum. Alpiiie Meadom-Saffron 
autumnale. Autumn, Fog, Meadow, 
Michaelmas, or Purple Crocus, Common 
Meadow-Saffron, Naked-Ladies 
Bivonfe. Bivona's Meadow-Saffron 
byzantinum. Byzantine Meadow-Saffron 
chionense. Chian Meadow-Saffron 
Parkinsonii. Parkinson's Cheq^iered Mea- 
speciosum. Giant Meadow-Saffron 
tessellatum. Cheqiiered Meadow-Saffron 
variegatum (C. Agrippinse). Variegated 
CJolletia bictoniensis. Anchor-plant 
CoUinsia bicolor. Two-coloured Collins's- 

Collinsia grandiflora. Large Collins" s-flower 
multicolor. 3Iany -coloured Collins' s-flower 
Collinsonia canadensis. Canadian Horse- 
Mint, Collinson's -flower. Hard-hack, 
Heal-all, Horse-weed, Ox-balm, Rich- 
weed, Stone-root 
Collopbora. Cow-tree, of the Eio Negro 
Colocasia. W. Indian Kale 
antiquorum. Cocoa-root or Coco," Xolcas," 

of the Arabians and Egyptians 
esculenta. Bleeding - Heart, Egyptian 
Ginger, Poe-pilant of the Sandwich Is- 
macrorrhiza. Taro, or Tara-plant, of 
Colophonia Mauritiana. Elemi - Resin- 

plant, of Mauritius 
Colubrina asiatica. W. Indian Hoop- 
ferruginosa. W. Indian Green-heart, or 
Colutea arborescens. Common Bladder- 
omenta. Red-flowered Bladder-Senrm 
Haleppica (C. Pocockii). PococKs Bladder- 
herbacea. Anmial Bladder-Senna 
media. Smaller Bladder-Senna 
nepalensis. Nepaul Bladder-Senna 
Comandra. Bastard - Toad-flax, of N. 

Comarostapliylis. Grit-berry 
Comarum palustre. Bog Strawberry, Cow- 
berry, Marsh Cinquefoil, Meadow-nut, 
Combretum butyrosum. Caffre-Butter 

Guagea. Vegetable-glue-plant 
Comesperma scoparium. Swan River 
volubile. Blue Creeper, or "Love," of 
Cometes alternifolia. Comet-plant 
Commelina. Bay flower 
ccelestis. Blue Spider-wort 
cayennensis. French-weed 
Commersonia Fraseri. Black -fellow's 
Hemp, of Australia 
platypbylla. Brown Kurrajong, of Aus- 
Commidendron rugosum. Chim- shrub, 
or Scrub-wood, of St. Helena 
spurium. Cluster -leaved Gum-tree, Little 
Bastard G\im-wood, or Small-umbelled 
Cabbage-tree, of St. Helena 
Comocladia. Maiden Plum 
dentata. Toothed-leaved Maiden Plum 
integrifolia. Maiden Plum, of Jamaica 
Comptonia asplenif olia. Fern - leaved 

Gale, Shrubby Sweet Fern-bush 
Condalia microphylla. Piquillin-bush 
obovata. Blue Wood, Texan Log-wood 
Conferva segagropila. Moor -balls 

rivularis. Crow-silk, Duck-mud 
Conioselinum canadense. Hemlock-Pars- 
ley, of N. America 
Conium maculatum. Hemlock, Herb Ben- 
Conocarpus erecta. Button-tree, Zaragosa 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Conoelinium coelestinum. Mist-flmver 
Conophallus Titanum. (riant Arum, of 

Conopholis (Orobanche) americana. Can- 
cer-root, Squaw-root 
Conopodium denudatum. Earth Chestnut 
Convallaria (Smilacina) bifolia. Tno- 
Icai'ed Lily-of-the- Valley 
japonica. Japanese Lily-of-the- Valley 
majalis. Common Lily-of-the- Valley, Conval 
Lily, Liricovfincy, May Lily, Mugget 
CJonvolvulus althreoides. Mallow Miid- 
weed, Jliviera Bind-weed 
arvensis. Bear-bind, Common Bind-weed, 

Bine or Bines, Corn-bind, Corn-lily 
bryonifefolius. Bryony-leaved Bind-weed 
cantabricus. Cantabrian Bind-weed 
Cneorum. Shruhby Bind-weed, Silvery 

erubescens. Blushing Bind-weed, of Aus- 
lineatus. Pigmy Bind-weed 
mauritanicus. Blue Bock Bind-weed 
(Ipomfea) Nil. Gay-bine 
panduratus. Man-in-tlte- Ground, or Man- 

in-the-earth. Wild Jalap, Wild Potato 
Scammonia. Scammnny-2)lant 
sepiura. Bear-hind, Bcil-n-iiuJ, Bell-bind, 
Bell Wood-hiiul, DcriVs- Garter, Hedge- 
bells, Hedge Lily 
sepium var. roseus. Rosy-jlowered Bind- 
sericeus. Silky Bind-weed 
Soldanella. Scotch Scurvy-grass, Sea-bells, 
Sea Bind-weed, Sea-coal, Sea Foal-foot 
Conyza squarrosa Ploughnta7i's Spikenard 

rugosa. St. Helena Flea-bane 
Cookia punctata. ^'Wampee"-tree, of China 
Copaifera. Several species yield Balsam of 
Copaiba or Copaiva 
bracteata and C. pubiflora. Pwrple-lwart 

Tree, of Guiana 
Gibourtiana (Qibourtia copallifera). Copal- 
tree, of Sierra Leone 
Mopane. Iron-wood, of E. Tropical Africa 
officinalis. Purple-heart Tree, of the W. 
CJopernicia ccrifora. Carnaiiha Palm, Wax- 
I'alm, of Brazil 
Pumos. Pumos Palm 

tectoruin. " Thatch- Palm," of the \V. Indies 
Coprinus comatus. Maned Mushroom 
Coprosraa. Tasmaman Native Currant 
fcctidissima. Sterile-wood, of Otago 
lucida. Otago Orange-leaf or Looking-glass 
CJoprosmanthus hcrbaccus (Smilax her- 

hacoa). ( 'arriou-flower 
Coptis Teeta. CujJtis Boot, Mishmi- Bitter 
trif oliata. Three - leaved Gold - thread. 
Corallorrhiza. Coral-root Orchid 
innata. Sjnirless Coral-root 
odontorrhiza. Adam-and-Bve, Coral-teeth, 
Crawley, /Jragon's-cla?v 
Corchorus capsularis. Gunny -hag Plant, 
Jute-plant (true) 
olitorius. Jeivs'-Mallom 
siliquosus. Broom-weed 

Cordia CoUococca. Clammy Cherry, of 
Jamaica, Turkey-berry-tree 
cylindrostachya. Black Sage 
elliptica. W. Indian " Man-jack" 
geraschanthoides. Prince-wood, or Spanish 

Ehn, of the W. Indies 
Geraschanthus. Dominica Rose-wood, Pa- 
nama Laurel 
globosa. Gout-Tea, of the W. Indies 
latifolia. "Sebestens Plum" 
macrophylla. Broad-leaved Clierry, or 

Manjack, of the W. Indies 
Myxa. " Assyrian Plum," " Sebestens 
Plum" This tree is supposed to have 
supplied the Mummy -case-wood of the 
subcordata. Tow-tree, of Tahiti 
Cordiceps. Cat erpiUar-Fungus 
Cordyline. Club Palm, Palm-Lily 

(Dracaena) australis and C. indivisa. Cab- 
bage-Palm, or Ti-plant, of New Zea- 
Jacquini var. rosea. Chiiiese Fire-leaf 
Corema (Empetrum) Conradii. Broom 
lusitanicum. Portugal Crake-berry 
Coreopsis. Tick-seed 

auriculata. Ear-leaved Tick-seed 
grandiflora. Large-flowered Tick-seed 
lanceolata. Lance-leaved Tick-seed 
philadelphica. Philadelphian Tick-seed 
prfecox. Early Tick-seed 
senifolia. Six-leafleted Tick-seed 
tenuifolia. Slender-leaved Tick-seed 
tinctoria. Dyers' Tick-seed 
trichosperma. Tick-seed Sun-flower 
verticillata. Whorled-leaved Tick-seed 
Coriandrura sativum. Common Coriander 
Coriaria myrtifolia. Myrtle-leaved Tan- 
ner' s-tree 
nepalensis. Kepaul Tanner' s-tree 
ruscifolia. 'Tutu-poison-plant, or " Toot- 

2)lant," of New Zealand 
sarmentosa. Wiiie-berry -shrub, of New 

thymifdlia. New Zealand Ink-jdant 
Corispernium liy.ssopifolium. Bug-seed 
Cornieularia jubata. Horse-hair Lichen, 

Cornucopiaa cucuUatum. Ilorn-of- Plenty - 

Cornus. Cornel-tree, Dog-wood 
alba. White-berried Dog-wood 
alternifolia. Alternate-leaved Dog-wood 
asperifolia. Bough-leaved Dog-wood 
canadensis. Bunch-berry, Dwarf Cornel, 

capitata. Jfended-flowercd Dog-wood 
circinata. Bound-leaved Dog-wood 
florida. Box-wood, of N. America, False 
Jlox-wood, Flowering Dog-wood, Green 
Osier of N. America 
grandis. Tall Mexican Dog-wood 
niacroi)hylla. Large-leaved Dog-wood 
mascula. Cvrnelian Cherry, Male Dog- 
oblonga. Oblong-leaved Dog-wood 
paniculata. Panicled-flowered Dog-wood or 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Ck)ruus sanguinea. Catteridge-tree, Common 
Cornel, Common Dog-wood, Dog-berry, 
Dog-cherry, Dog-tree, Gadrise, Gaiter or 
Gatter-tree, Hound-berry Tree, Peg-wood, 
Prich-mood, Skewer-wood 
sericea. Blue-berried Dog-wood, Kinni- 

kinnik. Silky Dog-wood or Cornel 
sibirica. Siberian Scarlet Dog-wood 
stolonifera. Red Osier Dog-wood 
stricta. Stiff Cornel, Upright-branched 

suecica. Dwarf Cornel, Dma/rf Honey- 
suckle, Plant-of- Gluttony 
Coronilla. Crown- Vetch 
Emerus. Scorjiion Senna 
iberica. Iberian Crown- Vetch 
juncea. Push-stemmed Crown- Vetch 
minima. Least Crown-Vetch 
montana. Ilountain Crown- Vetch 
valentina. Small Shrubby Crow7i- Vetch 
varia. Rosy-flowered Crown-Vetch 
Correa speciosa. Fuchsia, of Australia 
CJorrigiola littoralis. Bastard Knot-grass, 

Shore Strap-wort 
CJortusa. Alpine Sanicle 
Matthioli. Bear's-ear Sanicle 
pubens. Downy Sanicle 
Coryanthes. Helmet-Orchid 

speciosa. Brazilian Helmet-flower 
Corydalis (Fumaria) aurea. Golden Fume' 
bulbosa (C. solida). Solid-rooted Fume- 
cava (C. tuberosa). Hole-wort or Hollow- 
wort, *' Hollow Leek " 
cava var. albiflora. White-flowered Fu/me- 

(Fmnaria) claviculata. Climbing Fu/mitory 
f ormosa. Stagger-weed, Tii/rkey- Corn, Wild 

glauca. Colic-weed, Pale Fume-wort 
Ledebom'iana. Ledebour's Fume-wort 
(Fumaria) lutea. Yellow-floivered Fumitory 
Marschalliana. MarschalVs Fume-wort 
nobilis. Great-flowered Fume-wort 
solida (Fumaria bulbosa). Solid-rooted 

tuberosa (C. cava). Hollow Leek, Hollow- 
root or Hollow -wort. Hollow-rooted 
Corylus. Hazel or Hazel-nut Tree 
americana. American Wild Hazel 
algeriensis. Mount Atlas Hazel 
Avellana. Hale-nut, or Common Hazel-nut- 
tree, Nut Bush, Wood-nut 
Avellana var. barcelonensis. Barcelona 

or Spanish Nut-tree 
Avellana var. crispa. Frizzled Filbert 
Avellana var. glomerata. Cluster Nut 
Avellana var. grandis. Cob-nut 
Avellana var. laciniata. Cut-leaved Fil- 
Avellana var. Lamberti, Lambert's, Large 

Bond, Spanish, or Taker Nut 
Avellana var. purpurea. Purple-leaved 

Avellana var. tenuis. Cosford or Thin- 

ihelled Nut 
Avellana var. tubulosa. Red Filbert 

Corylus Avellana var. tubulosa alba. White 
Colurna. Constantinople Hazel 
heterophylla. Japan Hazel 
rostrata (C. cornuta.) Beaked or Cuckold 
Hazel, of N. America 
Corynephorus. Club-grass 
Corynocarpus Ifevigatus. Church - tree, 
Karaka-nut, or Kopi-tree, of New Zea- 
land, New Zealand Lau/rel 
Corypha australis. Cabbage-tree, or Cab- 
hage-Palm, of Australia 
Gebanga. Gebang Pahn 
Talicra. Taliora or Tara Palm 
umbraculifera. Great Fan-Palm, Talipot 
Cosmos (Bidens) atropurpureus. Black 
bipinnatus. Pwple Mexican Aster 
Costus. Wild Ginger, of the W. Indies 
Cotoneaster. Quijice-leaved Medlar, Rose- 
acuminata. Pointed-leaved Cotoneaster 
affinis. Allied Cotoneaster 
buxifolia. Box-leaved Cotoneaster 
frigida. Momitain Cotoneaster 
laxiflora. Loose-flowered Cotoneaster 
microphylla. Small-leaved Cotoneaster 
Nummularia. Money -wort-leaved Coton- 
rotundifolia. Round-leaved Cotoneaster 
tomentosa. Woolly Cotoneaster 
vulgaris. Common Cotoneaster, Dwarf- 

Quince-leaved 3fedlar 
vulgaris var. erythrocarpa. Red-fruited 

vulgaris var. melanocarpa. Black-fruited 
Cotyledon Umbilicus. Common Navel-wort, 
Corn-leaves, Hip- wort, Kidney-wort, 
Wall Penny-grass, Penny-leaf or Penny- 
wort, Venus's Navel-wort 
Couroupita (Lecythis) guianensis. Can- 

Cowania mexicana. Mexican Cliff-Rose 
Crambe. Cole-wort, Kale 

cordifolia. Heart-leaved Cole^wort 

fruticosa. Shrubby Cole-wort 

juncea. Rushy Cole-wort 

maritima. Sea Cabbage, Sea Cole-wort, 

palmatiiida. Large - leaved Ornamental 

tatarica. Tartar-Bread-plant 
Crassula. Thick-leaf 
Crataegus. Haw-thorn 
aestivalis. American May, or Apple-Haw 
apiifolia. American Parsley-leaved Tliorn 
Ajonia. Aronia Tliorn 
Azarolus. Azarole Thorn, Neapolitan 

Medlar, Parsle^j-leaved Haw-thorn 
cordata. Maple-leaved Thorn, Washington 

crenulata. Scalloped-leaved Haw-thorn 
Douglasii. Douglas's Haw-thorn 
flava. Summer Haw, Yellow-fruited 

glandulosa. Glandular Thorn 
glauca. Glaucous Evergreen Tliorn 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Crataegus heterophylla. Various-leaved 

latifolia. Fontaineileau TJiorn 

lobata. Lohed-leaved Thorn 

macrantha. Long-seined Thorn 

maroccana. Morocco Thorn 

mexicana. Mexican TJiorn 

nigra. Black-fruited Thorn 

orientalis. Eastern Thorn 

ovalifolia. Oval-leaved Thorn 

Oxyacantha. Azzy-tree, Bird-Eagles, Com- 
mon Ham-thorn, May or May-hush, 
Quick or Quick-set Thorn, White-thorn 

Oxyacantha plena. Bauble Wliite Saw- 

Oxyacantha var. coccinea. Scarlet Haw- 

Oxyacantha var. coccinea plena. Double 
Scarlet Haw-thorn 

Oxyacantha var. pendula. Weejnng Haw- 

Oxyacantha var. prajcox. Glastonbury 
Thorn, St. Joseph of Arimathea's Thorn 

Oxyacantlia var. rosea. Pink-flowered 

Oxyacantha var. rosea plena. Double Pink 

parvifolia. American Dwarf Thorn, Ooose- 
berry-leaved Ham-thorn 

prunifolia. Plum-leaved Thorn 

punctata. Dotted-fruited Thorn 

purpurea. Pwrple-branched Thorn 

Pyracantha. Christ's Thorn, Egyptian 
Thorn, Evergreen Thorn, Fire-bush, 

Pyracantha fructfl-albo. White-berried 

pyrifolia. Pear-lea/wed Thorn 

epathulata. Spathulate-leaved Thorn 

tanacetifolia. Tansy-leaved Haw-thorn 

tomentosa. American Black-thorn or 

trilobata. Three-lobed-leaved Thorn 

virginica. Virginian Thorn 
Crateeva gynandra and C. Tapia. Garlic 

CraAArfurdia japonica. Climbing Gentian 
Crepis. Hnvk's-beard 

aurea. Golden HawKs-beard 

biennis. Bough Hawk's-beard 

fcetida. Fetid HawTHs-beard 

hieracioides. Hawk-weed, Hamk's-beard 

paludosa. Marsh Hamk's-beard 

rubra. Bed-flomered Hamk's-beard 

taraxacifolia. Beaked Hamk's-beard 

virens. Smooth Hamk's-beard 
Crescentia. Calabash-tree 

Cujete. Jamaica or Oval-fruited Calabash- 
Crinum angustifolium. Narrow-leaved 
Queensland Lily 

asiaticuni. Asiatic Poison-lndb 

au.stralo (C. pedunculatum). Murray Lily 

capensc. Cape Lily 

giganteum. Large African Lily 

longifolium. Bengal Lily 

spcctabile. Cape Coast TJly 
Crithmum maritimum. Crest-marine, Peter's 

Cress, Sa7nphire, Sea-Fenn/^l 
Crltho .Tgiceras. JVepaul Barley 

Crocus Aucheri (C. Olivieri). Aucher's 

biflorus. Scotch Crocus, Two-flowered 

Boryanus. WTiite Autumn Crocus 
Byzantinus. Byzantine Crocus 
cancellatus. Cross-barred Crocus 
Cartwrightianus. Cartwright's Croaut 
Clusii. Clusius's Crocus 
dalmaticus. Dalmatian Crocus 
Damascenus. Damascus Crocus 
Elwesi. Elmes's Crocus 
etruscus. Tuscan Crocus 
Fleischer!. Fleischer's Crocus 
Hadriaticus. Adriatic Crocus 
Imperati. Imperati's Crocus 
Kotschyanus. Kotschy's Crocus 
lacteus. Cream-coloured Crocus 
lagenaeflorus. Bottle-flmvered Crocus 
longiflorus. Long-flomered Crocus 
luteus. Common Yellow Crocus 
medius. Intermediate Crocus 
minimus. Pigmy Crocus 
nudiflorus (C. multifidus). Xaked-flowered 

obscurus. Dark-flowered Crocus 
ochroleucus. Stram-colo^ired Crocus 
odorus. Sicilian Saffron, Smeet-scented 

Orphanidesi. Orphanides' Crocus 
peloponnesiacus. Moreayi Crocus 
pulchellus. Mount Athos Crocus 
pusillus. Dmarf Crocus 
reticulatus (C. susianus). Cloth-of-Gold 

Saltzmannianus. Saltzmann's Crocus 
sativus. Common Saffron-plant, Saffron 

serotinus (C. autumnalis). Late-blooming 

Sieberi (C. nivalis). Sleber's Crocus 
speciosus. Large Autumn Crocus 
stellaris. Star-flawered Crocus 
sulphurous. Sulphur-flowered Crocus 
vernus. Spring Crocus 
vernus var. niveus. White Spring Crocus 
versicolor. Various-coloured Crocus 
Wel<leni. Wehlen's Crocus 
Crotalaria. Castanet-plant, Rattle-wort 
arborescens. Cape Battle-snake-plant 
juncea. Bengal Hemp-plant, Sunn-Hemp 
sagittalis. Battle-box 
tenuifolia. Juhbulpore Hemp-plant 
Croton balsamiferum. Sea-side Balsam, 

Sea-side Sage 
Cascarilla (C. Eleuteria). Cascarilla-Bark 

Tree, W. Indian Sweet-rvood, Wild Rose- 
mary of Jamaica 
Havens. Yellom Balsam 
gossypifolium. Blood-tree 
humilo. Pepper-rod 
(Aleuritcs) lacciforum. Gum-Lac Tree 
lucidum. False Bahama Cascarilla 
Malambo. Malavibo, or Matius-bark-tree 
niveum. Copalchi-Bark-j)la nt 
Pseudo-China. Mexican Copalchi-plant 
sebifenim. Tallow-tree 
Ploaiiei. Jamaica Cascarilla 
Tiglium. Croton-oil-plant 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Croton (Chrozophora) tinctorum. Dyers' 
Litmus-plant, or Turnsole 
variegatum. Variegated Laurel of India 
Verreauxii. Queensland Poison-tree 
Crucianella. Cross-wort, Petty Madder 
maritima. Sea-side Cross-wort 
stylosa. Large-styled Cross-wort 
Crupina. Starry Scabious 
Cryptocarya. Australian Nutmeg 

(Laurus) australis. Moreton. Bay Laurel 
glaucescens. Laurel of N. S. Wales 
moschata. Brazilian Nutmeg-tree 
Cryptostegia grandiflora. India-rubber 
madagascariensis. Madagascar Caout- 
Cryptostemma calendulacea. Cape-meed 

of Australia 
Cryptotaenia canadensis. American Hone- 
Ctenium americanum. Tooth-acTie-grass 
Cubeba officinalis. Cubei or Java Pepper 
Cucubalus bacciferus. Berry - bearing 

Cucumis. Cucwniler, Melon 
Anguria. Prickly -fruited Gherkin- Cucum- 
Chate. Hairy Cucumber 
cicatrisatus. " Wungee" -plant 
CitniUus. Water-melon 
(CitruUus) Colocynthis. Bitter Apple, 

Conomon. " Connemon " of Japan 
Dudaim Apple Cucumber, Cucumiber 

Vine, Siveet-scented Melon 
flexuosus. Snake- Cucumber 
Melo. Common Melon 
prophetarum. Globe- Cuciimiber 
sativus. Common Citcit/niber 
Cucurbita. Gourd, Pumpkin, Squash 
aurantiaca. Mock- Orange Gourd 
(Benincasa) cerifera. Wax Gourd, White 

grossularioides. Gooseberry Gourd 
maxima. Crreat Pumpkin, Winter Squash 
Melopepo. Elector' s-cap Gourd, Jerusalem- 
artichoke Gourd, Melon-jjumpkin Squash 
ovifera. Vegetable Marrow 
ovifera var. Succada. Succade Gourd 
Pepo. Common Pumpkin, Summer Squash 
perennis. Perennial Gourd 
verrucosa. Lojig Squash 
Culcitium. Cushion-plant, or Lion's-ear, 

of the Andes 
Cuminum Cyminum. Cumin, or Cummin- 
CJunila Mariana. American Dittany 
Cunonia capensis. Red Alder, of the Cape 
Cupania. Loblolly -wood, of Jamaica 
americana. Chestnut, of the Antilles 
anacardioides. Brush-Deal, of Queens 

australis. Tamarind-tree, of Australia 
zylocarpa. Queensland Marsh Hickory 
Cuphea eminens. Cigar-flower 
Jorullensis. Beetle-Sage 
Bilenoides. Catch-fly Loose-strife 
viscosissima. Blue Wax-Bush or Wax- 

CupresBVis. Cypress 

disticha. Deciduous Cypress 
excelsa. Tall Guatemala Cypress 
funebris. Funereal Cypress 
Goveniana. Gowen's Californian Cypress 
Lawsoniana (C. fragrans). Ginger Pine, 
Oregon White Cedar, Port Orford Cedar 
lusitanica. 'Cedar of Goa 
lusitanica var. pendula. Cedar of Bussaco, 

Portugal Cypress 
macrocarpa. Monterey Cypress 
Nutkaensis. Nootka Sound Cypress 
sempervirens. Common Pyramidal Ever- 
green, or Italian Cypress 
sempervirens var. horizontalis. Horizontal 

sempervirens var. stricta. Upright Cypres» 
thurifera. Incense-bearing Mexican Cy- 
thyoides. White Cedar 
torulosa. Bhotan Cypress 
Whitleyana. Upright Indian Cypress 
Curatella americana. Sand-paper-tree 
Curcas multifidus. Jatropha, or Pinhoen- 
purgans. Barbadoes Nut^plant, Jatro- 
pha, Napala, or Physic-nut-oil-plant 
Cureuligo. Weevil-plant 
Curcuma Amada. Amada, or Mango, Gin- 
angustifolia. E. Indian Arrow-root-plant 
aromatica. Wild Turmeric-plant 
longa. Common Turmeric-plant 
Zedoaria. Round Zedoary 
Zerumbet. Long Zedoary 
Curtisia faginea. Assagay, Assegay, or 

Hassagay, Tree 
Cuscuta. Dodder 

capitata. Bengal Dodder 
Epilinum. Flax Dodder, Wild Flax 
Epithymum. Hell-weed, Small Dodder, 

Thyme Dodder 
europ^a. Greater Dodder, Hell -weed, 

Trifolii. Ail-weed, Clover Dodder 
Cyanantlius incanus. Hoary-leaved Oya- 
lobatus. Lobed-leaved Cyananth 
Cyathea arborea. Tasmanian Cup-Fern 
Burkei. Burke's Tree-Fern 
dealbata. Silvery Tree-Fern 
meduUaris. Black-stemmed Tree-Fern, 
Gray Tree-Fern 
Cyatliodes Oxycedrus. Prickly Cedar, or 

Sharp Cedar, of Van Dieman's Land 
Cycadeae. Fern-Palms 
Cycas circinalis. Sago-Palm, of the E. Indies 
revoluta. Fern-Palm, or Sago-Palm, of 
Cyclamen. Apple-of-the-Earth, DilTwte, 
africanum (C. algeriense macrophyllum). 

Large-leaved Cyclamen 
Atkinsii. Atkins's Cyclamen 
Coum. Round-leaved Cyclamen 
Coum album. White-flowered Round- 
leaved Cyclamen 
Coum vernum (C. Coum zonale). Varie- 
gated Round-leaved Cyclamen 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Cyclamen europajum. Bleed'nig Nwi, Ev/ro- 
j)ean or Common Cyclamen, Sojv-hread 
hederaBfolium. Ivy-leaved Cyclamen 
ibericum. Iberian Cyclamen 
Neapolitanum. Neapolitan Cyclamen 
persicum. Persian Cyclamen 
vernum (C. repandum). Spring Cyclamen 
Cyclanthera pedata. Climlnng Cucxumher 
Cyclobothra pulchella. Golden Star 

Cycloloma platyphyllum (Salsola platy- 

phylla). Winged Pig-weed 
CJyclopia genistoides. Bush-Tree, of the 

Cycnoches. Sn-an-neck, Swan-wort 

Loddigesii. Swan-flower, of Surinam 
Cydonia vulgaris. Common Quince-tree 

vulgaris var. lusitanica. Portugal Quijice 
Cyminosraa oblongifolium. Yellom-wood, 

of Moreton Bay 
Cymopterus montanus. Gamote, of New 

Cynanchum acutum. Montpelier Sca/ni- 

mony -plant 
Cynara Cardunculus. Cardoon, Prickly 
Scolymus. French Artichoke, Globe Arti- 
Cynodon Dactylon. Bahama Grass, Ber- 
muda Grass, Dog's-tooth Grass, Boob 
Grass, Doorda, or Doorwa-grass, of India 
Cynoglossum. Hound' s-tongue 
alpinum. Alpine Hound' s-tonyue 
cheirifolium. Stock-leaved Hnmd' s-tongue 
montanum (C. sylvaticum). Green Hound' s- 

Morisoni. Beggar's-lice 
officinale. Common Dog' s-tongue oi Hound's- 

tongue, Gipsy-flower 
virginicum. Wild Comfrey, of N. America 
Cynomorium coccineum ( " Fungus meli- 

tensis"). Scarlet Mushroom, of Malta 
Cynorchis. Dog- Orchis 
Cynosurus cristatus. Dog's-tail, or Dog's 
Grass, " Traneen " Grass 
echinatus. Cock's-oomb Grass 
indicus. Bast Indian Wire-grass 
corymbosa. E. Indian Matt i7ig- Grass 
elegans. Knife-leaved Ilxish-plant 
esculentus. " Chufa," Earth, or Ground 

Almond, Edible llush-md 
longus. Cypress-root, Galangale, Galingale, 

Sweet Cypress 
proliferus. " Tagasaste "-jylant 
rotundus var. Hydra. Nut-grass, or liush- 

nut, of N. America 
tegetum. Galingale Hush 
Cypripedium. Lady's Slipper, Moccason 
or Moccasin Flower 
acaulc. Sfeinlrss Lady's-slipper 
arietinum. Ram's-head Lndy's-sllpprr 
barbatuin. Bearded Lady's-^Vipprr 
candidiim. Small White Lady's-slipper 
caudatuni. Long-tailed Lady's-slipper 
guttatum. Hardy Spotted Lady's-slipper 
humile. Noah's Ark 
insigne. Twin-Jlowered Lady's-slipper 
Irapeanum. Mexican Lady's - slipj^cr, 

CJypripedium japonicum. Japanese Lady's- 
macranthum. Siberian Lady's-slipper 
niveum. Snoiv-white Lady's-slipper 
parviflorum. Small Yellorv Lady's-slipper 
pubescens. Large Yellow Lady's-slipper, 
American Valerian, Nerve-root, Noah's 
Ark; Umbel, Yellorv Mocoasln-flower 
spectabile. Showy Lady's-slipper 
Cystopteris alpina. Alpine Bladder-Fern 
angustata. Narrow-fronded Bladder-Fern 
dentata. Toothed Bladder-Fern 
fragilis. Brittle Bladder-Fern 
montana. Mountain Bladder-Fern 
Cytisus. Milk-Trefoil, Shrub-Trefoil, Tree- 
Adami. Adam's Labrirnwn 
albidus. Whitish-flowered Laburnum, 
albus. Portugal Lalrarnum 
alpinus. Scotch Laburnum 
Ardoinii. Pigmy Laburrmni 
argenteus. Silver-leaved Laburnum 
austriacus. Aiistrian Laburnum 
biflorus. Two-flowered Laburnum 
calycinus. Large-calyxed Laburnum 
capitatus. Cluster-flowered Lalrurnwm 
ciliatus. Frlnged-podded Laburnii/m 
falcatus. Sickle-podded Laburnum 
fragrans. Sweet-scented Laburnuvi 
grandiflorus. Large-flowered Lalnirnum 
hirsutus. Hairy Laburnum 
incarnatus. Flesh-coloured Lahirnum, 
Laburnum. Common Bean-Trefoil, Com- 
mon Laburnum, False Ebony, Golden 
Chain, Golden-rain, He Broom 
Laburnum var. pendulus. Weeping La- 

laniger. Woolly Laburman 
leucanthus. White-flowered Laburnum 
mollis. Soft-leaved Laburnuvi 
multiflorus. Many-flowered Laburnum 
nanus. Dwarf Laburjium 
nigricans. Black-rooted Broom 
nubigenus. 7'enerlfle Broom 
orientalis. Oriental Laburnum 
patens. Spreading Laburnum 
polytrichus. Many-haired Laburmim 
proliferus. Proliferous Laburnum 
purpureus. Purple-flowered Laburmtm 
raceniosus. Evergreen Laburnum 
(Sarothamnus) scoparius. Common Broom 
serotinus. Late-flowering Laburnum 
sessiliflorus. Stalkless-floivered Lalmriium 
spinosus. Prickly Laburimm 
HU])inus. Trailiny Broom 
tritlorus. Threr-Jlowered Lalmrnnm 
Cyttaria Darwinii. Beech Fungtti 

sp. Edible Tree-fungus, of Tierra del 

Dabeocia (jrcnziosia) polifolia. Irish, or 
St.. Dabeoc's, Heath 
(Mcnzic^ia) var. alba. Whitc-flomered 
Irish Heath 
Dacrydium cupressinura. Imou Pine^ 
Bed Pine or Spriice, Rimu-tree, of 
New Zealand 
Franklini. Huon Piiu} 
Dacryodes hexandra. Dominica Gum-tree 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Dactylis glomerata. CocKs-foot Grass, 
Derv Grass, Hard Grass, Orchard Grass, 
Stick]/ Grass 
glomerata var. aurea. Goldeii-edged CocKs- 
foot Grass 
Dactyloctenium. Comi Finger-grass 

asgyptiacum. Egyptian Grass 
DsBinonorops. Rope-Palm 
Dablia (Georgina) coccinea. Scarlet Dahlia 
imperialis. Giant or Tree Dahlia, Im- 
perial Dahlia 
scapigera. Long-flomer-stemmed Dahlia 
superflua (vars. of). Florists' Dahlia 
Yuarezi. Cactus- Dahlia 
Dais cotinifolia. African Button-floner 
Dalbergia Brownei. W. Indian May-floner 
latifolia. East Indian Black-mood or 

Ebony-tree, East Indian Rose-wood 
Melanoxylon. Senegal Ebony-tree 
nigra. Brazilian Rose -wood, Caviuna- 

wood-tree, Rose-wood of commerce 
sissoides. East Indian Rose-mood 
Sissoo. Sissoo-wood, or Sissu?n-wood 
Dalibarda repens (D. violasoides). False 

Dammara. Wax Pine 

(Agatliis) australis. Kauri, Kawrie, or 
Kowrie Pine-tree, New Zealand Copal- 
(Agathis) loranthif olia. Aviboyna Pitch-tree 
oriental! s. Aviboyna Pi7ie, Dammar Pine 
ovata. New Caledonia Kauri Pine 
robusta (D. Brownii). Dundathe Pine, 
Queensland Kauri Pine 
Daniellia thurifera. Bumbo, or Bungo- 
tree. Frankincense-tree, of Sierra Leone 
Danthonia. Wild Oat-grass, of North 
penicillata. Wallaby- Grrass 
Btrigosa. Bristle-pointed Oat 
Daphne alpina. Alpine Daphne 
altaica. Altaian Daphne 
Auckland!^. Lady Auckland's Daphne 
cannabina (D. papyracea). Indian-paper- 

chinensis. Chinese Daphne 
Cneorum. Garland Flower 
coUina. Neapolitan Daph')ie 
Fortunei. Fortune's Daphne 
Gnidium. Flax-leaved Daphone 
indica. Indian Daphne 
indica var. rubra. Red-fiowered Indian 

japonica. Japan Daphne 
Lagetta. Lace-bark Tree 
Laureola. Copse Laurel, Dwarf Bay, 

Spurge Laurel, Wood Laii^el 
Mezereum. Dwarf Bay, Meter eon. Mys- 
terious Plant, Spurge-Flax, Spurge- Olive 
neapolitana. Neapolitan Daphne 
odora. Sweet-scented Daphne 
odora variegata. Variegated Daphne 
oleoides. Olire-leaved Daphne 
pontica. Pontic Daphne 
pubescens. Downy Daphne 
rupestris. Rock Daphne 
salicifolia. Willow-leaved Daphns 
sericea. Silky Daphne 
striata. Streaked-barked Daphne 

Daphne Tarton-raira. " Herb Terrible," 
Silvery -leaved Daphne 
Thymelsa. Smooth-leaved Da])hne 
tinifolia. Bonnace, or Burn-nose-Tree, of 

viridiflora. Green-flowered Daphne 
Daphnidostaphylis glauca. Red Bark, of 

Darlingtonia Californica. Californian 

Dasystoma. False Fox-glove 
Datisca cannabina. Cretan Hemp-plant 

hirta. American False Hemp 
Datura alba. East Indian Thorn-apple 
arborea. Tree Thorn-apple 
ceratocaula. Horn-stalked Thorn-apple 
fastuosa. Ptirple-flowered Thorn-apple 
ferox. Long-spined Thorn-apple 
Metel. Downy Thorn-apple 
Stramonium Apple-peru, Common Thort^ 
apple. Devil's- trumpet, Dewtry, James- 
town-weed. Stink-weed 
Tatula. Blue-flowered Thorn-apple 
Daucus Carota. Bee's-nest, Bird's-nest, Wild 
Gingidium. Shining-leaved Carrot 
(Caucalis) orientalis. Candy Carrot 
Visnaga. Sjjanish Carrot, or Pick-tooth 
Davallia fijiensis. Fijian Hare's-foot Fern 

Mariesi. Japan Hare's-foot Fern 
Davidsonia pruriens. Queensland Itch- 
Daviesia. Native Hop, of Australia 

latifolia. Native Hop, of Victoria 
Delabeehea rupestris. Bottle - tree, or 

" Gouty-stemmed Tree," of Australia 
Delphinium. Dolphin-flower, Larkspur 
Ajacis and vars. Rocket Larlisjmr 
albiflorum. White-flon-ered Larkspur 
alpinum. Alpine Bee-Larkspur 
azureum. Azure-flowered Larkspu/r 
Beatsoni. Beat son's Larksjnir 
Belladonna. Belladonna Larkspur 
bicolor. Blue-and-white-flowered Larkspw 
cashmerianum. Cashmere Larksjnir 
Consolida. Branching Larksjnir, King's 
Consoimid, Knight's Sjmr, Wild Larkspwr 
elatum. Common Bee-Larksjnir 
elegans. Elegant Larksjnir 
exaltatum. American Bee-Larkspur 
formosum. Showy Larksjnir 
grandiflorum. Large-flowered, or Siberian, 

grandiflorum fl.-pl. Double Siberian Lark- 
grandiflorum var. rubrum. Large Red- 
flowered Larkspur 
hyacinthiflorum. Hyacinth-flowered La/rh- 

intermedium. Intermediate Larkspur 
Keteleeri. Keteleer's Larksjnir 
moschatum. Musk-scented Larkspur 
nudicaule. Dwarf Red Larksjnur 
puniceum. Scarlet-flowered Larksjnir 
Staphisagria. Louse-wort, Stavesacre 
tricorne. Three-sjjurred Dwarf Larksjnvr 
trolliifolium. " Coiv-jwison," of California 
Dendrobium Myosurus. Motise-tail Orchid 
speciosum. Rock-lily, of N. S. Wales 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

DendrocalamuB strictus. Male Bamboo 
Dendromeeon rigid urn. Calif ornian 

Poppy-tree or Tree-Poppy 
Dentaria. American Pepper-root, Tooth- 
bulbifera. Bulh-hearing or Common Tooth- 
mort. Coral -root, tooth -cress, Tooth- 
digitata. Shonnj Tooth-wort 
diphylla. Two-leaved Tooth-wort 
enneapliylla. Nine-leaved Tooth-wort 
pentaphylla. Five-leaved Tooth-wort 
pinnata. Seven-leaved Tooth-wort 
polyphylla. Many-leai-ed Tooth-wort 
triphylla. Three-leaved Tooth-wort 
Dentella repens. Australian Tooth-flower 
Desmodiura. Tick- Trefoil, West Indian 
Aparines. Bed-straw Tick-Trefoil 
canadense. Canadian Tick-Trefoil 
Dilleni. Dillen's Tick-Trefoil 
gyrans. Moving Plant, Telegraph-plant 
japonicum. Japanese Tick-Trefoil 
tortuosum. Cock's-head, of the W. Indies 
Desmoncus macracanthos. Jacitara Palm 
Detarium senegalense. " Dattock" of W. 

Tropical Africa 
Deutzia gracilis. Japanese Snow-flower 
Dialium guineense. Velvet Tamarind, of 
Sierra Leone 
indicum. Tamarind- Phrnn 
Dianella. Flax-Lily, of Australia 

ccerulea. Paroo Lily 
Dianthera americana. American Water- 
repens. Balsam-heri 
Dianthus. Pink 
alpinus. Alpine Pink 
arbuscula. Cliina Tree- Pink 
arenarius. Sand Pink 
Armeria. Deptford Pink 
atro-rubens. Dark-red Italian Pink 
barbatus. London Tuft, Sweet William 
barbatus var. angustifolius. Sweet John 
barbatus var. magnificus. Double Red 

Sweet William 
caesius. Cheddar Pink, Clove Pink, Cliff 

Pink, Mountain Pink 
Carthusianorum. German Pink 
Caryophjdlus. Carnadine, Cariuition, Clove 

Gilly-flower, Clove Pink, Coronation 
Caryophyllus var. fruticosus. Shrubby 

Clove Pink 
caucasicus. Caucasian Pink 
chinensis and vars. Chinese Pink, Indian 

Pink, ''Mignonette" of the French 
collinus. Hungarian Pink 
corsicus. Corsican Pi7ik 
deltoidfs. Maiden Fink 
dentosus. A moor Fink, Toothed Pink 
diadematus. Diadem Pink 
Dunnettii superba. Maroon - coloured 

Fischeri. Fischer's Pi?ik 
floribundus. Free-flowering Pink 
fragnins. Sweet-scented Pink 
glacialis. Glacier Pink 
hispanicus. Spayiish Fink 
Heddewigi. Si7ujle-flowered Japan Pink 

Dianthus Heddewigi var. diadematus. 

Double-flowered Japan Pink 
Heddewigi var. laciniatus. Cut-flmvered 

Japan Pi7ik 
neglectus. Grass Rose Pink 
petrasus. Rock Pink 
pinifolius. Pine-leaved Pink 
plumarius and vars. Common Garden Pink, 

Feathered Pink, Indian Eye, Pheasant's- 

eye Pink 
plumarius var. annulatus. Ringed-flowered 


prolifer. Proliferous Pi7ik 
pungens. Frayra7it White Pink 
ramosissimus. Bush Pink 
ruthenicus. Russian Pink 
Binensis (D. chinensis). Indian Pink 
Buavis. Siveet Pnik 
superbus. Fringed Pi7ik 
sylvestris. Wood Pi7ik 
Tymphresteus. Mt. Tymphrestui Pink 
vaginatus. Sheathed Pink 
versicolor. Colour-clia7igi7ig Pink 
viscidus. Viscid Pink 
Dicentra (Dielytra) canadensis. Squirrel- 

Cucullaria. Breeches -flower, Dutchman's- 

formosa. Co77imon Bleedi7ig- Heart 
eximia. Plumy Bleed i7ig- Heart 
spectabilis. "Locks a7ul Kegs," Seal-flower, 

Sho7vg Bleeding -Heart 
Dichelachne crinita. Australian Mouse 

Diohopsis (Isonandra) Gutta. 6hitta-per- 

Dicksonia antarctica. Tasnia7uan Tree- 

Fern, Woolly Tree-Fer7i 
arborescens. St. Helena Tree-Fern 
(Balantium) Culcita. Cushion-Fern, of 

dissecta. Jamaica Tree-Fern 
lanata and squarrosa. New Zealand Tree- 
pilosiuscula. Hay -scented- Fern 
Dicranum. Fork-Moss 

adiantoides. Maiden-hair Fork-Most 
bryoides. Mu/igo I'ark's Moss 
cerviculatum. Red-7iccked Fork-Moss 
flavescens. Yelloivish Fork-Moss 
fulvellum. Tanmy Fork-Moss 
glaucura. White Fork-Moss 
heteroniallum. Silky-leaved Fork-Moss 
pellucidum. Pellucid Fork-Moss 
scoparium. Broom Fork-Moss 
Dictamnus caucasicus. Caucasian IVaxi- 

Fraxinclla. Burni7i,g Bush, Dittany, 

Fraxinella, Gas-pla7it 
Fraxinclla var. albus. White -flowered 

Dicypelliura caryophj'llatum. Cayenne 

Rose, Clove-bark - tree, Clove Cassia, 

DiefiFenbachia (Caladium) seguina. Dwtnb 

Dielytra. See Dicentra 
Diervilla canadensis (D. trifida). Buth- 


and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Dietes (Iris) bicolor. Butterfly Flag 
Digitalis. Fox-glove 
ambigua. Great Yellow Fox-glove 
grandiflora. Large-flowered, Fox-glove 
lanata. Woolly Fox-glove 
lutea. Small Yellow Fox-glove 
Mariana. Sierra Morena Fox-glove 
obscura. Willon-leaved Fox-glove 
ochroleuca. Cream-coloured Fox-glove 
purpurea. Dead- Men's- Bells, Bloody Fin- 
ger, Common Fox-glove, Fairy Fingers, 
Finger Flower, Flaj) Bock, Lusmore 
Thapsi. 3Iullein Fox-glove 
Digitaria sanguinalis. Red Finger-grass 
Dillenia sarmentosa and D. scabrella. 

Dimorphotlieca pluvialis. Great Cape 

Dioidia teres and D. virginica. Button- 
Dionsea muscipula. Venxhs's Fly-trap 
Dioscorea aculeata. Kaawi Yam 
alata. Bed or White Yam, Uvi Yam 
Batatas. Chinese, or Japanese, Yam 
bulbifera. Yam, of Granada or Guinea 
Nummularia. Money - wort - Yam, Tlvoli 

sativa. Commoji Cultivated Yam 
trifida. Indian Yam 
villosa. American Wild Yam, Colie-root 
Diosraa (Coleonema) alba. African Sleet- 
Diospyros Ebenaster. E. Indian Ehony, 
Omander-ivood, of Ceylon 
Ebenum. Ceylon Ebony 
Embryopteris. TwniTta-oil-plant 
Kaki. Chinese Bate- Plum, Keg-flg of 

Kurzii. Marlle-wood, of the Andaman 

Lotus. European Date-plum 
Mabola (D. discolor). Maholo-tree 
Melanoxylon. Coromandel Ebony-tree 
oppositif olia and D . qussita. Calamander, 

or Coromandcl-wood 
reticulata. Mauritiiis Ebony 
tetrasperma. Pigeon-wood 
Texana. Mcxicaii Persimmon 
virginiana. Persimmoii - tree, Virginian 

virginiana var. pubescens. Downy -leaved 
Virginian Date-Phim 
Diotis maritima. Sea Cotton-weed, Sea 

Dipholis nigra. Bastard-tree or Bastard 
salicifolia. Pigeon-wood, Wliife Bully-tree 
Diphylleia cymosa. Umbrella-leaf 
Diplarrhena Mortea. White Lily, of Tas- 
Diplopappus. Double-bristled Aster 
rigidus. Biyid Double-bristled Aster 
Diplotaxis muralis. Stink-weed 

tenuifolia. Wall-Bocket 
Diplothemium. maritimum. Brazilian 

Coast Palm 
Dipsacus. Teasel, " Vcnus's Bason " 

FuUonum. Draper's Teasel, Fuller's 
Teasel or Thistle 

Dipsacus pilosus. Shepherd' s-rod or Shep- 
herd's-staff. Small Teasel 
sylvestris. Barber's Brushes, Carde Thistle, 
Church Brooms, Shepherd' s-rod. Wild 
Dipterix eboensis (D. oleifera). Eboe Nut- 
odorata. Tojiqtdn Bean-tree 
Dipterooarpus. Several species yield the 
"Wood Oil" of Medicine 
turbinatus. Gurjtm-tree, Wood-oil-]}lant 
Dirca palustris. Leather-wood, Moose-wood 
Disa grandiflora. Table 3Iountain Orchid 
Discaria Toumatou. New Zealand Ham- 
thorn, " Wild Irishman^' of New Zea- 
Discopleura. Mock Bishop-weed 
Disemma (Passiflora) Herbertiana and D. 
coccinea (Passiflora Banksii). Austra- 
lian Passion-flower 
Diuris sulphurea. Dragon' s-head, of Tas- 
Dodecatheon. American Cowslip 

elegans. Elegant-flo7vered American Cow- 
integrifolium. Entire-leaved American 

JefiEreyanum. Giant American Cowslip 
Meadia. Common American Cowslip, 

Meadia var. splendens. Deep rose-coloured 
American Corvslip 
Dodonsea. Native Hop, of Australia 
viscosa. Srvitch-Sorrel, of Jamaica 
Waitziana. Iron-7voud, of Dutch E. Indies 
Dolichos. Hyacinth-Bean 
albus. White Hyacintli-Bean 
bicontortus. Ram's-horn Bean 
biflorus. Horse- Gram 
Catjang. Red Gram 
(Lab-lab) cultratus. Japan Lab-lab 
filiformis. Cat's-claw 
Lab-lab. Egyptian Kidney-Bean, Purple 

(Lab-lab) perennans. White China Lab- 
(Mucuna) pruriens. Horse-eye Bean 
sesquipedalis. Asparagus Bean 
(Vigna) sinensis. Chowlee-plant 
Soya. Chinese Soy-jjlant 
sphasrospermus. Black-eyed Pea, of the 

W. Indies 
tuberosus. Yam Bean 
uniflorus. Horse- Gram 
(Mucuna) urens. W. Indian Cow-itch 
(Lab-lab) vulgaris. Common Lab-lab 
Doliocarpus Calinea. Water-vine, of Guiana 
Dombeya natalensis. Cape Wedding- 
Dondia (Hacquetia, Astrantia) Ex^ipactis. 

Dwarf Master-wort 
Doona zeylanica. Doon-tree, of Ceylon 
Dorema Ammoniacum. Chim Ammonia- 

Doronicum austriacum. Austrian Leo- 
caucasicum. Caucasian Leopard) s-bane 
(Aronicum, Arnica) Clusii. Clusius's Leo- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Doronicum Columnse. Columna's Leo- 

nudicaule. American Leopard' s-hane 
Pardaliancbes. Common, • or Cray-fish, 

Leopard' s-bane 
plantagineum. Plaiitain-leavcd Leopard's- 
DorBtenia Contrayerva. Contrayerva-root- 

plani. South American Snake-root 
Doryanthes excelsa. Australian Giant 

ralmeri. Spear-Lily, of Queensland 
Dorycnium. Venomous Trefoil 

fruticosum. Spear-Pea 
Dorypliora Sassafras. Australian Sassafras 
Draba. Whitlow-grass 

aizoides. Sca-grccn ]]ltitlow-grass 
Aizoon. Hairy-padded. Whitlo?v-grass 
alpina. Alpine WJiitlotc-grass 
aurea. Danish Whithrv-grass 
bcEOtica. Pale-yellow-florvered Whitlow- 

ciliaris. Large Yellow-flowered Whitlotv- 

ciliata. Fringed Whitlow-grass 
cinerea. (rray W7iitlow-grass 
cuspidata. Pointed-leaced Whitlow-grass 
gigas. Large Whitlow-grass 
glacialis. Glacier Whitlow-grass 
lasiocarpa. Woolly-podded Whitlow-grass 
nivalis. Pigmy Whitlow-grass 
rupestris. Pack Mliithov-grass 
Sauteri. Saute/s Whitlow-grass 
stellata. Starry WhitIo}i--grass 
tomentosa. Woollg-lcaved Whitlow-grass 
tridentata. Three-toothed Whitlow-grass 
verna. Common Nail-wort or Whitlo7v- 

violacea. Violet-flowered Wliitlow-grass 
Dracaena. Dragon-plant 

(Cfirdyline) australis. Hardy Dragon- 
plant, New Zealand Dragon-plant, or Ti- 

borealis. Oval-leaved Dragon-jflant 
Draco. Dragon's-blood-tree, Dragon-tree, 

of the Canary Islands 
Goldieana. Zebra-striped Dragon-plant 
(Cordylinc) indivisa. Hardy Dragon-plant 
Dracocephalum argunensc. Argunsh 

austriacuin. Austrian Dragmis-head 
grandiflorum. Betony-leared Dragon's- 

moldavicum. Moldavian Balm 
percgrinum. Prickly -leaved Dragons-head, 

Twin-flowered Dragoii s-head 
Ruyschianuin. Hyssop - leaved Dragon's- 

Dracontium. polypliyllum. Laiaria-plant, 

of Demerara 
Dracopliyllum latifolium and D. Traversi. 

" Nci-Nti "-plant, of New Zealand 
DrepanocarpuB lunatus. S. American 

Drimys aromatica. TasTuanian Pepper-plant 
axillaris. Pepper-shrub, of New Zealand 
dipetala. Pepper-shrub, of N. S. Wales 
Winteri. Winters Bark, or Winter's 


Drosera. Sun-dew 

anglica. Cheat ETiglish Sun-dew 
auriculata. Climbing Sun-dew 
binata. Old-man's Eye-brow 
dichotoma. Douhle-leaved Sun-dem 
filiformis. Thread-leaved Sun-dem 
linearis. Slender Sun-dew 
longifolia. Long-leaved Stm-dew 
rotundifolia. Common or Pound-leaved, 
Sun-dew, Lust-wort, Bed-rot, Youth-wort 
DroBophyllum lusitanicum. Portuguese 

Dryas Drummondi. Yellow -flon-ered 
octopetala. Mountain Avens, White-florv- 

ered Dryad 
tenella. Labrador ^fountain Avens 
Drymaria cordata. W. Indian Chick-weed 
Drymoglossiim.. Wood-tongue 
DryobalanuB aromatica. Camphor-tree, of 

Drypetes glauca. Wild Ora)ige, of the 

W. Indies 
Duboisia Hopwoodii. " Pitchery-bidgery," 
Pitury-shrub, of Australia 
myoporoides. Cork-wood, of N. S. Wales 
Duguetia quitarensis. Lance-wood, of 

Cuba or Guiana 
Duranta. Sky-flower 
Durio zibetliinus. Durian, or Duryon- 

Dysodia chrysanthemoides. Fetid Marigold 
Dysoxylon rufum. Bastard Cedar-pencil- 
wood, of N. S. Wales 

Ecastaphyllum Brownei. W. Indian 

Ecbalium agreste (Momordica Elaterium). 

Squirting Cucumber 
Eccremocarpus scaber. Chilian Glory- 
Echinacea. Black Sampson, Pwrple Cone- 
angustifolia. Narrow-leaved Pwrple Cone- 
Echinaria capitata. Hedge-hog Plant 
Echinocaetus eloctracanthus. Fly Cactus 
myriostigma. Silvery Hcdgr-kog Cactus 
polycephalus. Many-hcad*d Hedgc-lwg 

Simpsoni. Simpson's Hardy Hedge-hog 
Echinochloa Crus-corvi. Crow's-foot Grass 
Echinocystis lobata. Canadian Mock- 
apple, Wild Balsam-apple 
Echinophora spinosa. Prickly Samphire, 

Echinops. Globe-thistle 

bannaticus. Hungarian Globe-thistle 
cxaltatus. Tall Globe-thistle 
Kitro. Small Globe-thistle 
rutlicnicus. Jiussia7i Globe-thistle 
pplia^.roccphalus. Great Globe-thistle 
Ecliinospermum. Stick-seed 
Echites nutans. Ih-ooping Savannah-flfiwer 
Echium. Viper s-Bugloss 

pyreiiaicum. Pyrcnean Viper's- Bughss 
rubruin. Bed-flowered Viper s-Jluglost 
violaccum. Purple Viper' s-Bugloss 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


IBchium vulgare. Blue-meed, of N. America, 
Bugloss, Common Vljjer's-Bugloss, Viper's- 
Ecklonia buccinalis. Ca2)e Trvmpet-Sea- 

meed, Horn-plant 
Eclipta brachypoda. American False Daisy 
Edgeworthia Gardner!. Indian-paper -tree 
Edraianthus Pumilio. Silvery Bwarf 
Pumiliorum. Thrift-leaved Bwarf Hare- 
Edwardsia grandiflora and E. microphylla. 

Neiv Zealand LaMi/rnum 
Ehretia tinifolia. Bastard CJierry, of the 

W. Indies 
Ekebergia capensis. Cajje Ash-tree 
Elseagia utilis. Varnish-tree, or Wax-tree, 

of New Granada 
Elseagnus. Oleaster 

angustifolia. Bohemian or Narrow-leaved 

Oleaster, Wild Olive, Zahkouvi-ail-plant 

argentea. Missouri Silver-berry or Silver - 

tree. Silvery-leaved Oleaster 
parvifolia. Small-leaved Oleaster 
reflexa variegata. Variegated Oleaster 
Elaeis guineensis. " Macaw-fat" of the W. 
Indies, Oil-Palm, of Guinea 
melanococca. Caiane Palm 
Eleeoearpus grandie. Queensland Bracelet- 
Hinau. Hinau, or Hino-tree, of New Zea- 
persicEefolius. New Caledonia Bracelet- 
Elseodendron australe. Olive-mood, of N. 
S. Wales 
croceum. Saffron-wood, of S. Africa 
glaucum. Ceylon Tea-tree 
integrifolium. Olive-wood, of Australia 
orientale. E. Indian Olive-mood Tree 
Elseoselinum. Marsh Parsley 
Elaphorayces. Beer Balls, Hart's Truffles, 

Lycoperdon Nuts 
Elatine. Water-wort 

americana. American Water-wort 
Hydropiper. Small Water Pepper-wort 
Eleoeliaris. Spike-rush 
cffispitosus. Deer's-hair 
Elephantopus. Elephant s-foot 

caroliniensis. Elephant s-f cot, of Carolina 
scaber. Roiigh Elephants-foot 
Elettaria (Alpinia) Cardamomum. Small, 

or Malabar, Cardamoms 
Eleusine coracana. Natchnee-plant, or 
Ragee-plant, of India 
indica. Crah-grass, or Bog's-tail-grass, of 
N. America, Wire-grass 
Elloboearpus oleraceus. Pod-Fern 
Elymus. Lyme-grass, Wild Bye, of N. 
arenarius. Common Lyme-grass 
condensatus. Bimch- grass, of British 
Embothrium spathulatum. Australian 

Waratah Tree 
Embryopteris glutinifera. Wild Mango- 

Emmenosperma alphitonioides. Hlamarra 

Empetrum nigrum. Blach-lerried Heath, 
Crake-berry, Crow-herry, Monox, Mojt- 
naghs, or Moonog Heather 
Encalypta. -Extingitisher Moss 
Encephalartos CafEer. Caffre-Bread 
Endiandra glauca. Teak, of N. S. Wales 

virens. Bat-and- Ball-tree, of N. S. Wales 
Entada. Sword-Bean 

Gigalobium. Sea-side Chestnut-plant 
Purssetha. " Lady-mit ''-tree 
(Mimosa) scandens. Match-box Bean, of 
Queensland, Cacoon or Cocoon, of the W. 
Indies, Scimitar-pod-plant, " W. Indian 
Filbert "-tree 
Entelea arborescens. Mulberry, or Cork- 
tree, of New Zealand 
Epacris. Australian Heath 
exserta. Tasmanian Heath 
grandiflora. Large-flowered Australian 
Eperua falcata. Wallaba-tree, of Guiana 
Ephedra distachya. Great Shriibby Horse- 
tall, Sea- Grape 
monostachya. Small Shrubby Horse-tail 
Epidendrum conopseum. Bartram's Tree- 
Orchid, Florida Tree-Orchid 
macrochilum. Bragon's-mo^Uh Orchid 
Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia, V. aromatica). 
Vanllla-plant, of commerce 
Epigfiea repens. American Groxund-Lav/rel, 
May-flower of New England, Trailing 
Epilobium. Willow-herb 

alpinum. Mountain Willow-herb 
alsingefolium. Chick-meed-leaved Willom- 

angustifolium. Bay-Willom, Blood Vine, 
Blooming Sally, French or Persian 
Willom, Rose Bay, Rose Elder 
angustifolium var. album. White-flomered 

coloratum. American Willow-herb 
Dodontei. Bodoen's Willom-herb 
hirsutum. Apple-pie, Cherry-pie, Codlins- 
and- Cream, Custard-cups, Fiddle Grass, 
Gooseberry -pie 
luteum. Yellom-flomered Californian Wil- 
montanum. Broad-leaved Willom-herb 
obcordatum. Bwarf Californian Willow- 
palustre. Marsh Willow-herb 
parviflorum. Hoary Willow-herb 
roseum. Pale-flowered Willow-herb 
rosmarinifolium (E. angustissimum). Rose- 
mary-leaved Willow-herb 
tetragonum. Square-stemmed Willow-herb 
Epimedmm alpinum. Blshop's-Hat, Com- 
mon Barren-wort 
diphyllum (Aceranthus diphyllus). Two- 
leaved Barren-wort 
macranthum (E. grandiflorum). Large- 
flowered Barren-7vort 
Muschianum. MuschVs Barren-mort 
pinnatum. Large-flomered Barren-mort 
purpureum. Pu,rple-flowered Barren-mort 
violaceum. Violet-flowered Barren-mort 
Epipactis. Helleborlne 

palustris. Marsh Helleborine 


Etigllsh Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Epiphegus virginiana. Cancer-root, Vir- 
ginian Beech-drops, Virginian Broom- 
Epiphyllum. Leaf-flowering Cactus 
truncatum. Common Winter Cactus 
Epipremnum mirabile. Tonga-plant 
Equisetum. Horse-tail, Joint Grass, Pad- 
dock-pipes, Scrub Ifrass 
arvense. Bottle-Brush, False Horse-tail 
hyemale. Dutch Rash, Pewter-wort, Rough 

Horse-tail, Scouring Rush, Shave-grass 
limosum. Smooth Horse-tail 
Mackaii. Mackag's Horse-tail 
maximum. Fox-tailed Asparagus 
Moorei. Moore's Horse-tail 
palustre. Marsh Horse-tail 
ramosum. Long-hranched Horse-tail 
robustum. American Horse-tail 
scirpoides. Dwarf Horse-tail 
sylvaticum. Bottle-Brush, Wood Horse- 
Telmateia. Great Horse-tail 
umbrosum. Blunt-topped Horse-tail 
variegatum. Variegated Horse-tail 
Wilsoni. Wilson's Horse-tail 
Eragrostis elegans. Feather-grass, Love- 
Eranthis hyemalis. Winter Aconite, Win- 
ter Hellebore, Winter Wolfs-hane 
Erechthites liieracifolia (Senecio hieraci- 

folius). American Fire-weed 
Eremochloe. Desert-grass, of California 
Eremopliila. Desert Fuchsia, of Australia 

Mitchelli. Sandal-wood, of Queensland 
Eremostacliys. Desert-Rod 
Erianthus. Woolly Beard-grass 

Ilavennfe. Giant Woollg Beard-grass, 
Erica. Heath 
arborea. " Briar-root," of which pipes are 

made, Tree Heath 
australis. Spanish Heath 
baccans. Berried Heath 
carnea. Spring or Wi>iter Heath 
carnea var. alba. White -flotvered Spring 

carnea var. hibernica. Connemara Heath, 
Black Heath, Carlin Heather, Scotch 
Heatlier, She Heather 
ciliaris. Fringed Heath 
codonodes. Bell-flowered Heath 
mediterranea (E. carnea). Mediterranean 

multiflora. Many-flowered Heath 
polytrichifolia. Polytrichum-leaved Heath 
sicula. Sicilian Heath 
stricta. Upright Heath 
Tetralix. Bell Heath, or Bell Heather, 

Cross-leaved Heath 
vagaiis. Curnish Heath, Moor Heath 
Erigenia bulhosa. Harbinger-of- Spring 
Erigeron acris. Blue-flowered Flea-batw 
alpiniis (E. uniflorus). Mountai7i Flea-bane 
annuus. Daisy Flea-bane, Sweet Scabious 

of N. America 
bellidifoliu.s. Rabin's Plantain 
canadensis. Caiiud'ian Flea-ham', Butter- 
weed, Horse-weed, Pride-weed, Colt's- 

Erigeron glabellus. Smoothish Flea-bane 
glaucus. Glaucous-leaved Flea-bane 
granditiorus. Large-flowered Flea-bane 
(Leptostelma) maximus. Mexican Daisy 
mucronatus. Australian Flea-bane 
multiradiatus. Many -rayed Flea-ban^ 
Roylei. Royle's Flea-bane 
speciosus (Stenactis speciosa). Shomy 

strigosus. Daisy Flea-ban^ 
Erinosma. St. Agnes's-flower 
Eriobotrya (Mespilus) japonica. Loquat, 

or Japan Medlar 
Eriocaulon septangulare. Pipe-wort 
Eriocoma cuspidata. Silk-grass, of N. 

Eriodendron. Silk Cotton-tree 

anfractuosum (Bombax Ceiba). Cabbage- 
mood, Ceiba-tree, God-tree, Silk Cotton- 
tree of the W. Indies 
orieutale. East Tndia/n, White Silk Cot- 
Samauma. Silk Cotton-tree, of the Amazon 
Eriodictyon californicum. Tar-bush, of 

Eriogonum fasciculatum. " Bee-feed," or 

Wild Buck-wheat, of California 
Eriophorum. Cotton-grass, Cotton-rusk, 
3Ioor-2}awms, Moss-crops, Wild Cotton 
capitatum (E. Scheuchzeri). Globe Cotton- 
polystachyum. Common Cotton - sedge, 

Downg Ling, Tassel Cotton-grass 
vaginatum. Ca?ina-dotvn, Cannach, Com- 
mon Moss-crops, Hare's-tail Rush 
Erisma Japura. Japura Tree, of Brazil 
Erithalis fruticosa. Jasmine-scented-wood 

Eritrichium nanum. Fairy Borage 
Ernodea littoraHs. Branched Spurge 
Erodium. Heron's-bill 

alpinum. Alpine Hero7i's-bill 
caruifolium. Caraway-leaved Heron's-bill 
cheilanthifolium. Uieilanthes-leaved He- 
ron's bill 
Ciconiiim. Long-beaked Heron's-bill 
cicutarium. Common Heron's-bill, Pin- 
clover, or Pin-grass, of California, W^ild 
hymeuodes. Pelargonium Heron's - bill. 

Three-leaved Heron's-bill 
macnvdenum. Black-eyed Heron's-bill 
Manescavi. Showy Heron's-bill 
maritimum. Sea-side Heron's-bill 
moschatum. Ground-needle, Musk He- 
petra3um. Rock Heron's-bill 
Keichardi. Fairy Heron's-bill 
ronianum. Roman Heron's-bill 
trichomanrcfolium. Fer7i-leaved HerorCt- 
Erpetion. Sjmrless Violet 

rcniforme (Viola hcdcracea). Australian 
J'ansy, A'^i:>v Holhi?id Violet 
Eruea sativa. Edible or Salad Rocket 
Ervum dispcrmum. Indian Vetch 

Ervilia. Black Bitter Vetch, Ers, Pigeon' s- 

hirsutum. Rough-podded Tare 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Ervum Lens. Common Lentil, Red Pottage 
monanthos. One-flowered Tare 
Eryngium alpinum. Aljnne Eryngo 
amethystinum. Amethystine Eryngo 
Bourgati. BourgatVs Eryngo 
bromelirefolium. Plne-apple-leaved Eryngo 
campestre. Field Eryngo 
eburneum. Ivory-leaved Eryngo 
foetidum. Fitt-weed 
giganteum. Giant Eryngo 
maritimum. Sea Eryngo, Sea Holly 
pandanifolium. Palm-leaved Eryngo 
planum. Flat-leaved Eryngo 
pusillum. Dwarf Eryngo 
spin^-alba. Wkite-splned Eryngo 
ynccajfolium. Button Snake-root, Rattle- 
snake's Master 
Erysimum Alliaria. " Eileljer," Garlic- 
wort, Sauce-alone 
arkansanum. Western Wall-flower 
cheiranthoides. Treaclc-Musta/rd, Treacle- 
ochroleucum (Cheiranthus alpinus). Al- 
pine Wall-flower 
odoratum. Sweet-scented Hedge-Mnstard 
pachycarpum. Himalayan Wall-flower 
Perofskianum. Perofsh/s Bwarf Wall- 
pulchellum. Rocli, Wall-flower 
pumilum. Fairy Wall-flower 
llluT3ticum. Rliceti'an Bwarf Wallflower 
Erytliraea. Blusli-wort, " Cancluilagua," of 
aggregata. Clustered Blusli-wort 
Centaurium. Centaury, " Cristaldre,^' 

Eartli-gall, Fever-wort 
littoralis. Sea-sUore Blusli-wort 
Erythrina CafiEra. Kaffir's-tree 

Corallodendron. Red Bean-tree, West 

Indian Coral-tree 
indica. East Indian Coral-tree, 3Iootchie- 

monosperma. Gum-Lac-tree, " Pismire- 
tree " 
Erythrolsena conspicua. Scarlet Mexican 

Erythronium. albidum. White Bog's- 
tooth Violet 
americanum. Serjjents-tongue, Yellow Ad- 
der'' s-tongue. Yellow Bog's-tooth Violet 
Dens-canis. Common Bog's-tooth Violet 
giganteum. Giant Bog's-tooth Violet 
grandiflorum. Oregon Bog's-tooth Violet 
Nuttallianum. NuttalVs Bog's-tooth Violet 
Erythrophlseum. guineense. Gree-Gree- 
tree, or Sassy-tree, of Sierra Leone, Or- 
leonense. Red-water Tree, of Sierra Leone 
Erythroxylon areolatum. Jamaica Iron- 
Coca. Coca-hush, or Spadlc - bush, of S. 

laurifolium. Laurel-leaved Red-mood Tree 
Escallonia macrantha. Chilian Gmn-Box 
Esehscholtzia californica. Californian 
Poppy, " Chriseis " 
californica var. alba. White Californian 

Eschscholtziia californica var. crocea 
Orange Californian Poppy 
californica var. crocea rosea. Pink Cali- 
fornian Poppy 
Espeletia. Lion's-ear, of the Andes 
Eucalyptus. Australian Gum-tree 

albens. " White Box," of Australia, White 

amygdalina. Aiustralian Kino-tree, Giant 
Gum-tree, Red Gum-tree, Tasmania?!, 
Peppermint-tree, " Wangara "- tree 
Botryoides. Bhie Gum-tree, Swavvp Ma- 
hogany, of N. S. Wales 
calopliylla. Red Gum-tree 
capitellata. Pe2>permint-tree, Stringy- 
coriacea. Flooded, Swamj), Weeping, or 

White Gum-tree, Peppermint-tree 
cornuta. Yate-tree or Yeit-tree 
corymbosa. Blood-wood, of Victoria 
corynocalyx. Sugar Gum-tree 
crebra. Australian Iron-hark 
dealbata. " Gray Box," of Victoria, River 

decipiens. Flooded Gum-tree 
diversicolor. Blue Gum-tree, Karri-tree 

of S. W. Australia 
doratoxylon. Spear-wood, of Australia 
drepanophylla. Australian Iron-hark 
dumosa. " Mallee ''-tree, of Australia 
eximia. Blood-wood, of Australia, Rusty 

ficifolia. Scarlet-fl,owered Chim-tree 
gigantea. Str'ingy-hark-tree, of Tasmania 
globulus. Blue Gum-tree, Fever Gum-tree 
gomphocephala. " Tooart "-tree, of S. W. 

goniocalyx. Spotted or White Gum-tree 
Gunni. " C'tder-tree" of Tasmania 
hajmastoma. Blue or Spotted Gum-tree, 

Mountain Ash, of N. S. Wales 
Laboucherii. Queensland Iron-hark 
Leucoxylon. AtistraUan Iron-hark, " Bas- 
tard Box" of Victoria, Black Mountain 
Leucoxylon minor. White Gum-tree 
longifolia. " Woolly-butt " 
loxophleba. York Gum-tree 
macrorrhy nca. Stringy- hark-tree 
maculata. Spotted Gum-tree 
maculata var. citriodora. Lemon-scented 

mannifera. Manna-tree, of Australia 
marginata. Jarrah-mood, Mahogany of 

S. W. Australia 
megacarpa. Blue Ghim-tree 
melanophloia. Australian Iron-hark 
melliodora. Red Gtum-tree, " Yellow Box " 
obliqua. " Mess-mate," Stringy -hark-tree 
odorata. Peppermint-tree, Red Gum-tree 
oleosa. " Mallee "-tree, of Victoria 
paniculata. Blood-wood, of Queensland, 

She Iron-hark 
paniculata var. fasciculosa. White Gicm- 

pilularis. " Black-butt," oi S. Queensland 

and N. S. Wales, Stringy-bark-tree 
pilularis var. acmenioides. White Maliog- 
any, of N. S. Wales 



English Nutnes of Cultivated, Native, 

Eucalyptus Piperita. Stringij-harh-tree, 

Tasmanian Pepper mint-tree 
platypus, Maaloh-tree, of Australia 
polyanthemos. Lignum-vitcf, of N. S. 

Wales, " Red Box," of S. E. Australia, 

Gippsland ^^ Ben" -tree 
populifolia. " Jiemhil" Shining-lea/ved 

Box Encalyptus 
pulverulenta. Argyle Apple, Silver-leaved 

Iron-bark Tree 
punctata. Ilickory-EucalyjJt , or Leather - 

jacket, of N. S. Wales 
redunca. " ]Vandoo"-tree 
resinifera. Botany Bay Khw-tree, Gray or 

Red Gum-tree, Hickory of N. S. Wales, 

Leather-jacket, Red MaJvogany of N. S. 

resinifera var. Forest Mahogany of N. S. 

Eisdoni. Brooping or Risdon G^im-tree 
robusta. Brown Gum-tree, Swamp or 

White Mahogany, of N. S. Wales 
ro6trata. Jarrah-wood, Flooded Gum-tree, 

Red, River, or White Gum-tree 
rudis. Flooded or Sn-amp 6him-tree 
saligna. Gray or White G^im-tree 
salmonophloia. Salmon-harked Gum-tree 
salubris. Gimlet-wood, Fluted Gum-tree 
Sideroxylon. Red Iron-hark Tree 
Sieberiana (B. virgata). " Gum-top " 
stellulata. Green, Olive-green, Lead, or 

Mldte G\vm-tree 
Stuartiana. Apple-stoented Chum-tree, But- 

hut-tree, of Australia, Hickory, of N. S. 

Stuartiana var. longifolia. Turpentine 

tereticornis. Blue or Red Gum-tree 
triantha (B. acmenioides). White Mahogany 
viminalis. Blue, Brooping, or Peppermint 

Gum-tree, Manna Gum-tree, " Woolly- 
butt ■' 
virgata. " Gum-top," Mountain-Ash, of 

N. S. Wales 
Eucharis araazonica. Amazon Lily 

Saiideri. Sander's Lily 
Eucheuma epeciosum. Australian Jelly- 
Euchleena (Reeana) luxurians. Teosinte- 

Eucomis. Pine-aj)ple-Jlower 

rejria. King's Flower 
Eucryphia pinnata. Brush-Bush 
Euerigeron I'liiladelpbicus. Frost-weed, 

Eugenia. W. Indian Myrtle 
(Jambo.s) acida. Borne Myrtle 
acris. Wild Cloi'e-tree 
axillaris. Red Rod-wood 
disticha. Wild Coffee of tbc W. Indies 
fragrans. Zehra-wood nf Jamaica 
Jainbos (Jambosa vulgaris). E. Ijidiun 

Rose-apple, Malabar Plum 
lincata. Guava-berry 
Micbollii. Cayenne Cherry 
(Jambosa) malaccensis. MaUiy Rose- 
neurocalj'X. Leba-trce, of Fiji 
pallens. Black Rod-mood 

Eugenia Pimenta. Jamaica Allspioe-tree, 
W. Indian Bay-berry-tree 
Smithii. " Lilly Pillies," of Victoria 
supra-axillaris. " Tata," of Brazil 
Ugni. Edible -fruited or " Fruiting " 

Myrtle, Ugni-shrub, of Chili 
unifiora. Barbadoes Cherry 
variabilis. Malay Tea-tree 
Eulalia japonica zebrina. Zebra-striped 

Eulophia campestris. E. Indian Salep-plant 
Euonymus. Spindle-tree 

americanus. Strawberry -bush, of N. 

angustifolius. Narrow-leaved Spindle-tree 
atropurpureus. Bjcrni7ig-hush, Waahoo, of 

N. America 
europseus. Ananbeavi, Bog-wood, Cat-tree, 
Cat-wood, Louse - berry -tree. Peg-wood, 
Prick-wood, Skewer-wood, Spindle-tree 
europaius fructfl - albo. White -fruited 

fimbriatus. Fringed Spindle-tree 
garciniajfolius. Garcinia-leaved Spindle 

grandiflorus. Large-flowered Spindle-tree 
Hamiltonianus. Hamilton's Spindle-tree 
japonicus. Japanese Spindle-tree 
japonicus var. argenteus. Silver -edged- 

leaved Spindle-tree 
japonicus var. aureo-variegatus. Golden- 
leaved Sjyindle-tree 
japonicus var. radicans. Japanese Box 
jaiDonicus radicans variegatus. Variegated 

Bwarf Spindle-tree 
japonicus var. tricolor. Three-coloured- 

leaved Spindle-tree 
latifolius. Broad -leaved Spindle -tree. 

Large-fruited Sjiindle-tree 
nanus. Bwarf Spindle-tree 
obovatus. Obovate-leaved Sjnndle-tree 
sarmentosus. Trailing-stemmed Spindle- 
Sioboldianus. Pai-cha-wood 
verrucosus. Warty-harked Spindle-tree 
Eupatorium agenitnides. Nettle-leaved 
Hemp- Agrimony , M'hite Snake-root 
aromaticum. Aromatic Hemjj-Agrimony 
cannabinum. Andurion, Common Hemp- 
Agrimony, Dutch Agrimony, Hemp-weed, 
Holy Rope, Water Agrimony, Water 
glutinosum. Matico, of the Peruvians 
hyssopifolium. American Bone-set, Tho- 

perfoliatum. Bone-set, Indian Ague-need, 

Vegetable Antimony 
pur|:)urcum. Ch-avel-root, Joe-Pye-Weed, 
I'urple Hemp-Agrimofiy, Trumpet-weed 
scssilifolium. Upland Bonr-set 
toucrifolium. Wild Hore-hound 
tri]ilimrvc. " Ayajiana " 
Euphorbia. Peril's- milk, Giwi-t kittle, 
Spurge, Wolf's-milk 
amygdaloides H 'ood -Spurge 
antiquorum. Cattemundoo, or CaUemvndoo 

Gum -pi ant 
arliorca. Zebra-poison, of S. AfricT 
balsamifcra. Balsam Spurge 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


ZEuphorbia Caput-Medusfe. Medusa's- Head 
Cattimandoo. Caoutchouc-plant, of Madras 
corollata. W hite-floTvered Sjni/rffe 
cucumerina. Cucumber Spit/rge 
Cyparissias. Cypress Spurge, Welcome-to- 

dulcis. Smeet Spv/rge 
Esula. Faitour's- Orass, Oromwell-leaved 
Spurge, Leafy Spurge, Qxiacktalver's 
Spurge or Turhitli 
exigua. Dmarf Spurge 
Helioscopia. Cafs-viilk, Churn-staff, Irhy- 
dale Grass, Little-good or Little Goody, 
Su7i-Sptirge, Wart Grass, Wart-wort 
hiberna. Irish Sjni/rge, Mackinboy or Mak- 

Hystrix. Porcupine Spurge 
Lathyris. Caper-bush, Caper-plant, Caper- 
Spurge, Euphorbia - oil -plant. Myrtle 
Sp^Lrgc, Wild Caper 
maculata. Milk Purslane, West Indian 

myrtifolia. Negro'' s- slippers 
officinarum. Poisonous Gumi-thistle 
palustris. Marsh Spurge 
Paralias. Sea-side Sjnirge 
Peplis. Hyssop -Spurge, Purple Spurge 
Peplus. Petty Spurge 
pilosa. Hairy Sjntrge 
platyphyllus. Broad-leaved Spwrge 
Portlandica. Portland Spurge 
prostrata. Trailing Red Spurge 
punicea. Scarlet-Jioivered Spurge, Jamaica 

Fire-florver, Vegetable Leather 
resinifera. Eupfhorbium Gmn-plant 
segetalis (E. Portlandica). Portland 

Tirucalli. Indian Tree-Spwrge 
Euphoria Litchi. Chinese Li-tchi, or Lee- 

Euphrasia officinalis. Euphrasy, Eye- 
Euryale ferox (Anneslea spinosa). Gorgon- 
plant, Priclily Water-lily, of the Bast 
Euryangium Sumbul. Sumbul-Root 
Eurybia. Daisy-tree, Star-ivort 

argophylla (Aster argophyllus). Tasmanian 

lyrata. Tasmanian Daisy-tree 
ramulosa. Shrubby Star-wort 
Euryeles amboinensis. Amboyna Lily 
australasica (E. Cunninghamii). Brisbane 
Lily, Moreton Bay Lily 
Euryops speciosissimus. Resin-bush, of S. 

Eusideroxylon Zuageri. Iron-wood, of 

Diitch E. Indies 
Eustrephus. Wombat-berry 
Euterpe edulis. Assai Palm 
Euxolus caudatus. Small-leaved Calalu 

viridis. Green Calalu 
Evolvulus Nummularius. Monkey-wort 
Exaeum guianense. Guiana Centaury 
Excaecaria Agallocha. Blinding-tree 

glandulosa. Green Ebony 
Exidia Auricula-Judas. " Jen's Ears" 
" Judas' s-Ear " 
glandulosa. Witches' -butter FuTigus 

Exocarpus cupressiformis. Native Cherry, 

of Australia 
Exochorda (Spirasa) grandiflora. Pearl- 

Exogonium Purga. Jalap-plant (true) 
Exostemma caribfeum. " Caribcean Bark"- 

tree. Sea-side Beech, of Jamaica' ' W. 

Indian Bark "-tree 
fioribundum. " Caribcean Bark "-tree 

Faba. Bean 

vulgaris var. chlorosperma. Green Windsor 

vulgaris var. ensiformis. Lo7ig-pod Bean 
vulgaris var. equina. Field, Horse, Pigeon, 

or Tick Bean 
vulgaris var. hortensis. Garden Bean 
vulgaris var. macrosperma. Broad Wind- 
sor Bean 
vulgaris var. prsecox. Mazagan Bean 
Fabiana imbricata. False-Heath 
Fagara lentiscifolia. Bastard Iron-wood, 
or Savin-tree, of the W. Indies 
Pterota. Iron-wood, of the W. Indies 
microphylla. Ram-goat 
Fagopyrum esculentum. Brank, Buck- 
cymosum. Perennial Buck -wheat, or 
Fagus. Beech-tree 

betuloides. Evergreen Beech, of Tierra 

del Fuego 
cliffortioides. " White Birch," of New 

Cunninghamii. Tasmaniaii " Myrtle " 
ferruginea. American Beech, Purple Beech 
fusca. Nem Zealand Beech, Towai, or 

Menziesii. Otago "Birch," Towai,ox Taw- 
obliqua. Oblique-leaved Beech 
sylvatica. Common Beech 
sylvatica var. aspleniifoha. Fern-leaved 

sylvatica var. cristata. Crested Beech 
sylvatica var. cuprea. Copper-coloured 

sylvatica var. incisa. Cut-leaved Beech 
sylvatica var. pendula. Weeping Beech 
sylvatica var. purpurea. Purple Beech 
Solandri. " White Birch," of New Zealand 
Fallucia paradoxa. Apache Plume 
Faramea odoratissima. Wild Coffee, or 

Wild Jasmijie, of the W. Indies 
Farfugium grande. Sjjotted CoWs-foot 
Fedia Cornucopise. Horn-of- Plenty 
Felicia tenella. Slender Star-wort 
Feronia elephantum. Elephant-apple, or 

Wood-apple, of India 
Ferraria. Black Iris 
Ferula. Giant Femiel 

asparagifolia. Aspa/ragxis-leaved Giant 

communis. Common Giant Fennel 
Fenilago. Broad-leaved Giant Fennel 
galbaniflua. Galbanum-plant 
(Thapsia) garganica, or F. glauca. Sup- 
posed to be the " Silphitim " of the an- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Ferula glauca. Glaucous Giant Fennel 

nodifiora. Knotted Giant Fennel 

persica. Persian Asa/wtida 

sulcata. Furroived Giant FenJiel 

(Euryangium) Sumbul. Sumfnd-jflant 

tingitana. Tangier Giant Fennel 
Festuca. Fescue (rrass 

altissima. Arab's Diss 

duriuscula. Hard Fescue 

elatior. Dover Cfrass 

glauca. Ornamental Bltie Fescue-grass 

(Triodia) irritans. A^istralian Porciijnne 

Myurus. Mouse-tail or Rafs-tail Grass 

ovina. Sheejfs Fescue-grass 

pratensis. Meadow Fescue-grass 

rubra. lied or Creeping Fescue-grass 

scabrella. Dimch-grass, of British Colum- 

S3'lvatica. Ant- liiU-grass 
Feuillaea (Fevillca) cordifolia. Antidote 
Cacoon or Cocoon, of the W. Indies, 
" Segra-seed "-plant 
Ficaria grandiflora (Ranunculus calthaj- 

folius). Great Pile-wort 
Ficus. Fig-tree 

aspera. Tongue Fig 

Benjaminea. Willow Fig-tree 

Carica. Common Fig-tree 

columnaris. Banyan tree, of Lord Howe's 

eburnea. Ivory Fig 

elastica. Camitchotic-tree, of the E. Indies, 
India-ruhher Fig-tree 

glomerata (F. vesca). Cluster-Fig, of Aus- 

indica. Banyan-tree, Bo-tree, Grove-tree, 

laurifolia. Black Fig 

macrophylla. Moreton Bay Fig 

ochroleuca. White Fig 

Parcelii. Clon-n Fig 

pedunculata. Jamaica Cherry, Red Fig, 
Willow-leaved Fig-tree 

pertusa. Laurel-leaved Fig-tree, of S. 

religiosa. Peejnd or Piinil Tree, Poplar- 
leaved or Sacred Fig-tree 

repens. Creeping Fig-tree 

repens var. miHima. Dwarf Creeping Fig- 

rubiginosa (F. australis). Banyan-tree, 
of N. S. Wales 

Sycomonis. Sycamore-tree 

tinctoria. Dyers' Fig-tree 
Filago germanica. Down-weed, Clod-weed, 
" Cotton-Rose" of N. America, Cud-wort, 
Herh Impious, OwVs-croivn 

minima. File-wort 

])ygma3a. Pigmy Cotton-rose 
Filix. Fern 

Fistulina Ilcpatica. Beef-steaJi Fungus 
Fitzroya Patagonica. Patagonian Cypress 
Flacourtia cataphracta. E. Iiidlan Plwn- 

Bamontchi. Bafolio Plmn, of the Zambesi 

sapida. Ceylon Plum 
Flindersia australis. Callccdra-wood , 
Queensland Rasp -pod 

Flindersia Bennettiana. Boyum-Boyvm- 
tree, of Queensland 
maculata. " Spotted-tree^' of Queensland 
Flcerkia proserpinacoides. False Mermaid 
Fceniculvim. Fennel 
dulce. Flnocchio or Finicho, Sweet Fennel 
piperitum. Asses' Finocchio 
vulgare. Common Fe^mcl, Fenhelle 
Foetida mauritiana. Stink-wood 
Fontinalis. Water-Moss 
antipyretica. Greater Water-Moss 
squamosa. Alpi?ie Water-Moss 
Fontanesia phillyrseoides. Syrian Privet 
Forsythia suspensa. Japanese Golden-hall- 
viridissima. Chinese Golden-ball Tree 
Fothergilla alnifolia. American Witch 

FoTiquiera splendens. Californian Candle- 
Foureroya gigantea. Giant Mexican Lily 
Fragaria. Straw-berry 

chilensis. Chili Straw-herry 
collina. Alpine, or Green Pine Straw-berry 
elatior. Haritbols Straw-berry 
indica. Indian Straw-berry, Rock Straw- 
vesca and vars. Common Straw-berry 
virginiana. Old Scarlet or Scarlet Vir- 
ginia Straw-berry 
Franciscea uniflora. Vegetable Mercury 
Frangula caroliniana. Alder- Buckthorn, 

of N. America 
Frankenia Irevis. Common Sea Heath 

pulvervilenta. Mealy Sea Heath 
Frasera verticillata. American Columbo- 

root. Gold Seal, Indian Lettuce 
Fraxinus. Ash or Ash-tree, Angelica-tree 
of N. America 
americana var. alba. American White 

americana var. aucubasfolia. AxLciiba- 

leaved Ash 
americana var. cinerea. Gray Ash 
americana var. elliptica. Oval - leaved 

americana var. fusca. Brown-branched 

americana var. longifolia. Lojig-leaved 

americana var. mixta. Mixed Ash 
americana var. ovata. Ovate-leaved Ash 
americana var. pannosa. Cloth-leaved Ash 
americana var. pnlvcrulenta. Powdery Ash 
americana var. Richardi. Richard's Ash 
americana var. rubicunda. Rcddish- 

%-elned Ash 
americana var. Boscii. Base's Ash 
americana var. nifa. Rufous-haired Ash 
chincnsis. thiyiese Ash 
excelsior. Common Ash-tree, Ciilrerkcys 
excelsior var. angustifolia. Narrow-leaved 

excelsior var. argcntea. Silver-striped- 
leaved Ash 
excelsior var. aurea. Golden-barked Ash 
excelsior vai*. aurea pendula. Variegated 

Weeping Ash 
excelsior var. fungosa. Fungoits-barked Ash 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Praxinus excelsior var. heterophylla. 
Various-leaved Ash 

excelsior var. horizontalis. Tlorizontal- 
branclied Ash 

excelsior var. jaspidea. Str'qyed-harJied 

excelsior var. Kincairnise. Kincairjvey Ash 

excelsior var. lutea. Yellow-edged-leafleted 

excelsior var. nana (F. e. humilis). Dwarf 

excelsior var. pallida. Pale-tarhcd Ash 

excelsior var. parvifolia. Small-leaved Ash 

excelsior var. parvifolia argentea. Silvery- 
leaved Ash 

excelsior var. parvifolia oxycarpa. SJiarp- 
fruited Ash 

excelsior var. pendula. Common Weeping 

excelsior var. purpurascens. Purple-harked 

excelsior var. verrucosa. Warted-harked 

excelsior var. verticillata. Whorled-leaved 

floribunda. Nepaul Ash 

lentiscifolia. Lentiscus-lcaved Ash 

Oregana. Oregon Ash 

Ornus. Flowering Ash 

Ornus var. americana. American Flowering 

Ornus var. floribunda. Many-flowered 
Flowering Ash 

Ornus var. mannifera. Manna-Ash-tree 

Ornus var. rotundifolia. Round-leaved 
Flowering Ash 

Ornus var. striata. Sfrij^ed-iarhed Flower- 
ing Ash 

platycai-pa. Carolina Water-Ash 

pubescens. American Red Ash 

quadrangulata. American Bhie Ash 

sambucif olia. American Black Ash, Water- 

Scliiediana. Schiede's Ash 

viridis. American Green Ash 
Premontia californica. " Slippery Elm," 

of California 
!EVenela robusta. Murray Pine-tree 

verrucosa. Cypress Pine 
I'ritillaria. Fritillary 

imperialis. Cronm Imperial 

latifolia. Broad-leaved Fritillary 

Meleagris. Cheqxiered Daffodil, Chequered 
Lily, Drooping Tulip, Guinea-hen Flower, 
■Snake' s-head Fritillary 

Meleagris plena. Double-flowered Fri- 

Meleagris var. alba. White Fritillary 

nigra. Toad-lily 

persica. Persian Lily 

pyrenaica. Pyrcnean Fritillary 

recurva. Scarlet Fritillary 

tulipifolia. Tulip-leaved Fritillary 
Fuchsia. Ear-ring Flower, Lady's Ear- 

coccinea. Scarlet Fuchsia 

Colensoi. New Zealand Fuchsia 

conica. Conical-tuhed Fuchsia 

corymbiflora. Corymb-flowered Fuchs-ia 

Fuchsia excorticata. Xotukuiuki-tree, of 
New Zealand 
fulgens. Brilliant Fuchsia 
globosa. Glohe-flomered Fuchsia 
gracilis. Slender Fichsia 
lycioides. Box-thorn-leaved Fuchsia 
magellanica. Fucgian Fuchsia 
microphylla. Small-leaved Fuchsia 
minima. Dwarf Trailing Fuchsia 
procumbens. Basket Fuchsia, Trailing 

pumila. Tom Thumb Fuchsia 
racemosa. Edible-fruited Fuchsia 
Kiccartoni. Riccarton's Fuchsia 
serratifolia. Saw-leaved Fuchsia 
Thompsoni. Thompson's Fuchsia 
thymifolia. Thyme-leaved Fuchsia 
Fucus amylaceus. Ceylon Moss 

nodosus. Kelp-ware or Kelp-wrack, Tang 

or Knob-Tang 
vesiculosus. Kelp-mare or Kelp-wrack, 
Ore, Ore-weed, Oar-weed, Sea Lettuce, 
Sea Oak 
Fuirena sqiiarrosa. Umbrella-grass 
Fumaria densiflora. Dense-flowered Fu- 
officinalis. Common Fumitory, Fumiterre 
vesicaria. Bladdered Fumitory 
Funaria. Cord-Moss 

hibernica. Irish Cord-Moss 
hygrometrica. Hygrometric Moss 
Funkia. Japanese Day-lily, Plantain 
albo-marginata. White-margined Plan- 
coerulea. Bhie Plantain-lily 
Fortunei. Fortune's Plantain-lily 
japonica (F. grandiflora). Sweet-scented 

lanceolata. Spear-leaved Plantain-lily 
ovata. Common Blue Plantain-lily 
Sieboldi. Siebold's Blue Plantain-lily 
subcordata. Corfu Lily, Wlute-flowered 

undulata foliis argenteo-variegatis. Silver- 
variegated Plantain-lily 
undulata foliis aureo-variegatis. Golden- 
variegated Plantain-lily 
Fu.sanus acuminatus. Quandang-nut, of 
spicatus (Santalum spicatum). Sandal- 
wood, of W. Australia 

Gagea fistulosa. Bright-yellow Star-of- 

Gahnia. New Zealand Cutting-grass 

Gaillardia amblyodon. Blunt-toothed 

aristata. Bristly Blanket-flower 
grandiflora. Large-blossomed Blanket- 
lanceolata. Lance-leaved Blanket-flower 
Loiseli. LoiseV Blanket-flower 

G-alactia. American Milk-Pea 

Galanthus. Snow-drop 
Elwesii. Elwes's Snow-drop 
Imperati. Imperati's Snom-drop 
latifolius. Broad-leaved, Suoiv-drop 
lutescens. Yellowish Snow-drop 


Eiiglish Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Galanthus nivalis. "Jiulhous Violet," 
Candlemas Bells, Canivio)i Siiow-drop, 
Fair -Maids -of- Fehruary, Purijication- 
plicatus. Crimean Siwm-drop 
poculiformis. Cup-floieered Snmv-drop 
prajcox. Early -flowering Snow-drop 
Eedoutei. Iledoute's S)u>w-drop 
reflexus. Mejtexed Siww-drop 
Eegina) Olga. Qneen Ohja's Snow-drop 
serotinus. Laie-jlowerinij Snow-drop 
Shaylocki. Shaykwk's Snow-drop 
virescens. Greenish-Jlowered Snow-drop 
Galax aphylla. Carpenter' s-leaf^ White- 
wand Plant 
Galeandra. Casque-rvort 
Galega. Goafs-liue 
frutescens. Tipsy-tvood 
officinalis. Common Goafs-Rue 
orientalis. Oriental Goafs-live 
Galeobdolon luteum. Weasel' s-siw^it. Yel- 
low Archa7iyel 
Galeopsis. Hemp-nettle 
Ladanum. " Donninethell," Holy Hemp, 

Red-fiowered Hemp-nettle 
ochrolouca. Downy Hemp-nettle 
Tetrahit. Bee, Bay, or Daye Nettle, Com- 
mon Hemp-Nettle 
villosa. Yellow Iron-nort 
Galipea Cusparia. Angostura Bark, 

Carony Bark, or C^isparia Barh-tree 
Galium. Bed-straw 
Aparine. Bur-weed, Catch-weed, Claver- 
grass. Clever-grass, Cleavers, Geckdor, 
Goose-hill, Goose-grass, Goose-to7igve, 
Grip-grass, Gull-grass, Harif, Heiriff, 
Hair-eve, or Haritch, " Kandlegosses," 
Love-ma7i, Mutton-chops or 3Iutton-fo2)s, 
Twkey Grass 
asprellum. Bough Bed-straw, of N. America 
Bloomeri. Bloomer's Bed-straw 
boreale. Northern, Bed-straw 
circaezans. Wild. Liquorice, of N. America 
Cruciata. Cross-wort Bed-straw, Honey- 
wort, May-wort, Mug-weed 
lanceolatuni. Wild Liquorice, of N. 

Mollupo. Great Bed-straw, Hedge-straw, 

Sticky Grass, Wild Madder 
palustrc. Marsh Jled-sti-aw 
parisiense. Wall Jied-straw 
saxatjle. Heath Bed-straw 
tricorne. Corn Bed-straw 
tinctorium. Small Cleavers 
uliginosum. Swamp Bed-straw 
verum. Clieese-rennet, Hundred-fold, 
Keeslip, Ladfs Jied-straw, Maid's Hair, 
Yell ox Bed-straw 
Garcinia Man;,'()stana. Mangosteen-tree 
]More]la. Ceylon Gamhoge-tree 
purpiiroa. Cocum, or Kokum-oil-jilant 
Gardenia ediilis. Bread-fruit-tree, of N. 
florida. Cape Jasmine 
lucida. Dihamali, or Camhi, Resin-j^lant 
Thuiihorpii. JiiiJ/'elsl/all-wood 
Gastonia cutis])ungia. Sponge-wood, of the 

Isle of France 
Gastridium lendigerum. Nit-grass 

Gastrodia Cunninghamii. Peri-root, of 
New Zealand 
sesamoides. Native Potato, of Tasmania 
Gastrolobium bilobum and G. Callistachys. 
Sheep-poison-plant, of Australia 
calycinuni. York Road Poison, of W. 

obovatum, G. spinosum, and G. trilobum. 
Cattle-poison-jjlants, of West Australia 
Gaultheria antipoda. Neiv Zealand Bil- 
procumbens. American Mountain Tea, 
Aromatic Winter-green, Box-herry, 
Chequer-herry, Creeping Winter-green^ 
Partridge-herry, Spring Winter-green, 
Shallon. Salal, or Shalkm-shruh 
Gaylusaceia brachycera. Box Huckle- 
dumosa. Bwarf Huckle-berry 
frondosa. Blue Tangle, Bangle-berry 
resinosa. Black Huckle-berry 
Gazania. Treasure-fiower 
pavonia. Cape or Peacock TreoMi/re- 
Geaster, Earth-star Fungus, Man-Fu?igus 
Geijera parviflora. Australian Willom 
Geissois. Tile-seed, of Australia 
Geissorrhiza. Tile-root 
juncea. Bushy Tile-root 
Geitonoplesium. Australian ShejyherWs- 

Gelsemium. nitidum (Bignonia semper- 
virens). Carolina Jasmine, GelsemiUy 
Wild Jessamine 
Genipa americana. Genipap-tree, Genip- 

tree. Marmalade Box 
Genista. Broom 

ffigyptiaca. Egyptian Broom 

aitnensis. Mt. Etna Broom 

amsantica (G. anxantica). Amsanto Broom 

anglica. Carlin-spurs, CaVs Whin, Moor 
Whin, Moss Whin, Needle Furze, Petty 

aphylla. Leajless Broom, JJolet-JicrvereS 

bracteolata. Small-lyracted Broom 

candicans. Whitish-leaved, Broom 

clavata. Chih-ealyxed Broom 

contit'sta. Close-liranehed Broom 

diHusa. Sprawling Jirooni 

florida. Flowery Broom 

germanica. German Broom 

hispanica. Spanish Broom, Spanish Furze 

horrida. Large-spined Broom 

humifusa. Trailing Broom. 

(Spartina) juncea. Fragrant Spanish 

linifcjlia. Flax-leaved Broom 

lusitanica. J'ortugul Jlroom 

niantica. Mantuan Jlroom 

monosporma. White- flowered Broom 

multillora. M'hife J'ortugal Jlroom 

ovata. Ovate-leaved Jiroom 

parviflora. Small-flowered Broom 

])atula. Spreading Jlroom 

jnlocarpa. llairg podded. Broom 

pilosa. Hairy Broom, Hairy Green- 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Genista polygalsefolia. Milh-wort-leaved 
prajcox. Early -fimvering Broom 
procumbens. Procumbent Broom 
prostrata. Prostrate Broom 
purgans. Purging Broom 
radiata. Raged-branched Broom 
sagittalis. Arrom-jointed Broom, Hare's- 
foot Green-weed 
Scorpius. Scorpion Broom, Scorpion-plant 
sericea. Silky-leaved Broom 
sibirica. Siberian Broom 
sphferocarpa. Round-podded Bromn 
sylvestris. Wood Broom 
tetragona. Qriadrangiolar-hranclied Broom 
tinctoria. Base Broom, Dyer's Broom, 
Dyer's Green-weed, Green Weed or 
Greening Weed, Kendal Green, " Widow- 
misse," Wood Waxen or Woad Waxen 
tinctoria fl.-pl. Double-jioTvered Dyer's- 

triacantbos. Three-spined Broom 
triangularis. Triangular-stemmed Broom 
umbellata. Umbel-Jiowered Broom 
virgata. Long-tnigged Broom 
Ctentiana. Gentian 
acaulis. Gentianella 
alba. Whitish Gentian 
Amarella. Antumn Gentian, Bitter-wort, 

Andrewsii. Closed-flowered Gentian 
asclepiadea. Milk-weed Gentian, Willow 

bavarica. Bavarian Gentian 
brachyphylla. Small-leaved Ge?itian 
Burseri. Burser's Gentian 
campestris. Field Gentiun 
caucasica. Caucasian Gentian 
cerina. Neyv Zealand Sea-shore Gentian 
crinita. Fringed Gentian 
cruciata. Cross-wort Gentian 
detonsa. Smaller Fringed Gentian 
gelida. Cream-coloured Gentian 
incarnata. Flesh-coloured Gentian 
lutea. Yellow-flowered Gentian 
nivalis. Small Mountain Gentian 
ochroleuca. Yellowish-white Gentian 
pannonica. Round-petalled Gentian 
pleurogynoides. New Zealand Yellow 

Pneumonanthe. Autumn Bell-flower, Ca- 
lathian Violet, Harvest Bells, Lung- 
flower, Marsh Gentian 
Pseudo - Pneumonanthe. Bastard Wind- 
punctata. Dotted-flomered Gentian 
purpurea. Purple-flowered Gentian 
pyrenaica. Pyrencan Gentian 
quinqueflora. Five-flowered Gentian 
septemfida. Crested Gentian 
Saponaria. Barrel- flowered or Soap-wort 

saxosa. New Zealand Mountain Gentian 
verna. " Lucy of Teesdale," Spring Gentian 
Geodorum. Earthy -scented Orchid 
Geoffroya. Bastard Cabbage-tree, of S. 
superba. Almendor, or Almond-tree, of 

Geranium. Crane's-lrill 
anemonsefolium. Anemone-leaved Crane't- 

armenum. Large Rosy-purple Crane't- 

argenteum. Silvery Crane's-bill 
Backhousianum (G. armenum). Bach- 

house's Crane's-bill 
Carolinianum. Carolina Crane's-bill 
cinereum. Gray Crane's-bill 
coUinum. Gill Crane's-bill 
columbinum. Long-stalked Geranium, 

Pigeon's-foot Crane's hill 
cristatum. Crested Crane's-bill 
dissectum. Australian Geranium, Out- 

leaved Crane's-bill 
Endresi. Endres's Crane's-bill 
Fremontii. Fremoiit's Crane's-bill 
ibericum. Iberian Crane's-bill 
Lamberti. Lambert's Crane's-bill 
lucidum. Sh'i,n'ing- leaved Crane's-bill 
macrorrhizum. Long-rooted Craiie' s-bill 
maculatum. Crow-foot or Wild Crane's-bill 

of N. America 
moUe. Doves-foot Crane's-bill or Gor- 

odoratissimum. Geranium -oil-jAant 
parviflorum. Native Carrot, of Tasmania 
pha3um. Dusky -flowered Crane's bill, Mourn- 
ing- Widow 
platypetalum. Broad-jyetalled Crane's- 
pratense. Crow -foot. Crane' s-b'ill, 3Ieadoiv 

Geranium, Wild Geranium 
pusillum. Small flowered Geraniwn 
pyrenaicum. Mounta'in Gerani^im 
Kobertianum. Dragon's-blood, Fox Gera- 
nium, Fox Grass, Herb Robert, Night'm- 
gales. Red-shanks, Stinking Robert 
rotundifolium. Round-leaved Crane's-bill 
sanguineum. Blood-red-flowered Crane's- 
sanguineura var. lancastriense. Walney 

striatum. Striped Crane's-bill 
subcaulescens (G. asphodeloides). Dwarf 

sylvaticum. Bassinet Geranium, Wood 

Crane's-bill, Wood Geranium 
sylvaticum var. album. White -flowered 

tuberosum. Tuberous-rooted CraJie's-bill 
Gerardia flava. Downy False-Fox-glove 
pedicularia. American Louse-ivort, Fever- 
weed, Fern-leaved False-Fox-glove 
purpurea. Common False- Fox-glove 
quercifolia. Smooth False- Fo.r-glove 
Gerrardanthus macrorrhiza. Natal B'ltter- 

Gethyllis. Cape Crocus 
Geum aureum. Golden Avens 
canadense. Chocolate-root 
chiloense. Chilo'e Avens 
coccineum. Scarlet-flowered Avens 
coccineum fl.-pl. DoiiMe Scarlet Avens 
coccineum grandifiorum. Large-flowered 

Scarlet Avens 
montanum. Yellow - flowered ^fountain 


E)iglish Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Geum pyrenaicum. Pijreiieaii Avens 
reptans. Creeping Aveiis 
rivale. Indian Chocolate, Drooping, Purple, 

or Water Avens 
sylvaticum. Wood Avens 
triflorum. Three-flowered Avens 
urbanum. City Avens, Clove-root, Herb 

Bcnnet, "Minarta" 
\'irginianum. TJiroat-nroot, White Ave7is 

Gigarthina liclminthocorton. Corsican An- 
thelmintic Sea-weed 

Gillenia trifoliata. Bowman'' s^oot, Indian 
Physic, Western Drop-mort 
stipuiacca. American Ipecacuanha 

Gladiolus. Gladiolc, Sirord-lily 
angustus. Namnv-leaved Sivord-lily 
Brenchleyensis. Brenchley Sword-lily 
cardinalis. Cardinal-flonered Sword-lily 
Colvillei. Colville's Sword-lily 
communis. Fox-glove Sword-lily 
Cooperi. Cooper's Sword-lily 
crucntus. Blood-red Sivord-Uly 
dracocephalus. Dragon' s-head Sword-lily 
Gandavensis and vaa's. Ghent Hybrid 

Libanotis. Hart-wort Sword-lily 
ochroleucus. Sulphur-flowered Sword-lily 
Papilio. Butter-fly Sword-lily 
prsecox. Early Sword-lily 
purpureus auratus. Purple-and-gold Sword- 
ramosns. Branching Sword-lily 
Saundersi. Saimders's Sword-lily 
segetum. Corn-field Sword-lily, Corn-Flag 
tristis. Sad-coloured Sword-lily 

Glaphiria nitida. Bencoolen or Malay 
Tea-plant, Tree -of- Long -Life 

Glaucium. Horned-Poppy 

corniculatum. Various-coloured Horned- 
fulviim. Orange-flowered Hor7ied-Poppy 
lutcum. Common Yellow Horned, or Sea- 

phojniceum. Bed-floirered Horned-Poppy 
tricolor. Three-colonred, Horned-Poppy 

Glaux maritima. Black Salt-wort, Sea 
3 f ilk- weed, Sea Milkivort 

Glechoma hodcracea (Nepeta Glcchoma). 
(1 round In/, Hedge-maids 

Gleditschia brachycarpa. Ci(/rved-spined 
Bugoti pcndula. Weeping Acacia 
caspica. Caspian Honey-Locust 
ferox. Flaf-spined Hovey-Locxist 
indica. East Indian Ifonry-Loeicst 
Ifevis. Smooth J four y- Locust 
latisiliqua. Broad-pud drd lloiwy -Locust 
macrospina. Loiig-spined Honey-Locust 
micro.spina. Sinnll-spiued Honey-Locust 
monospcrma. Water- Locust 
sincnsi.s. Chijiese Honey-Locust 
triacanthos. Common Honey-Locust, Three- 
thitrnrd Acacia 

Gleichenia. Net-Fern 

Globularia. Blue Daisy, Glohe Daisy 
cordifolia. Heart-leared Glohe Daisy 
nana. Thyme-leaved, Glohe Daisy 
nudicauli.s. Naked-stalked Glohe Daisj/ 
trichosantha. Hair-flowered Globe Daisy 

Globularia vulgaris. Common Globe Daisy 
Glochidion australe (Bradleia australis). 

Australian Rivulet-tree 
Gloriosa nepalensis. Nepaul Lily 
simplex. Seneyal Lily 
suporba. Malabar Glory-Lily 
virescens. Mozambique Lily 
Glossodia. Australian Tongue-flower 
Glossula tcntaculata. Ch inese Tongue-flower 
Glyceria. Sweet Grass 
aquatica. Leed, Heed Meadow-grass 
canadensis. Jlattle-snake-grass 
maritima. Sea Spear-grass 
nervata. Fo7vl-mcado)v-grass of N. Ame- 
fluitans. Float or Flote Grass, Manna 
Croup, Mannu Grass, Poland 3Ianna 
Glycosinis citrifolia. Jamaica Orange 
Glycyrrhiza glabra. Liquorice-jjlayit (cul- 
lepidota. Wild Liquorice of North Ame- 
Glyptostrobus. Embossed Cypress 

heteroi)hyllus. Water-Pine of China 
Gnaphalium. Cotton - weed. Cud - weed. 
americanum. ^' Life-everlaMing,'' Jamaica 

arboreum. Tree-Everlasting 
arvcnse. Field Cud-weed 
(Hclichrysum) Colensoi. " Edelweiss" ot 

New Zealand 
decurrcns. Common Everlasting of N. 

dioicum. Mountain Everlastiihg 
gallicum. Narrow-leaved Cud-weed 
germanicum. Common Cud-weed 
grandiccps. " Edelweiss" oi N.Zealand 
Lcontopodium. Bridal Everlasting, ''Edel- 
weiss " of the Alps, Lions-j)a?v Cud- 
luteo-album. Jersey Cud - weed, Ji^rsey 

margaritaceum. Pearl Cud-weed 
polyccphalum. Common Everlasting of N. 
America, Indian Posy, Sweet - scented 
EverUistiny, Old Field or White Bal- 
purpurcum. Purjilish Cud-weed of N. 

sanguineum. Crimson Everlasting 
supinum. Dwarf Cud-weed 
sylvaticum. Chafe-weed, Wood Cud-weed 
uliginosum. Marsh Cud-iveed 
Gomphia. Buffo?i-flower-tree 

guianensis. Candle-wood of Jamaica 
nitida. Glossy-leaved Button-flower 
Gompliocarpus fruticosus. Wild Cotton 

of Austi-alia 
Gomplirena globosa. Globe Amaranth, 

Bid Globe Everlasting 
Gomutus saccharifcra. Wine-Pabn of the 

Goniophlebium trilobum. Lizard's-herb 
Gonolobus. Angle-pod 

carolincnsis. False Choke-dog 
Ciiiidiiraiigo. Condor Vine 
obliquus. Choke-dog 
Goodia latifolia. Salisbury Pea of Australia 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Goodyera. Eattlc-snalie Plantain 

pubescens. Adder's Violet, Net-leaf Plan- 
tain, Rattle - snalic - leaf. Scrofula - leaf. 
Scrofula - weed. Silvery Rattle - snake- 
repens. Creeping Rattle-snake-Plantain 
Gordonia Hfematoxylon. Blood-wood or 
Red-wood of Jamaica 
lasianthus. Common LohloUy-Bay 
pubescens. Bowny Lohlolly-Bay 
Gossypium. "Bombast,'' Cotton-plant 
arboreum. Tree Cotton-plant 
barbadense. American or Barhadoes Cot- 
herbaceum. Common Herbaceous Cotton- 

indicum. Indian Cotton-plant 
peruvianum. Peruvian Cotton-plant, "Kid- 
ney " Cotton-j)lant 
religiosum. Na^ildn Cotton-plant 
Gouania domingensis. Chaw-stick of St. 

Gourliaea decorticans. Chanar-tree 
Gracilaria Helminthocorton. Corsican Moss 
Gramineae. A general name for the Grasses 
Grammatophylluni. Letter-leaf ov Letter- 
multiflorum. Letter-plant of the Philip- 
pine Islands 
speciosum. ^ Queen of the Orchids" 
Grangea (Cotula) maderaspatana. Mar- 

Graptophyllum hortense. Caricature- 

Gratiola aurea. Golden-pert 

officinalis. Hedge- Hyssop, Poor -man' s-herb 
Grayia. Grease-mood 
Grevillea robusta. Silk, Silky, or Silk- 
bark Oali of Australia 
Grewia occidentalis. African Star -hush 
Grias cauliflora. Anchovy Pear 
Grindelia. G^nn-plant of California 
Griselinia lucida. New Zealand Broad- 
leaf or Pukatea-tree 
Guaiacum officinale. G^iaiacum-gum-tree, 

Guaiac-resin-jjlant, Lignum-vitce-tree 
Guarea grandifolia. Alligator-wood 

Swartzii. Musk-wood of Jamaica 
Guatteria caffi-a. Caffre's Lance-wood 
longifolia. East Indian Mast-tree 
virgata. Jamaica or Chiiana Lance-wood 
Guazuma tomentosa. Bastard Cedar of 
S. America 
ulmifolia. Bastard Cedar of Jamaica 
Guettarda argentea. Black Chuiva, Silver- 
elliptica. Velvet-seed 
speciosa. Pigeon-wood of Jamaica, Zebra- 
wood of the E. Indies 
Guevina Avellana (Quadria heterophylla). 

Evergreen Hazel of Chili 
Guilandina Eonduc. Bonduc - nut - tree, 
Sumatra Nicker-tree 
Bonducella. Common or Tellorv-seeded 

Niclier-tree, Molucca Bean 
Moringa. Horse-radish Tree 
Guilfoylia (Cadellia) monostylis. Golden 

Gviilielma speciosa. Peach Palm 

Guizotia oleifera. Niger-seed-2)lant, Oil- 
seed, Ram-til, Huts-yellom, or Valisaloo- 

Gymnadenia Conopsea and G. odoratis- 
sima. Fragrant Orchis 

Gymnema lactiferum. Ceylon Cow-plant 

Gymnocladus canadensis. " Chicot," Ken- 
tucky Coffee-tree 

Gymnogramma. Rue-leaved Fern 
leptophylla. Small Rue-leaved Fern 

Gymnolomia Porteri. Stone- Momitain Sta/r 

Gymnostacliys anceps. Australian Cater- 

Gymnostichuni Hystrix. Bottle - brush- 

Gymnostomum. Beardless Moss, Bladder 

Gynerium argenteum. Pampas Grass 
roseum. Rvsy-spiked Pampas Grass 

Gynocardia odorata. " Chaulmugra Seed"- 

Gypsophila. Chalk-plant 

Struthium. Egyptian Soap-root, Spaniih 
Soap -root 

Gyrocarpus asiaticus. Catamaran -wood 

Gyrophora murina. " Velvet Moss " 
vellea. Rock - tripe, " Tripe de Roche " 

Habenaria. Fringed Orchis, Rein- Orchis 
bifolia. Common Butterfly Orchis 
blephariglottis. Wliite Fringed Orchis 
chlorantha. Larger Butterfly Orchis 
ciliaris. Yellow Fringed- Orchis 
cristata. Small Yellow Fringed- Orchis 
fimbriata. Great or Pxvrple Fringed 

lacera. Ragged Fringed- Orchis 
leucopliEea. White Prairie- Orchis 
nivea. Surrey Orchis, White Butterfly- 
viridis. Frog Orchis 
Habzelia ajthiopica. African, Boulon, Ethio- 
pian, Guinea, Malaghatta, Monkey, or 
Negro Pepper 
Hsemanthus. Blood-flower 
coccineus. Red Cape Tulip 
Haeraatostaphis Barteri. Blood Plwni of 

Sierra Leone 
Haematoxylon campechianum. Campea- 

cliy-wood. Log-wood 
Hagenia abyssinica (Bragei-a anthelmin- 

tica). " Cusso" of Abyssinia 
Hakea. " Wooden-cherry" -tree of Australia 
laurina (H. eucalyptoides). Cushion-flmver 

of W. Australia 
ulicina. Native Furze of Australia 
Halenia deflexa and other species. Spii/rred 

Halesia diptera. Two-winged-fruitcd Snow- 
parviflora. Small-flowered Siww drop -tree 
tetraptera. Common Snmvdrop Tree, Silver- 
bell Tree 
Halimodendron argenteum. Silvery-leaved 
Salt- tree 
subvirescens. Greenish Salt-tree 
triflorum. Three-flowered Salt-tree 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Halleria lucida. African Fly-Hoiiey suckle 
Halogeton tamariacifolium. Spanish Worm- 
Haloragis. Sea-berry, of Australia 

citriodora. Piri-jiri shrub, of New Zealand 
Hamamelis virginica. American Witch- 
IJazel, Snapping Uazel-nut, Spotted 
A Ider, TT Inter- bloom 
Hamelia patens. Rat-poison Plant, of the 
W. Indies 
ventricosa. Prince-wood, of the W. Indies 
Hancornia speciosa. Mayigaba, or Man- 
ga ra-tree, of Brazil 
Hardenbergia monophylla. Lilao, or 

Sarsaparilla-tree, of Australia 
Harpulia Hillii and H. pendula. Tullp- 

n-ood, of Queensland 
Hartighsea spectabilis. Xohe or Waliahe- 

tree, of New Zealand 
Hedeoma pulegioides. American Penny- 
royal, Squam-Mint, Tick-meed 
Hedera (Irvingia) australiana. Queensland 
Helix. Barren Ivy, Bent-wood, Bind-wood, 

Common Icy 
Helix var. arborea. Tree-Ivy 
Helix var. arborea aureo-marginata. Gold- 
edged Tree-Ivy 
Helix var. argenteo-marginata. Silver- 
edged Tree-Ivy 
Helix var. aureo-maculata. Gold-blotched 

Helix var. canariensis (H. H. hibernica). 

Irish Ivy 
Helix var. chrysocarpa. Yellow -berried 

Roman Ivy 
Helix var. conglomerata. Clustered Ivy 
Helix var latifolia maculata. Ma/rbled- 

leaved Ivy 
Helix var. jDalmata. Palmate-leaved Ivy 
Helix var. poetica. Poet's Ivy 
Helix var. Itegneriana (H. H. colchica). 

Giant Ivy 
Helix var. rhombea variegata. Variegated 

Japan Ivy 
Helix vac tanrica. Crimean Ivy 
Helix var. tricolor. Three-coloured Ivy 
Ih'lix variegata. Variegated Ivy 
Hedwigia b;dsamifera. I*ig-wood, Wild 

Boars-free, of San Domingo 
Hedycarpa I'seudo-morus. Mulberry, of 
angustifolia. Native Mulberry, of Victoria 
Hedychium coronarium. Fragrant Gar- 

Hedyosmum nutans. W. Indian Ilcad- 

Hedyotis uinbellata. E. Indian Madder, 

or (lioyroot 
Hedysarum Alliagi. CameVs-niorn 
canadensc. Canailian Bush Clover 
coronarium. Frrncli J/oneysurhle, Mal- 
tese (lover. Red Satin-Jlotver, Soola Clover 
Heisteria coccinea. Partridge-pea Tree 
Helenium. Ilelni-Jhnver, Sneeze -weed, 
atropur[)urcum. Jhirh-jyur/ile Ueh'n-flower 
autumnale. Auttinin Jlelen-Jtower or 
Sneeze-H'ort, Smooth llelen-Jlowcr 

Helenium Hoopesii. Hoopes's Sneeie-weed 
pumilum. Dwarf Sneeze-wort 
tenuifolium. Slender-leaved Sneeie-wort 

Heleocharis tuberosa. Petsi Rush 

HeliarBphora nutans. S. American Pitcher- 

Helianthemum. Hnlly-Rose, Su7i-Rose 
alpestre. Alpine Sun-rose 
alyssoides. Alyssuin-like Sun-rose 
Andersoni. Anderson's Sun-rose 
angustifolium. Narrow-leaved Sun-rose 
apenninum. Apen7ii?u' Sun-rose 
arabicum. Arabian Sun-rose 
atriplicifolium. Orache-leaved Sun-rose 
Barrelieri. BarreVwr's Sun-rose 
brasiliense. Brazilian Sun-rose 
canadense. Forest-weed 
candidum. White-leaved Sun-rose 
canescens. Whitish-leaved Sun-rose 
cauum. Hoary-leaved Sun-rose 
cheiranthoides. Wall-flomer Sun-rose 
corymbosum. Corymb-Jloivered Sum-rote 
crassifolium. Thick-leaved Sun-rose 
croceum. Saffron-Jlowcred Sun-rose 
cupreum. Copper-coluu r-ffowe red Sun-rose 
dichotomum. Forlicd-hranched Sun-rose 
diversifolium. I'arious-leaved Sun-rose 
eriosepalon. Woolly -sepalled Sun-rose 
fariuosum. Mealy-leaved Suti-rose 
foetidum. Bryony -scented Sun-rose 
formosum. Beautiful Sun-rose 
Fumana. Ileath-like ^U7i-rose 
giaucum. Glaucous-leaved Sun-rose 
glomeratum. Cluster-Jlorvered Sun-rose 
glutinosum. Clammy Sun-rose 
granditlorum. Large-flowered Sun-rose 
(Cistus) g-uttatum. Spotted Sun-rose 
halimifolium. Sea -Purslane -leaved Sun- 
hirsutum. Hairy Sun-rose 
hirtum. Bristly-calyxed Sun-rose 
liirtuni var. Lagascaj. Lagasca's Sun-rose 
hispidum. Bristly Sun-rose 
hyssopifolium. Hyssop-leaved Sun-rose 
involucratum. Short-pedicelled Sun-rose 
italicum. Italian Su7i-rose 
junijDerinum. Juniper-leaved Sun-rose 
kabiri6um. Cairo Su7i.-rose 
lajve. Sniooth Su7i-rose 
laevipes. Cluster-leaved Su7i-rosc 
lanceolatum. Spear-leaved Su7i-rose 
lasianthuni. Hairy-leaved Su7i-rose 
lavanduhcfolium. Lave7uler-leavcd Sun- 
lppto]iliylhim. Sle/ider-leaved Sun-rose 
lignosum. Woody-sfem7ned Su7i-rosc 
lincare. Linear-leaved Su/i-rose 
Lijijiii. Sinnll-petalled Su/i-rose 
lucidum. Shi7ii7uf -leaved Su7i-rose 
macrantlium. Great-flo7vered Sun-rose 
nmcrant hum var. multiplex. i>t)K/y/<^-y?<JW^tf<i 

marifolium. Marum-lear-ed Su/i-rose 
marjoranifolium. Ma7-Joram - leaved Su7t- 

microphyllum. S77iall-h'aved Su7i-rose 
Jlillcri. Miller's Sim-rose 
molle. Sft-leaved Su7i-rose 
mutabile. Colour-cha7igi7ig Su7i-rosc 

ajid Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shi'ubs. 


Heliantliemum nudicaule. Naked-stemmed 
Nummularium. Money -wort-leaved Sim- 
obovatum. Obovate -leaved Sun-rose 
ocymoides. Basil-like Sun-rose 
celandicum. (Eland Sun-rose 
origanifolium. Marjoram-leaved Sii/iv-rose 
ovatum. Ovate-leaved Sun-rose 
paniculatum. Panicle-florvered Sun-rose 
poliifolium. Polium-leaved or White Sun- 
penicillatum. Pencilled Sun-rose 
Pilosella. Downy Sun-rose 
pilosuni. Stiff-haired Sun-rose 
procumbens. Procuvibent Smi-rose 
pulchellum. Neat Sun-rose 
pulvemlentum. Powdered-leaved Sun-rose 
racemosum. Raoeme-Jiowered Sun-rose 
rhodauthum. Rose-florvered Sim-rose 
roseum. Rosy-flowered Sun-rose 
rosmarinifolium. Rosemary-leaved Sun-rose 
scabrosum. Rough Sun-rose 
serpyllifolium. Serpyllum-leared Sun-rose 
sessiliflorum. Sessile-lcavrd Sun-rose 
stoechadifolium. Woolly -leaved Sim-rose 
stramineum. Straw-colmired-flowered Sun- 
strictum. TFpright-hranched Sun-rose 
sulphureum. Sulphur-flowered Sun-rose 
surrejanum. Surrey Sim-rose 
tauricum. Taurian Sun-rose 
thymifolium. Thyme-leaved Sun-rose 
tomentosum. Wool! y -led ved Sun-rose 
Tuberaria. Plantain - leaved Sim - rose, 

Truffle Sun-rose 
umbellatum. Umbel-flowered Sun-rose 
variegatum. Striped flowered Sim-rose 
venustum. Showy Sun-rose 
versicolor. Parti-coloured-flowered Simi- 

vineale. Slender Trailing Sun-rose 
violaceum. Violet-calyxed Sun-rose 
virgatum. Twiggy ^un-rose 
viride. Green-leaved Sun-rose 
vulgare (Cistus Helianthemum). Com- 
mon Sun-rose 
Helianthus. Sun-flower 
annuus. Common Sun-flower, Golden 

Flower of Peru 
argophyllus. Silvery -leaved Sun-flower 
atrorubens. Bark Red Sun-flower 
cucumerifolius. Cucumber - leaved Sim- 
decapetalus. Ten-petalled Sun-flower 
flexuosus. Zig-zag Sun-flower 
giganteus. Giant Sun-flower 
indicus. Bwarf Annual Sun-flower 
Maximiliani. Maximilians Sun-flower 
multiflorus. Perennial Sun-flower 
Nuttallii. NuttalVs Sun-flower 
orgyalis. Oraceful Sun-flower 
rigidus (Harpalium rigidum). Prairie 

Sun-flower, Rough-leared Sun-flower 
strumosus. Carrot-rooted Sun-flower 
tuberosus. Canada Potato, Jerusalem 
Helichrysum. " Ecerlasti-ng," or " Im- 
mortelle ''-flower. Golden Moth-wort 

Helichrysura apiculatum. Tasmanian 
(Gnaphalium) arenarium. Com/tnon Yel- 
low Everlastimg 
bracteatum. Bracted Everlasting 
bracteatum var. nanum. Bwarf Ever- 
(Astelma) eximium. Crimson Cape Ever' 

lucidum (H. bracteatum). Australian 

macranthum. Large-flowered Everlasting 
orientale. Yellow " Immortelle" -floiver 
serpyllifolium. Cape Colony Tea 
StcEchas. Common Shrubby Everlasting, 
God's-Flower, or Gold-flower, Golden 
Cassidony, Golden Stcechas, Golden Tufts 
Helieia (Macadamia) ternifolia. Queens- 
land Nut-tree 
Heliconia Bihai. False Plantain 

psittacorum. Parrot's Plantain 
Helicteres. Screw-tree 

Isora. La/rge-fruited Screw-tree, Twisted 
Stick, Twisted Horn, or " Twisty, of S. 
jamaicensis. Screw-tree of Jamaica 
Heliopliila. Cape Stock 

pectinata. Sun Cress 
Heliophytum indicum. Indian Heliotrope 
Heliopsis Isevis. Ox-eye, of N. America 

platyglossa. Ramtil-oil Plant 
Heliotropium. Heliotrope, Turnsole 
europium. Common Heliotrope 
fruticosum. Basket-withe, of Jamaica 
indicum. Wild Clary 
peruvianum. Peruvian Heliotrope or 
Turnsole, Cherry-pie Flower 
Helipterum. " Everlasting," or " Im- 
mortelle "-flower 
Manglesii. Australian Everlasting 
Helleborus. Hellebore 

abchasicus. Green-flowered Christmas- 
altifolius (H. niger var. maximus). 

Giant Christmas-rose 
angustifolius. Narrow-leaved Christmas- 
argutifolius. Holly-leaved Hellebore 
atro-rubens. Purrplish-red-flowered Christ- 
colchicus. Plum-coloured Christmas-rose 
foetidus. Bar-foot, Bear-foot, Ox-heel, 

Setter-wort, Stinking Hellebore 
niger. Bear's-foot, Black Hellebore, Com- 

mo7i Christmas Rose, Chrisfs-wort 
niger var. maximus (H. altifolius). Great 

or Giant Christmas-rose 
odorus. Sweet-scejited. Hellebore 
officinalis. Black Hellebore of the ancients 
olympicus. Olympian Hellebore 
orientalis. Rose-coloured Christmas-rose 
purj3urascens. Purple-flowered Christmas- 
vesicarius. Syrian Christmas-rose 
viridis. Bastard Hellebore, Bear's-foot, 
Boar's-foot, Green Hellebore 
Helmintliia echioides. " Lang-de-beefe," 

Helonias buUata (H. latifolia). Stud-flower 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Helonias dioica. Blaz'uig-star, Dccil'srhlt, 

Helosciadium iuundatum. Mud-meed 
(Slum) nodiflorum. FooVs Water-crest, 
Helvella Mitra. Bishop' s-Mitre Mush- 
Hemidesmus indicus (Periploca indica). 
I'j. Indian Sarsaparilla, or Nunnari- 
Hemileia vastatrix. Coffee Blight Fungus 
Hemionitis palmata. Mule Fern 
Hemitelia Smithii. Smith's Tree-Fern 
Hemizonia. Tar-weed, of California 
Hemerocallis. Bay-lily 
disticha. Two-rojved Bay-lily 
Dumortieri. Bumortier's Buy-lily 
flava. Yellow Bay-lily 
fulva. Taw7iy Bay -lily 
graminea. Grass-leaved Bay-lily 
Kwanso variegata. Variegated-leaved Bay- 
lutea. Barh-yellow Bay-lily 
Hepatica acutiloba. Sharp-lobed Hepatica 
or Liver-leaf 
angulosa. Large Blue Hepatica 
triloba. Golden Trefoil, Noble Liver-wort, 
llound-lobed Liver-leaf 
Heracleum. Cow-parsnip, Giant-parsnip 
elegans. Roxigh-leared Cow-parsnip 
eminens. Blunt-lohed Cow-parsnip 
flavescens (Heracleum austriacum). Tcl- 

lowish Cow-parsnip 
giganteum. Giant Cow-parsnip 
lanatum. American Cow-parsnip, Ameri- 
can Master-wort 
latifolium. Broad-leaved Cow-parsnip 
Panaccs. Fig-leaved Corn-parsnip, Her- 
cules' All-heal, Hercules' IVound-wort 
persicum. Persian Cow-parsnip 
pubescens. Bonmy Cow-parsnip 
Sphondylium. Cad-weed, Clog-weed, Com- 
mon Co)v-pars?iip, Eltrot, Hog-weed, Mad- 
nep. Meadow Parsnip 
Wilhelmsii. Wilhelm's Cow-parsnip 
Icdved Limhinij-glass Plant or Tree 
minor. SniaU-U-arcd Looking-glass Plant 
Herminiera Elapliroxylon (^I'idemone niir- 

abilis). Pith-tree, of the Nile 
Herminium Monorchis. Musk Orchis 
Hernandia guianensis. Amadou-wood, of 
S. America 
ovigera. " Hernant Seeds "-tree 
sonora. I^'. Indian Jack-in-a-hox, Jamaica 
Cog -wood 
Herniaria glabra. Rupture-wort, " Turk't- 

herh " 
Herpestis Monnicri. Water Hyssop, of S. 

Hesperantha. Evening-flower 

gra II li n i f ol ia . Grass- leaved Even'nig-Hower 
Hesperis f ragran s. Even i ng -scented Pocket 
rnaritiina. Mediterranean Stock 
matronalis. " Close Sciences," Bame's, 
Garden, or White Rocket, Dame's Violet, 
Queen's Gilliflower, Rogue's GiUijlower, 
Winter Gilliftotver 
matronalis II. -pi. Bouhle Rocket 

Hesperis matronalis var. alba plena. 

Bouhle White Rocket 
matronalis var. purpurea plena. Bouhle 

Purple Roclict 
tristis. Melancholy Gentleman, Night- 
scented Rocket 
violacea. Violet-flonered Rocket 
Heterantliera. Mud- Plantain 
Heteromeles arbutifolia. Tollon or Toyon, 

of California 
Heterothalamus brunoides. Romerillo- 

Heterotoma lobelioides. Mexican Bird- 

Heterotrichum patens. " American Goose- 
berry," of the W. Indies 
Heuchera americana. Alum-root, American 
glabra. Smooth Ahmn-root 
micrantha. Small-fo)vered Ahi/m-root 
pubescens. Bonmy Alum-root 
ribifolia. Curra7it-leaved Alum-root 
Richardsoni (H. americana, H. ribifolia). 
Hevea brasiliensis. Caoutchouc-tree of Pard 
guianensis (Siphonia elastica). India- 
ruhbcr-tree of Guiana 
Hibiscus Abelmoschus. Mtisk Okro 
africanus. African Ketmia 
arboreus. W. Indian Mahoe or Mohoe 
cannabiDus. Brown Hemp, of India, Hemp 

clypeatus. Mahoe, of Congo 
coccineus. American Scarlet Rose-mallom 
(Abelmoschus) esculentus. Okro, or Gom- 

heterophjdlus. Green Kurrajong, of Aus- 
tralia, Queensland Sorrel-tree 
militaris. Ilalbert-leaved Rose-mallom 
moschatus. E. Iiulian Musk-mallow 
^loscheutos. Swamp Rose-mallow 
palustris. Purple Marsh Rose-mallow 
Kosa-malabarica. Malabar Rose, Black- 
ing-plant, Chinese Rose-mallow, Shoe- 
black-plant, Shoe-flower 
Rosa - malabarica var. schizopetalus. 

Fringed-jlowered Rose-mallow 
roseus. Rosy-floivcred Rose-mallow 
Sabdariffa. E. Indian Sorrel-plant, Red 
Sorrel, oiihc W. Indies, " Ro:elle"-jtlant, 
of the E. Indies, Thorny-mallow 
speciosus. Hardy Scarlet Hibiscus 
splendens. Queensland Hollyhock-tree 
syriacus. Common AWuca-frutex, Rose of 

.syriacus var. elegantissimus. Bouhle 

syriacus var. oculatus. Painted Lady 

sjTiacus var. purpurcus. Purple Althtea- 

tiliaceus. Cork-wood 

(Ketmia) Trionum. Bladder Kctm'ia, 
Flower-ofan-hour, Good-7iigM-at-noon, 
Venice Mallow 
Hieracium. Jfawk's-eye, Hawk-weed 
ali)inum. Mountain Hawk- weed 
aurantiacum. Golden Mouse-ear, Grim- 
the- Collier, Orange-Jtowered Hawk-weed 

aoid Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Hieracium canadense. Canada HawJc-weed 
cerinthoides. Honei/-wort Haish-weed 
Gronovii. Hairy Hawk-weed 
incarnatum. Pinh-Jlowered Hawh-weed 
longipilum. Long bearded Haivh-iueed 
murorum. Golden or French Lung-%vort, 

Wall Hawk-weed 
paniculatum. Panided Hawk-icecd 
Pilosella. Mouse-ear, Mouse-ear Hawk-iveed 
prenanthoides. Wall-lettuce Hawk-weed 
Pseudo-pilosella. Bastard Mouse-ear 
sabaudum. Savoy Haiuk-ivccd, Shrubby 

scabrum. Rough Haiok-weed 
tunbellatum. Umbellate Hatvk-weed 
venosum. Rattle-snake-weed 
Hierochloe". Holy-grass 
australis. Southern Holy -grass 
borealis. Northern Holy-grass 
macrophylla. Large-leaved Vanilla-grass 
redolens. Scented Grass, of New Zealand 
Himantlialia lorea. Sea-thongs 
Hippeastrum. Km'ght's-star Lily 
equestre. Barhadocs Lily 
Reginae. Mexican Lily 
Hippobromus alatus. Paardcpis-tree, of S. 

Hippocratea obcordata. W. Indian Wild 

Hippocrepis comosa. Horse-shoe Vetch 
Hippomane Mancinella. Manchined-tree 
Hippoliae canadensis. Canadian Sea-Buck- 
rhamnoides. Common Sea-Buckthorn, Sallow-, 

or WillotV; thorn 
salicifolia. Willoiv-leaved Sea-Buckthorn 
Hippuris. Mare's-tail 

\ailgaris. Bottle- Brush, Common Mare's-tail 
maritima. Sea-shore Mare's-tail 
Hirneola (Exidia) Auricula-Judse. Jew's- 

Ear Fungus 
Holcus lanatus. Dart Grass, Dufel Grass, 
Hose Grass, Meadow Soft-grass, Midge 
Grass, Rot Grass, Velvet Grass, Yorkshire 
mollis. Dart Grass, Duffel Grass, Wood 
Soft-grass, Rot Grass 
Eoh.eria popuinea. Otago Ribbon-wood 
Holosteum umbellatum. Jagged Chick-weed 
Honkenya peploides. Sea Pimpernel 
Hordeum. Barley 

deficiens. Red Sea BarUy 

jubatum. Squirrel-tail Gra^s 

maritimum. Sea-side Barley, Squirrel-tail 

murinum. Mouse Barley, Wall Barley, Wild 

Barley, Squirrel-tail Grass 
nepalense (H. trifurcatum). Nepaul Barley 
vulgare var. distichum. Common Barley, 

Two-roxved Barley 
vulgare var. hexastichum. Bear, Bere, Beer, 

Beir, or Bigg, Six-rowed Barley 
Zeocriton. Battledore, Fan, Putney, or Sprat 
Horminum pjrenaicum. Pyrenean Dead- 
Hosta cserulea. Savannah-ivood 
Hottonia inflata. Wata--Violet of N. 

Hottonia palustris. Common Water- Violet, 

Water Feather-foil, Water Gilliflower 
Hovenia dulcis. Japanese Raisin-tree 
Hoya. Honey-plant, Wax-flower Climber, 
australis. N. S. Wales Wax-flower 
campanulata. Bell Wax-flower -plant 
carnosa. Fleshy-leaved Wax-flower- plant 
coriacea. Manilla Waxflower 
imperialis. Imptrial Wax-flower-plant. 
Hudsonia ericoides. American False Heath 
Hufelandia pendula. Slog-wood 
Humea elegans. Amaranth- Feathers 
Humirium balsamiferum. Humiri- or 
Umire- Balsam-tree of French Guiana 
floribundum. Umire-trec, of Brazil 
Humulus Lupulus. Bine or Bines, Common 

Eur a crepitans. Monkey's- Dinner-hell, Sand- 
Hyacinthus. Hyacinth 

amethystinus. Amethyst Hyacinth, Spanish 

(Galtonia) candicans. Spire-Lily, Wliite Cape 

non-scriptus (SciUa nutans). Common Blue- 
orientalis and vars. Common Garden 

romanus (Bellevaliaromana). Roman Hya- 
serotinus. Late-flowering Hyacinth 
Hygenanche globosa. Cape Hyccna-p)oison 
Hydnocarpus venenata (H. inebrians). 

Fish-poison or Makooloo-tree of Ceylon 
Hydnora. Maelagascar Chnstmas-rose 

africana. JackaVs-Kost 
Hydnum Barba- Jovis. Jove's • beard, or 
repandum. Spiny or Hedge-hog Mushroom 
Hydrangea arborescens. Wild Hydrangea 
of N. America 
arborescens var. discolor. Two-coloured- 

leavcd Hydrangea 
cordata. Heart-leaved Hydrangea 
heteromalla. Woolly-leaved Hydrangea 
hortensis. Common Hydrangea 
hortensis var. c^rulea. Blue-flowered Hy- 
japonica. Japan Hydrangea 
japonica variegata. Silver-edged Hydrangea 
japonica var. aurea superba. Golden-edged 

japonica var. caerulea. Blue-flowered Japan 

japonica var. rosea. Rosy-Hoioered Hy- 
nivea. White-leaved Hydrangea 
Otaksa. Hardy Flesh-coloured Hydrangea 
paniculata grandiflora. Hardy White-flowered 

quercifolia. Oak-leaved Hydrangea 
stellata. Starry -flowered Hydrangea 
Hydrastis canadensis. Ground Raspberry, 
Golden-seal, Orange-root, Turmeric-root, 
Yelloiv Puccoon 
Hydrocera (Tytonia) natans. Water Balsam 
Hydrocharis Morsus-ranoe. Frog-bit 
Hydrocotyle asiatica. Indian Penny-wort 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Hydrocotyle vulgaris. Flowk-wort, Marsh 
Penny-wort, Penny-rot, Skeep's-bane, White- 
Hydropliylluin. American Water-leaf 

virginicuin. Shmoanese Salad 
Hygrophorus virginicus. Viscid White 

Hymenaea Courbaril. Brazilian Oivm,- 

Copal-tree. S. American Locust-tree 
Hyxnenanthera crassifolia. Scrub Box- 
tvood, of Chatham Island 
dentata. Scrub Box-wood of Victoria 
Hymenopliylluin. Filmy Fern 
Tunbridgense. Tunbridge, or Common, Filmy 

Fern, Tunbridje Gohlilorks 
Wilsoni. Wilson's Filmy Fern 
Byoscyamus. Hen-bane 
albus. White Hen-bane 
Canariensis. Canary Island Hen-bane 
niger. Comvion Hen-bane 
physaloides. Kite-flower, Purple-flowered Hen- 
pusiUus. Dwarf Hen-bane 
reticulatus. Egyptian Hen-bane 
Scopolia. Nightshade-leaved Hen-bane 
Hyoseris minima. Swine's-Succoi-y 
Hypericum. St. John's Grass, St. John' s-ivort, 
legyptiacum. Egyptian St. John's-wort 
Androssemnm. Park-leaves, Siveet Amber 
angulosum. Toothed-flozvered St. Johns-iuort 
Ascyron. Red-leaved St. John's-wort, Si- 
berian St. John's-wort 
balearicum. Majorca St. John s-wort 
Burseri. Burser's St. John's-wort 
calycinum. Aaron's- Beard, Large-flowered 

St. John's-wort 
canadense. Canadian St. John's-wort 
oanariense. Canary Island St. John's-wort 
CaprifoUum. Honeysuckle-leaved St. John'i- 

chinense. Chinese St. John's-wort 
ciliatum. Hair-fringed St. John's-xvort 
cordifulium. Hcart-lcavcd St. John's-wort 
Coris. Heath-leaved St. John's-wort 
crispum. Curled-leaved St. John's wort 
cuneatum. Mount Lebanon St. John's-ivort 
decussatum. Cross-leaved St. John's-wort 
dolabriforme. Hatchet-like St. John's-ivori 
dubium. Imperforate St. John's-wort 
datum. Tall St. John's-ivort 
elegans. Elegant St. John's-wort 
Elodes. Marsh St. John's-wort 
elodioides. Close-panicled St. John's-wort 
empetrifolium. Empetrum-leaved St. John's- 
cricoides. Heath-like St. John's-wort 
fnsc-iculatum. Aspalathus-like St. John's-wort 
finibriatum. Fringed St. John's-wort 
floribundum. Many-flowered St. John't- 

foliosum. Shiinnrj Leafy St. John's-wort 
frondofium, Densc-foliagcd St. John's-wort 
galioides. Galium-like St. John's-wort 
KlanduloBum. Glandular St. John's-wort 
glaucum. Glaucons-lcaved St. Johti's-wort 
i^andiilorum. Largc-flowertd St. John s-wort 
hottTdphyllum. Variout-leaved St. John's- 

Hypericum hircinum. Common, or Goat- 
scented, St, John's-wort 
hirsutum. Hairy St. John's-wort 
Hookerianum. Glossy-floivered St. John's- 
wort, or Tutsan 
humifusum. Trailing St. John's-wort 
japonicum. Japanese St. John' s-wort 
Kalmianum. Kalni's St. John's-ivort 
Isevigatum. Smooth St. John's-wort 
lanuginosum. Downy St. John's-wort 
maculatum. Spotted-flowered St. John's- 
mexicanum. Mexican St. John's-wort 
montanum. Mountain St. John' s-wort 
nepalense. Nepaul St. John's-wort 
Nummularium. Money-wort St. John's- 
nudiflorum. Naked-flowered St. John's-wort 
oblongifolium. Oblong-leaved St. John's- 
olympicum. Mt. Olympus St. John's-wort 
patulum. Spreading St. John's-wort 
perfoliatum. Perfoliate St. John's-wort 
pilosum. Stiff-haired St. John's-wort 
pulchrum. Slender St. John's-wort 
pusillum. Small St. John's-wort 
quadrangulare. Hard-hay, St. Peter' s-W07't, 

Square-stalked St. John's-wort 
quinquenervium. Small -flowered St. John's- 

reflexum. Rcflexed leaved St. John's-wort 
repens, and Hypericum reptans. Creeping 

St. John's-ivort 
Sarothra (Sarothra gentianoides). Bastard 

Gentian, Orange-grass, Pine-weed 
serpyllifolium. Thyme-leaved St John's- 
simplex. Simple-stalked St. John's-wort 
sphaerocarpon. Found-capsuled St. John's- 
tomentosum. Woolly St. John' s-wort 
triflorum. Three-flowered St. John's-wort 
triplinerve. Three-ncried St. John's-ivort 
Uralum. Urala St. John's-wort 
veronense. Verona St. John's-ivort 
verticillatum. Whorl-leaved St. John's-wort 
virgatum. Twiggy St. John's-wort 
virginicum (Elodes virginica). Marsh St. 
Jolins-wnrt, Pink -flowered St. John's-wort 
Hypheene thebaica. Douni Palm, Ginger- 

Hypnum. Feather-moss 

abietiuum. Spruce-tree Feather-moss 
albicans. Whitish Feather-moss 
alopecurum. Fox-tail Feather-moss 
atro-virens. Dark-green Fiather moss 
cffispitosum. Grccn-piitch Feather-moss 
commutatum. Curled Feather-moss 
complanatum. Flat Fcathcrmoss 
confertum. Clustered Fcuthcr-moss 
Crista-castrensis. Ostrich-plume Feather- 
cupressiforme. Cypress -leaved Feather-moss 
dendroides. Tree-like Feather-moss 
denticulatum. Sharp Fern-like Feather-moss 
filicinum. Lesser Gcldm Fern Pealhcr-moss 
lluitans. Floating Feather-moss 
lutescens. Yellowish Feather-moss 
medium. Long-headed Feather-moss 

a7id Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Hypnum micans. SparHinc/ Feather-moss 
molle. Soft-water Feather-moss 
molluscum. Plumy-crested Feather-moss 
moniliforme. Beaded Feather-moss 
murale. Wall Feather moss 
myosuroides. Mouse-tail Feather-moss 
nitens. Shining Feathe)' vioss 
palustre. Marsh Feather-moss 
plumosum. Rusty Feather-moss 
populenm. Matted Feather-moss 
pulchellum. Elegant Feather-moss 
pumilum. Dwarf Feather-moss 
purum. Neat Meadow Feather-moss 
repens. Creeping Feather-moss 
rufescens. Red Mountain Feather-moss 
salebrosum. Yellow Feather-moss 
scorpioides. Scorpion Feather-moss 
seric€uin. Silky Feather-moss 
epeciosum. Showy Feather-moss 
splendens. Glittering Feather-moss 
stellatum. Yellow Starry Feather-vioss 
trichomanoides. Fern-like Feathev-moss 
umbratum. Shaded Feather-moss 
undulatum. Waxy Feather-moss 
velutinum. Velvet Feather-moss 

Hypelate paniculata. Genip Tree, Honey- 
berry, Madeira-Wood 

Hypocalymma. Peach-Myrtle 
robustum. Swan River Peach- Myrtle 

Hypocheeris radicata. Cape-weed, of Aus- 
tralia and New Zealand, Long-rooted 

Hypoxis erecta. American Star-grass 

Hyptis suaveolens. W. Indian Spikenard 

Hyssopus nepetoides. Square-ttcdked 

officinalis. Common Hyssop 

Iberis. Candy-tuft 

alpina. Alpine Candy-tuft 

amara. Clown's Mustard, Sciatica-crets, 

Wild, or Bitter, Candy-tuft 
Bubani. Buban's Candy-tuft 
corifolia. Coris-leaved Candy-tuft 
correcefolia(I, Coriacea). Late White Candy- 
tuft _ 
Garrexiana. Garrex's Candy-tuft 
gibraltarica. Gibraltar Candy-tuft 
jucunda (^thionema coridifolium). Glau- 
cous Candy-tuft 
linifolia. Flax-leaved Candy-tuft 
petrsea. Dwarf Alpine Candy-tuft 
pinnata. Winged Candy-tuft 
rosmarinifolia. Rosemary-leaved Candy -tuft 
saxatilis. Rock Candy-tuft 
semperflorens. Broadleaved Candy-tuft 
sempervirens. Evergreen Candy-tuft 
stylosa. Alpine Candy-tuft 
Tenoreana. Tenore's Candy-tuft 
Iberis umbellata. Common Candy -tuft, Pwr- 

pie Annual Candy-tuft 
Jcica. Several species yield the Elemi-Resin 
of Brazil 
Abilo. Elemi-gum-tree (?) 
altissima. Carana-wood, Samaria-wood, White 

Cedar of British Guiana 
Aracouchini. Balsam-of-A couchi-tree 
Carana. Carana-gum-tree, S. A merican Balm- 

Icica heptaphylla. Hyawa-tree, or Incense- 
wood, of Guiana 
Tacamahaca. Coumia-resin-plant 
Ileodictyon cibarium. " Thunder-ddrt " Fun- 

gtis, of the New Zealanders 
Ilex Aquifolium. Christmas, Common Holly, 
or Holm 
Aquifolium, var. Altaclarensis. High-Clere 

Aquifolium, var. angustifolia. Narrow- 

leaved Holly 
Aquifolium, var. argenteo-variegata. Silver- 
striped Holly 
Aquifolium, var. aureo-variegata. Gold- 
striped Holly 
Aquifolium, var. ferox. Hedge-hog Holly 
Aquifolium, var. ferox albo-pictum. Milk- 
maid Holly 
Aquifolium, var. ferox argenteo-variegata. 

Striped Hedge-hog Holly 
Aquifolium, var, fructd albo. White-berried 

Aquifolium, .var. fructH luteo. Yellow- 
berried Holly 
Aquifolium, var. fructti nigro. Black-berried 

Aquifolium, var. heterophylla. Various- 
leaved Holly 
Aquifolium, var. myrtifolia. Myrtle-leaved 

Aquifolium, var. pendula variegata. Varie- 
gated Weeping Holly 
Aquifolium, var. verticellata. IMiorled Holly, 

Swamp Winter-berry 
balearica. Minorca Holly 
canariensis. Canary Island Holly 
Cassine. Black-drink-tree, of the N. Caro- 
lina Indians, Cassena, Yawpc^yi 
chinensis. Chinese Holly 
crenata. Dwarf Japan Holly 
crenata variegata. Dwarf Golden Holly 
Dahoon. Dahoon Holly 
Dahoon, var. laurifolia. Laurel-leaved Da- 
hoon Holly 
dipyrena. Tivo-seeded Holly 
Fortunei. Fortune's Japanese Holly 
latifolia. Broad-leaved Holly 
latispina. Broad-spined Holly 
laxiflora. Loose-fiowered Holly 
opaca. American Holly 
Paraguayensis. "Mate," Paraguay Tea- 
plant, S. American Holly 
sideroxyloides. Dominica Oak 
verticillata. Sioamp Winter-berry 
vomitoria. Carolina or South Sea Tea- 
plant, Emetic Holly 
Illecebrum. Ktwt-grass 
lUicium anisatum. Star-Anise-, or Star- 
Aniseed-, tree 
rioridanum. Aniseed-tree, of Florida, Poison- 
Bay, of Alabama, Red-Jlo2vered Aniseed-tree 
Ilysanthes gratioloides. False Pimpernel 
Imantophyllum. Thong-lUy 

miniatum. Natal Lily 
Imbricaria borbonica. Mat-wood Tree 
Impatiens. Balsam, Snap-weed, of N. 
Dalsamina and vara. Oomm&ti Garden 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Impatiens fulva. Orange-flowered Balsam, 
Spotted Jeioel-weed 

glauduligera. Hardy Indian Balsam, Nuns 

Noli-me-tangere. Common Yellow Balsam, 

pallida. Pale Touch-me-not 

iSultani. Sultans, or Zanzibar, Balsam 
Imperata arundiuaoea. Lalong-Grass 

saccharitlora. Amoor River GiantSilvery Grass 
Imperatoria Ostruthium. False Pellitory-of- 

Spain, Fdlow-Gmss, Great Master-wort 
Indigofera australis. Australian Indigo- 

floribunda. Purple-flowered Indigo-plant 

tinctoria. Dyer's Indigo-'plant 
Inga dulcis. Sappan-fruit-tree 

edulis. Sicect Tamarind Tree 

Feuillei. Pacay-tree, of Lima 

purpurea. Soldier-bush 

Sassa. Sassa-gum-tree 

spectabilis. Guava Real 

vera. Coco-ivood 
Inocarpus edulis. Fiji Chestnut, Otaheite 

Intsia amboinensis. Iron-wood, of Dutch E. 

Inula Candida. IMiite Flea-bane 

Conyza. Cinnamon-root, Flea-wort, Ladies^ 
Gloves, Ploughman' t Spikenard 

crithmoides. Golden Samphire 

dysenterica. Common Flea-bane 

glandulosa. Georgian Flea-bane 

montana. Pyrenean Flea-bane 

Helenium. Elecampane, Elf -Dock, Elte-Dock, 
Horse- Elder 

Oculus-Christi. Christ's-eye, Hoary Flea-bane 

Pulicaria. Fka-bane, Flea-bane Mullet 
lonidium capense. Cape Green Violet 

Ipecacuanha. False Brazilian, or White, 
lonopsidion acaule. Carpet-plant, Violet- 

flowered Cress 
Ipomsea. American Bind-weed, Morning - 

Bona-nox. Moon-creeper 

ceerulea. Blue-flowered Bindweed 

caroUniana. Cypress vine, of Carolina 

coccinea. Scarlet-flowered Bind-weed, Star- 

fastigiata. Wild Potato, of the W. Indies. 

Gerrardi. WiUi Cotton, of Natal 

hederacea coccinea. Ivy leaved Cypress-vine 

lacunosa (Convolvulus micranthus). White- 
star Bind-weed 

leptophylla. Colorado Man-root 

Nil. Smaller Morning-Glory 

Orizabensis (I. batatoides). Jalap-tops, 
Male Jalap 

pandurata. " Man-of -the- Earth," "Media- 
vicc/i," of the N. American Indians, 
Wild- Potato Vine 

PcR-capra;. Sea-side Potato, of India 

purpurea. Common Morning gloi-y 

Quamoclit. Sweet- William, of Barbadoes 

sida;folia. Christmas Gambol 

tubcrosa. Senn-ycar Vine, Spanish Arbour 
Vine, or Sjiiinish Wood-bine, of Jamaica, 
Trellis Convolvulus, of the W. Indies 

Turpethum. E. Indian Jalap 

Ipomopsis elegans. Standing Cypress 
Iriartea exorrhiza. Pashiuba, Paxiuba, Rasp, 
or Zanora Palm 

setiyera. Blowlng-cane Palm 
Iresine. Blood-leaf 

celosioides. Juba's-brush 
Iridsea edulis. Dulse 
Iris. Flag, Rain-bow- Flower 

alata. Christmas-flowering Iris, Scorpion Iris 

amceua. Delicately -tinted Ins 

attica. Greek Iris 

caucasica. Caucasian Iris 

cristata. Dtvarf Crested Iris, Lady's Cala- 

DeBerghii. De Bergh's Iris 

dichotoma. Blue-curls 

ensata. S^vmxl-leavcd Iris 

erratica. Erratic Iris 

foetidissima. Blue Scggin, Gladden, Gladin, 
Gladwyn, or Glader, Roast-beef -plant, Stink- 
ing Gladwyn 

foetidissima variegata. Variegated Gladwyn 

flavescens. Yelloxoish Iris 

florentina. Florentine Dns, Orrice, or Orris- 
root -plant 

germanica. Common or German Iris, Fleur 
de Luce, Orrice, or Orris-root-plant 

graminea. Grass-leaved Ii'ls 

iberica (Onocyclus ibericus). Iberian Iris 

italica. Italian Iris 

juncea (I. lusitanica). Rush-leaved Irit 

Kffimpferi. Kccmpfcr's Iris 

lacustris. Dwarf Lake Iris, of N. America 

laevigata. Smooth Iris 

longipetala. Long-petalled Iris 

missourieneis. Missouri Iris 

Monnieri. Golden Iris, Monnier's Iris 

nudicaulis. Naked-stemmed Iris 

ochroleuca. Yellow-banded Iris 

olbiensis. Sardinian Iris 

pallida. Pale Blue Iris, Orrice, or On'isroot- 

Pseud-acorus. JacoV s-Sword, Water-Flag, 
Yellow Flag, Yellow Fleur de Luce 

pulchella. Pretty-flowered Ins 

pumila. Dwarf Iris 

reticulata. Early Bulbous Iris 

(Moraja) Robinsoniana. Wedding-flower of 
Lord Howe's Island 

rubricaulis. Red-stemmed Iris 

ruthenica. Ever-blooming Iris, Russian Iris 

Saari. Saar's Iris 

sambucina. Eldci'-sccnted Iris 

■corpioides (Xiphium planifolium). Twice- 
flowering Iris 

setosa. Bristle-pointed Iris 

siberica. Siberian Iris 

spatulata (I. desertorum). Sweet-scented Iris 

spuria. Sj^urious Iris 

squalens. Brown-floivei'cd Iris _ 

stenogyna. Cream-coloured Iris 

stylosa. Algerian Iris 

susiana. Great Spotted Iris, Sad-flowered Iris 

Swertii. Stvcrt's Iris 

tectorura. Wall Iris 

Telfordi. Telford's Iris 

teiiax. To^igh-lcavcd Iris 

tiugitana. Tangier Iris 

tridcntata. Labrador Iris 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Iris tuberosa (Hermodactylus tuberosus). 
Onion Iris, Snakes-head Iris 

Van Houttei. Van Houtte's Iris 

variegata. Variegated Iris 

verna. Dioarf Iris, of N. America, Spring- 
flowering Iris 

versicolor. Larger Blue Flag, of N. America 

virginica. Boston Iris, Slender Blue Flag, of 
N. America 

Xiphion. Clouded Iris, Small Bulbous Iris, 
Spanish Flag, Thunderbolt Iris 

xiphioides. "English''^ Iris, Great Bulbous 
Iris, Pyrenean Flag 
Irvingia. Wild Mango 

Barteri. Dika, or Udika, Bread-tree, of W. 
Isanthus CEeruleus. False Penny-royal, of N. 

Isatis tinctoria. A sh-of- Jerusalem, Woad 
Ismene Amancaes. Peruvian Daffodil 
Isnardia palustris. Water-Purslane 
Isoetes. Quill-ivort 

alpinus. Mountain Q,uill-wort 

lacustris. Common Quill-wort, Merlin's Orats 
Isonandra Gutta. Gutta-Percha Tree 
Itea virginica. Virginian Willoio 
Iva. High-water Shrub, Marsh Elder 
Ixia. African Corn-lily 
Ixiolirion. Ixia-lily 

Ledebouri. Ledeboiir's Ixia-lily 

montanum. Mountain Ixia-lily 

Pallasi. Pallas's Ixia-lily 

tataricum. Tartarian Ixia-lily 
Ixora. Wild Jasmine, of the W. Indies 

ferrea. Hard-wood-tree 

Jacaranda ovalifolia. Green Ebony 
Jacksonia scoparia. Dog-ivood, of N. S. 

Wales, Jackson's Broom 
Jacquinia armillaris. Bracelet-wood Tree, W. 
Indian Currant-tree 
ruscifolia. Cross-ivood, of San Domingo 
Jambosa (Eugenia) malaccensis. Malay Apple 
Jasione humilis. Dwarf Sheep' s-bit Scabious 
montana. Common Sheep's-bit Scabious 
perennis. Perennial Sheep's-bit Scabious 
Jasminum. Jasmine, or Jessamine 

afBne (J. ochroleucum). Large White- 
flowered Jasmine 
angustifolium. Nay^row-leaved Jasmine 
arborescens. Tree-like Jasmine 
aureum. Golden-leaved Jasmine 
azoricum. White Azorean Jasmine 
capense. Cape Jasmine 
fruticans. Common Yelloiv-floiverecl Jasmine, 

grandifiorum. Catalonian or Spanish Jas- 
mine, Large-flowered Jasmine 
heterophyllum. Various-leaved Jasmine 
humile. Italian Yelloio Jasmine 
laurifolium. Bay-leaved Jasmine 
multiflorum. Many-floivered Jasmine 
nudifiorum. Winter-flowering Jasmine 
odoratissimum. Jonquil-scented Jasmine, 

Yelloio Azorean Jasmine 
officinale. Common White-flowered Jasmine 
officinale fl.-pl. Double-flowered Jasmine 
officinale foliis argenteis. Silver-leaved 

Jasminum officinale foliis aureis. Golden- 
leaved Jasmine 

pubigerum. Downy Nepaul Jasmine 

Reevesii. Reeves's Jasmine 

revolutum. Yelloio Nepiaul Jasmine 

Sambac. Arabian Jasmine, White-flowered 
Indian Jasmine 
Jasonia glutinosa. Glutinous Flea-bane 
Jateorhiza palmata (Cocculus palmatus). 

Calumba, or Colombo-root 
Jatroplia Curcas (Curcas purgans). Physic- 
nut, of S. America 

gossypiifolia. Belly-ache Bush 

(Janipha) Manihot (Manihot utilissima). 
Cassava-plant, Mandioc-plant, Tapioca- 

multifida. Coral-plant, Tyle-berry 

stimulans. Stinging-bush 

m-ens var. stimulosa (Cnidoscolus stimulo- 

sus). Spurge-nettle, Virginian '^Tread-softly" 

Jeflfersonia diphylla. Ground-squirrel Pea, 

Rheumatism-root, of N. America, Tivin- 


Jonesia Asoca. Ushoka-tree, of Bengal 

Jubasa spectabilis. Coquito Palm, " Little 

Coker-nut " Palm 
Juglans. Walnut-tree 

cinerea. Butter-nut, of N. America, White 

nigra. American or Black Walnut 

pterocarpa (Pterocarya caucasica). Cauca- 
sian Walnut 

regia. Ban-nut-tree, Common Walnut-tree, 
French Nut, Welsh Nut 

regia var. laciniata. Cut-leaved Walnut 
Juncus. Rush 

acutus. Great Sharp Sea-side Rush 

articulatus (J. acutiflorus). Jointed Ruth, 

balticus. Baltic Rush 

biglumis. Two-flowered Rush 

bufonius. Frog-grass, Toad-grass, Toad 

capitatus. Cluster-headed Rush, Jersey Rush 

castaneus. Black-spiked Rush 

compressus. Round-fruited Rush 

communis. Candle Rush, Common Soft Rush 

communis var. conglomeratus. Dense-flowered 

communis var. conglomeratus spiralis. Cork- 
screw Rush 

communis, var. effusus. Candle Rush, Loote- 
ilowered Rush, Pin Rush 

filiformis. Thread Rush 

glaucus. Common Hard Rush 

maritimus. Sea-side Rush 

obtusiflorus. Blunt-floioered Rush 

squarrosus. Goose-corn Rush, Heath Rush, 
Moss Rush 

trifidus. Highland Rush 

triglumis. TJiree-flowercd Rush 
Jungermannia. Scale Moss 
Juniperus. Juniper 

barbadensis. Barbadoes Cedar 

bermudiana. Bermuda Ceda/r, Pencil-wood 

californica. Californian Juniper 

Cedrus. Canary Island Cedar or Juniper 

Cedrus var. brevifolia. Azores Juniper 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Juniperus chinensis. Chinese Juniper 
chinensis var. aurea. Goklen Chinese Juniper 
communis. Common Juniper 
communis var. hibernica (J. striata). Irish 

communis var. suecica. Swedish Juniper 
drupacea. Plum-fruited Juniper 
echinifonnis (J. hemisphserica). Ued/je-hog 

excelsa var. striata. Tall Upright Juniper 
Henryana. Pencil Cedar, of British Colum- 
japonica. Japan Juniper 
japoniaa var. alba. White-variegated Japan 

japoniaa var. aurea. Golden-variegated Japan 

macroaarpa. Large Purplefruited Juniper 
nana. Dwarf Juniper 
occidentalis. Californian Juniper 
Oxyaedrus. Brown-berried Juniper, Cade- 
oil plant, Prickly Cedar, Sharp Cedar 
pachyphhea. Sweet-fruited Juniper 
procera. Abyssinian Juniper 
prostrata. Carpet Juniper 
Pseudo-Sabina. Siberian Savin 
recurva. Drooping Indian Juniper 
religiosa (J. excelsa). Incense Juniper 
Sabina. Common Savin 
Sabina var. cupressifolia. " Kindly Savin " 
Sabina var. nana. Dwarf Savin, Green- 
carpet Juniper 
sabinoides. Gixiy-carpet Juniper 
tamariscifolia (J. sabinoides). Tamarisk- 
leaved Juniper 
tetragona. Mexican Juniper 
thurifera. Spanish Juniper 
virginiana. Virginian Red Cedar 
virginiana var. argentea. Silvery-leaved Red 

virginiana var. humilis. Dwarf Red Cedar 
virginiana var. pendula. Weeping Red Cedar 
Jussiaea repens. Clove-strip 

Buffruticosa. \V. Indian Loose-strife 
Justicia comata. Balsam-herb, of Jamaica 
hyssopifolia. Snap-tree 
Nasuta. Nasuta, or Tong-pang-chong Shrub, 

of India 
pectoralis. Garden Balsam, of the W. 

Keempferia Galanga. E. Indian Oalingale 

Kageneckia oblouga. Lyday-wood, of Chili 

Kalmia. Anurican Laurel 

angustifolia. Sluep's-pnison Laurel 
glauca. American Swn nip -Laurel 
latifolia. American Mountain Laurel, Calico- 
bush, Spoon-wi/od Tree 
rubra. Ral-Jtnw(rcd American Laurel 
arstenia «juininunervia. Mess-Apple 

Kennedya. Native Bcanflowcr, of Australia 
prostrata. Coral Creeper 

Kentia (^Vreca) monostachya. Wltip-stick, or 
Walking-stick, Palm 
Baueri. Norfolk Island Palm 
Belinoreana. Curly Pidm, Earl Belmorc's 

Canterburyana. Umbrella Palm 
sapida. Nikau Palm, of New Zealand 

Kernera (Cochlearia) saxatilis. Rock Scurvy- 
Ehaya senegalensis. African Mahogany 
Kibara maarophylla. Queensland Black Ink- 

Kingia australis. Australian GrcLSS-tree 
Kleinia neriifolia. Carnation-tree 
Knightia excelsa. Rewa-Rewa-tree, of New 

Zealand, Neiv Zealand Oak 
Kochia (Chenopodium) Scoparia. "Belvedere," 

Broom Goose foot, Broom or Summer Cypress 
villosa. Cotton-btish, of Australia 
Kokoona zeylanica. Kokoon-tree, of Ceylon 
Krameria Ixina. Savanilla Rhatany-plant 

triandra. Rhatany Root 
Krigia virginica. Dwarf Dandelion, of N. 

Eunthia montana. Snake Cane, of New 

Eunzea corifolia. Bottle-green Tea-tree, of 


Lachenalia. Cape Cowslip, Leopard-lily 
serotina (Uropetalum serotinum). Late- 
fiowering Cape Cowslip 
Ijaclmanthes tinctoria. Paint-root or Red- 
roof, of Carolina 
Lachnocaulon Michauxii. Hairy Pipe-wort 
Lactarius deliciosus. Orange-milk Mushroom 
Lactuca. Lettuce 

elongata (L. canadensis). American Wild 

Lettuce, Fire-weed 
intybacea. Lombard or Endive-leaved Lettuce 
(Prenanthes) muralis. Wall Lettuce 
perennis. Perennial Lettuce 
pulchella. Califoimian Lettuce 
quercina. Oak-leaved Lettuce 
saligna. Least Lettuce, Willoiv Lettuce 
sativa and vars. Common Garden Lettuce 
sativa var. capitata. Cabbage, or Drum- 
head, Lettuce 
Scariola. Prickly Lettuce 
sonchifolia. Blue Dandelion 
virosa. Medicinal Prickly Lettuce, Sleep-wort, 
Strong -scented Lettuce, Wild Lettuce 
liSetia Guidonia. Jamaica Rod-ivood 

Thamnia. Scarlet-seed 
Lagenaria vulgaris. Common Bottle-Gourd 

vidgaris var. clavata. Trumpet-Gourd 
Lagenophora. New Zealand Daisy 
Lagerstrcemia. Crape Myrtle, Indian Lilac 
microcarpa. Ben Teak 
lleginte. B. Indian Blood-wood, Jarool-wood, 
Queen's Flower 
Lagetta lintearia. Gauze-tree, Lace-bark-tree, 

of Jamaica 
Lagoecia cuminoides. Wild Cumin 
Lagunaria Patersoni. White-wood, of Aus- 
tralia, Cowitch-tree, or White Oak, of 
Norfolk Island 
Liaguncularia racemosa. WIdte Button- 
wood, White Mangrove 
Lagurus ovatus. Ilare's-tail Grass, Turk's- 

hcnd Grass 
Laniinaria. Pyams, Tangle 

bulbosa. Sen-furbelows, Sea-hangers 
digitata. Cairn-tangle, Cuvy, Dead-Man's- 
Toe, Ore, Ore-weed, Oar-weed, Sea-girdles, 
Sea- wand 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


liamiuaria saccharina. Devil' s-apron, Honey- 

ioare. Ribbon-weed, Sea-belt, Stveet Tangle 
Lamium. Bead-Nettle 

album. Archangel, Bee Nettle, Blind 

Nettle, Dumb Nettle, White Dead-Nettie 
amplexicaule. Hen-bit, Lion's-snap 
aureum. Golden Dead-Nettie 
Galeobdolon. Weasers-snout, Yellow Arch- 
angel, Yelloio Dead-Nettie 
garganicum. Mt. Gargano Dead-Nettie 
longiflorum. Long-flowered Dead-Nettie 
maculatum. Spotted Dead-Nettie, Variegated 

Orvala. Balm-leaved Red Dead-Nettie 
purpureum. Common Red Dead-Nettie 
Xjaudolphia. African-rubber-tree 
Ijanosa nivalis. Snoio-movld 
liansium domesticum. "Langsat," or Lanseh- 

tree, of Malacca 
liantana aculeata. Jamaica Mountain-Sage 
mixta. W. Indian Coast Bramble 
(various species). Surinam Tea-plant 
liaportea canadensis. Wood-nettle, of N. 

Lappa. Burdock 

edulis. Giant Edible-rooted Burdock, ' ' ^0660, ' ' 
or "Gobo," of Japan 
Lapsana communis. Nipple-ioort 
Ijarix. Larch-tree 

americana. American Larch, Black Larch, 

Hackmatack, Tamarack 
europsea. Common Larch 
Griffithii. Himalayan or Sikkim Larch 
Ledebourii. Altaian Larch 
microcarpa. Red American Larch 
occidentalis. Oregon Larch 
pendula. Weeping Larch 
sibirica. Siberian Larch 
Larrea mexicana. Creosote-bush, Creosote- 
Laserpitium. Laser-^vort 

latifolium. Herb- Frankincense 
Lasiandra. Brazilian Spider-flower 
Lastrea. Buckler-Fern, Shield-Fern 

cristata. Crested Shield-Fern, Darsham 

dilatata. Broad Prickly -toothed Fern 
Filix-mas. Male Fern, Male Polypody 
Fcenisecii (L. semula). Hay-scented Fern, 

Recurved Prickly -toothed Fern 
Oreopteris. Heath Fern, Mountain Shield- 
Fern, Scented Fern 
rigida. Rigid Shield-Fern 
spinulosa. Narrow Prickly-toothed Fern 
Thelypteris. Ground Fern, Marsh Shield- 
liatania Borbonica. Common Bourbon-Palm 
Lathraea clandestina. Hidden Tooth-wort 

squamaria. Common Tooth-wort 
Lathyrus. Everlasting Pea 
amphicarpus. Earth Pea 
Aphaca. Yellow-floivered Pea, Tellow-Howered 

californicus. Californian Everlasting Pea 
Cicera. Flat-podded Vetch 
grandiflorus. Large -flowered Everlasting 

hirsutus. Rough Pea 
latifolius. Common Everlasting Pea 

Lathyrus macrorrhizus. Bitter Vetch, Cara- 
rmile. Heath Pea, Mouse Pea 

mageUanicus. Lord Anson's Pea 

maritimus. Sea-side Pea 

montanus. Mountain Everlasting Pea 

Nissolia. Grass Pea, Grass Vetch, Meadow 

odoratus. Sweet Pea 

palustris. Marsh Pea 

pisiformis. Pea Vetchling, Siberian Everlaat- 
ing Pea 

pratensis. Angle-herries, Meadow Pea 

roseus. Rosy-flowered Everlasting Pea 

rotundifolius. Round-leaved Everlasting Pea 

sativus. Chickling Vetch 

Sibthorpei. Sibthorpe's Everlasting Pea 

sylvestris. Wood Pea 

tingitanus. Tangier Pea 

tuberosus. Dutch Mice, Earth-nut Pea, Tine 
Tare, Tuberous-rooted Everlasting Pea 
Laurelia aromatica. Chili Laurel 

Novae-Zealandias. New Zealand Laurel, New 
Zealand Sassafras, Pukatea-tree 

sempervirens. Chili Sassafras, Peruvian 

serrata. " Vouvan "-tree 
Laurencia obtusa. Corsican Moss 

pinnatifida. Pepper Dulse 
Laurus. Bay-tree, Laurel 

Eestivalis. Summer Laurel 

aggregata. Crowded-flowered Laurel 

albida. White Sassafras, Whitish-leaved 

azorica. Azores Laurel 

Benzoin (Benzoin odoriferum). Benjamin- 
bush. Spice-bush, Spice-wood 

buUata. African Oak, Cape Laurel 

Camphora. Camphor-tree 

canariensis. Canary Island Laurel 

(Persea) carolinensis. Carolina Laurel 

Cassia. Bastard Cinnamon-tree 

Catesbiana. Catesby's Laurel 

Chloroxylon. Cog-wood-tree, of the W. 
Indies, Jamaica Laurel 

coriacea. Leather-leaved Laurel 

crassifolia. Thick-leaved Laurel 

Diospyros. Jove's-fruit Laurel 

exaltata. Lofty Laurel 

floribunda. Many-flowered Laurel 

fcetens. Madeira Bay-tree, Strong -scented 
Laurel, Til-tree 

geniculata. Jointed Laurel 

indica. Indian Bay, Madeira Laurel 

nivea. Snow-white Laurel 

nobilis. Bay Laurel, Bay-tree, Poefs or 
Roman Laurel, Sweet Bay, Victor's Laurel 

patens. Spreading Laurel 

pendula. Weeping Laurel 

regalis. Royal Laurel 

salicifolia. Willow-leaved Laurel 

Sassafras. Ague-tree, Sassafras-tree 

splendens. Shining-leaved Laurel 

thyrsiflora. Bunch-floivered Laurel 
Lavandula. Lavender 

dentata. Sweet-scented Lavender 

Spica. Common Lavender 

Stoechas. Cassidony, French Lavender, Sti- 
cadoue or Sticados 

vera. True Lavender 

p 2 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Lavatera africana. African Tree-Mallow 
arborea. Common Tree-Mallow or Sea-Mallow, 

Velvet-leaf, Wild Tree-Mallow 
arborea variegata. Variegated Tree-Mallow 
Olbia. Garden Tree-Mallow 
subovata. Subovate-leaved Tree-Mcdloio 
trimestris. Cmnvwn Annual Tree-Malloio 
triloba. Three-lobed Tree-Mallow 
iinguiculata. Samian Tree-Malloio 
Lawsonia alba (L. inermis). " CampJiire," 
of Scripture, Egyptian Privet, Henna-plant, 
Jamaica Mignonette 
Layia platyglossa. " Tidy-tips," of San Fran- 
liecanora pallescens. CraVs-eye Lichen 
tartarea. Cudbear or Cork Cudbear, Cup- 
Lechea. American Piyi-weed 
Xiecidea geographica. Map-Lichen 
lie cy this Ollaria. Monkey-pot Tree 

Zabncajo. Sapiicaia-nut Tree 
Ledum latifoliuin. Labrador Tea-plant 

palustre. Marsh Cist us, Marsh Rosemary 
Leersia lenticulans. American Fly -catch- 
oryzoides. Cut-Grass, Rice Cut-Grass 
virginica. American WJiite Grass 
Leiophyllum (Ledum) buxifolium (Ammy- 

sine buxifolia). Box-leaved Sand-Myrtle 
Iiemna. Luck-meat, Luck-weed 
gibba. Thick-leaved Luck-weed 
minor. Common Luck-weed, Greens, Greeds, 

Water Lens, Water Lentils 

polyrrhiza. Greater Luck-weed 

trisulca. Ivy-leaved Luck-iveed 

Lentinus lepideus. Cellar Fungus 

Iieonia glycycarpa. Achocon-tree, of Peru 

Iieonotis. Lion's-ear 

Leonurus. Lion^s-tail 
Lieontice Leontopetalum. Lion' s-leaf, Lion's 

Lieontodon. Lion's-tooih 

Taraxacum. Bhw-ball, Canker-ivort, Lande- 
lion, Horse-Gowan, Lish Laisy, Milk- 
Goioan, Vcllovj Goivan 
Iieontopodium alpinum. Lion's-foot 
Leonurus Cardiaca. Common Mother-wort 

sibiricus. Siberian Mother-iooi't 
Leopoldinia major. Jara-Assu Palm 
Piassaba. Piassaba Palm 
pulchra. Java Palm 
Lepidium. Cress, Pepper-vjort 

campestre. Churl's- Mustard, Mithridate 
Mustard or Pcppier-wort, Treacle-Mustard 
Cardamines. Spanish Cress 
Draba. Hoary Cress 
latifolium. Broad-leaved Cress, Dittander, 

oleraceum. New Zealand Cress 
Piscidium. Fish-poison, of the S. Sea 

ruderala Narrovi-lcaved Cress 
sativum. Garden Cress, Tongue-grass, Town 

virf^nicum. American Wild Pepper-grass 
Lepidosperma gladiatum. Sword-Sedge, of 

Lepigonum. Sand Spurrey 
Lepironia mucrouata. Chinese Mat-Rush 

Leptandra virginica. Black-root 
Leptanthus gramineus. Water Star-grass 
Leptomeria acerba. Australian Currant 
BUlardieri. Native Currant, of Victoria 
Leptospermum. South Sea Myrtle 
flavescens. Nev} Zealand Tea-p)lant 
lanigerum. Tea-tree, of Australia 
laevigatum. "Sand-stay," of Australia 
scoparium. Captain Cook's Tea-tree, 

Mamika-scrub, of New Zealand 
Lepturus incurvatus. Sea-side Hard-grass, 

Lespedeza. Bush Clover, of N. America 

striata. '^Hoop-Koop" -plant, Japan Clover 
Lettsomia Bona-nox. Clove-scented Creeper 
Leucadendron argenteum. Cape Silver-tree 
Leucanthemum (Chrysanthemum) arcti- 

cum. Arctic Ox-eye Laisy 
Leucocoryne. White Club-flower 
Leucocrinum montanum. Californian 
Sonp-root, Rocky Mountain Dwarf White 
Leucaena (Acacia) glauca. W. hidian Lead- 
Leucojum. "Bulbous Violet," Snow-flalce 
festivum. Loddon Lilies, Summer Snow- 
drop, Summer Snow-flake 
autumnale. Autumn Snow-flake 
carpaticum. Carpathian Snotv-flake 
Hernandezii (L. pulchellum). Small 

Summer Snow-flake 
hyemale. Winter Snow-flake 
roseum. Rosy-Hoioertd Snow-flake 
trichophyllum (Acis trichophylla). Many- 

flowered Snow-flake 
vernum. Spring Snoiv-flake 
Leucopogon. Australian "Native Currant'* 
Fraseri. Otago Heath 

Kichei. Australian Currant, Australian 
Leucoxylon buxifolium. White-wood, of 

Levisticum officinale (Ligusticum Levis- 
ticum). Common Lavage, Dalian Lavage, 
Mountain Hemlock 
Lewisia rediviva. Bitter-root, SpceUum or 

Leycesteria formosa. Flowei-ing Nutmeg, 

Himalayan Honeysuckle 
Liatris. Button-snake-root, Gay-feather 
elegans. Hairy-cuptped Button-snake-root 
odoratissima. Vanilla-ptlant, of N. America 
pycnostachya. Lcnsc-spikcd Button-snake- 
root, Karisas Gay-feather 
spicata. Long-spiked Button-snake-root 
squarrosa. Devil's-bit, of N. America, .5^2- 
Libocedrus. Incense Cedar 
chilensis. Chilian Arbor-vita: 
decurreus (Thuja gigantea). Wliite Cedar, of 

Doniana. Kawaka-trce, Nev) Zealand Arbor- 
tetragona. Alcrse-tree, of Chili 
Licania guianensis. Cayenne Rose, Cayenne 

Sassafras, PepjKr-wood, Pottery-bark-trec 
Licuala acutifida. Penang Lawyers 
Ligularia Kajmpferi var. argentea. Japa- 
nese Silver-leaf 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shriibs. 


Ligusticum actfeifolium. American White- 
root, Angelica, Nando 
Lyalli. Maori Parsnip 
peregrinum. Parsley-leaved Lavage 
scoticum. Scotch Lavage 
Xigustrum. Privet 

Fortunei. Fortune's Pnvet 

japonicum. Japanese Privet 

japonicum variegatum. Gold-blotched Privet 

lucidum. Chinese Wax-tree, Shining-leaved 

ovalifolium. Oval-leaved Privet 
sinense. Chinese Privet 
sinense var. nanum. Dwarf Chinese Privet 
spicatum. Spiked-Hawered Privet 
villosum. Hairy Privet 
VTilgare. Common Privet, Prim-print or 

vulgare variegatum. Variegated-leaved Pri- 
VTilgare var. buxifolium. Box-leaved Privet 
valgare var. leucocarpum. White-berried 

vulgare var. sempervirens (L. italicum). Ever- 
green Privet 
vulgare var, xanthocarpum. Yellow-berried 
Xiilium. Lily 

auratum. Gold-striped Lily 
auratum var. rubro-vittatum. Scarlet- 
striped Lily 
avenaceum. Oat-bidbed Lily 
Brownii. Broivn^s Lily 
bulbiferum. Bulb-bearing Lily 
bulbiferum var. aurantium. Bulb-bearing 

Orange Lily 
Buschianum. Busch's Lily 
califomicum. Californian Lily 
callosum. Warty Red Japanese Lily 
camtschatcense (Fritillaria camtschatcensis). 

Black Lily 
canadense. American Wild Yellow Lily 
candidum. Bourbon Lily, Juno's Rose, Ma- 
donna Lily, White Lily 
carniolicum. Carniola Lily 
carolinianum. Carolirui Lily 
Catesbsei. Southern Red Lily 
chalcedonieum. Scarlet Martagon Lily 
colchicum (L. Szovitzianum.) Crimson- 

anther ed Lily, Tall Sulphur- lowered Lily 
<;olumbianum. Oregon Lily 
•concolor. Japanese Red-Star Lily 
cordifolium. Heart-leaved Lily 
cordifolium var. giganteum. Giant Heart- 
leaved Lily 
Coridion. Japanese Ydloio-Star Lily 
■croceum. Common Orange Lily, Saffron- 
coloured Lily. 
dalmaticum. Black Martagon Lily 
davuricum. Siberian Orange Lily 
eximium. Transparent Trumpet Lily 
giganteum. Giant Lily 
Harris! [L. japonicum floribundum (?)]. Ber 

muda Easter Lily 
Humboldtii. Humboldt's Lily 
japonicum. Japanese Lily 
Krameri. Kramer's Lily 
lancifoUum. Spear-leaved Japanese Lily 
Xieichtlinii. Max Leichtlin's Lily 

liilium longiflorum. Common Trumpet Lily 
Martagon. Martagon Lily, Huleh Lily 
medeoloides. Medeola JAly 
monadelphum. Caucasian Lij^ 
neilgherrense. Neilgherry Lily 
pardalinum. Panther Lily 
Parryi. PaiTy's Lily 
Partheneion. Brownish-red Japanese Lily 
parvum. Small Lily 
Philadelphicum. WJiorled-leaved American 

Lily, Wild Orange-Red Lily 
polyphyllum. Himalayan White Lily 
Pomponium. Turban Lily 
pulchellum. Russian Lily, Siberian Scarlet 

pyrenaicum. Pyrenean Lily 
Kobinsoni. Robinson's Lily 
speciosum (L. lancifolium). Spotted Lily 
superbum. Great American Turk's-cap Lily, 

Swamp Lily 
Szovitzianum (L. colchicum). Crimson- 

anthered Lily, Tall Sulphur -fioioered Lily 
tenuifolium. Tarn Thumb Lily 
testaceum. Buff-coloured Lily, Nankeen 

tigrinum. Tiger Lily 
tigrinum var. Fortunei. Fortune's Tiger 

umbellatum. Umbel-ioioered Lily 
venustum (L. Thunbergianum), Late 

Orange Lily, Thunberg's Lily 
Wallichianum. Wallich's Trumpet Lily 
Washingtonianum. Nevada or Washington 

Washingtonianum var. purpureum (L. ru- 

bescens). Purple Washington Lily 
Wilsoni. Wilson's Lily 
Limnanthemum. Marsh-flower 

lacunosum (Villarsia cordata). Floating- 

(Villarsia) nymphpeoides. Fringed Buch-bean, 
Fringed Water-Lily, Water-Fringe 
liimnobium Spongia. American Frog-bit 
Liimonia acidissima. Musk-deer Plant 
carnosa. Keklam-fruit, of Bengal (?) 
monophylla. Indian Wild Lime 
liimosella aqiiatica. Mud-weed, Mud-wort 
Linaria. Toad-flax 

alpina. Alpine Toad-flax 
bipartita. Cloven -flowered Toad-flax 
canadensis. American Toad-flax 
cirrhosa. Tendrilled Toad-flax 
crassifolia. Thick-leaved Toad-flax 
Cymbalaria. Coliseum or Kenilworth Ivy, 
Ivy-leaved Toad-flax, Ivy-ivort, Mother- 
of- Thousands, Oxford Weed, Penny -ivart 
dalmatica. Large Yellow Toad-flax 
Elatine. Cancer-wort, Pointed Toad-flax 
genistsefolia. Broom-leaved Toad-Hax 
hepaticsefolia. HejDaiica-leaved Toad-flax 
minor. Small Toad-flax 
origanifolia. Marjoram-leaved Toad-flax 
Pelisseriana. Pelisser's Toad-flax 
Perezii. Perez's Toad-flax 
pilosa. Hairy Toad-flax 
purpurea. Purple Taad-flax 
pyrenaica. Pyrenean Toad-flax 
repens. Creeping Toad-flax 
reticulata. Netted-floivered Toad-flax 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

liinaria reticulata var. aureo-purpurea. Oold- 
and-purple Toad-Jlax 

spuria. Cancer-ioort, Male Fluellin, Round- 
leaved Toad-Jlax 

supina. Trailing Toad-flax 

triomithophora. TJiree-hirds Toad-flax 

triphylla. Three-leaved Toad-Jlax 

villosa. Shaggy Toad-Jlax 

vulgaris. Butter-and-E;/gs, Buttered Hay- 
cocks, Common Toad-Jlax, Dragon-bushes, 
Eggs-and- Bacon, Eggs-and- Butter, Flax- 
weed, OaU-wort, ' Ramsted ' or ' Ransted,' 
of N. America, Wild Flax, Yellow Toad- 
Xiindelofia spectabilia (Cynoglossum longi- 

florum). Himalayan Lung-ivort 
I<indera Benzoin. Benjamin-bush, Fever- 
bush, Spice-bush, Wild All-spice 

melisssefolia. Jove's-Frtiit 
liinneea borealis. Twin-Jlower 
Liinociera ligustrina. Jamaica Rose-wood 
liinosyris vulgaris. Qoldilocks 
Linum. Flax 

alpinum. Alpine Flax 

alpinum var. album. Dwarf White-Jlowercd 

angustifohum. Pale-Jlowered Flax 

arboreum. Evergreen Flax 

Berlandieri. Berlandier's Flax 

catharticum. Divarf, Fairy, Mountain or 
Purging Flax, Fairy Lint, Mill-mountain 

flavum (L. campanulatum). Yellow Herba- 
ceous Flax 

grandiflorum. Crimson-Jlowered Flax 

Macraei (L. Chamissonis). Orange-Jlowered 

monogynum. Native Flax, of New Zealand, 
White-Jlovjercd Flax 

narbonnense. Narbonne Flax 

perenne. Perennial Flax 

Provinciale. Bright Blue Perennial Flax 

rubruni. Sicilian Red-Jlovjcred Flax 

salsoloides. Heath-leaved Flax 

striatum. Bog Flax, of N. America 

sulcatum. Large Yellow-Jlowcrcd Flax, of 
N. America 

tauricum. Crimean Flux. 

trigynum. E. Indian Flax, Winter-Jlowei'ing 

usitatissimum. Common Flax, Lin, Line, or 

TirginianuiD. Virginian Yellow-Jlowered Flax 

viscosum. Viscid Flax 
Xiiparis liliifolia. American Tway-blade, 
Purplc-Jlowcrcd Tivay -blade 

Loeselii. Fen-Orchis, Green-Jlowered Tway- 
Xiippia (Zapania) lanceolata. Fog-fruit 

(AJoysia) citriodDra. Lemon-Tree, Lemon 
scented " Verbena" 
Liquidambar orientalis. Liquid-Storax 
tree, Lord-xvood 

styracifiua. Bilsted, Copalm Ba/sam-trcc, 
Sweet (rum-trec 
Liriodendron tnlipifenim. Canoe-wood 
Lyre-trer, Saddle-tree, Tulip-tree, West- 
ern " Poplar," " Whitewood," of N 
America, Yelloxo Poplar 
Xiissantlae sapida. A ustralian Cran-berry 

Ijistera convallarioides. Common Tway-hlade, 
of N. America 
cordata. Lesser Tway-blade 
ovata, Bifoil, Double-leaf, Commxm Tway^ 
Liithocarpus javensis. Stone Oak 
Lithospermum. Cromwell 

arvense. Bastard Alkanet, Cornfield 

(Batschia) canescens. Alkanet, of N. 
America, Deep-yelloiv-Jlowered GromwM, 
Hoary Puccoon. 
fruticosura. Shrubby Gromwell 
Gastoni. Gaston's Gromwell 
hirtum. "Alkanna," Hairy Puccoon 
officinale. Common Gromwell, Gi'ummel, or 
Graymile, Lichwale or Lychwale, Pearl- 
petrseum. Rock Gromwell 
prostratum. Gentian Gi-omwdl, Purple 

purpureo-coeruleum . Creeping Gromwell 
rosmarinifolium. Rosemary-leaved Gromwell 
Litobrochia Currori. Royal Fern, of Cala- 
Litssea dealbata. Brush-land Mist-tree, of 

Ijittorella lacustris. Plantain Shoreweed, 

Shoix Grass 
Iiivistona (Corypha) australis. Cabbage- 
Palm, of Australia, Fan Palm, of N. S. 
Wales, Gippsland Palm-tree 
Jenkinsiana. Toko-pat Palm 
Marife. Palm-tree, of Central & W. Aus- 
liloydia serotina. Mountain Spider-wort 
LiOasa lateritia. Common Chili Nettle 
Lobelia assurgens. 2'rce Lobelia 
azurea nana. Dtvarf Blue Lobelia 
cardinalis. Cardinal-Jlotcer Lobelia, Scarlet 

coronopifolia. Stag' s-horn -leaved Lobelia 
Dortmanna. Watei- Lobelia 
erinoides. Trailing Lobelia 
Erinus. Dwarf Spreading Blue Lobelia 
Erinua var. compacta. Close-grouing Dwarf 

Blue Lobelia 
fulgens. Brilliant Lobelia 
gracilis. Slender Lobelia 
heterophylla major. Bluc-and-wldte Lobelia 
ilicifolia. Holly-leaved lobelia 
inflata. Asthma-weed, Emetic-weed, Indian 

Laurentia. Italian Lobelia 
littnralis. Shore Lobelia 
lutea. Yellow-Jlotveird Lobelia 
Paxtoniana. Dwarf Bluc-and-white Lobelia 
pumila. Dwarf Lobelia 
ramosa. Branching Lobelia 
speciosa. Showy Lobelia 
syphilitica. Tall Blue Lobelia 
Tupa. Mullciu-lcavcd Lobelia 
urens. Acrid Lobelia, Flower-of-the-Axe 
Lodoicea Seychellarum. Double, or Sea-y 

Cocoa-nut Palm 
liOiseleuria (Azalea) procumbens. Alpine 

or Truiting Azalea 
liOlium italicuin(L.porenne var.multiflorum). 
Italian Rye-grass or Ray-Orass 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shncbs. 


XjOlium perenne. Ever-, or Eaver-, Grass, Ray- 
Grass or Rye- Grass, Red J)aiiiel, White 
None- such 
perenne var. multiflorum (L. italicum). 

Italian Rye-yrass 
temiilentum. Cheat, Chess, Darnel, Ivray, 
liOmaria Spicant. Dee)' Fei-n 
liOmatia ilicifolia. Native Holly, of Australia 
Lonchocarpus (Milletia) Blackii. Queens- 
land Lance-pod 
Lonicera. Hwiey-suckle 

alpigena. Alpine Honeysuckle 
angTistifolia. Narrow-leaved Honey-sucJde 
brachypoda. Short-stalked Honey-suckle 
brachypoda var. aureo-reticulata. Gold- 

netted Honey-suckle 
caerulea. Blue-berried Honey-suckle 
ciliata. Ply-Honey-suckle, of N. America 
canadensis. Canadian Honey-suckle 
Caprifolium. Caprifole, Perfoliate Honey- 
suckle, White Italian Honey-suckle 
Caprifolium var. fiava. Yellow Italian 

confusa. Confused Honey-suckle 
Dier villa. Yellow-floivered Upright Honey- 
discolor. Two-coloured Honey-suckle 
diversifolia. Various-leaved Honeysuckle 
Douglasii. Douglas's Honey-suckle 
etrusca. Tuscan Honeysuckle 
etrusca var. rubra. Red Italian Honey- 
flava. Yello^v Honeysuckle 
flexuosa. Chinese Honeysuckle 
fragrantissima. Winter-Howering Honey- 
grata. American Wood-hine, Evergreen Honey - 

hirsuta. Hairy Honey-suckle 
iberica. Iberian Honeysuckle 
implexa. Minmxa Honey-suckle 
japonica. Japan Honeysuckle 
Ledebourii. Ledebour's Honeysuckle 
ligustrina. Privet-leaved Honeysuckle 
microphylla. Small-leaved Honey-suckle 
nigra. Black-berried Honeysuckle 
oblongifolia. Swamp Fly-Honeysuckle, of 

N. America 
occidentalis. Western Honeysuckle 
odoratissima. Sweetest Honey-suckle 
orientalis. Eastern Honeysuckle 
parviflora. Small Honeysuckle 
Periclymenum. Bear-bind, Common Wood- 
bine or Honeysuckle 
- Periclymenum var. belgica. Dutch Honey- 
Periclymenum var. rubra. Red Dutch 

pubescens. Doivny American Honeysuckle 
punicea. Cnmson-fiowered Honeysuckle 
pyrenaica. Pyrenean Honey-suckle 
quadrifolia. Four-leaved Honeysuckle 
sempervirens. Trumptet Honeysuckle 
sempervirens var, minor. Small Trumpet 

Stabiana. Castellamare Honey-suckle 
tatarica. Tartarian Honeysuckle 
tomentella. Downy Honeysuckle 

Lionicera triflora. Three-flowered Honey-suckU 
villosa. Shaggy Honeysuckle 
Xylosteum. Common Fly-Honeysuckle 
Lophanthus. Giant Hyssop 
anisatus. Anise-Hyssop 
urticaefolius. Nettle-leaved Giant Hyssop 
XiOph.ira africana. Scrubby Oak, of Africa 

alata. Scrubby Oak, of Sieira Leone 
Lophostemon australis. Red Box, of N. S. 
macrophyllus. Gray Box, of Queensland 
Lotus- Bird' s-f cot- Trefoil 

arabicus. Red-flowei-ed Bird' s-f oot-Tref oil 
argenteus. Silvery Bio-d's-f oot-Tref oil 
australis. Sheep-poison -plant, of Australia 
corniculatus. Bird's-foot, Bird's-foot Clover, 
Cat-in-clovcr, Cheese-cake Grass, Common 
Bird's-foot- Trefoil, Crow's-foot, Eggs-and- 
Bacon, Fingers-and- Thumbs, Fingers-and- 
Toes, Ground Honeysuckle, Lamb's-toe 
corniculatus fl.-pl. Double-flowered Bird'S' 

foot- Trefoil 
creticus. Silvery Evergreen Bird's-foot- 

Dorycnium. Shrubby Bird' s-f oot-Tref oil 
edulis. Edible Bird's -foot- Trefoil 
Jacobseus. St. James' s-Floiver 
major. Greater Bird's-foot- Trefoil 
tetragon Globus. Winged Pea 
tetraphyllus. Four-leaved Grass 
thermalis. Hungarian Lotus or Water-lily 
Loxopterygium Lorentzii. Red Quebracho- 
liUCUma (Sapota) mammosa. Jamaica Bullet- 
tree, Marmalade-tree, VegetaUe-Egg-tree 
multiflora. Broad-leaved Nase-berry Bully- 
Liudwigia. American False-Loosestrife 
(Isnardia) alternifolia and L. hirtella. Seed- 
palustris. American Water-Purslane 
Liuffa acutangula. Strainer Vine 

aegyptiaca. Sooly-Qua Gourd, Towel or 
Washing Gourd 
Lunaria annua. Annual Honesty 
biennis. Bolbonac, Common Honesty, Money- 
flower, Satin-flower, Satin-leaves 
biennis var. albiflora. White-flowered 

rediviva. Perennial Honesty 
LiUpinus. Lupine, or Lupin 

arboreus. Tree-Lupine of California 
densiflorus. Californian "Sheep-poison" 
Hartwegi. Hartweg's Lupine 
insignis. Blue- flowered Lupine 
linifolius. Flax-leaved Lupine 
macrophyllus. Large-leaved Lupine 
Moritzianus. Blue-and-white Lupine 
mutabilis Changeable-Howered Lupine 
nanus. Dwarf Blue-flowered Lupine 
Nutkatensis. Dwarf Perennial Lupine 
polyjihyUus. Tall Blue-flowered Perennial 

subcamosus. White-and-rose-floivercd Lupine 
venustus. Rosy-floioered Lupine 
liUZula arcuata. Curved Wood-Rush 

campestris. Black-head Grass, Chimney - 
sweeps. Cuckoo-grass, Field Wood- Rush, 
Gknv-worm Grass, of Australia 


English Names of Cultivated, Ncdive, 

LiUZUla pilosa. Hairy Wood-Rush 

spicata. Spiled Wood-Rush 

sylvatica. Great Wood-Rush, Wood-grass, 
liyclmis. Campion, Lamp-Jloice7' 

alpina. Alpine Campion 

Bungeana. Bunge's Campion 

Chalcedonica. Campion or Plovjer of Con- 
stantinople, Common Rose-Campion, Flowa' 
of Bristow, Gardener s- Delifjht or Garden- 
e)''s-Eye, Jerusalem Cross, Nonesuch, Scar- 
let Lychnis 

Cceli-rosa. Rose-of- Heaven, Smooth-leaved 

diurna (L. dioica). Adder' s-Floicer, Devil's- 
F/ower, Hare's-eye, Red Campiion 

dioica fl.-pl. Double Red Campnon 

Flos-cuculi. Crow-Jloivcr, Crorv-soap, CucTcoo- 
fiower, Marsh-G iU ifloiver, Meadoiv Lychnis, 
Meadow Pink, Ragged-Robin, Wild William 

Flos-Jovis. Jupiter^s - Flower, Umhelled 

fulgens. Brilliant Lychnis 

Githago. Cockle or Corn-flower, Coi'n-Pink 

grandiflora (L. coronata). Large-flowered 

Haageana. Shaggy Lychnis 

Lagascse. Rock Lychnis 

Nicfeensis. Italian Rose-Campion 

Preslii. Presl's Lychnis 

pyrenaica. Pyrcncan Lychnis 

Senno. Senno Campion 

Sieboldii. Siebold's Lychnis 

vespertina. White Campion or Lychnis 

Viscaria. Clammy Lychnis, German Catch- 
fly, Lime-wort 
Lycium. Asses' Box-tree, Box-Thorn, Prickly 

afrum. African Tea-tree 

australe. Murray Box-thorn 

barbarum. Barhary Box-thorn, Duke of 
Argyll's Tea-tree, Matrimony-vine 

carolinense. Carolina Box-thorn 

chinense. Chinese Box-thorn 

cinereum. Ash-coloured Box-thorn 

europffium. Eurojican Box-thorn 

fuchsioides. Fuchxia-likc Box-thorn 

horridum. Caffre Box-thorn, Very-pnckly 

lanceolatnm. Lance-leaved Box-thorn 

microphylhim. Small leaved Box-thorn 

rigidum. Stiff Box-thorn 

nithenicum. Russian Box-thorn 

Shawii. Shaic's Box-thorn 

tenue. Slender Box-thorn 

tetrandrum. Four-stamencd Box-thorn 

Trewianum. Trciv's Box-thorn 

turliinatum. Top-shaprd-fruited Box-thorn 

vulgarc. Matrimony- Vine 
Iiycoperdon I'.ovista. lilind Ball, Dcvil's- 
Snuf-hox, Fist-ball, Frog-cheese, Fuss-ball, 

giganteum. Giant Puff-ball 
Iiycopersicum esculentum. Love-apple, 

Lycopodium. Club-moss 

alopecurnidfs. Walking-fern, of N. America 

alpiiiuin. Alpine Club-moss, Cypress-moss, 
Heath-Cypreu, Savin-leaved Club-moss 

Liycopodium clavatura. Buck-grass, Buck- 
hoi-n Moss, Common Club-moss, Creeping 
Fox-tail, Bur, Stag's-horn Moss, Wolf's-claw 

dendroideum. Ground-Pine 

inundatum. Marsh Club-moss 

luciduluni. Moon-fruit Pine, Shining Club- 

rupestre. Festoon Pine 

selaginoides. Small Alpine Club-moss 

Selago. Fir Cluh-moss, Fir-moss, Tree-moss 
Liycopsis arvensis. Small Bugloss 

vesicaria. Bladder-seeded Wild Bugloss 
Lye opus europaeus. Gipsy -wort, Water ffore- 

virginicus. Bugle-%ueed, of N. America 
Lygeum Spartum. Cord-grass, Hooded Mat- 

Liygodium. Snake' s-tongne Fern 

articulatum. Twining String-Fern, of New 

palmatum. Climbing, or Hartfm'd, Fern 

scan dens. Japanese Climbing Fern 
Lyperantlius nigricans. Australian Floioer- 

Lyperia crocea. African Saffron 
Lysiloma Sabicti. Sahicii-, Savacu-, or Sa- 

vico-wood, of Cuba. 
Lysimachia. Loose-strife 

angristifolia. Narrow-leaved Loose-strife 

barystaohya. Heavy-spiked Loosestrife 

brachystachya. Short-spiked Loosestrife 

ciliata. Fringed Loose-strife 

clethroides. Clethra-leaved Loosestrife 

dahurica. Siberian Loose-strife 

Ephemerum. Willow-leaved Loose-strife 

grandiflora. Large-floicered Loose-strife 

Leschenaiiltii. Carmine-floivered Loosestrife 

Linum-stellatum. Flax-star 

nemorum. Wood Loosestrife, Yelloiu Pim- 

Nummularia. Creeping Jenny, Herb-Two- 
pence, Money-wort, Money-wort Loose-strife, 
Txvo-penny Grass 

Nummularia var. aurea. Golden Creeping 
Jenny, Golden Money-icort 

punctata. Dotted Loose-strife 

«juadrifolia. Four-leaved Loosestnfe 

thyrsiflora. Tufted Loose-strife 

vulgaris. Common Yellow Loose-strife 
Liythrum alatum. Winged Loosestrife 

Gncfferi. Grcvffer's Loose-strife 

hyssopifolium. Grass Poly, Hyssop-leaved 

Salicaria. Common Purple Loose-strife, Wil- 

Salicaria var. roseum. Rosy-flowed Loose- 

virgatum. Slender-branched Purple Loose- 

Maba. Ebony-tree, of Cochiu-China and 
liu\ifoIia. E. Indian Satin-wood 
guinounsis. Bahamas Satin-wood (?) 
Macadamia ternifolia. Queensland Nut-tree 
Machaeranthera tanatetifolia (Aster tana- 

cetifdlins). Dagger-flower 
Hachaerium Schomburgkii. Itaka-wood, 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and JShrubs. 


Madura aurantiaca. Osage Orange 

tinctoria. Dyers' Fustic-wood 
Macrochloa. Long Grass 

(Stipa) tenacissima. Alfa-, or Haifa-, Grass, 
Macromerium jamaicense. W. Indian 

Macropiper excelsum. Native Pepper, of 
New Zealand 
methysticum. Ava-, or Kava-, shrub, of the 
South Sea Islands 
Macrozamia Fraseri. Sioan River Fern- 
Perowskiana (M. Denisonii). Giant Fern- 
Madaria corymbosa and M. elegans. Mig- 
Madia. Tar-weed, of California 

sativa. Madia-oil-plant 
Maharanga Emodi. Rutton-root, of India 
Mahonia. Ash-leaved Barberry 

repens. Edging Barberry 
Maianthemum. bifolium (Smilacinabifolia). 

One-leaf, Two-leaved Lily of the Valley 
Magnolia. Laurel-leaved Tulip-tree 

acuminata. " Blue " Magnolia, Gucmnber- 

Campbelli. Campbell's Magnolia 
citriodora. Lemon-scented Magnolia 
conspicua (M. Yulan). Lily-fiowered Mag- 
nolia, Yulan Magnolia 
cordata. Yellow Oucumber-tree 
Fraseri. Ear-leaved Umbrella-tree, Indian 

Physic, Long-leaved Oucumber-tree 
fuscata. Broion-stalked Magnolia, Chinese 


glauca. Beaver-tree or Beaver-wood, Castor- 

ivood. Elk-bark, Small Laurel Magnolia, 

Swamp Sassafras, White Bay, White Laurel 

gracilis (M. conspicua). Slender Magnolia 

grandiflora. Great Laurel-leaved Magnolia, 

Large-flowered Magnolia 
grandiflora var. lanceolata. " Exmouth " 

Halleana. Halle's Magnolia 
Lennt?. Lenne's Magnolia 
macrophylla. Great-leaved Magnolia 
parviflora. Smallfloioered Magnolia 
purpurea (M. obovata). Purple-floioered 

tripetala(M. Umbrella). Common Umbrella- 
Yulan (M. conspicua). Yulan-tree 
Malaxis paludosa. Bog Orchis 
Malcolinia maritima. Virgin, or Virginia, 

Malope grandiflora. Large-floivered Mallow- 
malacoides. Barbary Malknv-wort 
Malpigllia coriacea. Locust-berry 

glabra and M. punicifolia. Barbadoes, or 

W. Indian, Cherry 
saccharina. Sugar Plum, of Sierra Leone 
urens. Cow-hage-, or Coiv-itch-, Cherry 
Malva. Malloio 

Aleea. Hollyhock Mallow, Vervain Malloio 
campanulata. Bell-flowered Mallow 
crispa. Curled-leaved Malloiv 
lateritia. Buff-coloured Malloio 

Malva limensis. Blue-flowered Mallow 
Morenii. Moren's Mallow 
moschata. Musk Mallow 
moschata var. alba. White Musk Mallow 
rotundifolia. Dwarf Mallow 
scoparia. Birch-leaved Mallow 
sylvestris. Cheeses, Marsh Malloio, Maul, 
Maids, or Maios, Round Dock 
Malvastrum. False Mallow 
Mammea americana. Mammee-apple Tree, 
Wild Apricot 
humilis. Spanish Plum, of the Antilles 
Mammillaria. Nipple-Cactus 

elephantidens. Elepihant' s-tooth Cactus 
Mandevilla suaveolens. Chili Jasmine 
Mandragora autumnalis. Autumn-flowering 
ofiicinarum. Common, or Medicinal, Man- 
drake, Devil's- Apple 
Mangifera indica. Mango-tree 
Manicaria Plukenetii. Sea-apple 

saccifera. Bussu Palm, Troolie Palm, Wine- 
Palm, of Guiana 
Manihot Aipi. Sweet Cassava-plant 

utilissima. Bitter Cassava-plant, Tapioca- 
Mantisia saltatoria. Dancing-Girls, Opera- 
Maranta arundinacea. Arrow-root Plant 

(Calathea) zebrina. Zebra-p)lant 
Marasmius oreades and M. urens. Fairy- 
ring Chaiivpignon or Mushroom 
Marathrium utile. Water-weed, of New- 
Marattia fraxinea. Ash-leaf Fern, of New 
salicina. Para-Fern, of New Zealand 
Marcgravia umbellata. W. Indian Ivy 
Marchantia conica. Conical Liver-wort 
hemisphserica. Hemispherical Liver-ivort 
polymorpha. Brook-, or Common, Liver-ivort, 
Margyricarpus setosus. Pearl-berry, or 

Marica cierulea. Toad-cup Lily 

irioides. Bermuda Iris 
Mariscus cylindricus. American Hedgehog 

Marliera (Rubachia) glomerata. "Cambuca," 

of Brazil 
Marrubium vulgare. Maivroll, White Hore- 

Marsdenia suaveolens. Fragrant Bower- 
plant, ol Australia 
tinctoria. Indigo-plant, of Pegu 
viridiflora. Native Potato, of N. S. Wales 
Marsilea macropus (M. hirsuta, M. salvatrix). 

Martynia proboscidea. Elephant' s-trunk. 

Mascarenhasia Curnowiana. Rosy-flowered 

Masdevallia Chimsera. Spectral-flowered 

Matisia cordata. SapotS-, or Chupa-Chupa- 

tree, of New Granada 
Matricaria Chamomilla. Dog's Chamomile, 
Dog-, or Horse-, Gowan, German C/iamo- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Matricaria inodora. Dog-Goican, May-weed 
Matthiola. Stocl, or Stock- GUliflotver 
annua. Ten-week Stock 
annua fl.-pl. Double Ten-week Stock 
fenestralis. Cluster -leaved Stock 
grseca. Wall-Hower-leaved, or Smooth-leaved, 

incana. " Hopes" Queen's Stock 
incana rar. coccinea. Brompton Stock 
odoratissima. Persian Stock 
sinnata. Great Sea-Stock 
tristis. Dark-Jloivered Stock 
Mauritia Carana. Carana Palm 

flexuosa. Ita, Chiqui-Chiqui, Miriti, or 

Morichi, Palm 
vinifera. Brazilian Wine-Palm, Buriti Palm 
Maximiliana caribaea. Crown Palm 

regia. Inija Palm, Jaqua Palm 
Meconopsis acnleata. Himalayan Blue, or 
Prickly, Poppy 
cambrica. Welsh Poppy 
nepalensis. Nepwul Poppy 
simplicifolia. Sikkim Poppy 
Wallichiana. Satin Poppy-wort, Wallich's 
Blue Poppy 
Medeola virginica. Indian Cucumber-root 
Medicago. Medick, Siuiil-Clover 
arborea. Moon- Trefoil, Tree- Medick 
denticulata. Denticulate Medick 
Echinus. Calvary Clover, Crown-qf-TJiorns, 

falcata. Sickle-podded Medick 
intertexta. Hedge-hog Medick 
lupulina. Black Grass, Black Medick, Black 
Nonc-surh, Hop Clover, Melilot Trefoil, Yel- 
Icno Clover, (sometimes sold in Ireland for 
the '■ Shamrock" (Trifolium repens) 
maculata. Heart-Clover, Heart-Trefoil, St. 

Maive's Clover, Spotted Medick 
minima. Bur Medick 
muricata. Thorny Buttons 
sativa. "Alfalfa," Common Medick, Holy 

Hay, Lucerne, Purple Medick 
scutellata. Barbary-Buttons, Snails 
Megarrhiza calif ornica (Echinocystis 
fabacea). Californian Big-root, or Bitter- 
Melaleuca. Australian Tea-tree 

genistwfolia. White Tea-tree, of Australia 
hypericifolia. Bottle-hrush flower 
Leucadendron. Cajeput-, or Cajuput-, tree, 

minor. Small Cajeput-, or Cajuput-, tree 
squarrosa. Swamp Tea-tree, of Australia, 

Tasnuinian Tea-tree 
uncinata. Tea-tree, of N. S. Wales 
Wilsoni. Pal la-bark-tree 
Melampyrum. Covj-v;heat 
arvense. Purple Cow-wheat 
cristatum. Crested Cow-wlwat 
pratensf!. Common Cow-wheat 
Bylvaticnm. Horse-flovxr, Small-floioered 
Melanodendron integiifolium. Bastard, or 

/Hark, (Jabliagc-trev, of St. Helena 
Melanogaster variegatus. Red Trujjlc 
Melanorrhcea usitatissima. Black or Mar- 
taban Varnish-tree, Lignum-vitic, of Pegu, 
Varnish-tree, of liurtuah 

Melanoselinum decipiens. Black Parsley 
Melanoxylon Bradna. Brauna-wood, of 

Melanthium junceum. Rush-leaved Black 
unifiorum (Tulipa Breyiana). Cape Tulip 
virginicum. American Bunch-flower 
Melastoma malabaricum. Malabar Laurel 
malabathrica (M. macrocarpum). Malabar 
Melhania Melanoxylon. Black-wood, or 
Ebony, of St. Helena 
Erythroxylon. Red-2Vood, of St. Helena 
Melia. Bead-tree 

australis. White Cedar, of Australia 
Melia Azadirachta. Margosa-tree, Neem-tree 
Azedarach. False- Sycamore, Hill Margosa, 
Holy-tree, Indian Lilac, Pride-of- China, 
Pride-of- India, Syrian Bead-tree 
guineensis. Guinea Lilac 
sempervirens. Hoop-tree 
Melianthus major. Great Cape Honey- 

Melica. Melick Grass 
nutans. Mountain Melick 
uniflora. Wood Melick 
Melicocca bijuga. Genip-tree, or Honey- 
berry, of the W. Indies, Jamaica Bullace- 
Melicytus ramiflorus. Mahoe or " Cow- 
leaf," of New Zealand 
Melilotus. Melilot, Sioeet Clover 

alba. Boklmra Clover, Cabul Clover, White 

arvensis. Field Melilot 
coerulea. Stveet Trefoil 
leucantha. Bokhara Clover 
oflScinalis. Common Melilot, HarVs Clover, 
King's Clover, Plaster Clover, Wild Labur- 
parviflora. Scented Trefoil, of Australia 
segetalis. Sivord-grass 
Melissa (Calamintha) Acinos. Basil Thyme 
ofhcinalis. Common Balm, Balm-leaf or 
Baum-lcaf, Bawmc, Baum 
Melittis Melissophyllum. Balm Melittis, 

Bastard Balm, Baumlcaf, IfoncyBalm 
Melocactus. Mdon-thistlc, Tiirk's-cap Cactus 
communis. Common Meluu-Cactus, Pope's- 
Melocanna bambusoides. Berry-bearing 

B(i mlxKi 
Memecylon ferreum. Iron-wood of Dutch 

K. Indies 
Menispernaum canadense. Moon-creeper, 
Moon-sccd, Vine-Maple, Yellow Pcrilla 
dauricnm. Danrian Moon-seed 
smilacinum. Smilax-like Moon-seed 
Mentha. Mint 

aquatica. Fish Mint 
arvensis. Corn Mint, Field Mint 
arvensis var. ghibrata. Chinese Pepper-mint 
arvensis var. piperascens. Japanese Pepper- 
australis. Australian Pepper-mint 
canadensis. Wild Mint, oi N. America 
cervina. llyssopkaved Mint, Stag Mint 
citrata. Bcrgamot Mint 
crispa. Curled, Crisped, or Cross Mint 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Mentha hirsuta. Brook Mint 

piperita. Brandy-Mint, Common Pepper- 

piperita officinalis. White Mint 
piperita vulgaris. Black Mint 
Pulegium. Flea Mint, Organ, Organs, 

Organy, Penny-royal, Pudding-grass 
Kequieni (Thymus corsicus). Requien's 

rotundifolia. Apple-mint, Round-leaved Mint 
rotundifolia variegata. Variegated Round- 
leaved Mint 
sativa. Whorled Water Mint 
sylvestris. Brook or Water Mint, Horse-Mint 
viridis. Garden or Spear Mint, Mackerel Mint 
Mentzelia ornata. Prairie-Lily 
Menyanthes nymphseoides. Fringed Buck- 
trifoliata. Beck-bean, Bog-bean, Bog-Hop, 
Bog -nut, Bog-Trefoil, Brook-bean, Buck- 
bean, Marsh Trefoil, Water Trefoil 
Menziesia (Dabeocia) polifolia. Irish, or St. 

Babeoc's, Heath 
Mercurialis annua. Baron's Mercury, Boy's 
Mercury, French Mercury, Girl's Mercury 
perennis. Bog's Mercury, Kentish Balsam 
perennis var. aurea. Golden Mercury 
Merendera Bulbocodium (Colchicum mon- 

tanum). Pyrencan Meadoiv- Saffron 
Meriandra bengalensis. Bengal Sage 
Meriania. Jamaica Rose 
Mertensia. Smooth Lung-ioort 
alpina. Alpine I/ung-wort 
maritima. Oyster-plant, Sea-Bugloss 
(Pulmonaria) dahurica. Siberian Lung- 
oblongifolia. Blunt-leaved Lung-wort 
(Pulmonaria) virginica. Virginian Coioslip 
Merulius lachrymans. Dry-rot Fungus, of 

Mesembryanthemum. Fig - Marigold, 
" Mid-day-Flower," of Australia 
acinaciforme. Scimetar-leaved Fig-Marigold 
sequilaterale. Australian Pig' s-f aces 
agninum. Lamb's-chop 
aurantiacum. Orange Fig-Marigold 
aureum. Golden Fig-Marigold 
australe. New Zealand Ice-plant, Neiv Zea- 
land Pig' s-f aces 
caninum. Dog-chop 
conspicuum. Bright-red Fig-Marigold 
cordifolium. Heart-leaved Fig-Marigold 
crystallinum. Common Ice-plant 
edule. Hottentot-Fig 
ermininum. Ermine- chop 
felinum. Cat-chop 
glabrum Dew-plant 
lupinum. Wolf -chop 

minimum. Small Dumpling, Smallest Fig- 
murinum. Mouse-chop 
mustelinum. Weasel-clwp 
obcordellum. Greater Dumpling 
sessile album. Small Ice-plant 
testiculars. Broad White Fig-Marigold 
tigrinum. Tiger-chop 

tricolor. Annual, or Three-coloured, Fig- 
Tripolium. Resurrection-plant 

Mesembryantlieinuni truncateUum. Small 
Truncated Fig-Marigold 
vulpinum. Fox- chop 
Mespilus. Medlar-tree 

germanica. Common, or Dutch, Medlar, 

Minshull Crab 
germanica var. diffusa. Spreading Medlar 
germanica var. stricta. Upright Medlar 
germanica var. sylvestris. Wild Medlar 
grandiflora. Snowy Medlar 
lobata. Lobed-leaved Medlar 
Smithii. Smith's Medlar 
Mesua ferrea. E. Indian Iron-wood, " Nag- 
kushur-," or " Nagkesur-'^ tree, Nalwr- 
Methonica superba. Superb Lily 
Metrosideros florida and M. robusta. Rata- 
tree, of New Zealand 
scandens. Aka-tree, or Lignum-vitce, of 

New Zealand 
tomentosa. Fire-tree, of New Zealand, 

vera. Iron-tree (true) 
Meum athamanticum. Badmoney,Baldmoney, 

Bear-wort, Meu, Spignel 
Michauxia campanuloides. Michaux's Bell- 

Michelia Champaca. Champaca- or Chum- 
p>aca-,tree, of India, Champ-ivood, Fragrant 
Champac, Pand-oil-plant 
Miconia. W. Indian Currant-bush 
Microcaclirys tetragona. Strawberry-fruited 

Tasmanian Cypress 
Micromeria Douglasii. " Yerba Buena," of 

Microstylis. Adder s-mouth Orchis 
Mikania Guaco. "Guaco" -plant, or Snake- 
poison Antidote, of 1:^. America 
scandens. Bone-set, Climbing Hemp-ioeed, 
Climbing Thorough-wort, German or 
Parloiir Ivy 
Milium effusum. Millet Grass 
Milletia. Moulmein Rose-wood 
Mimosa abstergens. Soap-nut Tree 
pudica. Sensitive Plant, Humble Plant 
sensitiva. Sensitive Plant (true) 
Mim.ulus. Monkey-flower 

cardinalis. Cardinal, or Scarlet, Monkey- 
cupreus. Copper-coloured Monkey-flower 
glutinosus. Orange Monkey-flower 
guttatus. Spotted Monkey-flower 
Jamesii. James's Monkey-flower 
luteus. Yelloiv Monhey-Jloioer 
maculosus. Blotched Morikey-flower 
moschatus. Musk, Musk-plant 
moschatus var. Harrisoni. Large-floivered 

primuloides. Primrose Monkey-floiver 
repens. Creeping Monkey-flower 
Tiling!. Tiling's Monkey-flower 
Mim.usops. Monkey' s-f ace 
elata. Coiv-tree, of Para 
Elengi. Bukul-tree, W. Indian Medlar 
globosa. Gutta-Percha Tree, of Guiana 
Sieberi. Nase-berry 
sp. Bullet-tree, or Bully-tree, of Guiana 
Mirabilis calfornica. CaUfornian Four- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Mirabilis dichotoma. Common Four-o'clocJc- 
Jalapa. Common Marvel -of- Peru, False 

Jalap, Garden Jalap-plant 
longiflora. Sweet-scented Marvel-of-Peru 
mnltiflora. Many-Howered Marvel-of-Peru 
Mitchella repens. Chcquer-berry, Partridge- 
herry, Deer-berry, One-berry, Squato-vine, 
Winter Clover 
Mitella. Mitre-xvort, or Bisliop'' s-cap, of N. 

Mitraria coccinea. Scarlet Mitre-pod 
Mohria caffrorum (M. thurifraga). Frank- 
Molinia caarulea. Indian Grass, Lavender- 
Grass, Purple Moor-Grass 
Mollugo verticillata. Carpet-iceed, Indian 

Moluccella. Molucca Balm 

l;evis. Shell-flower, Smooth Molucca-Balm 
Momordica Balsamina. Apple-of -Jerusalem, 
Balsam-Ajyple, " Marvellous Apples " 
echinata. Gooseberry Gourd 
Elaterium. Squirting Cucumber 
Monarda Bradburyana. Bradbury's Horse- 
clidyma. Bee-Bcdm, Mountain Mint, Oszvego 

fistiilosa. American Wild Bergamot 
paniculata. Panicled Horse-mint 
punctata. Dotted Horse- Mint 
Monizia edulis. Carrot-tree, of Madeira 
Monodora Myristica. American, Calabash, 

Jamaica, or Mexican Nutmeg 
Monotoca elliptica. Beech-tree, of N. S. Wales 
Monotropa Hypopitys. False Beech-drops, 
Pine-sap, Yellovj Bird' s-nest 
uniflora. American Ice-plant, Corpse-plant, 
Fit-plant, Indian Pijte, One-flowered Wax- 
plant, Ova-ova 
Montia fontana. Blinls, Water Cldch-weed 
Moquilea utilis. Pottery-tree, of Park 
Mora excelsa. Mora-tree, or Mora-wood, of 

Morsea papilionacea. Butterfly Iris 

Sisyrinchium. Spanish-nut Iris 
Morchella esculenta. Morel 
Morina longifolia. Long-leaved Wliorl-Jlower 

persica. Persian Whorl-Jlower 
Morinda. Morinda-bark-tree 

citrifolia. Avd-tree, E. Indian Mulberry 
tinctoria. Ach-root, Dyers' Indian Midberry 
Moringa pterygosperma. Ben-oil-plant, 

IfdrKe-radish Tree 
Moronobea coccinea (Symphonia globulifera). 

I lag-gum-tree, of Jamaica 
Morus. Mulberry-tree 

alba. White-fruited Mulberry 
alV)a var. Columbassa. Columba Mulberry 
alba var. italica. Italian Mulberry 
alba var. macrophylla. Large-leaved Mul- 
alba var. membranacea. Membranous M nJ- 

alba var. Morettiana. Dandolo's Mulberry 
alba var. midticaulis. Many-stemmed Mul- 
alba var. pumila. Dwarf Mulberry 
alba var. romana. lioman Mulberry 

Morus alba var. rosea. Rosy-leaved Mulberry 
alba var. sinensis. White Chinese Mulberry 
Calcar-galli. Cock-spur Mulberry, Yellow 

Constantinopolitana. Constantinople Mul- 
indica. £. Indian Mulberry 
mauritiana. Mauritian Mulberry 
nigra. Black, or Common, Midherry 
rubra. American Red Mulberry 
scabra (M. canadensis). Rough-leaved Mid- 
tatarica. Tartarian Mulberry 
Moschoxylon Swartzii. Musk-wood, of 

Jamaica, Pameroon-bark Tree 
Mouriria. Silver-ivood 

myrtilloides. Small-leaved Iron-wood 
Mucuna (Dolichos) urens. Cotvitch or 
Coivage, Horse-eye Bean, Ox-eye Bean 
gigantea. Coivitch, of N. S. Wales 
Muhlenbeckia adpressa. Native Ivy, of 

Muhlenbergia. American Drop-seed Grass 
capillaris. Hair-grass, of N. America 
diffusa. " Nimble Will " Grass 
Mulgedium. Bastard or False Lettuce 
alpinum and M. macrorrhizum. Blue Sow- 

th istlc 
Plumieri. Purple Soiv-thistle 
Muntingia Calabura. Ccdabur-tree, Silk- 
wood Tree 
Muraltia Heisteria. African Furze 
Murraya exotica. Chinese Box 

sumatrana. Sumatra Orange 
Murucuja ocellata. Bull-hoof 
Musa Banksii. Queeiisland Banana 

Cavendishii. Chinese Banana, Dwarf 

coccinea. Scarlet-bracted Banana 
Ensete. Abyssinian Banana 
Livingstoniana. Livingstone's Banana 
paradisaica. Adam's - Fig, Plantain-tree, 

" Pisang " 
sapientum. Common Banana-tree 
sumatrana. Sumatran Banana 
textilis. Manilla Hemp-plant 
vittata. Channelled-leaved Banana 
zebrina. Striped-leaved Banana 
Muscari. Grape-Hyacinth 

armeniacum. Armenian Grape-Hyacinth 
botryoides. Sky-blue Grape-Hyacinth 
botryoides var. album. " Pearls (f Sjiain' 
commutatum. Dark Purple Grape-Hyacinth 
comosum. Fair-haired Hyacinth, Purse- 
tassels, Tassel Hyacinth 
comoaum, var. monstruosum (Hyacinthus 
monstruosus). Feathered Grape-Hyacinth 
Heklreichii. Greek Grape- Hyacinth 
luteum. Yellow Grape-Hyacinth 
moschatum. Musk Grape- Hyacinth 
racemosum. Common Grape- Hyacinth, 

Starch Hyacinth 
Musci. A general name for the Mosses 
Myagrum perenne. J'crennied Gold-of-plca- 

Myanthus (Catasetum). Foy-wort 
Mylitta australis. Native Bread, of Austra- 
Mylocaryum ligustrinum. Buck-wlieat Tree 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Myoporum. Native Australian Blue-berry- 
Ijetum. Guitar-ivood, of New Zealand 
platycarpum. Australian Sugar-tree 
tenuifolium. False Sandal-wood 
Myoschilos oblongus. Chili Senna 
Myosotidium nobile. Chatham Island For- 

Myosotis. Forget-me-not, Scorpion-grass 
alpestris (M. rupicola). Alpine Forget-me-not 
arvensis. Field Forget-me-not 
azorica. Azorean Forget-me-not 
collina. Early Hill Forget-me-not 
dissitiflora (M. montana). Early Forget-me- 
dissitiflora var. alba. White-flowered Early 

lingulata. Tongue-leaved Forget-me-not 
palustris. Common Forget-me-not, Mouse- 
ear, Scorpion-grass, Snake-grass 
repens. Blue Eye-bright, Creeping Forget- 
rupicola. Mountain Forget-me-not 
semperflorens. Long -'flowering Forget-me-not 
sylvatica. Wood Forget-me-not 
verna. American Forget-me-not 
versicolor. Colour-chaiiging Forget-me-not 
Myosurus minimus. Blood- strange, Mouse- 
Myrcia acris. Wild Cinnamon 
Myrica arguta. Sharp-toothed-leaved CancUe- 
calif ornica. Bay-berry, or Wax-Myrtle, of 

cerifera. Bay-berry, Candle-berry Myrtle, 
Tallow-shrub, Wax-Myrtle 
Myrica Faya. Azorean Candle-berry Myrtle 
Gale. Bog Myrtle, Common Candle-berry 
Myrtle, Dutch Myrtle, Gale or Sweet Gale, 
Golden Osier, Moor Myrtle, Sweet Willow 
integrifolia. Sophee-shrub, of Sylhet 
Nagi. Yang-mae-tree, of China 
Myricaria germanica. German Tamarisk 
Myriophyllum verticillatum. Common 

Water- Milfoil 
Myristica castanesefolia. Fijian Nutmeg- 
fatua. Long, or Wild, Nutmeg 
insipida. Queensland Nutmeg-tree 
moschata. Nutmeg-tree [true) 
Otoba. Otoba-7vax-tree, Santa Fe Nutmeg, 

(yields " White " Mace) 
sebifera. Tallow- Nutmeg, of Cayenne, 

surinamensis. Dollee-tvood 
tomentosa. Male, or Wild, Nutmeg 
Myrospernaum pubescens. Myrrh-seed, 

Quinquina; or White Balsam-, plant 
Myroxylon (Myrospermum) Peruiferum 
(M. Pereirse). Balsam-of-Peru-p>lant 
(Myrospermum) Toluiferum. Balsam-of- 
Myrrhis odorata. Anise, British Myrrh, 
Great Chervil, Sweet Chervil, Sweet Cicely, 
Sweet Fern 
Myrsine africana. African Myrtle 

Iseta. Black Soft-wood, Bully-tree or Bullet- 
variabilis. Smooth Beech, of Victoria 

Myrsiphyllum asparagoides. Boston Smi- 

lax, Stnilax Vine, Wreath-Lily 
Myrtus communis. Common Myrtle 

communis var. btetica. Orange-leaved Myrtle 
communis var. belgica. Broad-leaved Butch 

communis var. belgica fl.-pl. Double-floiver- 

ed Myrtle 
communis var. italica. Upright Italian 

communis var. leucocarpa. Wliite-berried 

communis var. lusitanica. Portugal Myrtle 
communis var. lusitanica acuta. Nutmeg 

communis var. maculata. Spotted-leaved 

communis var. mucronata. Rosemary -leaved. 

Thyme-leaved, or Small-leaved Myrtle 
commvmis var. romana. Roman, or Broad- 
leaved, Myrtle 
comnmuis var. tarentina. Box-leaved Myrtle 
communis variegata. Variegated-leaved 

(Myrcianthes) edulis. Edible-fruited Myrtle, 

of Uruguay 
melastomoides. Moreton Bay Myrtle 
mespiloides. Medlar-ivood 
Nummularia. Cran-berry Myrtle 
tenuifolia. Slender-leaved Australian Myrtle 
tomentosa. Woolly Myrtle 
trinervis. Three-ribbed Australian Myrtle 

Nabalus albus. American Lion's-foot, Rattle- 
snake-root, miite Lettuce 
Fraseri. Gall-of-the-earth, Lion's-foot 
virgatus. Slender Rattle- snake-root 

Nageia. Catkin-bearing Laurel 
japonica. Japan Laurel 

Naias canadensis. Canadian Naiad or Water- 
flexilis. Slender Naiad 

Namia vera. Iron-wood, of Dutch E. Indies 

Nandina domestica. Sacred Bamboo, of the 

Napeea dioica. American Glade-Mallow 

Naravelia zeylanica. Narawael-shrub, of 

Narcissus. Daffodil 
Ajax. Ajax Dafodil 
albicans. " Trompet Marin " 
angustifolius. Narrow-leaved Dafodil 
bicolor. Two-coloured Daffodil 
biflorus. Peerless Primrose or Primrose 

Peerless, Two-Howered Daffodil 
biflorus fl.-pl. Sweet Nancy 
Bulbocodium. Hoop-petticoat Daffodil 
calathinus. Sea-shore Daffodil 
Clusii. Clusius's Dafodil 
crenixlatus. Bazelman minor Daffodil 
gracilis. Yelloio Rush-leaved Daffodil 
Graellsi. GraelWs Daffodil 
heminalis. Smaller Curled-cup Daffodil 
Horsefieldi, Horsefleld' s Daffodil 
incomparabilis. Incomparable Daffodil 
interjectus. Larger Curled-cup Daffodil 
Jonquilla. Common Jonquil 
juncifolius. Rush-leaved Daffodil 
lobularis. Tenby Six-lobed Daffodil 


English Names of Oultivated, Native, 

Narcissus maximus. Golden Daffodil 
minimus. Pigmy Daffodil 
minor. Dwarf Daffodil 
monophyllus. Oru-leavcd Daffodil 
montanus. Mountain Daffodil 
moschatus. M ask-scented Daffodil 
obvallaris. Siblliorp's Daffodil 
odonis. CampemeUe, Larr/e Jonquil 
orientalis. Eastern Daffodil 
pachybulbos. Thick-bulbed Daffodil 
pallidulus. Pale-flowered Daffodil 
papyraceus. Paper-white Daffodil 
patulus. WJdte Musk-scented Daffodil 
poeticus. Poet's Narcissus, Whitsun Lily 
Pseudo-Narcissus. Affadil, Averill, Bell- 
rose, Bul-rose, Chalice-flower, Common Daf- 
fodil, Daffadowndilly, Lent Lily, Lent Rose, 
Yellow Crow-bells 
pumilus. Dwarfish Daffodil 
pusillus. Small Jonquil 
pusillus plenus. Queen Ann^s Jonquil 
rupicola. Cliff Daffodil 
Telamonius. Telamon's Daffodil 
Tazetta. French Daffodil, Polyanthus Daf- 
tenuior. Slender Daffodil 
tortuosus. Twisted Daffodil 
Trewianus. Bazelman major Daffodil 
triandrus. Cyclamen Daffodil, Rush Daffodil 
viridiflorus. Green-floiuered Daffodil 
Nardosma (Tussilago) fragrans. Fragrant 
Colt's-foot, Winter Heliotrope 
palmata. Sweet CoWs-foot, of N. America 
sagittata. Arroio-leaved CoWs-foot 
Ifardus striata. Common Nard, Mat-grass, 

Small Mat-xoeed, Wire Bent Grass 
Narthecium americanum. American Bog 
ossifragum. Commsn Bog Asphodel, Lanca- 
shire Asphodel, Maiden-hair, Yellow Grass 
Narthex Asafietida. Asafcetida-plant 
Nasturtium amphibium. Great Water-cress, 
Water Radish, Yellow Cress 
lacustre. American Lake- Cress 
officinale. Common Water-cress, Water-grass 
palustre. Annual Water Radish, Marsh 

Water-cress, Yellow Cress 
sylvestre. Creeping Water-cress, Water Rocket 
Nauclea cordifolia. Model-wood, of India 
Nectandra cinnamomoides. Santa F& Cin- 
cytnbarum. Brazilian, or Orinoco, Sassafras 
leucantha. Shingle-wood, White or Timber 

Puchury. Picliurim- Bean-tree, Sassafras- 
Rodisei. Beebeeree-, or Bibin-tree, Green- 

Jvcart of Guiana, Sipiri-tree 
sanguinea. Lowland, Pepper, Wliite, or 
Yelloto Sweet-wood 
Nectaroscordum. Honey-Garlic 
Negundo californicum. Californian Box- 

Nelitris ingens. Cherry-tree, of N. S. Wales, 

SrnrlH-brrried Scrub Myrtle 
Nelumbium aspericaule. Rough • stemmed 
luteum. Water Chinquapin, Yellow Nelumlo, 
Yellow Water-Bean 

Nelumbium speciosum. Chinese Waier-lUy, 

Egyptian Bean, Sacred Bean 
Nemopanthes canadensis. American Moun- 
tain Holly 
Nemophila. Californian Blue-bell, Love- 
grove of N. America 
Neottia Nidus-avia. Bird'i-nest Orchis, 

Nepeta ccErulea. Blue-flowered Cat-mint 
Cataria. Common Cat-mint, Cat-nep, Cat- 
nip, Nep or Neps 
Glechoma. Ale-hoof, Blue Runner, Cat's-foot, 
Devil's Candlesticks, Gill or Gill-go-by- 
ground, Ground Ivy, Robin-run-in-the-hedge, 
macrantha. Large-flowered Cat-mint 
Mussini. Scalloped-lcaved Cat-mint 
Nepetella. Sinall Cat-mint 
Nepenthes. E. Indian Pitclier-plant, 
Monkey -cup 
albo-marginata. White-margined Singapore 

ampullacea. Bottle-like Pitclier -plant 
bicalcarata. Two-spurred Pitcher-plant 
distillatoria. Chinese Pitcher-plant 
Hookeriana. Dr. Hooker's Pitcher-plant 
intermedia. Intermediate Pitclier-plant 
laevis. Srnooth Pitcher-plant 
Lawrenciana. La^crence' s Pitcher-plant 
Lindleyana. Dr. Lindley's Pitcher-plant 
Loddigesii. Loddige's Pitcher-plant 
Morganiana. Mrs. Morgan's Pitcher-plant 
phyllamphora. Ventricose Pitcher-plant 
Rafflesiana. Yelloio Singapore Pitcher-plant 
Rajah. Rajah Pitcher-plant 
sanguinea. Blood-red Pitcher-plant 
superba. Brilliant-red Pitihcr-plant 
villosa. Hairy Pitcher-plant 
Nephelium. lappaceum. Rarnbutan, or Ram- 
Litchi. Litchi-, or Lee-cJiee-tree 
Longanum. Dragon' s-cye, Longan-tree 
pinnatum. Dawa-tree 
Nephrodium (T.astrea). Boss Fern 
cristatum. Darsham Fern 
Filix-mas. Basket-fern, Male Fern 
Oreopteris. Mountain Fern 
Nephrolepis cordifolia. Ladder Fern, of 

New Zealand 
Nereocystis Lutkeana. Sea-otter's Cabbage 
Nerine Fothergilli. Scarlet Guernsey Lily 
sarniensis. Common Guernsey Lily, A'arcia- 
sus of Japan 
Nerium. Oleander 
odorum. E. Indian Oleander, Sweet-scented 

Oleander. Common Oleander, Rose-Bay, 

" South Sea Rose," of Jamacia 
tinctorium. Dyers' Oleander 
Nertera depressa. Coral-berried Duck-weed, 

Fruiting Duck-weed 
Neseea (Decodon) verticillata. Sioamp Loose- 
Nesodaphne Tarairi. Taraire-tree, of New 
Tawa. Tawa-trcc, of New Zealand 
Neurachne Mitchelliana. Mulga-grass, of 

Neuroleena. Halbert-weed 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shruhs. 


Neurolsena lobata. Golden-rod, of the W. 

Nicandra physaloides. Apple-of-Peru 
Nicotiana. Tobacco-plant 

a.cutifolia. Acute-leaved Tobacco- Plant 
affinis. Tuberose-flotvered Tobacco-plant 
fruticosa. Shrubby Tobacco-plant 
glauca. Glaucous-leaved (perennial) Tobacco- 
longiflora. Long-flowered Tobacco-plant 
macrophylla gigantea. Giant Tobacco-plant 
noctiflora. Night-Howering Tobacco-plant 
persica. Persian or Shiraz Tobacco-plant 
repanda. Havannah Tobacco-plant 
rustica. Latahia Tobacco-plant, Syrian 

Tobacco-plant, Wild Tobacco-plant 
suaveolens. Native Australian Tobacco-plant 
Tabacum. Virginian Tobacco-plant 
tubiflora. Tube-flowered Tobacco-plant 
vincaeflora. Vinca-floioered (perennial) To- 
Nidularia campanulata. Corn-bells 
Niemeyera (Lucuma) prunifera. "Cainito," 

of Australia 
Nierembergia frutescens. Tall Cup-flower 

rivularis. Trailing White Cup-flower 
Nigella. Fennel-floioer, "Gith" 
arvensis. Wild Fennel-flower 
damascena. Devil-in-a-bnsh, Jach-in-prison, 
Katfierine's, or St. Katharine's, Flower, 
Lady-in-the- Bower, Love-in-a-mist, Love-in- 
hispanica. Spanish Fennel-floioer 
sativa. Black Cumin, Common Fennel-floioer 
Nigritella coccinea. Dark Scarlet-flowered 
suaveolens. Fragrant Dark-flowered Orchis 
Nipa fruticans. Nipa-tree, of the Philippine 

Niphobolus heteractis. Climbing Polypody 
Nirbisia Bisma. Bikh-, or Bisk-, Poison, of 

Nitraria. Nitre-bush 

tridentata. Supposed to be the "Lotus-tre^' 
of the Ancients 
Nolana. Chilian Bell-flower 
Nonatella officinalis. Asthma-plant, of 

Nopalea (Opuntia) coccinellifera. Cochineal- 
Cactus, Nopal-plant of Mexico 
Notelaea ligustrina. Bastard Olive, of Vic- 
toria, Iron-wood, of Tasmania and N. S. 
longifolia. Iron-wood, of Norfolk Island 
ovata. Dunga-runga Tree, of N. S. Wales 
Nothochlsena. Cloak-fern 

distans. Woolly Cloak-fern, of New Zealand 
Marantae. Hardy doak-fern 
Notobasis syriaca. Syrian Thistle 
Notospartiura Carmichselise. Pink Broom, 

of New Zealand 
Nostoc commune. Fairies^ -butter, Fallen 

Stars, Star-jelly, Will-o'-the-wisp 
Nuphar advena. Tliree-coloured, or Stripe- 
flowered, Water-Lily 
advena var. lutea. American Yellow Pond- 
Kalmiana. SmaU Yellow American Water- 

Nuphar lutea. Bobbins, Brandy-bottle, Cam- 
bie-leaf, Can-Dock, Clot, Clote, Yellow Water- 
multisepala. Edible-fruited Water-Lily 
pumila. Small Yellow Water-Lily 
Nuttallia cerasiformis. Oso-berry-tree, of 

Nuytsia floribunda. Flame-tree or Fire-tree, 

of S. W. Australia 
Nyctanthes Arbor-tristis. "ffursingar," of 
the E. Indies, Indian Mourner, Night- 
Jasmine, Night-scented Tree-of- Sadness, 
Sad-tree, Sorrowful-tree 
Nymphasa alba. Bobbins, Cambie-leaf, Can- 
Dock, Flatter Dock, White Water-Lily 
alba var. rosea. Hardy Red Wate7'-lily 
Amazonica. Ainazon Water-Lily 
cyanea. Blue hulian Water-Lily 
dentata. Toothed-leaved Water-lily 
flava. Florida Yellow Water-lily 
gigantea. . Australian Water-lily 
Lotus. Egyptian Lotus, Egyptian Water-lily 
odorata. American Sioeet-scented Water-Lily 
pubescens. E. Indian " Lotus" 
(Castalia) pygmsea. Chinese Water-lily, 

Pigmy Water-lily 
rosea. E. Indian Rose-coloured Water-lily 
rubra. E. Indian Red Water-lily 
scutifolia. Shield-Leaved Water-lily 
sphferocarpa. Round-fruited Water-lily 
stellata zanzibarensis. Zanzibar Water-lily 
thermalis. Hungarian Lotus, Hungarian 

tuberosa. Tuberous-rooted White Water-lily 
Nyssa. Tupelo-tree 

aquatica. Water Tupelo-tree 
bifiora. Mountain Tupelo-tree 
candicans (N. capitata). Ogechee Lime 
multiflora (N. sylvatica). Black or Sour 
Gum-tree, Common Tupelo-tree, Pepperidge 
uniflora. Cotton Gum-tree, Large Tupelo 

Oclina Mauritiana. Jasmine-wood, of the 

Isle of France 
Oclironia Lagopus. W. Indian Cork-ivood 

or Doton-tree 
Ochrosia Borbonica. Isle of Bourbon Yellow- 
Ocliroxylon punctatum. Brazilian Yellow- 
Ocotea (Nectandra) cymbarum. Orinoco 

Anise-, or Sassafras-, tree 
Ocymum Basilicum. Sweet Basil 
gratissimum. E. hulian Basil 
minimum. Bush-Basil 
sanctum. Holy Basil, Monks' Basil, Purple- 
stalked Basil 
viride. Fever-plant, of Sierra Leone 
Odina Wodier. Goompany-tree, or Wodier- 

tree, of India 
Odontoglossum madrense. Almond-scented 
Warneri. Violet- scented Orchid 
(Edipodium. Club-stalked Moss 
OEJnaiitlie crocata. Belder-Root, Ben-Dock, 
Dead Tongue, Hemlock- Dropwort, Water 
fistulosa. Hemlock- Dropwort, Water-Drop- 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

(Enanthe Lachenalii. Marsh-parsley 

rhellaudriuni. Edge-weed, Horse-hane, Water- 
pimpinelloides. Meadow-parsley 
(Enocarpus I5atava. Bacaha-, or Patava-, 

Palm-tree, Winc-Pcdm, of Guiana 
(Enothera. Evcn'iwj-Pr'mrose, Tree-Primrose 
biennis. Common Evening-Primrose, Large 

bistorta Veitchii. Orange-flowered Evening- 
caespitosa. Tufted Evening- Primrose 
Fraseri. Eraser's Evening- Primrose 
fniticosa. Sun-drops 
glauca. Glaueous Evening-Primrose 
Jamesii. James's Evening-Primrose 
Lamarckiana. Tcdl Large-flowered Evening- 

linearis. Narrotv-leaved Evening-Primrose 
marginata. Dtvarf Large-fl^ioered Evening- 
missouriensis (CE. macrocarpa). Missouri 

Evening -Primrose 
montana. Mountain Evening-Primrose 
pumila. Dwarf Evening -Primrose 
riparia. Swamp Evening-Primrose 
serrulata. Small - tootlied - leaved Evening- 
sinuata. Scalloprd-I cared Evening -Primrose 
speciosa. Tall White Enning-Primrose ^ 
taraxacifolia. Dandelion-leaved Evening- 
trichocalyx. Hairy-calyxed Evening-Primrose 
Youngi. Young's Evening -Primrose 
Oidium Tuckeri. Vine-Mildeio Fungus 
Olax zeylanica. Malla-tree, of Ceylon 
Oldenlandia (Hedyotis) umbellata. Chay- 
root, or Che-root, of India, E. Indian 
Oldfieldia af ricana. African Oak, African Teak 
Olea. Olive-tree 

apetala. Botany Bay Olive, Iron-ivood of 

Norfolk Island 
capensis. Iron-wood, of S. Africa 
Cunninghamii. Black Maire, of New Zealand 
dioica. Wild Olive, of India 
europ;ea. Enropeini Olive-tree 
(Osmanthuw) frayran». Sweet-scented Olive 
ilicifolia (Osmanthus ilicifolius). Holly-leaved 

Oleaster. Wild Olive-tree 
paniculata. Qurcnshind Olive-tree 
sativa (O. ciirDpi' ai. Olire-tree (cultivated) 
undulata. Jmn-irnnd, of S. Africa 
Oleandra neriiformis. Oleander-Fern 
Olearia dcntata. N. S. Wales Star-wort 
Haastii and other species. " Daisy-bush," of 

New Zealand 
ilicifolia. New Zealand Holly 
stellulata (Eurybia Gunniana). Victorian 
Olivia cyniosa. Hardpecr, of S. Africa 
Ombrophytum. Mountain Maize, of Peru 
Omphalea diandra. Ouahe-oil-plant 

triandra. Coh-nut, of Jamaica, Nut-tree of 
the Antilh'S 
Omphalobium africanum. Guinea Zebra- 
Lambertii. Zebra-wood, of Guiana 

Omphalodes. Venus's Navd-ivort 
linifolia. Flax-leaved Navel-wort 
Lucili». Rock Forget-me-not, Rock Navel- 

verna. Creep>ing Forget-me-not 
Oncidiumcarthaginense. Spread-eagle Orchid 
Papilio. Butterlhi-plant, of S. America 
Sprucei. ArmadiUo' s-tail Orchid 
tigrinum. " Flower-of-the-Dead," of the 
Oncosperma filamentosa. Nibung Palm 
Onobrychis. Hen's-bill, Medick- Vetch 
Gaput-galli. Cock's-head 
montana. Mountain Saintfoin 
sativa. Cock's-head, Common Saintfoin, 
Fodder-grass, French Grass 
Onoclea sensibilis. Sensitive Fern 
Onocarpus vitiensis. Itch-ivood-tree 
Ononis. Rcst-harroio 

alba. White-floivered Rest-harrow 
angustissima. Very - narrow-leaved Rest- 
antiquorum. Tall Rest-harrow 
Apula. Apulian Rest-harrow 
arborescens. Tree Rest-harrow 
arenaria. Sand Rest-harrow 
arragonensis. Arragon Rest-harrow 
arvensis. Cammock or Cammick, Common 
Rest-harrow, Fin, Ground Furze, Hen 
Gorse, Land Wdn, Petty Wiin, Stay- 
plough, Wild Liquorice 
brachycarpa. Short-podded Rest-harrow 
biflora. Two-flowered Rest-harrow 
breviflora. Short-flowered Rest-harrow 
capensis. Cape Rest-harrow 
capitata. Round-headed Rest-harrow 
cenisia. Mt. Cenis Rest-harrow 
cuspidata. Pointed-leaved Rest-harrow 
Denhardtii. Denhardt's Rest-Jiarrow 
diffusa. Spreading Rest-han-o%o 
emarginata. Notched-leaved Rest-harrow 
falcata. Sickle-podded Rest-harrow 
fcetida. Strong-scented Rest-harroiv 
fruticosa. Shrubhi/ Rest-harrow 
geminiflora. Ticinflowercd Rest-harrow 
glabra. Smooth Rest-harrow 
hiapanica. Spanish Rest-harrow 
hispida. Bristly Rest-harrow 
longifolia. Long-leaved Rest-harrow 
minutissima. Pigmy Rest-harrow 
Natrix. Goat-root, Ram Rest-harroiu, Yellov)- 

flowercd Shrubby Rest-harroiv 
oligophylla. Few-leaved Rest-harrow 
peduncularis. Long -flower-stalked Rest- 

pendula. Drooping Rest-harrow 
l)icta. Painted -flowered Rest-harrow 
procurrens. Routing -branched Rest-harrow 
ramosissinia. Very-branching Rest-harrow 
reclinata. Small Rest-harrow 
rotundifolia. Round-leaved Rcst-Jiarrov} 
spinosa. Cammock, TJiorny Rest-harrow 
tribracteata. Three-bracted Rest-harrow 
tridentata. llirec-toothed Rest-hativw 
viscosa. Ciammy Rest-harrow 
Onopordon Acanthium. "Argentine," Cotton- 
thitile, Down Thistle, Scotch Thistle (of 
gardeners), " Th istle-upon-thistlc" 
acaule. Stemlcss Cotton-thistle 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Onosma Emodi. Maharanga-dye-plant, of 
India, Rutton-root 
tauricuin. Golden-Drop 
Onosmodium. False- Gromivell 
Opegrapha. Chink - wort, Letter • Lichen, 

Ophelia Chirata (Genti.ina Chirayita). Chi- 

rayta or Chiretta- plant 
Opliiocaryon paradoxum. Snake-nut Tree, 

of Guiana. 
Ophioglossum lusitanicum. Small Adder's- 
tongue Fern 
vulgatum. Adder's-Spear, Common Adder's- 
tongue Fern 
Ophiopogon. Snake' s-heard 

Jaburan aureo-variegatus. Golden - varie- 
gated Snake' s-heard 
japonicus. Japanese Snake's-heard 
spicatus. Spiked Snake' s-beard 
spicatus var. argenteo-marginatas. Silver- 
variegated Smike' s-beard 
Ophiorrhiza Mungos. Earth-gall, of the 

Malays, E. Indian Snake-root 
Ophioxylon. serpentinum. E. Indian Serpent- 
Ophiurus. Sea Hard Grass 
Oplirys apifera. Bee-flower, Bee-Orchis 
arachnites. Black-Spider Orchis, Late Spider- 
arachnoides. Spider-like Orchis 
aranifera. Common Spider- Orchis, Early 

aranifera var. limbata. Bordered Spider- 
bombylifera. Bumble-bee-Orchis 
cornuta. Horned Orchis 
Ferrum-equinum. Horse-shoe- Orchis 
fucifera. Drone-Orchis 
fusca. Broivn Orchis 
Loeselii.. Lossel's Orchis 
lutea. Yelloiv Orchis 
muscifera. Fly Orchis 
Scolopax. Woodcock- Orchis 
Speculum. Looking-glass- Orchis 
tabanif era. Breeze-fly- Orchis 
tenthredinifera. Saw-fly-Orchis 
tenthredinifera minor. Small Sa^v-fly-Orchis 
vespifera. Wasp- Orchis 
Opopanax Chironium (PastinacaOpopanax). 

Opopanax-plan t 
Opuntia. Bastard Fig, Indian Fig, Prickly 
cochinillifera. CocJiinecd Cactus 
crassa. Thick-lobed Indian Fig 
curassavica. Pin-pillow Cactus 
humilis. Hardy Dwarf Cactus, Hardy 

Prickly Pear 
missouriensis. Hardy Prickly Pear 
missouriensis var. leucospina. White-spined 

Hardy Cactus 
pubescens. Dovmy Indian Fig 
Rafinesquii. Hardy Dwarf Prickly Pear 
Tuna. Cochineal- Cactus 
vulgaris. Barbary Fig, Common Hardy Cac- 
tus, Indian Fig, Prickly Pear 
Orbignya phalerata. Cusi-, or Cusich-, 

Orchis coriophora. Bug-Orchis 
foliosa. Madeira Orchis 

Orchis fusca. Tawny Orchis 
hircina. Lizard Orchis 
latifolia. Cain-and- Abel, Marsh Orchis, 

Meadoio Rocket, Mount Caper 
latifolia var. Lagotis. Purple- spotted Broad- 
leaved Orchis 
laxiflora. Guernsey Orchis, Loose-floxoered 

longibracteata. Long-bracted Orchis 
longicalcarata. Long-spurred Algerian Or- 
maculata. Adder's Grass, Ballock Grass, 
Bloody- Man's- Finger, Crake-feet, Cuckoo- 
floiver. Cuckoo Orchis, Dead- Men' s-Fingers, 
Gethsemane, Haml Orchis, " Long-purples " 
of Shakespeare, May Orchis, Purple 
Orchis, Purple Wreathe-wort, Ram's-horns, 
Spotted Orchis 
militaris. Military Orchis 
Morio. Bleeding Willow, Crake-feet, Fool 
Orchis, " Gandergosses," Goose-and-gos- 
lings. Green-winged Orchis, " Nuns," Salep 
nigra (Nigritellaangustifolia). Dark-flowered 

Orch is 
pallens. Pcde-flowered Orchis 
papilionacea. Purpile Butterfly -Orchis 
purpurea. Lady -Orchis 
pyramidalis. Pyramidal Orchis 
Robertiana. Long-bracted Orchis 
sambucina. Elder-scented Orchis 
Simla. Ape-Orchis 
spectabilis. Preacher-in-the-pulpit, Slwwy 

Orchis of N. America 
tephrosanthos. Ash-coloured Orchis, Monkey 

ustulata. Dwarf Meadoiv Orchis 
Oreodaphne. Mountain Laurel 

buUata. Stink-wood, Mountain Laurel 
californica. Balm-of- Heaven, CaUfornian 
Cajeptit-, Laurel-, Olive-, Sassafras-, or 
Spice, - tree 
cupularis. Isle of France Cinnamon 
(Nectandra) exaltata. Siveet-ivood, of Ja- 
(T^aurus) foetens. Fetid Laurel, or Til-tree, 

of Madeira 
Leucoxylon. Loblolly-, or Rio Grande, Siveet- 
Oreodoxa (Areca) oleracea. Cabbage-Palm, 
of the W. Indies 
regia. Royal Wine-Palm 
Orig'anum. Marjoram 

Dictamnus. Dittany of Crete 
heracleoticum. Winter Marjoram, Winter- 

Marjorana. Knotted or Siveet Marjoram 
Onites. Pot Marjoram 
Sipyleum (O. pulchellum). Little Hop-plant, 

Mt. Sipylos Marjoram 
Tournefortii. Dittany of Amorgos 
vulgare. English, Grove, or Wild Marjoi'am, 
Organ, Organs, or Organy 
Ormosia dasycarpa. Necklace-tree, of the W. 

Ornithocephalus gladiatus. Bird's-head 

Ornithogalum. Star-of- Bethlehem 

aureum. Golden-flowered Star-of-Bethlehem 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Ornithogalum Boucheanum. Bouche's 
Sta r-of- Bethlehem 
comosum. Short-spiked Star-of- Bethlehem 
latifoliuin. Broad-leaved Star-of - Bethlehem 
narbonnense. Narbonne Star-of - Bethlehem 
nutans. Drooplnrj Star-of - Bethlehem 
pannoiiicum. Star-of- Hun f/ary 
prasinum. Green Star-flower 
pyramidale. Tall Star-of- Bethlehem 
pyrenaicum. Bath or French Asparagus, 

Pi/renean Star-of- Bethlehem 
scilloides. Barhadots Onion 
nmbellatum. Cvmmon Star-of- Bethlehem, 
E'eren-o'dork Ladij, Jack-r/o-to-bed-at-noon 

Omithoglossum. Birds' -tonr/ue 

Ornithopus. Binl's-foot 

conipressus. Hairy Bird's-foot 
ebracteatus (Arthrolobium ebracteatum). 

Channel Islands Bird' s-foot 
perpusillus. Common Bird' s-foot 
sativus. "Serradella" or "Serratelki" 

Orobanche. Broom-rape 

ccerulea. Blue-flowered Broom-rape 
caryophyllacea. Clove-scented Broom-rape 
elatior. T^dl Broom-rape 
major. Great Broom-rape, New-Chapcl- 

minor. Small Broom-rape 
ramosa. Branched Broom-rape 
rubra. Red Broom-rape 
virginica. Virginian Beech-drops 

Orobus. Bitter-vetch 

atropurpureus. Dark Purple Bitter-vetch 
aurantius. Orange-Jlowered Bitter-vetch 
canescens. Hoary Bitter-vetch 
(Platystylis) cyaneus. Blue Bitter-vetch 
Gmelini. Gmdin's Bitter-vetch 
hirsutus. Hairy Bitter-vetch 
latbyroide8. Lathyrus-like Bitter-vetch 
niger. Black Pea, Black-rooted Bitter-vetch 
sylvaticus. Wood-pea 
tauricus. Crimean Bitter-vetch 
tuberosus. Heath-pea, Tuberous-rooted Wood- 

variegatus. Variegated Bitter-vetch 
vernus. Spring Bitter- Vetch 
vicioides fl.-pl. Double-blossomed Bitter- 

Orontium aquaticum. Golden-dub 

Orthrosanthus nuiltiflorus. Morning- 

jlnvxr, of Axistralia 

Orthotrichum. Jlristle-Moss 

diaphanum. Whitc-tippcd Bristle-^foss 
Lugwigii. Club-fruited Bristle-Moss 
pulchellum. Elegant Bristle-Muss 
rivulare. River Bristle-Moss 
rupincola. Rock Bristle-Moss 
speciosnm. Showy Bristle- Moss 
stramineum. Straw-like Bristle-Moss 

Oryza. Ricr-plnnt 

nmtica. Mountain-Rice 
.«ativa. Cxdtiiated Rice 

Oryzopsis. American Mountain- Rice 

Osmanthus americanus (Olea aniericana). 
fraLprans. Fragrant Olive 

Osmorrhiza. Sweet Cicely, of California 

Osmunda. Flowering Fern 
cinnamomea. Cinmimon Fern 

Osmunda Claytoniana. Clayton's Flowering 
regalis. Bog Onion, Buck-horn Brake, Com- 
mon Flowering Fern, Ditch Fern, Herb 
Christopher, King Fern, Osmund Royal, 
Osmuml the Water-man, Royal Fern, Roy<d 
Osmund Fern, Water-Fern 
Osteospernum. Bone-seed 

monilifenim. Jungle Sun-fiower, of the Cape 
Ostrya virginica. Iron-icood (N. American), 

Hop-Hornbeam, Lever-wood 
Osyris alba (Cassia poetica). Gard-robe, Poet's 

Cassia, Poet's Rosemary 
OtllOlina. African Rag-wort 

cheirifolia. Barbary Rag-wort 
Ouvirandra Bemeriana. Pink-flowered Lace- 
leaf-, or Lattice-leaf-, Plant 
fenestralis. White-floicered Lace-leaf-, or 
Lattice-leaf-, Plant 
Owenia cerasifera. Siceet Plum, of Queenn- 
venosa. Sour Plum, of Queensland 
Oxalis. Wood-Sorrel 

Acetosella. Alleluia, Common Wood-Sorrel, 
Cuckoo-bread, Cuckoo-Sorrel, French Sorrel, 
Gowk-meat, Hallelujah, Stub-wort, "Wood- 
Soiver " 
arenaria. Sand Wood-Sorrel 
atro-purpurea. Purple-leaved Wood-Sorrel 
Biophytum. E. Indian Sensitive Wood- 
Bowiei. Bowie's Wood-Sorrel 
brasiliensis. Brazilian Wood-Sorrel 
caprina. Goat's-foot 
corniculata. Procumbent Yellow-flowered 

corniculata var. rubra. Red-flowered Pro- 
cumbent Wood-Sorrel 
crenata. " Oca," of Peru 
Deppei. Deppe's Wood-Soi'rel 
enneaphylla. Nine-leaved Wood-Sorrel 
floribunda. Many-flowered Wood- Sorrel 
incarnata. Flesh-coloured Wood-Sorrel 
lasiandra. Wooll y-stamened Wood-Sorrel 
lobata (O, granulata). Lobed-leavcd Wood- 
luteola. Ydloioish-floicered Wood-Sorrel 
magellanica. Nciv Zealand Wood-Sorrel 
odorata. Scented Wood-Sorrel 
(^rogana. Oregon Wood-Sorrel 
riumieri. Plumier's Wood-Sorrel 
rosea. Rosy-Howcred Wood-Sorrel 
stricta. Upright Velio w-Hoicered Wood-Sorrel 
tenella. Dwarf Wood-Sorrel 
tropseoloides. Nasturtium Wood-Sorrel 
tuberosa. " Oca," of Peru, Tuberous-rooted 

Valdiviana. Chilian Wood-Sorrd 
violacea. Violet Wood-Sorrel 
Oxleya xanthoxyla (Flindersia Oxleyana). 
Yilbnr-uMiod, of Queensland and N. S. 
Oxybaphus. Umhrdla-wort 
Oxycoccus palustris. Moss-berry 
Oxyria n-niformis. Mountain Sorrel 
Oxytropis campestris. Ydlow-floiuered Oxy- 
fcctiila. Fetid, Oxytrope 
pyrenaica. Pyrenean Oxytrope 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Slirahs. 


Oxytropis splendens. Brilliant - -flowered 
vu'alensis. Purple-floioered Oxytrope 

Pachira (CaroHnea) alba. Silk-cotton-tree, of 
New Granada 
macrantha. Sillc- cotton-tree, of Brazil 
Pachyma Cocos. Tuckahoc Truffle 
Pachyphytum bracteosum. Silver-bracts 
Pachyrrhizus angulatus. Taha, or WayaJca- 

plant, of Fiji 
Pachysandi'a procumbens. Alleglmny 
Mountain Spurge, American Thick-stamen 
Pachystig-nia Canbyi. Canby's Mountain- 
Padina pavonia. Peacoch's-tail Seaweed, 

Turkey -feather Laver 
Paederia foetida. Chinese Fever-plant 
Paeonia. Paony, Peony, or Piony 
albiflora. White-floivered Pceony 
anemoiiEeflora. A nemone-floivered Paony 
arietina. Eani's-horn Pceony 
arborea (P. Moutan). Tree-Paony 
corallina. "English," Steep Holmes, or Wild 

edulis. Edible-rooted Pceony 
humilis. Dwarf Pceony 
lobata. Lobed-leaved Paony 
moUis. Soft-leaved Pceony 
Moutan (P. arborea). Chinese Tree-Pceony 
Moutan var. Banksii. Banhs's Tree-Pceony 
Moutan var. papaveracea. Poppy -floioered 

Moutan var. rosea. Rosy-flowered Tree- 
odorata. Scented Pceony 
odorata var. grandiflora. Large-flowered 

Scented Pceony 
officinalis. Common Garden Pceony 
sibirica. Siberian Pceony 
tenuifolia. Fennel-leaved Pceony, Slender- 
leaved Pceony 
Palicourea speciosa. Gold-shrub 
Paliurus aculeatus. Christ's Thorn, Garland- 

Tliorn, Ram-of-Libya 
Palmella cruenta. Gory Deio 
Panax Colensoi. Otago Ivy-tree 

crassifolium (Aralia crassifolia). New Zea- 
land Lance-ivood 
dendroides. Mountain-Ash, of Australia 
quinquefolium (Aralia quinquefolia). Gin- 
seng-plant of N. America 
sambucifolium (P. dendroides). Victorian 

Elder-berry Ash 
(Aralia) trifolium. Dwarf Ginseng, Ground- 
Pancratium indicum. Indian A utumn Daf- 
maritimum. Mediterranean Lily, Sea-Daf- 
Pandanus. Screw-Pine 

Candelabrum. Chandelier-tree, of Guiana 
Forsteri. Tent-tree, of Lord Howe's Island 
javanicus. Javanese Screw-Pine 
odoratissimus. Fragrant Screw-Pine, Keora-, 
or Pandang-, oil-2'>lant, Moreton Bay 
Bread -fruit-tree, Nicobar Bread -fruit- 
pedunculatus. Screw-Pine, of E. Australia 

Panicum. Panick-Grass 

altissimum. Tall Panick-grass 

bulbosum. Btdbous Panick-grass 

cseruleum. " Bajree " Millet 

capillare. Old-ivitch Grass 

colonum. Millet Rice 

Crus-galli. Barn-yard, or Cock's-shin, Grass 

decompositum. A ustralian Millet, Umbrella- 

frumentaceum. Deccan-grass, Shamalo-grass 

glutinosum. W. Indian Burr-grass, Ginger- 

jumentorum (P. maximum). Guinea-grass 

leucophEeum. Sour-grass 

miliaceum. Millet (true) 

moUe. Dutch-grass, Parn-grass, "Scotch- 
grass," of Jamaica 

stagninum. Hedge-hog Grass 

virgatum. Twiggy Panick-grass 
Papaver, Poppy 

alpinum. Alpine Poppy 

Argemone. Pcde Poppy, Wind-Rose 

bracteatum. Great Scarlet Poppy 

croceum. Golden Poppy 

dubium. Blind Eyes, Long-headed Poppy, 
Smooth-fruited Corn- Poppy 

hybridum. Rough Poppy 

lateritium. Orange Poppy 

nudicaule. Yello2V Arctic Poppy 

orientale. Oriental Poppy. 

pilosum. Hairy-stemmed Poppy 

Rhseas. Blind Eyes, Canker or Canker-rose, 
Cock-rose, Cop-rose or Copper-rose, Corn- 
flower, Corn Poppy, Corn Rose, Head-ache, 

Rhffias, fl.-pl. John, or Joan, Silver-pin 

somniferum. Bale-2vort, Carnation, Pceony, 
or Opium Poppy, Joan Silver-pin, White 

somniferum, fl.-pl. Double Opium Popj>y 

somniferum, var. nigrum. Black Opium 

spicatum. Spiked Poppy 

umbrosum. Caucasian Scarlet Poppy, Dark- 
spotted, or TJiompson's, Poppy 
Pappea capensis. Wild Plum-tree, of the 

Papyrus antiquorum (Cyperus Papyrus). 
Paper-reed, or Paper-rush, of the Ancients 

corymbosus. Indian-matting Plant 

odoratus. Fragrant Paper-reed 

syriacus. Syrian, or Silician, Paper-reed 
Parastranthus. Inverted-flower 
Pardanthus (Ixia) chinensis. Chinese Black- 
berry Lily, Chinese Leopard-floioer 
Parietaria debilis. Neio Zecdand Pellitory 

officinalis. Hammer-ivort, Lich-icort, Pelli- 
tory-of-the- Wcdl 

pennsylvanica. American Pellitory 
Parinarium excelsum. Gray Plum, or 
Rough-skinned Plum, of Sierra Leone 

macrophyllum. Ginfjer -bread-tree 

Mobola. Mobola or 3IoIa Plum of the Zambesi 

Nonda. Nonda-tree of Australia 
Paris quadrifolia. Four-leaved Grass, Herb- 
Paris, One-berry, True-love 
Paritium elatum. Common, Blue, Gray, or 
Mountain- Mahoe, Cuba Bast-ti'ce 

guineense. Umbrella-tree, of Guinea 
Q 2 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Parkia africana. African Locust-tree, Nitta- 

Parkinsonia aculeata. Jerusalem Thorn, 

W. Indian Pric/cli/ Broom 
Parmelia omphalodes. Crotal or Crottle 
perlatii. Canary Moss 
Parmentiera cerifera. Candle-tree of Pa- 
Parnassia. Or ass-of- Parnassus 

asarifolia. A sar urn-leaved Grass - of • Par- 
caroliiiiana. Larye Grass-of- Parnassus 
fimbriata. Friwjed Grass-of- Parnassus 
nubicola. Himalatjan Grass-of- Parnassus 
palustris. Common Grass-of- Parnassus 
Parochetus communis. Blue-flowered Sham- 

rock, Shamrock-Pea 
Paronychia. Nail-wort, Whithiv-ivort 
arj,'yrocoma. Silver Chick-weed, Silver-head 
dichotoma. Forked Nail-ioort or Whitlow- 
serpyllifolia. Thyme-leaved Nail-ivoo~t 
verticillata. Whorled Nail-woi't 
Parrotia persica. Iron-ivood, of Persia 
Parthenium Hysterophorus. Bastard Fever- 
feu; Broom-bush, W. Indian Afug-wort 
Paspalum. Millet Grass 

conjugatum. 17. Itulian Sour-grass 
distichum. Silt-r/rass 
exile. Hungary Rice 
scrobiculatum. Millet Khoda, of India 
Passerina. Sparroiv-wort 
nivalis. Alpine Sparrcno-^cort 
Stelleri. Ground Jasmine 
Passiflora. Passion-flower 

(Disemuia) aurantia. Norfolk Island Passio7i- 

cajrulea. Common Blue Passion-flower 
edulis. Edible-fruited Passion floiver 
foetida. W. Indian Love-in- a-mist, or Wild 

incamata. Flesh-coloured Granadilla 
kermesina. Crimson Passion-flower 
laurifolia. Jamaica Honeysuckle, Water- 
macrocarpa. Pumpkin, or Large-fruited, 

maliformis. Sweet Calabash-plant, Water 

Lemon, of the \V. Indies 
quadrangularis. Granadilla, Granadilla Vine, 

Square-stalked Passion-flower 
racemosa (P. princeps). Racemed Passion- 

tetrandra. New Zealand Passion-flower 
tiliffifolia. Lime-tree-leaved Passion-flower 
Vespertilio. Bat-winged Passion-flower 
vitifolia. Vine-leaved Passion-floiver 
Pastinaca Opopanax. Rough Parsnip 

sativa. Common Parsnip 
Patei'sonia. Purple Lily, or Native Flag, of 

PauUinia barbadensis. W. Indian Supple- 
curassavica. S. American Supple- Jack 
pinnata. Brazilian Fish-poison- tree 
polyphylla. W. Indian Supple-Jack 
Horbilis. Guarana-lree, of 8. America 
Pavetta ap. Wild Jasmine, of Jamaica 

Pavia (^^scxilus). Buck-eye, Smooth-fruited 
discolor. Red-and-yellow-iiowered Dwarf Buck- 
flava. Yellow-floxvered Buck-eye 
hybrida. Variegated-floweixd Buck-eye 
macrocarpa. Long-fruited Buck-eye 
macrostachya. Long -spike-flowered Buck-eye 
neglecta. Neglected Buck-eye 
rubra. Red-floivered Buck-eye 
rubra var. arguta. Sharp-toothed-leaved Red- 

floxoered Buck-eye 
rubra var. humilis. Dwarf Red-flowered 

rubra var. humilis pendula. Weeping Dwarf 

Red-floioered Buck-eye 
rubra var. sublaciniata. Deep-toothed-leaved 
Red-floxoered Buck-eye 
Pavonia coccinea. Scarlet Mallow, of the 

Pectis punctata. 11'. Indian Marigold 
Pedicularis. Louse-wort 

canadensis. Wood-Betony, of N. America 

comosa. Spiked Louse-ivort 

palustris. Marsh Louse-wort, Red-Rattle 

Sceptrum-Carolinum. King Charles's Sceptre 
sylvatica. Common Lousc-icoi't, Red-Rattle 
Pedilanthus. Slipper Spurge 

tithymal(jides. Jew-bush 
Peganuni Harmala. Syrian Rue 
Pelargonium. Stork's-bill 
Pellaea. cliff Brake- Fern 
densa. Oregon Cliff-Brake 
flexuosa. Zig-zag Cliff' Brake 
ornithopus. Bird's-foot Rock-Brake 
Peltandra virginica. Arroio-Arum 
Peltidea canina. Ground- Live)- -xcort 
Peltogyne paniculata. Purple-heart Tree, 

of 'rrinidad 
Peltophorum Linnaji (Cffisalpinia brasili- 
ensis). Braziletto-icood, of Jamaica 
Vogelianum. Braziletto-wood, of Brazil 
Penea Sarcocolla. SarcocoUa-trec 
Penicillaria spicata. " Bajree," Gero Corn 
Penicillium glaucum. Vinegar-plant, Yeast- 
Penicillus. Merman's Sharing -hrush. 
Pentaceras australis (Ailantus punctatus). 
Morclitn Bay Varnish-trec 
australis. White Cedar, of Queensland 
Pentaclethra tilamentosa. Wild Tamarind- 
tree, of Trinidad 
macrophylla. Owala-tree, of W. Africa 
Pentadesma butyracea. Butle)--and-Tallow- 

trce, of Sierra licone 
Penthorum sedoides. Ditch Stone-Crop, of 

N. America. 
Pentstemon. Beard-tongue 

aeuminatus. Pointed-leaved Pentstemon 
argutus. Graceful Pentstemon 
barbatus. Bearded Pentstemon. 
campanulatus. Bcll-llowercd Pentstemon 
centranthifolius. Centranthus-leavcd Pent- 
Cobiua. Cobaa -flowered Pentstemon 
confertus (P. procerus), nhorled Pentstemon 
crassifoliua. Thick-lcnved Pentstemon 
dilfusus. Spreading Pentstemon 

and Foreign Plants, Trees, and Sliriibs. 


Pentstemon Digitalis. Fox-glove Pentstemon 
gentianoides (P. Hartwegi). Common Pent- 
glaber. Divarf Blue Pentstemon 
glaucus. Glaucous Pentstemon 
humilis. Dioarf Pentstemon 
Jafifrayanus. Gentian-blue Pentstemon 
Isetus. Flame-coloured Pentstemon 
Lewisii. Lewis's Pentstemon 
Murrayanus. Murray's Pentstemon 
ovatus. Oval-leaved Pentstemon 
Palmeri. Palmer s Pentstemon 
puniceus. Scarlet-fluivered Pentstemon 
Scouleri. Scouler's Pentstemon 
secundiflorus. Side-flowered Pentstemon 
speciosus, Slwioy Pentstemon 
Torreyi. Torrey's Pentstemon 
Wrighti. Wright's Pentstemon 
Pentzia virgata. Sheep-fodder-busJi, of S. 

Peperoma. Pepper-Elder 
Peplis Portula. Water-Purslane 
Pereskia aculeata. Amei'ican, Barbadoes, or 

W. Indian Goose-berry 
Pergularia odoratissima. West Coast Creeper 
Pericampylos incanus (Cocculus Moorei). 

Grass Ivy, of Australia 
Periploca grjeca. Climbing Dog's-bane, Milk- 
vine, Silk-vine, Syriari Silk-plant, Virginian 
Mauri tiana. Coffee-Climber 
Periptera punicea (Sida Periptera). Shuttle- 
Peristeria cerina. Waxen Dove-floioer 

elata. Common Dove-flower or Dove-Orchid, 
Holy- Ghost-floiver 
Peristylus (Habenaria) viridis. Frog-Orchis 
Pernettya mucronata and other species. 

Prickly Heath 
Peronospora infestans. Potato-Fungus 
Persea carolinensis. Alligator Pear, Isabella- 
ivood of Carolina, Fed Bay, Fed Laurel 
caryophyllata. Pink-wood Tree 
gratissima. Alligator or Avocado Pear, Mid- 
shipman's Butter, Vegetable Marroio 
indica. Canary-wood, E. Indian Bay-tree, 
Venatica-, or Vinatico-, loood 
Persica canariensis. Canary-ioood 
Petalosteraon. Prairie Clover 
Petasites vulgaris. Batter Dock, Bog Fhu- 

barb, Butter-bur, Cleats, Water Docken 
Petitia domingensis. Spur-tree 
Petiveria alliacea. Common Guinea-hen- 
tvecd. Garlic-shrub, Strong-man' s-ioeed 
octandra. Dicarf Guinea-hen-ioeed 
Petraea volubilis. Purple Wreath 
Petrobium arboreum. Fock-plant, of St. 

Petrocallis pyrenaica. Rock-Beauty 
Petroselinum sativum. Common Garden 
segetum. Corn Hone-wort, Corn Parsley 
Petunia nyctaginiflora. Common White Pe- 
Peucedanum. ammoniacum. Gum-Ammo- 
niac Plant 
Cervaria. Mountain Hart-wort 
officinale. Harstrong, or Horestrang, Hog's- 
fennel, Sulphur-weed or Sulphur-ivort 

Peucedanum. Oreoselinum. Mountain Pars- 
Ostruthium. Master-ivort 
palustre. Brimstone-ivort, Milk-Parsley 
sativum. "Tanke," Wild Parsnip 
Peziza. Cup Mushroom 

coccinea. Blood Cups, Jew's Ears 
cochleata. Flaps or Flats, Jetv's Ears 
venosa. Jew's Ears 
Phaca. Bastard- Vetch 

australis. Trailing Bastard- Vetch 
Bffitica. Spanish Bastard- Vetch 
Phaedranassa. Queen-Lily 
Phalsenopsis. Moth-plant, Moth Orchid 

amabilis. E. Indian Butterfly-plant 
Phalaris (Digraphis) arundinacea. Canary 
Feed, Sword Grass 
arundinacea variegata. Bride's Laces, French 
Grass, Gardeners' Garters, Lady Grass, 
Lady's Garters, Lady's Laces, Painted 
Grass, Ribbon-grass, Silver Grass 
canariensis. Canary Grass 
Phallus impudicus. Devil's Horn, Stink' 

horn. Stinking -Polecat Fungus 
Pharbitis (Convolvulus) Nil. Kaladana 

Pharnaceum acidum. Longwood Samphire, 

of St. Helena 
Pharus latifolius. Oaf, of the W. Indies. 
Phascum. Earth-Moss 
bryoides. Tall Earth Moss 
muticum. Common Dioarf Earth-Moss 
Phaseolus aconitifolius. Turkish Gram 
Caracalla. Climbing Snail-flower 
diversifolius. Diverse-leaved Kidney-bean 
Hernandezii. Frijol-bean, of Mexico 
lunatus. Hibbert Bean, Lima Kidney-bean, 

multiflorus var. albiflorus. Wluite Runner 

multiflorus var. coccineus. Scarlet Runner 

Mungo (P. Max). Hairy-podded Kidney- 
Mungo var. chlorospermus. Green Gram 
Mungo var. melanospermus. Black Gram 
saccharatus. Sugar Bean 
truxillensis. Wrinkled Bean 
vulgaris. Common Kidney-bean, French Bean, 
Year Bean 
Phebalium montanum. Tasmanian Moun- 
tain Myrtle 
Phelipaea Ludoviciana. Broom-rape, of N. 

Phellandrium aquaticum. Water-Hemlock 
Phellodendron amurense. Siberian Cork- 
Philadelphus. Mock-Orange, Syringa 
aromaticus. Sweet-scented New Zealand Tea- 
coronarius. Comm/)n Syringa or Mock- 

coronarius, var. grandiflorus. Large-floioered 

floribundus. Many-flowered Mock-Orange 
Gordonianus. Gordon's Mock-Orange 
hirsutus. Hairy-leaved Mock-Orange 
inodorus. Scentless Mock-Orange 
latifolius. Broad-leaved Mock-Orange 


English Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Philadelphus laxus. Loose-branched Mock- 

Lewisii. Lewis's Mock-Orange 
niexicanus. Mexican Mock-Orange 
nanus. Dwarf Mock-Orange 
speciosus. iSliOicy Mock-Orange 
tomentosus. WooUg-lcaved Mock-Orange 
Terrucosiis. Warted Mock- Orange 
Zeyheri. Zei/ha-'s Mock-Orange 
Phiilyrea. jasmine-Box, Mock-Privet 
Phlebodium aureum. Golden Polypody 
Phleum pratense. Cat's-tail Grass, Tiviothy 

Phlomis fruticosa and other species. Jeru- 
scdcm Sage 
Lychnites. La7np-u-ick 
Phlox ciL'spitosa. Tufted Phlox 
caiiescens. Gray-lcared Phlox 
Carolina. Carolina Phlox 
bifida. Cleft-peta.lled Phlox 
bryoides. Moss-like Phlox 
decu.ssata. Cross-leaved Phlox 
divaricata (P, canadensis). Straggling 

Drummondi. Texan Pnde 
frondosa. Leafy Phlox 
glaberrima. Very Smooth Phlox 
longiflora. Long-floicered Phlox 
maculata. Wild Sweet William, of N. 

Nelsoni. Nelson's Phlox 
nivalis. White-Jloiccrcd Dwarf Phlox 
ovata. Ovate-leaved Pldox 
paniculata and vars. Tall Garden Phlox 
pilosa. Hairy Phlox 
procumbens. Procumbent Phlox 
reptans (P. verna, P. stolonifera). Creeping 

speciosa. Pride of Columhia 
subulata. American Moss Pink 
Phcenix dactylifera. Date Pahn 

sylvestris. L\ Indian Wine Palm, Khiijjoor 

or Khurjurah Palm, Wild Date Palm 
tenuis. Slender Date Palm 
Pholidota. Rattlesnake Orchid 
Phoradendron flaveacens. N. American 

Phormium Colensoi. Small Flax-lily 
tenax. Common Flax-lily, New Zealand 

tenax variegatuin. Variegated New Zealand 
Photinia arlmtifolia. Culifornian May- 
serrulata (Crataegus glabra) and other 
species. Chinese Haw- thorn 
Phragmites conimunis. Bennels, Common 

/{red, Ditch Feed 
Phryraa leptostachya. Lop-secd 
Phrynium vill.)sum (Calathea villosa). 

i>< mrrara Frog-plant 
Phygelius capensis. Cape Fig-wort 
Phyllanthus Conami. Tipsy-tcood, of 
Huhcreniilatus. Queensland Rock-Broom 
Phyllis Nolila. Bantard Ilare's-car 
Phyllocladus. Cehry-lcavcd Pine-tree 
rhomt)oidali8. Adventure Boy Pine, Celery 
Pine of Tasmania 

Phyllocladus trichomanoides. Celery Pine, 

or Tanekaha-hurk-tree, of New Zealand 
Phyllocoryne jamaicensis. JoJni-Crow's- 
iiuse, or Jim- Crow' s-nosc, of the W. Indies 
Phyllostachys nigra. Whangec or Wanghee 

Phymatanthus. Wa7-t-Jlower 
Physalis. Ground-cherry, Wintei'-cherry 
Alkekengi. Alkekeng, Bladder Herb, Red 
Nightshade, Red Winter-cherry, Straw- 
berry- Tomato 
angulata. Toothed-leaved Winter-Cherry 
edulis. Edible Cape-Gooseberry 
peruviana. Peruvian Cape-Goose-berry 
pruinosa. Hairy Annual Winter-cherry 
pubescens. Barbadoes Cape-Goose-berry, 

Stravj-berry Tomato 
somnifera. Chi ster-jlowered Winter-cherry 
Physianthus (Aranja) albens. White 

Physocalymma floribundum. Tulip-wood 

Tree, Brazilian Pink-wood 
Physospermum comubiense. Bladder- 
Physostegia denticulata. Toothed False- 
imbricata. Imbricated False Dragon-head 
virginiana. Virginian False- Drag on -head 
Physostig-ma venenosum. Calabar-Bean 

or Chop-nut 
Phytelephas macrocarpa. Ivory-nut Palm, 

Negro's-head, Vegetable- Ivoi-y -plant 
Phyteuma. I/ovn<d-Rampion 

Charmelii. Long-bracled Horned-Rampion 
comosum. Tufted Horned-Rampion 
hemisphiericum. Llnear-leav&i Horned- 
limonifolium. Limonium-leaved Horned- 
orbiculare. Round-headed Horned-Rampion 
pauciflorum. Few-jtowci-ed Horned-Rampion 
spicatuni. Spiked Horned-Rampion 
Phytocrena. Water-rine 

gigantea. E. Indian Fountain-tree 
Phytolacca acinosa. Indian Poke 

decandra. Coakum, Crimson-bciTy -plant. 
Dyers' -grap>es. Garget, Pigeon-berry, Red- 
ink-plant, Virginian Poke-weed, Poke or 
dioica. Tree Poke, Umbra-tree of S. 

electrica. Electrical Poke 
ico.sandra. Hydrangea-leaved Poke, Red- 
stemmed Poke 
octandra. Spanish C<dalu, W. Indian Fox- 
purpurea. Purple-flowered Poke 
Picea. Silvei- Fir 

amabilis. Woolly-concd Silver Fir 
bractcata. Lenfy-bracted Silrei- Fir 
cephalonica. Black Mountain Fir, Mount 

Enos Fir 
finna. Japan Silver Fir 
(Piiius) grandis. Great Californian Silver 

holoiihylla. Mandschurian Silver Fir 
nobilia. Noble Silrtr Fir 
Nordmanniana. Crimean Silver Fir 
numidica. Algerian Silver Fir 

arid Foreign Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. 


Picea obovata. Siberian Spruce 
pectinata. Common Silver Fir 
Pichta. Pitch, or Siberian, Silver Fir 
Pindrow. Upright Indian Silver Fir 
Pinsapo. Spaninh Silver Fir 
pungens. Rocky Mountain Spruce 
religiosa. Sacred Silver Fir 
religiosa var. glaucescens. Mexican Silver Fir 
sibirica. Siberian Spruce 
Picrsena excelsa. Bitter Ash, Jamaica Quas- 
sia or Picrcena-ivood 
Picramnia. Bitter-wood 

Antidesma. Macary -bitter, of the W. Indies, 
Majo-bittcr-tree, Old- Woman' s-bittcr 
Picria Fel-terrse. Chinese Earth-yaU plant 
Picrodendron Juglans. Jamaica Walnut 
Pierardia sapida. Ramleh-trce, of Rangoon 
Pilea. Stingless Nettle 
grandis. Dwarf Elder 

herniarisefolia and P. serpyllifolia. Artillery- 
pumila. Clear-2vccd, Rich-ioeed 
Pilocarpus piianatvis. Jaborandi-plant, of 

the W. Indies 
Pilocereii': HouUetti (P. fossulatus). IIoul- 
lett's Woolly-Cactus 
senihs. Old-man s-liead Cactus 
Pilularia globulifera. Common Pill-wort, 

Pepjjter-yrass, Pepper-moss. 
Piraelea. Rice-flower 

drupacea. Victorian Bird-Cherry 
Pimenta acris. Bay-berry-trce, Black Cinna- 
mon, Wild Clove, of the W. Indies 
Pimpinella Anisum. Aniseed-plant of com- 
merce, Anise, Anny, Sioeet Cumin 
Saxifraga. Burnet Saxifrage, Pimpernel 
Pinckneya pubens. Bitter -bark-tree. Fever- 
tree of Georgia, Georgia-Bark-tree 
Pinguicula. Butter-wort 

alpina. Mountain Butter -wort, White-flowered 

caudata. Mexican Long-spurred Butter- 

grandiflora. Large-flowered, or Irish, Butter- 

longifolia. Long-leaved Butter-wort 
lusitanica. Pale- flowered Butter-wort 
lutea. YcUow-flowercd Batter-wort 
vaUisneriififolia. Vallisneria-leaved Butter- 
vulgaris. Bog Violet, Butter-root, Common 
Butter-iuort, Earning Grass, Eccle Grass, 
Rot-grass, Steep Grass, Yorkshire Sanicle 
Pinus. Deal-tree, Pine-tree 
aristata. Awncd-cone Pine 
Arizonica. Arizona Yellow Pine 
australis. Broom, Broivn, Georgia Pitch-, 
Hard, Long-leaved, Southern, Yellow, or 
Virginia Pine 
austriaca. Austrian Pine, Black Pine 
bahamensis. Pitch Pine, of the Bahamas 
Balfouriana. Fox-tail Pine, Hickory Pine 
Banksiana. Gray, or Northern, Scrub-Pine- 
tree, Hudson's Bay, or Labrador, Pine- 
Brutia. Calabrian Cluster Pine. 
Bungeana. Chinese Lace-bark Pine 
Cembra. Russian Cedar, Swiss Stone Pine 
Cembra var. sibirica. Siberian Pine 

Pinus contorta. Twisted-branched Pine 
contorta var. Murrayana. Tamarack Pine 
(Abies) Douglasii. Or&jon Pine, Yellow 

Pine of Puget Sound 
eduUs. American Nut-Pine, Pinon 
excelsa. Bhotan Pine 
filifolia. Thread-leaved Pine 
flexilis. American White Pine 
Premontiana (P. monophylla). Callfornian 

Gerardiana. Neoza Pine, Nepaul Nut-Pine 
glabra. American Spruce Pine 
Halepensis. Aleppo or Jerusalem Pine-tree 
inops. New Jersey Scrub Pine 
insignis. Monterey Pine 
insularis. Timor Pine 
Ksempferi. Golden Pine 
koraiensis. Corean Pine 
Lambertiana. Gigantic Californian Pine, 

Shake-Pine, Sugar-Pine 
Laricio. Corsican, Calabrian, or Larch Pine 
Laricio var. pygmssa. Dwarf Corsican 

longifolia. Cheer or Emodi Pine 
maritima. Seaside Pine 
mitis. Short-leaved Pine, Spruce Pine, Yel- 
low Pine 
monophylla (P. Fi-emontiana). Californian 

Nut Pine 
monticola. Mountain Pine 
Mugho. Drooping -coned Pine 
Mugho var. nana. Knee Pine 
mnricata. Bisliop's Pine 
occidentalis. W. Indian Pine 
orientalis. Sapindus Fir 
Pallasiana. Crimean Pine, Tartarian Pine 
Picea. Sdver Fir 
Pinaster. Cluster, or Star, Pine 
Pinaster var. Hamiltonii. Lord Aberdeen's 

Pinaster var. minor. Cortean Pine 
Pinea. Italian Stone Pine 
Pinea var. fragilis. Tarentina Pine 
ponderosa. "Bull," Trucker, or Yellow Pine 
Pumilio. Upright-coned Mountain Pine 
Pumilio var. nana. Knee Pine 
pungens. Table Mountain Pine 
religiosa. Oyamel Fir 
resinosa. ^''Norway" or Red Pine, of N. 

rigida. Pitch Pine, Sap Pine 
Sabiniana. Digger Pine 
serotina. Fox-tail or Pond Pine 
sinensis. Chinese Pine 
sitchensis (P. JJouglasii). Blue or Tideland 

Spruce, of California 
Strobus. Pumpkin-Pine, of Canada, Wey- 
mouth Pine, White Pine of N. America 
Strobus var. nivea. White Weymouth, or 

Snoiv, Pine 
sylvestris. Birk Apples, Scotch Fir 
sylvestris var. hoiizontalis. Highland, or 

Spey-side, Pine 
sylvestris var. nana. Pigmy Scotch Fir 
Tisda. Frankincense Pine, Loblolly Pine, 

Old Field Pine, Rosemary Pine, Slash 

Pine, Swamp Pine 
Webbiana. Dye-, or King, Pine 
Zeocote. Candle-wood Pine, Twisted Pine 


ErKjlisli Names of Cultivated, Native, 

Piper. Pepper 

augustifoliuin (Artantheelongata). Matico- 
plant, " Muhumoho," of Peru, Soldier s-herb 
Betle. Betle-liuf, or Bctle Pepper 
Cubeba. Cubeb Pepper, or Cuhehs 
(Cubeba) Clusii. African Cubebs, W. Afri- 
can Black Pepper 
excelsum. Nat ire Pepper, of New Zealand 
methysticum. Ara-, or Kara-, shrub, of the 

South Sea Islands 
nigrum. Coin man Black Pepper-plant 
(Chavica) ottioiiiarum. Lon{/ Pepper 
peltatuni. Lizanl s-tail Pepper 
Piptadenia peregrina. Niopo-tree, of Brazil 

rigida. A n(jico-(junitree 
Piptanthus nepalensis. Nepaid Laburnum 
Pipturus argenteus. Grass-cloth-plant, of 

Pircunia dioica. Ombu-tree 
Piscidia carthaginensis. Black Bog-wood, 
Jamaica Bitch-wood 
Erythrina. Jamaica White Dog-icood, or 
Pisonia aculeata. Cocks'-spur, of the W. 
cordata. Loblolly -wood 
morindifolia. Lettuce-tree, of India 
Pistacia Lentiscus. Common Mastich-tree 
Terebinthus (P. atlantica). Algerian or 
Barbari) Mastich-tree, Terebinth, or Tur- 
vera. Pistachio-nut-tree 
Pistia Stratiotes. Tropiical Duck-iceed, Water 

Lettuce, of the W. Indies. 
Pisum uiaritimum (Lathyrus maritimus). 
Sea-side Pea 
Ochrus. Yellow-floxcered Pea 
sativum. Common Garden Pea 
sativum var. arvense. Field Pea, Gray Pea 
Pithecolobium. Curl Brush Bean 

bigeminum. Soap-bark-tree, of Venezuela 
dulce. jM<i)i ilia -Tamarind-tree 
filicifoliuni. Wild Tuinarind-tree 
micradenium. Shag-bark, Saronette-tree 
Saman. Gtnisaro-tree, Pain-tree, Sanian-, or 

Zamang-tree, of Venezuela 
Unguis- cati. JUack-bcod-sli rub, CaVs-chno 
Pittosporum bicolor. Chccsc-imod or White- 
?r'/o(/, of Victoria, 2'olosa-wood, White-icood, 
of Tasmania 
crassifolium. Parchment-bark 
eugenioides. Neiv Zealand Jledge-Lnurd 
undulatum. " White Box," of N. S. Wales 
revolutum. Y elhnc-floicered Brisbane Laurel 
rhonilii folium. Jjiumond-lcaved QuecnsUnul 

L(i II nl 
un<lulattun. VicUirian Laurel 
Plagianthus betulinus. Akaroa-tree, Cotton- 
tric, or Lace-bark, of New Zealand, Otago 
Lyalli. Anr Zodaml Pibbon-wood 
pulchelluH (Sida pulcliella). Victorian Hemp- 

Bidoides. Kurrajong, of Moreton Bay and 
Planera aijuatica and other species. Planer- 
Ivicliardi (Zelkova crenata). Common Zd- 

PlantagO. Plantain, " Way-bread" 

Coronopus. Buck s-horn Plantain, Hart's- 
horn Plantain, Herb Eve, Herb Ivy, Star- 
Cynops. Shrubby Plantain 
decumbens. '* Spogel-seed '''-plant 
lanceolata. Chimney-sweeps, Cock Grass, 
Cocks, Jack-straivs, Rib-Grass, Rib-wo^i, 
Plantain, Ripple Grass, Hen-plant 
lanceolata major. Great Hen-plant 
major. Greater Plantain, " White-Man's- 

Foot-print " 
major var. rosea. Rose or Rose-bracted 

maritima. Sea-side Plantain 
maxima. Broad-lea ced Plantain 
media. Fire-leaves, Fire-iceed, Kemps, Hoary 

Plantain, Lamb' s-tongue 
media var. atropurpurea. Purple - leaved 

Psyllium. Flea-ioort Plantain 
Plasmodiophora Brassicae. Club-root Fun- 
Platanthera. False Orchis 
Platanus. Plane-tree 

acerifolia. Maple-leaved Plane-tree 
acerifolia var. h